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The newsletter of Canberra Potters’ Society Inc.                                                                    February 2011

Christmas party ......................... 1        A good time was had by all at our December
Summer School ......................... 1          Christmas party.
The Info Page...........................  2 
Pottering Around  .....................3           Great food (thank you, Maryke
                                                   Henderson and all your
From the Workshop Manager. 4 
                                                   helpers), good weather and
Potters Place ............................. 5      great company – what more
Opportunities ........................... 6        could you ask? It was a terrific
Classifieds ................................. 7    way to round off 2010.

What’s on.................................. 7 
Watson Arts Centre ................. 8 


10TH APRIL 2011                                                                                     We urgently need
                                                                                                     guest editors for
NEXT BOARD MEETING                                                                                  the April and May
                                                                                                      issues of The
NEXT ACTIVITIES SUB-                                    Are you able to volunteer a few             Canberra Potter. If
COMMITTEE MEETING                                     hours during February & March to                you can help,
TBA                                                   help us take entry fees for the Bald
                                                      Archy exhibition? If so, please call            please contact
                                                        Sara on 6241 1670 (Mon, Tues,                    Jenny at
              TH                                                    Thurs).                         editor@canberrapotters.
                                                    Summer School
        GO TO
                                                    Teapots & Casseroles
                                                    with Chris Harford
                                                    By all reports this was a great
                                                    week, thoroughly enjoyed by all
                                                    the participants. Here are two
                                                    photos courtesy of Ian Hodgson.

                                                                                                Did you know..
                                                                                             that we run pottery parties &
                                                                                               team-building activities?
                                                                                             For information call Chris - 6241 7800

                                                         CANBERRA POTTERS’ SOCIETY INC.
    The Canberra Potter                                                                                                             February 2011 

   1 ASPINALL ST. WATSON ACT                  PRESIDENT: Ian Hodgson                       6254 3270     
  PO Box 7021, Watson ACT 2602                TREASURER: Roger Ellyard                     6247 9131         
      (02) 6241 7800 (admin)
    (02) 6241 1670 (WAC/fax)                  BOARD MEMBER: Janet Fieldhouse                BOARD MEMBER: Allen Black                 BOARD MEMBER: Andrea Ho
          ABN 65 491 135 689                  BOARD MEMBER: Peter Mobey
     WORKSHOP MANAGER                         BOARD MEMBER: Catherine Reid
 Available Mondays & Thursdays                WORKSHOP MANAGER: Chris Harford      6241 7800        
         9.30am – 12.30pm
                                                                     (after hours) 6241 7732             
   At other times please leave a
                                              PROGRAM MANAGER/PUBLIC OFFICER: 6241 1670 or
message on the answering machine.
                                              SARA HOGWOOD                        0414 526168         
  Members are reminded that the
                                              OFFICE ASSISTANT (ENROLMENTS):
Workshop Manager is not obliged to                                                 6241 7800
                                              BHAVANA MOYLAN                                        
  attend members if they ‘drop-in’
       outside of these hours.                WORKSHOPS: Maryke Henderson                  6258 0987
   MAIN WORKSHOP DROP-IN                      MEMBERS’ EVENTS: Jane Crick                  6281 2594           
                                              NEWSLETTER: Jenny Hadzi-Popovic              6240 8320  
    Thursdays (during term time)
         9.30–12.30pm                         MEMBERS’ EXHIB:
         Sundays 1-4pm
 (except Christmas/New Year period as
       notified in the newsletter)            LIBRARIANS:
 Please refer to the Workshop & Drop-in       Sarah Hendriks:
 Access leaflet for full details of drop-in   TEACHING STAFF:
           times & exceptions
                                              Chris Harford; Jane Crick; Alex de Vos; Cathy Franzi; Maryke Henderson; Garry Palecek;
        Cost: $4.40 per session               Jackie Lallemand, Alison Lacey
                                              OTHER STAFF:
                                              Alex de Vos (cleaner); Sarah Guiver (cleaner); Paul Dumetz (Learning Support Assistant
 Members may use this workshop                & kiln loader); Garry Palecek (kiln loader)
 during class, administration and
           drop-in times.
For unlimited access you must be a            The Canberra Potter is published eleven times a year from February to December.
CPS member for six months before              Copy deadline is generally about the third week of the month (check each issue for the next
you can apply for a workshop key.
Contact the Workshop Manager for
              details.                        Submissions           for the newsletter are always welcome so let us know of any upcoming
   Casual use: $4.40 per 3-hour               exhibitions you may be having, give us a report on a workshop you’ve attended, blow your own
              session                         trumpet and tell us of your achievements – otherwise we may not find out in time for publication.
                 FIRING                       Please also share useful information and tips, etc.
  (20% discount on firing charges on
 presentation of a current membership
                                              Copy     can be emailed to, mailed to PO Box 7021, Watson ACT
                  card)                       2602, or left in the editor’s pigeonhole at the Wing. Text is preferred in .doc or .rtf format, or in the
      $4.40/kg (bisque & glaze)               body of an email. If only hard copy is provided (handwritten or typed), no responsibility will be
   $3.30/kg (bisque or glaze only)            accepted for typing errors when transferring to the computer.
   Items decorated with transfers:
      $5.50/kg (bisque & glaze)
                                              Images can be emailed in JPG format. Please keep files to a reasonable size. (Images can be re-
       $4.40/kg (bisque only)                 sized to, say, 8cm x 8cm before sending.) Large TIF or JPG files can be delivered on CD, either
                                              mailed to the PO Box or left in the editor’s pigeonhole. Remember to provide relevant information
                KILN HIRE                     for images, eg title, artist, photographer, etc. PDF text/image files are also welcome.
  Electric: $5-$15 depending on kiln
       hired plus electricity used
                                                          Canberra Potters’ Society gratefully acknowledges the sponsors of its
Gas: $5-$15 depending on kiln hired
                                                                              2010 Members’ Exhibition:
               plus gas used
  Raku: $5 plus $4 per hour for gas
      Sawdust: $5 + own sawdust
 To hire a kiln you must have a CPS
kiln loading licence or pay for loading
 Contact the Workshop Manager for
      all kiln bookings & enquiries

February 2011                                                                                                   The Canberra Potter 

                        POTTERING AROUND
                                                                                                                  Welcome New
                                                                                                                    Shelley Mulherin
                                                                                                                     Jennifer See
                        Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all looking forward to another                       Eszter Szabo
                        big pottery year. It certainly started with a bang, at least for those who                     Vuong Vo
                        attended Chris’ superb summer school. What a way to start the year!                        Christine Watson
                                                                                                                   Tashi Wood-Ward
Just a few words on 2010: I think we had an excellent year overall. Class numbers were really
                                                                                                                  & welcome back to
good, overflowing one might say. Other activities – annual exhibition, workshops, members’ events,
open day, etc – were all of high quality. The newsletter was excellent and the library was well used.               Carmel Brain
The attendance at the Christmas party was, I think, a good indicator of how our members                             Amber Robey
appreciate the society. It was a great turnout and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.                                 Natalie Stefanski

We did well with grants in 2010 – starting with
the $10,000 for the new workshop furniture, then
$25,000 for solar panels, which are yet to be
organised, and finally $2,500 to replace some of
the door locks round the place with better ones.
We also gained three new kilns, thanks to David
Walker – one gas and two small electric. We are
apparently at capacity for electric kilns, but the
small ones will increase the options for anyone
who wants to hire one, or get something fired
Well done everyone who had work in the
Christmas Fair. While not breaking the 2009
record takings, the difference was less than
$100. Importantly, I think the work continues to
grow in quality, and that's what we are all about.
On the giving end rather than receiving, we                                     Maryke Henderson, caterer extraordinaire, with helpers Sue
managed in 2010, eventually, to get two wheels                                                      Hewat, Rick Beviss & Bhavan Moylan
to the Tiwi potters at Munupi arts centre, on
Melville Island. The Tiwi potters, together with a group from        rolling so to speak. If you’re new to it all, this will also be where
Hermannsburg and Ernabella, gave us a wonderful exhibition           you can get ideas and suggestions and help if you need it.
in 2009 and we were happy to be able to help them in this            Our AGM is on Sunday 10th April. Last year the attendance
way.                                                                 was dismal, and I even had to summon Bev Hogg from her
We still don't have a start date for construction of the new         sick bed to come and make a quorum. I would be really
studios. Apparently, 'the construction tenders all came in           disappointed if I had to do that again this year.
significantly above the pre-tender estimate and negotiations         The AGM is where you get a chance to determine how your
have been held to try to bring the total project cost within the     society is run, and to ask questions, and to volunteer to
budget'. The Canberra Times recently reported that the ACT           become more involved. Don’t worry about being roped in if you
Government ‘is on track to implement all of its budgeted             don’t want to. We don’t do things like that. But we do welcome
infrastructure and capital works projects for the financial year,’   willing volunteers who are enthusiastic and have a bit of time
so let’s hope we don’t become the exception.                         to give. Canberra is known for having more volunteers in its
I want to thank all the team, staff, volunteers, and board           population than anywhere else in Australia – except for
members, for their sterling work over the last 12 months. I am       perhaps Brisbane right now. So with a membership of 250, we
not going to single anyone out for individual mention here, but      should be able to attract a healthy active group. Your society
you all deserve a medal.                                             needs you!
                                                                                                                         Ian Hodgson
I would like to make 2011 a year of transition. Some of our
volunteers have been doing it for a very long time and it is time                         If you visit the
for others to either take over or help to the extent of being able
                                                                                       Royal Canberra Show
to take over eventually. It would be good if we could have                              (25th – 27th February)
volunteers for organising members’ events, workshops, open                   don’t forget to check out our display and
day, and coordinate the members’ exhibition (this needs a                demonstrations in the Canberra Times Craft Fair.
small working group of 4 or 5), and maybe a few working bees.             Thanks as always to Judy McDonald and her
I would like those volunteers to also formally be on an                   helpers for their sterling work in organising and
Activities Subcommittee. This would involve coming to a                                  staffing the display.
monthly meeting to discuss activities and to keep the ball

The Canberra Potter                                                                                                  February 2011 

          FROM THE                  Workshop Manager
Happy New Year everyone.

The holiday classes have filled up well with each week full to the brim. To further raise the standard and
help take the load off the teachers, CPS has employed two learning support assistants for these busy
classes. Paul Dumetz has been working with the morning classes and Zoe Slee the afternoon classes.

There has been a bit of a shuffle in the teaching programme for term 1. Alison Lacy will be taking over the Saturday afternoon
adult class and I will be taking on what was Cathy’s regular Wednesday morning class.

As a part of our ongoing OH&S improvements, three new first aid kits have been purchased. These wall-mounted units will be
placed in the main throwing room of the Wing, the glazing area of the kiln shed and the gallery kitchen.           Chris

     The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust invites applications                                   Call for Entries
    for the 2011 fellowships. The aim of the Trust is to provide an                        Taiwan Ceramics Biennale
        opportunity for Australians to travel overseas to conduct                          Closing date: 15 April 2011
      research in their chosen field that is not readily available in            Applications are now open for the 2012 Taiwan
         Australia. It also aims to reward proven achievement of                Ceramic Biennale. International entries are invited
    talented and deserving Australians with further opportunity in            from ceramic artists and works must consist of one -
       their pursuit of excellence for the enrichment of Australian             half or more of clay and no single side of the work
                            society.                                             must exceed 150cm and height after installation
             Closing date: Monday, 28 February 2011                                          may not exceed 250cm.

                                     PAUL SOLDNER                                                             Carlo’s at
     Paul Soldner recently passed away on January 4 , 2011. He was 89 years old.
                                                                                                            Those many CPS
     For those who don't know Paul, he was a significant world figure in ceramics: he re-
                                                                                                          members who enjoy
     invented Raku for the West, developed low-salt firing, and was one of the key
                                                                                                            coffee and food at
     figures in the development of American ceramics.
                                                                                                            Carlo’s at Watson
     Soldner embraced the beauty of the accidental and unpredictable, which he saw as                    shops will be saddened
     a fundamentally Japanese aesthetic. "In the West, there is this emphasis on                           at the death of Karl
     perfection. Something that cracks is considered a mistake," he told a reporter for                      Castrissios, joint
     the Rocky Mountain News in 1997, adding that the same "flaw" in the East might be                   owner, with his brother
     called a "crackle". "It's no different than the approach to taming the outdoors. In the             Con, of the restaurant.
     West, when you make a garden, you throw the rocks out. In the East, you bring the                     Karl was killed in an
     rocks back in."                                                                                     accident near Bega on
                                                                                                             the 18th January.
     In the 1960's Soldner worked closely with Peter Volkous in setting up and
     developing the west coast clay movement. Paul was a warm and accessible person                       Two years ago Carlo’s
     with a wonderful sense of humour and occasion, making workshops entertaining as                        at Watson kindly
     well as informative. He had a generous spirit and had an enormous impact on the                     sponsored the People’s
     lives of artists, including many in Australia. In 1982 he was keynote speaker at the                  Choice award at the
     Australian National Ceramics conference in Adelaide, then spent the next several                        CPS Members’
     weeks travelling around the country giving workshops and working with students at                         Exhibition.
     various colleges. Whilst here he made work, built low-fire salt kilns and taught
     students his special techniques. He held an exhibition of his work at Salamanca
     Place and left a body of work that travelled round the country.

     He also developed the Soldner wheel, which is widely used, and the Soldner Clay
     mixer - used by many colleges.

     A lovely obituary appears in the January 4th 2011 edition of the Los Angeles Times:

     Posted on the Australian Ceramics Discussion List by Gudrun Klix

February 2011                                                                                              The Canberra Potter 

Happy New Year!

Well, the shop re-opened on 20 January with a sparkling clean carpet and a
sparkling new display. Thank you to everyone who helped with the 'spring'
clean. Some of the pots are very sparkling with lustre, either in or on the
glaze. One example is this traditional style jar by Garry Palecek, which has
be rapid-fired in Raku style with wax resist decoration in a rich copper
glaze. Garry perfected this technique while working with traditional potters in
Japan. Garry is one of a number of CPS teachers who are part of the Potters
                                                                                                                    Garry Palecek
Place co-operative.                                                  Jane Crick

                                                                Vipoo Srivilasa, a ceramic artist from Victoria, is organizing
    Those of you who know Scottish potter Fergus
                                                                a ceramic (and painting) auction to raise funds for the QLD
        Stewart (a regular visitor to Australia and
                                                                                  Government Flood Appeal.
   Strathnairn Arts Association) may be interested in
       the article about him in the current issue of            From Vipoo:
                     Ceramic Review.                            I was so moved by the tragedy that I am organizing a ceramic
                                                                (and painting) auction to raise funds for the QLD Government
                                                                Flood Appeal. I will use eBay as the auction platform. The
        CONGRATULATIONS                                         auction is planned for Friday 4th - Sunday 6th February, 2011.
     A ceramic sculpture, Orville, by CPS member                Starting price is from $20 - $100. Great buy ... get good work
   Steve Roper was recently acquired by the CIT                 from great artists at fantastic prices plus help out people
  Student Association, and will be used as part of the          affected by the flood! It is an event not to be missed!
    orientation program. Steve is also producing a
               drawing of it for their use.                     The following artists have agreed to donate their work. I will
                                                                slowly update images of their work when I have them available.
       Steve currently has an exhibition of cartoon
                 paintings and ceramics                            Angela Valamanesh (SA)           Lene Kuhl Jakobsen (VIC)
               Toons And Rooms                                     Shannon Garson (QLD)             Tatiana Gvozdetskia (VIC)
                at Cafe Yalla, CIT Reid
             Monday - Thursday 9am-3pm                              Janet Mansfield (NSW)              Vicki Grima (NSW)
           the exhibition is on until early May                  Christopher Plumridge (VIC)      Tanawat Suttasoontorn (VIC)
                                                                   Naoko Yehenara (NSW)             Julie Bartholomew (NSW)

     If you fire in the mid-fire range then there’s an                Kevin White (VIC)              Bridget Bodenham (VIC)
     interesting article in the January 2011 issue of                Janet DeBoos (ACT)                Jane Sawyer (VIC)
     Ceramics Monthly – ‘Expanding your palette in
                                                                     Vipoo Srivilasa (VIC)             Ayumi Horie (USA)
        Mid-range firing’. Well worth checking out.
                                                                     Shin Koyama (QLD)                 Paul Aburrow (VIC)
                                                                     Lynda Draper (NSW)                Andrea Barker (VIC)
   One more photo from January’s Summer School:
                                                                     Simon Braund (VIC)                 Carole Epp (CAN)
                                                                     Heather Creet (TAS)                Greg Daily (ACT)
                                                                   Somchai Charoen (NSW)                 Cyrus tang (VIC)

                                                                               To view the images so far, go to:
                                                                To keep in touch with the auction via Facebook, you will need a
                                                                      FACEBOOK account. It's free and easy to do. Go to:

The Canberra Potter                                                                                                   February 2011 

                                   Feeneys and
                                   Keans Clays.
                                                                     Potters Needs in Oberon is celebrating its 10th anniversary
                                                                    this year. To mark this achievement Ian and Victoria Theyers
                                   pottery books                           are mounting a birthday exhibition, aptly named
                                    and a wide                                ‘Celebration’, in the Potters Needs gallery.
                                  range of Deco,
                                                                    If you are interested in exhibiting one to three pieces of your
                                    Cesco and                        work in Celebration, please contact Potters Needs as soon
                                    Clayworks                                     as possible to register your interest.
                                     colours.                        The exhibition will run from the 21st May until the 20th July.
                                                                     33% commission will be retained by Potters Needs on all
                                                                                           exhibition sales.
         ‘Ian is the kiln doctor and can
                                                                                          T: (02) 6336 0411
        solve your technical problems.’
               p- 02 6336 0411
               f- 02 6336 0898
      email:                                          SWELL SCULPTURE FESTIVAL 2011                                      Queensland’s leading outdoor sculpture exhibition is calling
                                                                        for entries. This is an opportunity to exhibit in a highly
                                                                    regarded exhibition set within the visually stimulating coastal invites artists to ART NOW, the 4th Annual             landscape of Currumbin Beach from the 9 – 18 September,
 Juried Contemporary Art Online Competition/Exhibition.                2011. The exhibition is open all hours and is free to the
       This 12-month display takes place online at                                               public. Apply for ART NOW today!
                                                                    There are up to $30,000 in Awards and Acquisitions with the
                                                                    Gold Coast City Council acquiring a sculpture up to $20,000
    2011 Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Award                                           in Division 14.
         Exhibition dates 30th March to 16th April                  Swell Sculpture Festival supports full freedom of expression
         Info:                         for all forms of sculpture and encourage submissions from
                                                                                  artists from Australia and overseas.

                  Potter needed in NT                                            ENTRIES CLOSE 15 MARCH 2011
                   For more information visit

                                    Wood Fire Tasmania                April 28 – May 1, 2011
WOODFIRE TASMANIA 2011 is an event for potters, sculptors, students, educators, collectors, curators, and anyone else with
an interest in the ceramic arts. Delegates will meet distinguished makers from Australia and overseas, and experience their
work and working methods at close quarters.

While convened under the banner 'woodfire', it is intended that the dialogue during WOODFIRE TASMANIA 2011 will extend
beyond aspects of making specific to the use of wood as a fuel. The program will grow from the interests and offerings of
makers from around Australia and overseas and be a revelation and celebration of the visions, prophecies and imaginings of a
variety of clay and fire practitioners. There will be exhibitions, demonstrations, guest speakers, forums, individual presentations,
films, and pre- and post-program offerings.

The idyllic town of Deloraine, situated on the Meander River in northern Tasmania is the setting for WOODFIRE TASMANIA
2011. Deloraine boasts four pubs and several restaurants and cafes, all of which are within easy walking distance of gallery
spaces and conference venues. Camping facilities are located centrally on the riverbank, while B&B, backpacker, cabin, and
hotel and motel accommodation is available within the town.

The convener of WOODFIRE TASMANIA 2011 is Neil Hoffmann. Neil has conducted his art practice at Reedy Marsh near
Deloraine for nearly thirty years and previously convened the Claydown Tasmania Summer School programs. Fellow
Tasmanian practitioners Ben Richardson, Michael Stephan, Jilli Spencer and Jim Nelson, and a band of enthusiastic volunteers
will ably assist Neil.

                                     To register go to

February 2011                                                                                     The Canberra Potter 

                                           Australia Cultural
                                           Fund information
                                                                               WHAT’S ON
     HOT TO POT                           session in Canberra
    WORKSHOPS                         Practising artists can
 Moonshill, 3739 Lumley               register with AbaF to offer            Ewers, Pitchers, Jugs & Jars
     Road, Tarago                     donors the chance to                         until 14th February
                                      make tax deductible               Elizabeth Charles, Robert Foster, Fiona
   Sunday 27 February 2011            donations to them. Learn          Hiscock, Sandy Lockwood, Gail Nichols
 "THE TEXTURED SURFACE"               how AbaF's Australia             Narek Galleries, Old Tanja Church, 1140
       10.00am to 4.00pm                                                   Bermagui Road, Tanja NSW 2550
                                      Cultural Fund (ACF) can
 Sprigs, stamps, stretching and                                           6494 0112
  more; a day discovering the         assist you with your
application of texture to raw clay.   fundraising.                    Open Friday to Monday 10.30am - 5.30pm &
    Cost $88.00 (includes all                                                       by appointment.
      materials and lunch).
       Bookings essential.                  learn about tax
          Full details at                   deductibility and its             Steve Harrison Ceramics                  implications                           until 5th February
 or contact Jane on 6161 0806 or            receive advice on                       Watters Gallery                  how to register to               109 Riley Street, East Sydney
                                            use the ACF                              02 9331 2556
                                            discover how you
                                            can raise donations
      FOR URGENT SALE                                                           Tues to Sat 10am - 5pm
                                            for your projects
                                                                              Wed to Thurs 10am - 7pm
8 cu ft Woodrow 3-phase electric            get tips for
 kiln in good condition with near           generating donations
   new Harco controller $1250.              from individuals
 Prospective buyer will need to
                                                                                     Sculpture 2011
                                            within existing
  organise the move of the kiln.
                                                                         A group exhibition of sculptural works by
        Mob: 0408 586 038
                                                                      emerging and established Australian sculptors
                                            hear case studies        including Petra Svoboda, Jenny Papalexandris,
                                            and presentations              Marian Marcatili and David Solomon
                                            from previous                            until 13 February
 Woodfire Tasmania 2011                     recipients of the fund                    Global Gallery
    Pre-conference workshop
                                      The information session                 5 Comber Street, Paddington
    The What, How & Why of
            Wood firing               will be presented by Susan                      02 9360 5728
                                      Benham Page.                    
      26th & 27th April 2011
 Artisan Gallery will host a                                         
 workshop by Canberra potters         DETAILS                            Tues to Sat, 11am - 6pm; Sun, 12 - 4pm
 Ian     Jones    and      Moraig
                                      Date: Wednesday 9
 McKenna at their Robigana
                                            February 2011 
 studio in Northern Tasmania on                                               The Potters & the Painter
 the two days before the main         Time: 2.00pm to 3.30pm
                                                                                  on show until March
 event. Ian and Moraig will           Venue:  Boardroom,                  an exhibition of pottery and artworks
 demonstrate using both hand                  Canberra Business
 building    and     kick   wheel                                           Potters Needs, 75 Curtis Street
                                              Council,                               OBERON NSW
 techniques, and talk about all
 aspects of the potter’s lifestyle             71 Constitution                6336 0411 / 0418 982837
 including formulating clays and               Avenue, Campbell,    
 glazes and tips and tricks to                 ACT. Please note
 achieve        your       pottery             parking is limited.
 goals. Possible kiln building
                                      Register: Online at
 and/or firing opportunities, and
 all meals are supplied -
 including woodfired pizza!           Cost: Free 
  Register for the workshop at        For more information        contact Bea Brickhill,
                                      AbaF Director ACT on
 Check out other pre-conference                                                    Seeking inspiration?
                                      02 6247 4199 or email
           events at                      Check out the ceramics videos at                                          


We’ve kicked off 2011 in the gallery with a display of unique
garden pots by Anne Langridge. You may remember Anne’s
exhibits in last year’s Members’ Exhibition, or perhaps you saw
her work in the ANU graduate exhibition in December. This
current display of work, while only small due to Bald Archy
paintings being delivered to the rear of the gallery, is well worth
checking out – the pots exhibit some wonderful surface textures
and colours. The display is on until Sunday 6th February.

December, of course, saw the gallery decked out for the
Christmas Gift Fair. Thanks to the wonderful works supplied
by eighteen members we had yet another terrific Fair, only very                                                                                          Anne Langridge
narrowly missing out on repeating 2009’s record turnover.

The Winter Fair will
be in June – it’s                                                                         coming next
not too soon to
start making!
                                                                                         Created in 1994 as a spoof of that
                                                                                         more serious competition, the Bald
                                                                                         Archy Prize provides artists of all
                                                                                         styles and standards with a genuine
                                                                                         opportunity to create portrait          Open daily 10am-4pm
                                                                                         paintings of humour, dark satire, light from 11th February to
                                                                                         comedy or caricature.                        14th March

                                                                                         Winning subjects over the years       Entry $4 (concession $3)
                                                                                         have included Kerry Packer, Amanda Vanstone, Edmund Capon,
                                                                                         Shane Warne, Dame Edna Everidge, John Howard and Pauline
                                                                                         Hanson, Robbie and Gai Waterhouse, Rupert Murdoch, Jeff
                                                                                         Kennett, Cardinal George Pell, Tony Abbott, Ian Thorpe and, of
                                                                                         course, the 2010 winner, Bert Newton.
Robyn Booth – first-time participant in the Christmas Gift Fair
                                                                                         Now known internationally as the only art competition in the world
                                                                                         to be judged by a sulphur-crested cockatoo named Maude, the
something to look forward to                                                             satirical side of this event has its basis in the irreverent, larrikin
                                                                                         Australian comic comment, with great appeal to people from all
                                                                                         walks of life.
Form Fire & Fruition
Geoff Crispin: a regional practice in clay                                               Celebrating its 18th year in 2011, the exhibition begins in Canberra
                                                                                         before going
17th March to 10th April
                                                                                         on tour
Opening event and other details in next month’s                                          throughout
newsletter, or check the website.                                                        Eastern
Our ‘major’ ceramic exhibition for 2011 celebrates the
career of renowned Australian ceramic artist Geoff                                       If you can
Crispin. The exhibition is a Grafton Regional Gallery                                    help out
touring exhibition that is supported by Visions of                                       by taking
Australia, the Gordon Darling Foundation and Arts NSW.                                   admission
Form Fire & Fruition, curated by Angela de Martino                                       fees for a
Rosaroll, includes ceramic pieces from Geoff’s student                                   few hours
days in the early 1970’s to highly accomplished recent                                   please
work.                                                                                    contact
                                                                                         Sara on
This exhibition is supported by Visions of Australia, an Australian Government program
supporting touring exhibitions by providing funding assistance for the development and
                  touring of Australian cultural material across Australia.                            Ted Watson –another first-time participant in the Christmas Gift Fair

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