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									10 Tips for Being an Effective Project
 Projects exist in various fields such as infrastructure, transportation, telecommunication, and
software. It is imperative that projects are well managed. Qualified and experienced individuals
are handed the responsibility of managing a project from conception to completion. We look at
what it takes to be an effective project manager.

Time Management

An effective project manager should manage his time well, following the 80/20 rule. The rule
states that 80% of the business comes from 20% of the customers. He should follow a well
defined plan. Every activity should have a priority which should be executed thoroughly.


The ideal project manager should have a vision and high ethics. He should be able to convey his
vision clearly to his members. An effective project manager should have high moral standards
and lead by example. They should be well respected and admired by his team.

Team Spirit

He should be a team player and not just an outstanding individual. He should not try to shoulder
the entire responsibility of work on himself, but instead delegate his work to his subordinates.
It’s important to organize employee feedback and training programs for his teams, thus garnering
a great deal of knowledge about his team. This allows his team to be better equipped at solving
problems and completing tasks. Brainstorming is an integral part of effective project
management, which should be implemented among project managers and their teams.

Ready to go

An effective project manager should be knowledgeable and equipped with all the skills and tools
to handle projects. He should undergo training so that he is familiar with contemporary
management techniques and skills.

People count

Excellent people management skills are required of all project managers. Motivating people may
be difficult at first but crucial to running the business smoothly. Project managers must be able to
manage conflicts.


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The ideal project manager should be dynamic and a go-getter. He should be swift to seize
initiatives and not let opportunities fly by.


The effective project manger should be quality conscious; not allowing any flaws in the products
and services of the project.

Up to date

The project manager should be technology savvy—well versed with the state-of-the-art
technology. He should encourage his team to leverage the latest technology to achieve the
desired objectives. It’s essential to remember that people are just as important as machines.

Well organized

The effective project manager should have superior organizational skills. They should know who
is doing what at all times and stages of the project. Constant monitoring of the project is vital to
completing the project on time.

Decision making

A wise project manager should be decisive and pro-active. He should anticipate problems such
as bottlenecking, and prevent them from happening in the first place. It’s better to be practical
rather than a theoretician. An important characteristic to have is to be able to keep cool under
pressure and never loses ones temper.

Ultimately an effective project manager delivers results. No matter how tough the project or how
complex the tasks are, he will persevere and emerge successful. One should believe in action
rather than words.

Do you have the innate qualities to be an effective project manager?

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