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					Phone: +27 31 309 8234
                                                              Price List 2011                         
                                                Description                           Price Incl.       Unit                 Notes
  Crown & Bridge Bur kit                                                                  399.00 Kit (Kit)
  Céramométalivore Bur.                                                                     40.00 each (each)
  Céramométalivore Ultra                                                                    79.00 each (each)
  Tri Hawk Metal Cutting Bur                                                                34.00 each (each)
  Latch Grip Diamond Bur.                                                                   12.00 each (each)
  10042. Round Bur RA SS 016 / No 5                                                         69.00 6's (6's)
  10044. Round Bur RA SS 021 / No 7                                                         69.00 6's (6's)
  10045. Round Bur RA SS 023 / No 8                                                         69.00 6's (6's)
  10047. Round Bur RA SS 027 / No 10                                                      149.00 6's (6's)
  10048. Round Bur RA SS 029 / No 11                                                      149.00 6's (6's)
  10049. Round Bur RA SS 031 / No 12                                                      149.00 6's (6's)
  Diamond Burs                                                                              34.44 3's (3's)
  Acrylic Polishers, silicon rubber material                                                44.85 each (each)
  Hartmetal Fraser burs for acrylics                                                        89.00 each (each)
                                       Care and Maintenance
  Nozzle for Handpiece Lubricating Spray. Small.                                             9.95 each (each)
  Nozzle for Handpiece Lubricating Spray. Large.                                            19.95 each (each)
  Lubricant Nozzle Multiflex for Kavo. Pegasus.                                             49.00 each (each)
  NSK High-Clean Spray. 560ml.                                                            179.00 each (each)       R949 /6
  Pegasus Handpiece Lubricant Spray (500ml)                                               159.00 500ml (500ml)
  Steri801. Disinfecting Lubricant Spray for Handpieces                                   149.00 300ml (300ml)
  Water Residue Cleaner for Distiller 500g                                                175.00 each (each)
  Activated Charcoal for Distiller. Box of 12 sachets                                     225.00 each (each)
  Paper Cups, disposable with design                                                        30.00 100's (100's)
  Plastic Cups. 5oz. assorted colours                                                       34.95 100's (100's)
  Dental Cotton rolls #2,100% Highly absorbant cotton. Bulk Pack                          129.00 2000's (2000's)
  1g Cotton Wool Balls                                                                      49.50 500g (500g)
  Gauze non-woven. 30g/m2. 5cmx5cm 4-ply                                                    17.25 200's (200's)
  Gauze non-woven. 30g/m2. 7.5x7.5 cm 4-ply.                                                29.95 200's (200's)
  Dental Bibs,wide cover,plastic backed assorted colours.Disposable                       249.00 500's (500's)
  Dental Bibs,wide cover,plastic backed. In dispenser box.                                  55.00 70's (70's)
  Dental Apron. Disposable. 37x49cm.                                                      389.00 500's (500's)
  Clips for Dental Bibs. Metal chain type.                                                  34.95 each (each)
  Plastic Clips for dental bibs                                                             39.00 20's (20's)
  Bouffant Caps/Head Rest Covers fluid repellant,Latex Free Elastic Headband. Blue.         55.00 100's (100's)
  Dental Tray covers for flat trays.                                                      349.00 1000's (1000's)
  Micro Applicator                                                                          69.00 100's (100's)
  Micro Applicator                                                                        195.00 400's (400's)
  745. Endo Brush Applicator                                                              179.00 100's (100's)
  Brush Applicators. Red/Blue. Box of 144.                                                125.00 144's (144's)
  Composite Brush Tips.                                                                     69.00 100's (100's)
  Composite Brush with removable tip.                                                       37.50 10's (10's)
  Wooden Cotton Bud Applicator, 3"                                                           5.90 100's (100's)
                                             Description                           Price Incl.        Unit     Notes
Triplex Syringe Tip Cover. plastic. white.                                               39.00 25's (25's)
Saliva Ejectors with white removable tip green/blue                                      32.00 100's (100's)
Saliva Ejectors blue with clear non-removable tip                                        39.00 100's (100's)
High Volume Evacuator Tips, plastic. Vented/Non-Vented                                   39.00 100's (100's)
Soft Silicone tips for High Volume Tubes, for patient comfort                            35.00 5's (5's)
Surgical Aspirator tips. 1/16", 1.6mm.Blue.                                              49.00 5's (5's)
Surgical Aspirator tips. 1/4", 6.4mm Blue.                                               49.00 5's (5's)
Surgical Aspirator tips. 1/8", 3.2mm.White.                                              49.00 5's (5's)
Low/High volume saliva ejector adaptor fittings plastic (Cattani type)                   12.50 each (each)
Low/High volume saliva ejector adaptor fittings plastic (Adec type)                      12.50 each (each)
Low/High volume saliva ejector adaptor Rubber fittings soft                              12.50 each (each)
CX97. High Volume Suction Nozzle. 11mm fit.                                              49.00 5's (5's)
CX97-1. High Volume Suction Nozzle. 15mm fit. 15cm.                                      49.00 5's (5's)
CX97-2. High Volume Suction Nozzle. 15mm fit.                                            49.00 5's (5's)
CX97-3. Surgical Aspirator Tip. Grey. 11mm fit.                                          49.00 5's (5's)
DT-5501-X-AH. Disposable Traps. 1/8".                                                     0.00 12's (12's)
Disposable Traps, clear white. 1-7/8".                                                   49.00 12's (12's)
Disposable Traps. 15/16".                                                                 0.00 12's (12's)
                                         Impression Trays
Impression Bite Registration Tray Full. Small/Large                                      89.00 35's (35's)
Impression Bite Registration Tray. Half. Extra small.                                    89.00 50's (50's)
Impression Bite Registration Tray. Half. Small/Large                                     89.00 50's (50's)
Impression Trays, ABS material. Colour Coded. Lower. S/M/L                               64.95 12's (12's)
Impression Trays, ABS material. Colour Coded. Upper. S/M/L                               64.95 12's (12's)
Impression Trays, ABS material. Anterior.                                                64.95 12's (12's)
Impression Trays, ABS material. Upper Right/Lower Left                                   64.95 12's (12's)
Impression Trays, ABS material. Upper Left/Lower Right                                   64.95 12's (12's)
Impression Trays, disposable. Lower. Small/Medium/Large                                  44.95 12's (12's)
Impression Trays, disposable. Upper.Small/Medium/Large                                   44.95 12's (12's)
Impression Trays, disposable. Anterior.                                                  44.95 12's (12's)
Impression Trays, disposable. Upper Left/Lower Right.                                    44.95 12's (12's)
Impression Trays, disposable. Upper Right/Lower Left.                                    44.95 12's (12's)
                                       Infection Control
1ltr Evacuation System Cleaner. Dilute 1:100. SABS Approved.                           159.00 1 ltr (1 ltr)
Steri231. Disinfecting Instrument Precleaner. Dilute 1:20.                             129.00 1ltr (1ltr)
Steri101.5ltr Cold Sterilant. Ready for use. SABS Approved.                            365.00 5ltr (5ltr)
Steritech201. Residual Surface Disinfectant.SABS Approved.                             239.00 5 ltr (5 ltr)
Steri301. Disinfecting Handwash. 5 ltr.                                                455.00 5ltr (5ltr)
Steri301. Disinfecting Handwash. 500ml Dispenser.                                        75.00 each (each)
Steritech. Disinfecting Wipes. Tub of 100.                                               62.95 100's (100's)
Steritech. Disinfecting Wipes. Refills of 100's.                                         52.00 100's (100's)
NAN-BW. Healthease Anabel Wipes                                                          19.95 80's (80's)
Steritech201. Residual Surface Disinfectant.SABS Approved.                               55.00 500ml (500ml)
Omnisan Plus Sterilizing Tablets.                                                      299.00 60's (60's)
Barrier Film rolls.Non-stick edges.Protects equipment.Clear,Blue. 1200's.              175.00 each (each)
Disposable Mirror, probe, tweezer, bib in a tray.                                        14.99 each (each)
Disposable Mirror,Probe, Tweezer sets                                                     8.99 each (each)
Latex Gloves. Lightly Powdered. Extra Small/Small/Medium/Large                           54.95 100's (100's)
Latex Gloves. Powder Free. Extra Small/Small/Medium/Large                                64.95 100's (100's)
Nitrile Gloves. Latex Free. Powder Free. Small/Medium/Large                              79.95 100's (100's)
Face Masks, Premium High Filtration Fluid Resist. Earloop. Blue/Green/Pink/White         34.95 50's (50's)
                                             Description                 Price Incl.       Unit      Notes
Surg Face Masks 3Ply Fluid Resist.Tie-on. Premium BFE>99.5%                    39.00 50's (50's)
Topsafe Cone Mask. Blue.                                                       49.00 50's (50's)
Defend. Earloop mask with Shield. Blue.                                        99.00 25's (25's)
Marvy Mask, Cone. Assrtd. prints for kids.                                   120.00 40's (40's)
Plastic Bib Cape Blue-Velcro. Pegasus.                                         89.00 each (each)
Plastic Bib Blue Velcro. Pegasus.                                              45.00 each (each)
Plastic Handpiece Sleeves.                                                   139.00 500's (500's)
Plastic sleeves for triple syringe.                                            99.00 500's (500's)
Sterilization Pouches 57x100mm, self-seal with colour indicator                79.00 200's (200's)
Sterilization Pouches 90x230mm,self-seal with colour indicator               139.00 200's (200's)
SP-2000-X-SJ. Sterilization Pouches. 90x259mm.                                  0.00 200's (200's)
TST Control Indicator Test Strips for Steam Autoclaves. 126deg. 10min.       349.00 50's (50's)
X-Ray Sensor Sleeves. 8" * 1-5/8".                                             99.00 500's (500's)
X-Ray Sensor Sleeves. 10" * 2-1/2"                                           139.00 500's (500's)
17106. Digital X-Ray Sensor Sleeves                                          139.00 500's (500's)
Disposable Curing Light Guide Sleeve                                         149.00 100's (100's)
BF-8700-X-AH. Intra Oral Camera disposable sleeves                           199.00 100's (100's)
Curing Light Sleeves, Dentmate.                                                 0.00 pack (pack)
Disposable Protective Sheaths for EVA Sensor.                                899.00 500's (500's)
                                      Matrix Products
1.802. Elastic Wedges. Soft.                                                   39.00 10's (10's)
1.801. Elastic Wedges. Hard.                                                   39.00 10's (10's)
1.080. Wooden Wedges. S.                                                       49.00 100's (100's)
1.080. Wooden Wedges. M.                                                       49.00 100's (100's)
Fixing Plastic Wedges. Autoclaveable, re-useable. Small                        59.00 80's (80's)
Fixing Plastic Wedges. Autoclaveable, re-useable. Medium                       59.00 80's (80's)
Fixing Plastic Wedges.Autoclaveable, re-useable. Large                         59.00 80's (80's)
280. Densell. Wooden Wedges. Assorted Colours.                                 99.00 100's (100's)
1.083. Wooden Wedges 200 pcs                                                   79.00 200's (200's)
Matrix Bands, #1/2/3/13                                                        19.95 12's (12's)
1.003. Springclip.                                                             99.00 each (each)
1.009. Springclip.                                                             59.00 each (each)
1.033. Clamp.                                                                  49.00 each (each)
1.298. Advanced kit of sectional contoured matrices. 0.035 Soft. 50pcs       275.00 Kit (Kit)
1.298. Advanced kit of sectional contoured matrices. 0.035 Hard. 50pcs       275.00 Kit (Kit)
1.399. Clamp Set. 3 pcs.                                                     150.00 set (set)
1.320.Saddle Contoured Matrices. 35um. Clamp. 18pc kit                       195.00 pack (pack)
1.1972. Sectional Contoured Matrices. Small. 30pcs.                          175.00 pack (pack)
1.1973. Sectional Contoured Matrices. Large. 30pcs.                          175.00 pack (pack)
1.310.Saddle Contoured Matrices. 35um.Springclip. 18pc kit                   199.00 pack (pack)
1.390. TOR Striproll 6mm, 0.035mm, 3m.                                         49.00 each (each)
1.391. TOR Striproll 7mm, 0.035mm, 3m.                                         49.00 each (each)
1.099-1. Forceps                                                             249.00 each (each)
Mylar Strips. Dupont Clear. 10mm.                                              59.99 100's (100's)
1.040. Transparent Strips. 8mm/10mm Wide.                                      25.00 100's (100's)
1.241. TOR Transparent Striproll 8mm/10mm, 10m.                                39.00 each (each)
1.441. TOR Transparent Stopstrips. 8mm/10mm wide                               25.00 100's (100's)
1.044. Slot Clamp.                                                             79.00 each (each)
1.341. Pony Matrices. Small with ledge.                                        69.00 12's (12's)
1.342. Pony Matrices. Small.                                                   69.00 12's (12's)
1.343. Pony Matrices. Large.                                                   69.00 12's (12's)
1.344. Pony Matrices. Large with Ledge.                                        69.00 12's (12's)
                                            Description                      Price Incl.       Unit              Notes
1.501. Matrices for Premolars without ledge. 12pcs.                                75.00 12's (12's)
1.502. Matrices for Premolars. Bilateral.                                          75.00 12's (12's)
1.511. Matrices for Molars without ledge.                                          75.00 12's (12's)
1.512. Matrices for Molars. Bilateral.                                             75.00 12's (12's)
                                      Needles & Surgical
CK-Ject Disposable Dental Needle. 27Gx30mm. Long.                                  49.95 100's (100's)
CK-Ject Disposable Dental Needle. 27Gx40mm. X Long.                                69.00 100's (100's)
CK-Ject Disposable Dental Needle. 30x25mm. Long.                                   49.95 100's (100's)
Surgical Blades, Size 13/15 Fits #3 handle                                         69.00 100's (100's)
Surgical Suture, Plain Catgut.3/0 Curved Cutting 26mm                              69.95 12's (12's)
Surgical Suture, Chromic Catgut.3/0 Curved Cutting 26mm                            69.95 12's (12's)
Suture 4-0 19mm Reverse Cutting 3/8 needle. Chromic.                               69.95 12's (12's)
Silk Sutures. 3/0. Curved Cutting 1/2 Circle 26mm.                                 69.95 12's (12's)
Silk Sutures. 4/0. Reverse Cutting 3/8 circle 19mm                                 69.95 12's (12's)
Disposable Dental Needles 27Gx32mm                                                 29.00 100's (100's)
Disposable Dental Needles 30Gx21mm                                                 29.00 100's (100's)
                                   Organization & Tools
Bur Brush Pen Type - Pegasus                                                     149.00 each (each)
BF-1800-X-AH. Barrier Film Dispenser                                             199.00 each (each)
AT01101. Bur Sterilizing Box                                                       79.00 each (each)
Cotton Pellet Dispenser                                                          110.00 each (each)
Acrylicresin Stand for 3 Cords, hemostatic agent, cord packer and scissor.       175.00 each (each)
12000. Face Mirror.                                                              129.00 each (each)
12001. Light Curing Shield Paddle.                                                 99.00 each (each)
Micro Applicator dipsenser.                                                      115.00 each (each)
Plastic Storage Bins #2                                                            12.95 each (each)
Alcohol Lamp, Glass                                                                35.00 each (each)
Bur dispenser/tip protector. convenient. Blue/White                                49.00 3's (3's)
686. Densell Plastic Bur Holder 42 Hole                                            49.00 each (each)
AL20104. Bur Holders 143 Hole. Curved. 88 Latch, 55 FG.                          149.00 each (each)
Aluminium Bur Block.15 Hole for Friction Grip Burs.                                99.00 each (each)
Al20104. Bur Holder. 168 hole. Flat.                                             120.00 each (each)
Bur Holders 24 hole                                                                39.00 each (each)
Bur Holders 60 hole                                                                79.00 each (each)
Sterile Mesh Bur Holder for autoclaving small items                                39.00 each (each)
Alcohol Blow Torch, plastic                                                        44.85 each (each)
Dental Cotton Roll dispenser                                                       99.00 each (each)
Dappen Dishes Glass.                                                               99.00 12's (12's)     R35/3
Prophy Paste Dappen Dishes.Plastic. Blue/Yellow. 100 per box.                      54.95 100's (100's)
Prophy Paste Dappen Dishes.Plastic. Blue/Yellow                                  114.85 200's (200's)
Dental Interval Tray. With divisions. Green,Blue,Purple.                           69.00 each (each)
Dental Set-Up Tray. Flat. Plastic. Blue/Pink                                       79.00 each (each)
Gauze holders 5cmx5cm                                                              39.00 each (each)
Mixing Bowls, various colours large                                                29.00 each (each)
Mixing Bowls, various colours medium                                               22.95 each (each)
Mixing Bowls, various colours small                                                19.49 each (each)
Mixing Cups, Non-Stick. Flexible Plastic. Small, Medium, Large.                    64.95 3's (3's)
Mouth Support, Rubber. Large                                                       49.00 3's (3's)
Mouth Support, Rubber. Medium                                                      49.00 3's (3's)
Mouth Support, Rubber. Small                                                       49.00 3's (3's)
Spatula for Mixing Bowls, handle type. Light blue                                  14.95 each (each)
White, Mixing Spatula. Small.                                                      39.00 100's (100's)
                                             Description             Price Incl.        Unit               Notes
Scaler Tip Holder. St/Steel. Holds 6 tips.                               114.95 each (each)
X-Ray Film Holders, straight end and 45 deg. end. Plastic.                 89.00 each (each)
X-Ray Film Holders, Clear plastic, 16 per holder.                        499.00 1000's (1000's)
X-Ray Film Mount - Clip on 10 Slot                                       149.00 100's (100's)
X-Ray Film Mount - Clip on 4 Slot                                          79.00 100's (100's)
X-Ray Film Mount - Clip on 6 Slot                                          99.00 100's (100's)
X-Ray Film Mount - Clip on 8 Slot                                        129.00 100's (100's)
Tissue Boxes, spring loaded for easy dispensing.Pink and Lime            149.00 each (each)
SE7. Steritech Elbow Pump Wall Mounted Dispenser                           99.00 each (each)
SE14. Steritech Touchless Infrared Wall Mounted Dispenser, 400ml.        349.00 each (each)
SE8. SteriTech Sterilisation Tray.Medium (2-4L)                          450.00 each (each)
SE9. SteriTech Sterilisation Tray.Large. (5L)                            799.00 each (each)
Executive Floss Cards, personalised wih your details.                      20.00 each (each)
Card Floss tape. Can be Personalised.                                      20.00 each (each)
Disposable Flouride Trays. Small Green/Medium Yellow/Large Blue          150.00 50's (50's)       4 + 1 Free
Prophy Brushes, Latch Type . Medium                                      449.00 200's (200's)     R29/12
Prophy Brushes, Latch Type . Large                                       475.00 200's (200's)     R40.25/12
Prophy Brushes. Tapered. Latch Type.                                     449.00 200's (200's)     R39/12
Prophy Brush Screw Type. Flat.                                           399.00 200's (200's)     R27.50/12
Prophy Brushes. Screw Type. Tapered.                                     399.00 200's (200's)     R25/12
Prophy Brush. Snap On Type.                                              399.00 144's (144's)     R29.95/12
Prophy Rubber Cups. Latch Type.                                          436.00 200's (200's)     R27.50/12
Prophy Rubber Cups. Tapered .Latch Type.                                 399.00 200's (200's)     R25/12
Prophy Cups Screw Type                                                   249.00 144's (144's)     R21.80/12
Prophy Rubber Cups. Tapered. Screw Type.                                 399.00 200's (200's)     R25/12
Prophy Rubber Cups. Snap On.                                             205.00 200's (200's)     R18.50/12
Euronda Toothbrushes, Disposable.                                        169.00 100's (100's)
Wisdom Interdental Medium. 2211MSB.                                      120.00 12's (12's)       12 brushes
Wisdom Regular Fresh Medium. 1109MSA.                                      70.00 12's (12's)      12 brushes
Wisdom Regular Fresh Medium. Triple Pack. 1109MTA.                       144.00 12's (12's)       36 brushes
Wisdom Regular Fresh Medium. Twin Pack. 1109MBB.                         120.00 12's (12's)       24 brushes
Wisdom Total Care Medium. Twin Pack. 1105MBH.                            240.00 12's (12's)       24 brushes
Aquapulse AquaFlosser                                                    399.00 each (each)
                                    Uniforms/Safety Wear
S1.25 Single Sided Lead Apron with Velcro. 0.25mm Pb                   1,200.00 each (each)
Doctor's Coats. Short Sleeve. Studs Small/Medium/Large/X Large           135.00 each (each)
Lab Coat. Long Sleeve. Studs. Small/Medium/Large/X Large                 145.00 each (each)
SC187. Nurse's Coat. White/Navy piping. Small/Medium/Large/X Large       135.00 each (each)
Nurse Uniform, Gilet. Blue. Small/Medium/Large/X Large                   125.00 each (each)
SC103. Nurse's Coat. Navy/white piping. Small/Medium/Large/X Large       125.00 each (each)
Safety Glasses, High Impact Resistant, adjustable.Clear/Orange/Red         45.00 each (each)
Bite Wing tabs (Pegasus)                                                 125.00 500's (500's)
X-Ray Developer, Concentrate. Makes 5 ltrs.                              130.00 1ltr (1ltr)
X-Ray Fixer, Concentrate. Makes 5 ltrs.                                  130.00 1 ltr (1 ltr)
Kodak D-Speed X-Ray Film. Size 2.                                        369.00 100's (100's)                  R 299.00
HL-AH7. Amalgamator Adjustable Speed. Metal Fork.                      2,499.00 each (each)
Amalgamator, Ultramat 2                                                3,999.00 each (each)
Glows Mix 2100 Amalgamator.                                            3,499.00 each (each)
                                              Description                                  Price Incl.       Unit   Notes
Portable Dental Oil-Free Compressor                                                          5,999.00 each (each)
Compressor 38 Ltr, Single Head                                                               5,999.00 each (each)
Compressor 50 ltr, Twin Head.                                                                8,699.00 each (each)
DA5002 Dynair Compressor. 60ltr.                                                             9,990.00 each (each)
Air Compressor 135 ltr. Quad Head.                                                          13,999.00 each (each)
                                         Curing Lights
Dentmate Curing Light combination cord/cordless use.>800mw/cm2                               3,999.00 each (each)
D1 Cordless LED 1 Second Curing Curing Light. 2600 mw/cm3                                    6,999.00 each (each)
CM2000. Light Intensity Radiometer. To test LED curing light.                                  999.00 each (each)
GoodDrs Curing Light 'Clever'                                                                5,999.00 each (each)
                                Delivery and Control Units
PL-30. 2 Handpiece Mini Manual Control complete set with 1 triple syringe, 500ml bottle.     5,499.00 each (each)
DU 895.Portable Dental Compressor with Control Unit.                                         7,999.00 each (each)
DU92. Portable dental unit, in case with Compressor and Suction                             14,999.00 each (each)
DB-838-5 Portable dental unit, in case with compressor                                       9,999.00 each (each)
H - Mobile Dental Cart                                                                      11,999.00 each (each)
H - Mobile Cart with (with Fiber Optics P/N A-2014.10 )                                     13,999.00 each (each)
Self Contained Pressurised Water Supply. 5 ltr.                                                199.00 each (each)
PL-305. Clean Water System with 1ltr Bottle                                                  1,599.00 each (each)
                                          Dental Units
DL32A. Mobile Dental Chair with LED light and Tray                                           2,999.00 each (each)
CL518A. Manually Operated Dental Chair.                                                      3,999.00 each (each)
CL518B. Manually Operated Dental Chair, Kneebrake Type.                                      3,999.00 each (each)
U200 dental chair alone                                                                     19,999.00 each (each)
Electrically Operated Chair & Light. 3 Memory Program.                                      19,000.00 each (each)
Siger S30. European Design, LED overhead light                                              64,995.00 each (each)
Siger S30. Top Mounted Delivery Unit. LED overhead light                                    69,900.00 each (each)
Siger U100. Electric Motor, European Design.Spittoon, LED Light, delivery unit.             39,900.00 each (each)
Siger U100.TOP Mount. New touch panels and LED light. With Central Suction.                 44,900.00 each (each)
Siger U200. Top Mounted.                                                                    59,900.00 each (each)
ST-D303. Electric Motor,Dual Control                                                        34,900.00 each (each)
ST-D303.Electric Motor,Dual Control. Leather Cushion.                                       37,900.00 each (each)
ST-D530. Electric Motor,Dual Control.3 Memory Programs.                                     54,900.00 each (each)
ST-D530. Electric Motor,Dual Control.3 Memory Programs. Leather Cushion.                    56,900.00 each (each)
ST Anna. with side mounted delivery unit.                                                   64,900.00 each (each)
Siger S60. European Design, with curing light, dentist's stool                              89,900.00 each (each)
A12 Dental Chair Unit. Hydraulic.                                                          129,900.00 each (each)
                                       Doctor's Stools
ST604. Doctor's Stool.                                                                         999.00 each (each)
Doctor's Stool S30                                                                           2,999.00 each (each)
Doctor's Stool Orthopaedic. Fully Adjustable                                                 4,999.00 each (each)
                                  Endodontic Equipment
Gutta Cut. GP Cutter with 5 different tips.                                                    349.00 Kit (Kit)
5500-00. Endo Express Handpiece.                                                             4,499.00 each (each)
5600-25I. Endo Express Intro Kit.                                                            7,900.00 Kit (Kit)
MicroNiti Endo Reduction Handpiece 128:1. Latch Type. Made in France.                        4,999.00 each (each)
MicroNiti Endo Reduction Handpiece 128:1. Push Button. Made in France.                       5,799.00 each (each)
Dentamerica ENDOMAX™ Cordless Endodontic Handpiece. Reciprocating.                           8,999.00 each (each)
Friendo GP obturation device. Cordless. With tips F, FM.                                     6,999.00 each (each)
Endo@pex Gutta Percha Obturator device                                                      14,999.00 each (each)
EndoEST- Endo Motor with Built in Apex Locator, most programs                               15,000.00 each (each)
                                         Description                         Price Incl.     Unit     Notes
Y141-121. NSK Endo Mate DT. Torque Control and Auto Reverse.                  11,499.00 each (each)
X-Smart                                                                       12,999.00 each (each)
1-Root. Digital Apex Locator.                                                  7,999.00 each (each)
Apex Locator using DC resistant technology. 0.1mm Precision.                   3,449.00 each (each)
C-Smart-1. Endodontic Motor. Colour Screen and 9 programs. Auto Reverse.       8,999.00 each (each)
Apex Locator using dual frequency technology, colour LCD. 0.1mm Precision.     4,599.00 each (each)    R 3,999.00
Root P-1. Apex Locator. Dry Type.                                              2,499.00 each (each)
Apex-Eye. Apex Locator.                                                        4,999.00 each (each)
C-Pulse Pulp Tester                                                            1,995.00 each (each)
Codent Fast Handpiece. 2/4 hole. HPK1C2. Ceramic Bearing.                      1,999.00 each (each)
Codent Fast Handpiece Triple Spray. HPS3C4.                                    1,999.00 each (each)
Codent Fiber Optic Handpiece. HPS3CML. Fits NSK Coupling.                      3,250.00 each (each)
Quick Coupling for Codent Fiber Optic. QC6M. Fits NSK                            750.00 each (each)
Quick Coupling for Codent Fiber Optic. QC6M-LED. Fits NSK.                     1,499.00 each (each)
Codent Contra Angle. Push Button. LDEPA2.                                      1,099.00 each (each)
TDEPA2. Push Button Head for Contra Angle. Fits NSK shank.                       699.00 each (each)
Codent Straight Handpiece. LAESA2.                                             1,499.00 each (each)
Codent Internal Straight Handpiece. LAISA1.                                    1,999.00 each (each)
Codent External Air Motor. AE4N.                                               1,899.00 each (each)
Codent Internal Air Motor. AI4N.                                               2,499.00 each (each)
NSK Pana Air-2Hole- standard head. PA SU-B2                                    2,499.00 each (each)
PA T M4. Pana Air Torque Head. Wrench Type.                                    2,399.00 each (each)
NSK Pana Air-4Hole- Torque head. Push Button. PA TU M4                         2,499.00 each (each)
NSK Pana-Air. Push Button. Standard head. PA-SU M4                             2,499.00 each (each)
PAX-SU M4. NSK Pana-Max. Push Button. Standard head.                           2,499.00 each (each)
PAX-TU M4. NSK Pana-Max. Push Button. Torque Head.                             2,499.00 each (each)
NSK Mach lite XT Optic. Standard Head. MLXT-SU                                 4,799.00 each (each)
NSK Ti-Max X600L                                                               5,999.00 each (each)
NSK Ti Max X700L                                                               6,750.00 each (each)
PTL-CL-4HV. NSK Quick Coupling for Fibre Optic Handpiece. Stainless Steel.     1,399.00 each (each)
NSK LED Coupling                                                               1,750.00 each (each)
NSK Quick Coupling for Fibre Optic. P401-081. Titanium.                        2,499.00 each (each)
NSK Slow Handpiece Contra angle. NAC-EC                                          999.00 each (each)
NSK Prophy Handpiece                                                             999.00 each (each)
NSK Full Push Button Contra Angle Handpiece                                    1,999.00 each (each)
NSK - EC. Contra Angle Shank Only                                                499.00 each (each)
NSK Contra Angle head. Latch Type. NAC-Y                                         499.00 each (each)
AR-YS. NSK Prophy Head. Screw Type.                                              499.00 each (each)
AR-YK. NSK Prophy Head. Snap-on Type.                                            599.00 each (each)
Head for NSK Full Push Button Contra Angle Handpiece. FPB-Y.                   1,250.00 each (each)
EX-6. NSK Straight handpiece                                                   1,649.00 each (each)
EX-203. NSK Air Motor.                                                         2,599.00 each (each)
NSK Air motor, contra angle, straight complete set. EX-203 B2/M4               4,999.00 each (each)
3-Way Triplex Syringe straight                                                   599.00 each (each)
3-Way Triplex Syringe Standard                                                   495.00 each (each)
External Fiber Optic Attachment for Handpiece.                                   399.00 each (each)
A-1030.10. Kavo Compatible Coupling, 4-Hole                                      999.00 each (each)
PL-001-QDJKL. Quick Coupling for Ti-Extra Lux (fits Kavo)                      1,500.00 each (each)
PL Quick Coupling                                                                100.00 each (each)
A-10701.10. Handpiece Pressure Gauge.                                            399.00 each (each)
                                           Description                         Price Incl.        Unit               Notes
Portable eBite. Independant Intra-Oral Illumination and Bite Block.              2,999.00 each (each)
eBite Suction Kit. With 4 retractors.                                              999.00 each (each)
E-1301. Ebite spare bite block. Small or medium                                    199.00 each (each)
Ebite Tips, Tongue Protector & Suction. Large. Right.                                 0.00 each (each)     asstd sizes available
LED Operating Light, head only.                                                  4,999.00 each (each)
LED Operating Light, ceiling mounted.                                           11,999.00 set (set)
Overhead Lamp Set Complete CX01 with arm. Oval, straight handles.                5,499.00 each (each)
Overhead Lamp Set Complete CX02 with arm. Automatic. Oval, straight handles.     6,499.00 each (each)
Overhead Lamp Set Complete CX03 with arm. Oval, rounded handles.                 7,899.00 each (each)
Overhead Lamp Set Complete CX04 with arm. Automatic. Oval, rounded handles.      8,499.00 each (each)
Overhead Lamp Set Complete CX56 with arm. Round. Automatic.                      8,999.00 each (each)
CX249. Overhead Lamp. with arm.                                                  9,999.00 each (each)
CX249-1. Overhead Lamp. Sensor Switch. with arm.                                11,999.00 each (each)
                                        Imaging Systems
GL6. 2.5x420 / 3x460 Loupe with sportsframe Red/Blue                             2,999.00 each (each)
Loupe, 3 /3.5 magnification 42cm working distance.                               3,000.00 each (each)
Endos ACP Wall Mounted X-Ray Unit. (Italy)                                      24,999.00 each (each)
Digirex Digital X-Ray #1, Includes Software.                                    44,900.00 each (each)
EVA #1 Digital X-Ray System , includes Software.                                49,900.00 each (each)                    R 44,900
EVA #2 Digital X-Ray System , includes Software.                                54,995.00 each (each)
M95. USB X-Ray Digitizer.                                                        2,999.00 each (each)
X-Ray Hand Developer.                                                            1,299.00 each (each)
XP-05. Automatic X-Ray Developer.                                                4,999.00 each (each)
Bonida Intra-Oral Camera. Super HAD CCD.                                         8,999.00 each (each)
GoodDrs. Dr's Cam Zoom.                                                          6,999.00 each (each)
CF686. Supercam Intra-Oral Camera.Direct USB Cable.With Software.                3,999.00 each (each)
Supercam Intra Oral Camera. Wireless for PC only. C688, M90, M96.                5,999.00 each (each)
Supercam Intra Oral Camera for PC and TV. CF687, M73.                            7,499.00 each (each)
Supercam Intra Oral Camera Full Wireless for PC and TV. CF687, M90, M98, M73     8,999.00 each (each)
Film Viewer , large 360x240, panorama                                              989.00 each (each)
X-Ray Paralleling System. Compares to Rinn X-ray kit                               445.00 each (each)
TV Card External for camera                                                      1,299.00 each (each)
TV Box. (From AV input to VGA out)                                                 899.00 each (each)
                                   Laboratory Equipment
Alginate Mixer.                                                                  2,999.00 each (each)
Marathon N7 Laboratory Micro Motor                                               2,999.00 each (each)
EGEO Hanging Motor                                                               3,988.86 each (each)
Vacuum Forming Machine.                                                          3,499.00 each (each)
PL-033, Vibrator. Small Type. 220V.                                              2,499.00 each (each)
No.007 Hi-Power Vibrator, 230V                                                   2,999.00 each (each)
V-300. Laboratory Vibrator. 60Hz 110W.                                           2,999.00 each (each)
PL-032. Glows Plaster Model Trimmer. Wet Type.                                   5,499.00 each (each)
Tooth Colour Comparator                                                          8,999.00 each (each)
Butane Microtorch                                                                  199.00 each (each)
                                   Practice Management
PCs/Laptops to spec                                                                          each (each)
Med Manager for Windows Dental Practice Management Software.                     8,500.00 each (each)
Glows Air Scaler. PL-006 M4                                                      2,499.00 each (each)
B5 Ultrasonic Scaler with 5 tips                                                 2,999.00 each (each)
B6 Ultrasonic scaler with 5 tips                                                 3,499.00 each (each)
P5 Ultrasonic Scaler with 6 Tips                                                 3,999.00 each (each)
                                               Description                                   Price Incl.       Unit      Notes
P7 Ultrasonic scaler with 6 tips                                                               4,749.00 each (each)
DTE-3. Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scaler. Satelec Compatible with 5 Tips.                           2,999.00 each (each)
Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scaler. DTE-5. With 6 tips.                                              3,499.00 each (each)
Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scaler DTE-7. Satelec Compatible Handpiece                               5,499.00 each (each)
                                   Sterilization Equipment
Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 2500ml                                                              2,999.00 each (each)
210011XP. Prestige Classic Autoclave. 9 ltr. 121 deg.                                          7,499.00 each (each)
Glows LS-1 Desktop Autoclave                                                                   9,999.00 each (each)
Digital Autoclave. European B Class.With 3-times pre-vacuum vacuum drying program. 8 Ltr.     18,499.00 each (each)
Digital Autoclave. European B Class.With 3-times pre-vacuum vacuum drying program. 12 Ltr.    19,849.00 each (each)      R 17,999.00
Digital Autoclave. European B Class.With 3-times pre-vacuum vacuum drying program. 18 Ltr.    24,950.00 each (each)
P-01 MIC Printer for B-Class Sterilizer.                                                       1,999.00 each (each)
TR7E-A. Mobile Suction. 18 l/min.                                                              3,999.00 each (each)
TR-23-DI. Mobile Suction Trolley. 35 l/min.                                                    4,999.00 each (each)
EGEO Mobile Suction.                                                                           9,999.00 each (each)
S101. DMega Dry Suction System.                                                               12,999.00 each (each)
P001. 4TEK Wet Ring Suction Pump. For 4 Chairs.                                               19,999.00 each (each)
P002. 4TEK Wet Ring Suction Pump. For 2 Chairs.                                               15,999.00 each (each)
                                         Water Distillers
Water Cooler Floor Standing with hot & cold                                                    1,999.00 each (each)
Water Cooler. Table Top model with hot & cold                                                  1,599.00 each (each)
Water Distiller                                                                                2,299.00 each (each)
Glows Water Distiller, Model 943S (S.S. Covering)                                              2,999.00 each (each)
                                    Whitening & Polishing
Air Prophy Polisher Handpiece 2/4-Hole                                                         1,750.00 each (each)       R 1,500.00
DB828-3. 4H. Air Prophy Polisher Handpiece 4-Hole.                                             2,499.00 each (each)
C-Bright Teeth Whitening accelerator. Mobile.                                                  7,499.00 each (each)
C-Bright-B Teeth Whiteneing accelerator. Pole Mounted.                                         5,999.00 each (each)
Kidney Dish. 15cm.                                                                                 89.00 each (each)
Kidney Dish. 20cm.                                                                               149.00 each (each)
Mixing Slab. Clear Perspex 110x110x5mm.                                                            29.95 each (each)
Sterilization Tray St/Steel. 30cm. Large                                                         249.00 each (each)
Sterilization Tray with Lid. St/Steel. 20cm.                                                     199.00 each (each)
                                       Endo Instruments
PCF-N-90-AHF/L. 90' EndoFile Forceps with thumb lock.                                          1,499.00 each (each)
PCF-N-90AHF/L-TI. 90' Endo File Forceps w/ thumb lock and Titanium coating                     1,599.00 each (each)
PCF-D-N90SL/M. 90' Micro Steiglitz -Diamond Dust                                               1,499.00 each (each)
DenJect Irrigation Needle Tips.Luer Lock. Bendable. 25Gx25mm                                       69.00 100's (100's)
DenJect Irrigation Needle Tips.Luer Lock. Bendable. 27Gx25mm                                       69.00 100's (100's)
Pre-Bent Irrigation Needle tips. Disposable.                                                       29.95 100's (100's)
1A2043. Luer Lock Endo Irrigation Syringe. 3ml.                                                    24.95 10's (10's)
5700. Densell Silicone Endo Stops. Assorted Colours.                                               50.00 100's (100's)
5021-GLP. SafeSider Glide Path Kit 21mm/25mm. 6 x .08, 10,15,20.                                 899.00 Kit (Kit)
5021-00. Safesiders Introductory Kit. 21mm/25mm                                                1,499.00 Kit (Kit)
1605-00. EZ-Fill Bi-Directional Spiral Intro Kit. Niti.                                        1,499.00 pack (pack)
1600-21. EZ-Fill Spirals St/Steel. 21mm/25mm                                                     299.00 pack (pack)
NITI Hand File large tapered                                                                     229.00 6's (6's)
NiTi Hand Plugger. 15-40. 21mm                                                                     99.00 6's (6's)
NiTi Hand Plugger. 15-40. 25mm Assorted or Individual                                              99.00 6's (6's)
NiTi Hand Reamer. 15-40. 25mm Assorted or Individual                                               99.00 6's (6's)
                                          Description               Price Incl.       Unit    Notes
NiTi Hand Spreader. 15-40. 25mm                                           99.00 6's (6's)
NITI- H Files Sizes, 15 to 40. 25mm Assorted or Individual                79.00 6's (6's)
NITI- H Files Sizes, 45-80. 25mm Assorted or Individual                   79.00 6's (6's)
NITI- H Files Sizes, 15 to 40. 21mm                                       79.00 6's (6's)
NITI- H Files Sizes, 15-40. 28mm. Assorted or Individual                  79.00 6's (6's)
NITI- K Files 15-40 assorted 25mm or Individual                           79.00 6's (6's)
NITI- K Files 45-80 assorted 25mm or Individual                           79.00 6's (6's)
NITI- K Files 15-40 assorted 28mm                                         79.00 6's (6's)
NITI- K Files 15-40 assorted 31mm.                                        99.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel H Files Sizes 15-40. 25mm. Assorted or Individual         79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel H Files Size 08. 25mm                                     79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel H Files Size 10. 25mm                                     79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Sizes 15-40. 25mm. Assorted or Individual         79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Sizes 15-40. 25mm. NIC.                           99.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Sizes 45-80. 25mm                                 79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Size 06. 25mm                                   125.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Size 08. 25mm                                     79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Size 10. 25mm                                     79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Sizes 15-40. 21mm.                                79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Sizes 45-80. 21mm.                                79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Size 08. 21mm.                                    79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Size 10. 21mm.                                    79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Sizes 15-40. 31mm.                                79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Sizes 45-80. 31mm.                                79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Size 08. 31mm.                                    79.00 6's (6's)
Stainless Steel K Files Size 10. 31mm.                                    79.00 6's (6's)
Rotary Niti-K Files. 15-40. 25mm                                        199.00 6's (6's)
NIC. KV04. Rotary Files. 25mm.                                          299.00 6's (6's)
NIC. KV06. Rotary Files. 25mm.                                          299.00 6's (6's)
Larger Tapered Rotary Files. (DX,D1,D2,M1,M2,M3)                        199.00 6's (6's)
NIC. Larger Tapered Rotary Files. (SX,S1,S2,F1,F2,F3)                   299.00 6's (6's)
5000-75. Safesiders Steri Tracker                                       299.00 each (each)
Endo Box, 40 hole                                                       175.00 each (each)
Endo Clean                                                                59.00 each (each)
Endo Ruler                                                                99.00 each (each)
                                    Extracting Forceps
Upper Wisdom Bayonet                                                    220.00 each (each)
Upper Root Bayonet                                                      220.00 each (each)
Upper Molar, Universal. No. 20                                          220.00 each (each)
Upper Molar. Right. No.17                                               220.00 each (each)
Upper Molar. Left. No. 18                                               220.00 each (each)
Upper Cowhorn. Right. No. 89                                            220.00 each (each)
Upper Cowhorn, Left. No. 90                                             220.00 each (each)
Upper Roots Forcep. No. 30                                              220.00 each (each)
Upper Premolar. No. 7                                                   220.00 each (each)
Upper Canine Forcep. No. 107.                                           220.00 each (each)
Upper Anterior Forcep. No. 1                                            220.00 each (each)
Lower Wisdom. No. 79                                                    220.00 each (each)
Lower Molar Forceps. No. 22                                             220.00 each (each)
Lower Cowhorn. No. 86                                                   220.00 each (each)
Lower Roots Forcep. No. 74N                                             220.00 each (each)
Lower Canine Forcep                                                     220.00 each (each)
                                           Description           Price Incl.       Unit      Notes
Lower Premolar. No. 13                                               220.00 each (each)
Lower Anterior Forcep. No. 137                                       220.00 each (each)
Paedo Forceps Kit in zip-up case                                   1,399.00 each (each)
Bone Ronger                                                          250.00 each (each)
Rubber Dam Clamp                                                     250.00 each (each)
Rubber Dam Punch                                                     250.00 each (each)
                                       Hand Instruments
OM2. Omnis Multi-Purpose Curette,scaler. by WAM                      399.00 each (each)
Tongue Depressors. Wooden.                                             24.95 100's (100's)
3D Cone Carver                                                         59.00 each (each)
Amalgam Carrier                                                        59.00 each (each)
Amalgam Carrier. Double Ended.                                       120.00 each (each)
Amalgam Carrier. Steel.                                              139.00 each (each)
All in One: Burnishers, Flat Plastic. Double Ended.                    89.00 each (each)
Amalgam Plugger                                                        52.00 each (each)
Ball Burnisher Small                                                   52.00 each (each)
Ball Burnisher Large                                                   52.00 each (each)
Bone File Double Ended                                                 99.00 each (each)
Chip Blower                                                            99.00 each (each)
Calliper Gauge                                                       149.00 each (each)
Composite Plugger (Smooth)                                             52.00 each (each)
Cord Packer CP 170                                                   299.00 each (each)
Cord Packer CP 171                                                   299.00 each (each)
Dental Syringe                                                       199.00 each (each)
Dental Syringe, Aspirating.                                          199.00 each (each)
Dental Syringe, Intraligamentary.                                  1,500.00 each (each)
Dental Syringe - Breech Loading. Non-Aspirating.                     313.50 each (each)
Discoid/Cleoid. Large                                                  52.00 each (each)
Discoid/Cleoid. Small.                                                 52.00 each (each)
Discoid - Lecron Carver                                                52.00 each (each)
Excavator Large                                                        52.00 each (each)
Excavator Small                                                        52.00 each (each)
Flat Plastic                                                           59.00 each (each)
Composite Flat Plastic. Long.                                          59.00 each (each)
Gracey Curettes, set of 12                                           599.00 set (set)
DX Condenser Set. 3 pcs Double Ended. #35-70, #40-80, #50-100.     1,026.00 set (set)
Lateral Spreader/Endo Probe                                            59.00 each (each)
Mouth Mirror Head No.4 plain                                         119.00 12's (12's)
Mirror Head, Plane Front Surface (No. 4)                             199.00 12's (12's)
Mirror Handle Steel Plated                                             17.25 each (each)
Mirror Handle St./Steel                                                25.00 each (each)
Mirror Handle St/Steel. Hollow ware.                                   50.00 each (each)
Mouth Mirror Illuminated                                             149.00 each (each)
Matrix Retainer. Siqveland.                                            99.00 each (each)
Matrix Retainer. Toffelmire.                                           99.00 each (each)
Periodontal Probes Double Ended                                        52.00 each (each)
Periodontal Probe.Williams. Single Ended.                              52.00 each (each)
Probes Single Ended. Straight. 45deg. No.8                             52.00 each (each)
Probes Single Ended. Straight. 90deg. No.9                             52.00 each (each)
Probe Double Ended Straight No.8/No.9                                  52.00 each (each)
Probes Double Ended. Rounded. No.2/54                                  52.00 each (each)
Scalpel Holder, #3                                                     45.00 each (each)
                                          Description       Price Incl.      Unit     Notes
Thymozin                                                          52.00 each (each)
Vertical Condenser                                                59.00 each (each)
Carver, Ward Carver                                               52.00 each (each)
Willis Bite Gauge                                               149.00 each (each)
Wax Knife Large                                                   64.95 each (each)
Wax Knife Small                                                   52.00 each (each)
X-Ray Film Holder (Metal). 1 clip.                                11.45 each (each)
X-Ray Holder 10 Clip                                            225.00 each (each)
X-Ray Film Holder. 4 Clips.                                       74.95 each (each)
X-Ray Holder 6 Clip                                             199.00 each (each)
                                     Crown Removers
Crown Remover Manual                                            343.85 each (each)
Crown Remover Automatic                                         402.50 each (each)
WAMKey Pack. Crown Removal Tool Set.                          1,999.00 set (set)
WAMKey Pack "Gold". Crown Removal Tool Set with Burs.         2,999.00 set (set)
Apical Root Elevator. Left.                                     159.00 each (each)
Apical Root Elevator. Right.                                    159.00 each (each)
Apical Root Elevator. Straight.                                 159.00 each (each)
Coupland Lindo-Levien.                                          129.00 each (each)
Coupland. Straight. Rounded Edge.                               129.00 each (each)
Coupland. Straight. Straight Edge.                              129.00 each (each)
Cryers. Right.                                                  125.00 each (each)
Cryers. Left.                                                   125.00 each (each)
Cryers. Straight.                                               125.00 each (each)
Hospital Elevator. Right.                                       149.00 each (each)
Hospital Elevator. Left.                                        149.00 each (each)
Hospital Elevator. Straight.                                    149.00 each (each)
Periosteal Elevator                                               59.00 each (each)
Winter Elevator. Right.                                         129.00 each (each)
Winter Elevator. Left.                                          129.00 each (each)
Warwick James. Right.                                           129.00 each (each)
Warwick James. Left.                                            129.00 each (each)
Warwick James. Straight.                                        129.00 each (each)
                                         Hand Scalers
Mitchell Trimmer                                                  65.00 each (each)
Hygeinist's Scaler 5/6.                                           52.00 each (each)
Cumine Scaler/Universal Scaler                                    52.00 each (each)
Hand Scaler, H6/H7.                                               52.00 each (each)
                                  Orthodontic Instruments
Adam Plier                                                      250.00 each (each)
Adams Pliers. 64.                                               454.86 each (each)
Adams Plier. 65.                                                499.00 each (each)
Adams Plier. Tungsten Carbide. 64.                              299.00 each (each)
Adams Plier. Tungsten Carbide. 65.                              299.00 each (each)
Boley Gauge                                                     349.00 each (each)
Bracket Holder                                                  179.00 each (each)
Bracket Positioning Gauge                                       250.00 each (each)
Bracket Placing Instrument, posterior.                            99.00 each (each)
Bracket Placing Pliers                                          279.00 each (each)
Bracket Remover Plier                                           279.00 each (each)
Band Seating Instrument                                           80.00 each (each)
                                           Description        Price Incl.       Unit    Notes
Band Seating Instrument with Insert                                 99.00 each (each)
Distal End Cutter                                                 299.00 each (each)
How Plier                                                         250.00 each (each)
Hard Wire Cutter                                                  299.00 each (each)
Ligature Cutter, Tungsten Carbide                                 399.00 each (each)
Wire Plier                                                        250.00 each (each)
Wire Plier. Tungsten Carbide.                                     399.00 each (each)
Weingart Utility Plier                                            350.00 each (each)
Cheek Retractor Hands Free. Adult. Double Span.                     39.00 2's (2's)
Cheek Retractor Hands Free. Child. Double Span.                     39.00 2's (2's)
Cheek Retractor Hands Held. Adult. Single Span with Handle.         34.95 2's (2's)
Cheek Retractor Hands Held. Child. Single Span with Handle.         34.95 2's (2's)
Cheek Retractor, Austin.                                            99.00 each (each)
Cheek Retractor, Deaver 25mm. 30cm                                349.00 each (each)
Cheek Retractor, Deaver 25mm. 36cm                                375.00 each (each)
Tongue Retractor                                                    99.00 each (each)
Alginate Spatula Plastic Handle                                     89.00 each (each)
Alginate Spatula Wooden Handle                                      99.00 each (each)
Cement Spatula                                                      64.95 each (each)
Impregum Spatula                                                  109.00 each (each)
Plaster Knife                                                     129.00 each (each)
                                Tweezers, Forceps, Scissors
GEKT1. Geko Crown Tweezers Intro Kit, by WAM                    1,299.00 each (each)
Artery Forcep. 12.5cm Straight                                      79.00 each (each)
Artery Forcep. 12.5cm Curved                                        79.00 each (each)
College Tweezer                                                     64.95 each (each)
Tweezer, Locking                                                    79.00 each (each)
Micro Scissor 11cm                                                149.00 each (each)
Wire Cutting Scissor. 12cm.                                       129.00 each (each)
Micro Scissor 15cm                                                179.00 each (each)
Needle Holder, Angled.                                              99.00 each (each)
Needle Holder. Large. 16cm.                                         89.00 each (each)
Needle Holder 20cm.                                               120.00 each (each)
Needle Holder. Small.                                               79.00 each (each)
Needle Holder. Tungsten Carbide.                                  299.00 each (each)
Paper Tweezer                                                       84.95 each (each)
Scisor, Kelly. 16cm Straight.                                       89.00 each (each)
Scissor, Locklin                                                  119.00 each (each)
Scissor, Iris                                                       64.95 each (each)
Scissor, Iris. 16cm.                                                74.95 each (each)
Suture/Ligature Scissor. 14cm.                                      99.00 each (each)
Tissue Forcep Tweezer 12cm                                          52.00 each (each)
                                           Scaler Tips
Spare Scaler tip for Glows Air Scaler                             300.00 each (each)
Scaler Tip to fit Kavitron 25KHZ                                  790.00 each (each)
Scaler Tips NSK / Satelec Comp.                                   329.00 each (each)
Scaler Tips Woodpecker/EMS Compat.                                329.00 each (each)
Niti U- Files for Scaler's Endo Function                            99.00 each (each)
                                          Description                                            Price Incl.       Unit    Notes
Amalgum Capsules Ag-43 0.4g/capsule                                                                  249.00 50's (50's)
AT&M. Amalgum Capsules Ag-43 0.4g/capsule. activated type.                                           299.00 50's (50's)
Amalgum Capsules Ag-43 0.6g/capsule                                                                  349.00 50's (50's)
AT&M. Amalgum Capsules Ag-43 0.6g/capsule                                                            399.00 50's (50's)
                                     Articulating Paper
Bausch Articulating Paper. Blue. BK01. 300's                                                         169.00 Box (bx)
Bausch Articulating Paper. Blue. Refill. BK1001. 300's                                               159.00 Box (bx)
Bausch Articulating Paper. Red. BK02. 300's                                                          169.00 Box (bx)
Bausch Articulating Paper. Red. Refill. BK1002. 300's                                                149.00 Box (bx)
S018. AccuFilm® II,double-sided.Black. 280 strips.                                                   149.00 Box (bx)
                                     Bonding Agents
Medental One Step Denti/Enamel Bonding System. 5ml                                                   170.00 each (each)
1546. Densell Monobond SL-300. 300 Applications. 5ml.                                                249.00 each (each)
S284. Brush&Bond™. No Etch Bonding System. 3ml Liquid,100 activator brushes, dispenser.            1,299.00 Kit (Kit)
CharmBond Light Cure Bonding Agent. Refill. 2x5ml Bottles.                                           495.00 each (each)
S409L. C&B TotalBond® Kit. 3.75g Liquid,3.5g Powder,Universal Activator. Dual Cure. Light Shade. 1,299.00 Kit (Kit)
                                                                                                  299.00 Kit (Kit)
Medental. Orthodontic Adhesive System Light Cure. 2x3.5g Paste, 3ml Bond, 2ml Etch, 20 Brushes, well
Medental. Orthodontic Band Cement. 454g Powder, 4x5cc Liquid, accessories.                           995.00 Kit (Kit)
                                   Cements & Liners
                               Calcium Hydroxide Liners
Lica Calcium Hydroxide Liner. Light Cured. Radiopaque. 8g, Thymoizin, Mixing Pad.                    295.00 Box (bx)
                                Glass Ionomer Cements
Medental. Glass Ionomer Type 1 Luting Cement. 20g Powder, 15ml Liquid, Spoon                         229.00 Box (bx)
Medental. Glass Ionomer Type 2 Base/Liner. 20g Powder 15ml Liquid.                                   229.00 Box (bx)
Medental. Glass Ionomer Type 2 Restorative. 20g Powder,15ml Liquid, spoon.                           249.00 Box (bx)
Medental. Glass Ionomer Type 2 Restorative. (A.R.T) 10g Powder, 8ml Liquid, 5g Varnish, Spoon.       249.00 Box (bx)
Glass Ionomer Cement, 3x20g Powder, 3x15ml Liquid                                                    275.00 set (set)
1114. Densell MPLC GI Light Cure Cement & Liner 10g+6g                                               499.00 Box (bx)
1115. Densell Ionomer MPLC Light Cure Restorative & Core. 10g+6g                                     299.00 each (each)
1125. Densell Ionomer Type I - AQUA - Cementation - 10gr + 10ml                                      199.00 each (each)
1123. Densell Glass Ionomer Base & Liner. 10g Powder 8ml Liquid                                      199.00 Box (bx)
1121. Densell GI Type 1. Cementation. 10g +8g                                                        199.00 each (each)
1138. Densell Glass Liner. Light Cure. 1.5g syringe.                                                   99.00 each (each)
1113. Densell Luting Vitroglass. Resin Reinforced. Self Cure. 10g Pwdr,6g Liquid.                    299.00 Box (bx)
1116. Densell MP Self Cure.Glass Ionomer. Type 1 Cement & Liner. 10g Powder, 6g liquid               299.00 Box (bx)
GC Fuji Glass Ionomer Luting Cement 35g Powder 20ml Liquid.                                          799.00 Box (bx)
Magic Glass A1                                                                                       114.99 each (each)
Magic Glass A3.5                                                                                     114.99 each (each)
Vitrebond™ Plus Light Cure Glass Ionomer Liner/Base                                                1,199.00 each (each)
Ketac Cem Easymix Promo Kit                                                                        1,499.00 each (each)
                                       PCA Cements
1103. Densell Carboxylate Cement. 25g, 15ml                                                          149.00 each (each)
Medental P.C.A. Polycarboxilate Cement Kit. 25g Powder, 15ml Liquid, Spoon.                          199.00 each (each)
3M Durelon Liquid Universal. 40ml.                                                                   460.00 Box (bx)
3M Durelon Powder Triple. 3x20g.                                                                     460.00 Box (bx)
                                      Resin Cements
Medental. Multi Cure Composite Cement Kit. 4.5g Light Cure Base, 4.5g Chemical Cure Catalyst, Tips.299.00 Kit (Kit)
1155. Densell cement Resin Duo Dual Cure. 2x4g                                                       299.00 each (each)
880-00. Flexi-Flow Auto E                                                                            999.00 Kit (Kit)
                                       ZOE Cements
Medental. Z.O.E. Type 1. Temporary Cement. 40g Pwdr, 20ml Liquid.                                    129.00 Box (bx)
Medental. Z.O.E. Type 3 Temporary Restorative Material. 38g Pwdr, 14ml Liquid                        199.00 Box (bx)
                                           Description                                      Price Incl.          Unit     Notes
Medental. Z.O.E. Surgical Cement. 113gr Pwdr, 56ml liquid                                         299.00 Box (bx)
1104. Densell ZOE Reinforced cement. 40g, 15ml.                                                   129.00 each (each)
Eugenol Cement, 2x10g powder, 1x6ml liquid.                                                         64.95 each (each)
CharmFil Kit. A1, A2, A3, B2, 5ml Bond, 3ml Etch, Tips, Brushes, Shade Guide.                     595.00 each (each)
Charmfil Plus Nano based Light Cure Composite 4g. A1/A2/A3/A3.5/B1/B2/I                           149.00 each (each)
Charmfil Plus Light Cure Composite Compules. 0.25gx20. A1/A2/A3                                   295.00 each (each)
Charmfil Plus Nano Light Cure Composite Flowable. 2x2g, 10 Tips. A1/A2/A3                         295.00 each (each)
CharmFil Flow Blue (For base liner light curing Flowable Resin)                                   149.00 Box (bx)
1516-C. Hybrilux Esthetic Dentin Nanofiller A1./A2/A3/A3.5 4g                                     149.00 each (each)
1515-C. Hybrilux Esthetic Nanofiller A1/A2/A3/A3.5/B2/C2. 4g                                      149.00 each (each)
1515. Hybrilux Esthetic Nanofiller Kit. 4x 4g: A1/2/3/3.5, 5ml Bond, 3g Etch                      595.00 Kit (Kit)
1520-A2. Hibrilux Flow. 1g. A2.                                                                   120.00 each (each)
Medental MicroHybrid Light Cure Composite. 4g. A1/A2/A3/B1/B2/C1/C2/D2/D3                           99.00 each (each)
Medental MicroHybrid Light Cure Composite Kit. 2x4g A1 A2, 3ml Etch, 3g Bond, brushes.            299.00 Kit (Kit)
Medental MicroHybrid Light Cure Composite Kit.5x4g A1,2xA2,B2,D2, 2x3ml Etch, 3g Bond, Brushes    599.00 Kit (Kit)
Medental MicroHybrid Light Cure Composite Kit.5x4g A1,2xA2,A3,B2, 2x3ml Etch, 3g Bond, Brushes    599.00 Kit (Kit)
                                        Core Material
S300. Absolute Dentin™ 50ml Cartridge, mixing tips. Arctic White/Tooth Shade                     1,499.00 each (each)
S301. Absolute Dentin™ 50ml Cartridge, mixing tips. Tooth Shade.                                 1,499.00 each (each)
810-00. Ti-Core Auto Natural                                                                      999.00 Kit (Kit)
830-00. Ti-Core Auto E                                                                           1,299.00 each (each)
832-00. Ti-Core® Flow+. 2-in-1 Core Build up and Post Cement.                                    1,499.00 Kit (Kit)
CharmSensy. Nano Light Curing Desensitizing Agent. 1x5ml, Microbrushes.                           295.00 each (each)
6587. Densell Desensitizer Gel. Syringe. 1.2ml.                                                   120.00 each (each)
                                   Disclosing Solutions
6599. Densell Caries Detector Gel. Blue. 2.5ml.                                                     89.00 each (each)
6591. Densell Plaque Detector Solution. 2 Tone. 15ml.                                               59.00 each (each)
                                   Endodontic Materials
                                      Endo Points
GP Pellets, Sure-endo.                                                                            149.00 100's (100's)
Accessory Points: Fine/Medium/Large                                                                 59.00 60's (60's)
Gutta Percha Accessory Points. FM/MF/ML                                                             89.00 100's (100's)
Absorbent paper points 15 to 40, Colour Coded. Assorted or Individual                               37.00 200's (200's)
Absorbent paper points 45 to 80, Colour Coded. Assorted Pack                                        37.00 200's (200's)
Gutta Percha Points: 15 to 40, Colour Coded. Assorted or Individual                                 44.85 120's (120's)
Gutta Percha Points: 45 to 80, Colour Coded. Assorted or Individual                                 44.85 120's (120's)
Greater Taper Gutta Purcha Points 0.04,15 to 40. Assorted or Individual                             90.85 60's (60's)
Greater Taper Gutta Purcha Points 0.06,15 to 40. Assorted or Individual                             90.85 60's (60's)
                                  Endodontic Preparations
6574. Densell Endo Prep. Syringe. 9g.                                                             139.00 each (each)
6577. Densell EDTA-C Root Canal Enlarger in Gel - Syringe 9g                                      119.00 each (each)
6578. Densell CALGEL - Syringe 2.2gr                                                              129.00 each (each)
1136. Densell Calcium Hydroxide Den Cal. paste 11gr + 12g                                         199.00 each (each)
6616-P. Densell Pure Calcium Hydroxide . 20gr                                                     349.00 each (each)
6616. Densell Pure Calcium Hydroxide Kit. 20g + 20ml                                              399.00 each (each)
                                    Endodontic Sealers
Medental. Z.O.E. Root Canal Cement. 20g Powder,10ml Liquid.                                       299.00 Box (bx)
6576. DENSELL APEX - Apex Sealer - 2.2gr (Type Metapex) - Calcium Hydroxide+Iodoform              149.00 each (each)
1620-00. EZ-Fill Express. Epoxy Resin Sealer. (Similar to AH Plus)                               1,299.00 each (each)
S160. MetaSEAL Endodontic Sealer Kit. 4.5ml Liquid,5g Powder,mixing pad,scoop,spatula            1,499.00 Kit (Kit)
                                             Description                                      Price Incl.        Unit    Notes
Medental. Etchant Gel. 37%. 12g Syringe.                                                          129.00 each (each)
CharmEtch 37%. Etchant. 3x3ml Syringes, Tips.                                                     195.00 each (each)
CharmEtch 37%. Etchant. 3x3ml Syringes, Tips. High Viscosity.                                     195.00 each (each)
1534. Densell Acid Etch Gel 37% Low Viscosity. 12g                                                129.00 each (each)
1537. Densell Etch Gel. 35% Normal Viscosity. 12g.                                                  99.00 each (each)
1539. Densell Porcelain Etch Conditioner. Fluorhidic Acid 10%. 2.5ml                                75.00 each (each)
1540. Densell Porcelain Primer Silane. 5ml                                                          99.00 each (each)
9590. ProOptions Porcelain Etch and Silane Kit                                                    299.00 Kit (Kit)
                                   Finishing & Polishing
Silicon Rubber Amalgam Polishing Kit. CS0801.                                                     149.00 set (set)
Silicon Rubber composite Polishing Kit. HS0801                                                    149.00 set (set)
Silicon Rubber Polishing Kit.HS0901.                                                              169.00 set (set)
1.121. TOR Mandrel                                                                                  39.00 each (each)
625. Densell Felt Discs 5/8                                                                       249.00 100's (100's)
616. Compoflex Polishing Discs, 40 + mandrel                                                      175.00 Kit (Kit)
617. Compolex Polishing Discs. 40pcs                                                              130.00 Box (bx)
751. Densell Densell Polishing Paste Hi-Gloss Diamant. 3gr                                        199.00 each (each)
752. Densell Polishing Paste Gloss for composite. 4gr                                               99.00 each (each)
753. Densell Polishing Paste Regular - Prepolish. 4gr                                               99.00 each (each)
966. Densell Polishing Strips Dual. Fine Grit + Medium Grit                                       199.00 Box (bx)
967. Densell Polishing Strips. Dual Colour. X-Fine, Fine + Medium, Gross                          209.00 100's (100's)
968. Densell Polishing Strips X-Fine Grit.                                                        209.00 100's (100's)
970. EasyDent Polishing Strips, polyester. Fine+Medium.                                           149.00 100's (100's)
1.630. Stem Polishing Discs, 14mm. 40pcs, Mandrel.                                                  89.00 Kit (Kit)
1.600. Stem Polishing Discs, 8,12,14mm. 80pcs, Mandrel.                                           149.00 Kit (Kit)
1.055. TOR Finishing Strips. Universal Kit. 75pcs                                                   75.00 Kit (Kit)
1.020. Finishing & Polishing Kit. 80 Stem Discs, 75 Strips, Mandrel.                              199.00 Kit (Kit)
1.021. Finishing & Polishing Kit. 48 discs, 75 strips, mandrel.                                   199.00 Kit (Kit)
1.071. Polishing Discs. 40pcs 14mm, Mandrel.                                                      145.00 Kit (Kit)
1.072. Polishing Discs. 40pcs 16mm, Mandrel.                                                      145.00 Kit (Kit)
1.111. Mandrel for Stem, Polishing Discs                                                            29.00 each (each)
                                    Impression Material                                         0.00
Alginate Impressions 1.2kg                                                                        119.00 each (each)
Hygedent Chromatic Alginate                                                                         40.00 500g (500g)
Hygedent Plus Alginate Material                                                                     50.00 500g (500g)
HygeMAX Alginate, 100 Hour Stability                                                                60.00 500g (500g)
Hygenoplast Flow. Hi-Flow Alginate.                                                                 65.00 500g (500g)
Medental ZOE TII Impression Paste. 90g +75g                                                       399.00 each (each)
1035. Densell ZOE Type II Impression Paste. 95g Base + 85g Catalyst                                  0.00 each (each)
1088-M. Densell Putty, 1kg.                                                                       299.00 Tub (Tub)
1088-A. Silicone Universal Activator. 35g.                                                          79.00 each (each)
1088-LP. Densell Silicone Light Plus. 120g                                                        199.00 each (each)
1088-L. Densell Silicone Light Body. 120g                                                         199.00 120g (120g)
S446. VPS Tray Adhesive. 10ml.                                                                    199.00 each (each)
PSP. ZOE Impression Paste. 120g ZOE, 108g Eugenol.                                                299.00 Box (bx)
CharmFlex Bite. VPS Bite Registration Material. 2x50ml, mixing tips.                              299.00 Box (bx)
Charmflex HEAVY. Silicone Based Rubber Impression Material.2x50ml Cartridge, Mixing Tips.         399.00 each (each)
Charmflex HEAVY Tube. Silicone Based Rubber Impression Material.2x160ml Tubes.                    399.00 each (each)
Charmflex LIGHT. Silicone Based Rubber Impression Material.2x50ml Cartridge, Mixing Tips.         399.00 each (each)
CharmFlex Putty.Silicone Based Rubber Impression Material. 2x280ml Base/Cat., Scoops              499.00 each (each)
Charmflex REGULAR. Silicone Based Rubber Impression Material.2x50ml Cartridge, Mixing Tips.       399.00 each (each)
                                             Description                                          Price Incl.       Unit       Notes
Tray Adhesive. Paint on.                                                                                99.00 30ml (30ml)
10014. Tray Adhesive Spray                                                                            139.00 200ml (200ml)
Tray Fix Adhesive                                                                                     175.00 each (each)
S438S.Classic Blu-Mousse Thixotropic Vinyl Polysiloxane. 2x50ml, tips                                 499.00 Box (bx)
S457S. Blu-Mousse® Superfast Thixotropic Vinyl Polysiloxane. 2x50ml, tips                             499.00 Box (bx)
S453S. Cinch-90 Split Cartridge. Hydrophilic VPS Material. 4x50ml, tips.                              499.00 Box (bx)
S464. Cinch-90 Split Cartridge. Hydrophilic VPS. To fit Pentamix gun. 1x380ml, tips.                  999.00 Box (bx)
S463S. Quick Cinch Heavy. Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material. Heavy Body, 90 Sec. 4x50ml, tips.. 499.00 Box (bx)
S461S. Quick Cinch Light. Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material. Light Body, 90 Sec. 4x50ml, tips       499.00 Box (bx)
                                     Laboratory Materials
Base Plate Wax. Pink. Tropical.                                                                         55.00 250g (250g)
EGEO Pink Wax Sheets.                                                                                 399.00 1 kg (1 kg)
Pink Utility Wax. Soft.                                                                               115.00 320g (320g)
Indellible Pencil, Faber Castell. Black/Blue                                                          199.00 12's (12's)
PVC Discs for Vacuum Forming Machine. Round.                                                            12.50 each (each)
Vacuum discs Spec.: 127mm*127mm..thickness- 1mm                                                         19.99 each (each)
Vacuum discs Spec.: 127mm*127mm thickness- 2mm                                                          34.95 each (each)
9651. ProOptions EVA Tray Sheets (25 pack)                                                            299.00 25's (25's)
                                Mixing Tips & Accesories
Compule Gun                                                                                             99.00 each (each)
S343, DS50. Split Cartridge Dispensing Gun for 50ml cartridge.                                        599.00 each (each)
Impression Gun. same as Imprint II, Mixpac, guns                                                      549.00 each (each)
S327. Mixing Gun for 10ml Split Cartridge.                                                            700.00 each (each)
CharmFlex Mixing Tips. Green . 20's.                                                                    99.00 20's (20's)
CharmFlex Mixing Tips. Yellow. 20's                                                                     99.00 20's (20's)
Oral Tip for Light. 12's                                                                                29.00 12's (12's)
Curved Utility/Impression Syringes                                                                    399.00 100's (100's)
Disposable Dental Impression Syringe                                                                    69.00 50's (50's)
830-20. Ti-Core Auto-E Intra Oral Tips                                                                249.00 20's (20's)
870-20. Flexi-Flow Intra Oral Tips                                                                    299.00 20's (20's)
Syringe for Hygenoplast-FLOW                                                                             9.99 each (each)
Brown Blunt Mixing Tip. (SEcure tip)                                                                  199.00 50's (50's)
VP-8111-X-LK. Blue Tapered Mixing Tip (Smartemp type)                                                 199.00 50's (50's)
Clear Blunt Mixing Tip                                                                                129.00 100's (100's)
1A6676. Mixing tips.                                                                                     0.00 20's (20's)
VP-8109-X-LK. Dynamix Mixing Tip, Red. (Impregum Type)                                                249.00 50's (50's)
1A6680. Intra Oral tips                                                                                  0.00 100's (100's)
S275. 2" Mixing Tip with Brown base for SEcure.                                                       249.00 30's (30's)
S344. 3" Mixing Tip with Blue base for Smartemp.                                                      249.00 30's (30's)
AL38101. Dynamic Mixing tips. Penta Compatible.                                                       395.00 50's (50's)
9600. ProOptions Caries Indicators (Red ) Kit                                                         299.00 Kit (Kit)
9650. ProOptions 1.2ml Delivery Syringes                                                              399.00 100's (100's)
9657. ProOptions 25pk Infusor Tips /19ga                                                              199.00 25's (25's)
ProOptions 25pk Uniflex Tips                                                                          399.00 25's (25's)
                                Mouthwashes and Rinses
Concentrated Liquid Mouth Rinse. Pegasus. Makes 1100 cups                                             199.00 90ml (90ml)
Mouthwash Tablets, Yellow. Lime/Mint/Orange/Spearmint                                                 175.00 1000's (1000's)
Mouthwash Tablets. Pegasus. Mint.                                                                     199.50 1000's (1000's)
80.PR039. Minamint Zinc Mouthwash. Makes 1100 cups.                                                   299.00 100ml (100ml)
                                     Pit & Fissure Sealants
Charmseal. Light Cure Pit & Fissure Sealant. 2x1.2ml, 1x3ml Etch, Tips                                299.00 each (each)
Medental Pit & Fissure Sealant Kit Light Cure. 3x2g Sealant, 3ml Etch, 8 Tips                         275.00 Kit (Kit)
                                              Description                                        Price Incl.        Unit                Notes
                                            Post Systems
Dental Posts. Gold Plated. 220pcs +2 Keys.                                                            599.00 Kit (Kit)
Dental Posts. St.Steel. 220pcs +2 Keys.                                                               449.00 Kit (Kit)
Dental Posts. Stainless Steel. 0L/0S/1L/2L/3L/1M                                                       49.00 10's (10's)
Dental Posts, Titanium Kit. 120pcs.                                                                   699.00 Kit (Kit)
SKRPYOP. Hi-Rem Polygon Post..Starter Kit.                                                            499.00 Kit (Kit)
RPYOP01. Hi-Rem Polygon Post #1/2/3                                                                   399.00 10's (10's)
PYD01. Overfibers Polygon Drill #1/2/3                                                                 89.00 each (each)
SKRPOP. Hi-Rem Prosthetic Post Starter Kit.                                                           499.00 Kit (Kit)
ROP101. Hi-Rem Prosthetic Post #1/2/3                                                                 369.00 10's (10's)
PD101. Overfibers Prosthetic Drill #1/2/3                                                              89.00 each (each)
                                                                                                   1,999.00 Kit Drills,
500-12. Accesspost Intro 012. 12 Passive Retreatable Posts, (4 Posts of 3 Sizes) 3 Primary Reamers,3 Secondary (Kit) 5 Gates Glidden Drills
570-0. Accesspost Retreatment Kit                                                                   1,499.00 Kit (Kit)
516-01. Accesspost Trial Kit. Size 1                                                                  299.00 Kit (Kit)
426-01. Flexi Flenge Trial Kit. Size 1                                                                899.00 Kit (Kit)
                                                                                                      1,999.00 Kit (Kit)
415-00. Flexi Flange Intro TI 012. 12 Titanium Serrated Posts With Flange (4 Posts of 3 Sizes), 3 Primary Reamers, 3 Countersink Drills, 1 Extender, 1 Wrench, 1 D
126-01. Flexi Post Trial Kit TI 1. Size 1                                                             999.00 Kit (Kit)
                                                                                                       1,999.00 Kit (Kit)
115-01. Flexi Post assorted Intro TI 123. 12 Titanium Serrated Posts (4 Posts of 3 Sizes), 3 Primary..Reamers, 3 Secondary Drills, 1 Extender, 2 Wrenches, 1..Gaug
4901. Densell Endo Glass Post Intro Kit 1 Drill+5 Glass Post-Size 1,1.3,1.5 mm                        499.00 Kit (Kit)
4902. Densell Endo Glass Post Refill, Size 1mm/1.3/1.5                                                 99.00 each (each)
6662. Densell Prophy Paste 90gr. Mint Tutti Fruti                                                      45.00 each (each)
6665-M. Prophy Paste. Mint. 200g                                                                       99.00 200g (200g)
Prophy Paste Mint. Pegasus. Coarse.                                                                   120.00 250g (250g)
Prophy Paste. Pegasus. Medium.                                                                        120.00 250g (250g)
Prophylaxis Powder. Mint. 40g pouch.                                                                   29.00 each (each)
Cleaning Powder for Air Prophy Unit, lemon and mint flavours. 130g                                     89.00 each (each)
                                         Reline Materials
1351. Dentuflex Seal. Varnish Sealer for acrylics. Self Cure. 5ml                                      99.00 each (each)
1353. Dentusoft Soft Denture Reliner for cushion. Self Cure. Clear. 40g + 40ml.                       199.00 Kit (Kit)
1355. Dentuflex durable Denture Reline Kit. Self Cure. 40g + 40ml.                                    225.00 Box (bx)
1357. Dentuflex One. Soft Denture Reliner/Dentusoft + Dentuflex in One                                399.00 Kit (Kit)
1358. Dentuflex Hard. Denture Reline. Self Cure. 40g + 40ml.                                          299.00 Kit (Kit)
S491S. MucoSoft™ Denture Reline Kit.50ml cartridge, 15ml Bonding Liner, 12ml glaze,tips.            1,499.00 Kit (Kit)
                                     Retraction Materials
6670. Densell Gingival Retractor Liquid 10ml                                                          499.00 each (each)
103. Atria Retraction Cord. Non Medicated. 0/00/000/12/3                                               99.00 254cm (254cm)
103AS. Atria Retraction Cord. Aluminium Sulphate. 0/00/000/1/2/3                                      120.00 254cm (254cm)
9543. ProOptions Knitted Retraction Cord (Size #0/00/1/2)                                              99.00 244cm (244cm)
9540. ProOptions Hemostatic Gel - 20% Ferric Sulfate Kit                                              399.00 Kit (Kit)
9541. ProOptions Clear Hemostatic Gel - 25% Aluminum Chloride Kit                                     249.00 Kit (Kit)
9539. ProOptions Hemostatic Solution - 15.5% Ferric Sulfate Kit                                       399.00 Kit (Kit)
                                            Rubber Dams
6548. Densell White Dam - Gingival Barrier - Light Cure - Syringe 1.2ml                                99.00 each (each)
5725. Densell Dental Dam. Natural rubber latex. 5" 127x127mm                                          199.00 52's (52's)
5726. Densell Dental Dam. Natural rubber latex. 6" 152x152mm.                                         199.00 36's (36's)
                        Temporary Crown & Bridge Materials
1361-62. Tempocril Provisional C&B Resin. 15g Powder. A2 /A3                                           75.00 each (each)
1362. Tempocril Provisional C&B Acrylic. 20ml Liquid.                                                  50.00 each (each)
S337. SmarTemp® Provisional C&B Material Low Flow A1/A2. 50ml split cartridge, tips.                  599.00 each (each)
S424. SNAP™ Intro Kit. 4 x40g Powders, 1 Liquid. A2,A3,D3,C2/D4,B3/B4                                 975.00 Kit (Kit)
S441. Snap Liquid. 4oz.                                                                               275.00 each (each)
                                             Description                 Price Incl.       Unit     Notes
S451. Snap Resin. 40gm.                                                      179.00 each (each)
Preformed Crowns Stainless Steel.48 sizes x 5 each                         4,999.00 240's (240's)
                                   Temporary Cements
Medental. Temporary Cement. 113g Powder,64ml Liquid.                         249.00 set (set)
1150. Densell Temporary Cement NE. 50g Kit                                   225.00 each (each)
ProOptions Temporary Cement ZOE Kit. 9567.                                   399.00 Kit (Kit)
9566. ProOptions Temporary Cement (Non-Eugenol) Kit                          399.00 Kit (Kit)
                              Temporary Filling Materials
CharmQuicks. Light Cure Temporary Filling Material. 3x3g Syringes.           225.00 each (each)
CharmQuicks. Light Cure Temporary Filling Material. 3x3g Syringes.BLUE       225.00 each (each)
1139. Densell Temporary Filling Material - Paste in bottle 28gr.               75.00 each (each)
1145. Easydent Tempocav Temp. Filling - Paste in bottle 30gr                   64.95 each (each)
Nucavfil. Temporary Filling Material. 38g.                                     75.00 each (each)
Medental. Cavity Varnish & Dentinal Tubuli Seal. 15ml.                         99.00 each (each)
1119. Densell Ionomer Varnish                                                  75.00 each (each)
                         Patient Education, Novelties and Gifts
Study Model and enlarged toothbrush set                                      345.00 each (each)
Study Model Clear. Adult. Visible roots.                                     899.00 each (each)
Study Model Clear. Child. Visible primary dentition.                         899.00 each (each)
Retainer Box, plastic.                                                       105.00 12's (12's)
Denture Bath, plastic.                                                       115.00 12's (12's)
Tooth Shaped Erasers                                                         139.00 80's (80's)
8081304. Classification Model for Periodontics                               399.00 each (each)
8070104. Small Rectangles.                                                     57.00 each (each)
ZYR-1002 Adult Pathologies Model Articulated.                              1,000.00 each (each)
ZYR-5001. Big Implant Model in Case                                        3,000.00 each (each)
ZYR-1021. Caries Demonstration Model                                         999.00 each (each)
ZYR-6010. Card Holder.                                                       300.00 each (each)
8090124. Crystal Pyramid                                                       75.00 each (each)
8080345. Cell Phone/Card Holder, dental                                        39.00 each (each)
ZYR-1020 Classified Paradontosis Model                                       900.00 each (each)
8070303. Denty Fridggy                                                         10.00 each (each)
8070301. Denty Kee                                                             10.00 each (each)
8080510. Door Mats, Week package one for each day.                           999.00 7's (7's)
8080502. Door Mat, Welcome                                                   199.00 each (each)
8081306. Demonstrating Model of Fissure Sealant                              199.00 each (each)
8070302. Denty Phonie                                                          10.00 each (each)
ZYR-7006. Tooth Shaped Fish Bowl                                             649.00 each (each)
ZYR-7004. Molar shaped Fish Bowl, Small.                                     250.00 each (each)
ZYR-1007. Implant Analysis Model                                           1,500.00 each (each)
ZYR-6014. Implant Model, Single in transparent stand                         449.00 each (each)
ZYR-1006. Implant Single Unit and Bridge                                   1,500.00 each (each)
Key Chain. Metal.                                                              19.95 each (each)
ZYR-3002. Tooth Shaped Key chain with LED Light.                               24.95 each (each)
Key Rings (Blumy) 8080347.                                                     12.95 each (each)
Key Rings (Greeny ). 8080346.                                                  12.95 each (each)
Key Rings (Yellowy). 8080348.                                                  12.95 each (each)
ZYR-6009. Laser crystal 3-D Impacted Tooth Horizontal with stand             299.00 each (each)
ZYR-6005. Laser crystal 3-D Impacted Tooth with rotating stand               299.00 each (each)
ZYR-6007. Laser crystal 3-D Molar with rotating stand                        299.00 each (each)
ZYR-6008. Laser crystal 3-D Orto Model with Stand                            299.00 each (each)
                                               Description         Price Incl.       Unit    Notes
    ZYR-6004. Laser crystal 3-D Molar with square stand                299.00 each (each)
    8050101. Lucky Six Laser Crystal Molar                             226.86 each (each)
    ZYR-1008. Mandible Comprehensive Pathologies Model               1,999.00 each (each)
    ZYR-7005. Molar Shaped Humidifier                                  599.00 each (each)
    ZYR-8001. 0.5m Plastic Molar Model.                                699.00 each (each)
    8080106. Molar Sandblast Paintin, Round                            226.86 each (each)
    8080404. "Open/Close" Cartoon Door Sign.                             99.00 each (each)
    Paper Clip Denty                                                      5.70 each (each)
    8090408F. Plastic Caries Progression Chart. Large in Frame         499.00 each (each)
    8070403F. Plastic Caries Progression Chart. Medium In Frame        199.00 each (each)
    8090408. Plastic Caries Progression Chart. Large.                  299.00 each (each)
    8070403. Plastic Caries Progression Chart. Medium.                 149.00 each (each)
    8081303. 4-D Periodontics Pathology Model                          399.00 each (each)
    ZYR-6012. Root Canal treatment analysis model                      599.00 each (each)
    ZYR-6016. Root Canal Model Large                                   599.00 each (each)
    Treatment Board, Framed.                                           199.00 each (each)
    8090616. Tooth Clock                                               499.00 each (each)
    8080713. Toothbrush Holder with suction caps. Ladybirds/bees         19.95 each (each)
    8080715. Tooth shaped Lamp.                                        399.00 each (each)
    ZYR 6015. 5 in1 3D Tooth Model                                     149.00 each (each)
    8090131. Table Name Card Stand                                     454.86 each (each)
    8081301B. Triple Root Molar Anatomy Model (Caries)                 399.00 each (each)
    ZYR-2001.Tooth Shaped Light Stand...                               399.00 each (each)
    Tooth Shaped Light, Neon Window Sign.                              399.00 each (each)
    ZYR-5005. Large Molar in Case with scaffolding and workers       3,999.00 each (each)
    CX86-2. Nozzle for 3-Way Triplex Syringe                             49.00 3's (3's)
    CX92. Round Foot Pedal with switch                                 449.00 each (each)
    Cx92-1. Round Foot Pedal.                                          395.00 each (each)
    Spares for Handpieces
    Turbine Cartridges for most popular handpieces
    PL345. Saliva Ejector Lever Valve                                  199.00 each (each)
    PL346. Universal Vacuum Valve                                      249.00 each (each)
    Spare Tubing for Handpiece , suction, foot control
    Spare Water Distiller Nozzles                                         0.00 each (each)
    Spare Water Distiller Filter Nozzles                                 49.00 each (each)
    Spares for compressors
    Spares for Suction Units
    Spares for dental chairs
    Spares for autoclaves
    Spares for scalers
    Spares for curing lights

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