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					                                                Veteran’s Day Flag Raising Ceremony
                New Berlin’s first Flag Raising Ceremony will be held Thursday, November 10 at 8:45
                a.m. in front of the flag pole. A Navel Honor Guard will be sharing the meaning of
                folding the flag and our 4th and 5th grade students will be singing. Please join us for
                this special ceremony.

                                                                           Do You Know Who is in the
    All Star Learning Night A                                                  Hallways at NBE?
           Huge Success
                                                                   When guests do not sign in the front office we do not
Thank you for supporting the “All Star Learning Night”.            know who is in our hallways during morning arrival.
The students had an opportunity to participate in a lot of         Please help us keep our students safe by signing in. All
exciting leaning activities. Activities included… making a         visitors are to report to the main office, sign in, and get
bookmark to help remember the Super Six Reading                    a visitor’s badge per DCPS policy.
Strategies, following the directions to build a Grand Slam
Cookie, the intermediate students made a salt volcano,             ID’s are required for checking out students or having
Maggie the Reading Dog and the Suns mascot South Paw               lunch. If a person is not listed on the information card
made a special appearance. To see a slide show of the              they will not be allowed to check out a student or have
evening, visit and click on         lunch with the child. To update your information card,
Champ.                                                             please stop by the office.

Special thanks to all the staff members who volunteered
their time to make this a special evening for the students                            Avoid a Ticket
at NBE.
                                                                       Police periodically patrol the parking lot for
                                                                     cars parked in the handicap parking places that
            Literacy Pumpkins                                         do not have permits. Please do not use these
The literacy pumpkins were awesome! Thanks to all the                 parking places for dropping off students or for
staff members whose class decorated a pumpkin. The
creativity was amazing! Students voted for their favorite               convenience parking. The ticket is $250.
pumpkin with a can of food. The cans collected will be
donated to needy families.

Congratulations to Mrs. Meide, Miss Page and Miss Harbison.
Their pumpkin based on the book Charlotte’s Web collected
                                                                    Mrs. Soles’ Second Grade Class is Learning
the most can foods. Their class will win a pizza party.                    to Compare and Contrast
                                                               Mrs. Soles second grade class has been learning how to
                                                               compare and contrast story characters. They recently read
                                                               the story, Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night. They all sat
                                                               in a circle on a blanket under the dark, night sky around a
                                                               crackling campfire, and ate s'mores. Mrs. Soles read the story
                                                               with a flashlight to create the mood. After reading the story,
                                                               the students compared the characters in the story. These
                                                               strategies are used to help the students with comprehension.

              All Aboard
          Polar Express Night
         Thursday, December 15

 Mark this special night on your calendar!
    This Year it will be Florida style!
                                                                              November Book of the Month
                                                                        America’s White Table by Margot Theis Raven
                                                                                          This story is about how three
    For updated information please visit our                                              children set a special white table in
                                                                                          memory of service members fallen
                school website                                                            or missing in action, and especially                                                    in honor of their Uncle John, a POW
                                                                                          in Vietnam.

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