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									                          ABOOBACKER MOHAMED ALI
                                   DOHA QATAR
                             Contact No: (+974) 6699031

                                CAREER OBJECTIVE

Seeking a good position in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM)/General
Management in a progressive organization, where my leadership and communication skills
will be maximized and where I can anticipate making progress in the type of fast moving
environment that I thrive in. I have excellent verbal and written communication skills,
sufficient managerial and PR skills. (Holding transferable visa No: 162010003400)

                         EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION

  Degree Programme
   South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
   Successfully Completed Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A), Specialization
   in Human Resource Management, the medium of instruction was English, and
   rewarded with the Second Class Lower Division. (February, 2005 - September, 2009).

  G.C.E (Advanced Level)
   2004 April: Index No- 6118291
   Accounting (A), Economic (A), Business Studies (B)

  G.C.E (Ordinary Level)
   2000 December: Index No-14662000
   MATHS-I (B), Commerce and Accounts (B), Arabic (B),
   Science-I (C), Islam (C), MATHS-II (C), Science-II (C), Social Studies& History (C),
   Tamil Language & litt (C), English (S)

                          PROFESIONAL QUALIFICATION

    Successfully completed Certificate in Microsoft Office Package & Internet and E-
     Periyaneelavanai, Kalmunai -(30th July 2005-30th November 2005)

    Successfully completed ICT Course in IDM COMPUTER INSTUITE at Kalmunai

    Successfully completed Certificate in English at SEUSL
                             WORKING EXPERIENCE

 Distributor Manager in Riflanka Marketing Nintavur at (Distributor of Co-Ca Cola
  Beverage Sri Lanka Limited. (November 2009 - Aril 2010)

   Major duties and responsibilities:
   Responsible for overall operation of the organization, which includes disbursements,
   day to day administration, general and personal administration including payroll
   related matters.

   Track and make payments for all utility bill and sundry expenses, ensuring minimum
   operating standard. Ensuring all documents are updated.

   Provide the on the job training for sales representatives, Periodically analyzing market
   condition, Control the market credit when increase, high level of customer relation
   and ensures compliance with organization policies and procedure.

 Management Trainee in Peoples Bank at Akkraipattu Branch (October 2008 –
  October 2009)

   As a Management Trainee gain practical training in serving account and current
   account department, which is reception and customer care service, saving account
   opening, cheque receive, daily float, daily report and western union money transfer.
   Pawning department, work which is article redemption and renewal (payment
   calculation), article advances, article release and article auction process. (According
   to the university Industrial training procedure for final year students)

 Team Leader in CPBR (NGO) at Nintavur
  (April 2005- August 2006)

   Major duties and responsibilities were co-ordinate and lead the team members.
   Monitor the implementation of the project, budget and result in time according to the
   project proposal. Report the progress issue and challenges of the assessment to the
   project steering committee on weekly basis. Conducting lively hood programs and
   development of individual business proposals, monitoring and evaluating group

 Administrative Assistant in Hameeda Hotel and Resort at Varipathanchanai
  (June 2004– April 2005)

   Major duties and responsibilities were the maintenance and up keeping of the hotel,
   ensuring minimum operating standard are met and all repairs / service / maintenance
   are done in a timely manner. Track and make payments for all utility bill and sundry

   Manage all hotel rooms reservations, ensuring all reservations are enrolled and
   monitored. Track all expenses incurred by staff members and follow up by collecting
   all fees regularly, thus reimbursing the finance division, and update the data
                                ADDITIONAL SKILLS

Computer Skills & Analytical skills

    Confident in the use of Microsoft Office Package, Internet, E-Mail and Windows
     Operating System.

    I have good Knowledge in Visual Basic 6.0, HTML, Adobe PageMaker, Java and
     Accounting package.

    (SPSS 10.0) Gain practical knowledge through the several researches.

Team Work and communication Skills.

    Working on a team project & group discussion during my course has involved
     different role, which has developed negotiation, participation and persuasion skills.I
     have done the following project.

       Individual Project
        1. Labour management relationship impact on employee performance (Special
           reference to Sri Lanka Telecom Kalmunai Branch)
        2. Labour management relationship of South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
        3. Human resource planning and staffing of Amana Bank.
        4. Performance appraisal of Ceylinco Life Insurance.
        5. Employee health and safety management of construction companies.

         Group Project
          1. Compensation management of Sri Lanka Telecom.

         Research Article
          1. Labour management relationship impact on employee performance - Special
             reference to Sri Lanka Telecom Kalmunai Branch. (Authors are Aboobacker
             Mohamed Ali & Sareena U.M.A Gafoor (Department of Management-
             SEUSL). Will be publish shortly by Journal of Management - SEUSL)

    Good communication skills gained from delivering presentation at class room, issuing
     clear and concise instruction to our colleges.

    Participated in the workshop on volunteer Training on Peace Building &

    Participated the workshop on Reproductive Health Education

Problem Solving Skills

    Development of strong analytic and diagnostic skills through skill builders, critical
     incident and case studies as part of degree course.

    Attending the workshop on social mobilization through psychological Healing.
Language Skills

    Able to read, write and speak in English and Tamil are fluently

                            INTEREST AND ACHIVEMENT

Social Service

      President of Nintavur Undergraduate Association (Sep2008 – Oct2009)
      Vice President of Millennium Sports Club

    Participated in several Group Events

                                PERSONAL INFORMATION

      Name with initials                   : A. Mohamed Ali
      Date of birth                        : 13th November, 1984
      Sex                                  : Male
      Nationality                          : Sri Lankan
      Religion                             : Islam
      Passport Number                      : N4053940
      Civil Status                         : Single
      Divisional Secretariat               : Nintavur
      District                             : Ampara
      Present Address                      : Doha Qatar
      Permanent Address                    : 319A/1, Muthu Road, Nintavur-05 (32340)
                                              Sri Lanka

                                NON RELATED REFEREES

Mr.KM. Mubarak (Msc)                              Mrs. Sareena U.M.A Gafoor
Director of IRQUE, Lecture in HRM                 B.B.A (Hons) (Jaffna), Msc Mgt (USJP)
Department of Management                          Senior Lecturer,
Faculty of Management & Commerce,                 Department of Management,
South Eastern University of Sri Lanka             Faculty of Management & Commerce,
Office: (+94) 0672255063 or 0672255064            South Eastern University of Sri Lanka,
Mobile: (+94) 077 3131074                         Office: (+94) 0672255063or0672255064
E-mail:                       Mobile: (+94) 077 8890595

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