Hostess Coaching by nuhman10


									                                   Hostess Coaching

I. MUST discover what she wants to receive for hostessing a class
      A. Get personally excited about a hostess incentive so that when you offer it you
      are emotional and SHE “buys in”. (I romance the fact that she can have up to
      $100 in FREE product of her choice! $100 BUCKS!)

II. MUST impress on her that your number goal is to help her get what she
wants as her hostess incentive and to make hostessing no work for her
      A. “My number one priority is to make sure that you have a successful class and
      can have the _______. That’s my goal. And the only thing I need from you is a
      good guest list. We need to invite at least 15 people in order to get 5 guests to
      your class. It’s no different than a baby shower or a Super Bowl Party – not
      everyone invited will be able to come. So if we start with a list of at least 15
      people, I can pretty guarantee that we will have 5 in attendance. If we can start
      with more than 15 people, that would be even better. And I don’t want this to be
      a hassle for you or any work at all. So, if you can give me a guest list with
      names, addresses, and phone numbers, that’s all you need to do. Then you
      simply show up and have a good time with your friends. I will handle everything
      else. I’ll mail out adorable invitations, but they will appear to be from you, since
      they don’t know who I am yet. So you don’t have to take your time to get
      invitations addressed and mailed. Once I mail them, I’ll need to speak to each
      person for two reasons: 1) to find out who is and isn’t coming so I can be
      organized and prepared prior to their arrival, and 2) to discuss their skin type,
      complexion needs, and color choices so it can be a really great time for them and
      to save a lot of time at the class. Time is a precious commodity for everyone. In
      fact, let me ask you those questions about your needs and preferences right
      now.” (pre-profile her)

III.She WILL get you the guest list because you’ve helped her
understand the two reasons:
      A. Make the class easy for her
      B. Save everyone valuable time at the class

IV.   Get guest list as soon as possible
      A. “You know your situation a whole lot better than I do. Would you like to
      grab your address book and put your guest list together with me right now,
      or do you need an hour or two or even 24 hours? Which ever you prefer is
      perfectly fine with me.” (If she wants an hour or two or 24 hours, schedule
      an appointment to call her to get it.) Remind her that she will earn $20
      towards the $100 she can earn by getting this list to you on the date agree-

V. MUST make appointments with yourself to do the pre-profiling – a
conscious plan – or it won’t get done.
      A. Schedule on your D.O.W. a day and time to address and complete
      invitations for the next several appointments

      B. Clip a thin spiral notebook in the back of your D.O.W. 3-ring binder
      notebook, and have a sheet for each hostess, with the hostess’s name &
      phone, and the list of her guests’ names, phone numbers, addresses

      C. Keep blank Profiles in the inside back pocket of your D.O.W. binder
      D. Schedule times on your D.O.W. to make quick pre-profiling calls through
      out your day

VI.   Get guests excited about the class
      A. After filling out the Profile card, say “One last thing: I‟m putting together
      really fun goodie bags and I need to know what color cosmetics are your
      favorite colors. When you DO wear color cosmetics, what colors do you
      most enjoy?”
      B. Place into fun, pretty little bags with a fluffy bow: color card, sponge
      tips, Q-tips, cotton balls, small individually wrapped candies, hand cream
      sample or spa lotion sample, and (if color class) mascara wand
           1. Make up a sample and have someone ELSE put 30 – 40 together for you.

VII. Work guest list full-circle
      A. The women you call will fall into one of three categories:
           1. excited and going to attend

           2. exited and unable to attend

           3. not excited and not planning to attend

      B. If she is in category #1, you know what to do – preprofile her
      C. If she is in category #2, say, “I‟m sorry you aren‟t able to attend her
      class. Let‟s set up another time that will work for you. And we can do this
      one of two ways. If you want to do this with some of your friends we can
do it at your home or mine and you might have more fun with friends. In
fact, I‟m currently offering my hostesses __________________ for sharing
their free makeover pampering session with five or more friends. Or, if you
don‟t want to hostess your friends, I do individuals on _________ at ______
time or ____________ at ______ time. You know your situation a whole lot
better than I do. Would you prefer to win ___________ or have your
makeover pampering session without your friends? Which ever you prefer
is perfectly fine with me.”
D. If she is in category #3, say, “Thank you for being straight forward and
up front with me. What I would like to do for you is just pop our latest
catalog in the mail for you, and if you see something you would like, just
give me a call. And if you don‟t, that‟s O.K. You can give it someone else
or just throw it away. But you may want to look it over because there‟s all
kinds of great things in there. And, thanks a million, and have a great day.
Just look for that catalog in the mail – it‟s call the „Look‟ book.”

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