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									TEAM FREE RACING                                    News Letter Mar/Apr 2011
                                                           Volume XV
Yellow 2006 Corvette Z06 / “Vette”
Owner/Driver – Terry Free

Figure 1Here is what the car looks like today!!

Time just keeps flying by. Cannot believe that it has been two months since the last
Newsletter but it sure has. It is only four months until we head for the National
Championships at Mid-Ohio.

Since the last letter we have been busy not only with racing but with a couple of other
excursions. To start with we had our opening NASA Southern Region races at AutoClub
Speedway in Fontana. We were hoping for a track record as on Friday’s practice day we
were getting very close. Missed it by a couple of tenths but we only had Saturday to
make the try as during the race on Saturday we were spun out going into turn three (the
turn going into the infield from the Oval track) the very first lap.

The car spun to the right and I ended up directly across the track with many cars having
to make quick adjustments to miss hitting me in the passengers door (T-Bone). One car
could not get completely turned to the left and he hit me very hard on the passenger rear
tire and wheel and slid off into the rear quarter and rear bumper.

The crew did a great job of analyzing the damage and with spare parts that we carry in
the inventory and lots of duct tape we did get back on the track but the car was just not
the same the rest of the week-end.
We did manage to get two firsts in race (I was given a first in the Saturday race even
though I did not compete one lap as the spin out was 100% the other driver’s fault and I
was the only car in my class) and a first in TT on Saturday but only a third in TT on

On Monday Omar began tearing the car apart to get it fixed up as we were heading to
Infineon in two weeks. The more he took apart the more he found to be bent, broken or
cracked so we made the necessary changes to make the car safe for Infineon but knowing
that we were going to be tearing it all apart after that for a complete fix of everything plus
this was when we had planned to make some other changes to the drive train as we would
have two months until our next races.

We went to Infineon even with the threat of rain as this was a crossover week end for TC.
Half of his points races are Northern California and the other half are Southern
California. We arrived in Sonoma on Friday the 18th and it was raining pretty hard. We
unloaded the cars and got all our tools etc. unloaded into the garages and got set up for
the week end.

They were having a practice day on Friday being put on by the track. At about 2P.M.
The rain had slowed down so I decided to go out with rain tires and test it out. Got as far
as the first turn going onto the track (turn 2) and I spun the car. Speed was very slow less
than 30MPH and I knew that this was going to be an interesting week end if the rains
continued. As it turned out that was the only spin encountered during the week end even
though the rain got much worse for Saturday and continued for Sunday.

TC won his three races and I won both of mine but it was running in a survival mode the
whole week end. The first warm-up session on Saturday was stopped as five cars were in
the walls in various places. We finished some warm up with a pace car at very slow
speeds. Qualifying was interesting to say the least but we both managed some decent
times. The race began in a down pour and was next to impossible to get around the track
without at least one or more spin outs and crashes. Both of us finished without incident
but TC was soaked from riding in his open cockpit car.

We learned a lot on Saturday and with some changes I managed to take almost 20
seconds off my lap times Sunday. The Sunday race pace lap was run without rain and the
track was drying a little. Would you believe that right as we were entering the front
straight for the green flag there was another down pour and it continued for the whole

All I can say is that we learned a lot about set up for rain so if we should run across it at
Nationals we will be ready to make the necessary changes on our cars and our driving to
be competitive.

To top the week end off when we got to ButtonWillow on our way home Sunday evening
we learned that the Grapevine was snowed in and closed so we had to spend the night

there. Would you believe 15 inches of snow!!!! It was re-opened around 10A.M.
Monday morning and we were able to continue on to Orange County. It was a beautiful
sight with the fresh white snow covering the trees and ground.

Some of the crew was flying back and flights were delayed or cancelled due to the bad
weather. Carlos and his son had to spend the night at the airport and ended up with a
Monday morning flight home.

Both the #33 and the #548 cars are now qualified for the National Championships and
will be entered accordingly. TC has not decided if he will do both Race and TT while I
will be signing up for the ST1 and STR1 races as well as running TTU. Will be a busy
week as usual at Nationals.

For taking a third place at the Pole Position Go Kart Daytona 500 races the crew was
given tickets to the NASCAR Nationwide series race at AutoClub Speedway the 26th of
March. Several of us and a couple of our friends attended it. Believe it or not we froze in
our team winter jackets but enjoyed the day. Ended the day with a nice warm dinner and
more discussions about Nationals.

For a couple of years TC has been attempting to get Cynthia and me to join him and
Balinda on a cruise with a lot of Corvette owners. They usually went in late August and
I refused to go as it was too close to Nationals and I wanted to be here in case the car
needed some last minute adjustments. This year they scheduled it for early April and
even though this was at the end of Tax Season for me we decided to go with them. It was
an eight day cruise on the Carnival ship the Miracle. We flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida
on Friday evening April 1 and arrived in Fort Lauderdale early Saturday morning.

Laura drove down from her “temporary” Florida residence to visit with us and we really
enjoyed seeing and spending a few hours with her. We had a late lunch and she had to
start back towards Orlando. She is always such a joy to be around. She makes us older
folks feel young. Laura sure is missed in California and especially at the tracks.

On Sunday we drove down to the Florida Keys (Don’t waste your time if you should go
visiting in Florida).

Mac and Cathy arrived Sunday P.M. to also join us on the cruise. We boarded the ship
Monday and headed for our first island stop in the Caribbean, St Maartens then on to St
Lucia and St Kitts. We all had a great time. Went to shows, ate, Karaoke, ate, miniature
golf, ate, island adventures, ate, Corvette car show, ate, corvette drag races, ate, Zipping,
ate, train ride, ate etc & etc. Do you get the picture? Food is very good and available 24
hrs a day. Our midnight pizza and frozen yogurt got to be a habit or a necessity in order
to get through the night.

Figure 2This does not look like the racing people we have all been reading about?? This pic must
have been at the beginning of the cruise!!

Figure 3They allowed us on the streets without an escort! Now this looks more like the Team Free

Figure 4The Goper pose was everywhere!! Big eyes, big smile and thumbs up!!

Figure 5Another Goper look...... TC On the exciting Train Ride?? Yes, he is asleep!!

Figure 6Is this man attempting to make an escape through the Jungle or just "Freakin Zipping"?

Figure 7OK. Which ones are the monkeys and which are the crew?? I had a hard time also!!

Last week end TC’s #33 was in a Factory Five Car Display held at the entrance to the
Huntington Beach Pier. There were more than fifty cars but the new paint job on the #33
stood out above all the cars there. Car looks great TC!!!

This week end we are heading for Laguna Seca where I will be back-up driver and on the
crew for TC’s number 33. My car is too loud for this track as they have a decibel limit of
92. We are lucky to get my car down to 99 decibels even with the mufflers we got for

Our next race is the week end of May 14 & 15 at Thunderhill which is located in
Northern California. If you recall we crewed for Karen Salvagio at the 25Hr of
Thunderhill back in December of last year. I am looking forward to being on the track
with our car for the first time.

The week end after that (May 21 & 22) we will be at Willow Springs Raceway in
Rosamond, CA. We hold the track record with the #548 so we look forward to see how
the changes made to the car will work out.

The newsletter would not be complete without a little about how “Goper” is doing. He is
a bit down right now as he wants to race. We (I believe it was TC) have named his girl
friend “GG” (Goper’s Girl”). They still seem to be getting along quite well.

Before going on the cruise I was sitting in the living room when two half grown rabbits
came up to the door and were eyeing Goper and GG through the glass windows on the
French door. They made a friendship which I was glad to see as I have told him that his
gopher friends had to go. Too much digging up the yard.

Goper received a gift of an RC corvette race car that looks exactly like the real #548. He
is practicing and getting pretty good at driving it but he is still really anxious to get into
the real car. Thanks Mac and Cathy for thinking of Goper with such a neat gift. Note the
car number…… 548 ½!!!

Figure 8"Now I have it all....... A race car to ride in, a girl friend to ____ __ and my very own replica
car to practice with”. What else could a goper want??

 They did some partying while we were gone on the cruise but cleaned up fairly well
after. However, I was not real thrilled when we got home and found them both lying in
my bed. I did not want to but they both were put on extended “Time Out”!!! In separate
rooms no less. Thanks Omar…. You were supposed to keep an eye on them while we
were gone??

Current Crew Members:
  Goper and GG – The only true “Gophers” (Go for this and Go for that)
  TC Mcnett – Driver/ Electrical Specialist
  Alec Johnston – Crew Member/ Suspension Specialist
  Carlos Mejia – Crew Member/ Engine and Body Maintenance
  Cynthia Dora – Crew Member/Apparel/”PBJ & BLT” Specialist
  Dave McNett-Crew Chief for the #33 & Crew Member of #548
  Balinda McNett – Crew Member/ Food & Drink
  Laura Alexon – Crew Member/All Aspects A-Z
  Omar Villaola – Chief Mechanic
  Bruce Wells – Crew Member
  Mac Johnson – Multi-Media/ Photographer
  Cathy Johnson – Crew Member
  James Perkins – Crew Member
  Patty Mejia – Newest Addition to the crew.

Patty Mejia (the “better half” of Carlos) was with us at a couple events last year and this
year. She will be at Thunderhill and Willow and will be working with Cynthia and
Balinda in the food preparation area. She is already making plans for the trip to
Nationals. We welcome her to the group of Team Free Racing and TC Motorsports.

The sponsors are each doing what they can to help out and we want to give a special
thanks to APR Performance for all they do for us. The wreck at AutoClub Speedway
destroyed the new diffuser and they just gave us another. They are in the process of
making us a new wing that can be mounted to the frame rather than the back lid. Again
we ask all of you to look at our sponsor page on the Web Site and if you need any
product or service that they offer please give them a call and mention Team Free Racing
to them.

   Pole Position Raceway / P2R
   APR Performance
   Selman Chevrolet
   Manley Performance Products Inc
   Church Automotive Testing
   Hoosier Racing Tires
   Performance Technology
   American Race Day
   America’s Tire / Chino
   Drs Gantes & Smith Implants & Perio
   Orange County Office Supplies
   Vision Motorsports
   Porterfield Brakes
   Mike’s Sign World
   Odyssey Batteries
   Rubins Hair
   Pink Panther Cleaners

See you at the Track,

Team Free Racing, TC Motorsports
“The Goper” (& GG)
Terry Free – Owner/Driver
 “The Crew”, The #548 “Vette” & The #33 Factory Five


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