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									                                                                             MATERIALS ON
                                                                  INVENTORS AND INVENTIONS
                                                                             EMC -- 225-4783

 011.62 Be             Best Books for Children: Preschool through Grade 6.

 016.809 Ad            Literature Connections to World History, K-6: Resources to Enhance and Entice.

 025.5 Bl              Resource-Based Learning Activities: Information Literacy for High School

 025.5 Th              Fostering Information Literacy: Connecting National Standards, Goals 2000, and
                       the SCANS Report.

 028.7 To              Sharks, Ships and Potato Chips: Curriculum Integrated Library Instruction.

 305.409 Ce            Celebrating Women's History: A Women's History Month Resource Book.

 370.15 Fl             TalentEd: Strategies for Developing the Talent In Every Learner.

 371.3 Ma              The Teacher's Book of Lists.

 372.623 LI            Storytelling Games: Creative Activities for Language, Communication, and

 372.83 Fr             Thematic Units: An Integrated Approach to Teaching Science and Social Studies.

 372.89 Pe             Understanding American History through Children's Literature: Instructional Units
                       and Activities for Grades K-8.

 373.2 In              Integrated Studies in the Middle Grades: Dancing through Walls.

 507 Fr                Science Adventures with Children's Literature: A Thematic Approach.

 508 Ba                Science through Multiple Intelligences: Patterns That Inspire Inquiry.

 600 Ma                The Way Things Work.

 607 Fl                Inventing, Inventions, and Inventors: A Teaching Resource Book.

 607 Ma                Inventors Workshop.

 608 Ca                Steven Caney’s Invention Book.

 608 Eg                Inventors and Inventions: Creative Cross-Curricular Activities, Fascinating
                       Background Information, Problem-Solving Investigations for All Students.

Inventor.doc 5/10/11
 608 He                Fire of Genius: Inventors of the Past Century.

 SPANISH               Las Cremalleras Tienen Dientes: Y Otras Preguntas Sobre Inventos.
 608 Ta

 608 Wo                World of Invention.

 608.7 Co              The Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

 SPANISH               Los Inventos.
 609 Be

 609 Ben               Eyewitness Invention.

 SPANISH               Descubrimientos e Inventos.
 609 Cu

 SPANISH               Inventos que Conmovieron al Mundo.
 609 Cu

 609 Dr                The Inventor’s Times: Real-Life Stories of 30 Amazing Creations.

 609 Go                The Best of Rube Goldberg.

 609 Ha                Everyday Life: Inventions with Cross-Curricular Activities in each Chapter.

 SPANISH               Inventos y Descubrimientos.
 609 In

 SPANISH               Inventos y Descubrimientos Mas Famosos.
 609 In

 609 Sm                The Smithsonian Book of Invention.

 PA 605 Wil            Made in China: Ideas and Inventions from Ancient China.

 609.04 Va             Inventing the Twentieth Century: 100 Inventions that Shaped the World; Form the
                       Airplane to the Zipper.

 620 Fu                Inventions: The Patented Words of R. Buckmister Fuller.

 620.009 And           Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself.

 BB 620.1 Dr           The Paper Skyscraper: The Technology of Materials. (Big Book)

 628.1 Ei              Constructions for Children: Projects in Design Technology.

 SPANISH               Maquinas e Inventos. (Enciclopedia ilustrada de ciencia y naturaleza)
 621.8 Ma

Inventor.doc 5/10/11
 670 CD                CD's, Super Glue, and Salsa: How Everyday Products Are Made.

 670 CD                CD’s Super Glue, and Salsa: How Everyday Products Are Made. Series 2.

 759.5 Le              Leonardo da Vinci for Kids -- His Life and Ideas: 21 Activities.

 780 Act               Activate!: Music, Movement & More. Vol. 2 No. 1.

 909 Pa                Calendar of Creative Man.

 909.82 On             Wasn’t the Future Wonderful?: A View of Trends and Technology From the 1930’s.

 SPANISH               El Domador de la Electricidad: Thomas Alva Edison.
 92 Edi

 92 Edi                Thomas Edison for Kids: His Life and Ideas: 21 Activities.

 SPANISH               El Inventor del Porvenir: James Clerk Maxwell.
 92 Max

 92 Wri                The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Aerial Age.

 SPANISH               20 Inventores.
 920 Di

 920 He                First Flight: the Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Airplane.

 920 Me                Come This Far to Freedom: A History of African Americans.

 931 Be                Science in Ancient China.

 940.2 Wi              Picture the Renaissance.

 970.004 Ke            Encyclopedia of American Indian Contributions to the World: 15,000 Years of
                       Inventions and Innovations.

 973 Fa                History Mysteries: Research-Based Mysteries for Super Sleuths to Solve,
                       Grade 4-6.

 973 Ki                Breaking Away From the Textbook: A New Approach to Teaching
                       American History.

 973 Sa                American History Writing Prompts.

 973 Te                Teaching American History with the Internet: Grades K-6.

 973.049 Ad            Glory Days: 365 Inspired Moments in African-American History.

 SPANISH               Leonardo y el Aprendiz Volado: Un Cuento Sobre Leonardo Da Vinci.

Inventor.doc 5/10/11
 SPANISH               Dos Años con Leonardo.

                                                    GOLD FILE
 GF Afr                African American Inventors.

 E 1805 Row 7 Shelf 16          George Washington Carver.

 E 1520 Row 7 Shelf 4           Bust of Benjamin Franklin

                                               FINE ART PRINT
 FAP Leonardo 7            Scythed Car and Covered Armored Car.

                                        FILMS, VIDEOS AND DVDS
      NUMBER                                        TITLE                            LEVEL     TIME
 MP 3778-8             Inventors and the American Industrial Revolution.         I-M-S       15 Min.

 MP 4116 VHS           Thomas Edison: Lightning Slinger.                         I-M-S       51 Min.

 MP 5038 VHS           American inventors: The Fabulous Story of How Inventors   M-S         45 Min.
                       Changed the Way We Live.

 MP 5046 VHS           Minority Inventors of Science and Engineering.            S           13 Min.

 MP 5725 VHS           Alistair's Time Machine. (Reading Rainbow)                P-I         28 Min.

 MP 6222 VHS           The Industrial Revolution.                                M-S         19 Min.

 MP 6531 VHS           Inventors and Inventions.                                 I-M-S       25 Min.

 MP 6860 VHS           Inventions/Computers. (Bill Nye)                          I-M         47 Min.

 MP 7020 VHS           Edison's Miracle of Light.                                M-S         60 Min.

 MP 7055 VHS           Chewing Gum. (Here's How)                                 P           10 Min.

 MP 7056 VHS           Elevators. (Here's How)                                   P           10 Min.

 MP 7057 VHS           Light bulbs. (Here's How)                                 P           10 Min.

 MP 7058 VHS           Peanuts. (Here's How)                                     P           10 Min.

 MP 7059 VHS           Printing a Newspaper. (Here's How)                        P           10 Min.

 MP 7060 VHS           Radio and Television. (Here's How)                        P           10 Min.

Inventor.doc 5/10/11
 MP 7061 VHS           Soap. (Here's How)                                       P       10 Min.

 MP 7156 VHS           Understanding -- Television.                             M-S     51 Min.

 MP 7191 VHS           Executive Secretary/Inventor -- Entrepreneur.            I-M-S   17 Min.

 MP 7506 VHS           Invention: Leonardo's Legacy.                            M-S     103 Min.

 MP 7937 VHS           Ideas and Inventions. (FOSS)                             PRO     30 Min.

 MP 7939 VHS           Marie Curie: More Than Meets the Eye.                    I-M-S   54 Min.

 MP 7949 VHS           She’s Got It!: Women Inventors and Their Inspirations.   I-M-S   29 Min.

 SPANISH               Alexander Graham Bell.                                   I-M     30 Min.
 MP 7981 VHS

 SPANISH               Marie Curie.                                             I-M     30 Min.
 MP 7984 VHS

 SPANISH               Thomas Edison.                                           I-M     30 Min.
 MP 7986 VHS

 SPANISH               Benjamin Franklin.                                       I-M     30 Min.
 MP 7987 VHS

 SPANISH               Galileo.                                                 I-M     30 Min.
 MP 7988 VHS

 SPANISH               Louis Pasteur.                                           I-M     30 Min.
 MP 7994 VHS

 SPANISH               Wright Brothers.                                         I-M     30 Min.
 MP 7999 VHS

 MP 8147 VHS           Benjamin Franklin.                                       I-M-S   23 Min.

 MP 8243 VHS           Thomas Edison.                                           I-M-S   23 Min.

 MP 8248 VHS           Alexander Graham Bell.                                   I-M-S   23 Min.

 MP 8264 VHS           Henry Ford.                                              I-M-S   23 Min.

 MP 8265 VHS           Louis Pasteur.                                           I-M-S   23 Min.

 MP 8266 VHS           Wright Brothers.                                         I-M-S   23 Min.

 MP 8377 VHS           George Washington Carver.                                I-M     23 min.

Inventor.doc 5/10/11
 MP 8420 VHS           James Watt.                                        I-M-S   23 Min.

 MP 8421 VHS           Eli Whitney.                                       I-M     23 Min.

 MP 8426 VHS           Great Black Innovators.                            I-M-S   32 Min.

 MP 8521 VHS           Renaissance Science & Invention.                   M-S     23 Min.

 MP 9096 DVD           Neo Leo: The Ageless Ideas of Leonardo de Vinci.   P-I     14 Min.

Inventor.doc 5/10/11

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