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Name                   Isabel da Costa Vieira Ruivo
Address                5/3 Waverley Crescent BONDI JUNCTION 2022 NSW
Telephone              (02) 9515 9514 (w) Mobile: 0403 760 976
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D.O.B.                 12 April 1959
Place of Birth         Lisbon, Portugal
Nationality            Luso-Australian by birth / Austro-Afro-Brazilian by choice
Arrival in Australia   1988


2003                 English Pronunciation for Overseas-Born Professionals -
University of Sydney Continuing Education Program

2002                   TESOL-Teaching English as a Second Language Exam
                       CELTA Course with the ACE - Australian College of English -
Bondi Junction
                    Advanced Course for Court Interpreters sponsored by the Attorney
General Department of NSW and the CRC

2001                   Revision of Undergraduate Subjects: Descriptive Geometry, Urban
                       Updating of esoteric studies with Builders of the Adytum, Nae
Nae, New Zealand
                       Gathering material for a PhD in Esoteric Sciences since 1998

2000                 Aviation Theory: aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology
                     Landmark Education Forum and Advanced Course
                     Cambridge Proficiency in English-Brazilian Portuguese
Translation Exam (A grade)
                     Private Voice and Music Lessons

1999                   University of New South Wales:
                       Cambridge Proficiency in English Course and Exam (A grade)
                       ArchiCAD for Designers
                       Private Voice Lessons

1998              Appointed as a Justice of the Peace by the Attorney General
Department of NSW
                  Private Voice and Music Lessons at the Sisters of Charity Music
                  Julian Ashton School of Arts - Study of Life Drawing and

1997              Private Voice Lessons at the Sisters of Charity Music Centre
                  Study of Voice Positioning - Australian Conservatorium of Music
                  Self-taught: Jewish Studies based on a Sydney University Course
                  (prepared by Dr. Crown and Rabbi Apple)

1996              Sydney Conservatorium of Music - Musicianship Level 4
                  Private Voice Lessons at the Sisters of Charity Music Centre
                  Alliance Française de Sydney - Advanced language skills
                  Spanish Club - Intermediary/Advanced Spanish Classes

1995              Master of Project Management - University of Technology,
Sydney (year 3)
                  Alliance Française de Sydney - Advanced Course in French
                  Advanced Physiology Course - The Musculo-Skeletal System

1994              Master of Project Management - University of Technology,
Sydney (year 2)
                  Applied Psychology - Sydney Hospital

1993              Master of Project Management - University of Technology,
Sydney (year 1)
                  Advanced Physiology Course - The Heart

1992              N.A.A.T.I. (National Australian Accreditation for Translators and
                  Level 3 Translator Exam English-Portuguese
                  N.A.A.T.I. level 3 Interpreter Exam English-Portuguese
                  Mental Health Course for Translators & Interpreters - Sydney
                  Course in Medical Terminology for Translators & Interpreters -
Sydney Hospital
                  Course and Exam in Conferencing (Conference Interpreting

1991              Ethnic Affairs Commission Course for Interpreters in Legal
                  Basic Orientation and Interpreting Skills Course for Health Care
1990               Introduction to Macintosh Computers (MS Word, Excel,
MacDraw, MacProject)


1989                Musicianship Grade 3 - Sydney Conservatorium of Music

1988                Arrival in Australia, Sydney

1987                CAD-CAM, Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology,
                    Cambridge First Certificate in English - British Council in Lisbon
                    Certificate in French - 5th level, Alliance Française de Lisbonne

1984               Post-Graduate Diploma in Town Planning, University of
Technology, Lisbon

1983                5 year full-time Licentiature in Architecture, Faculty of
                    University of Technology, Lisbon

1981                Driver's Licence


2000-2002           Professional Interpreter/Translator NAATI level 3

                    Technical Freelance Translator of Portuguese, Spanish and French
into English,
                    and English into Portuguese for the following companies:

                    Wilcom Pty Ltd. (USA and Australia) - Software and User
                    Coudert Brothers (Sydney) - Legal documentation
                    On-Call and Lochard (Australia) - Documentation
                    ATL and Novartis (Brazil) - Biological and Quality Control
                    ATL and COOK Australia - Medical Equipment (cardiac catheters,
                    Airport of Lisbon - Contracts
                    All Australian Information Brazil - Several Documents
                    All-language and Department of Immigration - Immigration Forms
                    Mancelle de Traduction (Lyon, France) - Commercial Exportation
                       Sydney College of English - Brochures
                       University of NSW - Department of Languages - Brochures
                       Mayerling Beauty Products - Consumer Information
                       All-language and Community Justice Centres - Brochures
                       Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games 2000 - Several brochures
for several Sports

                       Timor - Transition Government - Several finance documents
                       Madeira Club in Sydney - Annual Financial Statements, Meeting
Agendas and
                    MERCK (France)- MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY - Safety
Performance Standards
                    IOSCO Conference in Darling Harbour - Stock Market / Emerging
                    EFIC - Balance Sheets

1997-1999              Professional Interpreter/Translator NAATI level 3

                       Renovation of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison in Rose Bay - Sydney,
                       Renovation of Mr. and Mrs. Chen's residence in Darling Point -
Sydney, Australia
                       Design and D.A. for the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Jacobetti in Rio
de Janeiro, Brazil
                       Conference on Marketing & Public Relations - Regent Hotel for:
                       (Avon) for On-Call Conference Interpreters Mr. Hulus Hulusi -
Tel. 9264 0411

1992- 2002             Professional Interpreter/Translator NAATI level 3:

                       Permanent full-time Interpreter/Translator for the Health Care
Interpreting Service
                           Mrs. Maria Stephanou, Managers Tel. 9515 9514
                       Translator/Interpreter for Associated Translators & Linguists -
Former Galiungi
                           Mr. Maurice Aliprandi, Manager - Tel. 9231 3288
                       Translator of booklets for the NSW Department of Health
                           Mrs. Terry Chesher, Manager - 9391 9000
                       Court Interpreter/Translator for the Ethnic Affairs Commission of
                            Mrs. Rhonda Wheatley - Tel. 9716 2223
                       Bilingual Community Consultant - Department of The Prime
Minister & Cabinet
                          Ms. Emanuela D'Urso - Tel. 9251 5719
                     Interpreter/Translator for the Department of Immigration, in
Portuguese and French
                          Mrs. Patricia Cruise - Tel. 9258 4555
                     Translator/Interpreter for Language Professionals
                          Mr. Edward Watson - Tel. 9299 1500
                     Translator/Interpreter for Multi Lingual Translation Centre
                          Ms. Lynnette Reynolds - 9328 7334
                     Translator/Interpreter for the Portuguese Consulate in Sydney
                          Consul General - 9326 1844

                       Participation in Practical Studies of Project Management:

                       Project Process and Scope, Time, Cost and Quality applied to film
                       Detailed report on Human Resources Management, Work
Breakdown Structure,
                       Hierarchical Chart of Responsibilities and Total Quality Control.
(UTS) .
                       Commissioning of a piece of technology. (Presented: July

1991-1992              Part-time Para-Professional Interpreter/Translator:

                       Health Care Interpreting Service
                       Department of Social Security - Migrant Services Unit
                            Mrs. Mariana Haralamboupoulos, Tel. 9227 8089
                       Associated Translators & Linguists Pty. Ltd.
                       Multilingual Translations Centre Pty. Ltd.
                       Department of Immigration, T.I.S. and Australian Federal Police
                       Portuguese Consulate in Sydney
                       State Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal/France-
                           Mr. Flip van der Westhuizen - Tel. 9290 5400
                       Conference Interpreting Services and Department of Trade
                       Conference on Portuguese Cork Import/Export (Ipocork)
                       Conference on Portuguese Wine Import/Export (Mateus Rosé)
                           Ms. Claudia Steiner - Tel. 9262 2277

                       Participation in a variety of projects:
                       Detailed professional reports on Management of the Australian
                            Mobile Exhibition, including: Concept, Design &
Development, Execution,
                            Finishing and Handover.
                            Management of small projects within this project and relating
                             Operations Management, Technical Management,
                             Management of Internal and External Consultants

                  Writing of periodical reports to the Board of Directors
                       U.T.S. - Mr. Ted Tooher, Master of Project Management -
Tel. 9247 7270

1990-1991         Participation in several projects of architecture:

                  Tourism Resort for Port Vila, Vanuatu - Design Development
                  Additions and alterations to three residences in Sydney
                  Defense Housing Authority - Development Application
                        Network Architecture - 78 Harris Street, Pyrmont NSW

1988-1990         Participation in several projects of architecture:

                  Government House Site, Competition - 2nd Prize
                  Social Security Offices in Canberra, Competition - 2nd Prize
                  Houses for aged people, Peakhurst - Development Application
                  Additions and alterations in several buildings
                         Jackson, Teece, Chesterman and Willis Consultants,
                         Mr. David Chesterman, Tel. 9290 2722

1986-1987         Participation in several projects of architecture:

                  Chief Architect of Nazaré City Council, Department of Urban
                         Responsible for approval of all requests for additions and
alterations in
                         trust classified areas.
                         Responsible for a team of 7 people: 2 clerical, 2 draftsmen,
1 architect,
                         1 engineer and 1 social worker.
                  (Nazaré is a village of fishermen classified under the European

                  Visual Arts and Technical Drafting teacher for Years 7 and 8, 11
and 12
                  Town Planner Trainee for the City Council of Lisbon
                  Free-lance architect for several architectural projects in Lisbon:
Social Housing.

1989-1993      Golf Course presentation drawings for Greg Norman Design
                      International Management Group of America in Sydney
               Teacher of Portuguese at Sydney Inlingua School of Languages
               Teacher of Portuguese at Sydney Community College
               French and Spanish Language Aid for the Department of
               and Social Security


               Ballet, Opera, Classical, Brazilian, Portuguese, French and African
               Satsang / Hatha Yoga, Vipassana Meditation
               Political/Philosophical/Religious Judeo-Christian esoteric studies


               Mrs. Maria Stephanou, Manager
                Health Care Interpreting Service
                Tel. 9515 9514

               Mr. Maurice Aliprandi, Manager and Owner
                Associated Translators & Linguists
                Tel. 9231 3288

               Mr. David Chesterman, Manager and Partner
                Jackson, Teece, Chesterman & Willis
                Tel. 9290 2722

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