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Crocker Coulson, President
CCG Elite – New York and Los Angeles
1 (310) 477-9800

Nancy Chen, Executive Director
CCG Elite – Hong Kong
(852) 3183-0299

 CCG Elite to Provide Strategic Investor Relations Counsel to
  Asian Companies Seeking Access to US Capital Markets
      Joint Venture between CCG Investor Relations and Elite Communications
        Group Ltd. meets needs of dual-listed and U.S. listed Asian companies

Hong Kong and Los Angeles, CA – March 8, 2006 – CCG Investor Relations, a leading
investor relations and strategic communications firm, and Elite Communications Group
Ltd., a leading financial public relations agency in Hong Kong, today announced the
formation of a new joint venture, CCG Elite, which offer best-of-breed investors relations
counsel to the growing number of Asian companies that are seeking to access the US
capital markets, through either direct U.S. listings or ADRs.

CCG Investor Relations is one of the leading independent IR firms in the United States,
with a client roster of over 45 NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies and several Asia-
based clients. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, CCG is known for the depth of
its relationships with U.S. institutional investors and investment banks, including those
funds that are most active investing in the Asia Pacific region. Elite Communications
Group is a fast growing financial public relations agency headquartered in Hong Kong
and representing over 35 public clients. Both firms are distinguished by the strategic
approach taken to designing investor relations campaigns and the strong finance and
capital markets backgrounds of their staff.

"Asia is the fastest growing region in the global economy and China has now become the
fourth largest economy in the world, creating enormous opportunities for both public and
private equity investors. This has resulted in over 150 companies in the Greater China
region that are now listed on the U.S. stock markets, a roster that is growing rapidly,"
said Crocker Coulson, President of CCG Investor Relations. "CCG Elite is uniquely
positioned to provide Asian companies with an outsourced, high level investor relations
solution that combines in-depth understanding of Asia’s corporate culture and economic
scene and a direct pipeline into the leading funds and broker-dealers in the U.S. CCG
Elite is a partner for those companies that want to access U.S. secondary market liquidity,
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align their disclosure practices with global best practices, and build strong corporate
brands with the media and investors.”

CCG Elite will be able to provide Asian issuers with a unique breadth of services on a
cost effective basis, including:
     Access to high level counseling including former investment bankers, sell-side
        analysts, securities lawyers, auditors and public company principals on all issues
        related to investor relations, disclosure and corporate finance.
     Established relationships with thousands of funds across North America, Asia and
        Europe and a uniquely targeted approach to road shows and investor meetings
        based on affinity.
     Relationships with all the tier-one financial media, including CNBC, Wall Street
        Journal, Barron’s, Financial Times and others.
     Management of quarterly disclosure process including releases, conference calls,
        corporate profiles, and investor presentations.
     Staffed with native Mandarin and Cantonese speakers in Hong Kong, Los
        Angeles and New York offices, assuring excellent client communications.

 “The joint venture between Elite Group and CCG Investor Relations will establish an
unprecedented professional degree of investor relations throughout Asia. We looked at
many groups before finding the right partner that shared our strategic view towards IR as
a key factor in driving shareholder value and facilitating corporate growth,” said Nancy
Chen, executive director of Elite Communications Group. “With CCG Elite we will offer
our combined expertise to enhance the current IR practices of companies in the region
and enable them to enhance the liquidity, institutional sponsorship and the valuation of
their equity in the U.S. markets.”

About Elite Communications Group Ltd.
Elite Communications Group is a Hong Kong-based agency that has many years of experience in
providing full-scope of value-added financial public relations and investor relations services to 35
regional and international clients, including CITIC 21CN, Haier Electronics, Panva Gas Holdings
Limited, Sinolink Worldwide, Andre Juice, Asia Deckor, Serono and Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.

About CCG Investor Relations
CCG is one of the country's leading investor relations agencies. It specializes in managing
investor relations for more than 40 publicly traded companies worldwide, including TRW,
Quality Systems, Accuride Corp., SI International, Lite-On Corp. and City Telecom Ltd. The full-
service investor relations agency has corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, with offices in New
York City, Irvine, CA and Hong Kong. For further information, contact CCG directly, or visit the
Company's Web site at


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