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									                               LOCAL SERVICES BOARD OF NOLALU
                                     Regular Meeting Minutes
                                         February 22, 2011
                                             7:30 PM
                                     Nolalu Community Centre

Board Members: Larry Bockus, Bill Hickman, Sharon Low (Chair)
Secretary/Treasurer: Karen Caren
NCC: Susan Backstrom, Caroline DaSilva
NEST: Camille Turcotte, Loraine Turcotte
Visitor: Linda Braun

1.      Call to Order and Review of Agenda

The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:33 PM. The agenda was adopted as presented.

2.      Conflict of Interest

No conflicts of interest were declared.

3.      Approval of Minutes – January 25, 2011

Moved by Larry Bockus, seconded by Bill Hickman,

THAT the minutes of January 25, 2011 as circulated, be accepted.

4.      Financial Reports – January 2011

Moved by Bill Hickman, seconded by Larry Bockus,

THAT the LSB expenditures of $3,269.17 for administration, $1,729.92 for recreation services and
$3,195.83 for fire protection services for a total of $8,194.92 for the month of January 2011
be accepted; and

THAT the reserve account, petty cash and bank account transactions and balances for January 2011, as per
the attached statement, have been reviewed and are hereby approved.

It was noted that there are not enough funds in the bank account to cover the cheques that need to be
written in February. Without objection, the Secretary/Treasurer’s offer to withhold the cashing of her
honourarium cheque until the pre-2009 arrears levy was deposited by the province at the end of February
2011, was accepted.

It was noted that the levy of $71,610 is scheduled to be deposited into the bank account at the end of

Nolalu LSB minutes
February 22, 2011                                                                 Page 1 of 3
5.      Training Session on LSB Guide for Inhabitants and Board Members:
               – Linda Braun, Northern Development Advisor, MNDMF

Linda Braun presented an overview of the newly published LSB Guide for Inhabitants and Board
Members. This guide was developed to assist in understanding the respective roles and responsibilities of
Board members and inhabitants pursuant to the requirements of the Northern Services Boards Act and
related ministry policies. The LSB Guide also offers suggestions on procedures to assist Boards in
conducting its affairs in an open, transparent and accountable manner.

Linda indicated that the most up-to-date guide will always be available on the Ministry’s website, so to
ensure to always reference the on-line version prior to making a decision based on the content of the guide.
The Ministry is undertaking to inform LSBs when any amendments are made to the guide or the Northern
Services Boards Act.

She also reviewed the LSB Complaint Resolution Policy. This policy was developed to assist inhabitants
and Board members to address and resolve conflicts or complaints that relate to the operations and
activities of the Board and compliance with the Northern Services Boards Act.

6.      Updates:

        6.1      NCC

Caroline DaSilva informed the members that the Poker Run held in January was the most successful one to
date – profiting about $3500. The Board is busy with the Fish Derby coming up in March. Some issues
with the new insurance provider and policy are being resolved. Contact North is in the process of
reviewing the applications for the Coordinator position.

With respect to the LSB’s request for NCC to install a second telephone line to be used during an
emergency, Caroline indicated that the cost for the installation is $93 plus tax, and $40 per month for the
line. For each time the line is needed to be hooked up, there is a $93 charge. However, TBaytel only
operates Monday to Friday, and not on weekends or holidays, so if the phone line were needed to be
hooked up after operating hours, it could not be done. Caroline undertook to inquire about putting a
second phone number on the existing phone line.

        6.2      NEST

Camille Turcotte indicated that as always, training is ongoing. The team is currently looking for a newer
tanker chassis. There is a conflict with NEST’s training nights and the LSB meeting both being held on a
Tuesday, which makes it difficult for the some of the officers to attend the LSB meeting. Cam undertook
to bring this issue to the next executive meeting for discussion.

7.      Correspondence:

        7.1          Revenue Canada Agency – EI/CPP Ruling on Honourarium

Sharon read a letter received from the Revenue Canada Agency respecting the outcome of a review of the
honourarium paid to the Secretary/Treasurer. Revenue Canada has ruled that the tenure of the
Secretary/Treasurer meets the requirement of being a pensionable income under the Canada Pension Act.
Therefore, CPP must be paid on the Secretary/Treasurer’s honourarium by the LSB as well as a matching
contribution by the Secretary/Treasurer. The ruling went back to April 1, 2008, and Revenue Canada has
Nolalu LSB minutes
February 22, 2011                                                                  Page 2 of 3
billed the LSB for both portions of the CPP that was due for 2008 and 2009, as well as a small interest
amount. The Secretary/Treasurer will pay her portion of the CPP for that time period, including the
amount for 2010 and January 2011, which will be deducted off of the February and March honourarium
payment. The members accepted this payment arrangement without objection. Also, a T4 needs to be
issued by the LSB to the Secretary/Treasurer at year end. A T4 was prepared for 2010, with the CPP
payment for 2010 being included with the T4 Summary to be sent to Revenue Canada prior to February 28,
2011. On a go forward basis, $11.30 will be deducted each month from the Secretary/Treasurer’s
honourarium, with the LSB matching that amount, for a total payment of $22.60 to be submitted to
Revenue Canada on a monthly basis. It was noted that the annual total CPP expense for the LSB is
$135.63, at the current CPP rate.

8.      Old Business:

        8.1      Junior Fire Cadet Program

Sharon had drafted a letter requesting a Junior Fire Cadet program. This item was deferred to the March
2011 meeting pending input on the content of the letter from the Fire Chief and the Executive President.
Also, Karen is to investigate the name and addresses of the Ministries and other organizations to send the
letter to once approved.

        8.2      Sale of Crown Lots

It was the consensus of the members to defer this item to the next meeting.

        8.3      Severance of Real Property

It was the consensus of the members to defer this item to the next meeting.

        8.4      TBDSSAB Draft Housing Strategy

Sharon had read the Draft Housing Strategy undertaken by the Thunder Bay District Social Services
Administration Board. She provided a brief overview of the report, which sets out the current housing
situation in Thunder Bay, and the issues surrounding it. From the current situation, TBDSSAB will be
looking to develop a strategy to address the issues that were raised.

9.      New Business:

No new business.

10.     Adjournment of Meeting

The next meeting is March 22, 2011 at 7:30 PM.

Moved by Bill Hickman,

THAT there being no further business and the time being 9:00 PM, the meeting be adjourned.

Chair_______________________________                Secretary/Treasurer________________________
Nolalu LSB minutes
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