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									                                                           Winter 2010

                                    1   CEO
                                        on asset

    Rare plants
5                 10 Drilling for         11 Significant
    of the           oil on the              investments
    limestone        province’s              power
    barrons          west coast              communities
                                                                                                                                                        Winter 2010

    Contents                                                                             Core Values
1 CEO on                                                                                 A proud, diverse energy company, whose people are
  Asset Management                                                                       committed to building a bright future for
                                                                                         Newfoundland and Labrador, unified by our core values.

2 Safety                                                                                 Accountability
                                                                                         Holding ourselves responsible for our actions and performance

5 Environment                                                                            Open Communication
                                                                                         Fostering an environment where information moves freely in a timely manner

8 Business Excellence                                                                    Safety
                                                                                         Relentless commitment to protecting ourselves, our colleagues and our community

13 People                                                                                Honesty and Trust
                                                                                         Being sincere in everything we say and do

18 Community                                                                             Teamwork
                                                                                         Sharing our ideas in an open and supportive manner to achieve excellence

20 Highlights                                                                            Leadership
                                                                                         Empowering individuals to help, guide and inspire others

                                                                                         Respect and Dignity
                                                                                         Appreciating the individuality of others by our words and actions

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                                                                           Winter 2010
                                                                                         It’s published by Corporate Communication & Shareholder Relations semi-annually.
                                                    1   CEO
                                                        on asset

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                                                                                         Front Cover
                                                                                         Nalcor Energy is an asset intensive company with almost $2 billion in assets. Nalcor’s
                    Rare plants
                                  10 Drilling for         11 Significant
                                                                                         asset management plan considers the holistic, cradle-to-grave, lifecycle view on how
                    of the           oil on the              investments
                    limestone        province’s              power
                    barrons          west coast              communities
                                                                                         we manage our assets. In this photo, Ingemar Dean, Jonathan Rose, Cecil Dyke and
                                                                                         James Hoskins work on power lines, which are a critical element of Nalcor’s assets.

2   Outlet                                                                                                                                                       N A LC O R E N E R GY
                                                                          CEO on Asset Management

                                                                                             and best practices as well as providing
                                                                                             consistency across all areas of the
                                                                                             company. If you move anywhere within
                                                                                             Nalcor Energy, the fundamental processes
                                                                                             of asset management should be no
                                                                                             different. This allows us to leverage
                                                                                             available knowledge and skills across all
                                                                                             business units, especially in highly
                                                                                             specialized technical areas.

                                                                                             We also have significantly aging assets in
                                                                                             our electricity business in particular. Our
                                                                                             asset management processes are critical
                                                                                             to continue to provide safe and reliable
Ed Martin                                                                                    power from our base businesses. Another
President and CEO, Nalcor Energy                                                             factor we considered is our aging
                                                                                             workforce. We have a high percentage of
Q. What do you mean by asset                   Q. Why is asset management so                 retirements coming over the next five to
management?                                    important to Nalcor Energy?                   ten years. These employees have built our
A. When we first started this process, one     A. Nalcor Energy is an asset intensive        business, grown with it over the years and
of the first steps we took was developing      company with almost $2 billion in assets.     have vast knowledge of our assets. We
a common definition for asset                  Managing these assets properly is critical.   have to document this knowledge to a
management. Our definition is “asset           We need to know the condition of our          standard process.
management is the comprehensive                key assets and how they are performing
management of asset requirements,              to ensure continued reliability or drive      Q. What does asset management look
planning, procurement, operations,             maintenance or replacement. We want           like if we’re doing it well?
maintenance, and evaluation in terms of        our key stakeholders to understand and        A. Our vision is to have a standardized
life extension or rehabilitation,              have confidence in the quality and            asset management system with all
replacement or retirement to achieve           integrity of our asset management             elements of the plan seamlessly
maximum value for the stakeholders             approach. This will allow them to support     integrated across every Nalcor Energy
based on the required standard of              or approve the investments required to        company with everyone understanding
service to current and future                  meet service and customer expectations.       the standards of service expected from
generations.”                                  We also want to ensure that critical assets   our assets.
                                               don’t fail unexpectedly and are
Generally, asset management is the             maintained, renewed and replaced as           Q. How does asset management fit
holistic, cradle-to-grave, lifecycle view on   appropriate and critical parts are always     relative to safety?
how we manage our assets. It covers all        available when needed.                        A. Safety is our license to operate. No
the steps and standards from acquiring                                                       matter what we do, safety will continue to
the asset to its eventual retirement or        Q. Aren’t we already doing asset              be our number one focus. It’s important
replacement. The process also includes         management?                                   to understand that safety and asset
the five key elements of the asset             A. By virtue of our operational success to    management are closely related and one
management framework: long-term                date, we definitely have been doing asset     supports the other. For example, our
asset planning; short-term planning;           management. We have some excellent            commitment to safety can drive the
work execution; operations; and support        practices in place that we’re building on.    choice of what asset we purchase, it can
services.                                      Our asset management plan is                  impact when and how we complete work
                                               documenting a comprehensive approach          on an asset; and safe operating standards

N A LC O R E N E R GY                                                                                                         Outlet       1
    CEO on Asset Management / Safety

    will always drive how we operate an                   like. We are achieving consistency across           understanding exactly what they have to
    asset.                                                the board through the use of a common,              deliver, we can stand back because
                                                          company-wide framework; consistent                  they’re going to do a great job.
    I also understand that our drive to be a safety       organizational structures; and common
    leader requires a lot of energy and attention         titling of all key positions. We are also           Q. Is there anything else you’d like to
    from everyone. I truly believe our safety             providing a clear definition and                    add regarding asset management?
    journey will be helped by asset management            understanding of asset management                   A. Nalcor Energy is a great organization
    - if I didn’t believe this, I wouldn’t be leading     accountabilities between operations,                and this process is improving our
    asset management now.                                 corporate asset management functions                business and setting us on the path to
                                                          and engineering services. As well, we are           world-class asset management. We’ve
    Q. How do recent organizational                       providing clarity between the five key              done a lot of work over the past year
    changes impact asset management?                      elements of long-term planning; short-              designing and implementing this plan.
    A. We’ve taken our existing organization              term planning scheduling; work                      We know what to do, and we’re making
    and made some adjustments to reflect                  execution; operations; and support                  that happen and I think that’s going to
    what asset management excellence looks                services. Once we have good people                  bode extremely well for us.

    Inspiring safety through art

          or the third year, relatives of                 Advisor, Corporate Communication and
          Nalcor Energy employees and                     Shareholder Relations, Nalcor Energy.
          retirees responded to the call for              “Safety is clearly important to our
    submissions to the 2010 Safety Calendar               employees’ children.”
    art contest. The contest was open to
    children, grandchildren, nieces,                      The 60 submissions represented a wide
    nephews and siblings of employees                     range of situations where safety must be              Safety Calendar 2010
    and retirees of Nalcor Energy between                 a priority from emergency preparedness
    the ages of 5-15.                                     to water and boating safety.                        committee. “Our goal is to keep our
                                                                                                              employees safe and to drive home the
    “It’s impressive to see the safety topics             Sarah Churchill, Safety Analyst, Safety             message of ‘Think Safety First’,” said
    that the children have explored through               and Health Department, Newfoundland                 Churchill. “To see that the children and
    their artwork,” said Sandy Woolfrey-                  and Labrador Hydro, a Nalcor Energy                 grandchildren of our employees are
    Fahey, Employee Communications                        company was on the selection                        sharing such important safety messages,
        Month                Theme                 Child’s Name - Age       Employee’s (R) Name
                                                                                                              demonstrates that our employees are
       January       Emergency preparedness         Emily Bennett - 8            Gilbert Bennett              bringing the message home.”
       February             Ice safety              Karley Slade - 13             Jeffrey Slade
        March             Falls at home              Melanie Ball - 5                Dale Ball                Selecting just 12 entries for the calendar
         April           Electrical safety         Melissa Drachler - 8   Martin and Christine Drachler
                                                                                David Hodder (R)              was a challenge, but after evaluating all
         May              Campfire safety            Heidi Jackson - 11           James Hoskins                the entries 12 submissions were
         June          Safety in the woods          Jenna Walsh - 7               Karen Walsh                 selected, to appear in the 2010 Safety
          July            Boating safety           Caitlyn Crosbie - 12           Scott Crosbie               Calendar. To receive a calendar, contact
        August              Bike safety             Jillian Collier - 6          Murray Collier               sandywoolfrey@nalcorenergy.com.
      September         School bus safety          Brady Hoskins - 10            James Hoskins
                                                                                                              Please take an opportunity to review the
       October          Halloween safety            Kali Morgan - 12            Loretta Morgan
                                                                                                              safety messages in the calendar as well
      November        Working safely at home        Liam Roberts - 5            William Stuckless
      December          Christmas safety          Chelsea Newman - 12           Gerry Newman                  as the personal safety tips for seniors
                                                                                                Retiree (R)   inside the back cover.

2     Outlet                                                                                                                           N A LC O R E N E R GY

Holyrood receives national safety award

       afety is the number one priority
       for Nalcor Energy employees, and
       dedication to this priority is
clearly demonstrated at the Holyrood
Generating Station. This plant, operated
by Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro,
a Nalcor Energy company, is a critical
generating asset in the province. In
August, employees in Holyrood were
awarded the Eastern Canadian
Boilermaker’s Award in the owner
category for the Safe Workplace
Observation Program (SWOP).

“Employees at Holyrood are committed
to safety and Nalcor’s journey to
achieving world-class safety results,”
said Ron LeDrew, Emergency Response
Coordinator. “The strong safety culture    Terry LeDrew accepts the Eastern Canadian Boilermaker’s Award for safety.
and care for each other’s well being is    L-R Jason McInnis, Boilermaker National Director Health and Safety; Ed Power,
evident throughout the plant. SWOP is      International VP - Eastern Canada; Terry Ledrew, Plant Manager, Holyrood;
an important element of our safety         and Kent Oliver, International Representative and Director of Eastern
program for our employees and              Canadian Tripartite.
                                           work without a lost-time incident – a       ten years.” The award was selected by
SWOP is a corporate safety initiative,     significant accomplishment.”                participants at the conference via
which encourages reporting and fixing                                                  ballot.
safety-related observations to make the    Terry LeDrew, Manager of the Holyrood
workplace safer and prevent major          plant, attended the sixth annual            The Tripartite goal is to better align
incidents. The program has led to          Boilermaker Eastern Canadian Tripartite     owners, contractors and boilermakers
dramatically increased reporting and       Conference in Collingwood, Ontario          such that all parties are working
facilitated essential safety dialogue at   where he presented to the group on          together and share a common
every level of the company. At Nalcor,     SWOP and Holyrood’s participation in        objective of delivering top-quality
the belief is that reporting an unsafe     the program. He also acknowledged           work, on budget and on schedule with
condition or behavior demonstrates         the support and nomination by Alstom        world-class safety and environmental
concern for co-workers’ well being, as     Power, a primary contractor of              performance. Terry LeDrew worked
well as an individual’s own safety.        boilermakers at the plant. “They did so     with the Boilermaker’s union
                                           to acknowledge the support and efforts      throughout the year as a member of
Ed Martin, President and CEO of Nalcor     that we as a plant owner are                their safety committee with other
Energy, offered his congratulations to     implementing in the workplace to            owners, contractors and union
the employees at the plant. “They          address safety concerns,” said LeDrew.      representatives whom are focused on
exemplify the importance and value of      “This means a lot to us as Alstom is the    improving overall safety performance in
safety in our company,” he said. “The      primary contractor who employs              the industry.
plant has over one million hours of        boilermakers at our site and has for over

N A LC O R E N E R GY                                                                                                Outlet      3

    Evolving safety at Nalcor Energy
                                                                                                Superintendent, Energy Control Centre
                                                                                                with Hydro. The clarity around roles and
                                                                                                responsibilities supports Nalcor’s Internal
                                                                                                Responsibility System. Additional
                                                                                                enhancements include: an improved
                                                                                                verification process; greater consistency
                                                                                                between work protection types; a test
                                                                                                tag to highlight testing is in progress;
                                                                                                and multiple certification levels.

                                                                                                “Moving to one code means language
                                                                                                consistency at all levels and improves
                                                                                                communication and coordination,” said
                                                                                                Butler. “It also contributes to a common
                                                                                                approach to worker safety and facilitates
    An employee locks and tags a system to improve safety for the employees under               a flexible organizational structure.” The
    his responsibility.                                                                         new code is also CSA Z460 compliant
                                                                                                and is focused on continual

           afety within any company is a           consistent approach across the company,      improvement.
           series of systems, processes,           both codes have been consolidated. In
           practices and people. At Nalcor         2008, the new WPC was piloted at Hydro’s     The new code will be implemented
    Energy, the company approaches safety          Holyrood Generating Station, and was         within Hydro by January 2010 and all
    in a consistent and progressive manner         received with good results and positive      employees who have some connection
    taking each element and ensuring               feedback from employees.                     with the code will be trained. This
    excellence in that area. This past year, the                                                includes approximately 400 Hydro
    company focused on a number of areas           Bern Conway, a planner at Holyrood was       employees by the end of 2009. The
    but one in particular, the Work Protection     the lead in implementing the new code.       Churchill Falls implementation and
    Code (WPC), was given a full court press       “Employees recognize that                    training will take place by the second
    to ensure a consistent and common              implementing the new code in Holyrood        quarter of 2010. Implementation in other
    approach in all Nalcor Energy companies.       elevated safety to the next level,” said     Nalcor Energy companies will follow as
                                                   Conway. “The benefits of an improved,        appropriate. Refresher training is also
    The code helps create a consistently safe      consistent code will assist in moving this   planned on a regular basis to ensure
    work environment that eliminates or            company along its safety journey.”           employees remain current on the code
    controls hazards. In 2009, the code was                                                     and new employees receive training and
    updated and enhanced from the former           Like the existing code, the new one          are also well-versed on this important
    subsidiary-focused codes to a broader          strives to create an isolated and de-        safety element.
    based model that can be practically            energized work area under a complex
    applied across all Nalcor Energy               group lockout system. However in             The next step after all companies have
    companies.                                     comparison to the existing code, “the        adopted the code is the implementation
                                                   new code offers many advantages              of application software corporate-wide to
    Until now there were two separate and          including: improved and more thorough        make all forms electronic further
    distinct codes: one for Newfoundland and       documentation; a better process for          strengthening compliance with the Work
    Labrador Hydro, a Nalcor Energy company,       managing temporary de-energization;          Protection Code and enabling continued
    and another for Nalcor’s operations in         and clarity around roles and                 safe practices at Nalcor Energy.
    Churchill Falls. In a quest to create a        responsibilities,” explained Bob Butler,

4     Outlet                                                                                                             N A LC O R E N E R GY

Rare plants of the limestone barrens
                                                 assess all lines on the GNP for the             Ex situ collections are used for
                                                 presence of rare plants.                        experimentation and for reintroduction
                                                                                                 trials at suitable sites. They are invaluable
                                                 “Since 2007, nearly all poles, travel routes    as a failsafe in the event the natural
                                                 and distribution line structures                populations become extinct in the wild
                                                 associated with exposed limestone have          and for public education about these
                                                 been assessed for species at risk,” said        species.
                                                 Wayne Lidster, Hydro’s Environmental
                                                 Coordinator with Environmental                  “With the help of Hydro, MUN Botanical
                                                 Services. “Any work on a structure where        Garden has housed examples of each
The limestone barrens are home to                rare plants have been identified must be        collection in our alpine house and are
three endemic plants; species that are           well planned in advance of completing           creating interpretive storyboards in the
found nowhere else on earth. These               the work.”                                      Visitor Centre,” said Boland. “Several
plants are Long’s braya (Braya longii),                                                          plants of barrens willow are also growing
Fernald’s braya (B. fernaldii) and               Hydro is extending its commitment to            in our newly constructed crevice garden.
pictured here, the barrens willow                protecting species of the limestone             This feature is also home to other native
(Salix jejuna).                                  barrens through its partnership with            limestone barren species, providing a
(photo courtesy of MUN Botanical Garden)         Memorial University of Newfoundland             wonderful opportunity for visitors to see
                                                 (MUN) Botanical Garden, by providing            a piece of our natural legacy.”

          n the limestone barrens of the         financial support and guidance to their
          Great Northern Peninsula (GNP),        efforts to develop a recovery plan for          This article was co-authored by Todd
          Arctic-alpine plants flourish          these species. Recovery plans are an            Boland, Research Horticulturist, Memorial
producing mounded jewels in a                    important part of Provincial and                University of Newfoundland Botanical
kaleidoscope of colours. The coastal             Federal legislation for the protection          Garden.
limestone barrens, which extend from the         and preservation of rare plant species,
Table Point Ecological Reserve near              and MUN Botanical Garden has taken a
Belburns to Burnt Cape Ecological                lead role in developing a plan
Reserve near Raleigh comprise just two           specifically for rare plants on the
per cent of the island of Newfoundland,          limestone barrens.
and yet are a hotspot for biodiversity
within the province – no less than 22            “Supporting a recovery plan provides a
provincially-rare plants grow here.              meaningful opportunity for Hydro to
                                                 interact with stakeholders,” said Ricketts.
 “Protection of these rare plant species while   “It also allows us to better understand
operating and maintaining transmission           their concerns and activities associated
and distribution lines on the GNP is             with rare plants on the Great Northern
important to Newfoundland and Labrador           Peninsula.”
Hydro as part of our legal, social and
environmental responsibilities,” said Frank      Todd Boland is a Research Horticulturist
Rickets, Manager of Environmental Services       with MUN Botanical Garden. He explains
with Hydro’s parent company Nalcor Energy.       that while conservation of the rare plant
                                                 species in their native habitat is a top
Hydro first engaged in rare plant surveys        priority, Botanical Garden, with the
on distribution lines in this area in 2000.      support of Hydro, has been involved in
By 2006, a program was established to            off-site (or ex situ) conservation.            (image courtesy of MUN Botanical Garden)

N A LC O R E N E R GY                                                                                                               Outlet       5

    takeCHARGE celebrates its first birthday
                                                 Starts Here! This program provides            of the Energy Savers Rebate Programs in
                                                 Newfoundlanders and Labradorians with         June. “Energy Savers rebates reflect our
                                                 rebates, information and tools to assist      continued commitment to electricity
                                                 them in using energy wisely and               consumers to help them save energy,
                                                 encourages people to takeCHARGE and           save money and help the environment,”
                                                 take action in their homes and businesses     said Simone Kielley, Hydro’s Energy
                                                 to reduce their energy usage.                 Efficiency Manager. “These new rebate
                                                                                               programs provide customers with money
                                                 Over the past year takeCHARGE launched        back when they make wise energy
                                                 a new website, ran contests, launched the     choices in their homes when it comes to
                                                 Energy Savers Rebate Programs and             insulation, thermostats and ENERGY
                                                 developed “how-to” videos to show             STAR® windows.”

              n November 13, 2009,               electricity consumers how to save energy
              takeCHARGE turned one. In          and money.                                    Celebrate takeCHARGE’s first birthday by
              2008, Newfoundland and                                                           learning what you can do at home and
    Labrador Hydro and Newfoundland              It’s been a busy and exciting year for        work to save energy. Visit takechargenl.ca
    Power launched the partnership and           takeCHARGE. The most significant              today!
    brand, takeCHARGE – Saving Energy            initiative over the past year is the launch

    Meet the team behind takeCHARGE
                                                                                               reporting of the industrial program. He
                                                                                               works with Hydro’s industrial customers
                                                                                               and engineering firms on the delivery of
                                                                                               the program.

                                                                                               Elaine Cole, Energy Efficiency Advisor
                                                                                               Community outreach, education and
                                                                                               awareness is Elaine’s focus. Working to
                                                                                               inform customers and employees on
                                                                                               energy efficiency programs and

    Dawn Dunn, Energy Efficiency                 coordination for all the takeCHARGE           Wade Lucas, Energy Efficiency Analyst
    Coordinator                                  initiatives. She maintains partner            On the technical side, Wade conducts
    Dawn coordinates logistics, maintains the    relations, supports regulatory                energy modelling, market research and
    information management system for all        reporting and helps connect the               assists with training and
    of the takeCHARGE programs and               external takeCHARGE initiatives to the        communications materials.
    initiatives and supports the team overall.   internal company efficiency efforts.
                                                                                               Barry Brophy, Energy Efficiency Advisor
    Simone Kielley, Energy Efficiency            Brad Coady, Industrial Energy                 Barry coordinates and helps implement
    Manager                                      Efficiency Engineer                           strategies to improve the company’s
    As the team lead, Simone provides            Brad is the lead for the design,              internal efficiency efforts.
    strategic direction and the                  implementation, evaluation and

6     Outlet                                                                                                            N A LC O R E N E R GY

Energy conservation becoming a way of life

Hydro’s Energy Efficiency Pilot Project in Port Hope Simpson and Hopedale provided residents and business owners
hands-on advice and energy efficiency tools to help them reduce energy consumption.

       itting around a kitchen table to talk   Manager. “Through a hands-on approach       improvements in energy efficiency
       about energy efficiency may not         we provided customers with the              and also helped increase the level of
       be how you spend your afternoon,        information and technology to reduce        energy conservation knowledge within
but over 320 home and 27 business              their energy usage which can help them      the communities. Participation in both
owners in coastal Labrador recently did        save money.”                                communities was overwhelming with
just that.                                                                                 more than 80 per cent of homes and
                                               As the delivery agent of the project,       businesses in Hopedale and 95 per cent
In 2009 with funding from the                  Conservation Corps NL was on the            in Port Hope Simpson taking part in
Department of Natural Resources,               ground in each community hiring and         the energy walkthroughs. The high
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, a             training an energy conservation team.       participation level in both communities
Nalcor Energy company, conducted an            Each team went out into their community     clearly shows that energy efficiency is
Energy Efficiency Pilot Project in Port        to talk to home and business owners         a topic people are eager to learn more
Hope Simpson and Hopedale. The pilot           about their energy usage. They              about.
project was designed to provide residents      conducted energy walkthroughs and
and business owners in these two               provided people with an energy              “I’m extremely pleased with the success
diesel-powered communities in Labrador         conservation technology kit and a           of this pilot project. People in these two
with hands-on advice and energy                “kitchen table” workshop. When meeting      communities have taken charge of their
efficiency tools to help them reduce their     with the home and business owners, the      energy usage, learned how to conserve
energy consumption.                            team discussed how making simple            energy and taken the first step by
                                               changes and installing the items in their   implementing energy saving
“The main objective of the Energy              conservation kits could help them save      technologies into their homes,” said
Efficiency Pilot Project was to help           energy and money without affecting          Kielley. “This pilot project has given
customers take action today to conserve        their comfort or convenience.               these two communities the information
energy now and into the future,                                                            and tools they need to use energy
regardless of their energy source,” said       These walkthroughs and workshops            wisely.”
Simone Kielley, Hydro’s Energy Efficiency      identified opportunities for

N A LC O R E N E R GY                                                                                                       Outlet      7
    Business Excellence

    Getting it Strait:
    LCP field programs help determine the best route for transmission across
    the Strait of Belle Isle

           he Labrador – Island Transmission       field studies, we’ll be able to determine
           Link Project, which was                 the best way to cross the Strait.”
           registered for environmental
    assessment in January 2009, is a key           During the fall of 2009, extensive field work
    component of the provincial Energy             was conducted in the Strait of Belle Isle to
    Plan. The Link will provide reliable and       gain further knowledge about the crossing.
    sustainable electricity by displacing          The information and data gathered
    fossil fuel generation at Hydro’s              through current and future field
    Holyrood Generating Station. It would          programs will help better understand the
    also lay the groundwork for future             Strait rounding out knowledge of the
    interconnection of Newfoundland and            ocean floor and how to best get power
    Labrador to the North American                 across it. Once this is known, the Project
    electricity system via a potential             team will be able to determine which of
    maritime transmission link.                    the two crossing options is most viable.
                                                                                                   Russell Murphy, engineering student
    The current 800 megawatt (MW) design           Prior to beginning work in the area, the        for Nalcor Energy’s Lower Churchill
    has the capacity to be increased by a          Lower Churchill Project team consulted          Project, examines a core rock sample
    further 1000 MW, without changes to the        with regional economic development              during a land-based drilling field
    operating voltage or overhead                  boards, fisher groups, government bodies        program at Shoal Cove on the
    transmission lines.                            and municipal representatives. The              Newfoundland side of the Strait of
                                                   consultations provided an opportunity for       Belle Isle. This program will help
    A significant element of the Labrador –        information sharing and feedback was            Project engineers determine the most
    Island Transmission Link plan is the           obtained on the offshore seismic, onshore       viable routing for crossing the Strait.
    necessity to transport electricity across      drilling and marine environmental field
    Strait of Belle Isle, which is approximately   work being planned in the area. This            The crew of the M.V. Anticosti acquired
    18kms at its narrowest point. Engineering      feedback was very useful and helped with        data from high-resolution seismic lines
    analysis in the area has focused on two        the final scope of work.                        which will be used to analyze the rock
    potential methods of crossing: a                                                               formations across the Strait. The primary
    combination of partial tunneling and           Marine Seismic Program                          focus will be locating faults and weak
    laying the cables on the ocean floor or        As part of the assessment for the Labrador      zones in the sedimentary rock layers under
    fully tunneling under the Strait.              – Island Transmission Link, one of the field    the sea. The M.V. Cansea, a smaller inshore
                                                   programs that took place this fall was a        boat, gathered seabed data in areas near
    Gilbert Bennett, Vice President of the         high-resolution engineering seismic             the shoreline that were too shallow for the
    Lower Churchill Project explained, “The        survey. From September 11 until October         larger M.V. Anticosti to reach.
    Strait of Belle Isle has a unique marine       13, contractor Fugro Jacques Geosurveys
    environment for transmission crossing,         Inc., with the participation of Lower           Despite facing Newfoundland and
    including the occurrence of icebergs and       Churchill Project team members,                 Labrador sea conditions and strong,
    pack ice, as well as seabed characteristics    conducted offshore seismic investigations       unpredictable currents, the program was
    and rock formations. I’m confident with        from the vessel M.V. Anticosti. Additional      completed successfully and the surveys
    the caliber of our project engineering         near-shore geophysical work was                 from the area will provide the data needed
    and the data we’ve gathered from the           performed using the vessel M.V. Cansea.         on seabed and sub-seabed geology.

8     Outlet                                                                                                                N A LC O R E N E R GY
                                                                                            Business Excellence

Land-based Drilling Program                  The information gathered from the              fishing vessel to gather additional
Other members of the Lower Churchill         drilling investigations will be used to        underwater video footage for the remaining
Project team were based onshore              further understand and describe the            20 per cent in the shallow inshore areas off
throughout the fall and into the early       characteristics of the rock formations in      Mistaken Cove and Yankee Point. The video
winter months conducting land-based          the area including their permeability and      is currently being analyzed to identify and
geological investigations on both sides of   composition. It will also be used to help      quantify marine flora, fauna and habitat
the Strait. The program consisted of         identify faults in the region.                 types in that area, for eventual use in the
near-shore diamond core-drilling to                                                         Environmental Impact Statement for the
retrieve core rock samples, and of special   Marine Environmental Program                   transmission link. It will also provide
water pressure testing to determine the      Environmental field studies in the Strait of   additional marine information along the
permeability of the rock formations.         Belle Isle have also included marine flora,    proposed cable corridors in the shallow,
                                                                                            inshore area on the Newfoundland side.
“I’m confident that with the caliber of engineering
                                                                                            A video co-produced by Nalcor Energy and the
on the Project and the field studies we have taken                                          Department of Natural Resources entitled
part in, we will be able to determine the best way                                          Newfoundland & Labrador: Innovation in
to cross the Strait.” - Gilbert Bennett                                                     Renewable Energy discusses the Lower
                                                                                            Churchill Project and the Labrador-Island
In total, five holes were drilled and        fauna and habitat survey work along the        Transmission Link. To view it and get a better
tested. The drilling occurred on the         proposed submarine cable corridors. In         understanding of Nalcor’s planning for the
Newfoundland side at Savage Cove,            2008, a vessel-based underwater video          Strait crossing, please visit Nalcor’s website:
Shoal Cove and Green Island Cove. On         system was used to survey approximately        nalcorenergy.com.
the Labrador side, holes are at Fox Cove     80 per cent of the corridors. In October
and Point Amour.                             2009, dive crews worked from a local

Long Range Mountains
field program

        alcor Energy - Lower Churchill       needed to measure the collection of ice
        Project team members were            over the coming winter months.
        atop the Long Range Mountains        Knowing the weight of ice that collects
on the Northern Peninsula in October         on a single span in these selected
2009.                                        locations will help choose the most
                                             appropriate routing and design for the
The Long Range Mountains are                 transmission lines to cross the                Test spans being installed atop the Long
characterized with unique climactic          mountain range to deliver reliable             Range Mountains by members of the
conditions including significant icing,      electricity.                                   Lower Churchill Project, Newfoundland
high winds and an average snowfall of                                                       and Labrador Hydro and contractor
more than 400 centimeters a year.            The planned Long Range Mountains               Green’s Service Station. The test spans
                                             field work is another step towards a           will measure ice collection and aide the
With the help of a helicopter, the team      better understanding of the conditions         Project team in design of the
installed test equipment in two              in the area and the optimum design of          transmission route, towers and lines
locations, consisting of two poles, a        the transmission route, towers and lines       required for the area’s unique climatic
single span of line and equipment            required for those conditions.                 conditions.

  N A LC O R E N E R GY                                                                                                          Outlet       9
     Business Excellence

     Drilling for oil on the province’s west coast

                ver the past 140 years, there has
                been significant interest in the
                oil and gas resources in western        Western Newfoundland Petroleum Rights
     Newfoundland. Oil seeps in the Parsons
     Pond area were first observed in 1812 and                     Nalcor Energy
     the first well was drilled in 1867. Since
     then, almost 70 wells have been drilled
     from the Port au Port to the Northern
     Peninsulas; however, none have reached
     the carbonate platform. To date, the
     deeper target in the Cambria-Ordovician
     carbonate platform in Parsons Pond
     remains to be tested.

     In August 2009, Nalcor Energy marked a
     significant step for the future
     development of the province’s oil and gas
     resources as the company announced its
     operatorship in three exploration permits
     in Western Newfoundland. Nalcor Energy
     has acquired an average of 67 per cent
     gross working interest in three
     exploration permits in Parsons Pond on
     the Great Northern Peninsula.

     At a news conference in St. John’s,            represent one of the best exploration       Deer Lake Oil and Gas Inc.; Investcan
     Ed Martin, Nalcor Energy’s President           opportunities in Western Newfoundland       Energy Corporation; and Vulcan Minerals
     and CEO, explained the benefit to Nalcor       in terms of both an economic potential      Inc. Nalcor Energy is currently working
     and the province from this drilling            and lowest geological risk.                 with its joint venture partners to finalize
     exploration program. “Nalcor Energy’s                                                      the drilling plans and well locations for
     exploration program on the province’s          “It’s our view that the Parsons Pond        this three-well exploration program and
     west coast will provide access to new,         Cambro-Ordovician prospects currently       anticipates drilling to commence early
     valuable information and further assess        present favourable onshore targets in       in 2010.
     the petroleum potential in this area,” said    Western Newfoundland, given the
     Martin. “Improved prospectivity resulting      existing dataset,” said Jim Keating, Vice   “Nalcor believes in the oil and gas
     from increased exploration activity may        President of Nalcor Energy – Oil and Gas.   potential of western Newfoundland.
     also entice other proponents to come           “We believe that these permits will         Partnering with companies active in the
     into the area stimulating additional           provide a unique opportunity to better      area brings together the resources and
     exploration activity and helping advance       understand both our onshore and             capability for an exploration campaign
     the west coast basin for future                offshore potential in western               to assess the oil and gas potential of this
     development.”                                  Newfoundland.”                              area,” said Keating. “Nalcor will execute
                                                                                                its plan with a continued focus on safety,
     Three exploration licenses cover 103,000       There are four other project partners       the environment and maximizing the
     acres in the Parsons Pond area. The            with varying holdings in the three          value of the resources in this area of our
     mapped prospects on these licenses             permits: Leprechaun Resources Ltd.;         province.”

10     Outlet                                                                                                            N A LC O R E N E R GY
                                                                                           Business Excellence

Significant investments power communities
                                                                                            engines will only be running when
                                                                                            absolutely necessary.

                                                                                            “Replacing the switchgear equipment in
                                                                                            the plant was also a key element to
                                                                                            increasing the reliability of the Makkovik
                                                                                            Diesel Plant,” explained Coady.
                                                                                            “Switchgear is the electrical enclosure
                                                                                            that contains the unit circuit breakers,
                                                                                            protective relays, metering equipment
                                                                                            and all the controls to each of the diesel
                                                                                            units. Therefore, this equipment is very
                                                                                            important to keep the plant running
                                                                                            properly. The new switchgear houses
                                                                                            up-to-date, readily available equipment
                                                                                            and offers a safer work environment for
Charles McNeill, Diesel System Representative in front of the plant overview                maintenance personnel.”
screen on the new operator interface touchscreen for the Makkovik Diesel Plant
control room. This screen allows the plant operators to have a simplified,                  In Rigolet, Hydro personnel completed
complete overview of the plant captured on one easy to read monitor.                        upgrades to the Rigolet Diesel Plant over
                                                                                            the year, involving technicians,

   n 2009, Newfoundland and Labrador        $750,000 investment to replace all the          electricians, mechanics and plant
   Hydro, a Nalcor Energy company           switchgear and automate the control             operators. Hydro upgraded the operator
   completed numerous capital work          systems within the plant.                       control room and the mechanical
projects in Labrador coastal communities                                                    workshop, and have automated the
to ensure a continued safe and reliable     “There are many advantages to automating        diesel plant similar to the Makkovik
electricity supply to meet customer         a diesel plant,” said Jeff Coady, Protection    Diesel Plant.
expectations.                               and Control Engineer with Hydro. “The new
                                            automation will start and stop engines          The Cartwright Diesel Plant is another
“We take a prudent approach to repairing    based on the community’s electricity            Hydro facility on the Labrador coast
and maintaining our electricity systems,”   demand. When more generation is                 undergoing major capital work which
said Jim Haynes, Hydro’s Vice President     required, the engines automatically start       will continue into 2010. This plant will
Regulated Operations. “We continuously      and when generation is not required, the        also see the replacement of all the
look at the condition and life expectancy   engines automatically turn off.”                switchgear equipment and the
of our assets to ensure we complete                                                         reconfiguration of the existing plant
capital work at the right time. It’s our    The automation of the plant will help to        automation system. The reconfiguration
commitment to provide a reliable power      prevent future outages, as the new control      involves re-wiring all five diesel engines
supply to our customers.”                   system will be equipped with many               in the plant to ensure the plant is run
                                            diagnostic capabilities that didn’t exist on    safely and efficiently.
A multi-year project at the Makkovik        the old system. The new control system
Diesel Plant was completed this summer,     will detect when there’s a problem with         One of the generating sets, commonly
which will improve the efficiency of the    one engine and automatically turn on            known as a gensets, at the Cartwright
plant and ensure a continued reliable       another engine before powering down             Diesel Plant is also being replaced to
electricity supply to over 500 customers    the problem engine. In addition, the plant      meet the growing electricity needs of
in the community. The project involved a    should have better fuel efficiency, as the      customers in Cartwright.

N A LC O R E N E R GY                                                                                                        Outlet      11
     Business Excellence

     Planning horizons for Bull Arm Fabrication

     The GSF Grand Banks offshore drilling
     unit, owned by Transocean, is
     currently undergoing a five-month              More than 500 local trades people are employed at the Bull Arm site while the
     major refit at the Bull Arm site.              GSF Grand Banks offshore drilling unit undergoes a refit.

           he Bull Arm facility is an important    Outlet to describe Nalcor’s approach to        develop and execute a comprehensive
           asset for the development of the oil    planning when it comes to the Bull Arm site.   implementation plan.
           and gas industry in Newfoundland
     and Labrador and the advancement of           Q. What is Nalcor’s current focus in           Q. What are the next steps your group
     the province’s fabrication capacity.          terms of planning?                             will be facing?
                                                   A. In the near term we are preparing for       A. Once the Hebron Project occupies the
     Presently at the Bull Arm site, Pennecon      the Hebron Development, which will be          site, our team must consider Hebron’s
     Energy is doing the refurbishment of the      using the site from 2011-2016 to construct     lease terms and conditions and prepare
     GSF Grand Banks, owned by Transocean          and commission the Gravity Based               for the conclusion of the Hebron Project.
     and currently under a drilling contract on    Structure for the province’s latest oil        While this is happening, we’ll also focus
     the White Rose expansion field. The refit     project. We are also busy developing a         on continuing to deliver on the corporate
     work includes hull coating piping system      long-term strategy for how Nalcor              plan and objectives.
     renewal, maintenance, equipment               operates the facility when the Hebron
     overhauls and new equipment                   Project is finished. The operations team is    Q. What is in the future for the Bull
     installations. Work began in August and       currently focused on site improvements         Arm site?
     will conclude in December 2009.               and meeting the objectives that are in         A. Once construction and commissioning is
                                                   our corporate plan.                            complete on the Hebron Project, Bull Arm
     The refurbishment of the drilling unit is                                                    Fabrication will fully implement its long-
     taking place on the FPSO Quay and Drydock     Q. Why is Nalcor working on a long             term plan. This plan will be linked to the
     area of the Bull Arm fabrication site, and    term strategy now?                             Provincial Energy Plan and Nalcor Energy’s
     several of the Topsides buildings are being   A. Sound business strategy takes time to       vision, values and goals. We are dedicated
     used in support of equipment overhaul.        develop. We want to ensure that we are         to a thorough approach to site planning,
                                                   true to our strategy development process       market analysis and business strategy. We
     A small team of employees at Nalcor           and that we incubate each alternative          want to ensure that the site is used to
     Energy are working on the long-term           long enough to fully evaluate it. That         maximize the benefits to the province from
     strategy for the Bull Arm site. Nancy Hart    being said, we also want to arrive at the      the number of large-scale construction and
     is a Senior Business Development Analyst      right strategy for Nalcor within the next      fabrication projects on the horizon - both
     with Nalcor Energy. She sat down with         year or two so that we will have time to       locally and around the world.

12     Outlet                                                                                                              N A LC O R E N E R GY

Volunteering opens doors to opportunities

          ave Hanames, Team Lead,           him over the years. He can ride a horse.    In 2008 and 2009, Dave was given the
          Corporate Systems with            He learned to swim - even before me,        opportunity to travel with the team to
          Newfoundland and Labrador         played sledge hockey and participated       London, Ontario to play as a member of
Hydro, a Nalcor Energy company              in many activities that would not have      the team in a Canada/United States
recognizes the importance of helping        happened without volunteers,” said          tournament. There he met individuals
others. He also appreciates the benefits    Dave. “I cannot express how grateful I      who never let their disabilities stop them
of community organizations and              am for the people who have helped him       from achieving their goals.
volunteers. When Dave’s son faced           and who continue to help him be
obstacles after being diagnosed as          involved in various activities.”            Although Dave became involved to help
autistic and having Pervasive                                                           others in need, the team let him be a part
Development Disorder (PDD), Dave            Helping the children on his son’s sledge    of something special that gave him new
looked for organizations that offered       hockey team opened a new door for           insight into dedication. He said, “Helping
support and activities his son could take   Dave.                                       people has been a real eye-opening
part in.                                                                                experience that taught me to be grateful
                                            While volunteering with Easter Seals        and not to take things for granted.”
Dave learned Easter Seals offered a         Sledge Hockey, a friend asked if he could
variety of events and activities in which   assist with the Avalon Sledge Hockey        Recognizing the support volunteer
children with disabilities could            adult team.                                 groups have given his family, Dave hopes
participate. It was during these events                                                 he can offer the same support to others.
he offered his support and assistance       “I volunteered with the adult league for    “I volunteer to make a positive difference
with numerous activities including          a year assisting players into their sleds   in the lives of people. I think everybody
summer camp, guiding at the Harbour         and doing sled maintenance when             should be able to participate in events,
Haunt and sledge hockey.                    needed. I was amazed watching them          gain new skills or perhaps just have a
                                            play. They invited me to play my first      good time with their friends. Every time I
Staying involved has been easy for Dave.    game; it was very humbling. Their level     volunteer, I know I help achieve this goal
“My son has benefitted tremendously         of dedication is amazing and inspiring,”    and I can see it on the faces of the people
from the volunteers that have helped        he explained.                               participating.”

After volunteering with sledge hockey to assist people with disabilities, Dave Hanames began playing the game.

  N A LC O R E N E R GY                                                                                                  Outlet      13

     Recognizing our best assets – our people
                                                                                            Dave Hanames – Safety
                                                                                            Dave started working with
                                                                                            Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, a
                                                                                            Nalcor Energy company, on June 10, 1982.
                                                                                            As Team Lead within Corporate Systems,
                                                                                            Dave is viewed as a positive and influential
                                                                                            force and now is formally recognized for
                                                                                            his leadership in safety. Dave takes safety
                                                                                            beyond the workplace and is always
                                                                                            sharing personal safety stories. Dave
                                                                                            never lets an opportunity go by to
                                                                                            connect a discussion to safety and he
                                                                                            seeks ways to strengthen Nalcor’s safety
                                                                                            culture. Dave supports safety and first aid
     On November 5, 2009, President’s Award recipients celebrated with Nalcor               training, helps facilitate safety and first aid
     Energy’s President and CEO, Ed Martin. L-R: Walter Parsons; Chad Wiseman;              meetings and is the driving force behind
     Jason Simms; Garry Tucker; Mike Roberts (HR Manager); Merissa Wiseman;                 the emergency response organization for
     Ed Martin; Dave Hanames; Gerard McDonald (VP HR & Organizational                       Hydro Place. He is a champion for SWOP
     Effectiveness); Bill Mullaly; Paul Woodford; and Paul Murray.                          and always looks for improvements to the
                                                                                            system. Dave sets a high standard for all

             alcor Energy’s Employee           company’s goals of Safety, Environment,      Nalcor Energy employees.
             Recognition Program continued     Corporate Citizenship, Business Excellence
             to strengthen in 2009.            and People.                                  Jason Simms – Safety
     Employees from all Nalcor Energy                                                       Jason began his career with Hydro as an
     companies are using a combination of      Nominations emphasize the importance         environmental co-op student and has
     the On-The-Spot Awards, the Service       of the nominee’s actions and provide         continued working at the Holyrood
     Awards, and the President’s Awards to     strong support for outstanding               Generating Plant as a Chemical
     recognize commitment, dedication, and     achievements and results. Nominations        Technologist for 11 years. Aside from this
     excellence of fellow employees.           are reviewed by the Leadership Team and      role, Jason is a volunteer with the facility’s
                                               recipients are chosen based on the           Emergency Response Team. His
     On-The-Spot Awards                        nominee’s contributions and leadership       contributions to emergency response
     On-The-Spot Awards recognize day-to-      to company goals.                            have improved the overall performance
     day behaviours and actions that support                                                of the team and the company. His
     Nalcor’s seven core values. The awards    On November 5, 2009, award recipients        commitment to safety was evident when
     enable employees to celebrate the         attended a dinner with Nalcor Energy’s       he assumed the duties of Emergency
     excellence through an online database     President and CEO, Ed Martin, and            Response Coordinator. Jason’s
     and recognition cards. More than 1800     representatives of the Leadership Team       contributions have ensured the future
     On-The-Spot Awards were given in 2009     in St. John’s. Each recipient received       success and effectiveness of the
     and more than 160 employees received      $1000 and a commemorative piece of           emergency response organization at the
     On-The-Spot Rewards.                      local artwork. The evening provided          Holyrood Plant, further enhancing the
                                               recipients and the Leadership Team time      safety and security of our employees.
     President’s Awards                        to reflect on the recipients important
     The President’s Awards are presented to   accomplishments. 2009 President’s            Garry Tucker – Environment
     individuals who are role models and       Awards recipients are:                       Garry has been with the Water Resources
     leaders in living and supporting the                                                   Department at Nalcor Energy - Churchill

14     Outlet                                                                                                           N A LC O R E N E R GY

Falls since February 1981. He has a very
strong work ethic, displaying pride in his
work through his careful and thorough
maintenance and monitoring of the
dykes. He has made outstanding
contributions to the social fabric of the
community through his work in the
community garden. Garry recycles paper,
grass clippings and sawdust to help
fertilize the soil for the garden and has
established a watering system using
hoses and collection barrels. He spends
numerous hours in the garden weeding,
fertilizing and helping others understand    Investment Evaluation Department. Bill        Paul Murray – Business Excellence
how to develop the area. He also displays    worked tirelessly with great personal         Paul started with Nalcor Energy -
environmental stewardship through            sacrifice in support of the Hebron, White     Churchill Falls as a contractor. He
home composting and biking to and            Rose and Hibernia negotiations.               became an apprentice in 2005 and was
from work when possible.                     Developing these models required a            identified for a permanent job before his
                                             strong understanding of the fiscal            training was complete. Paul has
Merissa Wiseman – Corporate                  systems, the technical and economic           demonstrated exceptional leadership at
Citizenship                                  nature of the projects and the ability to     the jobsite. He is an employee who
Merissa Wiseman was hired on April 1,        work with a diverse group of people. Bill     takes charge and works beyond what he
2008 as Communications Advisor with          also participated as part of the due          is assigned to ensure the job is
Nalcor Energy’s Corporate                    diligence team that reviewed project          completed properly. Paul eagerly takes
Communication & Shareholder Relations        assets and potential liabilities. These       on added responsibility and provides
Department. She is responsible for           negotiations were carried out under           direction and guidance to others. He
external communications, branding for all    exceptional circumstances which called        takes steps to coordinate the activities of
Nalcor Energy companies and general          for a sustained positive attitude and         everyone on site to ensure the customer
communications activities. Merissa is        perseverance which Bill exemplified.          is satisfied. He finds solutions to
actively involved in several organizations                                                 problems and issues no matter the scale.
in the community ranging from                Chad Wiseman – Business Excellence            Supervisors and managers speak very
professional associations to community       After two co-op terms, Chad returned to       highly of his work and trust his input and
groups. Merissa volunteers with four         Hydro in 2006 as an Electrical Plant          judgment. Paul is dedicated to
community organizations: Big Brothers        Engineer in Bay d’Espoir and in 2008          producing excellence in his field and
Big Sisters of Eastern Newfoundland,         joined Nalcor Energy’s operations in          takes every opportunity to learn from
Rogers Television, Dancing with the          Churchill Falls. Chad has demonstrated        and to support others around him.
Priests - a fundraiser for Vibrant           his ability to work under pressure during
Communities, and the International           a recent high profile cable repair project.   Walter Parsons – Business Excellence
Association of Business Communicators.       Chad approached the project with safety       Walter joined Nalcor Energy’s Business
She is committed to developing               as the top priority. He ensured issues        Development Team as Senior Business
community partnerships and                   were identified, reported and resolved.       Development Engineer in May 2008. His
strengthening volunteer organizations.       His diligent and timely decisions and         primary responsibility was research and
                                             teamwork were truly inspiring. Chad has       development, but this focus shifted in
Bill Mullaly – Business Excellence           accepted increased responsibility and         late 2008. Walter provided technical and
Bill worked with Hydro in 1998 and in        gained the respect of his engineering         analytical support to develop the new
2007 he returned as a Business Model         peers, supervisors, management and            energy marketing activities with Emera
Coordinator for Nalcor Energy’s              front line workers.                           Energy. The energy marketing function

N A LC O R E N E R GY                                                                                                       Outlet   15

     will be a key part of Nalcor Energy’s       a Mechanical Design Engineer and in           enable him to act as arbitrator,
     future growth and success. Walter           2006 moved to Hydro’s Holyrood plant          coordinator, and conciliator between
     accepts challenges with a positive          as Project and Quality Assurance              consultants, contractors, plant personnel
     attitude, continuously seeking ways to      Engineer. Paul manages and leads              and project team members.
     obtain the greatest value from our          through his professional behavior,
     province’s energy. He brings an             organizational skills, and thorough           Congratulations to all nominees. It is an
     incredible amount of passion and            knowledge of corporate procedures and         honour that your peers hold you in such
     dedication to everything he takes on        history. He not only works well as a          high opinion and have identified you as a
     and is quick to accept new challenges.      team member, but can be counted on to         leader within the company. Thank you to
                                                 guide and lead a team to ensure it            everyone who participated in this year’s
     Paul Woodford – People                      functions effectively. He often               President’s Awards, and to the nominators
     Paul began working with Hydro as a          influences, coaches and guides those          for submitting the President’s Awards
     co-op student. Shortly after graduation,    around him without being aware of the         applications.
     Paul returned to the company in 1986 as     impact of his actions. His people skills

     A day he’ll remember
                                                 Blair teaches high school Social Studies at   In addition to the trip to Ottawa for the
                                                 Eric G. Lambert School (EGLS), an             ceremony, national recipients receive a
                                                 independent school owned and operated         certificate, pin, a letter from the Prime
                                                 by Nalcor Energy - Churchill Falls. Blair     Minister and a cash award of $5000, half
                                                 was one of 15 teachers across Canada to       of which goes to the school and half
                                                 win this award and the only one from          toward courses and professional
                                                 Newfoundland and Labrador to be               development. “I feel very humbled and
                                                 honoured with the distinction this year.      honoured by this recognition. I’ve
                                                 He was recognized for being a ‘jack-of-all    worked with great students who have
                                                 trades’ and adapting his teaching to any      inspired me to do the job that I’ve done,”
                                                 curve thrown at him. His respectful           acknowledged Blair.
                                                 interaction with students gives them
                                                 confidence and helps them express             Blair is the second EGLS teacher in two
                                                 themselves.                                   years to win a Prime Minister’s Award.
                                                                                               Music Teacher Mark Bonnell was a 2008
      Receiving the Prime Minister’s             “This award is not as much about my           winner of a Prime Minister’s Award
      Certificate of Teaching Excellence,        success as it is about my students’           Certificate of Achievement.
      will be a highlight of Ron Blair’s         successes. I use technology and
      career.                                    innovation in the classroom, and my           For more information about the Prime
                                                 students have succeeded with this             Minister’s Awards for Teaching

                ctober 5, 2009 will be a day     teaching approach,” explained Blair. “For     Excellence, please visit the Prime
                Ron Blair will always remember   instance in Enterprise Education the          Minister’s Awards website at
                when he thinks about his         students write, design and videotape          www.pma.gc.ca. For more information
     career as a teacher. On that day, Prime     their own commercials as part of the          about Blair or Eric G. Lambert School,
     Minister Stephen Harper recognized Blair    course. In Career Development, students       please email egls@nalcorenergy.com.
     with a 2009 Prime Minister’s Award for      do presentations on workplace safety
     Teaching Excellence at the Parliament       which have actually been used in the
     Building in Ottawa.                         workplace at Nalcor Energy.”

16     Outlet                                                                                                           N A LC O R E N E R GY

Becoming Labradorians by inclination
Thoughts on life in Churchill Falls as one generation prepares to leave and
another comes in.

         s the baby boomer generation              summer vacation,” recalled Tucker. Forty        40 years, he talked about the people.
         prepares for retirement,                  years later, he’s still here. “Many of us       “There have been so many good people
         Churchill Falls, Labrador is              became Labradorians by choice and               that have made living and working here
beginning to change. With retirees                 inclination,” he explained.                     great. In particular, during a time when
moving out of the town, new faces and                                                              my youngest daughter was very sick, the
families are popping up in the close-knit          Garry and his wife, Anne, have raised           people in town were such a help and
community of about 650.                            three children in Churchill Falls. As a         support to my family. We’ll never forget
                                                   result, he echoes many of the same              the kindness we received.”
For many people who live in larger                 sentiments as new-comer Ennis when he
communities, the relocation north may not          talks about the advantages of raising a         As a new-comer to the town, Ennis is
initially be appealing, but for Robert Ennis,      family in the close-knit town; security,        already recognizing the unique
Apprentice Engineer at the Air Services            safety and schooling are among the top          advantages of living in Churchill Falls
Division in Churchill Falls, moving his family     benefits. There are also abundant               outweigh any challenges. “For me
to the area was a great decision. Robert, his      opportunities for kids in sports, outdoor       personally it’s the atmosphere. You can’t
wife Sonya and their two children moved to         activities and youth groups. He adds that       walk down the road without talking to
Churchill Falls last summer.                       with most people in town having                 someone and chances are when you go
                                                   post-secondary education, there’s a             home for the day the person living next
The benefits of the move for him were              positive attitude regarding the need for        door to you is your co-worker. Overall, it’s
both professional and personal. At work,           schooling, which results in a nearly            a priority for me to enjoy what we have
he says his co-workers are some of the             non-existent drop-out rate.                     here. There are a lot of people who’ll
best he’s ever worked beside.                                                                      never experience it.”
                                                   Like any town, there are also community
The move also positively impacted Ennis’           activities for families. “With everyone in
family life. “I can honestly say in St.            town working for the same company, it’s
John’s we were living separate lives.              important for employees to have
Since the move to Churchill Falls, we’ve           additional activities outside of their jobs,”
become much closer. That’s the most                said Kim Sheppard, Human Resources
significant difference,” explained Ennis.          Coordinator, Churchill Falls. To do this, the
“My family now takes part in activities            town engages employees with activities
they would rarely do together before like          such as Occupational Health and Safety
fishing and hunting.”                              Week events and family-oriented
                                                   activities like those that happen during
Enjoying life in Churchill Falls is the way it’s   the annual Winter Carnival. Many
been for years. Originally from                    employees are also involved in the town’s
Saskatchewan, Garry Tucker, Hydromet               community garden - which has been
and Water Resources Technician, Churchill          active since 1991, theatre and sports.
Falls will be retiring this summer. He’s lived
and worked in Churchill Falls since 1970.          Long-time resident Tucker will look back         The town of Churchill Falls is a
                                                   on his time in Churchill Falls fondly. When      close-knit community of about 650
“I first moved to Churchill Falls for a            asked what he will remember most when            people. Recreational activities like
six-week period to cover someone on                he moves back to Saskatchewan after              hockey are a common pastime.

N A LC O R E N E R GY                                                                                                                 Outlet      17

     Employees giving back to their communities
     Nalcor Energy and Hydro employees regularly volunteer their time to support
     charitable organizations in the communities across the province. Here’s just
     a few of the community activities employees supported over the past year.

                               Teaching children about electrical            Softball Classic, which was held in
                               safety                                        Bishop’s Falls in July. The tournament is
                               In March, armed with the Hazard               held in memory of a former Bishop’s Falls
                               Hamlet kit, Darren Moore from Hydro’s         Hydro employee, Leo Brothers who
                               office in Bishop’s Falls visited Beavers in   passed away in March of 2004 from
                               Grand Falls-Winsor to talk to them            cancer. Through the fundraising efforts of
                               about power line hazards and electrical       this tournament, a donation of $4200 was
                               safety. The young Beavers really              made to the local cancer clinic, bringing
                               enjoyed the presentation and it was a         the total to $15,000 donated over the past
                               great learning experience for the             five years. A donation of $1000 was also
                               children. The Hazard Hamlet kit is a          made to the Town of Bishop’s Falls for the
                               teaching aid designed to convey               local summer sports program.
                               important safety messages to children.
                                                                             Helping kids stay bike safe
                               First aid training for the volunteer fire     For the third year, Hydro teamed up
                               department                                    with the RCMP, the Town of St. Anthony
                               David Collier, Security and Safety            and local businesses to support the
                               Supervisor at Hydro’s Bay d’Espoir plant,     annual St. Anthony and Area Bike
                               is certified to teach first aid to Hydro      Rodeo. Hydro employees Debbie
                               employees. Recently, David took his           Hayley, Wade Hillier, Nadine Hillier and
                               training one step further and                 Billy Richards helped out at the rodeo
                               volunteered his time and expertise.           events in St. Anthony and Griquet
                               While on a work trip to the Great             which attracted about 80 children. In
                               Northern Peninsula, David provided            addition to employees helping to run
                               essential first aid training to the           the event, Hydro donated bike helmets
                               volunteer fire department in Jackson’s        and other protective equipment for
                               Arm. “It felt great providing a service to    children in the area.
                               the local fire department that could save
                               a life in the community or a member of
                               the fire department while responding to
                               an emergency situation,” said David.

                               Bishop’s Falls softball tournament
                               benefits local groups
                               Employees from Hydro’s regional office
                               in Bishop’s Falls continued its support for
                               the fifth annual Leo Brothers Memorial

18    Outlet                                                                                          N A LC O R E N E R GY

Hydro supports annual cancer benefit

       or the past ten years, the people in
       Bay d’Espoir have been rallying
       together every year to raise money
for their friends and neighbours living
with cancer through the Bay d’Espoir
Local Cancer Benefit Group. From a
modest beginning of $12,000 raised in
the first year, the Bay d’Espoir Local
Cancer Benefit Group took in more than
$100,000 at this year’s event.

The main event is a benefit concert held
on the third Sunday in July. It features
thirteen hours of live entertainment by
local musicians, kids’ activities, a
candlelight service - which is attended by    Each year Ray Buffett, security guard at Hydro’s Bay d’Espoir operations as well
about 1000 people, ticket raffles, an adult   as several other employees participate in a motorcycle ride the day before the
dance and more. A large event of this         annual cancer benefit to raise money for those living in the area with cancer.
nature requires a significant planning and
work. This means securing donations,          d’Espoir organizes a motorcycle ride        the patient at appointments or donating
sponsorships and the many volunteers          benefitting the cause. Hydro also assists   a morphine pump to help terminally ill
needed to put off the benefit.                by providing an employee and a summer       patients who wish to stay at home.
                                              student for a week before the event to
Since 2003, Newfoundland and Labrador         help with preparations. Hydro               President of the group, Helena Thornhill
Hydro’s operation in Bay d’Espoir has         contributes $1000 through its Community     applauds the company saying, “Hydro
supported this fundraiser. “We decided        Investment Initiative each year.            has been one of the great supporters of
to become involved with the cancer                                                        what we do and we really appreciate it
benefit because like most people, we’ve       Raising these funds allows the Bay          every year. It’s great to know there are
been touched by the difficulties of           d’Espoir Local Cancer Benefit Group to      so many generous people out there who
cancer,” says Alvin Crant, Operations         help people living with cancer in their     do their part in assisting our cancer
Supervisor, “If we can help people in         community. The money raised pays for        patients so they can concentrate on
these unfortunate situations even a little    expenses for individuals without            what matters the most - getting well!”
bit, then we are very happy and more
than willing to do so.”
                                              “If we can help people in these unfortunate
Employees in Bay d’Espoir who wish to         situations even a little bit - then we’re very happy
participate, donate one dollar from every     and more than willing to do so.” - Alvin Crant
pay cheque throughout the year to the
benefit. This totals about $1500 each year.   insurance coverage including travel,        The 2010 event will take place on
These employees are also some of the          medications, wigs and other medical         Sunday, July 18, and people can get
most active volunteers for the benefit        needs of cancer patients. The group’s       more information by calling Thornill at
concert helping with ticket sales, raffles    fundraising efforts go above and beyond,    709.538.3545.
and security at the event. Additionally,      sometimes accommodating special
Ray Buffett, Security Guard, in Bay           requests such as having an escort with

N A LC O R E N E R GY                                                                                                     Outlet    19

     Investing in our youth

     Danielle          Cassondra         Krista          Andrew             Jessica           Nicole          Kaitlin           Matthew
     Burt              Collier           Collins         Lehr               Mallard           O’Driscoll      Smith             Young

           ach year, Nalcor Energy and              be a nurse. She is active with the church      her church. Daughter of Karen Mallard,
           Newfoundland and Labrador                and participates in various local              Programmer Analyst, St. John’s, Hydro.
           Hydro, a Nalcor Energy company           fundraisers in the Bay d’Espoir area.
     supports educational and academic              Daughter of Loyola Collier, Hydro Plant        Nicole O’Driscoll graduated from Indian
     achievements through scholarships. The         Operator, Bay d’Espoir, Hydro.                 River High School in Springdale and is a
     scholarship program represents the                                                            first-year student at Memorial University.
     company’s commitment to help the               Krista Collins is a graduate of Eric G.        She’s involved in many school and
     province’s youth further their education       Lambert School in Churchill Falls. Krista is   community projects and enjoys
     through the following annual                   currently studying business at McGill          coaching, mentoring and tutoring.
     contributions:                                 University in Montreal and plans on            Daughter of Chris O’Driscoll, Line
     • Scholarships to children of all Nalcor       attending law school. In high school she       Supervisor, Springdale, Hydro.
       Energy companies’ employees and              participated in the school band, choir,
       retirees who achieve high academic           drama productions and student council.         Kaitlin Smith is a first-year student at
       standing in high school and who              Daughter of Spencer Collins, Supervisor        Memorial University and is studying
       demonstrate a commitment to                  Electrical Engineer, Nalcor Energy –           business and Spanish. Kaitlin hopes to
       volunteerism.                                Churchill Falls.                               pursue a career in international business.
                                                                                                   She is the treasurer on the Board of
     • Scholarships to Memorial University’s
                                                    Andrew Lehr is a graduate of Booth             Directors for the NL Youth Parliament, as
       Schools of Business and Engineering
                                                    Memorial High School in St. John’s             well as a member of SIFE Memorial.
       and the College of the North Atlantic.
                                                    where he was Student of the Year for           Daughter of Catherine Squire, Senior
     In September 2009, eight $1000                 2008/2009. He is also a recipient of the       Corporate Planning Analyst, St. John’s,
     scholarships were awarded to children of       Memorial University Alumni Scholarship.        Nalcor Energy.
     employees and retirees.                        Andrew is a competitive curler, curling
                                                    coach, hockey player and an avid               Matthew Young graduated from
     Danielle Burt is a graduate of Eric G.         musician. Son of Larry Lehr, Team Lead,        Gonzaga High School in St. John’s and is
     Lambert School in Churchill Falls and was      General Accounting, St. John’s, Hydro.         presently working toward a science
     awarded the Jennifer Snow Memorial                                                            degree at Memorial University. He was a
     Scholarship. Danielle is presently attending   Jessica Mallard graduated from O’Donel         member of the school student council,
     Memorial University majoring in French.        High School in Mount Pearl and is              played on the school volleyball team
     Daughter of Kevin Burt, Manager Support        attending Memorial University. Jessica         and participated in provincial and
     Services, Nalcor Energy – Churchill Falls.     plans to apply to the Faculty of               national student leadership conferences.
                                                    Pharmacy in 2011. Her extra curricular         Son of Geoff Young, Senior Legal
     Cassondra Collier is a first-year student      activities include dancing and playing         Counsel, St. John’s, Hydro.
     at Memorial University and is studying to      piano. She also enjoys volunteering for

20     Outlet                                                                                                               N A LC O R E N E R GY

New faces/new places
      APRIL                                                                          April Pike, Administration Officer, Hydro
      Walene Benoit, Electrical Maintenance A, Hydro                                 Annette Poole, Office Manager, Bull Arm Fabrication
NEW   Michael Quilty, Environmental Assessment Coordinator, Lower Churchill    NEW   Robert Richards, Heavy Duty Mechanic, Churchill Falls
                                                                                     Andrew Smith, Technologist, Churchill Falls
      Sarah Sullivan, Communications Advisor, Lower Churchill Project
                                                                               NEW   Jacquelyn Wells, Environmental Assessment Coordinator, Lower Churchill
                                                                                     Corwin Willcott, Security Guard, Hydro
NEW   Lori-Ann Coffin, Support Services Coordinator, Exploits Generation
      Ingemar Dean, Lines Supervisor, Hydro                                          SEPTEMBER
NEW   Robert Ennis, Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice, Churchill Falls           NEW   Janet Campbell, Teacher, Churchill Falls
NEW   Rick Green, Divisional Controller Electrical Utilities, Hydro            NEW   Donald Corbin, Mechanical Maintenance A, Exploits Generation
      Tara Hynes, Office Clerk, Hydro                                          NEW   Wade Kelloway, Safety Coordinator, Hydro
      Karl Inkpen, Plant Operations Supervisor - Eastern, Hydro                NEW   Bridget Murphy, Teacher, Churchill Falls
      Paul Loder, Training Coordinator, Churchill Falls                        NEW   Danielle Organ, Teacher, Churchill Falls
NEW   David Martin, Team Lead - Budget & Financial Analysis, Nalcor Energy     NEW   Jamie Power, Millwright Apprentice, Hydro
      David Parrott, Work Methods Specialist, Churchill Falls
      JUNE                                                                           Brad Eddy, Equipment Engineer, Hydro
NEW   Joanna Barnard, System Operations Hydrotechinal Engineer, Hydro          NEW   William Kilfoy, Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor, Hydro
NEW   Ashley Billard, Buyer, Hydro                                             NEW   Mark Osmond, Geomatics/Properties Coordinator, Hydro
NEW   Colin Freake, Thermal Plant Operator, Hydro                              NEW   Jim Peyton, Safety & Training Officer, Hydro
NEW   Kevin Goulding, Team Lead - System Operations, Hydro
      Ryan Kendrew, Garage Supervisor, Churchill Falls
      Rory MacNeill, Graduate Engineer - Electrical, Hydro
                                                                              Retirees (to October 2009)
NEW   Jonathan Matchem, Graduate Engineer - Electrical, Churchill Falls       Douglas Anderson, Electrical Maintenance Supervisor, Hydro                 1989
NEW   Derrick Maye, Support Services Administrator, Hydro                     John Butler, Line Supervisor, Hydro                                        1978
NEW   Curtis Sturge, Graduate Engineer - Mechanical, Hydro                    Sadie Cheeseman, Grocery Clerk/Cashier, Churchill Falls                    1980
      Maria Veitch, Design Engineer, Hydro                                    Gloria Clarke, Teacher, Churchill Falls                                    1987
NEW   Gale Warren, Aboriginal Planning Lead, Lower Churchill Project          Raymond Cooper, Utility Worker, Hydro                                      1989
      Stephen Wells, Millwright Apprentice, Churchill Falls                   Stephen Corbett, Line Supervisor, Hydro                                    1975
NEW   Stuart White, Distribution Technologist , Hydro                         Paul Eastman, Mechanic/Operator, Hydro                                     1974
NEW   Richard Wright, Geophysicist, Oil and Gas                               Melvin Engram, Plant Operations Supervisor - Eastern, Hydro                1975
                                                                              Russell Finlay, Lines Specialist, Hydro                                    1976
                                                                              George Goosney, Lineworker A, Hydro                                        1977
      Mark Canning, Terminal Maintenance A, Hydro
                                                                              Reuben Green, Buildings Supervisor, Churchill Falls                        1982
      Tyson Eddison, Electrician, Churchill Falls
                                                                              Shirley Jacobs, Meter Reader, Hydro                                        1977
NEW   Stephen Edison, Asset Manager, Oil and Gas
                                                                              Thomas Jensen, Labour Manager Operations - Thermal, Hydro                  1979
      Ronald Kent, Planner - Thermal, Hydro
                                                                              Cyril Kelly, Stores Worker, Hydro                                          1974
      AUGUST                                                                  Anthony McDonald, Lineworker A, Hydro                                      1976
NEW   Kris Costello , Asset Manager, Oil and Gas                              Marcelle McLean, Electrical Maintenance A, Hydro                           1980
NEW   Patrick Farr, Technical Operator, Exploits Generation                   Harvey Moores, Terminal Maintenance A,Hydro                                1973
      Justin Lowe, Lineworker A, Hydro                                        Roderick Pilgrim, Diesel Plant Operator, Hydro                             1975
      James McNeill, Asset Maintenance Coordinator, Hydro                     Cyril Rideout, Electrical Maintenance A, Hydro                             1987
      Chris O’Driscoll, Lines Supervisor, Hydro                               Francis Skinner, Lead Thermal Plant Operator, Hydro                        1979
NEW   Fred Park, Lineworker A, Hydro                                          John Wall, Planner - Thermal, Hydro                                        1981

      N A LC O R E N E R GY                                                                                                                     Outlet   21
Community Investments

July to December 2009

        ewfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Hydro), a Nalcor Energy company, continues its efforts to improve the quality of life for
        Newfoundlanders and Labradorians by supporting various community organizations through its Community Investment
        Program. Between July and December, Hydro supported the following charity groups and community organizations:

Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador
Battle Harbour Historic Trust
Bay d’Espoir Cancer Benefit
Boys and Girls Club of St. John’s
Central West Cancer Clinic
Children’s Wish Foundation
College of the North Atlantic
Corduroy Brook Enhancement Association
Community Food Sharing Association
Cow Head Volunteer Fire Brigade
Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of NL
Daffodil Place
Holy Cross School
Jackson’s Arm Volunteer Fire Department                               There are nearly 32,000 people who don’t have
Kidney Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador                        enough food to eat in Newfoundland and
Kirby House                                                           Labrador. In August, employees at Hydro Place in
Labrador Friendship Centre                                            St. John’s undertook a food drive in support of the
Labrador West Minor Softball Association                              “Yes We Can” campaign in aid of the Community
Leo Brothers Memorial Softball Classic                                Food Sharing Association (CFSA). Employees raised
Lung Association of Newfoundland and Labrador                         $1038 and collected over a thousand pounds of
Ride for Sight                                                        food. Eg Walters, Executive Director, CFSA was on
Rovers Search and Rescue                                              hand to accept the cheque and food from Nalcor
St. Anthony Winterfest                                                Energy and Hydro employees. For more
St. Alban’s Fire/Rescue Department                                    information about the CFSA and how you can help,
St. Edward’s School Early Childhood Literacy Program                  please visit: www.cfsa.nf.net.
St. Paul’s Fire Brigade
Stella Burry Foundation
Victorian Order of Nurses Smart at Home Program

Hydro Place, 500 Columbus Drive, P.O. Box 12800
St. John’s, NL A1B OC9
(709) 737-1440

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