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									English 9 – In The Heat Of The Night by John Ball

Chapter One
   a) stagnant
   b) beseeching
   c) futile
   d) monotony
   e) surge
   f) sweltering
   g) inadequate
   h) prejudice

         1. Describe two unusual events that occurred to Sam Wood during
            his patrol one hot summer night.

Chapter Two
a) tentatively
b) retorted
c) lurking
d) habitual
e) riffling
f) frail
g) tersely

  1. How did the police staff seem to feel about Chief Gillespie?
  2. What two aspects about the suspect in the railroad station caused
     Sam to take him into custody?
  3. How did Virgil react to the questioning?
Chapter Three
   a) strident
   b) scrutinized
   c) flouting
   d) undisclosed
   e) leer
   f) retrospect

         1. What surprising information did the Pasadena Police Dept. wire
            to Wells’ police chief?
         2. Indicate two ways that Gillespie showed his prejudgment and
            racial bias towards Virgil?
         3. What was Gillespie’s job before he became Chief of Police in

Chapter Four
   a) diplomacy
   b) intimidate
   c) superficial
   d) ambidextrous
   e) serrated
   f) contemplated

         1. In his conversation with Gillespie, how does Sam show
            consideration for Virgil?
         2. What is Oberst’s alibi?
         3. How does Virgil ascertain Oberst’s innocence?
         4. How does Mr. George Endicott react to Mantoli’s death notice?
         5. How does Endicott’s reaction to Virgil differ from Gillespie’s?
Chapter Five
   a) resolved
   b) meddler
   c) moderately
   d) conspicuously
   e) instantaneous
   f) panorama

         1. At the beginning of the chapter, where is Tibbs going and why?
         2. Clearly explain why the mayor phones Gillespie?
         3. What does Gillespie tell Tibbs that he and Shubert have
         4. What does Gillespie really want Tibbs for?
         5. Why does Sam want to go outside with Duenna?
         6. At the end of the chapter, what is bothering Sam?

Chapter Six
   a) scowled
   b) sensible
   c) prowling
   d) neglecting
   e) monopoly
   f) precaution

         1. What does Harvey Oberst say that shows his attitude toward
         2. What does Tibbs tell Oberst in order to break his arrogance?
         3. How had the police connected Oberst with Mantoli?
         4. What does Harvey tell Tibbs?
         5. Who does Sam meet as he drives to Endicott’s?
         6. Why is this man out so late?
         7. What is “miasma”?
         8. Does the word miasma fit Sam’s feeling when he is trying to
            think of the “m” word?
Chapter Seven
   a) blunder
   b) precise
   c) astonishing
   d) inspiration

         1.   Why does Gillespie phone Atlanta?
         2.   What news arrives from the drive-in diner?
         3.   Why is Gottschalk a prime suspect?
         4.   How does Tibbs prove Gottschalk is not the right man?

Chapter Eight
   a) confided
   b) presume
   c) informality
   d) disillusioned
   e) corrugated
   f) amends
   g) astonishing
   h) comparatively
   i) deviation

         1.   What is the “remarkable tribute” Pete makes?
         2.   In what way does Tibbs ask Amos Whiteburn to assist him?
         3.   What is decided at the end of the council meeting?
         4.   What does Tibbs ask Sam to do?
         5.   What change does Sam make? Why?
         6.   How does Sam upset Ralph?
         7.   What is the difference in character between Sam and Ralph?
Chapter Nine
   a) adequate
   b) countermeasures
   c) visualized
   d) divert
   e) courteously
   f) presence
   g) legacy
   h) audibly
   i) implement

         1. Who requires a permit to carry a gun?
         2. What was the basic message in the anonymous note sent to
         3. What surprising news regarding Sam Woods’ financial affairs
            did Mr. Jennings have for Gillespie?
         4. What did Gillespie tell Virgil when Tibbs brought the murder
            weapon to the police station?

Chapter Ten
   a) impose
   b) deprived
   c) captivating
   d) sadistic
   e) resolved
   f) impatience
   g) alibi
   h) composure
   i) subdued
   j) devastating
   k) quivered

         1. How does Gillespie feel after Sam’s arrest?
         2. What complaint does Mr. Purdy make against Sam Wood?
         3. How did Virgil hear the conversation between Gillespie and
         4. How did Duena Mantoli react to the news of Sam’s arrest?
         5. How does Duena determine Sam’s innoscence?

Chapter Eleven
   a) laconically
   b) anonymous
   c) gratification

         1. Why does Virgil agree to have dinner with Jess, his wife, and
            their son Andy?
         2. What happened to Virgil outside Jess’ home after dinner?
         3. What was the outcome of the attack?
         4. What is Purdy’s reaction to Virgil’s visit?

Chapter Twelve
   a) prominent
   b) indictment
   c) inadvertent
   d) enchanting
   e) substandard
   f) variation
   g) conscientious
   h) quota

         1. In the morning at breakfast, what good news greets Duena?
         2. How did Virgil know that Sam altered the route he had followed
            on the night of Mantoli’s murder?
         3. Why is statutory rape out of the question with regard to
         4. Why did Virgil bring together the chief, the Purdy’s and Sam?
         5. Where did Sam get the money to pay off his mortgage?
Chapter Thirteen
   a) belligerent
   b) parsonage
   c) pathetically
   d) acutely
   e) whirled

         1. Who has the charges dropped against Virgil’s attackers?
         2. Who do Virgil and Sam pick up outside Simon’s Pharmacy during
            the night patrol?
         3. Who did Sam and Gillespie meet inside the diner?
         4. Who does Sam arrest in the diner?

Chapter Fourteen
   a) inordinate
   b) bungled
   c) summons
   d) enthusiasm
   e) augmented
   f) humility
   g) presumably
   h) deliberately
   i) vengeance
   j) inexcusable
   k) frantically
   l) predicament

         1. Who are invited to the “quiet gathering” at the Endicott’s?
         2. What is the role of “an inordinate fondness for cherry pie” in
            the story?
         3. Why did Ralph need to rob Mantoli?
         4. Right to the end of their relationship, Gillespie maintains his
            prejudice toward Negroes. Show proof of this in this chapter.

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