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					The 10 Top Vacation Spots in the world are different for everyone. Our views
 are by necessity very subjective and this article has tried to be objective and
 make the reader look more closely at places they may not have considered.

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This article can only touch briefly on the vacation spots that the author
believes are amongst the 10 top vacation spots but the author hopes you
will make the effort to follow the links and discover more about them.

Amanyara Resort Providenciales

You will find the Amanyara in the Turks and Caicos islands, in fact on Providenciales. The
Amanyara is unusual because it is so much better than even the most outstanding reviews.
You will find the staff will not put a foot wrong from the moment of arrival at the airport
until the moment you leave. Everything is just better than great from the food, the
accommodation, and the wonderful ambience. A perfect honeymoon choice, and it really
justifies its place in the 10 top vacation spots, especially for folk who want the best, and
expect the very best.
If you want more information on the Amanyara Resort Providenciales CLICK HERE

Alfajiri Villas Kenya

Described as possibly the very best place to stay on and around the Indian Ocean, this
beautiful place stands above a lovely beach right next to the Indian Ocean. This by no stretch
of the imagination is a hotel, rather three villas which can all be booked together, or even
You will want for nothing here with superb staff to wait on you, lovely rooms quite
beautifully furnished, and a world class chef who will cook you what you want whenever you
want it. This is luxury living which includes every activity on and off the water that you
could wish for, and then the wonderful infinity pool to return to, or laze around in.

The Alfajiri Villas aren't cheap, but they just have to be in anyone's 10 top vacation
spots, or a perfect family vacation spot so to find out more CLICK HERE

The Adrere Amellal at Siwa

About eight hours drive away from Cairo into the Sahara Desert you will find the large and
well known Siwa Oasis. Here is positioned what is possibly one of the very best and certainly
most luxurious eco hotels called the Adrere Amellal. Don’t bother looking up holiday
brochures because you are very unlikely to find it in any of them.
The Adrere Amellal is made up of a group of traditional Arab houses that have been
converted into a small number of suites and Casbah style rooms. The transformation has all
been done respecting the traditions of the area, and with comfort being the main aim it has
succeeded dramatically. The rooms all have views of the Siwa Lake, and the Great Sand Sea,
and the lighting is by oil lamps and candles, with coal braziers in the winter months for

The Adrere Amellal would make an unbelievably different and romantic honeymoon
destination, and certainly justifies its place as one of the 10 top vacation spots so
CLICK HERE for more information
Cayo Espanto Belize

Cayo Espanto is a small private island, to be found just off the east coast of Belize, about 3
miles from San Pedro between Ambergris Caye and the mainland. Here is most definitely the
most luxurious place to stay in the Caribbean. The reasons for this are simply the quality of
the accommodation, and the very personal attention from the staff. This makes it an ideal
place to go for a family with small children as well as being a very exclusive honeymoon
destination. .
Find out More reasons why Cayo Espanto is one of the 10 top vacation spots CLICK

Le Chateau de Feuilles

The Seychelles are beautiful, and Praslin even more so. Le Chateau de Feuilles sits up
overlooking the most beautiful view of the Indian Ocean. It is small with only nine rooms, all
beautifully furnished. Visitors all use words like extraordinary when describing this place,
and when you stay there it is easy to see why. Everything from the quality of service,
accommodation, furnishings, food are of the very best, and it is easy to see why le Chateau is
reckoned to be the top place to stay in the Seychelles. It is one of the few places where the
reality is better than the publicity
Find out more reasons that Le Chateau de Feuilles is one of the 10 top vacation spots

Tamanu Beach Resort Aitutaki

You will find the Tamanu Beach on Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. It would be difficult to
disagree that it is the most romantic hotel in the South Pacific. In fact it has to rank at the
very top of the world’s best beach resorts, and would make for an astonishing honeymoon
destination. You will be bowled over by the fierceness of the colours, from the bright blues
and turquoises of the sea and the lagoon contrasting with the dazzling white beach and the
vibrant green of the tropical foliage. The hotel sits right next to the lagoon and is picture
perfect. Find out why the Tamanu Beach Aitutaki ranks in the 10 top vacation spots by
clicking HERE

Musha Cay in the Bahamas

A 150 acre island in the Bahamas, close to great Exuma, awaits you along with a staff
numbering thirty seven. This is a place where you can do virtually what you want, and eat
and drink to your heart’s content. There is a chef who will cook anything you fancy at any
time of the day or night and then serve it up anywhere on the island that you fancy.

This is a dreams come true destination where you will live for your holiday in a way that the
seriously wealthy have always lived. It is a place where the romance and elegance of
yesteryear comes alive today on this totally private island
Musha Cay has to be in the 10 top vacation spots to find out more CLICK HERE
Ladera on St Lucia

To describe Ladera and the views from the hotel is almost impossible, but if you have ever
seen photographs of the two spectacular pitons that dominate the skyline, then you might
have some idea of what you will see from the full length and height windows in your
bedroom at this wonderful place.
The view by itself isn’t enough to guarantee a place in the 10 top vacation spots, but there is
no doubt Ladera is the best hotel on St Lucia, with great food, a lovely ambience and
fantastic staff, and of course the great view from your beautiful and comfortable suite.
Read more about Ladera CLICK HERE

The Tugu Bali Hotel

The Tugu in Bali has the reputation of being the most romantic hotel in Bali, and by some
distance. It is however even more than that, because of the really top level service, and the
total luxury it offers as well. To find antiques and old pictures everywhere in an hotel is
unusual but they have all been collected by the owner, and it adds to the overall atmosphere
and ambience. Choose a suite because they are the most romantic and have the very best
accommodation including their own courtyard with an outside bath and plunge pool. If you
want to escape from life’s pressures, then come here, it’s more like staying with friends than
being in a hotel. Tugu definitely qualifies as one of the 10 top vacation spots, not only in Asia
but worldwide. For more information CLICK HERE

The Palms Villas on the Beach in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an amazing place but until the last few years was really lacking a top class hotel,
until Palms on the Beach arrived. Situated on a beautiful almost deserted beach The Palms is
a very small hotel, the word intimate comes to mind when describing it, with only six very
luxurious bandas. This of course automatically means exclusivity, as there can’t ever be more
than a dozen people at The Palms Villas at any one time. The Palms is all inclusive with
terrific food and outstanding service. What a place to spend the second half of a Tanzanian
safari honeymoon, and undoubtedly well deserving of a place in the 10 top vacations spots.
For more information CLICK HERE
The 10 Top Vacation Spots in the world are different for everyone. Our views
are by necessity very subjective and this article has tried to be objective and
make the reader look more closely at places they may not have considered.

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