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 Ask Sydney Water

Report a fault
or leak: 13 20 90

Corruption hotline
Sydney Water delivers essential and sustainable water services for the benefit of the

Warning on shower head scams

Sydney Water has issued a warning for its customers to be on the lookout for scams where people present as
Sydney Water representatives offering free shower head replacements.

Read more.

Submission for Brooklyn WWTP

Sydney Water has made a submission to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure to marginally increase
nutrient limits at the Brooklyn WasteWater Treatment Plant.

The Department of Planning and Infrastructure has put the submission on exhibition from 26 October to 14
November 2011. Further information is available on the Department's website.

Sydney Water remains committed to protecting the health of our river, its oyster farms, and fishing activities. Our
modelling studies have shown this slight increase will not affect the health of the river's ecosystems.

For more information, read the Assessment Report summary, or learn more about Brooklyn Wastewater
Treatment Plant.


We measure the volume of drinking water supplied each day from all our treatment plants. Read the report.
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. Read the report.

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