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					                                        ESL II
                         Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Chapter 1: Aquascalientes, Mexico: 1924
Pages 1-3

   1.) What is the setting (year and location) of the story?

   2.) Who are the main characters?

Chapter 2: Las Uvas / The Grapes
Pages 4-22

Vocabulary words:
   1.) scythe (page 4) –

   2.) silk (page 5) –

   3.) crochet ( page 13) –

   4.) thorn (page 14) –

  1.) What honor does Esperanza have on the ranch?

   2.) What is the name of the ranch?

   3.) Is Esperanza’s family rich or poor? How do you know?

   4.) What do Esperanza and her friends dream about?

   5.) What does the author use to foreshadow a bad event?

   6.) Why are Mama and Esperanza worried?
7.) What does Abuelita do when she is worried?

8.) Who is Hortensia? What is her relationship to the family?

9.) Who tries to find Papa?

10.)      Why does Papa take Miguel with him when he works?

11.)      Do you think Miguel is smart?

12.)      Who does Esperanza tell her parents she wants to marry? Why is this

13.)      Why does Miguel stop talking to Esperanza?

14.)      Who are Tio Luis and Tio Marco? What jobs do they have?

15.)      Are Esperanza’s Uncles important men?

16.)      What did Mama do for Tio Marco?

17.)      Does Esperanza like her Uncles? Why?

18.)      What does Tio Luis show Mama?

19.)      How does Tio Luis say he got the belt buckle?

20.)      Why do you think the cow handlers brought the buckle to Luis?

21.)      What happens to Papa?
                                     ESL II
                      Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

Name: ___________________________________________________________
Las Papayas / The Papayas
Page 23-38
1.) grieve

  1.) What does Esperanza imagine when she wakes up?

  2.) Why does Senor Rodriquez bring papayas?

  3.) What does Papa give Esperanza for her birthday?

  4.) Who comes to the house every day to take care of the family business?

  5.) What advice does Tio Luis give Mama Ramona? (page 29)

  6.) What does Papa leave to his wife?

  7.) Who inherits the land? Why?

  8.) What does Tio Luis offer to buy from Ramona? What does she tell him?

  9.) What solution does Tio Luis give? What is Mama’s reaction?

  10.)      What threat does Tio Luis make if Mama refuses?

  11.)      Why does Abuelita think Luis wants Mama and the house?

  12.)      Where does Abuelita have money?
  13.)      What does Miguel ask Esperanza? What is the significance of roses?

  14.)      Where is Miguel’s family going to go? Why?
                                       ESL II
                        Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Los Higos/ the Figs
Page 39-57


   1.) Moaned – (page 39) -

   2.) smoke (page 40) -

   3.) phoenix Page 50) –

4.) trunk (page 52) -


   1.) Who burned Esperanza’s house? Why?

   2.) What decision does Esperanza’s mother have to make?

   3.) Where will the women go? What kind of work do Esperanza and her mother
       plan to do?

   4.) To what does Abuelita compare her family? Why is this significant? (page

   5.) Who helps the family? (page 53)

   6.) What does Mama tell Tio Luis? Why? (page 54)
                                        ESL II
                         Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Las Guayabas/ the Guavas
Page 58-80

   1.) wagon - (page 58) –


   1.) Does Ramona marry Luis? Why or why not?

   2.) Why do Ramona, Hortensia and Esperanza need to hide in the wagon?

   3.) What does Mr. Rodriquez place above the women in the wagon?

   4.) Miguel and Esperanza took a train trip with Esperanza’s father. What is
       different about this trip? (page 66)

   5.) Who is Alfonso?

   6.) Why does Esperanza not want to share her doll?

   7.) Why does Mama think it is OK to talk to a peasant? (page 77)

   8.) What job does Miguel want? What did Esperanza’s father promise to do for

   9.) What does Carmen give to the Indian woman? Why?

10.) What does Miguel notice about Spanish blood and money? (page 79) Has
Esperanza noticed this relationship?
                                       ESL II
                        Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Los Melones/ the Melons
Page 81-99

   1.) barren (page 81) –
   2.) demeanor (page 82) –
   3.) jalopy (page 88) –
   4.) strike (page 98) -

   1.) How does Mama react to the immigration officials? (page 82)

   2.) Does everyone get into the United States?

   3.) Describe your experience passing through Immigration when you entered the US.

   4.) Why are Alfonso and Miguel late getting on the train?

   5.) Who are Juan, Josefina and Isabel? (page 85)

   6.) Why does Isabel like the new camp better than El Centro? (page 88-9)

   7.) What will Isabel do soon? (page 89)

   8.) How does Marta treat Esperanza? (page 96)

   9.) Why does Marta think the owners don’t want people from different places to mix?
       (page 98)

10.) What does Marta say will happen if the people from Oklahoma get hot water? (page
                                       ESL II
                        Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Las Cebollas/ the Onions
Page 100-120

   1.) splotches (page 110) –
   2.) rinse (page 113) -


   1.) Describe the cabins where the families live. (page 101-102)

   2.) Why can’t Esperanza and her mother have their own cabin?

   3.) Why does Mama begin to sing?

   4.) What does Esperanza tell Isabel will happen as soon as Abuelita is well
       enough to travel? Do you believe this? Why?

   5.) What job do Esperanza and Isabel have while the adults work? (page 107)

   6.) What job does Esperanza do to lower the family’s rent?

   7.) Why doesn’t the man from Aguascalientes know Marisol? (page 112)

   8.) What does Isabel show Esperanza how to do? (page 113)

   9.) Why do the women laugh at Esperanza? (page 117)

   10.)       What does Miguel show Esperanza how to do? (page 118)

   11.)       Why does the railroad not hire Miguel?
                                      ESL II
                       Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Las Almendras/ Almonds
Page 121-138

1.) Shabby (page 135) -
    1.) What surprise do Alfonso and Miguel have for Esperanza?

   2.) What does Esperanza expect Hortensia to do when she stretches her arms?
       What happens?

   3.) What does Isabel tell Esperanza about Marta?

   4.) How did Marta learn English?

   5.) What does Isabel want? (page 131)

   6.) What does Marta want the Mexican workers to do? Why do they refuse?
       (page 132-133)

   7.) Why are more people coming from Oklahoma to look for work? How does
       this hurt the Mexicans who want better wages?

   8.) What 5 things does Esperanza pray for? (page 137)

9.) What 6 things does Mama pray for? (page 137-138)
                                      ESL II
                       Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Las Ciruelas/ Plums
Page 139-157


   1.) Why is Esperanza tired at the end of the day? ( page 143)

   2.) Why does Esperanza not want to strike?

   3.) Why did the strike fail? (page 152)

   4.) What happened to Mama after the storm? (page 153)

   5.) What disease does Mama have?

   6.) How long will it take Mama to get well? (page 157)
                                           ESL II
                            Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Las papas / potatoes
Page 158- 178
Vocabulary :
1.) listless – (page 161)

   1.) How does each person in the family try to help Mama?

   2.) What does Esperanza promise Abuelita that she will finish?

   3.) How does Mama feel? (page 161)

   4.) Where does the doctor want Mama to go?

   5.) Why is Mama depressed?

   6.) Why does Esperanza feel she failed her mother?

   7.) What does Esperanza decide to do? (page 164)

   8.) Why can’t Esperanza write to Abuelita?

   9.) What does Esperanza do to make money?

   10.)        Why can’t Marta live with her Aunt?

   11.)        How does Isabel try to make Esperanza happy? (page 176)
                                        ESL II
                         Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Los Aguacates / the Avocados
Pages 179-198


   1.) What did the strike organizers plan to do? (page 199)

   2.) How does Miguel get a railroad job?

Los Espárragos/ Asparagus
Pages 199-213

   1.) What do the strikers try to do? (page 199)

   2.) How do the farm owners protect the workers from the strikers? (page 200)

3.) Why do the women unpack the asparagus slowly? Did this help the strikers? (page

   3.) Why does Miguel think things will get worse?

   4.) Who stops the strike? Why? (page 205)

   5.) Read the last paragraph on page 206. Does it matter if the workers are legal?

   6.) Who does Esperanza help? Why and how? (page 209)

   7.) What does Esperanza find when she returns to Marta’s farm? (page 211-213)
Los Duraznos/ the Peaches
page 214-233
1.) Weary (Page 223) -
    1.) Has a Mexican girl ever been May Queen? (page 215)

   2.) Isabel says they are making a new camp for the people from Oklahoma. What
       does this mean for the Mexican strikers? (page 218)

   3.) Why does Miguel lose his job? (page 219)

   4.) Why is Esperanza angry? (page 221)

   5.) What advice does Esperanza give Miguel? (page 222)

   6.) To what does Esperanza compare her life? (page 224)

   7.) Esperanza tells Miguel he still acts like a peasant. How does he think she acts?

   8.) Does Isabel become Queen? What remarks does the teacher make? (226)

   9.) What advice does Esperanza give Isabel? (228)

   10.)       What good news does the doctor give? (229-230)

   11.)        What happens when Esperanza tries to show Mama the money? Who
       took it? (232-234)
Las Uvas/ the grapes

page 234-253

Vocabulary: find 2 words you don’t know


   1.) Who took Esperanza’s money? (234)

   2.) Why did Alfonso come to get Esperanza? (236)

   3.) How does Esperanza feel when she hears English? (237)

   4.) Who gets off the bus with Miguel? (239)

   5.) What is Mama’s reaction to Abuelita? (243)

   6.) What did Tio Luis do when Mama and Esperanza escaped? (244-245)

   7.) How does Miguel get a note to Abuelita? (245)

   8.) What does Esperanza request for her birthday? (249)

   9.) What do the men do on Esperanza’s birthday? (252)

   10.)        What is the moral of the story? How does it relate to your life?
                        Practice ESL II Quiz 1:
            Esperanza Rising chapters “Aquascalientes – Figs”

Name: _____________________________________________ Date: __________

True or false                                                     1 point each

_____           Esperanza lives on a ranch in California.

_____           Esperanza’s parents were rich.

_____           Mama decides to marry Tio Luis because he is handsome and rich.

_____           Abuelita’s money is in Tio Luis’ bank.

_____           Luis announces that his family is going to the United States.

_____           Tio Luis burns Esperanza’s house and pretends it is an accident.

_____           Senor Rodriguez refuses to help Ramona and Esperanza escape.

_____           Abuelita leaves the ranch with Esperanza.

Short essays
Answer the following questions in at least two sentences.

   1.) Describe the relationship between Esperanza and her parents.

   2.) Describe the relationship between Esperanza and Miguel.

   3.) What does Tio Luis mean when he says “Ramona, grieving does not suit you.
       I hope you will not wear black all year!”
           Practice ESL II Quiz 2: Esperanza Rising: Figs- Plums

Name: _____________________________________________ Date: __________

True or false:

_____            Miguel knows how to speak English.

_____            Marta’s father fought in the Mexican Revolution.

_____            Esperanza knows exactly how to care for babies.

_____            Mama gets sick with Swine Flu.

_____            Marta is kind to Esperanza because they both speak Spanish.

_____            Esperanza is good at sweeping. She knows exactly what to do.

_____            Miguel admires Esperanza. He does kind things to help her adjust.

_____            Josafina gets a pet puppy at the party.

Editing: correct 2 mistakes in each sentence.

Note: There are at least 2 errors in each phrase.

    1.) American food is good than chinese food.

    2.) Everyone help Mama by work.

    3.) When mama went to the hospital, esperanza work.

    4.) In conclusion no have a lot of work in this region.

    5.) The Vice Principal say I cheated but is not true.

    6.) English is difficult language but is not as hard as korean.

Write a sentence for each vocabulary word from the following word bank:

Wagon            barren         demeanor            jalopy   strike    phoenix
Answer the following questions in at least two complete sentences.

   1.) What surprise do Miguel and Alfonso present to Ramona and Esperanza?
       Where did they get this gift? What does it signify?

   2.) How does Esperanza behave when it is time to take a bath? What does this
       tell about how her life has changed?

   3.) Compare Marta’s life to Esperanza’s. Why does Marta resent Esperanza?

   4.) Marta gives a speech at the party. What does she want the Mexican workers
       to do? What is their response?

   5.) To what does Marta compare the Mexican migrant workers? How does she
       relate the two? Why does she say they are similar?

   6.) Describe what happens when Esperanza takes care of Pepe and Lupe. What
       does that tell us about Esperanza’s experience in life?
What happens to Esperanza in the rose garden that foreshadows a bad event?

   Compare Esperanza’s life on the ranch in Mexico to her life on the farm in
   California. Include at least 3 details from the story.

Mexican farm workers are afraid to lose their jobs to workers from Oklahoma.
Miguel gets a job when other workers strike. Explain how this is ironic.

    Draw a Venn Diagram and use it to Compare and Contrast two characters from
   the novel Esperanza Rising.

Predict what you think would happen after the story ends.

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