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                             A compilation of recent notables from a sampling of SMG facilities.

       Several remark-
       able achieve-
       ments in 2008
       contributed to the
       successful year
       at the box office.
       Boardwalk Hall
       hosted a record
       20 concerts in
       2008, the largest
       number of con-
       certs in a single
       year since re-
       opening in 2001.

                            2008 Delivers Big Numbers
                            for Historic Boardwalk Hall
                            According to year-end reports        managed venue, who placed sec-        Boardwalk Hall hosted a record
                            released by leading trade publica-   ond and third, respectively. Ven-     20 concerts in 2008, the largest
                            tions Billboard and Venues Today,    ues Today named Boardwalk Hall        number of concerts in a single
                            Boardwalk Hall has once again        number one in North America           year since re-opening in 2001.
                            clinched the top spot for box of-    (second in the world) tallying a      Three sold out shows registered
                            fice grosses among mid-sized are-     box office gross of $23.5 million      record attendance at the Hall
                            nas in North America and in the      for 38 shows, eleven of which         since the renovation. Elton John
                            world for 2008. As detailed in       were sellouts between Oct. 16,        attracted a crowd of 14,213 to his
                            Billboard's Top 10 Venues listing,   2007 and Oct. 15, 2008. Interna-      July performance. Jimmy Buffett
                            the historic venue which seats       tional competitors Brisbane (Aus-     logged 14,591 fans for his August
                            14,770, grossed $26 million and      tralia) Entertainment Centre and      date and second appearance at
                            attracted 299,353 for 38 shows       the Vector Arena in New Zealand       the Hall, and Celine Dion made
                            with eleven sellouts presented       were listed first and third, respec-   her debut in September in front of
                            between Nov. 15, 2007 and Nov.       tively. Differences in gross num-     a crowd of 14,590. A number of
                            13, 2008. Billboard ranked the       bers were due to separate report-     must-see tours made a stop at
                            Hall first in the world above the     ing periods.                          Boardwalk Hall in 2008 including
                            MGM Grand in Las Vegas and           Several remarkable achievements       'tween magnet Hannah Montana,
                            the 1st Mariner Arena in Balti-      in 2008 contributed to the suc-       rock legend Van Halen, country's
                            more, Maryland, another SMG-         cessful year at the box office.        Keith Urban and Carrie Under-

SMGACHIEVEMENTS   wood, rap artist Lil' Wayne, and hip-hop
                  stars Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z.
                  A number of International shows
                  booked the Hall in 2008 including the
                  popular Filipino game show WoWoWee,
                  a Russian Ice Show, The Greatest Hit-
                  makers featuring Filipino stars, the Un-
                  forgettable Tour - a Bollywood variety
                  show, along with a performance by
                  Dutch conductor Andre Rieu and the
                  Johann Strauss Orchestra.
                  Premium sporting events included three
                  major boxing events – Pavlik vs. Hop-
                  kins, Pavlik. vs. Lockett, and co- feature
                  Cotto vs. Gomez/Margarito vs. Cintron.
                  The Atlantic 10 Men's Basketball
                  Championship recorded a near sellout
                  crowd for its Philadelphia finale with
                  Temple ousting arch-rival St. Joe's dur-
                  ing a close final game. All of these events
                  were televised nationally. Other multiple
                  day sporting events such as the New
                  Jersey State High Wrestling Champion-
                  ships and Len Sammons Indoor Auto
                  Racing continue to be well attended an-      location for boxing and premium sport-         Premium sporting events
                  nual events at Boardwalk Hall.               ing events, and we will continue to
                                                                                                              included three major box-
                  “2008 was an outstanding year for            build on SMG's positive rapport with
                  Boardwalk Hall," said Greg Tesone,                                                          ing events – Pavlik vs.
                                                               leading promoters to attract new busi-
                  General Manager of Boardwalk Hall and        ness and keep repeat bookings lucra-           Hopkins, Pavlik. vs. Lock-
                  the Atlantic City Convention Center/         tive. Thank you to the promoters, art-         ett, and co- feature Cotto
                  SMG. “We hosted a record number of           ists, patrons, and business partners that      vs. Gomez/Margarito vs.
                  concerts, three of which registered our      have helped us to achieve success."            Cintron.
                  largest crowds to date, and have success-    Boardwalk Hall was also recognized as
                  fully introduced Boardwalk Hall to a         the top-grossing mid-sized arena in the
                  whole new segment of the Atlantic City       World by these publication in 2006,
                  market by diversifying our bookings. We      2005 and 2003, and in North America
                  continue to be the east coast's premier      in 2007 and 2004.

                                                               Van Andel and DeVos                          portantly entertainment, for residents to
                                                                                                            enjoy. Due to SMG's Corporate office
                                                               Strengthen Regional                          relationships as well as the volume of
                                                               Partnerships                                 SMG markets attending the conference,
                                                               In the effort to make a positive impact on   Grand Rapids was able to take advan-
                                                               the current economic climate, Richard        tage of a significant discount in fees
                                                               MacKeigan, Regional General Manager          while enjoying the benefits of being a
                                                               of Van Andel Arena and DeVos Place,          major sponsor. This opportunity in-
                                                               along with the West Michigan Sports          cluded guaranteed appointments with all
                                                               Commission and the Grand Rapids Kent         of the prospective clients. More than 50
                                                               County Convention & Visitors Bureau,         contacts were made with organizations
                                                               made several partnerships with sporting      such as the U.S. Olympic Committee,
                                                               organizations after attending the Travel     USA Dance, and JamFest. Past partner-
                    Due to SMG's relationships as well as                                                   ships with the West MI Sports Commis-
                    the volume of SMG markets attending
                                                               Events and Management in Sports Con-
                    the conference, Grand Rapids was           ference. These new contacts provide          sion have brought successful events like
                    able to take advantage of a signifi-
                    cant discount in fees while enjoying       downtown Grand Rapids the opportu-           Floyd Mayweather’s Celebrity Basketball
                    the benefits of being a major sponsor.                                                  event in February 2008.
                                                               nity to generate revenue, but most im-

                                       No Winter Blues in Bookings

                                       for UVA’s John Paul Jones Arena
                                       With winter well underway, John Paul Jones Arena has been heating up
                                       Charlottesville with its all-star lineup of events.

                                       October 6th kicked off our Brown Mercedes                   Jay-Z captivated the crowd with one hit after
                                       Broadway in Charlottesville series with the scandal-   another, and even taunted the crowd with snippets of
                                       ous production of Chicago. Guests enjoyed the          his numerous classics.
                                       bloody rise to fame of Roxie Hart, and the sudden           Five days later, the 7th best selling female artist
                                       end to her celebrity reign.                            in all genres tag-teamed with the original “American
                                            On October 17th, John Paul Jones Arena wel-       Idol” for a night of american country and pop rock
                                       comed a legend as Sir Elton John brought “Rocket       music. Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson shared
                                       Man,” “Crocodile Rock,” and a slew of his other        the John Paul Jones Arena stage on October 30th for
                                       classic singles. Along with Sir Elton was his band:    a night of vocal bliss. Singing their own chart-
                                       Davey Johnstone on guitar, Guy Babylon on key-         topping singles and collaborating for some memora-
                                       boards, Bob Birch on bass, John Mahon on percus-       ble duets, Reba and Kelly gave us nothing less than
                                       sion and Nigel Olsson. Sir Elton and his band made     an amazing show! Even with “Since U Been Gone”
                                       the night memorable as they performed hit after hit.   and “Because of You,” the finest moment, and un-
                                       He delighted the thousands packed in the arena just    fortunately the grand finale, was the two women
                                       to hear him sing, “la la la la!”                       sassily singing “Fancy.”
                                            Realizing that following Elton John would be           On the evening of November 5th, John Paul
                                       extremely tough for any performer, John Paul Jones     Jones Arena was rocked by Nine Inch Nails. With
                                       Arena brought Charlottesville a legend of another      the lights and visual effects being a show in itself,
                                       genre: Jay-Z. The CEO of Hip Hop himself crashed       Nine Inch Nails did not have to do much to impress.
                                       the stage with the self-proclaimed “King of the             November 24th was a day filled with gorgeous
                                       South”, TI on October 25th. With TI coming on          white stallions. The “World Famous” Lipizzaner
                                       stage wearing a University of Virginia black fitted     Stallions returned to John Paul Jones Arena for their
                                       baseball cap and Jay-Z asking “What’s up Virginia!”    38th anniversary presentation. With two shows,
                                       the crowd knew they were in for a treat.               Charlottesville savored the opportunities to see “The
                                                                                              Equestrian Treat of the Century!”

                  Brown Mercedes
                  Broadway in
                  series with the
                  scandalous pro-
                  duction of
                  Chicago (left)

                  John Paul Jones
                  Arena brought
                  Charlottesville a
                  legend of another
                  genre: Jay-Z. The
                  CEO of Hip Hop
                  himself crashed
                  the stage with the
                  “King of the
                  South.” (right)

                                                                                        “Our folks said the training was useful, rele-
                                                                                        vant, and above all, inspiring!”
                                                                                         – Bob Coffey, Savannah International Trade
                                                                                        and Convention Center General Manager

                                                                                        “A super ‘Wow’ …My first impression was
                                                                                        that it was going to be boring, and we might
                                                                                        fall asleep. It was the total opposite: fun, in-
                                                                                        teractive, class participation, puzzles, links
                                                                                        and valuable knowledge for the work envi-
                                                                                        ronment and everyday life. Thanks.”
                                                                                        – Charles/Security

                  Creating Service for Success:
                  The k’nekt Training Programs
                  There is an old saying that, “there is nothing new under the        was conceived: an innovative and interpersonal approach to
                  sun,” and anyone who has sat through more than one tradi-           customer service that stresses not only the patron experience
                  tional customer service training seminar can attest to its truth.   but employee development and self-expression. According to
                  However, in summer of 2008, Maureen Ginty, Executive Vice           Maureen Ginty, SMG is looking to make a much stronger,
                  President of Marketing and Human Resources at SMG, the              more personal connection, or “K’nekt-ion” with its employees.
                  world’s leading facility management company, set out to break       “Creating a great guest experience,” says Ginty, “takes creativ-
                  that mold, and in doing so sought to create a program that en-      ity and must be multi-dimensional. Today’s employees are
                  riched not only patron experience, but the employees’ percep-       smarter and more sophisticated. In any training, they’re looking
                  tion of themselves and coworkers alike.                             for two things: relevancy and respect. Employees need a real
                  With 30 years in business and more than 200 buildings in their      reason to engage. They need to understand that there is per-
                  family of convention centers, stadiums, arenas, theaters, and       sonal value to be gained; that they are not just performing well
                  specific-use venues, SMG welcomes millions of customers              out of a sense of obligation. So many of today’s new thought
                  through their doors in venues the world over. So when launch-       thinkers are teaching through their lectures and writings that,
                  ing a company-wide customer service training program, ge-           ‘what you give off is what you get back.’ In this program we are
                  neric and old-fashioned just wouldn’t do. Thus, the new K’nekt      sharing these concepts with our employees not only so they can

                                        be better at their jobs, but also improve all aspects of
                                        their lives.”
                                        SMG piloted the new K’nekt program on Septem-              How employees engage with
                                        ber 9, at the Savannah International Trade and             guests and one another makes
                                        Convention Center in Georgia. Front-line managers
                                        from SMG’s Savannah facility and the Jacksonville,         a difference. A program such
                                        Florida complex took part in the training. In their        as this attempts to teach em-
                                        anonymous evaluations, the attendees gave the pro-         ployees that the same positive
                                        gram an overall score of 9.3 out of a possible 10.         approach to personal interac-
                                        The K’nekt program itself is a combination of live
                                        and virtual facilitator training. Beyond the focus on      tions will make a difference in
                                        self-development, the program is tailored to the spe-      all aspects of their lives.
                                        cific needs of each facility, providing a double dose
                                        of relevancy.
                                        No one places more importance on the guest experi-
                                        ence than SMG President Wes Westley. He also un-
                                        derstands the key relationship between how employ-
                                        ees treat themselves and how they treat SMG’s
                                        guests. A quote from Mr. Westley stressing courtesy,
                                        consideration and respect appears in every K’nekt
                                        work guide provided at every training session.
                                        SMG is training their employees to be better people
                                        in and out of the workplace while advancing the
                                        facility management industry at the same time. Not
                                        a bad connection to be making.

                  The K’nekt pro-
                  gram itself is a
                  combination of
                  live and virtual
                  facilitator train-
                  ing. Beyond the
                  focus on self-
                  development, the
                  program is tai-
                  lored to the spe-
                  cific needs of
                  each facility, pro-
                  viding a double
                  dose of relevancy.

                  Louisiana Superdome and Reliant Stadium

                  to Host NCAA Men’s and Women’s
                  Final Fours
                  Two SMG-managed facilities, the Louisiana Super-         and the Final Four,” said Doug Thornton, Senior
                  dome (New Orleans, LA) and Reliant Stadium               Vice President, Stadium and Arena Operations.
                  (Houston, TX) have been selected by the NCAA to          “And with the number of first-class facilities nation-
                  host upcoming Men’s Basketball Final Fours. The          wide growing, we at SMG are honored to play host
                  Superdome will host the 2012 Men’s Final Four and        to the Men’s Final Four three times in six years. Be-
                  Reliant Stadium will host the 2016 Finals.               ing offered these events speaks to the hard work and
                       The 2012 Final Four will mark the fifth time         dedication of the cities of New Orleans and Hous-
                  New Orleans has hosted NCAA Basketball’s pre-            ton, as well as the SMG staffs at the Superdome and
                  miere event. Along with the Final Four, the NCAA         Reliant Stadium.”
                  also awarded the City a set of first and second round          Reliant Stadium will host the 2011 and 2010
                  games in 2010, and a Men’s Regional in 2011.             Men’s South Regional Finals. Reliant Stadium also
                       The Men’s Final Four now becomes part of            hosted the South Regionals in 2008. By receiving the
                  what will be a very busy sports year for the City of     2016 Final Four, Houston will host the prestigious
                  New Orleans. In 2012, the Superdome will host the        event twice in six years, something only two other
                  Sugar Bowl and the BCS Championship Game in              cities can claim.
                  January, as well as the Final Four in April. According        Mike Slive, chairman of the NCAA Division I
                  to the Greater New Orleans Convention and Visi-          Men’s Basketball Committee, told AP, “We saw an
                  tors Bureau, these three events will bring in more       example of what Houston has to offer during the
                  than $500 million to the city. The Superdome will        2008 South Regional and have every reason to think
                  also play host to the 2013 Women’s Final Four,           that their future events will be special.”
                  marking the second time the building has hosted the           The 2011 Men’s Final Four will also mark the
                  Men’s and Women’s events in back-to-back years.          40th anniversary of the first, and only Men’s Final
                       “SMG has worked closely, and worked very well       Four to be held in Houston.
                  with the NCAA for many years, assisting them with
                  some of their largest events, such as the Sugar Bowl

                                                                                     “We are pleased that our focus on
                                                                                     industry-leading best practices and
                                                                                     having the most experienced stadium
                                                                                     staff in the country has helped our
                                                                                     clients and NFL team partners create
                                                                                     a world-class game day experience
                                                                                     for the fans.”
                                                                                     Doug Thorton,
                                                                                     SMG’s Senior Vice President of
                                                                                     Stadiums and Arena Operations.

                  Four SMG-Managed Venues Named in
                  Sports Illustrated Top-20 NFL Venues Poll
                       PHILADELPHIA, PA- In a poll conducted by                   All 32 NFL stadiums were “judged” in five different cate-
                  (Sports Illustrated), readers completed a survey about their     gories: Affordability and Food, Tailgating, Team Quality, At-
                  hometown NFL stadium. SMG is proud to announce that four         mosphere, and Accessibility. After tallying the results, they were
                  SMG-managed venues were named in the top 20.                     ranked top to bottom, with the SMG-managed stadiums finish-
                       The four SMG-managed stadiums in the top 20 are: Jack-      ing in the top 10 in a several categories. Jacksonville Municipal
                  sonville Municipal Stadium (5th), Louisiana Superdome (15th),    Stadium, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars, finished fifth in the
                  Reliant Stadium (16th), and Soldier Field (17th).                poll, due largely in part to being ranked first overall in Accessi-
                       “Working with our NFL partners, our top priority is to      bility, and third in Affordability and Food.
                  place the fans in a game day environment that is second to             “We are pleased that our focus on industry-leading best
                  none when it comes to safety and entertainment value,” said      practices and having the most experienced stadium staff in the
                  Wes Westley, President and CEO of SMG. “Sports Illustrated’s     country has helped our clients and NFL team partners create a
                  poll is proof that our general managers and stadiums’ staff      world-class game day experience for the fans,” said Doug Thor-
                  dedicate themselves to providing exemplary service to our cus-   ton, SMG’s Senior Vice President of Stadiums and Arena
                  tomers, week in and week out.”                                   Operations.

                                   SMG’s 2008 Acres of Diamonds

                                   Reward Innovation in
                                   Business Opportunities
                                   SMG’s Acres of Diamonds Awards Pro-           •
   Dolly Vogt - Landmark Thea-
                                   gram is dedicated to acknowledging the             ter and Carpenter Center,
                                   contributions of our employees who have            Richmond, VA
                                   identified and helped close new business
                                   opportunities for SMG in their region.        •
   Larry Wilson - Paramount
                                                                                      Theater, Charlottesville, VA
                                   The title for the Acres of Diamonds award
                                   originates from the notion illustrated in a   •
   Jeff Calkins - Constellation
                                   Arab folk tale, that some of the greatest          Brands - Marvin Sands Per-
                                   opportunities a person can find are often in        forming Arts Center
                                   their own backyard; i.e. an acre of dia-
                                   monds on your own property.                   •
   Colin Revel - Whitley Bay,
                                                                                      Newcastle, UK
                                   To the right are the recipients of the 2008
                                   SMG Acres of Diamonds Awards. In 2008,        •    Steve St. John - Eastern Ken-
                                   ten awards were given out throughout the           tucky Exposition Center
                                   SMG facility network, and we offer the
                                   recipients our congratulations and sincere    •
   Nick Reed - Venue Cymru,
                                   wishes for continued success. We look for-         North Wales, UK
                                   ward to presenting even more Acres of
                                   Diamonds Awards in 2009.                      •
   Tim Higgins - ShoWare Cen-
                                                                                      ter at Kent F&B

   Bob Downey - Jacksonville
                                                                                      Food &Beverage

   Steve Tadlock - Fresno Food &

   John Knight - Bolton Arena,
                                                                                      Bolton, UK

                   In 2008, ten
                  awards were
                  given out
                  the SMG facil-
                  ity network,
                  and we offer
                  the recipients
                  our congratu-
                  lations and
                  wishes for

                                      SMG’s Bolton & Padilla Receive

                                      Venues Today Hall of Headlines
                                            SMG is proud to announce that SMG’s John                David Padilla is the Food and Beverage Director
                                      Bolton and David Padilla have each won a Venues         for the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan,
                                      Today’s 2008 Hall of Headlines Award in the Book-       Puerto Rico. David and his staff won the conces-
                                      ing, and Concessions category, respectively. SMG        sions award after receiving two “Best in Puerto
                                      received six nominations in the four categories         Rico” awards in the span of one month. On Sep-
                                      (News, Bookings, Marketing, Concessions), more          tember 13, 2008, the Convention Center’s Ficus
                                      than any other company.                                 Café won “Best Original Mojito,” as awarded by
                                           General Manager John Bolton and his staff          Bacardi. The Ficus Café Mojito beat out 30 other
                                      were honored for their work surrounding the grand       restaurants. Then, one month later, Padilla accepted
                                      opening of the 19,000-seat BOK Center in Tulsa,         first prize in the “beef category” of the Cattleman’s
                                      Oklahoma. Since the grand opening on August 31,         BBQ Competition. Again, the Café beat out 20
                                      John and his staff have booked 55 events for the first   other competitors.
                                      six months of operation. Shows ranging from con-              “The planning strategy and creative effort be-
                                      certs by The Eagles, AC-DC, Rascal Flats and Jeff       hind our success involved many hands, including our
                                      Dunham, to events such as American Idols Live,          talented ‘mix master’ Luis Rodriguez,” said Thom
                                      World Tour of Gymnastics Superstars, and an NBA         Connors, Senior Regional Vice President of SMG.
                                      exhibition game between the Oklahoma City Thun-         “David challenged Luis to take our existing Mojito
                                      der and the Houston Rockets.                            recipe and kick it up a notch while maintaining con-
                                           “John and his staff have done a phenomenal job     sistency to create the award-winning ‘Bacardi Mo-
                                      in turning the already beautiful BOK Center into        jito.’ For the Cattleman’s BBQ Competition, Sous
                                      one of the industry’s most talked about facilities,”    Chef Federico ‘Fico’ Figueroa captained our team in
                                      said Hank Abate, SMG’s Senior Vice President of         the beef category, producing what was judged the
                                      Arenas. “Hosting 55 events in the first six months       best brisket on the island. A great double victory for
                                      means the BOK Center will host, on average, two         the outstanding culinary staff under David and Chef
                                      major events every week, outstanding numbers for        Luis Alvarez-Principe.”
                                      any facility. Everyone in the SMG arena division
                                      congratulates the BOK Cener staff, and wish them
                                      continued success in the months and years to come,”
                                      Hank added.

                  Left: General
                  Manger John
                  Bolton (inset)
                  received Venues
                  Today Hall of
                  Headlines Award
                  for the stellar
                  opening of The
                  BOK Center in
                  Tulsa, shown here

                  Right: Patrons of
                  Ficus Cafe in the
                  Puerto Rico Con-
                  vention Center
                  enjoy the award-
                  winning Mojito.


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