Meeting Learner Parliament Date Monday 4th October 2010 by cuiliqing


									Meeting:           Learner Parliament
Date:              Monday 4th October 2010

Anthony Bravo      -     Principal
Beverley Smith     -     Deputy Principal Curriculum & Quality
David Moir         -     Deputy Principal Finance & Resources
Ina Green          -     Head of Student Services
Ben Kinross        -     Student Enrichment Officer
Hazel Jones        -     Manager Estates & Facilities
Lynda Pickering    -     Director of 14 - HE (Chair)
Philip Davey       -     Director of Learning
Mary Orsborn       -     Corporation Representative
Bernie Blakeman    -     Catering Manager
Ian Ward           -     Director of IT
Denise Crunden     -     Advice & Guidance Officer
Annalene Beard     -     Tutorial Advice & Guidance Manager

Departmental Representatives   Department
Kevin Dixon        -           Learning Development
Pamela Gomes Leite -           Learning Development
Akriti Rai         -           Learning Development
Keeley Brewer      -           Learning Development
Siouxsie Aplin     -           Engineering & Automotive Technologies
Reese Thomas       -           Engineering & Automotive Technologies
Daniel Wilmott     -           Engineering & Automotive Technologies
Christopher Davis  -           Engineering & Automotive Technologies
Zoe Holder         -           Health, Care Early Years & Sciences
Corey Neale        -           Health, Care Early Years & Sciences
Andy Minty         -           Health, Care Early Years & Sciences
Abo Lillington     -           Health, Care Early Years & Sciences
Nicholas Harpley   -           Health, Care Early Years & Sciences
Chantelle Breslin  -           Health, Care Early Years & Sciences
Dallas Holly       -           Health, Care Early Years & Sciences
Jemma Anderson     -           Health, Care Early Years & Sciences
Diana Farmer       -           Creative Arts & Technologies
Laura Greenway     -           Creative Arts & Technologies
James Rolfe        -           Creative Arts & Technologies

Felix Burr              -            Creative Arts & Technologies
Michael Oliver          -            Creative Arts & Technologies
Sam Delany              -            Creative Arts & Technologies
Jack De’lany            -            Creative Arts & Technologies
Andrew Sweeney          -            Creative Arts & Technologies
Fran Herbert            -            Creative Arts & Technologies
Claire Millward         -            Creative Arts & Technologies
Charnah Bradley         -            Creative Arts & Technologies
Jess Horton             -            Creative Arts & Technologies
Millie Rushe            -            Creative Arts & Technologies
Edward Peskowski        -            Creative Arts & Technologies
Lauryn Smith            -            Hair, Holistic & Beauty Therapies
Egle Butkeviciute       -            Hair, Holistic & Beauty Therapies
Hayley Inman            -            Hair, Holistic & Beauty Therapies
Chris Martin            -            Business, Leisure & Hospitality
Matthew Heslin          -            Business, Leisure & Hospitality
Claire Sutton           -            Business, Leisure & Hospitality
Adam Parry              -            Business, Leisure & Hospitality
Gareth Woodward         -            Business, Leisure & Hospitality
James Booth             -            Business, Leisure & Hospitality
Tawnie Atfield          -            Business, Leisure & Hospitality

                                                             Action      Due Date
1. Apologies

    Bernie Blakeman

2. Welcome to new representatives

    New representatives were welcomed to the meeting;
    the amount of people attending was very encouraging.

3   Minutes from previous Learner Parliament

    2. Catering Services Update
    Opening times have now increased, prices have been
    reduced on hot meals and on Ginster products. Items

available for breakfast have been changed. Salad Bar
has been improved.

There was a concern about the amount of waste
produced from take away packaging. One suggestion
to alleviate this issue was to introduce an extra 20p
charge on take away food, another was to introduce a
loyalty card for students who were “eating in”; buy four   Catering      6/12/10
hot meals and get a fifth one free.                        Manager

The catering provision is now managed in house so any
changes that are agreed can now be implemented more
quickly than they were previously.

3. Issues by Department
Health Care Early Years & Applied Science
More swap days requested. These can be arranged,
learners should talk to tutors to take this forward.
Davy Close
   - Waste provision is currently under review, with a
      view to using a different provider.
   - Vending provision has been reviewed and new           Head of E&F   6/12/10
      ones with a better selection are in place.
   - MP3 players cannot be allowed in workshops for
      Health & Safety reasons.

Business Leisure & Hospitality
A request was made for any photographs that were
taken at the Charity Ball to be sent to Marketing
Department.                                                Head of B&L   20/10/10

If there are any other events that students would like
to develop then there may be monies available to
support these from the enrichment fund.                    All

Creative Arts & Technologies
Heating systems had been changed over, so there will
be more control over the heating this year.
Air conditioning is still being worked on.

   A boodle help desk facility will be made available so     Head of E&F   6/12/10
   that students can raise any issues they may have.
   New skins for drum kits had not been received as yet.

   Learning Development                                      CM            6/12/10
   Both Department Council and Learner Parliament
   minutes were now available on Boodle.
   The dates for Learner Parliament and Council meetings
   will be extended further into the year.
   Training for student representatives is now being
   carried out.

   7. Minutes of 22 March 2010 – Report on Actions
   Smoking Shelters
   Now in place

   Gender Neutral Toilets
   Signs are now in but not in place as yet.

   Workshop 3
   Heating and cooling review being carried out.             Head of E&F   6/12/10

   Car Parking Charges
   At the meeting in June to discuss this issue there were   Head of E&F   6/12/10
   only 5 student reps in attendance. Student reps
   attending the current meeting said that they were
   unaware of the meeting so were unable to put their
   points of view across. LP apologised and stated tutors
   had been asked to inform student reps of the meeting
   date. A text message will be sent in future.

4. Topics from Departmental Councils

   Engineering & Automotive Technologies
   Some students have still not been issued with ID
   badges, this in the main is because of issues with the    IW            6/12/10
   card printing machines.

   The access control system was explained, these
   measures are being put in place for safety reasons.
   Students are expected to wear the ID badges so that it    Reps          20/10/10

is evident that they are students and should be on
college premises. Reps were asked to take this
information back to their groups.

Construction & Interior Skills
No issues, there were no representatives present at the

Business Leisure Hospitality & Professional Studies
The smoking bench on the North Site is broken –               Head of E&F    6/12/10
Health & Safety issue
The pool tables keep breaking                                 Enrich. Off.   20/10/10
It would be better if there were chip and pin facilities to   Catering
pay for food, this had been looked at previously, but         Manager
the decision was made to remove the charge for using
the cash machined instead. There are plans for
cashless vending using student ID cards, but this is still
being investigated.
Sport - Class structure really good this year on
timetabling, delivery models had been reviewed and
additional courses have been added.
There is no interaction with other courses.
Dates of Birth on ID Badges – it was felt by some that        Reps           6/12/10
this was too much information but others were quite
happy. Reps to take back to their groups and ask for
views on what they think, with feedback to the next

Creative Arts and Technologies
Base spaces were good
H&S in the dairy – lanyards were dangerous, were belt         LP             6/12/10
clips available for badges?
There were concerns that there was only one “signer”
available for a student with hearing difficulties which       LP/KR          6/12/10
made it difficult to set up lessons to accommodate.
Macs – thank you
Drum Kit – still broken                                       CM             6/12/10
Recycle bins in classrooms – these were coming as a           Head of E&F    6/12/10
result of the waste management review
Art student supplies are expensive – stock has been           Catering       6/12/10
ordered for selling in the college refectory area. If         Manager

   what is being stocked is not what students are looking
   for please bring the issue back to the next meeting.
   Could more comfortable seating be made available in         Enrichment    6/12/10
   the Lower Concourse.                                        Officer
   LGBT group – reps to speak to Ben Kinross regarding         Enrichment    6/12/10
   this, information to be included in tutorial bulletin and   Officer
   on boodle.
   Will there be a dress code issued for students. LP
   advised that this was not planned at present.

   Most over 18’s feel that college is not geared towards
   adult learners, some feeling patronised by certain
   members of teaching staff.
   Students shouldn’t be expected to pay to park, it was
   explained why this charge had been introduced and
   that there will be a parking attendant in place to
   monitor parking across college.
   Is CCTV working now? CCTV is operational however
   there are some external cameras that are not on the         IW            6/12/10
   new system at present. IW to progress.
   A request was made for cameras to cover bicycle rack
   area. This to be taken up with estates.
   A suggestion was made that those living closer than 4       LP            6/12/10
   miles be made to pay more to park and concessions be
   made for those with difficult circumstances.
   Heating – this issue is being addressed.

   Learning Development
   No issues raised.

   Water cooler requested for science area. There is no
   drinking water supply available at all in that area.        Head of E&F   6/12/10
   Hazel Jones advised that she had not been made aware
   of this issue, but will investigate.
   Recycle bins – see above

5. IT

   Ian Ward gave an overview of the current situation with

   regard to the IT systems.

   All printers should now be working across college.
   Email System – there will not be a BCOT hosted email
   system this year it will be Microsoft Life System, stage
   one is complete, testing is being carried out at present,
   and the facility should be available within the next
   week. There is the need to make sure systems are
   working properly before they are rolled out to all for

   Student Representatives to make Ian Ward aware of           Student Reps
   any issues they were experiencing before they left the
   meeting so that he can investigate.

   Ian also gave out his email address so that any issues
   can be fed straight to him for investigation.

6. Student Union

      a. Election of New Executive
   The election took place at the end of the meeting with
   the following results:-

   President - James Booth (BLHPS)

   Deputy President - Fran Herbert (CATS)

   Treasury Team –
   Sam Delany (CATS), Felix Burr (CATS), Tawnie Atfield
   (HCEYAS), Adam Parry (BLHPS) and Abi
   Lillington (HCEYAS)

   Sustainability Team - Jemma Anderson (HCEYAS),
   Millie Rushe (CATS) and Chantelle Breslin (HCEYAS)

   Social Activities Team - Nick Harpley (HCEYAS), Abi
   Lillington (HCEYAS), Millie Rushe (CATS), Adam Parry
   (BLHPS), Jess Horton (CATS), Claire Sutton (BLHPS),
   Claire Milward (CATS), Tawnie Atfield (HCEYAS) and
   Charnah Bradley (CATS)

   HE Team – TBC

   Equality & Diversity Team - Millie Rushe (CATS),
   Diana Farmer (CATS) and Charnah Bradley (CATS)

   Mature Students Team - Daniel Wilmott (EngAuto),
   Claire Sutton (BLHPS), Michael Oliver (CATS), Zoe
   Holder (HCEYAS) and Siouxsie Aplin (EngAuto)

   Health & Safety/NUS Team - Corey Neale (HCEYAS),
   Adam Parry (BLHPS) and Michael Oliver (CATS)

       b. Forthcoming Student Union Activities
   If there were any issues that couldn’t be addressed at
   this meeting please let Ben Kinross know by email.

   V registration forms to be completed by meeting
   attendees, which will results in a certificate being

   Black History Month posters were shown to the meeting
   and representatives were encouraged to attend any
   local events that had been planned.

   Students will be attending the demonstration in London
   against Education Cuts, more information can be found
   on the BCOT Student Facebook page and on Twitter.

7. Any Other Business

   Lynda thanked the representatives for coming along to
   the meeting, it was very impressive to see so many
   attendees (40) and hoped that they would all keep
   coming along and we were reliant on representatives to
   spread and gather information.

8. Date of Next Meeting - Monday 6th December


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