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Hands-on Project/Program Leader / SCM Architect /Configuration Management Specialist

       Oversee, design, and provide solutions for implementation of configuration
       management, process creation and control, Software Quality Assurance
       Architecture/Framework, and to enhance the overall quality of software configuration
       and release control at the project, product, organization or enterprise level


   Superior record of steady career progression over 20 years working directly with some of the
    top IT consulting firms (EDS, Capgemini, and CSC) while serving some of the largest and
    global clients (US Treasury, Fannie Mae, Census Bureau, Gulfstream Aerospace, Ford, GM,
    and GMAC).
   Proficient in working with multiple stake holders, multiple vendors, project resources,
    reporting to sr. management, gathering requirements, documentation, design, and
    presenting ideas for review/approval.
   Proven ability to implement organizational change and manage enterprise SCM projects
    working with multiple teams and geographic locations.
   Experience includes management of IT and SCM projects.
   Work Ethics – Reliable, persistent, and hard working to ensure project success. Take pride in
    designing and implementing SCM solutions. Passionate about implementing the best
    practical solutions to meet the organizational goals while providing the highest ROI. Always
    in-tuned in paying attention to the client, promptly acting upon the direction from the senior
    management, and in building lasting relationships with co-workers and project teams.
   SDLC – Practical experience and in-depth knowledge of SDLC gained while supporting
    multiple software development projects for multiple clients in various roles (QA, Software
    Programmer, Technical Leadership, Management, SCM Solution Design and
    Implementation). Hands-on experience in Architecting, Designing, Developing data driven
    applications using C/C++ and Java programming languages.
    SCM – Over 11 years of experience in designing and implementing SCM Solutions. Assessing
    as-is environments and implementing practical solutions to meet organizational needs.
    Expert knowledge of Source Code Control, Branching, SW Integration, Baselines, CM Audits,
    Change, Defect, Build, Release, and Configuration Management practice. Hands-on
    experience with ClearCase, ClearQuest, PVCS, VM, Dimensions, SVN, CVS, Remedy, Mercury,
    and additional SCM tools.
   Best Practices – Experienced in Implementing SCM Solutions while utilizing SDLC, CMMi, ITIL,
    ISO900, SEI, and IEEE best practices.
   QA – Over 5 years of hands-on experience working as a Quality Control Analyst. Developed
    test plans and test cases for C/C++, and Java applications running on Windows, UNIX, and
    Mainframe environments. Utilized testing tools for debugging and generation of Metrics.
   Databases – Thorough knowledge of relational databases, architecture, SQL, PL/SQL,
    schemas and hands-on experience in working with Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, Ingress,
    and Access database.
   OS/Platforms - Extensive experience with all major UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, AIX), Linux, and
    Windows Platforms (NT, 2000/2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7), including some experience with
   Automation tools – Proficient in design, development, and implementation of SCM
    automation tools and scripts within SDLC and Agile environments.

AREA                        TECHNOLOGY
OS                          NT, Windows 2000/2003, XP, Unix (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX), Linux (RedHat), MF
Version Control             CVS, Subversion (SVN), ClearCase, PVCS, VM, Dimensions, Harvest
Build & Integration         make, ant, build forge
App/Web Servers             IIS, Apache, IBM Websphere
Languages & Scripting       C, C++, Java/J2EE, VB, SQL, .NET, Ant, UNIX Shell (bsh/ksh/csh/tcsh), Perl,
Defect Tracking Tools       ClearQuest, Team Track, Remedy, Mercury
Database                    Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL
Methodologies               SDLC, RAD, Agile, Scrum, RUP, Waterfall
Best Practices              ITIL, CMMI Level 5, ISO9000, SEI, IEEE
Miscellaneous Tools         Visio, MS Office Suite, MS Project, Clarity, Business Objects, Micro Strategy


    Borland Requirements Management Essential Training (2003)
    Project Management Training by Keane Consulting Inc. (2002)
    Systems Engineering & Systems Analyst Training by EDS (1996 - 1998)
    Oracle & PL/SQL Training by Oracle (2002)
    Java Object Oriented Programming Training by Sun Microsystem (2001)
    SAP Document Management Training by SAP (2001)
    ClearCase Training by Rational (2001)
    Dale Carnegie Relationship Management Training by Dale Carnegie Institute (1991)
    CMMi Training (level 3 – 5 environments) provided by EDS and Keane Inc. (1996 – 2003)

Enterprise SCM Architect (08/10 – 10/10)
Independent Contractor, Client – Fannie Mae, Herndon, VA
    Note that his assignment was shortened due to unexpected budget cuts. Will provide
     excellent internal references from Fannie Mae.
    Worked as an Enterprise SCM Architect and Process Lead. Was responsible of Process
     Engineering and Operational Support as listed below.
    PROCESS ENGINEERING: Establish, document, and sustain standardized change
     management processes specific to business requirements, application defects, and
     application enhancements. Train, facilitate implementation, and standardized these
     processes across Fannie Mae enterprise.
    LIASON and COORDINATION SUPPORT: Based on defined requirements, create / manage
     change requests. Schedule the change based on project goals i.e. emergency fix, risk
     minimization, or resources. Monitor approval of the requests and facilitate as needed.
     Shakeout or test changes prior to turnover.
    OPERATIONAL SUPPORT: Perform tool administration for Rational RequisitePro, ClearQuest and
     ClearCase. Analyze and provide problem resolution on technical issues. Identify potential
     improvements to increase the reliability, availability, support, and performance of the
     applications and infrastructure. Interface with developers, test users; communicate with
     technical, management, and external teams to identify and resolve problems.
    ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS: Investigate problems to determine their root cause, including
     conducting research, interviews, and evidence gathering; and writing reports of findings,
     conclusions, and recommendations for subsequent actions.
   COLLABORATION: Collaborate with Quality and Process Management architects to develop,
    maintain and improve process automation, monitoring, and reporting tools. Collaborate with
    application and infrastructure architects and developers to maintain and improve the
    overall performance, reliability, scalability, supportability of the application and

Lead SCM Specialist (03/10 – 08/10)
ICS, Client – Department of Commerce (Census Bureau), Suitland, MD
   Joined ICS at the peak of 2010 Census to evaluate and streamline SCM processes.
   Accessed existing processes to eliminate inefficiencies and non-compliance. Provided
    recommendations and implemented solutions to enhance and streamline SCM processes.
   Designed and Implemented defect tracking process utilizing existing licenses of HP Mercury.
   Automated and streamlined build process with SVN and ANT. Implemented Agile Continuous
    Integration process to automate daily builds, releases, and deployments. Kept 100+
    resources (Developers, DBS, Testers, and Operational Support personal) informed regarding
    the build, release and deployment schedules.
   Enhanced processes for making (DDL, DML, and DCL) changes to Oracle (test, beta, and
    production) databases.
   Implemented scripts to perform smoke test after each deployment.
   Chaired and facilitated the daily Architectural Review Board (ARB) and Change Control
    Board (CCB) meetings.
   Responded to audit requests and worked with the auditors to ensure compliance.
   Implemented scripts to continually monitor QA, BETA, PRF, and PROD environments.
   Implemented scripts to send alerts in the event of performance degradation or failure.
   Provided SCM support and training for new resources joining the team.
   Implemented application versioning scheme.

Sr. SCM Architect/Process Lead (07/09 - 03/10)
Alon Inc, Client – US Treasury (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency), Washington, DC
   Worked as a SCM Enterprise Process Architect and Process Lead. Responsible of reviewing,
    designing, enhancing, and controlling SCM processes at the enterprise level.
   Responsible of communicating, documenting, and implementing CM policies.
   Responsible of evaluating existing SCM process and tools, working with the SCM tool vendors
    and suppliers to evaluate SCM tools and to determine the best fit, provided
    recommendations to streamline SCM processes at an enterprise level to reduce service
    disruptions and downtime for the user base consisting of 4000+ user.
   Responsible of providing recommending and designing new processes, presenting new
    ideas to the sr. management, receiving authorizations to implement, enhancing existing
    processes, updating SCM plans, procedures, flowcharts, and documents.
   Provided training to the user base in using new tools and processes (PMs, SW Developers,
    DBAs, and IT Operational Support Personal).
   Provided a complete set of requirements to implement a new defect tracking system using
    ClearQuest. This has been designed, developed, implemented, and currently being used at
    the OCC as an enterprise defect management system.
   Provided requirements and recommendations for implementing CMDB.
   Implemented processes for conducting SCM audits within the OCC environment.
   Implemented versioning scheme for major, minor, and emergency releases.
   Implemented requirements for back-out procedures.
   Participated in CCBs, assessed risk for various implementation plans, participated in release
    schedule meeting, reviewed communication and deployment plans, and provided weekly
    release readiness status to the sr. management.
   Implemented processes surrounding the use of CM tools (ClearCase, VM, PVCS) in
    branching, merging, promoting code through various lifecycle stages (development, testing,
    and production), locking source code, and creating baselines.
Sr. Software Configuration, Change, and Release Manager (06/08 – 05/09)
Independent Consulting, Client – Intelizign, Bloomfield Hills, MI
   Designed and implemented an end-to-end Configuration Management Plan for 80+
    member team with a highly automated build and deploy process on UNIX platforms.
   Implemented branching scheme for parallel development, merging, and code integration.
   Implemented a web based defect tracking system accessible 24x7 in the United States and
   Performed daily configuration, change, build, and deployment activities.
   Chaired and facilitated CCB meetings.
   Managed test, beta, and production environments.

SCM Architect and Process Lead (10/06 – 06/08)
Capgemini, Client – General Motors, Southfield, MI
 Worked as an Architect and Process Lead responsible of overseeing the SCM activities for
  two separate teams (software development, software maintenance/support) consisting of
  over 350 resources located in four geographical regions (Michigan, Chicago, Canada, and
 Gathered corporate requirements from the project office, and project requirements from the
  stake holders to conduct initial assessment.
 Manage a geographically dispersed release management team consisting of nine CMs.
 Planned, defined, received approvals, and implemented the following CM processes and
  tools in support of GM initiatives at the Capgemini development center
       o SW Development Process based on SDLC along with a fully automated integration,
           build, and deployment process to (test, beta, performance, and production)
       o Configuration Management Process utilizing SVN and VM
       o Sharing of test and development environments by the development, QA, and the
           support team.
 Implemented processes and created plans to consolidate code into a single repository for
  over 150 applications. The source code was initially scattered over at multiple vendor sites in
  various geographical locations. Identified and worked with the SCM Leads for each of the
  applications to track, transfer, and integrate code into a single repository.
 Provided SCM training to create awareness and to insure compliance with the SCM policies
  and procedures.
 Participated in CCBs and release planning meetings.
 Conducted SCM audits on high visibility projects to verify compliance. Provided audit reports
  to the stake holders.
Capgemini, Client – MDS Pharmaceuticals, Dallas, Tx
 Implemented a complete IT Asset Management solution for MDS Pharmaceuticals based on
  CMDB within an ITIL and FDA regulated environment.
 The complete solution was implemented in three phases.
       o Requirements gathering (detailed information on CIs and attributes to be captured,
           maintained over its lifespan, and retired).
       o Architecture, design, and implementation of CMDB and auto-discovery tools.
       o Implementation of tools, training, and work methods to analyze and reconcile the
           differences between the CMDB and the data collected by the auto-discovery tools. .
           Implementation also included CMDB Audit Plan, Physical Inventory Audits Plan,
           Missing Data Work Instructions (WI), Data Normalization WI, Processing Duplicate CIs,
           setting up templates along with the routing and approval process to capture
           approvals prior to adding new CIs and making changes to existing CIs, and more.
 This project was administered and managed from the Capgemini Data Center located in
 The project was implemented at an enterprise level and comprised of over 6000 CIs located
  at multiple facilities in Canada.
Software Development Manager (11/05 - 10/06)
CSC, Client - GD Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Savannah, GA
   Worked as a SW Development Manager managing multiple projects within the VIPER
    portfolio of Client/Server and Web based Applications. These applications were developed
    in .Net using C#, VB, and ASP programming with SQL Server backend.
   Responsible of client interface in managing daily activities, interfacing lead engineers of
    various engineering disciplines to design, enhance, and re-engineer PLM/PDM process in
    Enovia/LCA environment.
   Responsibilities included managing a team of BAs, Architects, DBAs, Programmers, Testers,
    Administrators, and Network Engineers to build, integrate, test, and deploy 3-tier solutions.
   Provided direction to Configuration Managers in streamlining SCM processes, ensuring
    proper baselines are created and maintained, integrating, and managing source code
    received from multiple project resources and vendors (IBM, Axiom, Dassault, and Insight) in
    the Harvest repository.

Software Development Manager (05/04 - 07/05)
Keane Consulting Inc., Client – General Motors Acceptance Corp. (GMAC), Southfield, MI
   Managed a development portfolio of PC-Fast/OSCAR applications
   Managed a team of on-shore and near-shore (Canadian team) of technical resources
    (programmers, analysts, & DBAs).
   Acted as a conduit through which all work request and new requirements were channeled,
    assigned, monitored, and approved.
   Ensured all PC-Fast source code and artifacts were properly tracked and promoted in the
    PVCS repository.
   In-charge of ensuring adhering to the CMMi level 5 processes.
   In-charge of ensuring all documents were up-to-date, approved, signed-off, and properly
   Performed Release Management activities utilizing CVS repository for the OSCAR application.
   OSCAR application was developed in Java/J2EE, on a Websphere platform in a UNIX
   OSCAR application also utilized server clusters for load balancing and failover capabilities.
    Whereas PC-Fast portfolio contained a set of client/server applications that were developed
    using VB/VBA with SQL Server backend.
   Administered CVS repository and users on a Linux platform to manage OSCAR source code.
   Wrote step-by-step deployment instructions for IBM resources that controlled the production
    environment. The instructions included:
        o Configuration changes to the production environment.
        o Deployment of Java/J2EE code on Websphere platform.
        o DDL, DML, and DCL changes to the Oracle database.
   Conducted Release Readiness reviews.
   Coordinated nightly deployments requiring Keane, IBM, and HP resources.

Configuration/Release Manager/PDM Metaphase Administrator (03/99 - 05/04)
Keane Consulting Inc., Client – Ford Motors, Dearborn, MI
   Worked as a dedicated and people-oriented Metaphase Administrator with a positive
   Administered Metaphase application on the distributed UNIX platforms.
   Configured, Administered, and Managed R&D, test, integration, and training environments.
   Implemented Metaphase patches, updates, and new releases.
   With every new Metaphase release, identified deprecated APIs in the customized
    Metaphase code.
   Notified project teams to update customizations by removing deprecated code.
   Worked as a gatekeeper and as a configuration manager in a multi-vendor environment to
    receive, integrate, manage, and build customized code. Vendors were located at various
    facilities within the United States, Germany, and India.
   Build and deploy C/C++ and Java code on the UNIX platforms (HP-UX, AIX, and Solaris).
   Streamlined build and deployment process using makefiles, Perl, and UNIX scripts.
   Created cron jobs and wrote Perl, UNIX, and SQL scripts to automate maintenance and
    monitoring of multiple environments.
   Maintained and updated backend Oracle databases.
   Created scripts to continually monitor and alert on-call support personal when issues were
   Managed ClearCase VOBS, created branches for parallel development, setup standard
    ClearCase views to integrate and build code.
   Issued and tracked ClearCase branches to the project teams and vendors.
   Created naming and numbering schemes for major, minor, and emergency release.
   Worked with multiple vendors and project teams to diagnose and resolve build issues.

C/C++ Programmer/Configuration Manager (07/95 - 02/99)
EDS, Client – General Motors, Warren, MI
   Under the guidance of the Senior Unigraphics development team, designed, enhanced,
    and customized the Unigraphics code on UNIX platforms (Sun and HP) using C/C++
    programming language.
   Customized Unigraphics code for the CAD designers to by automating the manual time
    consuming tasks.
   Reduced design time for repetitive manual tasks through customization and automation
    from weeks to hours.
   Participated in and facilitated code reviews. As a facilitator ensured all of the changes
    identified during the code review are correctly updated and checked-in to the SCM
   Played a key role as a configuration and release manager for this project.
   Implemented proprietary EDS configuration management tools on the UNIX platforms.
   Implemented version numbering scheme.
   Created makefiles to streamline the build process.
   Created UNIX scripts to track, package, and deploy correct versions of the code at various
    vendor sites. Each vendor had a unique environment which required proper versions to be
   Created UNIX scripts to baseline, package, archive, and extract proper versions from the
   Maintained compliance with the ISO 9000 best practices and requirements.
   Helped the organization and the project team in strictly adhering to CMMi Level 3 guidelines
    and in achieving CMMi Level 3 certification.

QA/Test Engineer (1989 – 1995)
ICI, Client – Ford Motors, Dearborn, MI
   Developed test design and test plan documents for the SBDS Diagnostic System Software.
   Created test cases to test each of the SBDS diagnostic routines.
   Worked with the QA team to identify bugs and log issues.
   Worked with the Software Development team and the Automotive Engineers to resolve the
    identified issues.

Association Memberships
 Capgemini Global
 North America Big 5 Consultants

Anwar-Ul-Uloom College, Hyderabad, India
Pre-Engineering with emphasis on (Math, Physics, and Chemistry), completed (1980 to 1982)

Oakland Community College, Auburn Heights, MI
Automobile Technology Program, completed with GPA 3.8/4.0 (1986 to 1988)

Electronic Data Systems, Southfield, MI
EDS Core IT Systems Engineering Program, completed & ranked top 3% of the class (1996 - 1998)
With emphasis on Software Development, Process Analysis & Design, Relational Databases, and
Quality Control

Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI
Mechanical Engineering, fourth year incomplete. (1989 to 1993)

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