franchise by stariya


									If you are ready to start your own business, you will truly be excited about Prestige Tour
and Travel.

Our company was incorporated March 1993 has established a team of hard working
travel professionals to help you achieve your Dream. Our Team is working towards a
common goal of financial independence and industry domination.

There are talks in the industry about the Airlines cutting agency commission and
surcharging tickets booked by travel agents. They are doing everything they can to
eliminate us. This is the more reason why you have to join us; with a strong voice we can
make a difference in the industry.

Travel Agents are one of the most important professions in the world and the demand for
our service is always essential, there is nothing satisfying to see the happy faces of your
client when you provide them with a perfect service and also knowing they can find
Prestige Tour And Travel Inc. wherever they travel to.

Moreover, our company’s gross annual sales would determine how we are perceived by
the Airlines; we can divert our market to which ever Airline whose policies we deemed
are favorable to us.

You start making money from day one when you receive your franchise license. You are
paid directly to you designated bank Account.

We have a great team to train you and assist you. The most exciting advantage of this
franchise is the low-down payment if you feel this is the opportunity for you fill-out the
application form and submit to us.

We look forward in meeting with you soon.


1. Initial Deposit (Non-Refundable)                          ……             $5,000

2. Monthly franchise fee                                     …….            $500

2. Office Location (rental)

3. Office Equipments

4. 80 hours Intensive Training on sabre.

5. Initial intensive advertising.

The purpose of this application is for general information to begin evaluating your
qualifications to be considered for the Prestige Tour and Travel franchise. All
information will be kept confidential. Complete the application in its entirety,

Name: ____________________________ Social Security Number:____-_____-_____

Address:_______________________________ City:________ State:___ Zip:_______

Date of Birth _________/________/_________ E-mail Address __________________

U. S. Citizen? ____ YES ____NO

Home Phone : ________-_______-_________ Best Time To call _________________

Business Phone : ______-_______-_________ Best Time To call _________________

Marital Status: ___Single ___Married ___Divorced

Spouse’s Name: _____________________ Social Security Number:____-_____-_____

Date of Birth _________/________/______ U. S. Citizen? ____ YES ____NO

Describe any physical disabilities or limitations: ______________________________

What family members would be active in the business?:________________________

Will you have a business partner?:__ Yes __No    Percentage share:______________

Where did you learn about Prestige Tour And Travel initial?:___________________

EDUCATION Circle Last Year Completed               Name of Institution, State, Major

High School          9      10     11     12     ______________________________

College              1      2      3      4      ______________________________

Graduate             1      2      3      4      ______________________________

Special Awards or Honors: ________________________________________________

Language Spoken Fluently: _____English ____Spanish ____French_____Others

Computer Knowledge : Trams_______ Excel______MSWord______Other_______

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