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									                         INLAND REGION– GOLDEN GUARDIAN 2005 FULL SCALE EXERCISE
                                           AGENCY OBJECTIVES
                                          November 15 & 16, 2005

  AGENCY               1ST OBJECTIVE                       2ND OBJECTIVE                            3RD OBJECTIVE                    4th OBJECTIVE
Federal         Within 30 minutes of receipt of   Within 30 minutes of arrival on-          Within 1 hour of arrival at         Upon identification and
Bureau of       a potential terrorism event by    scene, responding agent will contact      Incident Command Post,              collection of evidence, FBI
Investigation   FBI Office, at least one agent    Incident Commander as a liaison,          responding agent in coordination    WMD coordinator will
                will be dispatched to respond     and establish a direct link to national   with FBI WMD Coordinator will       provide liaison notification
                to the event.                     resources via telephone.                  assess the situation and effect     to ensure proper
                                                                                            further notification of FBI         submission of evidence for
                                                                                            specialized units to initiate a     further testing.
                                                                                            formal threat assessment
Sacramento      First responders arriving on-     First responders will identify threat     Sheriff / Police Department         Stand-up appropriate EOC.
County          scene will don all necessary      level and attempt to identify             communications centers will         Ensure interoperability of
Sheriff’s       and appropriate Personal          hazardous substances present. The         conduct emergency notifications     communications system.
Department      Protection Equipment (PPE)        First responder will then determine       calling in off-duty personnel as    Sacramento Sheriff
                with appropriate filters inside   isolation and containment needs of        required procedures to be           Department / Sacramento
                the determined cold zone.         the incident as well as any               accomplished within one hour.       Police Department will
                First responders will use Bio-    evacuation needs. Next Objective:         Sheriff/ Police Department          give updates and status
                chem tape with PPEs. Special      Sheriff / Police Department will set      commands will establish             reports through the local
                care will be given to protect     an Unified Command with other             operational periods within 1 hour   JIC.
                hands & feet with supplied        First Responders.                         of notification of incident.
Law             Within 45-60 minutes a            Chaplaincy Representatives will           Within two hours of event, will     Determine and assist with
Enforcement     Chaplaincy representative will    assist first responders with              active initiate mutual aid from     the logistics branch on the
Chaplaincy –    respond to established EOC        trauma/crisis issues by using             other crisis responders from        amount of support needed
Sacramento      and determine what assistance     defusing techniques at sites to be        outside agencies. They will be      for the operational periods
                is needed, regarding crisis and   determined by the Chaplaincy Rep.         requested to respond to a           as directed. Next
                trauma issues with public                                                   predetermined site for staging.     Objective: Evaluate and
                safety officers.                                                                                                determine the impact of
                                                                                                                                event on 1st responders
                                                                                                                                during demobilization

                                        AGENCY OBJECTIVES
                                       November 15 & 16, 2005
Sacramento   After receiving call out from      Within two hours of arrival on-scene   After donning appropriate PPE       Assist law enforcement
County       Sacramento County Operator,        receives a situation report from the   the responding agent will assist    agencies with expedited
District     will have District Attorney        Incident Commander and forwards        the FBI and other law               search and/or arrest
Attorney’s   (DA) representative                this information to the District       enforcement agencies in the         warrants reviews with
Office       (Investigator/HAZMAT Spec.         Attorney.                              identification, collection,         ACDDA Steve Grippi and
             Brian Maloney) will respond                                               packaging and preservation of       a pre-designated magistrate
             to the command post of the                                                evidence. District Attorney         for State warrants being
             HAZMAT incident in                                                        investigator will work directly     sought.
             conjunction with the Crime                                                with Crime Lab personnel and
             Lab within one hour.                                                      will provide force protection for
             Responding agent will possess                                             crime lab personnel.
             appropriate Level “B” Personal
             Protection Equipment (PPE)
             (SCBA, Mask, 2 air cylinders,
             filters and protective clothing)
             as well as appropriate law
             enforcement equipment. DA
             Investigator will report to
             primary investigating agent
             along with Crime Lab Team
             within 1 hour of call-out.

                                           AGENCY OBJECTIVES
                                          November 15 & 16, 2005
Union Pacific   Respond to call and determine    Coordinate with local law               Exclude all persons not directly    Prevent trespassers from
Railroad        extent of the emergency and      enforcement agencies to determine       involved in the response to the     entering or remaining on
                note wind direction and          the scope of their activities and the   emergency from the scene,           Company property.
                velocity. Determine what         need for additional assistance.         including from the support zone.
                hazardous commodities are                                                                                    Provide security for high
                involved before getting too                                                                                  value loads and other
                close to the scene of                                                                                        company assets involved in
                accident/incident. Do not                                                                                    the accident/incident.
                jeopardize your own safety
                when approaching the
                accident/incident site.

Sacramento      Ensure an effective              Assess notification and EOC             Demonstrate EOC action              Demonstrate the adequacy
County          coordination of the county and   activation procedures for activation    planning in compliance with         of situation status
Emergency       operational area emergency       of the emergency management             NIMS/SEMS.                          reporting; collection
Operations      response organizations within    organization within 1 hour.             Give updates and status reports     methods, and displays to
Office          1 hour                                                                   through the PIO and Local JIC.      support emergency
                                                                                                                             operations in the EOC.
                                                                                                                             Timely submission of
                                                                                                                             RIMS reports.
Sacramento      Respond to the event with        Identify evidence- chemicals,           Wear PPE and use air                Collect biological or
County          trained and properly equipped    biological, shoe and tire               monitoring equipment to assess      chemical evidence as
District        personnel within 1 hour          impressions, trace collections from     atmosphere and environment at       necessary, plastic castings
Attorney        (during normal working hours)    bodies, vehicles etc. at incident.      incident location. Collection and   etc, along with reference
Crime Lab       and within 2 hours (outside                                              archiving of photographic           samples. Transfer
                normal working hours).                                                   evidence at scene of incident for   evidence to investigating
                Contact lead investigators.                                              possible later criminal             agencies within 4 hours.
Office of       Verify that California’s         Verify that closet appropriate          Verify that California OES is       Notify that California OES
Emergency       Standardized Emergency           resources are responded in a timely     notified in a priority manner by    make appropriate

                                         AGENCY OBJECTIVES
                                        November 15 & 16, 2005
Services      Management System (SEMS),          and coordinated manner, to include      the lead public agency dispatch.   subsequent notifications as
(OES) Fire    including ICS and Multi-           knowing which agreement and             That there is one agency making    required by under their
and Rescue    Agency Coordination System         ordering system resources are being     notification.                      policies and procedures.
              (MACS) components are              requested through and by whom.
              adhered to for all California
              response actions.
Yolo County   Activate EOC within 1 hour of      Contact elected and appointed           Provide resources via mutual aid
OES           incident. Provide resources for    Officials within 1 hour from onset of   as requested through the field
              information to operational area    incident. Advise Public of the          command to mitigate and
              jurisdictions (Region IV) and      situation and procedures thru PIO       remove problems.
              State Operations Center using      and through the local JIC.
              Response Information
              Management System (RIMS).
DMAT CA -     Test rapid deployment of           Packaging of team cache, loading,       Operations Chief will augment      Track patients from
11            DMAT team within 6 hours.          and moving cache to site within 4       DMAT medical staff by              reception via triage tags,
              Provide for the direct medical     hours.                                  requesting personnel form          and tracking medical
              care of up to 250 patients a day                                           Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)        records. Discharge patients
              and to augment local medical                                               and assigning MRC staff to         or transfer to appropriate
              capacity during the event.                                                 defined shifts.                    facility, including
                                                                                                                            discharge instructions,
                                                                                                                            pharmacy and transfer of
                                                                                                                            medical records.
Yolo County   Activate Mutual Aid System         EOC to be set-up and running within     Establish perimeter access and     Evaluate the mutual aid
Sheriff’s     on notification of incident and    1 hour. Maintain support at County      control at incident. Increase      system within Yolo
Department.   have resources available within    EOC. Make status updates through        manning levels for added public    County.
              1 hour to respond.                 the local EOC and local JIC.            safety.
Cal-OSHA      Receive Notification from          Cal/OSHA ICP representative             Assist IC Safety Officer in        Effectively assure safety
              OES Warning Center within          evaluates and assesses the              developing incident Health and     and health protection of
              30 min. of incident. Effect        appropriate selection and use of        Safety Site Plan by end of first   first responders through
              timely activation of Cal/OSHA      personal protective equipment by        operational period. Receive        intervention within ICS to
              emergency response staff to        first responders within first two       adequate information from field    prevent, minimize or

                                         AGENCY OBJECTIVES
                                        November 15 & 16, 2005
              incident command post within       hours of arrival at ICP. Emergency       staff and Safety Officer to keep     correct unnecessary risks
              2 hours of notification.           response staff assigned to field         HASP updated and issue safety        and exposure to hazards.
              Cal/OSHA notification to           duties and arrive at staging areas       bulletins as needed.                 Corrective actions to be
              federal OSHA within 8 hours        within 2 hours of integration into IC.                                        taken in timely manner
              of notification. Cal/OSHA                                                                                        commensurate with
              integrates into ICP as technical                                                                                 severity of risk but no later
              specialists in Planning Section                                                                                  than end of operational
              within 2 hours of notification                                                                                   period.
              and establish contact with IC
              Safety Officer.
Sacramento    Respond Representative to          Integrate into existing response plan    Address unplanned volunteer          Test the appropriate use of
Sheriff’s     EOC, integrate with command        by determining staging area and role     issues through Volunteer             issued equipment to be
Department/   staff and determine a level of     at incident. Test inter-operability of   Services Bureau command staff.       used by personnel. Identify
Sacramento    response necessary for             Medical Reserve Corps deployment.                                             need for additional
Police        incident.                                                                                                        equipment and/or training.
Placer        Activate the EOC following         Develop an action plan for at least 3    Request and coordinate               Direct and control
County OES    established procedures.            operational periods; provide public      additional response support, state   protection of at risk
              Notification of Government         information and provide rumor            and federal assistance through       population through direct
              agencies and officials within 1    control operations through local JIC.    EOC. Integrate assisting             activation of traffic and
              hour of incident.                                                           agencies in county EOC.              access of control.

Regional      Identify within 10 minutes the     Localize buses/trains within effected    Determine populations effected       Determine equipment and
Transit       effected area and routes of        area. Divert all other resources from    within the area and mitigation       resources available to assist
Police        buses and trains.                  the area within 15 minutes of initial    measures needed.                     within 30 minutes of
                                                 incident.                                                                     incident.
Department    Communicate to the public,         Activate Department of Health and        Coordinate with EMS, DHA,

                                           AGENCY OBJECTIVES
                                          November 15 & 16, 2005
of Health and with “one voice”, through the       Human Services DOC to test              and the Red Cross to establish
Human         Public Health Officers’ PIO,        readiness and support of County         the location and staffing of
Services      the public health issues that are   EOC operations.                         shelter(s) for the medically
              present. Assess the public                                                  fragile.
              response needed, i.e. Shelter in
              place or evacuate to public
Sacramento    Participate in the JIC to           Receive and appropriately distribute    Receive and respond to requests
County        address community wide              strategic national stockpile contents   for relevant Public Health
Public        health concerns and promote         as required in a Mass Casualty          resources to support the
Health        appropriate behavioral              event.                                  medically fragile that present to
              response of the public.                                                     shelters.
              First Responders shall              Coordinate all fire department          Activate and staff local DOC        Test Mutual Aid and
Fire Agencies recognize the event as a WMD        activities through a Unified            and FOC to effectively              Communications plans.
              and don appropriate PPE. First      Command.                                communicate with County EOC.
              Responders will isolate, deny         Integrate multiple agency             Provide for continuity of           Work with local JIC for
              entry and attempt to identify       Hazardous Materials Response            services to non-effected areas.     updates and status of
              hazard. First Responders will       Team’s (HMRT) to mitigate                                                   incident.
              set up a Unified Command and        incident.
              request appropriate resources
              to mitigate the hazard.

                Practice the use of equipment     Establish communication with other      Integrate our tactical teams with   Participate in the Unified
Roseville       in a HAZMAT environment,          law enforcement agencies                the other tactical teams on scene   Command process.
Police          i.e. gas masks with proper        participating in the event.
Department      filter system.

                                          AGENCY OBJECTIVES
                                         November 15 & 16, 2005
Elk Grove      Receive request for response       Arrive at incident, properly check-     Choose appropriate location for      Execute appropriate gross
Fire           of Decon71. Battalion 10 to        in, obtain assignment(s), and           the decontamination corridor to      decontamination while
Department     process said request, and send     briefing on incident strategy, goals,   be established (Based upon           Decon’71 is set up.
               unit along with sufficient         and objectives.                         weather, location to incident        Execute effective
               support companies to                                                       impact area, foot traffic pattern,   decontamination through
               effectively implement a                                                    vehicle traffic pattern,             duration of incident.
               decontamination corridor.                                                  topography, and surface drainage
                                                                                          features.                            Properly shut down
                                                                                                                               corridor, complete
                                                                                                                               necessary documentation,
                                                                                                                               and properly demobilize
                                                                                                                               from the incident. Upon
                                                                                                                               return to district, properly
                                                                                                                               re-stock apparatus, and
                                                                                                                               complete internal

California     Within the first hour of Mutual    Within 1 hour, CHP will join            Within 2 hours, the Valley           Continue to evaluate
Highway        Aid request, first responders      Unified Command and identify role       Division ERC will be activated       operational needs and
Patrol (CHP)   will respond to staging area       under the mutual aid request.           and will communicate with on         adjust accordingly.
Sacramento/    and determine needs as it                                                  scene IC. Together they will         Emergency Response
Valley         relates to responder safety and                                            handle local level                   Center (ERC) staff will
Division       PPE needs. First responders                                                communications with local allied     continue operations.
               will assess traffic issues as it                                           agencies, address staffing needs
               relates to evacuation routes,                                              (12 hour shifts, cancel days off),
               closure, detours and                                                       operational and/or equipment
               emergency personnel entry.                                                 needs, safety concerns, logistics,

                                        AGENCY OBJECTIVES
                                       November 15 & 16, 2005
             First responders will provide                                            traffic issues, and media
             notification and updates to                                              relations.
             California Highway Patrol
             Headquarters ERC who will
             establish communication with
             OES and other state agencies.
City of      Use of Police tactical team,     Real Time EOC activation including      Participation in JIC, JIC           Response of HAZMAT
Roseville    SWAT, Rapid Containment.         a shift change.                         coordination with EOC.              Team.
             Practice the use of equipment    Establish communication with other      Integrate our tactical teams with
Roseville    in a HAZMAT environment,         law enforcement agencies                other tactical teams on-scene.
Police       i.e. gas masks with proper       participating in the event.
Department   filter system.
Sacramento   First responders shall be able   First Responders will isolate, deny     Will establish a Unified            Suppression and
Fire         to recognize the events as a     entry and attempt to identify           Command with West                   HAZMAT Units requested
Department   WMD and don appropriate          hazards.                                Sacramento and request and          to an incident as additional
             PPE.                                                                     direct appropriate resources to     resources or mutual aid
                                              Activate and staff the DOC to           mitigate the hazard.                shall be able to follow the
                                              effectively communicate with the                                            instruction by the Unified
                                              City’s EOC (simulated).                 Command Staff requested to an       Command and report
                                                                                      incident as resources or mutual     appropriately.
                                              Provide for continuity of services to   aid shall be able to follow the
                                              non-affected areas.                     instructions by the Unified         Test Mutual Aid and
                                                                                      Command and integrate               Communications Plans.
                                                                                                                          Work with local JIC for
                                                                                                                          updates and status of

                                        AGENCY OBJECTIVES
                                       November 15 & 16, 2005
             Exercise the communication,         Exercise the interoperability         Exercise the communications
             implementation, and response        between the Placer County Sheriff’s   and call-out procedures for a
Placer       of the Placer County Sheriff’s      Department SWAT and the               joint SWAT operation between
County       Department EOC unit to a            Roseville Police Department SWAT      Roseville Police Department and
Sheriff      request from an outside             in a contaminated environment using   Placer Sheriff’s Office. (They
             agency, (Sacramento County          PPE equipment. This will entail a     have disparate radio systems.)
             Sheriff’s Department). This         live response from the Placer SWAT    The teams will need to
             will entail a live response from    team to a location determined by      determine a way to effectively
             the Placer County EOC unit to       Roseville Police Department. The      communicate during the
             a location determined by the        team will need to have PPE            exercise.
             Sacramento Regional                 equipment to wear in a contaminated
             Explosive Ordnance Disposal         environment in addition to their
             (EOD). The EOD will report          stand SWAT equipment. They will
             with their EOD trailer and          respond with a SWAT vehicle and a
             equipment: robot, bomb suit x-      partial or full team, depending on
             ray, etc.                           availability for that day.
Sacramento   Exercise the implementation,        Exercise the implementation of        Exercise the implementation and    Exercise the
Multi-       communication, and decision         SMART Aviation Manager into a         set-up of a helibase at a          communications between
Agency       making of the SMART                 Command Post/EOC. The Aviation        predetermined airport facility     the aircrews and the
Aviation     response plan. Determine the        Manager will be required to           using accepted helibase            ground units. This will test
Response     effectiveness of how the            communicate coordinated aviation      management procedures. The         the interoperability of the
Team         SMART will activate and the         support requests to the Helibase      helibase manager will be           radio systems, the
(SMART)      logistics of the activation         Manager. The Helibase Manager         required to implement the plan,    effectiveness of each
             process. The initial injects will   will be required to assign the most   which includes fueling             crew’s communication
             send two helicopters to the         appropriate aviation asset matched    provisions, aircraft marshaling,   abilities, and each crew’s
             same call from different            to the need.                          and aircraft flight following      cockpit coordination.
             agencies. This will create an                                             procedures, crew briefings and     Aircraft will respond to
             airspace conflict. This should                                            resources management.              calls for service and
             initiate communications                                                                                      communicate with ground
             between the flight crews and                                                                                 units.
             ultimately the unit

                                         AGENCY OBJECTIVES
                                        November 15 & 16, 2005
              commanders. The helicopters
              already have a “company
              channel” that is currently used
              to communicate whenever a
              regional helicopter nears a
              jurisdictional boundary.
Sacrameneto   First Responder shall              Evaluate DCF ability to coordinate     Activate and staff FOC to         Test the ability of Logistics
Metro Fire    recognize the event as a           and provide real time patient          effectively communicate with      t o support and re-supply
              WMD; don appropriate PPE,          disbursement to area hospital.         County EOC. Provide for           operational needs.
              isolate and deny entry and                                                continuity of services to non-
              request appropriate resources.     Test Mutual Aid and                    effected areas.                   Test and evaluate
              Identify/survey and mitigate       Communication plans.                                                     coordination between our
              hazards.                                                                  Coordinate all Fire Department    field units and special
                                                                                        activities through a Unified      operations companies.
Folsom Fire   Within 30 minutes of the           Test the multi-gas monitors at the     Test interagency cooperation in
Department    request, respond, set up, and      scene.                                 response and set up of the
              operate the portable                                                      mobile command vehicle.
              decontamination trailer and
              equipment (including the
              response of the engine
              company for support).
Folsom        Within 30 minutes of request,      Call out of SWAT team to assist
Police        activate staff and respond the     other agency and all them to test
Department    mobile command vehicle to          their response requiring them to use
              the location requested.            their Level C Suits.

West          Have first-in Engine Company       Get approval from Fire Chief to        Inform Yolo County OES that       Set up Media Center within
Sacramento    on-scene within 5 minutes of       open a Department Operations           West Sacramento will open the     one hour of the opening of
Fire          initial dispatch call with size-   Center (DOC) within 10 minutes of      City EOC and provided initial     the EOC
Department    up and assessment of resources     the notification of a bomb threat at   assessment of Yolo County

                                           AGENCY OBJECTIVES
                                          November 15 & 16, 2005
                requirements completed            the industrial facility.               resources needed within 15
                within 10 minutes.                                                       minutes of the approval to open
                                                  Determine need to open West            the EOC.
                Work with Sacramento City         Sacramento EOC, get approval from
                Fire on tanker truck fire and     Director of Emergency Operations   Identify resources within one
                multiple injuries.                and open the EOC within 30 minutes hour of WMD event in
                                                  of the incident, if required.      Sacramento for possible mutual
Sacramento      Participate in the JIC to         Activate Department of Health and
County          address community wide            Human Services DOC using call up
Department      health concerns and promote       list to coordinate department
of Health and   appropriate behavioral            resources and support EOC
Human           response of the public.           operations.
Rocklin City    Send Mutual Aid Fire Units to     Mobilize the Rocklin Mass              Activate the City of Rocklin
Fire            Roseville Rail Yard.              Decontamination Unit 3.                EOC.
Sacramento      Within the first hour, first      Implement ICS. Establish liaison      Initiate the request to establish   Within 4 hours, consider
Police          responder will arrive on-scene    with other involved                   POC if necessary.                   logistical issues – long-
Department      with all necessary equipment.     departments/agencies on scene.                                            term personnel, equipment,
                They will assess the situation,   Identify threat level and hazardous                                       food issues. Initiate plan.
                notify the sergeant and watch     substances present via Fire                                               Continue with set up of
                commander, identify and           Department. Resources. Establish a                                        POC. Ensure
                broadcast routes into scene &     perimeter and begin addressing                                            interoperability of
                staging area. Consider            evacuation needs. Determine                                               communication system.
                possibility of secondary          resources needed (SWAT, Explosive
                devices.                          Ordnance Disposal, helicopter, etc.).
                                                  Within first 2 hours, make
                                                  notification of command staff.
                                                  Establish CP with the Mobile

                                            AGENCY OBJECTIVES
                                           November 15 & 16, 2005
                                                    Incident Command Post.
West            Test Initial patrol response to a   Test the EOD activation protocol,      Test the West Sacramento
Sacramento      possible EOC event.                 response and mitigation procedures.    Incident Command Systems
Police                                                                                     protocols.
Westfield       Activate and set up Westfield       Interface with Sacramento City         Respond to medical aid issues     Westfield K Street Mall
K Street Mall   Command Post with General           Police Department; assign mall         during the evacuation.            PIP to meet with news
                Manager. Activate the case          security personnel, mall                                                 media.
                global computer and MARS.           management, janitorial staff and
                                                    maintenance staff to initiate
                                                    evacuation procedures. Use of bull
                                                    horns, phone tree and Public
                                                    Address System to assist evacuation.
City of         Obtain information regarding        Establish a perimeter surrounding      Determine whether evacuation is   Test response to a large
Citrus          the plume of smoke and              the effected area and determine        needed and develop an             scale incident and working
Heights         identify the threat level.          necessity of donning PPE.              evacuation plan (where people     relationships with outlining
Police                                                                                     go and how they get there         agencies.
Department                                                                                 safely).
Sacramento      To activate Mutual Aide Plan.       Test coordination of EOC and DOC.      Test logistics of mass animal
County MSA                                                                                 sheltering.
of Animal
Care and


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