; Apple IPhone 5 or Apple IPhone 4S
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Apple IPhone 5 or Apple IPhone 4S


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									Iphone 5 or Apple Apple iphone 4S

Apple iPhone 5 or Iphone 4S - Which is First?

Apple iPhone 5 or Iphone 4S - If you wish to know whether Apple should go directly to the iPhone 5 or
when they will do what they did using the iPhone 3 and add the iphone 4S to the family members, then you
have arrived at the right place. Recently Apple announced the discharge of the Apple iPhone 4S which
means the Apple apple iphone 5 is probably about six to eight months away.

Now the question has show up as to whether you need to invest in the iPhone 4S or should you wait for the
apple iphone 5. This is a difficult decision and you have to consider what it is you might be after and what
you actually have. Many that have the iPhone 4 can download the updates and can nearly have everything
the apple iphone 4S can provide, but this is not true minus an iPhone 4.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 4S will likely have the iOS 5 along with a better antenna, which are upgrades you
can get without getting the apple iphone 4S from Apple. Therefore, what should you perform if you
currently have no type of iPhone? Minus an iPhone it a great idea to wait a few more months for your
iPhone 5.

Will Sprint Carry the Iphone 5 and the Iphone 4S

If you happen to be keeping up, then you understand Apple tested out the apple iphone 4 with Verizon to
find out if it made a positive change to allow another mobile phone company to carry their own product. The
test went very well and Apple could take over a large part of the market. However, the Android phones
currently provided by Sprint have new technologies which are much more advanced compared to current
iPhone 4.

The Apple iPhone 4S should compete with these Google android phones and it will not really be released to
Run. Rumors do state which Sprint is next in-line and will get the Iphone 5, but this might not be true. Sprint
may decide to not carry the phone in case companies like Samsung still release Android phones along with
better technology.

This might lead to a problem for each Apple and Sprint. For sprint the problem could be solved simply by
transporting new Android phones that exceed expectations the technology of the brand new iPhone 4S, but
will these phones exceed expectations what the iPhone 5 will provide you with? This remains the question
and odds are they Android will be trapped by the time the Iphone 5 is released.

The one thing that could happen is Sprint might be able to offer both types of phones exactly like Verizon,
which will allow Sprint to focus on a much wider number of customers. If you are with Sprint this can
provide you more options, but in case you are really not interested within the Apple iPhone 5, then you can
not even care.
Nevertheless, if you love the actual service Sprint provides, but you also love the apple iphone you may no
longer need to be torn between the 2. Many were thrilled in order to leave AT&T or stick with Verizon and
still obtain the iPhone 4. Chances are this is the case if Apple does form teams with Sprint and provide the
iPhone 5 to this business.

Still the Question Continues to be, Wait for the Iphone 5 or Get the brand new Apple iPhone 4S?

It really is ultimately your decision, but you will need to make it soon since the iPhone 4S has already been
scheduled for release in the near future. You may be disappointed in case you get this phone and also the
iPhone 5 was a much better choice. However, if about to catch looking for an upgrade at this time you can
ignore the iPhone 4S and await the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 should be a more advanced choice compared to iPhone 4S. There will not be many
advancements or changes within the Apple iPhone 4S, but you do have to know that getting it will provide
you with a better phone compared to iPhone 4. So, which would you like, the Apple iPhone 4S or the Iphone

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