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HS対象誌 _ver.2.2_ - JHES by cuiliqing

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									                                                                ver.2.3   17 April 2002

List of journals published in Japan and covered by IMIC-SDI service
         (total number of journal is 1239 as of 1 July 2000)

                            developed jointly by
              International Medical Information Center (IMIC)
               and Japan Medical Abstracts Society (JAMAS)
List of journals published in Japan and covered by IMIC-SDI service (as of 1 July 2000)                            developed by IMIC/JAMAS            ver.2.3       17 April 2002

no       ISSN               title              abbreviation       title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase          start year
                                                                                                                                             S code
                   Acta Histochemica et   Acta Histochem                                    Acta Histochemica et      Acta Histochemica et
     1 0044-5991                                                                                                                           Y0001                        1968
                   Cytochemica            Cytochem                                          Cytochemica               Cytochemica
                   Acta Medica et                                                           Acta Medica et            Acta Medica et
     2 0567-7734                          Acta Med Biol                                                                                    Y0002                +       1953
                   Biologica                                                                Biologica                 Biologica
                   Acta Medica Kinki                                                        Acta Medica Kinki         Acta Medica Kinki
     3 0386-6092                          Acta Med Kinki Univ                                                                              Y0003                        1976
                   University                                                               University                University
                   Acta Medica                                                              Acta Medica               Acta Medica
     4 0001-6055                          Acta Med Nagasaki                                                                                Y0004                +       1939
                   Nagasakiensia                                                            Nagasakiensia             Nagasakiensia
     5 0386-300X Acta Medica Okayama Acta Med Okayama                                       Acta Medica Okayama Acta Medica Okayama Y0005 +                             1928

                                                                                                                      Addiction to Kazoku
                                                                                            Japanese Journal of
     6 1344-4743 アディクションと家族               アディクションと家族              Addiction to Kazoku                                 (Japanese Journal of   W3537                      1984
                                                                                            Addiction & Family
                                                                                                                      Addiction & Family)

                   Advances in Exercise                                                     Advances in Exercise Advances in Exercise
     7 1340-3141                         Adv Exer Sport Physiol                                                                         Y0287                           1994
                   and Sports Physiology                                                    and Sports Physiology and Sports Physiology
                                                                                                                      Aichi Bosei Eisei
                                                                  Aichi Bosei Eisei         Aichi Journal of          Gakkaishi (Aichi
     8 0917-0162 愛知母性衛生学会誌                愛知母性衛会誌                                                                                            W3248                      1985
                                                                  Gakkaishi                 Maternal Health           Journal of Maternal
                                                                                            Aichi Cancer Center       Aichi Cancer Center
     9 0374-5295                                                                            Research Institute        Research Institute                                @
                                                                                            Scientific Report         Scientific Report

                                                                                                                      Aichi Gakuin Daigaku
                                                                                            The Aichi-Gakuin
                   愛知学院大学歯学会                                      Aichi Gakuin Daigaku                                Shigakkaishi (The
 10 0044-6912                             愛知学院大歯会誌                                          Journal of Dental                                W0015                      1964
                   誌                                              Shigakkaishi                                        Aichi-Gakuin Journal
                                                                                                                      of Dental Science)

                                                                                                                      Aichi Ika Daigaku
                                                                                            Journal of the Aichi      Igakkai Zasshi (Journal
              愛知医科大学医学会                                           Aichi Ika Daigaku
 11 0301-0902                             愛知医大医会誌                                           Medical University        of the Aichi Medical    W0014             +       1973
              雑誌                                                  Igakkai Zasshi
                                                                                            Association               University
no     ISSN              title             abbreviation       title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                                              Aichi Ika Daigaku
                                                                                                              Karei Ikagaku
                                                                                    Bulletin of the Institute Kenkyujo Kiyo
                愛知医科大学加齢医             愛知医大加齢医科研 Aichi Ika Daigaku Karei for Medical Science of (Bulletin of the
 12 0913-7602                                                                                                                            W2481                   1986
                科学研究所紀要               紀                     Ikagaku Kenkyujo Kiyo Aging, Aichi Medical        Institute for Medical
                                                                                    University                Science of Aging,
                                                                                                              Aichi Medical
                Aichi-Gakuin Dental                                                 Aichi-Gakuin Dental       Aichi-Gakuin Dental
 13 0916-2062                         Aichi-Gakuin Dent Sci                                                                              Y0228                   1988
                Science                                                             Science                   Science
                                                                                    Akita Journal of          Akita Igaku (Akita
 14 0386-6106 秋田医学                    秋田医                   Akita Igaku                                                                  W0026                   1974
                                                                                    Medicine                  Journal of Medicine)
 15             秋田医報                  秋田医報                  Akita Iho                                         Akita Iho                  W2518                   1949
 16             あきた小児保健               あきた小児保健               Akita Shoni Hoken                                 Akita Shoni Hoken          W2930                   1965
                                                                                                              Akitaken Ishikai Zasshi
 17 0286-7656 秋田県医師会雑誌                秋田医師会誌                Akitaken Ishikai Zasshi Akita Medical Journal (Akita Medical                 W0027                   1949
                                                                                                              Akitaken Noson
                秋田県農村医学会雑                                   Akitaken Noson Igakkai Akita Journal of Rural Igakkai Zasshi (Akita
 18 0002-368X                         秋田農村医会誌                                                                                            W0030                   1954
                誌                                           Zasshi                  Medicine                  Journal of Rural
 19 0287-0185 アレルギア                   アレルギア                 Allergia                                          Allergia                   W0011                   1968
              Allergology                                                           Allergology               Allergology
 20 1323-8930                         Allergol Int                                                                                       Y0291                   1996(V45)
              International                                                         International             International
                                                                                        Japanese Journal of       Allergy (Japanese
 21 0021-4884 アレルギー                   アレルギー                  Allergy                                                                      W0012 +      +         1952
                                                                                        Allergology               Journal of Allergology)

                                                                                                                  Allergy no Rinsho (The
 22 0285-6379 アレルギーの臨床                アレルギーの臨                Allergy no Rinsho          The Allergy in Practice                          W0013                   1981
                                                                                                                  Allergy in Practice)

                                                                                                                  Almeida Iho (Journal
                                                                                        Journal of Oita City
 23 0913-7343 アルメイダ医報                 アルメイダ医報                Almeida Iho                                          of Oita City Medical   W2479                   1957
                                                                                        Medical Association
                Annals of Nuclear                                                                      Annals of Nuclear
                                                                                        Annals of Nuclear
 24 0914-7187                         Ann Nucl Med                                                                          Y0221 +                    +         1987
                Medicine                                                                Medicine       Medicine
                                                                                                       Annals of Thoracic
              Annals of Thoracic and Ann Thorac Cardiovasc                      Annals of Thoracic and
 25 1341-1098                                                                                          and Cardiovascular   Y0276 +                              1995
              Cardiovascular Surgery Surg                                       Cardiovascular Surgery
              青森県立中央病院医                                    Aomori Kenritsu Chuo                        Aomori Kenritsu Chuo
 26 0387-0138                        青森中病医誌                                                                                 W0024                                1956
              誌                                            Byoin Ishi                                  Byoin Ishi
no     ISSN              title               abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                        S code
                                                                                                                Aomori Rosai Byoin
                                                            Aomori Rosai Byoin        The Aomori Rosai
 27 0918-1369 青森労災病院医誌                  青森労災病医誌                                                                 Ishi (The Aomori Rosai W2994                    1991
                                                            Ishi                      Medical Journal
                                                                                                                Medical Journal)

                                                                                                                Aomoriken Sagyo
                                                            Aomoriken Sagyo           Bulletin of Aomori        Ryoho Kenkyu
 28 0918-1431 青森県作業療法研究                 青森作療研                                                                                         W3205                     1992
                                                            Ryoho Kenkyu              Occupational Therapy      (Bulletin of Aomori
                                                                                                                Occupational Therapy)
                青森県スポーツ医学研            Aomoriken Sports                                                          Aomoriken Sports
 29 0918-0257              青森スポーツ医研会誌                                                                                                   W3125                   1992
                究会誌                   Igaku Kenkyukaishi                                                        Igaku Kenkyukaishi
                Archives of Histology                                                 Archives of Histology     Archives of Histology
 30 0914-9465                           Arch Histol Cytol                                                                               Y0226 +       +         1950
                and Cytology                                                          and Cytology              and Cytology
                                                                                                         Asahi Chuo Byoin Iho
                                                                                  The Medical Journal of (The Medical Journal
 31 0285-9017 旭中央病院医報                   旭中病医報               Asahi Chuo Byoin Iho                                              W0041                             1979
                                                                                  Asahi General Hospital of Asahi General
                                                                                                         Asahikawa Kosei
                                                            Asahikawa Kosei Byoin Journal of Asahikawa Byoin Ishi (Journal of
 32 0917-8066 旭川厚生病院医誌                  旭川厚生病医誌                                                                               W3126                             1991
                                                            Ishi                  Kosei General Hospital Asahikawa Kosei
                                                                                                         General Hospital)
                                                                                                         Asahikawa Sekijuji
                                                                                  Medical Journal of     Byoin Igakuzasshi
                旭川赤十字病院医学                                   Asahikawa Sekijuji
 33 0913-4417                           旭川赤十字病医誌                                  Asahikawa Red Cross (Medical Journal of     W2478                             1987
                雑誌                                          Byoin Igakuzasshi
                                                                                  Hospital               Asahikawa Red Cross
                                                                                                                Asahikawa Shiritsu
                                                                                      The Journal of
                                                            Asahikawa Shiritsu                                  Byoin Ishi (The
 34 0287-024X 旭川市立病院医誌                  旭川病医誌                                         Asahikawa Municipal                               W0039                   1968
                                                            Byoin Ishi                                          Journal of Asahikawa
                                                                                                                Municipal Hospital)

 35 0004-461X Asian Medical Journal     Asian Med J                                   Asian Medical Journal     Asian Medical Journal Y0028                     1958
                                                                                                             Atarashii Ganka
 36 0910-1810 あたらしい眼科                   あたらしい眼科             Atarashii Ganka           Journal of the Eye                                W2194                   1984
                                                                                                             (Journal of the Eye)
                                                                                                             Atsugi Byoin Ishi
 37 0915-6003 厚木病院医誌                    厚木病医誌               Atsugi Byoin Ishi         Atsugi Medical Journal (Atsugi Medical            W2684                   1980
 38 0303-8106 Audiology Japan           Audiol Jpn                                    Audiology Japan        Audiology Japan            W0167                   1958
no     ISSN              title             abbreviation    title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                      S code
                                                                                     Auris Nasus Larynx.      Auris Nasus Larynx.
 39 0385-8146 Auris・Nasus・Larynx      Auris Nasus Larynx                             International Journal of International Journal   Y0029                   1974
                                                                                     ORL & HNS                of ORL & HNS
 40 0914-8248 アーユルヴェーダ研究 アーユルヴェーダ研                         Ayurveda Kenkyu                                     Ayurveda Kenkyu        W0005                   1970
 41 0914-1367 アーユルヴェーダ通信                                   Ayurveda Tsushin                                    Ayurveda Tsushin                               1987
                                                                                                               BCG BRM Ryoho
                                                                                     Annals of the Society     Kenkyukai Kaishi
              BCG・BRM療法研究会                                 BCG BRM Ryoho
 42 0918-8304              BCG・BRM療研会誌                                               of BCG and BRM            (Annals of the Society W3191                   1977
              会誌                                           Kenkyukai Kaishi
                                                                                     Immunotherapy             of BCG and BRM

                                                                                                               Bessatsu Seikei Geka
 43 0287-1645 別冊整形外科                                       Bessatsu Seikei Geka      Orthopedic Surgery                                                       1982
                                                                                                               (Orthopedic Surgery)
 44 1342-4815 Biocontrol Science      Biocontrol Sci                                 Biocontrol Science     Biocontrol Science        Y0292         +         1996
              Biological &                                                           Biological &           Biological &
 45 0918-6158 Pharmaceutical          Biol Pharm Bull                                Pharmaceutical         Pharmaceutical            Y0252 +       +         1978
              Bulletin                                                               Bulletin               Bulletin
                バイオメカニズム学会                                 Biomechanism              Journal of the Society Gakkaishi (Journal of
 46 0285-0885                         バイオメカニズム会誌                                                                                      W2112                   1977
                誌                                          Gakkaishi                 of Biomechanisms       the Society of
                Biomedical                                                           Biomedical             Biomedical
 47 0918-6514                         Biomed Perspect                                                                                 W3187                   1992
                Perspectives                                                         Perspectives           Perspectives
 48 0388-6107 Biomedical Research     Biomed Res                                     Biomedical Research       Biomedical Research    Y0033         +         1980

                Biomedical Research   Biomed Res Trace                               Biomedical Research       Biomedical Research
 49 0916-717X                                                                                                                         W2921                   1990
                on Trace Elements     Elements                                       on Trace Elements         on Trace Elements
              Bioscience and
 50 1342-1441                         Biosci Microflora                              Bioscience Microflora     Bioscience Microflora Y0288                    1982
 51 0914-2223 Biotherapy              Biother                                        Biotherapy                Biotherapy             W2524         +         1987
 52 1341-6022 微粒化                                          Biryuka                                             Biryuka                                        @
                                                                                                               Boei Eisei (National
                                                                                     National Defense
 53 0006-5528 防衛衛生                    防衛衛生                 Boei Eisei                                          Defense Medical        W1720                   1954
                                                                                     Medical Journal
no     ISSN             title              abbreviation     title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                        S code
                                                                                                            Boei Ika Daigakko
                                                                                   Bulletin of Liberal Arts
                                                            Boei Ika Daigakko                               Kenkyujo Kiyo
                防衛医科大学校進学                                                          and Sciences of The
 54 0386-8133                                               Shingakukatei Kenkyujo                          (Bulletin of Liberal                                1978
                課程研究紀要                                                             National Defense
                                                            Kiyo                                            Arts and Sciences of
                                                                                   Medical College
                                                                                                            The National Defense
                                                                                                            Medical College)

                                                                                                              Boei Ika Daigakko
                                                                                      Journal of the National
                                                            Boei Ika Daigakko                                 Zasshi (Journal of the
 55 0385-1796 防衛医科大学校雑誌               防衛医大誌                                           Defense Medical                                W1719                      1976
                                                            Zasshi                                            National Defense
                                                                                                              Medical College)

                                                                                                               Bokin Bobai (Journal
                                                                                      Journal of Antibacterial
                                                                                                               of Antibacterial and
 56 0385-5201 防菌防黴                    防菌防黴                  Bokin Bobai               and Antifungal Agents,                            W1722                   1973
                                                                                                               Antifungal Agents,
                                                                                                            Bosei Eisei (Japanese
                                                                                      Japanese Journal of
 57 0388-1512 母性衛生                    母性衛生                  Bosei Eisei                                     Journal of Maternal   W1709                         1960
                                                                                      Maternal Health
                                                                                                            Brain and
 58 0387-7604 Brain & Development     Brain Dev                                       Brain and Development                       Y0034                         1979
 59 0910-8459 ブレインナーシング               ブレインナーシング                                       Brain Nursing         Brain Nursing         W2294                         1984
              Bulletin of the Osaka                                                   Bulletin of the Osaka     Bulletin of the Osaka
 60 0916-2844                         Bull Osaka Med Coll                                                                               Y0231                   1954
              Medical College                                                         Medical College           Medical College

                                                                                      Bulletin of the Tokyo     Bulletin of the Tokyo
                                                                                      Metropolitan              Metropolitan
                                                                                      Rehabilitation Center     Rehabilitation Center
 61 0388-0168                                                                                                                                                   @
                                                                                      for Physically and        for Physically and
                                                                                      Intellectually            Intellectually
                                                                                      Handicapped               Handicapped

                                                                                      The Journal of            Bunben to Masui (The
 62 0387-2653 分娩と麻酔                   分娩と麻                  Bunben to Masui           Obstetrics and            Journal of Obstetrics W1688                     1961
                                                                                      Anesthesia                and Anesthesia)
                                                                                                                Bunshi Tonyobyo
 63             分子糖尿病学                                      Bunshi Tonyobyo Gaku Molecular Diabetology          Gaku (Molecular                                 1990
 64 0385-2377 病院                      病院                    Byoin                     Hospitals                 Byoin (Hospitals)       W1610                   1949
no     ISSN             title           abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system            Medline Embase start year
                                                                                                                                    S code
 65 0911-9418 病院病理                 病院病理                Byoin Byori                                         Byoin Byori              W2297                1983
                                                                                                      Byoin Chiiki Seishin
                                                                                 The Japanese Journal Igaku (The Japanese
                                                       Byoin Chiiki Seishin
 66 0910-4798 病院・地域精神医学            病・地域精医                                        of Hospital and      Journal of Hospital           W2312                 1957
                                                                                 Community Psychiatry and Community

                                                                                                           Byoin Kanri (Hospital
 67 0386-9571 病院管理                 病院管理                Byoin Kanri               Hospital Administration                            W1612                 1964

                                                                                                           Byoin Setsubi (Journal
                                                                                 Journal of the Japan
                                                                                                           of the Japan Hospital
 68 0007-764X 病院設備                 病院設備                Byoin Setsubi             Hospital Equipment                               W1616                   1959

                                                                                                           Byoin Yaku Gaku
                                                                                 Japanese Journal of
 69 0389-9098 病院薬学                 病院薬学                Byoin Yaku Gaku                                     (Japanese Journal of     W1617                 1975
                                                                                 Hospital Pharmacy
                                                                                                           Hospital Pharmacy)
                                                                                                        Byori to Rinsho
                                                                                 Pathology and Clinical
 70 0287-3745 病理と臨床                病理と臨                Byori to Rinsho                                  (Pathology and              W2014                 1983
                                                                                                        Clinical Medicine)
                                                                                 Bulletin of the Society   C13 Igaku (Bulletin of
                                                                                 for the Medical           the Society for the
 71 0917-5792 13C医学                                    C13 Igaku                                                                                          1991
                                                                                 Application of Carbon     Medical Application of
                                                                                 Thirteen                  Carbon Thirteen)
 72 0287-2358 カプセル                                     Capsule                   Capsule                Capsule (Capsule)                                 1982
              Cell Structure and                                                 Cell Structure and     Cell Structure and
 73 0386-7196                      Cell Struct Funct                                                                                Y0049 +       +       1975
              Function                                                           Function               Function
              Chemical &                                                         Chemical and           Chemical and
 74 0009-2363 Pharmaceutical       Chem Pharm Bull                               Pharmaceutical         Pharmaceutical              Y0050 +       +       1953
              Bulletin                                                           Bulletin               Bulletin
                                                                                                        Chiba Igaku Zasshi
 75 0303-5476 千葉医学雑誌               千葉医誌                Chiba Igaku Zasshi        Chiba Medical Journal (Chiba Medical               W1028                 1923
                                                                                                        Chibaken Eisei
                                                                                                        Kenkyujo Kenkyu
                                                       Chibaken Eisei            Bulletin of the Public
                千葉県衛生研究所研                                                                               Hokoku (Bulletin of
 76 0386-6742                      千葉衛研報               Kenkyujo Kenkyu           Health Laboratory of                               W1030                 1978
                究報告                                                                                     the Public Health
                                                       Hokoku                    Chiba Prefesture
                                                                                                        Laboratory of Chiba
no    ISSN           title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                            S code
                                                                                                Chibaken Ishikai
 77 0910-7436 千葉県医師会雑誌       千葉医師会誌              Chibaken Ishikai Zasshi                                                    W2218                   1949
                                                                                                Chiiki Hoken (The
                                                                           The Japanese Journal
                                                                                                Japanese Journal of
 78 0385-2229 地域保健           地域保健                Chiiki Hoken              of Community Health                              W1040                   1970
                                                                                                Community Health
 79 0289-9752 地域医療           地域医療                Chiiki Iryo                                    Chiiki Iryo                 W2549                   1963
 80 0289-9752 地域医療・特集号       地域医療                Chiiki Iryo Tokushugo                               Chiiki Iryo Tokushugo W2549                    1971(V10)
                                                                                                 Chiryo (The Journal of
 81 0022-5207 治療             治療                  Chiryo                    The Journal of Therapy                           W1041                   1920
                                                                                                 Chiryo Gaku
                                                                           Biomedicine &
 82 0386-8109 治療学            治療学                 Chiryo Gaku                                     (Biomedicine &             W1042                   1978
                                                                                                 Cho Nai Saikin Gaku
                                                 Cho Nai Saikin Gaku       Journal of Intestinal Zasshi (Journal of
 83 1343-0882 腸内細菌学雑誌        腸内細菌誌                                                                                          W3498                   1987
                                                 Zasshi                    Microbiology          Intestinal
                                                                                                 Chono Gengo Gaku
                                                                           The Japanese Journal Kenkyu (The Japanese
                                                 Chono Gengo Gaku
 84 0912-8204 聴能言語学研究        聴能言語研                                         of Communication      Journal of                 W2733                   1983
                                                                           Disorders             Communication
                                                                                                 Choonpa Igaku
                                                                           Journal of Medical
 85 1344-1388 超音波医学          超音波医                Choonpa Igaku                                   (Journal of Medical        W1057         +         1974
                                                                                                 Chubu Nippon Seikei
                                                                                                 Geka Saigai Geka
                                                 Chubu Nippon Seikei       Central Japan Journal
                中部日本整形外科災                                                                        Gakkai Zasshi (Central
 86 0008-9443                中部整災誌               Geka Saigai Geka          of Orthopaedic and                           W1055                       1958
                害外科学会雑誌                                                                          Japan Journal of
                                                 Gakkai Zasshi             Traumatic Surgery
                                                                                                 Orthopaedic and
                                                                                                 Traumatic Surgery)
                                                                                                     Chubu Rheumati
                                                                           Journal of the Chubu
                                                                                                     (Journal of the Chubu
 87 0916-6033 中部リウマチ         中部リウマチ              Chubu Rheumati            Rheumatism                                      W2851                    1970
                                                                                                Chudoku Kenkyu (The
                                                                           The Japanese Journal
 88 0914-3777 中毒研究           中毒研究                Chudoku Kenkyu                                 Japanese Journal of W2536                           1987
                                                                           of Toxicology
no     ISSN             title               abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                       S code
                                                                                                               Chugoku Shikoku
                                                                                     The Journal of the        Seikei Geka Gakkai
                                                           Chugoku Shikoku
                中国・四国整形外科学                                                           Chugoku-Shikoku           Zasshi (The Journal of
 89 0915-2695              中四整外会誌                          Seikei Geka Gakkai                                                         W2850                    1989
                会雑誌                                                                  Orthopaedic               the Chugoku-Shikoku
                                                                                     Association               Orthopaedic
                                                                                     Progress in Computed CI Kenkyu (Progress
 90 0918-7073 CI研究                    CI研                  CI Kenkyu                                                           W3159                           1978
                                                                                     Imaging              in Computed Imaging)
              Clinical and                                                           Clinical and              Clinical and
 91 1342-1751 Experimental            Clin Exp Nephrol                               Experimental              Experimental            Y0293         +         1997
              Nephrology                                                             Nephrology                Nephrology
 92 0917-5857 Clinical Calcium        Clin Calcium                                   Clinical Calcium          Clinical Calcium        W3005                   1991
 93 0289-0585 Clinical Neuroscience   Clin Neurosci                                  Clinical Neuroscience     Clinical Neuroscience W2102                     1983
 94 0388-5585 クリニカルスタディ               クリニカルスタディ            Clinical Study                                      Clinical Study          W0477                   1980
 95 0387-1541 クリニシアン                  クリニシアン               Clinician                 Clinician                 Clinician (Clinician)   W0478                   1954
 96 0914-3505 Congenital Anomalies    Congenit Anomal                                Congenital Anomalies      Congenital Anomalies Y0223                      1963
 97 0916-572X Connective Tissue       Connect Tissue                                 Connective Tissue     Connective Tissue           Y0234         +         1969
 98 0287-8445 カレントテラピー                カレントテラピー             Current Therapy                                 Current Therapy             W2095                   1983
 99 0916-6920 Cytometry Research      Cytometry Res                                  Cytometry Research    Cytometry Research          W3080                   1991
              Cyto-protection &                                                      Cyto-Protection and   Cyto-Protection and
100 0289-3681                         Cyto-prot biol                                                                                   W2539                   1983
              biology                                                                Biology               Biology
                                                                                                           Daizu Tanpakushitsu
                                                           Daizu Tanpakushitsu       Soy Protein Research,
101 1344-4050 大豆たん白質研究                                                                                     Kenkyu (Soy Protein                                 1998
                                                           Kenkyu                    Japan
                                                                                                           Research, Japan)
                                                                                                           Danso Eizo Kenkyukai
                                                           Danso Eizo Kenkyukai      Japanese Journal of   Zasshi (Japanese
102 0914-8663 断層映像研究会雑誌               断層映像研会誌                                                                                          W2558                   1973
                                                           Zasshi                    Tomography            Journal of
                                                                                                               Denshi Kenbikyo
103 0417-0326 電子顕微鏡                   電顕                   Denshi Kenbikyo           Electron-Microscopy                             W1081                     1950
104 0386-2305 デンタルダイヤモンド デンタルダイヤモンド                                                  Dental Diamond       Dental Diamond               W1068                   1976
105 0070-3737 DENTISTRY IN JAPAN Dent Jpn                                            Dentistry in Japan   Dentistry in Japan           Y0249                   1964
              Development Growth &                                                   Development Growth & Development Growth
106 0012-1592                      Dev Growth Differ                                                                                   Y0056 +       +         1950
              Differentiation                                                        Differentiation      & Differentiation
107 0915-5635 Digestive Endoscopy     Dig Endosc                                     Digestive Endoscopy       Digestive Endoscopy     Y0235         +         1989
no    ISSN               title           abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                   S code
                                                                                                          Doai Igaku Zasshi (The
                                                                                  The Medical Journal of
                                                                                                          Medical Journal of the
108 0287-2153 同愛医学雑誌                同愛医誌                Doai Igaku Zasshi         the Fraternity Memorial                        W1177                     1959
                                                                                                          Fraternity Memorial

                                                                                                            Dobutsu no Junkanki
                                                                                  Adovances in Animal
109 0910-6537 動物の循環器                動物の循環器              Dobutsu no Junkanki                                 (Adovances in Animal W2244                     1968

                                                                                                            Doctor Salon (Doctor-
110 0389-7303 ドクターサロン               ドクターサロン             Doctor Salon              Doctor-Salon Library                            W1094                    1957
                                                                                                            Salon Library)
                Dokkyo Journal of                                                 Dokkyo Journal of      Dokkyo Journal of
111 0385-5023                       Dokkyo J Med Sci                                                                               Y0057         +         1974
                Medical Sciences                                                  Medical Sciences       Medical Sciences
                                                                                                         Domyaku Koka (The
                                                                                  The Journal of Japan
                                                                                                         Journal of Japan
112 0386-2682 動脈硬化                  動脈硬化                Domyaku Koka              Atherosclerosis                                  W1186                   1973
                                                                                                         Donan Igakkaishi
                                                                                  Journal of the Medical
                                                                                                         (Journal of the
113 0288-1829 道南医学会誌                道南医会誌               Donan Igakkaishi          Assoc. of South                                  W1188                   1957
                                                                                                         Medical Assoc. of
                                                                                                         South Hokkaido)
114 0910-5247                                                                     Drug Information News Drug Information News                              @
115 1345-1898 EBMジャーナル              EBMジャーナル            EBM Janaru                                          EBM Janaru             W3767                   2000
                                                                                                            Ehime Igaku (Ehime
116 0286-3677 愛媛医学                  愛媛医                 Ehime Igaku               Ehime Medical Journal                            W2052                   1982
                                                                                                            Medical Journal)
                                                                                                            Ehimeken Rinsho
              愛媛県臨床検査技師                                 Ehimeken Rinsho           The Ehime Journal of      Kensa Gishi Kaishi
117 0915-7174                       愛媛臨検技会誌                                                                                       W3129                    1981
              会誌                                        Kensa Gishi Kaishi        Medical Technology        (The Ehime Journal of
                                                                                                            Medical Technology)
                                                                                                            Eisei Dobutsu (Medical
                                                                                  Medical Entomology
118 0424-7086 衛生動物                  衛動物                 Eisei Dobutsu                                       Entomology and         W0165                   1950
                                                                                  and Zoology
                Journal of Health                                                 Journal of Health         Eisei Kagaku (Journal
119 1344-9702                       J Health Sci        Eisei Kagaku                                                              Y0308          +         1953
                Science                                                           Science                   of Health Science)

                                                                                                         Eiyo (Japanese
                                                                                  Japanese Journal of
120 0915-759X 栄養-評価と治療              栄評治                 Eiyo                                             Journal of Nutritional    W2818                   1984
                                                                                  Nutritional Assessment
no     ISSN             title             abbreviation        title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system             Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                            S code
                                                                                                               Eiyo Gaku Zasshi (The
                                                                                        The Japanese Journal
121 0021-5147 栄養学雑誌                  栄養誌                      Eiyo Gaku Zasshi                                 Japanese Journal of W0156                            1941
                                                                                        of Nutrition
                                                                                                               Eiyo Nippon (The
122 0013-6492 栄養日本                                            Eiyo Nippon               The Nutrition of Japan                                                      1958
                                                                                                               Nutrition of Japan)
                                                                                                               Eizo Joho Medical (A
                                                                                        A Monthly Journal of
                                                                                                               Monthly Journal of
123 0389-214X 映像情報Medical            映像情報Med                  Eizo Joho Medical         Medical Imaging and                          W0155                          1969
                                                                                                               Medical Imaging and
124 0913-3887 エレクトロニクスの臨床 エレクトロニクスの臨                          Electronics no Rinsho                               Electronics no Rinsho W0148                       1971
125 0918-8959 Endocrine Journal Endocr J                                                Endocrine Journal         Endocrine Journal         Y0255 +       +         1954
              エンドメトリオージス研 エンドメトリオージス研 Endometriosis                                                               Endometriosis
126                                                                                                                                         W2938                   1984(V5)
              究会会誌              会誌       Kenkyukai Kaishi                                                         Kenkyukai Kaishi
                                                                                                                  Ensho (Japanese
                                                                                        Japanese Journal of
127 0389-4290 炎症                     炎症                       Ensho                                               Journal of                W2197                   1980
              Environmental Health                                                      Environmental Health      Environmental Health
                                     Environ Health Prevent
128 1342-078X and Preventive                                                            and Preventive            and Preventive            Y0278         +         1996
              Medicine                                                                  Medicine                  Medicine
              Environmental                                                             Environmental             Environmental
129 0287-0547                        Environ Med                                                                                            Y0194                   1947
              Medicine                                                                  Medicine                  Medicine
130 0914-790X Facial Nerve Research Facial Nerv Res                                     Facial Nerve Research Facial Nerve Research W2333                           1981
131 0014-8601 ファルマシア      ファルマシア                              Farumashia                                          Farumashia                W1651                   1965
132 0288-9803                                                                           Fragrance Journal         Fragrance Journal                                 @
              フレグランスジャーナル                                                               Fragrance Journal         Fragrance Journal
133 0289-1840                                                                                                                                                       1985
              臨時増刊                                                                      Special Issue             Special Issue
                藤枝市立総合病院学                                     Fujieda Shiritsu Sogo                               Fujieda Shiritsu Sogo
134 1341-8297                        藤枝病誌                                                                                                   W3514                   1995
                術誌                                            Byoin Gakujutsushi                                  Byoin Gakujutsushi
                                                                                                                  Fujita Gakuen
                                                              Fujita Gakuen             Bulletin of the Fujita    Igakkaishi (Bulletin of
135 0288-5441 藤田学園医学会誌               藤田学園医会誌                                                                                                W1683                   1977
                                                              Igakkaishi                Medical Society           the Fujita Medical
                                                                                                                  Fukuoka Daigaku Igaku
                                                              Fukuoka Daigaku Igaku Medical Bullutin of
136 0385-9347 福岡大学医学紀要               福岡大医紀                                                                        Kiyo (Medical Bullutin W1674                      1974
                                                              Kiyo                  Fukuoka University
                                                                                                                  of Fukuoka University)
no    ISSN               title              abbreviation     title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English      title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                          S code
                                                                                                                  Fukuoka Igaku Zasshi
137 0016-254X 福岡医学雑誌                   福岡医誌                  Fukuoka Igaku Zasshi      Fukuoka Acta Medica        (Fukuoka Acta           W1662 +       +         1907
                                                                                                                  Fukuoka Shika
                                                                                   The Journal of                 Daigaku Gakkai Zasshi
                福岡歯科大学学会雑                                    Fukuoka Shika Daigaku
138 0385-0064                          福岡歯大会誌                                      Fukuoka Dental                 (The Journal of         W1673                   1974
                誌                                            Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                                   College                        Fukuoka Dental
                                                             Fukuroi Shiritsu                                     Fukuroi Shiritsu
139 0917-9011                          袋井市民病研誌               Fukuroi Shimin Byoin                                 Fukuroi Shimin Byoin    W3048                   1990
                                                             Kenkyushi                                            Kenkyushi
                                                                                                                  Fukushima Igaku
                                                             Fukushima Igaku           Fukushima Medical
140 0016-2582 福島医学雑誌                   福島医誌                                                                       Zasshi (Fukushima       W1676         +         1951
                                                             Zasshi                    Journal
                                                                                                                  Medical Journal)
                Fukushima Journal of                                                   Fukushima Journal of       Fukushima Journal of
141 0016-2590                          Fukushima J Med Sci                                                                                Y0063 +                 1954
                Medical Science                                                        Medical Science            Medical Science
                                                             Furukawa Shiritsu                                    Furukawa Shiritsu
142 1343-0262 古川市立病院誌                  古川病誌                                                                                               W3515                   1997
                                                             Byoinishi                                            Byoinishi
                                                                                                                  Fuseimyaku (Journal
143 1343-8433 不整脈                      不整脈                   Fuseimyaku                Journal of Arrhythmia                              W3578                   1984
                                                                                                                  of Arrhythmia)

                                                                                                                  Gakko Hoken Kenkyu
                                                                                       Japanese Journal of
144 0386-9598 学校保健研究                   学校保健研                 Gakko Hoken Kenkyu                                   (Japanese Journal of    W0313                   1959
                                                                                       School Health
                                                                                                                  School Health)

                                                                                                                  Gaku Ganmen Hotetsu
145 0389-4045 顎顔面補綴                    顎顔面補綴                 Gaku Ganmen Hotetsu                                  (Maxillofacial      W0315                       1978
146             がん重点NEWS                                     Gan Juten News                                       Gan Juten News                                  1994
                                                                                                                  Gan no Rinsho
                                                                                       Japanese Journal of
147 0021-4949 癌の臨床                     癌の臨                   Gan no Rinsho                                        (Japanese Journal of    W0376                   1954
                                                                                       Cancer Clinics
                                                                                                                  Cancer Clinics)

                                                                                                                  Gan Rinsho Seibutsu
                                                                                       Proceedings of the         Tokei Kenkyukaishi
                癌臨床・生物統計研究 癌臨研・生物統計研会 Gan Rinsho Seibutsu                              Society for Clinical and   (Proceedings of the
148 1344-3453                                                                                                                             W3711                   1982
                会誌         誌          Tokei Kenkyukaishi                               Biostatistical Research    Society for Clinical
                                                                                       on Cancer                  and Biostatistical
                                                                                                                  Research on Cancer)
no    ISSN           title        abbreviation    title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                             S code
                                                                                                      Gan to Kagaku Ryoho
                                                                            Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                      (Japanese Journal of
149 0385-0684 癌と化学療法         癌と化療                 Gan to Kagaku Ryoho       Cancer and                                     W0374 +                   1974
                                                                                                      Cancer and
                                                                                                      Gan Yakuri (Japanese
                                                                            Japanese Journal
150 0914-1405 眼薬理            眼薬理                  Gan Yakuri                                          Journal Ocular       W2765                     1987
                                                                            Ocular Pharmacology
151 0016-4488 眼科             眼科                   Ganka                     Ophthalmology                                    W0371                   1959
                                                                                                   Ganka Rinsho Iho
                                                                            Japanese Review of     (Japanese Review of
152 0386-9601 眼科臨床医報         眼臨医報                 Ganka Rinsho Iho                                                           W0373                   1905
                                                                            Clinical Ophthalmology Clinical
                                                                                                  Ganka Shujutsu
                                                                            Journal of Japanese
                                                                                                  (Journal of Japanese
153 0914-6806 眼科手術           眼科手術                 Ganka Shujutsu            Society of Ophthalmic                       W2554                        1988
                                                                                                  Society of Ophthalmic
                             Gann Monogr Cancer                             Gann Monograph on         Gann Monograph on
154                                                                                                                          Y0066         +         1971(V11)
                             Res                                            Cancer Research           Cancer Research
                                                                                                      Gazo Shindan
                                                                            Japanese Journal of
155 0285-0524 画像診断           画像診断                 Gazo Shindan                                        (Japanese Journal of   W0289                   1981
                                                                            Diagnostic Imaging
                                                                                                      Diagnostic Imaging)
156 0016-593X 外科             外科                   Geka                      Surgery                Geka (Surgery)            W0499                   1937
                                                                                                   Geka Chiryo (Surgical
157 0433-2644 外科治療           外科治療                 Geka Chiryo               Surgical Therapy                                 W0504                   1959
                                                                                                   Geka to Taisha Eiyo
                                                                            The Japanese Journal (The Japanese
158 0389-5564 外科と代謝・栄養       外科と代謝・栄              Geka to Taisha Eiyo       of Surgical Metabolism Journal of Surgical       W0505                   1968
                                                                            and Nutrition          Metabolism and
                                                                                                   Gekkan Junkan
                                                                            Monthly Journal of
159 0914-5125 月刊循環                                Gekkan Junkan                                    (Monthly Journal of                               1980
                                                                                                   Gekkan Yakuji (The
                                                                            The Pharmaceuticals
160 0016-5980 薬事             薬事                   Gekkan Yakuji                                    Pharmaceuticals           W1846                   1959
                                                                                                   Gendai Igaku (The
161 0433-3047 現代医学           現代医                  Gendai Igaku              The Current Medicine                             W0536                   1950
                                                                                                   Current Medicine)
162 0533-7259 現代医療           現代医療                 Gendai Iryo                                      Gendai Iryo               W0537                   1969
no    ISSN              title         abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                S code
                Genes & Genetic                                                Genes & Genetic           Genes & Genetic
163 1341-7568                     Gene Genet Sys                                                                                Y0279 +       +         1921
                Systems                                                        Systems                   Systems
                                                                                                         Gifu Daigaku Igakubu
                                                                               Acta Scholae
                                                     Gifu Daigaku Igakubu                                Kiyo (Acta Scholae
164 0072-4521 岐阜大学医学部紀要           岐阜大医紀                                        Medicinalis                                      W0390                   1953
                                                     Kiyo                                                Medicinalis
                                                                               Universitatis Gifu
                                                                                                         Universitatis Gifu)
                                                                                                       Gifu Sekijuji Byoin
                岐阜赤十字病院医学                            Gifu Sekijuji Byoin       Medical Journal of Gifu Igaku Zasshi (Medical
165 0915-5910                     岐阜赤十字病医誌                                                                                      W3253                   1989
                雑誌                                   Igaku Zasshi              Red Cross Hospital      Journal of Gifu Red
                                                                                                       Cross Hospital)

                                                                                                         Gifu Shika Gakkai
                                                     Gifu Shika Gakkai         The Journal of Gifu
166 0385-0072 岐阜歯科学会雑誌            岐阜歯会誌                                                                  Zasshi (The Journal of W0388                   1974
                                                     Zasshi                    Dental Society
                                                                                                         Gifu Dental Society)
                                                                                                         Gifu Yakka Daigaku
                                                                               The Annual
                                                                                                         Kiyo (The Annual
                                                     Gifu Yakka Daigaku        Proceedings of Gifu
167 0434-0094 岐阜薬科大学紀要            岐阜薬大紀                                                                  Proceedings of Gifu    W0392                   1951
                                                     Kiyo                      Pharmaceutical
                                                                                                       Gifuken Ishikai Igaku
                岐阜県医師会医学雑                            Gifuken Ishikai Igaku     The Journal of the Gifu Zasshi (The Journal of
168 0914-9538                     岐阜県医師会医誌                                                                                    W2825                     1988
                誌                                    Zasshi                    Medical Association     the Gifu Medical

                                                                                                         Gunma Daigaku
                                                     Gunma Daigaku             Annals of Gunma           Igakubu Hokengakka
169 1343-4179                     群馬大保健紀             Igakubu Hokengakka        University School of      Kiyo (Annals of Gunma W3597                    1980
                                                     Kiyo                      Health Sciences           University School of
                                                                                                         Health Sciences)
170 0285-0656 群馬医学                群馬医                Gunma Igaku                                     Gunma Igaku                W2004                   1953
171           ぐんま小児保健             ぐんま小児保健            Gunma Shoni Hoken                               Gunma Shoni Hoken          W3596                   1976(V33)
                                                                                                     Hachinohe Sekijuji
                                                                               Acta Media Hachinohe Byoin Kiyo (Acta
                                                     Hachinohe Sekijuji
172 0919-8121 八戸赤十字病院紀要           八戸赤十字病紀                                      Institutio Hospitalis Media Hachinohe            W3242                   1993
                                                     Byoin Kiyo
                                                                               Crucis Ruberae        Institutio Hospitalis
                                                                                                     Crucis Ruberae)
no     ISSN              title              abbreviation    title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                       S code
                                                                                                                Hachinohe Shiritsu
                                                                                      Medical Journal of        Shimin Byoin Ishi
              八戸市立市民病院医                                     Hachinohe Shiritsu
173 0389-5122                          八戸病医誌                                          Hachinohe City            (Medical Journal of    W2170                   1976
              誌                                             Shimin Byoin Ishi
                                                                                      Hospital                  Hachinohe City
                                                                                                                Haigan (Japanese
                                                                                      Japanese Journal of
174 0386-9628 肺癌                       肺癌                   Haigan                                              Journal of Lung        W1560         +         1960
                                                                                      Lung Cancer
                                                                                                                Hakko Kenkyujo
                Institute for                                                         Institute for             Kenkyu Hokoku
                Fermentation, Osaka,   Inst Ferment Osaka   Hakko Kenkyujo            Fermentation, Osaka,      (Institute for
175 0073-8751                                                                                                                          Y0074                   1961
                Research               Res Commun           Kenkyu Hokoku             Research                  Fermentation, Osaka,
                Communications                                                        Communications            Research
                                                                                                                Hakodate Goryokaku
                                                                                      The Journal of
                                                            Hakodate Goryokaku                                  Byoin Ishi (The
176 1341-0687 函館五稜郭病院医誌                函館五稜郭病医誌                                       Hakodate Goryoukaku                              W3340                   1993
                                                            Byoin Ishi                                          Journal of Hakodate
                                                                                                                Goryoukaku Hospital)
                                                                                                                Hakodate Igakushi
                                                                                      Hakodate Medical
177 0910-0725 函館医学誌                    函館医誌                 Hakodate Igakushi                                   (Hakodate Medical      W1564                   1977
                                                                                                                Hanzai Gaku Zasshi
                                                                                      Acta Criminologiae et
                                                                                                                (Acta Criminologiae et
178 0302-0029 犯罪学雑誌                    犯罪誌                  Hanzai Gaku Zasshi        Medicinae Legalis                                W1574         +         1928
                                                                                                                Medicinae Legalis
179 0910-8327 Heart and Vessels        Heart Vessel         Heart and Vessels         Heart and Vessels         Heart and Vessels      Y0206                   1985
180 0914-2819 ハートナーシング                 ハートナーシング                                       Heart Nursing             Heart Nursing          W2526                   1987
                                                                                                                Heiko Shinkei Kagaku
181 0385-5716 Equilibrium Research     Equilibrium Res      Heiko Shinkei Kagaku      Equilibrium Research                             W0047         +         1970(V27)
                                                                                                                (Equilibrium Research)

182 1342-4319 Helicobacter Research Helicobacter Res                                  Helicobacter Research Helicobacter Research W3517                        1997

183 1386-6346 Hepatology Research      Hepatol Res                                    Hepatology Research       Hepatology Research    Y0294 +                 1993

184 0018-1390 皮膚                       皮膚                   Hifu                      Skin Research             Hifu (Skin Research)   W1584         +         1959
                                                                                                            Hifu no Lymphoma
185             皮膚のリンフォーマ              皮リンフォーマ              Hifu no Lymphoma          Lymphomas of the Skin (Lymphomas of the          W2863                   1983
186 0387-7531 皮膚病診療                    皮病診療                 Hifubyo Shinryo                                 Hifubyo Shinryo            W1589                   1979
187 0018-1404 皮膚科の臨床                   皮の臨                  Hifuka no Rinsho                                Hifuka no Rinsho           W1587                   1979
no     ISSN               title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet     title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                   S code
                                                                                                           Higashi Nippon Seikei
                                                                                                           Saigai Geka Gakkai
                                                                                 Journal or Eastern
                                                      Higashi Nippon Seikei                                Zasshi (Journal or
                東日本整形災害外科                                                        Japan Association of
188 1342-7784                     東日整災外会誌             Saigai Geka Gakkai                                   Eastern Japan         W3512                     1989
                学会雑誌                                                             Orthopaedics and
                                                      Zasshi                                               Association of
                                                                                                           Orthopaedics and
                                                                                                           Himan Kenkyu
                                                                                 Journal of Japan
                                                                                                           (Journal of Japan
189 1343-229X 肥満研究                肥満研                 Himan Kenkyu               Society for the Study                           W3377                     1995
                                                                                                           Society for the Study
                                                                                 of Obesity
                                                                                                           of Obesity)
                                                                                                           Himeji Sekijuji
190 0914-8019 姫路赤十字病院誌            姫路赤十字病誌             Himeji Sekijuji Byoinshi                                                   W2638                     1977
                                                                                                           Hinyoki Geka
                                                                                 Japanese Journal of
191 0914-6180 泌尿器外科               泌外                  Hinyoki Geka                                         (Japanese Journal of    W2538                   1988
                                                                                 Urological Surgery
                                                                                                           Urological Surgery)

                                                                                 Acta Urologica            Hinyokika Kiyo (Acta
192 0018-1994 泌尿器科紀要              泌紀                  Hinyokika Kiyo                                                               W1591 +       +         1955
                                                                                 Japonica                  Urologica Japonica)
193 0389-3634 Hip Joint           Hip Joint                                      Hip Joint                 Hip Joint               W1578                   1975
                                                      Hiro to Kyuyo no                                     Hiro to Kyuyo no
194 0913-0241 疲労と休養の科学            疲労と休養                                                                                            W2751                   1986
                                                      Kagaku                                               Kagaku
                                                                                                           Hirosaki Igaku (The
                                                                                 The Hirosaki Medical
195 0439-1721 弘前医学                弘前医                 Hirosaki Igaku                                       Hirosaki Medical        W1646         +         1950
                                                                                                           Hiroshima Daigaku
                                                      Hiroshima Daigaku          Medical Journal of        Igaku Zasshi (Medical
196 0018-2087 広島大学医学雑誌            広島大医誌                                                                                            W1636                   1952
                                                      Igaku Zasshi               Hiroshima University      Journal of Hiroshima

                                                                                                   Hiroshima Daigaku
                                                                            Journal of the Faculty
                                                      Hiroshima Daigaku                            Seisangakubu Kiyo
                広島大学生物生産学                                                   of Applied Biological
197 1341-691X                     広島大生物生産紀            Seibutsu Seisangakubu                        (Journal of the                 W1643                   1955
                部紀要                                                         Science, Hiroshima
                                                      Kiyo                                         Faculty of Applied
                                                                                                   Biological Science,
                                                                                                   Hiroshima University)
no    ISSN               title              abbreviation     title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                                                 Hiroshima Daigaku
                                                                                       The Journal of            Shigaku Zasshi (The
                                                             Hiroshima Daigaku
198 0046-7472 広島大学歯学雑誌                 広島大歯誌                                           Hiroshima University      Journal of Hiroshima    W1641                   1969
                                                             Shigaku Zasshi
                                                                                       Dental Society            University Dental
                                                                                                                 Hiroshima Igaku (The
                                                                                       The Journal of the
                                                                                                                 Journal of the
199 0367-5904 広島医学                     広島医                   Hiroshima Igaku           Hiroshima Medical                                 W1622                   1948
                                                                                                                 Hiroshima Medical
                Hiroshima Journal of                                                   Hiroshima Journal of      Hiroshima Journal of
200 0018-2052                          Hiroshima J Med Sci                                                                               Y0072 +       +         1951
                Medical Sciences                                                       Medical Sciences          Medical Sciences

                                                                                                                 Hiroshima Kenritsu
                                                                                       Medical Journal of
                                                             Hiroshima Kenritsu                                  Byoin Ishi (Medical
201 0387-6454 広島県立病院医誌                 広島病医誌                                           Hiroshima Prefectural                             W1630                   1968
                                                             Byoin Ishi                                          Journal of Hiroshima
                                                                                                                 Prefectural Hospital)

                                                                                                               Hissu Aminosan
                                                                                       Reports of the          Kenkyu (Reports of
                                                             Hissu Aminosan            Research Committee      the Research
202 0387-4141 必須アミノ酸研究                 必須アミノ酸研                                                                                           W1599                   1958
                                                             Kenkyu                    of Essential Amino      Committee of
                                                                                       Acids                   Essential Amino
                                                                                                               Hitachi Igakkaishi
203 0286-0171 日立医学会誌                   日立医会誌                 Hitachi Igakkaishi        Hitachi Medical Journal (Hitachi Medical          W1583                   1962
204 0911-1425 膝                        膝                     Hiza                      The Knee                Hiza (The Knee)           W2351                   1975
                                                                                                                 Ho Chudoku
                                                                                       Japanese Journal of
205 0915-9606 法中毒                      法中毒                   Ho Chudoku                                          (Japanese Journal of    W3197         +         1983
                                                                                       Forensic Toxicology
                                                                                                                 Forensic Toxicology)
                                                                                                              Hoken Butsuri
                                                                                       Journal of the Japan   (Journal of the Japan
206 0367-6110 保健物理                     保健物理                  Hoken Butsuri                                                          W1701                        1966
                                                                                       Health Physics Society Health Physics
                                                                                                               Hokenfu Zasshi (The
                                                                                       The Japanese Journal
207 0047-1844 保健婦雑誌                    保健婦誌                  Hokenfu Zasshi                                    Japanese Journal for      W1699                   1951
                                                                                       for Public Health Nurse
                                                                                                               Public Health Nurse)
no    ISSN          title       abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                           S code
                                                                                                   Hokkaido Geka Zasshi
                                                                         The Hokkaido Journal
208 0288-7509 北海道外科雑誌         北海道外科誌           Hokkaido Geka Zasshi                                (The Hokkaido Journal W1729                     1952
                                                                         of Surgery
                                                                                                   of Surgery)

                                                                                                   Hokkaido Hoshasen
                                                                         Journal of Hokkaido       Gijutsu Zasshi
                北海道放射線技術雑                      Hokkaido Hoshasen
209 0912-0327                 北海道放線技誌                                    Radiological              (Journal of Hokkaido    W1739                   @
                誌                              Gijutsu Zasshi
                                                                         Technology                Radiological

                                                                                                   Hokkaido Igaku Zasshi
                                                                         The Hokkaido Journal
210 0367-6102 北海道医学雑誌         北海道医誌            Hokkaido Igaku Zasshi                               (The Hokkaido Journal W1724 +                   1947
                                                                         of Medical Science
                                                                                                   of Medical Science)
211 0913-0217 北海道医報           北海道医報            Hokkaido Iho                                        Hokkaido Iho            W1725                   1960
                                                                                                   Hokkaido Koshu
                北海道公衆衛生学雑                      Hokkaido Koshu            Hokkaido Journal of       Eiseigaku Zasshi
212 0914-2630                 北海道公衛誌                                                                                       W2587                   1987
                誌                              Eiseigaku Zasshi          Public Health             (Hokkaido Journal of
                                                                                                   Public Health)
                                               Hokkaido No Koshu                                   Hokkaido No Koshu
213             北海道の公衆衛生                                                                                                                           1975
                                               Eisei                                               Eisei
                                                                                                   Hokkaido Primarycare
                北海道プライマリ・ケア                    Hokkaido Primarycare      Hokkaido Journal of       Kenkyukai Kaiho
214                                                                                                                                                1985
                研究会会報                          Kenkyukai Kaiho           Primary Care              (Hokkaido Journal of
                                                                                                   Primary Care)

                                                                                              Hokkaido Rehabiltation
                                                                      Journal of the          Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
              北海道リハビリテーショ                      Hokkaido Rehabiltation
215 0304-2081             北海道リハ会誌                                     Hokkaido Rehabilitation of the Hokkaido        W1743                         1964
              ン学会雑誌                            Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                      Association             Rehabilitation

                                                                                                   Hokkaido Sanka
                                                                      Journal of the               Fujinka Gakkai Kaishi
                北海道産科婦人科学                      Hokkaido Sanka Fujinka Hokkaido Obstetrical         (Journal of the
216 0367-6277                 北海道産婦会誌                                                                                      W1730                   1950
                会誌                             Gakkai Kaishi          and Gynecological            Hokkaido Obstetrical
                                                                      Society                      and Gynecological
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                        S code

                                                                                                 Hokkaido Seikei Geka
                                                                       The Journal of            Gaisho Kenkyukai
                                             Hokkaido Seikei Geka
                北海道整形外科外傷   北海道整外外傷研会                                  Hokkaido Orthopaedic      Kaishi (The Journal of
217 0914-6083                                Gaisho Kenkyukai                                                           W2586                   1985
                研究会会誌       誌                                          Traumatology              Hokkaido Orthopaedic
                                                                       Association               Traumatology

                                                                                                 Hokkaido Seikei Saigai
                                                                    The Hokkaido Journal         Geka Gakkai Zasshi
                北海道整形災害外科                    Hokkaido Seikei Saigai
218 1343-3873               北海道整災外会誌                                of Orthopaedics and          (The Hokkaido Journal W3519          +         1954
                学会雑誌                         Geka Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                    Traumatology                 of Orthopaedics and
                                                                                                 Hokkaido Shigaku
                                             Hokkaido Shigaku          Hokkaido Journal of       Zasshi (Hokkaido
219 0914-7063 北海道歯学雑誌       北海道歯誌                                                                                       W2754                   1980
                                             Zasshi                    Dental Science            Journal of Dental
                                                                                                 Hokkaido Shika
                                                                       The Journal of the
                                             Hokkaido Shika                                      Ishikaishi (The Journal
220 0073-2915 北海道歯科医師会誌     北海道歯医師会誌                                   Hokkaido Dental                                   W1731                  1948
                                             Ishikaishi                                          of the Hokkaido
                                                                                                 Dental Association)
                                                                                                 Hokuriku Masuigaku
                                             Hokuriku Masuigaku        Hokuriku Journal of       Zasshi (Hokuriku
221 0367-5947 北陸麻酔学雑誌       北陸麻誌                                                                                        W1750         +         1967
                                             Zasshi                    Anesthesiology            Journal of
                                                                                                 Hokuriku Shikei
              北陸神経精神医学雑                      Hokuriku Shikei Seishin The Hokuriku Journal        Seishin Igaku Zasshi
222 0913-7378               北陸神精医誌                                                                                     W2591                    1987
              誌                              Igaku Zasshi            of Neuropsychiatry          (The Hokuriku Journal
                                                                                                 of Neuropsychiatry)
                                                                                            Homon Kango to Kaigo
                                                                       The Japanese Journal (The Japanese
223 1341-7045 訪問看護と介護       訪問看と介護           Homon Kango to Kaigo                                                W3423                          1996
                                                                       of Home Care Nursing Journal of Home Care
                                                                                            Hoppo Sangyo Eisei
                                                                       The Journal of
                                                                                            (The Journal of
224 0911-3363 北方産業衛生        北方産業衛            Hoppo Sangyo Eisei        Northern Occupation                       W1745                          1938
                                                                                            Northern Occupation
no     ISSN            title             abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                   S code
                                                                                                         Hormone to Rinsho
225 0045-7167 ホルモンと臨床               ホルモンと臨              Hormone to Rinsho         Clinical Endocrinology (Clinical                 W1695                   1953
                                                                                                         Hoshasen Igaku
                                                        Hoshasen Igaku            Japanese Journal of    Butsuri (Japanese
226 1345-5354 医学物理                  医物理                                                                                            W3834                   1981
                                                        Butsuri                   Medical Physics        Journal of Medical
                                                                                                         Hoshasen Kagaku
227 0441-2540 放射線科学                 放射線科学               Hoshasen Kagaku           Radiological Sciences (Radiological              W1713                   1958
                                                                                                         Hoshasen Seibutsu
                                                                                  Radiation Biology
                                                        Hoshasen Seibutsu                                Kenkyu (Radiation
228 0441-747X 放射線生物研究               放線生物研                                         Research                                         W1716                   1966
                                                        Kenkyu                                           Biology Research
                                                                                                         Hoshi Yakka Daigaku
                                                        Hoshi Yakka Daigaku       The Proceedings of the Kiyo (The Proceedings
229 0441-2559 星薬科大学紀要               星薬大紀                                                                                           W1751                   1951
                                                        Kiyo                      Hoshi University       of the Hoshi
                                                                                                            Hyogo Ika Daigaku
                兵庫医科大学医学会                               Hyogo Ika Daigaku         Acta Medica
230 0385-7638                       兵庫医大医会誌                                                                 Igakkai Zasshi (Acta   W1600                   1976
                雑誌                                      Igakkai Zasshi            Hyogoensia
                                                                                                            Medica Hyogoensia)
                                                                                                        Hyogo Kenritus
                                                                                  Bulletin of Hyogo     Seijinbyocenter Kiyo
                兵庫県立成人病センタ            Hyogo Kenritus
231 0913-8927              兵庫成人病センター紀                                             Medical Center for    (Bulletin of Hyogo         W2433                   1984
                ー紀要                   Seijinbyocenter Kiyo
                                                                                  Adults                Medical Center for
                                                                                  Hypertension Research Hypertension
232 0916-9636 Hypertension Research Hypertens Res                                 : Clinical and        Research : Clinical        Y0250 +       +         1978
                                                                                  Experimental          and Experimental
                                                                                                        I Bunpitsu
                                                                                  Proceedings of the    Kenkyukaishi
                                                        I Bunpitsu                Japanese Journal      (Proceedings of the
233 0289-2057 胃分泌研究会誌               胃分泌研会誌                                                                                         W0106                   1971
                                                        Kenkyukaishi              Society of Gastric    Japanese Journal
                                                                                  Secretion Research    Society of Gastric
                                                                                                        Secretion Research)
                                                                                                        I to Cho (Stomach and
234 0536-2180 胃と腸                   胃と腸                 I to Cho                  Stomach and Intestine                            W0105                   1966
                                                                                                        Ibarakiken Bosei Eisei
                茨城県母性衛生学会                               Ibarakiken Bosei Eisei    Ibaraki Journal of    Gakkaishi (Ibaraki
235                                 茨城母性衛会誌                                                                                        W2936                   1981
                誌                                       Gakkaishi                 Maternal Health       Journal of Maternal
no    ISSN             title            abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                  S code
                                                                                                           Ibarakiken Kyukyu
                茨城県救急医学会雑                              Ibarakiken Kyukyu         The Ibaraki Journal of    Igakkai Zasshi (The
236 0912-2125                       茨城救急医会誌                                                                                       W2687                   1977
                誌                                      Igakkai Zasshi            Acute Medicine            Ibaraki Journal of
                                                                                                           Acute Medicine)
                                                                                                           Ibarakiken Noson
                                                                                 Journal of the Ibaraki
              茨城県農村医学会雑                                Ibarakiken Noson                                    Igakkai Zasshi (Journal
237 0915-1982                       茨城農村医会誌                                      Society of Rural                                  W2935                  1988
              誌                                        Igakkai Zasshi                                      of the Ibaraki Society
                                                                                                           of Rural Medicine)

                                                                                                       Ibarakiken Rinsho
                                                       Ibarakiken Rinsho Igaku
238 0910-6782 茨城県臨床医学雑誌             茨城臨医誌                                      Ibaraki Medical Journal Igaku Zasshi (Ibaraki      W2329                   1965
                                                                                                       Medical Journal)

                                                                                 Japanese Journal of       ICU to CCU (Japanese
239 0389-1194 ICUとCCU               ICUとCCU            ICU to CCU                Intensive Care            Journal of Intensive W0002                     1977
                                                                                 Medicine                  Care Medicine)
                                                                                                      Ido no Nippon (The
                                                                                 The Journal of
                                                                                                      Journal of Japanese
240 0287-6760 医道の日本                 医道の日               Ido no Nippon             Japanese Acupuncture                             W0081                   1938
                                                                                                      Acupuncture &
                                                                                 & Moxibustion
                                                                                                           Igaku Kensa
                                                                                 Japanese Journal of
241 0915-8669 医学検査                  医学検査               Igaku Kensa                                         (Japanese Journal of   W2879                   1952
                                                                                 Medical Technology
                                                                                                           Medical Technology)
242 0386-9644 医学教育                  医教育                Igaku Kyoiku                                        Igaku Kyoiku           W0063                   1970
                                                                                                           Igaku no Ayumi
                                                                                 Journal of Clinical and   (Journal of Clinical
243 0039-2359 医学のあゆみ                医のあゆみ              Igaku no Ayumi                                                             W0073                   1946
                                                                                 Experimental Medicine     and Experimental
                                                                                                           Igaku no Ayumi
                                                                                                           Bessatsu (Journal of
                                                                                 Journal of Clinical and
                                                                                                           Clinical and
              医学のあゆみ. 別冊,                              Igaku no Ayumi            Experimental Medicine.
244 0914-7373                                                                                              Experimental                                   1987
              メディカル・トピックス                              Bessatsu                  Supplememt, Medical
                                                                                                           Supplememt, Medical
                                                                                                           Igaku Seibutsugaku
                                                       Igaku Seibutsugaku                                  Thermology
245 0916-6238 Biomedical Thermology Biomed Thermol                               Biomedical Thermology                            W2748                   1981
                                                       Thermology                                          (Biomedical
no       ISSN               title                abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English      title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                             S code
                                                                                                                     Igaku Tetsugaku Igaku
                                                                                      Annals of the
                                                                                                                     Rinri (Annals of the
                                                                                      Japanese Association
                                                                Igaku Tetsugaku Igaku                                Japanese Association
246 0289-6427 医学哲学医学倫理                     医哲学医倫理                                     for Philosophical and                                W2111                     1983
                                                                Rinri                                                for Philosophical and
                                                                                      Ethical Researches of
                                                                                                                     Ethical Researches of
                                                                                                               Igaku to Seibutsu
247 0019-1604 医学と生物学                       医と生物                 Igaku to Seibutsu Gaku Medicine and Biology    Gaku (Medicine and            W0070                   1942
                                                                                                               Igaku to Yaku Gaku
                                                                                          The Journal of
                                                                                                               (The Journal of
                                                                                          Medicine and
248 0389-3898 医学と薬学                        医と薬学                 Igaku to Yaku Gaku                             Medicine and                  W0071                   1979
                                                                                                               Igakushi Kenkyu
                                                                                          Studium Historiae
249 0019-1612 医学史研究                        医史研                  Igakushi Kenkyu                                (Studium Historiae            W0066                   1961
                                                                                                               Ika Kikai Gaku (The
                                                                                          The Japanese Journal
                                                                                                               Japanese Journal of
250 0385-440X 医科器械学                        医科器械学                Ika Kikai Gaku            of Medical                                         W0057                   1923
251               医研センタージャーナ                                    Iken Center Journal                            Iken Center Journal                                   @
252   0913-2848   In Vitro                 In Vitro                                       In Vitro             In Vitro                      W2204                   @
253   0019-8366   Industrial Health        Ind Health                                     Industrial Health    Industrial Health             Y0073 +       +         1963
254   0913-8919   INNERVISION              Innervision                                    Innervision          Innervision                   W2450                   1986
255   0918-2918   Internal Medicine        Intern Med                                     Internal Medicine    Internal Medicine             Y0243 +       +         1962
                                                                                          International        International
256 0953-8178                                                                                                                                                        1989
                                                                                          Immunology           Immunology
                  International Journal of                                                International Journal of International Journal
257 1341-9625                              Int J Clin Oncol                                                                                  Y0289         +         1996
                  Clinical Oncology                                                       Clinical Oncology        of Clinical Oncology

                  International Journal of                                                International Journal of International Journal
258 0925-5710                              Int J Hematol                                                                                     Y0239                   1937
                  Hematology                                                              Hematology               of Hematology
                  International Journal of                                                International Journal of   International Journal
259 0919-8172                              Int J Urol                                                                                        Y0259                   1994
                  Urology                                                                 Urology                    of Urology
                                                                                          International Medical      International Medical
260 0535-1405                                                                                                                                                        1952
                                                                                          News                       News
                                                                                          Japanese Journal of        Iryo (Japanese
261 0021-1699 医療                           医療                   Iryo                      National Medical           Journal of National     W0095         +         1946
                                                                                          Services                   Medical Services)
no    ISSN            title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                              S code
                                                                                                      Iryo Joho Gaku (Japan
                                                                            Japan Journal of
262 0289-8055 医療情報学           医療情報学               Iryo Joho Gaku                                      Journal of Medical    W2118                     1980
                                                                            Medical Informatics
                                                                                                      Iryo Taiiku (The
                                                                            The Journal of
263 0919-6153 医療体育            医療体育                Iryo Taiiku                                         Journal of              W3346                   1982
                                                                            Rehabilitation Sport
                                                                                                      Rehabilitation Sport)
                                                                                                 Iryo to Computer
                                                                            Medical Care &
264 0914-9511 医療とコンピュータ       医療とコンピュータ           Iryo to Computer                               (Medical Care &              W2640                   1988
                                                                                                 Iryo to Shakai (Journal
                                                                         Journal of Health Care
265 0916-9202 医療と社会           医療と社会               Iryo to Shakai                                 of Health Care and           W3584                   1991
                                                                         and Society
                                                                                                 Ishikawa Kenritsu
                                                                                                 Chuo Byoin Igakushi
                                                                         The Medical Journal of
                石川県立中央病院医                         Ishikawa Kenritsu Chuo                         (The Medical Journal
266 0287-1777                 石川中病医誌                                     Ishikawa Prefectural                                 W0112                   1978
                学誌                                Byoin Igakushi                                 of Ishikawa
                                                                         Central Hospital
                                                                                                 Prefectural Central
                                                  Ishinomaki Sekijuji                            Ishinomaki Sekijuji
267             石巻赤十字病院誌      石巻赤十字病誌                                                                                         W3434                   1988
                                                  Byoinshi                                       Byoinshi
                                                                                                 Ishoku (Japanese
                                                                         Japanese Journal of
268 0578-7947 移植              移植                  Ishoku                                         Journal of                   W0107                   1965
269 0285-5518 Isotope News    Isotope News                               Isotope News            Isotope News                 W0004                   1944
                                                                                                 Iwamizawa Shiritsu
                                                                         Journal of Iwamizawa Sogo Byoin Ishi
                岩見沢市立総合病院                         Iwamizawa Shiritsu
270 0289-1484                 岩見沢病医誌                                     Municipal General       (Journal of Iwamizawa        W0130                   1975
                医誌                                Sogo Byoin Ishi
                                                                         Hospital                Municipal General
                                                                                                 Iwate Igaku Zasshi
                                                                         The Journal of the
                                                                                                 (The Journal of the
271 0021-3284 岩手医学雑誌          岩手医誌                Iwate Igaku Zasshi     Iwate Medical                                        W0125                   1947
                                                                                                 Iwate Medical
                                                                                                 Iwate Ika Daigaku
                                                                                                 Shigaku Zasshi
                岩手医科大学歯学雑                         Iwate Ika Daigaku      Dental Journal of Iwate
272 0385-1311                 岩手医大歯誌                                                             (Dental Journal of           W0124                   1976
                誌                                 Shigaku Zasshi         Medical University
                                                                                                 Iwate Medical
no     ISSN             title              abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system            Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                       S code
                                                                                                              Iwate Kenritsu Byoin
                                                                                    Medical Journal of        Igakkai Zasshi
              岩手県立病院医学会                                   Iwate Kenritsu Byoin
273 0385-9320                        岩手病医会誌                                         Iwate Prefectural         (Medical Journal of      W0127                   1961
              雑誌                                          Igakkai Zasshi
                                                                                    Hospital                  Iwate Prefectural

                                                                                                              Iyaku Anzensei
                                                                                    Bulletin of Japanese      Kenkyukai Kaiho
                医薬安全性研究会会                                 Iyaku Anzensei            Society for               (Bulletin of Japanese
274 0288-2906                                                                                                                                                  1979
                報                                         Kenkyukai Kaiho           Biopharmaceutical         Society for
                                                                                    Statistics                Biopharmaceutical
                                                                                                              Iyaku Journal
                                                                                    Medicine and Drug
275 0287-4741 医薬ジャーナル                医薬ジャーナル              Iyaku Journal                                       (Medicine and Drug       W0083                   1965
276 0579-2762 医薬の門                   医薬の門                 Iyaku no Mon                                        Iyaku no Mon             W0085                   1961
277 0287-0894 医薬品研究                  医薬品研                 Iyakuhin Kenkyu                                     Iyakuhin Kenkyu          W0086                   1970
                                                                                                              Iyakuhin Sogo Sayo
                                                                                    Research on Drug
                                                          Iyakuhin Sogo Sayo                                  Kenkyu (Research on
278 0385-5015 医薬品相互作用研究              医薬品相互作用研                                       Actions and                                        W0087                   1976
                                                          Kenkyu                                              Drug Actions and
                                                                                                              Iyo Denshi to Seitai
                                                                                    JJME : Japanese           Kogaku (JJME :
                                                          Iyo Denshi to Seitai      Journal of Medical        Japanese Journal of
279 0021-3292 BME                    BME                                                                                               W2457                   1963
                                                          Kogaku                    Electronics and           Medical Electronics
                                                                                    Biological Engineering    and Biological
                                                                                                              Iyo Eisei Shigaisen
                医用衛生紫外線研究                                 Iyo Eisei Shigaisen       The Journal of            Kenkyukaishi (The
280 0913-2880                        医用衛紫外線研会誌                                                                                         W2241                   1982
                会誌                                        Kenkyukaishi              Ultraviolet Rays          Journal of Ultraviolet
281 0021-339X いずみ                    いずみ                  Izumi                                               Izumi                    W0053                   1953
282 0918-3647                                                                       J.M.E.F                   J.M.E.F                                          1984
283           ジャミックジャーナル                                                            JAMIC Journal             JAMIC Journal                                    1981
284 0910-1004 Japan Hospitals        Jpn Hosp                                       Japan Hospitals           Japan Hospitals          Y0217                   1987(V6)
              Japanese Circulation                                                  Japanese Circulation      Japanese Circulation
285 0047-1828                        Jpn Circ J                                                                                        Y0076         +         1935
              Journal                                                               Journal                   Journal
              Japanese Heart                                                        Japanese Heart            Japanese Heart
286 0021-4868                        Jpn Heart J                                                                                       Y0077 +       +         1960
              Journal                                                               Journal                   Journal
              Japanese Journal of                                                   Japanese Journal of       Japanese Journal of
287 0910-5050                        Jpn J Cancer Res                                                                                  Y0236 +       +         1907
              Cancer Research                                                       Cancer Research           Cancer Research
no    ISSN               title             abbreviation    title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                      S code
                Japanese Journal of                                                  Japanese Journal of    Japanese Journal of
288 0368-2811                         Jpn J Clin Oncol                                                                              Y0078 +         +         1971
                Clinical Oncology                                                    Clinical Oncology      Clinical Oncology
                                                                                                            Japanese Journal of
                Japanese Journal of                                                  Japanese Journal of
289 0914-9635                        Jpn J Endourol ESWL                                                    Endourology and         Y0267                     1988
                Endourology and ESWL                                                 Endourology and ESWL
              Japanese Journal of                                                    Japanese Journal of    Japanese Journal of
290 1344-6304                         Jpn J Infect Dis                                                                              Y0311 +         +         1948
              Infectious Diseases                                                    Infectious Diseases    Infectious Diseases
              Japanese Journal of                                                    Japanese Journal of    Japanese Journal of
291 0021-5155                         Jpn J Ophthalmol                                                                              Y0084           +         1957
              Ophthalmology                                                          Ophthalmology          Ophthalmology
              The Japanese Journal                                                   Japanese Journal of    Japanese Journal of
292 0021-5198                         Jpn J Pharmacol                                                                               Y0085 +         +         1951
              of Pharmacology                                                        Pharmacology           Pharmacology
              Japanese                                                               Japanese               Japanese
293 0021-5368 Psychological           Jpn Psychol Res                                Psychological          Psychological           Y0093                     1954
              Research                                                               Research               Research
                                                           Jibi Inkoka Tokeibu                              Jibi Inkoka Tokeibu
294 0910-6820 JOHNS                   JOHNS                                          JOHNS                                          W2224                     1985
                                                           Geka                                             Geka (JOHNS)
                                                                                                            Jibi to Rinsho
295 0447-7227 耳鼻と臨床                   耳鼻と臨                 Jibi to Rinsho            Otologia Fukuoka                               W0735                     1954
                                                                                                            (Otologia Fukuoka)
                                                                                                            Jibiinkoka Meneki
                                                                                     Journal of Japan       Allergology (Journal of
                耳鼻咽喉科免疫アレル                                 Jibiinkoka Meneki         Society of Immunology Japan Society of
296 0913-0691              耳鼻免疫アレルギー                                                                                                W2398                     1983
                ギー                                         Allergology               & Allergolgy in        Immunology &
                                                                                     Otolaryngology         Allergolgy in
                                                                                                            Jibiinkoka Rinsho
297 0032-6313 耳鼻咽喉科臨床                 耳鼻臨床                 Jibiinkoka Rinsho         Practica Otologica                             W0734           +         1908
                                                                                                            (Practica Otologica)
                                                                                                            Jibiinkoka Tenbo (Oto-
298 0386-9687 耳鼻咽喉科展望                 耳鼻展望                 Jibiinkoka Tenbo                                 rhino-laryngology,      W0733           +         1958
                                                                                                               Jibiinkoka Tokeibu
                耳鼻咽喉科・頭頸部外                                 Jibiinkoka Tokeibu                                  Geka (Otolaryngology-
299 0914-3491              耳鼻・頭頸外科                                                   and Neck Surgery.                               W2533                    1946
                科                                          Geka                                                Head and Neck
                                                                                                               Surgery. [Tokyo])
                                                                                                               Jichi Ika Daigaku Kiyo
                                                                                     Jichi Medical School
300 0387-0308 自治医科大学紀要                自治医大紀                Jichi Ika Daigaku Kiyo                              (Jichi Medical School W0737                    1978
                                                                                                            Jidai Kokyuki Shikkan
              慈大呼吸器疾患研究                                    Jidai Kokyuki Shikkan     Jikei Journal of Chest Kenkyukaishi (Jikei
301 0919-6870                         慈大呼吸疾研会誌                                                                                    W3161                       1989
              会誌                                           Kenkyukaishi              Deseases               Journal of Chest
no    ISSN                title          abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                    S code
                Jikeikai Medical                                                  Jikeikai Medical      Jikeikai Medical
302 0021-6968                      Jikeikai Med J                                                                                   Y0094         +         1954
                Journal                                                           Journal               Journal
                                                                                                        Jikken Chiryo (The
                                                                                  The Experimant &
303 0910-7967 実験治療                 実験治療                 Jikken Chiryo                                   Experimant &                W0759                   1921
                                                                                                        Jikken Igaku
304 0288-5514 実験医学                 実験医                  Jikken Igaku              Experimental Medicine (Experimental               W2114                   1983
                                                                                                        Jikoketsu Yuketsu
                                                                                  Journal of Japanese
                                                                                                        (Journal of Japanese
305 0915-0188 自己血輸血                自己輸血                 Jikoketsu Yuketsu         Society of Autologous                       W2774                         1988
                                                                                                        Society of Autologous
                                                                                  Blood Transfusion
                                                                                                        Blood Transfusion)
                                                                                  JIM: Journal of         JIM: Journal of
306 0917-138X JIM                  JIM                                                                                              W2899                   1991
                                                                                  Integrated Medicine     Integrated Medicine
                                                                                                          Jin Fuzen (Renal
307 0915-5384 腎不全                  腎不全                  Jin Fuzen                 Renal Failure Research                            W2779                   1989
                                                                                                          Failure Research)
                                                                                                          Jin Fuzen wo Ikiru
308 0912-0319 腎不全を生きる              腎不全を生きる              Jin Fuzen wo Ikiru        Dialysis and Transplant (Dialysis and             W3659                   1973
                                                                                                          Jin Ishoku Kekkan
                                                        Jin Ishoku Kekkan         Renal Transplantation Geka (Renal
309 0915-9118 腎移植・血管外科             腎移植・血管外                                                                                          W3165                   1989
                                                        Geka                      Vascular Surgery        Transplantation
                                                                                                          Vascular Surgery)
                                                                                                            Jin to Toseki (Kidney
310 0385-2156 腎と透析                 腎と透析                 Jin to Toseki             Kidney and Dialysis                               W0900                   1976
                                                                                                            and Dialysis)
                                                                                                       Jinko Zoki (The
                                                                                  The Japanese Journal
311 0300-0818 人工臓器                 人工臓器                 Jinko Zoki                                     Japanese Journal of          W0888                   1972
                                                                                  of Artificial Organ
                                                                                                       Artificial Organ)
312 0911-9752 腎臓                   腎臓                   Jinzo                     The Kidney           Jinzo (The Kidney)           W2154                   1978
313           腎臓の研究                                     Jinzo no Kenkyu                                Jinzo no Kenkyu                                      @
                                                                                                       Jiritsu Shinkei (The
                                                                                  The Autonomic
314 0288-9250 自律神経                 自律神経                 Jiritsu Shinkei                                Autonomic Nervous            W0740                   1964
                                                                                  Nervous System
315 0912-3741 JJNスペシャル             JJNスペシャル             JJN Special                                    JJN Special                  W2388                   1986
316 1344-4980 静脈・経腸栄養              静脈経腸栄養               Jomyaku Keicho Eiyo                                 Jomyaku Keicho Eiyo     W3656                   1986

                                                                                  The Journal of            Josanpu (The Journal
317 0389-9063 助産婦                  助産婦                  Josanpu                   Japanese Midwives'        of Japanese Midwives' W0799                     1947
                                                                                  Association               Association)
no     ISSN              title               abbreviation       title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                            S code
                                                                                                                    Josanpu Zasshi (The
                                                                                          The Japenese Journl
318 0047-1836 助産婦雑誌                     助産婦誌                    Josanpu Zasshi                                      Japenese Journl for     W0800                   1952
                                                                                          for Midwives
319 0913-8668 Journal of Anesthesia     J Anesth                                          Journal of Anesthesia     Journal of Anesthesia Y0225           +         1987
              Journal of Artificial                                                       Journal of Artificial     Journal of Artificial
320 1434-7229                           J Artif Organs                                                                                      Y0306         +         1998
              Organs                                                                      Organs                    Organs
              Journal of                                                                  Journal of                Journal of
321 1340-3478 Atherosclerosis and       J Atherosclero Thromb                             Atherosclerosis and       Atherosclerosis and     Y0260 +                 1994
              Thrombosis                                                                  Thrombosis                Thrombosis
                Journal of Bioscience                                                     Journal of Bioscience     Journal of Bioscience
322 1389-1723                           J Biosci Bioeng                                                                                   Y0307           +         1999(V87)
                and Bioengineering                                                        and Bioengineering        and Bioengineering
                Journal of Bone and                                                       Journal of Bone and       Journal of Bone and
323 0914-8779                           J Bone Mineral Metab                                                                                Y0222 +       +         1988(V6)
                Mineral Metabolism                                                        Mineral Metabolism        Mineral Metabolism
324 0914-5087 Journal of Cardiology     J Cardiol                                         Journal of Cardiology     Journal of Cardiology   W2545 +       +         1971
                                                                                          Journal of Controlled    Journal of Controlled
325 0168-3659                                                                                                                                                       1984
                                                                                          Release                  Release
                                                                                                                   Journal of
                Journal of                                                                Journal of
326 0923-1811                          J Dermatol Sci                                                              Dermatological           Y0256                   1990
                Dermatological Science                                                    Dermatological Science
                Journal of Electron                                                       Journal of Electron      Journal of Electron
327 0022-0744                           J Electron Microsc                                                                                  Y0100 +                 1953
                Microscopy                                                                Microscopy               Microscopy
                                                                                          Journal of               Journal of
328 0917-5040                                                                                                                                       +               1991
                                                                                          Epidemiology             Epidemiology
              Journal of                                                                  Journal of               Journal of
329 0944-1174                           J Gastroenterol                                                                                     Y0261 +       +         1966
              Gastroenterology                                                            Gastroenterology         Gastroenterology
              Journal of Human                                                            Journal of Human         Journal of Human
330 1434-5161                           J Hum Genet                                                                                         Y0299 +       +         1956
              Genetics                                                                    Genetics                 Genetics
              Journal of Infection                                                        Journal of Infection     Journal of Infection
331 1341-321X                           J Infect Chemother                                                                                  Y0277         +         1995
              and Chemotherapy                                                            and Chemotherapy         and Chemotherapy
                                                                                                                   Journal of
                                                                                          Journal of International
                                                                                                                   International Society
332 1341-9226                                                                             Society of Life                                                           1996(V14)
                                                                                                                   of Life Information
                                                                                          Information Science
              Journal of Medical and                                                      Journal of Medical and Journal of Medical and
333 1342-8810                        J Med Dent Sci                                                                                         Y0300 +                 1954
              Dental Sciences                                                             Dental Scienses          Dental Scienses
              Journal of Nutritional                                                      Journal of Nutritional Journal of Nutritional
334 0301-4800 Science and            J Nutr Sci Vitaminol                                 Science and              Science and              Y0110 +       +         1954
              Vitaminology                                                                Vitaminology             Vitaminology
no    ISSN               title                abbreviation        title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                              S code
                Journal of                                                                  Journal of                Journal of
335 1341-9145                            J Occupat Health                                                                                     Y0282                   1996(V38)
                Occupational Health                                                         Occupational Health       Occupational Health
                Journal of Oral                                                             Journal of Oral           Journal of Oral
336 1343-4934                            J Oral Sci                                                                                           Y0302 +                 1958
                Science                                                                     Science                   Science
                Journal of Orthopaedic                                                      Journal of Orthopaedic    Journal of
337 0949-2658                            J Orthop Sci                                                                                         Y0284 +       +         1996
                Science                                                                     Science                   Orthopaedic Science
                Journal of Osaka                                                            Journal of Osaka          Journal of Osaka
338 0475-2058                            J Osaka Dent Univ                                                                                    Y0111                   1967
                Dental University                                                           Dental University         Dental University
                Journal of Physical                                                         Journal of Physical       Journal of Physical
339 0915-5287                            J Phys Ther Sci                                                                                      Y0232                   1989
                Therapy Science                                                             Therapy Science           Therapy Science
                Journal of                                                                  Journal of                Journal of
                Physiological                                                               Physiological             Physiological
                                         J Physiol Anthrop Appl
340 1345-3475   Anthropology and                                                            Anthropology and          Anthropology and        Y0316 +                 1982
                                         Human Sci
                Applied Human                                                               Applied Human             Applied Human
                Science                                                                     Science                   Science
                Journal of Radiation                                                        Journal of Radiation      Journal of Radiation
341 0449-3060                            J Radiat Res                                                                                         Y0114 +                 1960
                Research                                                                    Research                  Research
                Journal of Smooth                                                           Journal of Smooth         Journal of Smooth
342 1342-8152                            J Smooth Muscle Res                                                                                  W3020 +       +         1997
                Muscle Research                                                             Muscle Research           Muscle Research
                Journal of Stroke and                                                       Journal of Stroke and     Journal of Stroke and
                                         J Stroke Cerebrovasc
343 1052-3057   Cerebrovascular                                                             Cerebrovascular           Cerebrovascular         Y0317                   1991
                Diseases                                                                    Diseases                  Diseases
                JRリハビリテーション医                                      JR Rehabilitation Iryo                              JR Rehabilitation Iryo
344                          JRリハ医療会誌                                                                                                        W3224                    @
                療学会学会誌                                            Gakkai Gakkaishi                                    Gakkai Gakkaishi
                                                                                                                      Junkan Seigyo
345 0389-1844 循環制御                       循環制御                     Junkan Seigyo             Circulation Control                               W0795                   1980
                                                                                                                      (Circulation Control)
346 0918-9599 循環器専門医                     循環器医                     Junkanki Senmoni                                    Junkanki Senmoni        W3271                   1993
347 0388-1911 循環器科                       循環器                      Junkankika                Cardioangiology                                   W0794                   1977
                                                                                                                      Juntendo Igaku
                                                                                            Juntendo Medical
348 0022-6769 順天堂医学                      順天堂医                     Juntendo Igaku                                      (Juntendo Medical       W0796                   1955
                順天堂災害医学研究                                         Juntendo Saigai Igaku                               Juntendo Saigai Igaku
349 0285-4929                            順天堂災医研紀                                                                                              W2844                   1981
                所紀要                                               Kenkyujo Kiyo                                       Kenkyujo Kiyo
                                                                                                                      Kachiku Eisei Kenkyu
                家畜衛生研究成果情                                         Kachiku Eisei Kenkyu      Research Report of        Seika Joho (Research
350 0916-1244                                                                                                                                                         1987
                報                                                 Seika Joho                Animal Health             Report of Animal
                                                                                            Science Journal           Kagaku (Science
351 0022-7625 科学                         科学                       Kagaku                                                                      W0256                   1931
                                                                                            KAGAKU                    Journal KAGAKU)
no    ISSN       title      abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                       S code
                                                                                               Kagaku Ryoho no
                                           Kagaku Ryoho no           Antibiotics &
352 0913-2384 化学療法の領域     化療の領域                                                                Ryoiki (Antibiotics &   W2435                   1985
                                           Ryoiki                    Chemotherapy
353 0453-073X 化学と生物       化学と生物            Kagaku to Seibutsu                                  Kagaku to Seibutsu      W0249                   1962
              香川脳神経外科談話                    Kagawa no Shinkei                                   Kagawa no Shinkei
354 0918-1172             香川脳外談話会誌                                                                                  W3066                      1987(N3)
              会会誌                          Geka Konwakai Kaishi                                Geka Konwakai Kaishi
                                                                                            Kagawa Rosai Byoin
                                           Kagawa Rosai Byoin        The Medical Journal of Zasshi (The Medical
355 0915-3071 香川労災病院雑誌    香川労災病誌                                                                                       W2763                   1986
                                           Zasshi                    Kagawa Rosai Hospital Journal of Kagawa
                                                                                            Rosai Hospital)
                                                                                               Kagawaken Ishikaishi
                                                                     The Journal of the
                                                                                               (The Journal of the
356 0288-3201 香川県医師会誌     香川医師会誌           Kagawaken Ishikaishi      Kagawa Medical                                    W0281                   1948
                                                                                               Kagawa Medical
                                                                                               Kagawaken Naikai
                                                                     The Journal of the        Kaishi (The Journal of
                                           Kagawaken Naikai
357 0917-4095 香川県内科医会誌    香川内科医会誌                                    Kagawa Physicians'        the Kagawa             W2506                    1990(V27)
                                                                     Association               Physicians'
                                                                                               Kagoshima Daigaku
                                           Kagoshima Daigaku         Medical Journal of        Igaku Zasshi (Medical
358 0368-5063 鹿児島大学医学雑誌   鹿児島大医誌                                                                                     W0300                     1945
                                           Igaku Zasshi              Kagoshima University      Journal of Kagoshima

                                                                                               Kagoshima Daigaku
                                                                     Annals of Kagoshima       Shigakubu Kiyo
              鹿児島大学歯学部紀                    Kagoshima Daigaku
359 0389-7834             鹿児島大歯紀                                     University Dental         (Annals of Kagoshima W0301                      1981
              要                            Shigakubu Kiyo
                                                                     School                    University Dental

                                                                                               Kagoshimaken Rinsho
                                                                     Journal of Kagoshima      Geka Gakkaishi
             鹿児島県臨床外科学                     Kagoshimaken Rinsho
360                       鹿児島臨外会誌                                    Society for Clinical      (Journal of Kagoshima W3589                     @
             会誌                            Geka Gakkaishi
                                                                     Surgery                   Society for Clinical
                                                                                               Kaibogaku Zasshi
                                                                     Acta Anatomica
361 0022-7722 解剖学雑誌       解剖誌              Kaibogaku Zasshi                                    (Acta Anatomica         W0307 +                 1928
no    ISSN            title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                             S code
                                                                                                 Kaku Igaku (The
                                                                            The Japanese Journal
362 0022-7854 核医学             核医                  Kaku Igaku                                     Japanese Journal of         W0309 +       +         1964
                                                                            of Nuclear Medicine
                                                                                                 Nuclear Medicine)
                                                                                                 Kaku Igaku Gazo
                                                  Kaku Igaku Gazo           Imaging Diagnosis in Shindan (Imaging
363 0912-4195 核医学画像診断         核医画像診断                                                                                         W2698                   1986
                                                  Shindan                   Nuclear Medicine     Diagnosis in Nuclear
                                                                                                 Kaku Igaku Gijutsu
                                                                            The Japanese Journal
                                                                                                 (The Japanese
364 0289-100X 核医学技術           核医技                 Kaku Igaku Gijutsu        of Nuclear Medicine                       W2110                          1981
                                                                                                 Journal of Nuclear
                                                                                                 Medicine Technology)
365 0389-4991 肝・胆・膵           肝・胆・膵               Kan Tan Sui                                         Kan Tan Sui            W0332                   1980
                                                                                                      Kanagawa Igakkai
                                                                            The Journal of the
                                                  Kanagawa Igakkai                                    Zasshi (The Journal of
366 0285-0680 神奈川医学会雑誌        神奈川医会誌                                        Kanagawa Medical                                 W0265                   1973
                                                  Zasshi                                              the Kanagawa Medical
                                                                                                      Kanagawa Seikei
                                                                                                      Saigai Geka Ikai
                                                                         Kanagawa Journal of
                神奈川整形災害外科                         Kanagawa Seikei Saigai                              Zasshi (Kanagawa
367 0915-1451                 神奈川整災外会誌                                   Orthopedies and                                     W3138                   1988
                医会雑誌                              Geka Ikai Zasshi                                    Journal of
                                                                                                      Orthopedies and
                                                                                                      Kanagawa Shigaku
                                                                            The Journal of the
                                                                                                      (The Journal of the
368 0454-8302 神奈川歯学           神奈川歯学               Kanagawa Shigaku          Kanagawa                                         W0280                   1967
                                                                            Odontological Society
                                                                                                      Odontological Society)
                                                  Kanagawaken Eisei                                   Kanagawaken Eisei
369 0303-0350                 神奈川衛研報              Kenkyujo Kenkyu                                     Kenkyujo Kenkyu        W0266                   1971
                                                  Hokoku                                              Hokoku
                神奈川県精神医学会                         Kanagawaken Seishin                                 Kanagawaken Seishin
370 0288-9617                 神奈川精医会誌                                                                                        W0271                   1959
                誌                                 Igakkaishi                                          Igakkaishi
                                                                                                      Kanazawa Daigaku
              金沢大学十全医学会                           Kanazawa Daigaku          Journal of the Juzen      Juzen Igakkai Zasshi
371 0022-7226                 金沢大十全医会誌                                                                                      W3139                    1896
              雑誌                                  Juzen Igakkai Zasshi      Medical Society           (Journal of the Juzen
                                                                                                      Medical Society)
no    ISSN           title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system            Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                              S code
                                                                                                     Kanazawa Ika Daigaku
                                                 Kanazawa Ika Daigaku      Journal of Kanazawa       Zasshi (Journal of
372 0385-5759 金沢医科大学雑誌       金沢医大誌                                                                                        W0318                       1976
                                                 Zasshi                    Medical University        Kanazawa Medical
                                                                                                     Kanebo Kinen
373             鐘紡記念病院誌      鐘紡記念病誌              Kanebo Kinen Byoinshi                                                        W2942                   1985
                                                                                                     Kango Gaku Zasshi
                                                                           The Japanese Journal
374 0386-9830 看護学雑誌          看護誌                 Kango Gaku Zasshi                                   (The Japanese            W0334                   1946
                                                                           of Nursing
                                                                                                     Journal of Nursing)
                                                                                                     Kango Gijutsu (The
                                                                           The Japanese Journal
375 0449-752X 看護技術           看技                  Kango Gijutsu                                       Japanese Journal of      W0336                   1955
                                                                           of Nursing Arts
                                                                                                     Nursing Arts)
                                                                                                     Kango Kanri
                                                                           Japanese Journal of       (Japanese Journal of
376 0917-1355 看護管理           看管理                 Kango Kanri                                                                  W2887                   1991
                                                                           Nursing Administration    Nursing
                                                                                                     Kango Kenkyu (The
                                                                           The Japanese Journal
377 0022-8370 看護研究           看研                  Kango Kenkyu                                        Japanese Journal of      W0339                   1968
                                                                           of Nursing Research
                                                                                                     Nursing Research)
                                                                                                     Kango Kyoiku (The
                                                                           The Japanese Journal
378 0047-1895 看護教育           看教                  Kango Kyoiku                                        Japanese Journal of      W0337                   1960
                                                                           of Nursing Education
                                                                                                     Nursing Education)
                                                                                                     Kango Kyoiku Gaku
                                                 Kango Kyoiku Gaku         Journal of Research       Kenkyu (Journal of
379 0917-6314 看護教育学研究        看教研                                                                                              W3141                   1992
                                                 Kenkyu                    for Nursing Education     Research for Nursing
380 0918-3337 環境感染           環境感染                Kankyo Kansen                                       Kankyo Kansen            W3389                   1986
381 0288-2485 漢方医学           漢方医                 Kanpo Igaku                                         Kanpo Igaku              W2151                   1977
382 0385-6526 漢方研究           漢方研                 Kanpo Kenkyu                                        Kanpo Kenkyu             W0349                   1958
                                                                                                     Kanpo no Rinsho
                                                                           Journal of Kampo
383 0451-307X 漢方の臨床          漢方の臨                Kanpo no Rinsho                                     (Journal of Kampo        W0351                   1954
                                                                                                     Kansai Denryoku
                関西電力病院医学雑                        Kansai Denryoku Byoin Annals of Kansai              Byoin Igaku Zasshi
384 0389-9055                関西電力病医誌                                                                                          W0354                   1969
                誌                                Igaku Zasshi          Denryoku Hospital             (Annals of Kansai
                                                                                                     Denryoku Hospital)
                                                                                                     Kansai Ika Daigaku
                                                 Kansai Ika Daigaku        The Journal of Kansai     Zasshi (The Journal of
385 0022-8400 関西医科大学雑誌       関西医大誌                                                                                            W0352                   1948
                                                 Zasshi                    Medical University        Kansai Medical
no    ISSN           title       abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                           S code
                                                                                                Kansai Kansetsukyo
                                                                                                Hiza Kenkyukaishi
              関西関節鏡・膝研究会                        Kansai Kansetsukyo        The Journal of Kansai
386 0915-7786            関西関節鏡膝研誌                                                               (The Journal of Kansai W2824                       1990
              誌                                 Hiza Kenkyukaishi         Arthroscope and Knee
                                                                                                Arthroscope and

                                                                                                    Kansai Rinsho Sports I
                                                               Journal of Kansai                    Kagaku Kenkyukaishi
              関西臨床スポーツ医・     関西臨スポーツ医研会 Kansai Rinsho Sports I
387 1340-7074                                                  Clinical Sports                      (Journal of Kansai     W3315                   1994(V4)
              科学研究会誌         誌          Kagaku Kenkyukaishi
                                                               Medicine and Science                 Clinical Sports
                                                                                                    Medicine and Science)

388 1340-9921 感染防止           感染防止               Kansen Boshi                                      Kansen Boshi             W3142                   1991
                                                                                                  Kansen Ensho Meneki
                                                                          Infection, Inflammation (Infection,
389 0387-1010 感染・炎症・免疫       感染・炎症・免疫           Kansen Ensho Meneki                                                        W0345                   1971
                                                                          & Immunity              Inflammation &
                                                                                                  Kansen to Kokinyaku
                                                                          Infection and
390 1344-0969 感染と抗菌薬         感染と抗菌薬             Kansen to Kokinyaku                               (Infection and           W3591                   1998
                                                                                                  Kansensho (The
391 0301-259X 感染症            感染症                Kansensho                 The Infection                                    W2272                   1971
                                                                                                  Kansensho Gaku
                                                                          The Journal of the      Zasshi (The Journal of
                                                Kansensho Gaku
392 0387-5911 感染症学雑誌         感染症誌                                         Japanese Association the Japanese                W0346 +                 1926
                                                                          for Infectious Disease Association for
                                                                                                  Infectious Disease)
                                                                                                  Kansetsu Geka
                                                                          Journal of Joint
393 0286-5394 関節外科           関節外科               Kansetsu Geka                                     (Journal of Joint        W0356                   1982
                                                                                                  Kansetsu Kyo
394 0910-223X 関節鏡            関節鏡                Kansetsu Kyo              Arthroscopy                                      W2285                   1976
                                                                                                  Kansetsu no Geka
395 0285-6255 関節の外科          関節の外科              Kansetsu no Geka          Joint Surgery                                    W0357                   1974
                                                                                                  (Joint Surgery)
396 0911-4807 関東リウマチ         関東リウマチ             Kanto Rheumati                                    Kanto Rheumati           W2700                   1979
                                                                                                  Kanto Seikei Saigai
                                                                          Kanto Journal of        Geka Gakkai Zasshi
                関東整形災害外科学                       Kanto Seikei Saigai
397 0389-7087                関東整災外会誌                                      Orthopedics and         (Kanto Journal of        W0360                   1970
                会雑誌                             Geka Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                          Traumatology            Orthopedics and
no     ISSN             title            abbreviation     title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                      S code
                関東消化器内視鏡技                                 Kanto Shokaki                                       Kanto Shokaki
398                                                                                                                                                           @
                師会誌                                       Naishikyo Gishikaishi                               Naishikyo Gishikaishi

                                                                                                              Kanto Shoni Jinzo
                関東小児腎臓研究会                                 Kanto Shoni Jinzo         Seminars in Pediatric     Kenkyu Kaishi
399 0915-4019                       関東小児腎研会誌                                                                                         W3275                    @
                誌                                         Kenkyu Kaishi             Nephrology                (Seminars in Pediatric
                                                                                                     Kanzo (Acta
                                                                                    Acta Hepatologica
400 0451-4203 肝臓                    肝臓                    Kanzo                                      Hepatologica                     W0331         +         1960
                                                                                                     Karada no Kagaku
401 0453-3038 からだの科学                からだの科学                Karada no Kagaku      Popular Medicine                                      W0243                   1965
                                                                                                     (Popular Medicine)
                                                          Karei Igaku Kenkyujo                       Karei Igaku Kenkyujo
402 1340-3397 加齢医学研究所雑誌             加齢医研誌                                                                                             W3210                   1946
                                                          Zasshi                                     Zasshi
                                                                                                     Kasanka Shishitsu
                                                          Kasanka Shishitsu     Lipid Peroxide
403 0911-8691 過酸化脂質研究                                                                                Kenkyu (Lipid                                            1977
                                                          Kenkyu                Research
                                                                                                     Peroxide Research)
                                                          Kasugai Shimin Byoin                       Kasugai Shimin Byoin
404 1341-5778 春日井市民病院医報             春日井病医報                                                                                            W3438                   1986
                                                          Iho                                        Iho
                                                                                                     Kata Kansetsu (The
405 0910-4461 肩関節                   肩関節                   Kata Kansetsu         The Shoulder Joint                                    W0316                   1977
                                                                                                     Shoulder Joint)
                                                                                                     Katei Iryo (The
                                                                                The Japanese Journal
406 1340-7066 家庭医療                                        Katei Iryo                                 Japanese Journal of                                      1992
                                                                                of Family Practice
                                                                                                     Family Practice)
407 0386-5924 川崎医学会誌                川崎医会誌                 Kawasaki Igakkaishi                        Kawasaki Igakkaishi              W0328                   1968
                                                                                                     Kawasaki Iryo Fukushi
                                                          Kawasaki Iryo Fukushi Kawasaki Medical     Gakkaishi (Kawasaki
408 0917-4605 川崎医療福祉学会誌             川崎医療福祉会誌                                                                                          W3003                   1991
                                                          Gakkaishi             Welfare Journal      Medical Welfare
              Kawasaki Journal of                                               Kawasaki Journal of  Kawasaki Journal of
409 1341-5077                       Kawasaki J Med Welf                                                                               Y0285                   1995
              Medical Welfare                                                   Medical Welfare      Medical Welfare
              Kawasaki Medical                                                  Kawasaki Medical     Kawasaki Medical
410 0385-0234                       Kawasaki Med J                                                                                    Y0117         +         1975
              Journal                                                           Journal              Journal
411 0368-5179 慶應医学                  慶應医                   Keio Igaku                                 Keio Igaku                       W0510                   1921
412           経絡鍼療                  経絡鍼療                  Keiraku Shinryo                            Keiraku Shinryo                  W0508                   1970(V2)
                                                                                                     Keisei Geka (The
                                                                                The Japanese Journal
                                                                                                     Japanese Journal of
                                                                                of Plastic &
413 0021-5228 形成外科                  形成外科                  Keisei Geka                                Plastic &                        W0506         +         1958
414 0022-9776 結核                    結核                    Kekkaku                                    Kekkaku                          W0515 +       +         1923
no    ISSN           title         abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                             S code
                                                                                                      Kekkan (Japanese
                                                                            Japanese Journal of
415 0911-4637 血管              血管                  Kekkan                                              Journal of Circulation W0514                   1976
                                                                            Circulation Research
                                                                                                      Kekkan Geka
416 0915-9118 血管外科            血管外科                Kekkan Geka               Vascular Surgery                                 W3320                   1986(V5)
                                                                                                      (Vascular Surgery)
                                                  Kekkan Mushinshu                                    Kekkan Mushinshu
                血管無侵襲診断法研     血管無侵襲診断研会
417                                               Shindanho                                           Shindanho              W2944                   1982
                究会誌           誌
                                                  Kenkyukaishi                                        Kenkyukaishi
                                                                                                      Kenkisei Kin
                                                                            Journal of Japanese       Kansensho Kenkyu
                                                  Kenkisei Kin              Association for           (Journal of Japanese
418 0913-3798 嫌気性菌感染症研究       嫌気性菌感染症研                                                                                       W2083                   1971
                                                  Kansensho Kenkyu          Anaerobic Infection       Association for
                                                                            Research                  Anaerobic Infection
419                        健文化研助成論集               Kenko Bunka                                         Kenko Bunka            W3321                   1995
                                                                                                 Kenko Hoken (Health
420 1342-5226 健康保険            健保                  Kenko Hoken               Health Insurance                                 W0531                   1949(V3)
                                                                                                 Kenko Igaku (The
                                                                            The Japanese Society
421 0914-0328 健康医学            健康医                 Kenko Igaku                                    Japanese Society of         W2577                   1986
                                                                            of Human Dry Dock
                                                                                                 Human Dry Dock)
422                        健康医科研助成論集              Kenko Ikagaku                                       Kenko Ikagaku          W3479                   1997(N12)
                                                                                                      Kenko to Kankyo
423             健康と環境         健と環境                Kenko to Kankyo           Licht Leben Liebe                                W2768                   1987
                                                                                                      (Licht Leben Liebe)
                                                                                                      Kenritsu Gan Center
                                                                            Journal of Niigata        Niigata Byoin Ishi
                県立がんセンター新潟 新潟がんセンター病医 Kenritsu Gan Center
424 0549-4788                                                               Cancer Center             (Journal of Niigata    W0520                   1961
                病院医誌       誌          Niigata Byoin Ishi
                                                                            Hospital                  Cancer Center
                                                                                                      Kensa to Gijutsu
                                                                            Modern Medical
425 0301-2611 検査と技術           検と技                 Kensa to Gijutsu                                    (Modern Medical        W0533                   1973
                                                                                                      Ketsueki Frontier
426 1344-6940 血液フロンティア        血液フロンティア            Ketsueki Frontier         Hematology Frontier                             W3643                    1991
                                                                                                      (Hematology Frontier)
                                                                                                      Ketsueki Shuyoka
                                                                            Hematology &
427 0915-8529 血液・腫瘍科          血腫瘍                 Ketsueki Shuyoka                                    (Hematology &          W2828                   1970
no    ISSN           title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                               Kikan Jin to Kotsu
                                              Kikan Jin to Kotsu        Kidney and Metabolic   Taisha (Kidney and
428 0914-5265 腎と骨代謝          腎と骨代謝                                                                                       W2612                   1988
                                              Taisha                    Bone Disease           Metabolic Bone
                                                                                               Kikanshi Gaku (The
                                                                        The Journal of the
                                                                                               Journal of the Japan
429 0287-2137 気管支学           気管支学             Kikanshi Gaku             Japan Society for                                W0379                   1979
                                                                                               Society for
                                                                                               Kindai Kokukagaku
                                                                        Journal of the Society Kenkyukai Zasshi
                近代口腔科学研究会                     Kindai Kokukagaku
430 0285-1113                近代口腔科研会誌                                   for Modern             (Journal of the           W0462                   1975
                雑誌                            Kenkyukai Zasshi
                                                                        Stomatology            Society for Modern
                                                                                               Kinki Daigaku Igaku
                                              Kinki Daigaku Igaku       Medical Journal of     Zasshi (Medical
431 0385-8367 近畿大学医学雑誌       近畿大医誌                                                                                       W0458                   1976
                                              Zasshi                    Kinki University       Journal of Kinki
                                                                                               Kinki Daigaku Kankyo
                                                                                               Kagaku Kenkyujo
                                                                        Annals of the          Kenkyu Hokoku
                                              Kinki Daigaku Kankyo
                近畿大学環境科学研                                               Environmental Science (Annals of the
432 0287-5071                近畿大環境科研報         Kagaku Kenkyujo                                                            W2469                   1973
                究所研究報告                                                  Research Institute     Environmental
                                              Kenkyu Hokoku
                                                                        Kinki University       Science Research
                                                                                               Institute Kinki
                                                                                                  Kinoteki no Shinkei
                                                                                                  Geka (Functional
                                                                        Neurosurgery :
                                                                                                  Neurosurgery :
                                                                        Proceeding of the ...
                                                                                                  Proceeding of the ...
                                              Kinoteki no Shinkei       Annual Meeting of the
433 1344-9699 機能的脳神経外科       機能脳神外                                                                Annual Meeting of the W3298                    1987
                                              Geka                      Japanese Society for
                                                                                                  Japanese Society for
                                                                        Stereotactic and
                                                                                                  Stereotactic and
                                                                                                  Kiso Roka Kenkyu
434 0912-8921 基礎老化研究         基礎老化研            Kiso Roka Kenkyu                                    (Biomedical            W2066                   1977
no    ISSN               title          abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system            Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                    S code
                                                                                                       Kitamurayama Koritsu
                                                                                                       Byoin Igaku Zasshi
                北村山公立病院医学                              Kitamurayama Koritsu      Medical Journal of
435                                北村山病医誌                                                              (Medical Journal of  W3477                           @
                雑誌                                     Byoin Igaku Zasshi        Kitamurayama Hospital
                                                                                                         Kitano Byoin Kiyo
                                                                                 Kitano Hospital Journal
436 0023-1916 北野病院紀要               北野病紀                Kitano Byoin Kiyo                                 (Kitano Hospital           W0400                   1955
                                                                                 of Medicine
                                                                                                         Journal of Medicine)
                                                                                                         Kitasato Igaku
437 0385-5449 北里医学                 北里医                 Kitasato Igaku            Kitasato Medicine                                  W0396                   1971
                                                                                                         (Kitasato Medicine)
                                                                                                         Kiyakanto Igaku (The
                THE KITAKANTO                                                    The Kitakanto Medical
438 1343-2826                      KITAKANTO MED J     Kiyakanto Igaku                                   Kitakanto Medical          W3521         +         1951
                MEDICAL JOURNAL                                                  Journal
439 0388-7332 クリニカ                 クリニカ                Klinika                   KLINIKA                 Klinika (KLINIKA)          W0475                   1974
                                                                                                           Kobe Daigaku Igakubu
                                                       Kobe Daigaku Igakubu      Medical Journal of
440 0075-6431 神戸大学医学部紀要            神戸大医紀                                                                   Kiyo (Medical Journal W0594            +         1949
                                                       Kiyo                      Kobe University
                                                                                                           of Kobe University)
                Kobe Journal of                                                  Kobe Journal of           Kobe Journal of
441 0023-2513                      Kobe J Med Sci                                                                                   Y0120 +       +         1951
                Medical Sciences                                                 Medical Sciences          Medical Sciences
                                                                                                           Kochi Sekijuji Byoin
                                                                                 Medical Journal of
                高知赤十字病院医学                              Kochi Sekijuji Byoin                                Igaku Zasshi (Medical
442 0919-7427                      高知赤十字病医誌                                      Kochi Red Cross                                    W3445                   1993
                雑誌                                     Igaku Zasshi                                        Journal of Kochi Red
                                                                                                           Cross Hospital)

                                                                                                           Kochi Shimin Byoin
                                                       Kochi Shimin Byoin        Annals of Kochi
443 0913-2554 高知市民病院紀要             高知市民病紀                                                                  Kiyo (Annals of Kochi W0601                      1975
                                                       Kiyo                      Municipal Hospital
                                                                                                           Municipal Hospital)

                                                                                                           Kochishi Ishikai Igaku
              高知市医師会医学雑                                Kochishi Ishikai Igaku    Journal of Kochi          Zasshi (Journal of
444 1341-7258                      高知医師会医誌                                                                                          W3484                   1996
              誌                                        Zasshi                    Medical Association       Kochi Medical
                                                                                                           Kodo Kagaku
                                                                                 Behavioral Science
445 0919-7435 行動科学                 行動科学                Kodo Kagaku                                         (Behavioral Science      W3258                   1995(V34)
                                                                                                           Kodo Ryoho Kenkyu
                                                                                 Jpananese Journal of
446 0910-6529 行動療法研究               行動療研                Kodo Ryoho Kenkyu                                   (Jpananese Journal of W0576                      1976
                                                                                 Behabior Therapy
                                                                                                           Behabior Therapy)
no    ISSN          title      abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                          S code
                                                                                               Kodomo Iryocenter
                こども医療センター医   こども医療センター医       Kodomo Iryocenter         Kanagawa Children's    Igakushi (Kanagawa
447 0301-2654                                                                                                             W0547                   1972
                学誌           誌                Igakushi                  Medical Center Journal Children's Medical
                                                                                               Center Journal)
                                                                                               Kodomo no Kokoro to
                                                                        Journal of Japanese
                                                                                               Karada (Journal of
                                              Kodomo no Kokoro to       Society of
448 0918-5526 子どもの心とからだ      子の心とからだ                                                           Japanese Society of        W3145                   1992
                                              Karada                    Psychosomatic
                                                                                               Kohoku Shinetsu
                                              Kohoku Shinetsu           The Journal of         Kyosei Shika Gakkai
449 1340-2366                甲北信越矯歯会誌         Kyosei Shika Gakkai       Kouhokushinetsu        Zasshi (The Journal of     W3257                   1993
                                              Zasshi                    Orthodontic            Kouhokushinetsu
                                                                                               Koku Eisei Gakkai
                                              Koku Eisei Gakkai         Journal of Dental
450 0023-2831 口腔衛生学会雑誌       口腔衛会誌                                                             Zasshi (Journal of         W0560                   1952
                                              Zasshi                    Health
                                                                                               Dental Health)
                                                                                                  Koku Igaku Jikkentai
                                                                        The Reports of
                                              Koku Igaku Jikkentai                                Hokoku (The Reports
451 0023-2858 航空医学実験隊報告      航空医実験隊報                                    Aeromedical                                       W0586                   1958
                                              Hokoku                                              of Aeromedical

                                                                                                  Koku Intoka (Stomato-
452 0917-5105 口腔・咽頭科         口腔咽頭科            Koku Intoka               Stomato-pharyngology                            W3074                     1989

                                                                                            Kokubyo Gakkai
                                                                    The Journal of the
                                                                                            Zasshi (The Journal of
453 0300-9149 口腔病学会雑誌        口腔病会誌            Kokubyo Gakkai Zasshi Stomatological Society,                        W0563 +                        1927
                                                                                            the Stomatological
                                                                                            Society, Japan)
                                                                                                  Kokuritsu Iyakuhin
                                                                                                  Shokuhin Eisei
                                              Kokuritsu Iyakuhin        Bulletin of National
                国立医薬品食品衛生                                                                         Kenkyujo Hokoku
454 1343-4292                国立衛研報            Shokuhin Eisei            Institute of Health                               W3551 +       +         1886
                研究所報告                                                                             (Bulletin of National
                                              Kenkyujo Hokoku           Sciences
                                                                                                  Institute of Health
no     ISSN            title             abbreviation     title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                     S code
                                                                                                              Kokuritsu Kenko Eiyo
                                                                                                              Kenkyujo Kenkyu
                                                          Kokuritsu Kenko Eiyo      Annual Report of the
                国立健康・栄養研究所                                                                                    Hokoku (Annual
455 0916-5800              国立健栄研報                         Kenkyujo Kenkyu           National Institute of                             W2837                  1925
                研究報告                                                                                          Report of the National
                                                          Hokoku                    Health and Nutrition
                                                                                                              Institute of Health and
                                                          Kokusai Kyoryoku                                    Kokusai Kyoryoku
456 0911-0186 国際協力研究                                                                                                                                         1985
                                                          Kenkyu                                              Kenkyu
                                                                                                              Kokyu (Respiration
457 0286-9314 呼吸                    呼吸                    Kokyu                     Respiration Research                             W0552                   1982
                                                                                                              Kokyu to Junkan
                                                                                    Respiration and
458 0452-3458 呼吸と循環                 呼吸と循環                 Kokyu to Junkan                                     (Respiration and       W0554         +         1953
                                                                                                              Konan Byoin Igaku
                                                          Konan Byoin Igaku         The Journal of Konan
459 0914-7209 甲南病院医学雑誌              甲南病医誌                                                                     Zasshi (The Journal of W2647                   1978
                                                          Zasshi                    Hospital
                                                                                                              Konan Hospital)
                                                                                                              Konnichi no Ishoku
                                                                                    Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                              (Japanese Journal of
460 0918-0094 今日の移植                 今日の移植                 Konnichi no Ishoku        Medicine                                         W2955                   1988
                                                                                    Transplantation Now
                                                                                                              Transplantation Now)
                                                                                                              Konnichi no
              Current Concepts in   Curr Concept Infect                         Current Concepts in           Kansensho (Current
461 0289-775X                                             Konnichi no Kansensho                                                      W3839                   1982
              Infectious Diseases   Dis                                         Infectious Diseases           Concepts in Infectious
                                                                                                              Koritsu Showa Byoin
                公立昭和病院医学雑                                 Koritsu Showa Byoin       Journal of Showa          Igaku Zasshi (Journal
462                                 昭和病医誌                                                                                            W3552                   1997
                誌                                         Igaku Zasshi              General Hospital          of Showa General
                                                                                                              Koritsu Toyooka Byoin
                                                          Koritsu Toyooka Byoin Bulletin of Toyooka
463 0916-3549 公立豊岡病院紀要              豊岡病紀                                                                      Kiyo (Bulletin of     W2771                    1989
                                                          Kiyo                  Hospital
                                                                                                              Toyooka Hospital)
                                                                                                           Koritsu Unnan Sogo
                                                                                                           Byoin Igaku Zasshi
                公立雲南総合病院医                                 Koritsu Unnan Sogo        The Medical Journal of
464 0919-1208                       雲南病医誌                                                                  (The Medical Journal      W3147                   1993
                学雑誌                                       Byoin Igaku Zasshi        Unnan General Hospital
                                                                                                           of Unnan General
no    ISSN           title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                            S code
                                                                                                  Koryu Bunseki Kenkyu
                                                                           Japanese Journal of    (Japanese Journal of
465 0285-7774 交流分析研究         交流分析研               Koryu Bunseki Kenkyu                                                  W2397                        1976
                                                                           Transactional Analysis Transactional
                                                                                                     Kosei Byoin Igaku
                                                 Kosei Byoin Igaku         The Medical Journal of Zasshi (The Medical
466 0285-0672 佼成病院医学雑誌       佼成病医誌                                                                                           W0578                  1976
                                                 Zasshi                    Kosei General Hospital Journal of Kosei
                                                                                                     General Hospital)
                                                                                                     Koshu Eisei (The
                                                                           The Journal of Public
467 0368-5187 公衆衛生           公衆衛生                Koshu Eisei                                         Journal of Public       W0569                  1946
                                                                           Health Practice
                                                                                                     Health Practice)
                                                                                                     Koshu Eisei Kenkyu
                                                                           Bulletin of the Institute (Bulletin of the
468 0916-6823 公衆衛生研究         公衛研                 Koshu Eisei Kenkyu                                                          W2945                  1951
                                                                           of Public Health          Institute of Public
469 0287-2285 骨折             骨折                  Kossetsu                                            Kossetsu                W0634                  1978
                                                                                                     Kotsu Igaku (The
                                                                           The Journal of
                                                                                                     Journal of
470 0022-5274 交通医学           交通医                 Kotsu Igaku               Transportation                                    W0575        +         1947
                                                                                                     Kotsu Kansetsu Jintai
                                                                           Journal of
                                                                                                     (Journal of
471 0915-1125 骨・関節・靱帯        骨・関節・靱帯             Kotsu Kansetsu Jintai     Musculoskeletal                                   W2715                  1988
472 0285-4570 興和医報           興和医報                Kowa Iho                                            Kowa Iho                W0611                  1957
                                                                                                     Kuki Chowa Eisei
                                                                           Transactions of the       Kogakkai Ronbunshu
                                                                           Society of Heating, Air- (Transactions of the
                空気調和・衛生工学会                       Kuki Chowa Eisei
473 0385-275X                                                              Conditioning and          Society of Heating, Air-                       1976
                論文集                              Kogakkai Ronbunshu
                                                                           Sanitary Engineers of Conditioning and
                                                                           Japan                     Sanitary Engineers of
                                                 Kuki Chowa Eisei                                    Kuki Chowa Eisei
474 0386-4081 空気調和・衛生工学                                                                                                                             1927
                                                 Kogaku                                              Kogaku
                                                                                                     Kuki Seijo (Journal of
                                                                           Journal of Japan Air
475 0023-5032 空気清浄           空気清浄                Kuki Seijo                                          Japan Air Cleaning     W0483                   1964
                                                                           Cleaning Association
no    ISSN              title            abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                   S code
                                                                                                            Kumamoto Igakkai
                                                                                  Journal of the
                                                        Kumamoto Igakkai                                    Zasshi (Journal of the
476 0300-919X 熊本医学会雑誌                熊本医会誌                                        Kumamoto Medical                                 W0487                   1925
                                                        Zasshi                                              Kumamoto Medical
                The Kumamoto Medical                                              Kumamoto Medical          Kumamoto Medical
477 0023-5326                        Kumamoto Med J                                                                                Y0121         +         1938
                Journal                                                           Journal                   Journal
                                                                                                            Kurume Igakkai Zasshi
                                                                              The Journal of the
                                                                                                            (The Journal of the
478 0368-5810 久留米医学会雑誌               久留米医会誌             Kurume Igakkai Zasshi Kurume Medical                                      W0481                    1936
                                                                                                            Kurume Medical
                The Kurume Medical                                                Kurume Medical        Kurume Medical
479 0023-5679                        Kurume Med J                                                                                  Y0123 +       +         1954
                Journal                                                           Journal               Journal
                                                                                                        Kusuri no Chishiki
480 0287-6485 薬の知識                   薬の知識               Kusuri no Chishiki        Pharmaceutical Review (Pharmaceutical            W0484                   1950
                                                                                                        Kyobu CT Kenshin
                                                                                  The Journal of        (The Journal of
481 1341-8556 胸部CT検診                 胸部CT検              Kyobu CT Kenshin                                                           W3440                   1994
                                                                                  Thoracic CT Screening Thoracic CT
                                                                                                        Kyobu Geka
                                                                                  Japanese Journal of
482 0021-5252 胸部外科                   胸部外科               Kyobu Geka                                      (Japanese Journal of       W0444 +                 1948
                                                                                  Thoracic Surgery
                                                                                                        Thoracic Surgery)
                協栄生命健康事業団            協栄生命健事業団研          Kyoei Seimei Kenkyu                                 Kyoei Seimei Kenkyu
483 0913-2562                                                                                                                      W2345                   1985
                研究助成論文集              助成論集               Josei Ronbunshu                                     Josei Ronbunshu
                                                                                                        Kyoiku Igaku (The
                                                                                  The Journal Education
484 0285-0990 教育医学                   教育医                Kyoiku Igaku                                    Journal Education and W0445                        1953
                                                                                  and Health Science
                                                                                                        Health Science)
                                                                                                            Kyorin Igakkai Zasshi
                                                                                  Journal of the Kyorin
485 0368-5829 杏林医学会雑誌                杏林医会誌              Kyorin Igakkai Zasshi                               (Journal of the Kyorin W0422                   1970
                                                                                  Medical Society
                                                                                                            Medical Society)
                                                                                                         Kyosai Iho (Medical
                                                                                  Medical Journal of
486 0454-7586 共済医報                   共済医報               Kyosai Iho                                       Journal of Mutual Aid W0418                       1951
                                                                                  Mutual Aid Association
                                                                                                          Kyosei Igaku (Journal
                                                                                  Journal of Correctional
487 0452-974X 矯正医学                   矯正医                Kyosei Igaku                                      of Correctional       W0453                      1952
no    ISSN           title      abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                          S code
                                                                                                   Kyoto Daini Sekijuji
                                                                         Medical Journal of        Byoin Igaku Zasshi
              京都第二赤十字病院      京都第二赤十字病医         Kyoto Daini Sekijuji
488 0389-4908                                                            Kyoto Second Red          (Medical Journal of    W0438                   1980
              医学雑誌           誌                 Byoin Igaku Zasshi
                                                                         Cross Hospital            Kyoto Second Red
                                                                                                   Cross Hospital)
                                                                                                   Kyoto Furitsu Ika
                                                                         Journal of Kyoto          Daigaku Zasshi
                京都府立医科大学雑                      Kyoto Furitsu Ika
489 0023-6012                京府医大誌                                       Prefectural University    (Journal of Kyoto      W0440                   1897
                誌                              Daigaku Zasshi
                                                                         of Medicine               Prefectural University
                                                                                                   of Medicine)

                                                                                                   Kyoto Joshi Daigaku
                                                                    Journal of Food                Shokumotsu Gakkaishi
              京都女子大学食物学                        Kyoto Joshi Daigaku
490 0289-3827                京都女大食物会誌                               Science, Kyoto                 (Journal of Food     W0432                     1957
              会誌                               Shokumotsu Gakkaishi
                                                                    Women's University             Science, Kyoto
                                                                                                   Women's University)
                                                                                              Kyoto Pasteul
                                      Kyoto Pasteul
                京都パストゥール研究                                                                    Kenkyusho Kenkyu
491                        京都パストゥール研報 Kenkyusho Kenkyu                   PasKen Journal                                   W3071                   1987
                所研究報告                                                                         Hokoku (PasKen
                                                                                              Kyoto Shiritsu Byoin
                                               Kyoto Shiritsu Byoin      The Journal of Kyoto
492 0286-1356 京都市立病院紀要       京都市病紀                                                            Kiyo (The Journal of        W0433                   1981
                                               Kiyo                      City Hospital
                                                                                              Kyoto City Hospital)
                                                                                              Kyukyu Igaku (The
                                                                         The Japanese Journal
493 0385-8162 救急医学           救急医               Kyukyu Igaku                                   Japanese Journal of         W0415                   1977
                                                                         of Acute Medicine
                                                                                              Acute Medicine)
                                                                                               Kyushu Noson Igakkai
                                                                         Journal of the Kyushu
                                               Kyushu Noson Igakkai                            Zasshi (Journal of the
494             九州農村医学会雑誌    九州農村医会誌                                     Society for Rural                            W3715                       1991
                                               Zasshi                                          Kyushu Society for
                                                                                               Rural Medicine)
                                                                                                   Kyushu Rhumachi
                                                                         Kyushu Journal of
495 0287-2803 九州リウマチ         九州リウマチ            Kyushu Rhumachi                                     (Kyushu Journal of     W0413                   1982
                                                                                               Kyushu Shika Gakkai
                                               Kyushu Shika Gakkai       The Journal of the    Zasshi (The Journal of
496 0368-6833 九州歯科学会雑誌       九州歯会誌                                                                                    W0405                       1933
                                               Zasshi                    Kyushu Dental Society the Kyushu Dental
no     ISSN            title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                              S code
                                                                                                       Kyushu Shinkei
                                                   Kyushu Shinkei Seishin Kyushu
497 0023-6144 九州神経精神医学         九州神精医                                                                   Seishin Igaku (Kyushu W0407                    1949
                                                   Igaku                  Neuropsychiatry
                                                   Kyushu Yakugakkai                                   Kyushu Yakugakkai
498 0368-7279 九州薬学会会報          九州薬会報                                                                                          W0412                   1927
                                                   Kaiho                                               Kaiho
                九州・山口スポーツ医・ 九州山口スポーツ医会 Kyushu Yamaguchi                                                Kyushu Yamaguchi
499                                                                                                                           W3781                   1988
                科学会誌        誌          Sports I Kagaku Kaishi                                          Sports I Kagaku Kaishi
500 1344-6223 Legal Medicine   Legal Med                                     Legal Medicine            Legal Medicine         Y0313         +         1999
                                                                                                       Lympha Gaku
                                                                             Japanese Journal of
501 0910-4186 リンパ学             リンパ学                Lympha Gaku                                         (Japanese Journal of   W1908                   1978
502 0385-1036 膜                膜                   Maku                      Membrane                  Maku (Membrane)        W1759                   1976
                                                                                                       Maruho Seikei Geka
                マルホ整形外科セミナ                         Maruho Seikei Geka        Maruho Orthopedics
503                                                                                                    Seminar (Maruho                                1972
                ー                                  Seminar                   Seminar
                                                                                                       Orthopedics Seminar)
                                                                                                       Massho Shinkei
504 0917-6772 末梢神経             末梢神経                Massho Shinkei            Peripheral Nerve                                W3826                    1990
                                                                                                       (Peripheral Nerve)
                                                                                                       Masui (Japanese
                                                                             Japanese Journal of
505 0021-4892 麻酔               麻酔                  Masui                                               Journal of            W1756 +        +         1952
                                                                                                       Masui to Sosei
                                                                             Hiroshima Journal of
506 0385-1664 麻酔と蘇生            麻と蘇生                Masui to Sosei                                      (Hiroshima Journal of W1757          +         1965
                                                                                                       Matsue Sekijuji Byoin
                                                                             Medical Journal of
                松江赤十字病院医学                          Matsue Sekijuji Byoin                               Igaku Zasshi (Medical
507 0915-213X                  松江赤十字病医誌                                      Matsue Red Cross                                W2926                    1989
                雑誌                                 Igaku Zasshi                                        Journal of Matsue Red
                                                                                                       Cross Hospital)
                                                                                                 Matsumoto Shigaku
                                                                             The Journal of the
                                                                                                 (The Journal of the
508 0385-1613 松本歯学             松本歯学                Matsumoto Shigaku         Matsumoto Dental                           W1761                         1975
                                                                                                 Matsumoto Dental
                                                                             University Society
                                                                                                 University Society)
                                                                                                 Matsuyama Sekijuji
                                                                             Matsuyama Red Cross Byoin Igaku Zasshi
                松山赤十字病院医学                          Matsuyama Sekijuji
509 0385-3888                  松山赤十字病医誌                                      Hospital Journal of (Matsuyama Red         W1763                         1976
                雑誌                                 Byoin Igaku Zasshi
                                                                             Medicine            Cross Hospital Journal
                                                                                                 of Medicine)
510 0910-0474 Mebio            Mebio                                         Mebio               Mebio                  W2187                         1984
no       ISSN            title            abbreviation      title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                        S code
                                                                                                            Medical Academy
                 メディカル・アカデミー・                               Medical Academy           Medical Academy
511                                                                                                         News (Medical                                       @
                 ニュース                                       News                      News
                                                                                                            Academy News)
                                                                                                            Medical Asahi (Asahi
                                                                                      Asahi Monthly Journal
512 0919-7818 メディカル朝日                                       Medical Asahi                                   Monthly Journal of                                  1972
                                                                                      of Medicine
513 0543-2618 Medical Digest         Med Digest                                       Medical Digest        Medical Digest              W1799                   1952
              Medical Electron                                                        Medical Electron      Medical Electron
514 0918-4287                        Med Electron Microsc                                                                               Y0262         +         1993(V26)
              Microscopy                                                              Microscopy            Microscopy
              MEDICAL IMAGING                                                         Medical Imaging       Medical Imaging
515 0288-450X                        Med Imag Tech                                                                                      W2498                   1983
              TECHNOLOGY                                                              Technology            Technology
516 0287-9085 Medical News           Med News                                         Medical News          Medical News                W1800                   1960
517 0025-7427 Medical Pharmacy       Med Pharm                                        Medical Pharmacy      Medical Pharmacy            W1801                   1967
518 0285-4716 Medical Postgraduates Med Postgrad                                      Medical Postgraduates Medical Postgraduates W1802                         1963
519   0910-1551 Medical Practice     Med Pract                                        Medical Practice          Medical Practice        W2188                   1984
520   0389-1887 Medical Technology   Med Technol                                      Medical Technology        Medical Technology      W1804                   1973
521                                  Medicament News                                  Medicament News           Medicament News         W1807                   1984(N1078)
522   0025-7699 Medicina             Medicina                                         Medicina                  Medicina                W1808                   1964
523   0288-8114 MEDICO               Medico                                           Medico                    Medico                  W2508                   1970
524             メディコピア                                      Medicopia                                           Medicopia                                       1979
                                                                                                                Meguro Kiseichukan
                                                            Meguro Kiseichukan        Meguro Parasit.
525              目黒寄生虫館ニュース                                                                                     News (Meguro Parasit.                           1959
                                                            News                      Museum News
                                                                                                                Museum News)
                                                                                                                Meikai Daigaku
                                                                                   Journal of Meikai            Shigaku Zasshi
                                                            Meikai Daigaku Shigaku
526 0916-0701 明海大学歯学雑誌               明海大歯誌                                         University School of         (Journal of Meikai      W2623                   1972
                                                                                   Dentistry                    University School of
                                                                                      Memoirs of the            Memoirs of the
                                                                                      Institute for Protein     Institute for Protein
527 0078-6705                                                                                                                                                   1959
                                                                                      Research, Osaka           Research, Osaka
                                                                                      University                University
                                                                                                                Mental Health
              メンタルヘルス岡本記                                    Mental Health Okamoto
                                     メンタルヘルス岡本記                                                                 Okamoto Kinen Zaidan
528 0916-9156 念財団研究助成報告                                     Kinen Zaidan Kenkyu                                                         W2868                   1988
                                     財研報                                                                        Kenkyu Josei
              集                                             Josei Hokokushu
                                                            Michinoku Shigakkai                                 Michinoku Shigakkai
529 0385-0099 みちのく歯学会雑誌              みちのく歯会誌                                                                                            W1765                   1970
                                                            Zasshi                                              Zasshi
              Microbiology and                                                        Microbiology and          Microbiology and
530 0385-5600                        Microbiol Immunol                                                                                  Y0133 +       +         1957
              Immunology                                                              Immunology                Immunology
no     ISSN             title             abbreviation    title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                      S code
                                                                                                          Midori Juji Chuo
                                                                                    Report of Green Cross Kenkyushoho (Report
                ミドリ十字中央研究所                                Midori Juji Chuo
531                                                                                 Central Research      of Green Cross                                      1990
                報                                         Kenkyushoho
                                                                                    Laboratories          Central Research
532 0385-0978 三重医学                   三重医                  Mie Igaku                                           Mie Igaku               W1767                   1957
533 0026-3532 Mie Medical Journal    Mie Med J                                      Mie Medical Journal       Mie Medical Journal     Y0134         +         1950
                                                                                                          Minami Osaka Byoin
                                                          Minami Osaka Byoin        Medical Journal of    Igaku Zasshi (Medical
534 0540-1259 南大阪病院医学雑誌              南大阪病医誌                                                                                           W1777         +         1953
                                                          Igaku Zasshi              Minami Osaka Hospital Journal of Minami
                                                                                                          Osaka Hospital)
                Minophagen Medical                                                  Minophagen Medical        Minophagen Medical
535 0388-4783                        Minophagen Med Rev                                                                               W1764                   1956
                Review                                                              Review                    Review
                                                                                    Mitsubishi-Kasei          Mitsubishi-Kasei
                                                                                    Institute of Life         Institute of Life
536 0910-2523                                                                                                                                                 1971
                                                                                    Sciences Annual           Sciences Annual
                                                                                    Report                    Report
                                                                                                              Miyazakiken Ishikai
                                                                                    The Journal of The        Igakkaishi (The
                宮崎県医師会医学会                                 Miyazakiken Ishikai
537 0389-8288                        宮崎医師会誌                                         Miyazaki Medical          Journal of The          W1785                   1978
                誌                                         Igakkaishi
                                                                                    Association               Miyazaki Medical
                                                                                                              Mizu to Kenko Igaku
                                                          Mizu to Kenko Igaku       Journal of Aquatic        Kenkyukaishi (Journal
538 1344-347X 水と健康医学研究会誌 水と健医研会誌                                                                                                      W3692                   1998
                                                          Kenkyukaishi              Health Medicine           of Aquatic Health
539 0026-8054 Modern Media           Mod Media            Modern Media                                        Modern Media            W1830                   1955
540 0913-7963 Modern Physician       Mod Physician                                  Modern Physician          Modern Physician        W2486                   1981
541 1439-7595                        Modern Rheumatol                               Modern Rheumatology Modern Rheumatology Y0320                             @
542 0918-6557 Molecular Medicine     Mol Med                                        Molecular Medicine        Molecular Medicine      W3200                   1964
no    ISSN             title       abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                              S code
                                                                                              Monbusho Kagaku
                                                                                              Kenkyuhi Kokusai
                                                                                              Gakujutsu Kenkyu Gan
                                                  Monbusho Kagaku      Monbusho International
                文部省科学研究費・国                                                                    Tokubetsu Chosa
                                                  Kenkyuhi Kokusai     Scientific Research
                際学術研究                                                                         News Letter
543                                               Gakujutsu Kenkyu Gan Program Special                                                                @
                がん特別調査ニュース                                                                    (Monbusho
                                                  Tokubetsu Chosa      Cancer Research
                レター                                                                           International Scientific
                                                  News Letter          Newsletter
                                                                                              Research Program
                                                                                              Special Cancer
                                                                                              Research Newsletter)
544 0026-9794 モンキー                                Monkey                                        Monkey                                                1957
                                                                            Monthly Book        Monthly Book
545 0914-8124 Orthopaedics     Orthop                                                                                         W2655                   1988
                                                                            Orthopaedics        Orthopaedics
                                                  Morioka Sekijuji Byoin                        Morioka Sekijuji Byoin
546 1341-2612 盛岡赤十字病院紀要        盛岡赤十字病紀                                                                                        W3381                   1992
                                                  Kiyo                                          Kiyo
                                                                                                Mukin Seibutsu
                                                                         Journal of Germfree    (Journal of Germfree
547 0910-0903 無菌生物             無菌生物               Mukin Seibutsu                                                              W3118                   1971
                                                                         Life and Genotobiology Life and
                                                                                                Mutsu Sogo Byoin Ishi
                                                                         The Medical Journal of (The Medical Journal
548 0911-1530 むつ総合病院医誌         むつ病医誌              Mutsu Sogo Byoin Ishi                                                       W3199                   1985
                                                                         Mutsu General Hospital of Mutsu General
                                                                                                      Myakkangaku (Journal
                                                                            Journal of Japanese
549 0387-1126 脈管学              脈管学                Myakkangaku                                         of Japanese College W1787                       1961
                                                                            College of Angiology
                                                                                                      of Angiology)
                                                                                                      Nagano Sekijuji Byoin
                                                                            Medical Journal of
                                                  Nagano Sekijuji Byoin                               Ishi (Medical Journal
550 0914-9147 長野赤十字病院医誌        長野赤十字病医誌                                     Nagano Red Cross                                W2563                     1987
                                                  Ishi                                                of Nagano Red Cross
                                                                                                      Nagaoka Sekijuji Byoin
                                                                         Medical Journal of
                長岡赤十字病院医学                         Nagaoka Sekijuji Byoin                              Igaku Zasshi (Medical
551 0914-5788                  長岡赤十字病医誌                                  Nagaoka Red Cross                                   W3034                    1988
                雑誌                                Igaku Zasshi                                        Journal of Nagaoka
                                                                                                      Red Cross Hospital)
                                                  Nagasaki Daigaku                                    Nagasaki Daigaku
                長崎大学熱帯医学研                         Nettai Igaku Kenkyujo                               Nettai Igaku Kenkyujo
552                                                                                                                                                   1989
                究所共同研究報告集                         Kyodo Kenkyu                                        Kyodo Kenkyu
                                                  Hokokushu                                           Hokokushu
no     ISSN              title             abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system            Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                       S code
                                                                                                              Nagasaki Igakkai
                                                                                    Nagasaki Medical
553 0369-3228 長崎医学会雑誌                 長崎医会誌               Nagasaki Igakkai Zasshi                             Zasshi (Nagasaki         W1243                   1923
                                                                                                              Medical Journal)
              Nagoya Journal of                                                     Nagoya Journal of         Nagoya Journal of
554 0027-7622                         Nagoya J Med Sci                                                                                 Y0135 +                 1923
              Medical Science                                                       Medical Science           Medical Science
              Nagoya Medical                                                        Nagoya Medical            Nagoya Medical
555 0027-7649                         Nagoya Med J                                                                                     Y0136                   1953
              Journal                                                               Journal                   Journal
                                                          Nagoya Shiritsu Byoin                               Nagoya Shiritsu Byoin
556 0911-9809 名古屋市立病院紀要               名古屋病紀                                                                                            W1228                   1978
                                                          Kiyo                                                Kiyo
                                                                                                         Nagoya Shiritsu
                                                                                 Journal of the Nagoya Daigaku Igakkai Zasshi
              名古屋市立大学医学                                   Nagoya Shiritsu
557 0027-7606                         名古屋市大医会誌                                   City University Medical (Journal of the Nagoya W1226                          1950
              会雑誌                                         Daigaku Igakkai Zasshi
                                                                                 School                  City University
                                                                                                         Medical School)
                                                                                                              Naibunpitsu Geka
558 0914-9953 内分泌外科                   内分泌外科               Naibunpitsu Geka          Endocrine Surgery                                  W2191                   1984
                                                                                                              (Endocrine Surgery)
                                                                                                              Naika (Internal
559 0022-1961 内科                      内科                  Naika                     Internal Medicine                                  W1236                   1958
                                                                                                              Nara Igaku Zasshi
                Journal of Nara                                                     Journal of Nara
560 1345-0069                         J Nara Med Ass      Nara Igaku Zasshi                                   (Journal of Nara         W3601         +         1950
                Medical Association                                                 Medical Association
                                                                                                              Medical Association)
                                                                                                              Neonatal Care
561 1341-4577 Neonatal Care           Neona Care          Neonatal Care             Neonatal Care                                      W3240                   1987
                                                                                                              (Neonatal Care)
                                                                                                              Nessho (Japanese
                                                                                    Japanese Journal of
562 0285-113X 日本熱傷学会機関誌               熱傷                  Nessho                                              Journal of Burn          W3917                   1975
                                                                                    Burn Injuries
                                                                                                              Nettai Igaku (Tropical
563 0385-5643 熱帯医学                    熱帯医                 Nettai Igaku              Tropical Medicine                                  W1527         +         1959
564 0919-6544 NEUROPATHOLOGY          Neuropathol                                   Neuropathology            Neuropathology           W3174                   1980
565 0912-6287 日中医学                    日中医学                Nicchu Igaku                                        Nicchu Igaku             W2455                   1986
                                                                                                              Nichidai Igaku Zasshi
                                                                                    Nihon University
566 0029-0424 日大医学雑誌                  日大医誌                Nichidai Igaku Zasshi                               (Nihon University        W1290                   1937
                                                                                    Medical Journal
                                                                                                              Medical Journal)

567 0385-0145 日大口腔科学                  日大口腔科学              Nichidai Koku Kagaku                                Nichidai Koku Kagaku     W1292                   1975
                                                                                                              Nichidai Shigaku
                                                                                    Nihon University
568 0385-0102 日大歯学                    日大歯学                Nichidai Shigaku                                    (Nihon University        W1293                   1921
                                                                                    Dental Journal
                                                                                                              Dental Journal)
no     ISSN             title             abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                    S code

                                                                                                         Nichidoku Iho
569 0912-0351 日独医報                   日独医報                Nichidoku Iho                                   (Japanisch-Deutsche W1295                          1956
                                                                                   Medizinische Berichte
                                                                                                         Medizinische Berichte)

                                                                                                         Nichifutsu Igaku
                                                                                 Bulletin Medical Franco-
570 0007-4705 日仏医学                   日仏医                 Nichifutsu Igaku                                (Bulletin Medical          W1296                   1954
571 1341-6936                                                                    NIES Annual Report      NIES Annual Report                                 1994
              The Nihon University                                               Nihon University        Nihon University
572 0546-0352                        Nihon Univ J Med                                                                               Y0139         +         1959
              Journal of Medicine                                                Journal of Medicine     Journal of Medicine
                                                                                                         Niigata Igakkai Zasshsi
573 0029-0440 新潟医学会雑誌                新潟医会誌               Niigata Igakkai Zasshsi Niigata Medical Journal (Niigata Medical           W1257                   1887
                新潟県立病院医学会                                Niigata Kenritsu Byoin                          Niigata Kenritsu Byoin
574 0289-4173                        新潟病医会誌                                                                                         W1269                   1951
                誌                                        Igakkaishi                                      Igakkaishi
                                                                                                             Niigata Kenritsu Chuo
                                                                                   Journal of Niigata
              新潟県立中央病院医                                  Niigata Kenritsu Chuo                               Byoin Ishi (Journal of
575 1341-4062                        新潟中病医誌                                        Prefectural Center                               W3229                   1993
              誌                                          Byoin Ishi                                          Niigata Prefectural
                                                                                                             Center Hospital)
                                                                                                           Niigata Shigakkai
                                                         Niigata Shigakkai
576 0385-0153 新潟歯学会雑誌                新潟歯会誌                                         Niigata Dental Journal Zasshi (Niigata Dental W1271                      1971
                                                                                                           Niigata Shimin Byoin
                                                         Niigata Shimin Byoin      Medical Journal of      Ishi (Medical Journal
577 0389-1453 新潟市民病院医誌               新潟市病医誌                                                                                      W2121                      1980
                                                         Ishi                      Niigata Shimin Hospital of Niigata Shimin
                                                                                                             Niigataken Rinsho
              新潟県臨床衛生検査                                  Niigataken Rinsho Eisei Niigata Journal of          Eisei Kensagishi Kaishi
578 0285-371X                        新潟臨衛検技師会誌                                                                                       W1270                  1978(V18)
              技師会誌                                       Kensagishi Kaishi       Medical Technology          (Niigata Journal of
                                                                                                             Medical Technology)
                                                                                                             Nikkei Medical (Nikkei
579 0385-1699 日経メディカル                日経メディカル             Nikkei Medical            Nikkei Medical                                   W1285                   1972
580 0917-009X 日経サイエンス                                    Nikkei Science                                      Nikkei Science                                 1971
581 0385-924X 人間の医学                  人間の医                Ningen no Igaku                                     Ningen no Igaku        W1524                   1963
                                                                                                             Nippon Aids Gakkaishi
                                                                                   The Journal of AIDS
582 1344-9478 日本エイズ学会誌               日エイズ会誌              Nippon Aids Gakkaishi                               (The Journal of AIDS W3750                     1999
no    ISSN           title       abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                            S code
                                                                                                 Nippon Aji to Nioi
                                                                          The Japanese Journal Gakkaishi (The
                                                Nippon Aji to Nioi
583 1340-4806 日本味と匂学会誌                                                    of Taste and Smell     Japanese Journal of                                1994
                                                                          Research               Taste and Smell
                                                                                                 Nippon Alcohol
                                                                                                 Yakubustu Igakkai
                                                Nippon Alcohol            Japanese Journal of
                日本アルコール・薬物    日アルコール・薬物医                                                         Zasshi (Japanese
584 1341-8963                                   Yakubustu Igakkai         Alcohol Studies & Drug                            W3407 +                 1966
                医学会雑誌         会誌                                                                 Journal of Alcohol
                                                Zasshi                    Dependence
                                                                                                 Studies & Drug
                                                                                                    Nippon Ashi no Geka
                                                                          The Journal of the        Gakkai Zasshi (The
              日本足の外科学会雑                         Nippon Ashi no Geka
585 0916-7927                 日足の外科会誌                                     Japanese Society for      Journal of the          W3102                   1980
              誌                                 Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                          Surgery of the Foot       Japanese Society for
                                                                                                    Surgery of the Foot)
                日本アスピリン喘息研                      Nippon Aspirin                                      Nippon Aspirin
586 1341-7576                                                                                                                                       @
                究会                              Zensoku Kenkyukai                                   Zensoku Kenkyukai
                                                                                                    Nippon Bika Gakkai
                                                Nippon Bika Gakkai        The Journal of Japan      Kaishi (The Journal of
587 0910-9153 日本鼻科学会会誌        日鼻科会誌                                                                                        W2085                    1962
                                                Kaishi                    Rhinologic Society        Japan Rhinologic
                                                                                                    Nippon Biomusic
                日本バイオミュージック 日バイオミュージック会 Nippon Biomusic                   The Journal of Japan      Gakkaishi (The
588 0918-1377                                                                                                             W3107                     1987
                学会誌         誌           Gakkaishi                         Biomusic Association      Journal of Japan
                                                                                                    Biomusic Association)
                                                                                                 Nippon Biorheology
              日本バイオレオロジー 日バイオレオロジー会 Nippon Biorheology                    Journal of Japanese    Gakkaishi (Journal of
589 0913-4778                                                                                                               W2515                   1987
              学会誌        誌          Gakkaishi                             Society of Biorheology Japanese Society of
                                                                                                    Nippon Biyo Geka
                                                                          Journal of the Japan
                                                Nippon Biyo Geka                                    Gakkaishi (Journal of
590 0387-9194 日本美容外科学会誌       日美容外会誌                                      Society of Aesthetic                              W1478                   1962
                                                Gakkaishi                                           the Japan Society of
                                                                                                    Aesthetic Surgery)
                                                Nippon Byoin                                        Nippon Byoin
591             日本病院薬学会会報                                                                                                                           @
                                                Yakugakukai Kaiho                                   Yakugakukai Kaiho
no     ISSN            title             abbreviation     title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                      S code
                                                                                                              Nippon Byoin
              Journal of Japanese                                                   Journal of Japanese       Yakuzaishikai Zasshi
                                                         Nippon Byoin
592 1341-8815 Society of Hospital   J Jpn Soc Hosp Pharm                            Society of Hospital       (Journal of Japanese    W2006                   1965
                                                         Yakuzaishikai Zasshi
              Pharmacists                                                           Pharmacists               Society of Hospital

                                                          Nippon Byoinkai Byoin                               Nippon Byoinkai Byoin
593 1344-2147 JHAC                  JHAC                  Kanrisha Kyogikai     JHAC                          Kanrisha Kyogikai     W3648                     1995
                                                          Kaishi                                              Kaishi (JHAC)
                                                                                                              Nippon Byoinkai
                                                                                 Journal of Japan             Zasshi (Journal of
594 0385-9363 日本病院会雑誌               日病院会誌                 Nippon Byoinkai Zasshi                                                      W1480                   1977
                                                                                 Hospital Association         Japan Hospital
                                                                                                              Nippon Byorigakkai
                                                                                                              Kaishi (Transactiones
                                                          Nippon Byorigakkai        Societatis
595 0300-9181 日本病理学会会誌              日病理会誌                                                                     Societatis            W1482                     1911
                                                          Kaishi                    Pathologicae
                                                                                                              Nippon Chiho
596 1342-646X Dementia Japan        Dementia Jpn          Nippon Chiho Gakkaishi Dementia Japan               Gakkaishi (Dementia     W3499                   1987
                                                                                                              Nippon Chono
                                                                                Journal of Japanese           Gengoshi Kyokai Kaiho
              日本聴能言語士協会                                   Nippon Chono
597 0912-8204                                                                   Speech-Language-              (Journal of Japanese                            1976
              会報                                          Gengoshi Kyokai Kaiho
                                                                                Hearing Association           Speech-Language-
                                                                                                              Hearing Association)
                                                                                                              Nippon Computer
                                                                                                              Shien Geka Gakkai
                                                          Nippon Computer           Journal of The Japan
                日本コンピュータ支援                                                                                    Kaishi (Journal of The
598 1340-2994                       日コンピュータ外会誌            Shien Geka Gakkai         Society for Computer                             W3230                    1993
                外科学会会誌                                                                                        Japan Society for
                                                          Kaishi                    Aided Surgery
                                                                                                              Computer Aided
                                                                                                              Nippon Contactlens
                日本コンタクトレンズ学             Nippon Contactlens                          Journal of Japan          Gakkaishi (Journal of
599 0374-9851               日コンタクトレンズ会誌                                                                                              W1356                    1959
                会誌                      Gakkaishi                                   Contact Lens Society      Japan Contact Lens
no     ISSN            title              abbreviation    title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                     S code
                                                                                                           Nippon Daekisen
                                                          Nippon Daekisen           Journal of Japan       Gakkaishi (Journal of
600 0916-1104 日本唾液腺学会誌               日唾液腺会誌                                                                                          W2671                   1960
                                                          Gakkaishi                 Salivary Gland Society Japan Salivary Gland
                                                                                                           Nippon Daicho
                                                          Nippon Daicho             The Journal of the     Komonbyo Gakkai
601 0047-1801                        日本大腸肛門病会誌            Komonbyo Gakkai           Japan Society of Colo- Zasshi (The Journal of W1443                      1940
                                                          Zasshi                    Proctology             the Japan Society of
                                                                                                              Nippon Dds Gakkaishi
602 0913-5006 Drug Delivery System   Drug Delivery Syst   Nippon Dds Gakkaishi      Drug Delivery System      (Drug Delivery       W2382                     1986
                                                                                                              Nippon Eiseigaku
                                                          Nippon Eiseigaku          Japanese Journal of
603 0021-5082 日本衛生学雑誌                日衛誌                                                                      Zasshi (Japanese     W1311 +                   1946
                                                          Zasshi                    Hygiene
                                                                                                              Journal of Hygiene)
                                                                                                              Nippon Eiyo Shokuryo
                                                                                    Journal of Japanese       Gakkaishi (Journal of
                                                          Nippon Eiyo Shokuryo
604 0287-3516 日本栄養・食糧学会誌 日栄・食糧会誌                                                    Society of Nutrition      Japanese Society of W2022                      1947
                                                                                    and Food Science          Nutrition and Food

                                                                                                         Nippon Fujinka Shuyo
                                                                                                         Gakkai Zasshi (The
                                                                                    The Journal of the
                日本婦人科腫瘍学会                                 Nippon Fujinka Shuyo                           Journal of the Japan
605                                  日婦腫瘍会誌                                         Japan Society of                          W3686                          1985(V4)
                雑誌                                        Gakkai Zasshi                                  Society of
                                                                                    Gynecologic Oncology

                                                                                                              Nippon Fukubu Kyukyu
                日本腹部救急医学会                                 Nippon Fukubu Kyukyu Journal of Abdominal           Igakkai Zasshi (Journal
606 1340-2242                        日腹部救急医会誌                                                                                         W3237                  1984
                雑誌                                        Igakkai Zasshi       Emergency Medicine             of Abdominal
                                                                                                              Emergency Medicine)

                                                                                                              Nippon Funin Gakkai
                                                          Nippon Funin Gakkai       Japanese Journal of       Zasshi (Japanese
607 0029-0629 日本不妊学会雑誌               日不妊会誌                                                                                           W1483         +         1956
                                                          Zasshi                    Fertility and Sterility   Journal of Fertility
                                                                                                              and Sterility)
no    ISSN             title       abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                             S code
                                                                                                  Nippon Gaisho Gakkai
                                                                            Journal of the
                                                                                                  Zasshi (Journal of the
                                                  Nippon Gaisho Gakkai      Japanese Asscociation
608 1340-6264 日本外傷学会雑誌         日外傷会誌                                                              Japanese               W3283                       1987
                                                  Zasshi                    for the Surgery of
                                                                                                  Asscociation for the
                                                                                                  Surgery of Trauma)
                                                                                                      Nippon Gaku Koku
                                                                        The Journal of                Kino Gakkai Zasshi
                日本顎口腔機能学会                         Nippon Gaku Koku Kino Japanese Society of           (The Journal of
609 1340-9085                  日顎口腔機能会誌                                                                                      W3408                   1994
                雑誌                                Gakkai Zasshi         Stomatognathic                Japanese Society of
                                                                        Function                      Stomatognathic
                                                                                                      Nippon Gan Byotai
                日本癌病態治療研究                         Nippon Gan Byotai
610                                                                         W'Waves                   Chiryo Kenkyukaishi                            @
                会誌                                Chiryo Kenkyukaishi
                                                                                                      Nippon Gan Chiryo
                                                                            The Journal of Japan      Gakkaishi (The
                                                  Nippon Gan Chiryo
611 0021-4671 日本癌治療学会誌         日癌治療会誌                                       Society for Cancer        Journal of Japan       W1338                   1966
                                                                            Therapy                   Society for Cancer
                                                                                                      Nippon Gangakkai
                                                                            Proceedings of the        Sokai Kiji
                日本癌学会@回総会記                        Nippon Gangakkai
612 0546-0476              日癌会@回総会記                                         Japanese Cancer           (Proceedings of the    W1337                   1958(V17)
                事                                 Sokai Kiji
                                                                            Association               Japanese Cancer
                                                                                                      Nippon Ganka Gakkai
                                                                            Journal of Japanese       Zasshi (Journal of
                                                  Nippon Ganka Gakkai
613 0029-0203 日本眼科学会雑誌         日眼会誌                                         Ophthalmological          Japanese               W1334 +                 1893
                                                                            Society                   Ophthalmological

                                                                                                      Nippon Ganka Kiyo
                                                                            Folia Ophthalmologica
614 0015-5667 日本眼科紀要           日眼紀                Nippon Ganka Kiyo                                   (Folia Ophthalmologica W1335         +         1950

                                                  Nippon Gannairens                                   Nippon Gannairens
615 1341-3678 IOL&RS           IOL&RS             Kussetsu Shujutsu         IOL & RS                  Kussetsu Shujutsu      W3306                   1987
                                                  Gakkaishi                                           Gakkaishi (IOL & RS)
no    ISSN          title       abbreviation      title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                             S code
                                                                                                      Nippon Gazo Igaku
                                                  Nippon Gazo Igaku         Japanese Journal of       Zasshi (Japanese
616 0289-0925 日本画像医学雑誌      日画像医誌                                                                                            W2377                   1982
                                                  Zasshi                    Medical Imaging           Journal of Medical
                                                                                                      Nippon Geka Gakkai
                                                  Nippon Geka Gakkai        Journal of Japan          Zasshi (Journal of
617 0301-4894 日本外科学会雑誌      日外会誌                                                                                             W1350 +                 1899
                                                  Zasshi                    Surgical Society          Japan Surgical
                                                                                                      Nippon Geka Hokan
                                                                            Archiv fur Japanische
618 0003-9152 日本外科宝函        日外宝                   Nippon Geka Hokan                                   (Archiv fur Japanische W1352 +                 1924
                                                  Nippon Geka                                         Nippon Geka
619 0916-7021 日本外科感染症研究     日外感染症研                                                                                           W3104                   1989
                                                  Kansensho Kenkyu                                    Kansensho Kenkyu
                                                                                                      Nippon Gekakei Rengo
                日本外科系連合学会                         Nippon Gekakei Rengo Journal of Japanese            Gakkaishi (Journal of
620 0385-7883               日外科系連会誌                                                                                         W1351                    1976
                誌                                 Gakkaishi            College of Surgeons            Japanese College of

                                                                                                      Nippon Gishi Sogu
                                                                            Bulletin of the
                                                                                                      Gakkaishi (Bulletin of
                                                  Nippon Gishi Sogu         Japanese Society of
621 0910-4720 日本義肢装具学会誌     日義肢装具会誌                                                                   the Japanese Society W2211                     1985
                                                  Gakkaishi                 Prosthetics and
                                                                                                      of Prosthetics and
                                                                                                      Nippon Hakunaisho
                                                                            The Journal or            Gakkaishi (The
                                                  Nippon Hakunaisho
622 0915-4302 日本白内障学会誌      日白内障会誌                                          Japanese Society for      Journal or Japanese    W2978                   1989
                                                                            Cataract Research         Society for Cataract
                                                                                                      Nippon Hansenbyo
                日本ハンセン病学会雑                        Nippon Hansenbyo          Japanese Journal of       Gakkai Zasshi
623 1342-3681              日ハンセン病会誌                                                                                          W3754 +       +         1930
                誌                                 Gakkai Zasshi             Leprosy                   (Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                      Nippon Heikatsukin
                                                                            Journal of Smooth         Gakkai Kikanshi
                日本平滑筋学会機関                         Nippon Heikatsukin
624 0916-8737               J Smooth Muscle Res                             Muscle Research.          (Journal of Smooth     W3020                   1965
                誌                                 Gakkai Kikanshi
                                                                            Japanese Section          Muscle Research.
                                                                                                      Japanese Section)
no    ISSN            title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system            Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                               S code
                                                                                                      Nippon Hifu Akusei
                                                  Nippon Hifu Akusei
625 0915-3535 Skin Cancer     Skin Cancer                               Skin Cancer                   Shuyo Gakkai Kikanshi W2608                      1986
                                                  Shuyo Gakkai Kikanshi
                                                                                                      (Skin Cancer)
                                                                                                  Nippon Hifu Allergy
                日本皮膚アレルギー学                        Nippon Hifu Allergy       The Japanese Journal Gakkai Zasshi (The
626 0919-679X              日皮アレルギー会誌                                                                                   W3997                           1993
                会雑誌                               Gakkai Zasshi             of Dermatoallergology Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                  Nippon Hifuka Gakkai
                                                  Nippon Hifuka Gakkai      The Japanese Journal Zasshi (The Japanese
627 0021-499X 日本皮膚科学会雑誌       日皮会誌                                                                                     W1475                           1901
                                                  Zasshi                    of Dermatology        Journal of
                                                                                                      Nippon Hikaku
                                                                         Proceedings of the           Naibunpi Gakkai Kaishi
                日本比較内分泌学会                         Nippon Hikaku Naibunpi Japan Society for            (Proceedings of the
628 0913-9036                                                                                                                                          1986
                会誌                                Gakkai Kaishi          Comparative                  Japan Society for
                                                                         Endocrinology                Comparative
                                                                                              Nippon Hinyokika
              日本泌尿器科学会雑                           Nippon Hinyokika                            Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                            Japanese Journal of
629 0021-5287                 日泌会誌                                                                                 W1476 +                   +         1912
              誌                                   Gakkai Zasshi             Urology           (Japanese Journal of
                                                                                              Nippon Hito Saibo
                                                  Nippon Hito Saibo
630 0914-7470 Human Cell      Human Cell                                 Human Cell           Gakkai Zasshi (Human W2749 +                             1988
                                                  Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                                              Nippon Ho Igaku
                                                                         The Japanese Journal Zasshi (The Japanese
631 0047-1887 日本法医学雑誌         日法医誌                Nippon Ho Igaku Zasshi                                           W1496 +                   +         1944
                                                                         of Legal Medicine    Journal of Legal
                                                                                                      Nippon Hosenkin
                                                  Nippon Hosenkin
632 0914-5818 日本放線菌学会誌        日放線菌学会誌                                       Actinomycetologica        Gakkaishi                W2540                   1987

                                                                                                      Nippon Hoshasen
                                                                            Japanese Journal of       Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi
              日本放射線技術学会                           Nippon Hoshasen
633 0369-4305                 日放線技会誌                                        Radiological              (Japanese Journal of W1494                       1944
              雑誌                                  Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                            Technology                Radiological
no    ISSN               title           abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                   S code
                                                                                                            Nippon Hoshasen
                日本放射線技師会雑                               Nippon Hoshasen
634 0287-9395                       日放線技師会誌                                       J.J.A.R.T                 Gishikai Zasshi        W1493                   1953
                誌                                       Gishikai Zasshi
                                                                                                            Nippon Hoshasen
                日本放射線腫瘍学会                               Nippon Hoshasen           The Journal of
635 1040-9564                       日放線腫瘍会誌                                                                 Shuyo Gakkaishi (The W2673           +         1989
                誌                                       Shuyo Gakkaishi           JASTRO
                                                                                                            Journal of JASTRO)
                                                                                                            Nippon Hotetsu Shika
                                                                                  The Journal of the        Gakkai Zasshi (The
              日本補綴歯科学会雑                                 Nippon Hotetsu Shika
636 0389-5386                       日補綴歯会誌                                        Japan Prosthodontic       Journal of the Japan W1490                     1957
              誌                                         Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                                  Society                   Prosthodontic
                                                                                                        Nippon Hyperthermia
                                                                                                        Gakkaishi (Japanese
              日本ハイパーサーミア 日ハイパーサーミア会 Nippon Hyperthermia                           Japanese Journal of
637 0911-2529                                                                                           Journal of                 W3466                   1985
              学会誌        誌          Gakkaishi                                     Hyperthermic Oncology

                                                                                                            Nippon I Shinkin
                                                        Nippon I Shinkin Gakkai Japanese Journal of         Gakkai Zasshi
638 0916-4804 日本医真菌学会雑誌             日医真菌会誌                                                                                         W2793 +       +         1960
                                                        Zasshi                  Medical Mycology            (Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                            Medical Mycology)
                                                                                                            Nippon Igaku
                日本医学放射線学会                               Nippon Igaku Hoshasen Nippon Acta                   Hoshasen Gakkai
639 0048-0428                       日医放線会誌                                                                                         W1302 +                 1940
                雑誌                                      Gakkai Zasshi         Radiologica                   Zasshi (Nippon Acta

                                                                                                         Nippon Igaku Shashin
              日本医学写真学会雑                                 Nippon Igaku Shashin      The Japanese Journal Gakkai Zasshi (The
640 0285-1512                       日医写真会誌                                                                                    W1301                        1965
              誌                                         Gakkai Zasshi             of Medical Photography Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                         Medical Photography)

                                                                                                        Nippon Iji Shinpo
641 0385-9215 日本医事新報                医事新報                Nippon Iji Shinpo         Japan Medical Journal (Japan Medical             W1305                   1921
                                                                                                        Nippon Ika Daigaku
                Journal of Nippon                       Nippon Ika Daigaku        Journal of Nippon     Zasshi (Journal of
642 1345-4676                       J Nippon Med Sch                                                                               W3858 +       +         1923
                Medical School                          Zasshi                    Medical School        Nippon Medical
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                                 Nippon Ishigaku Zasshi
                                                                    Journal of the Japan
                                                                                                 (Journal of the Japan
643 0549-3323 日本医史学雑誌       日医史誌             Nippon Ishigaku Zasshi Society of Medical                                  W1303                    1880
                                                                                                 Society of Medical
                                                                                                 Nippon Ishikai Zasshi
                                                                       The Journal of the
                                                                                                 (The Journal of the
644 0021-4493 日本医師会雑誌       日医師会誌            Nippon Ishikai Zasshi     Japan Medical                                     W1304                   1921
                                                                                                 Japan Medical

                                                                                                 Nippon Jibiinkoka
                                                                       Journal of
                日本耳鼻咽喉科学会                    Nippon Jibiinkoka                                   Gakkai Kaiho (Journal
645 0030-6622               日耳鼻会報                                      Otolaryngology of                               W1389 +         +         1893
                会報                           Gakkai Kaiho                                        of Otolaryngology of

                                                                                                 Nippon Jibiinkoka
                                                                       Journal of Japan          Kansensho Kenkyukai
                                             Nippon Jibiinkoka
                日本耳鼻咽喉科感染                                              Society for Infectious    Kaishi (Journal of
646 0913-3976               日耳鼻感染症研会誌        Kansensho Kenkyukai                                                        W2404                    1983
                症研究会会誌                                                 Diseases in               Japan Society for
                                                                       Otolaryngology            Infectious Diseases in

                                                                                             Nippon Jiki Kyomei
                                                                       Japanese Journal of   Igakkai Zasshi
              日本磁気共鳴医学会                      Nippon Jiki Kyomei
647 0914-9457               日磁気共鳴医会誌                                   Magnetic Resonance in (Japanese Journal of        W2501                   1981
              雑誌                             Igakkai Zasshi
                                                                       Medicine              Magnetic Resonance
                                                                                             in Medicine)
                                                                                         Nippon Jinko
                                                                                         Kansetsu Gakkaishi
                                                                    The Japanese Society
                                             Nippon Jinko Kansetsu                       (The Japanese
648 0913-3968 日本人工関節学会誌     日人工関節会誌                                 for Replacement                                      W3682                   1973
                                             Gakkaishi                                   Society for
                                                                                         Nippon Jinzo
                                                                    The Japanese Journal Gakkaishi (The
649 0385-2385 日本腎臓学会誌       日腎会誌             Nippon Jinzo Gakkaishi                                                      W1420 +       +         1959
                                                                    of Nephrology        Japanese Journal of
no    ISSN                title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                 S code
                                                                                                      Nippon Jui Chikusan
                                                                                                      Daigaku Kenkyu
                                                      Nippon Jui Chikusan       The Bulletin of the
                日本獣医畜産大学研                                                                             Hokoku (The Bulletin
650 0373-8361                     日獣畜大研報              Daigaku Kenkyu            Nippon Veterinary and                       W1397                        1952
                究報告                                                                                   of the Nippon
                                                      Hokoku                    Zootechnical College
                                                                                                      Veterinary and
                                                                                                      Zootechnical College)

                                                                                                          Nippon Kagaku Ryoho
              日本化学療法学会雑                               Nippon Kagaku Ryoho       Japanese Journal of       Gakkai Zasshii
651 1340-7007                     日化療会誌                                                                                        W1321           +         1953
              誌                                       Gakkai Zasshii            Chemotherapy              (Japanese Journal of
                                                      Nippon Kaimen Igakkai                               Nippon Kaimen Igakkai
652 0288-8262 日本界面医学会雑誌           日界面医会誌                                                                                        W1326                    1969
                                                      Zasshi                                              Zasshi
                                                      Nippon Kango Fukushi                                Nippon Kango Fukushi
653             日本看護福祉学会誌                                                                                                                                @
                                                      Gakkaishi                                           Gakkaishi
                                                      Nippon Kango Gakkai                                 Nippon Kango Gakkai
654             日本看護学会論文集         日看会論集                                                                                         W3679                    1967
                                                      Ronbunshu                                           Ronbunshu
                                                                                                          Nippon Kansshikan
                                                                                Journal of the
                                                      Nippon Kansshikan                                   Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
655 1341-7703 日本冠疾患学会雑誌           日冠疾会誌                                         Japanese Coronary                                W3533                   1995
                                                      Gakkai Zasshi                                       of the Japanese
                                                                                                          Coronary Association)
                                                                                                       Nippon Keisei Geka
                                                                                Journal of Japan       Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
                日本形成外科学会会                             Nippon Keisei Geka        Society of Plastic and of Japan Society of
656 0389-4703                     日形会誌                                                                                        W1353                      1981
                誌                                     Gakkai Zasshi             Reconstructive         Plastic and
                                                                                Surgery                Reconstructive
                                                                                                       Nippon Kekkan Geka
                日本血管外科学会雑                             Nippon Kekkan Geka        The Japanese Journal Gakkai Zasshi (The
657 0918-6778                     日血管外会誌                                                                                      W3286                      1992
                誌                                     Gakkai Zasshi             of Vascular Surgery    Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                       Vascular Surgery)
                                                                                                       Nippon Kekkan Zoei
                                                      Nippon Kekkan Zoei                               Interventional
                Interventional                                                  IVR : Interventional
658 1340-4520                     Intervent Radiol    Interventional                                   Radiology Gakkaishi    W3206                      1986
                Radiology                                                       Radiology
                                                      Radiology Gakkaishi                              (IVR : Interventional
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                        S code
                                                                                                 Nippon Kessen
                                                                       Japanese Journal of       Shiketsu Gakkaishi
                                             Nippon Kessen
659 0915-7441 日本血栅止血学会誌     日血栅止血会誌                                    Thrombosis and            (Japanese Journal of W2973                     1990
                                             Shiketsu Gakkaishi
                                                                       Hemostasis                Thrombosis and
                                                                                                 Nippon Kikan Shokudo
                                                                  Journal of the Japan           Kagakkai Kaiho
                日本気管食道科学会                    Nippon Kikan Shokudo Broncho-                       (Journal of the Japan
660 0029-0645               日気管食道会報                                                                                    W1339                    1950
                会報                           Kagakkai Kaiho       Esophagological                Broncho-
                                                                  Society                        Esophagological
                                                                                                 Nippon Kogairetsu
                                                                       Journal of Japanese
                                             Nippon Kogairetsu                                   Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
661 0386-5185 日本口蓋裂学会雑誌     日口蓋裂会誌                                     Cleft Palate                                     W1357                   1976
                                             Gakkai Zasshi                                       of Japanese Cleft
                                                                                                 Palate Association)
                                                                                                 Nippon Koku Geka
              日本口腔外科学会雑                      Nippon Koku Geka          Japanese Journal of       Gakkai Zasshi
662 0021-5163               日口腔外会誌                                                                                      W1359                   1955
              誌                              Gakkai Zasshi             Oral Surgery              (Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                 Oral Surgery)
                                                                                                 Nippon Koku Shuyo
                                                                       Journal of Japan
                                             Nippon Koku Shuyo                                   Gakkaishi (Journal of
663 0915-5988 日本口腔腫瘍学会誌     日口腔腫瘍会誌                                    Society for Oral                                 W2794                   1989
                                             Gakkaishi                                           Japan Society for Oral
                                                                                         Nippon Kokuka Gakkai
                                                                  Journal of the         Zasshi (Journal of the
                                             Nippon Kokuka Gakkai
664 0029-0297 日本口腔科学会雑誌     日口腔科会誌                                Japanese               Japanese               W1358                           1952
                                                                  Stomatological Society Stomatological
                                             Nippon Kokyu Kanri                                  Nippon Kokyu Kanri
665 0916-9253 日本呼吸管理学会誌     日呼吸管理会誌                                                                                     W3178                   1991
                                             Gakkaishi                                           Gakkaishi
                                                                                                 Nippon Kokyuki Gakkai
                                                                   The Journal of the
                                             Nippon Kokyuki Gakkai                               Zasshi (The Journal of
666 1343-3490 日本呼吸器学会雑誌     日呼吸会誌                                  Japanese Respiratory                                 W3564 +                 1963
                                             Zasshi                                              the Japanese
                                                                                                 Respiratory Society)
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                                 Nippon Kokyuki Geka
                                                                       Journal of the            Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
              日本呼吸器外科学会                      Nippon Kokyuki Geka
667 0919-0945               日呼外会誌                                      Japanese Association      of the Japanese        W2668                    1987
              雑誌                             Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                       for Chest Surgery         Association for Chest

                                                                                                 Nippon Konenki
                                                                    The Journal of the
                日本更年期医学会雑                    Nippon Konenki Igakkai                              Igakkai Zasshi (The
668 0919-5033               日更年医会誌                                  Japan Menopause                                      W3504                   1993
                誌                            Zasshi                                              Journal of the Japan
                                                                                                 Menopause Society)

                                                                                                 Nippon Koshohinka
                                                                       Journal of Japanese
                                             Nippon Koshohinka                                   Gakkaishi (Journal of
669 0287-1238 日本香粧品科学会誌     日香粧品会誌                                     Cosmetic Science                                  W2974                   1977
                                             Gakkaishi                                           Japanese Cosmetic
                                                                                                 Science Society)
                                                                                                 Nippon Koshu Eisei
                                             Nippon Koshu Eisei        Japanese Journal of       Zasshi (Japanese
670 0546-1766 日本公衆衛生雑誌      日公衛誌                                                                                         W1361 +                 1954
                                             Zasshi                    Public Health             Journal of Public
                                                                                                 Nippon Kotsu
                                                                                                 Kansetsu Kansensho
                                                                   Journal of the
                                             Nippon Kotsu Kansetsu                               Kenkyukai Zasshi
                日本骨・関節感染症研                                         Japanese Society for
671 1345-8922              日骨関節感染研会誌         Kansensho Kenkyukai                                 (Journal of the         W3563                   1987
                究会雑誌                                               Study of Bone and
                                             Zasshi                                              Japanese Society for
                                                                   Joint Infections
                                                                                                 Study of Bone and
                                                                                                 Joint Infections)
                                                                                                 Nippon Kotsu Keitai
                                                                   Journal of Japanese           Keisoku Gakkai Zasshi
                日本骨形態計測学会                    Nippon Kotsu Keitai
672 0917-4648               日骨形態計測会誌                               Society of Bone               (Journal of Japanese W3231                      1991
                雑誌                           Keisoku Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                   Morphometry                   Society of Bone
                                                                                                 Nippon Kotsu Taisha
                                             Nippon Kotsu Taisha       Japanese Journal of       Gakkai Zasshi
673 0910-0067 日本骨代謝学会雑誌     日骨代謝会誌                                                                                     W2234                     1983
                                             Gakkai Zasshi             Bone Metabolism           (Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                 Bone Metabolism)
no    ISSN           title           abbreviation    title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system            Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                  S code
                                                                                                      Nippon Kyobu Geka
              The Japanese Journal                                                                    Gakkai Zasshi (The
                                                                               The Japanese Journal
              of THORACIC AND      Jpn J THORACIC    Nippon Kyobu Geka                                Japanese Journal of
674 1344-4964                                                                  of Thoracic and                                    W3600 +       +         1953
              CARDIOVASCULAR       CARDIOVASC SURG   Gakkai Zasshi                                    Thoracic and
                                                                               Cardiovascular Surgery
              SURGERY                                                                                 Cardiovascular
                                                                                                         Nippon Kyobu Rinsho
                                                                               Japanese Journal of
675 0385-3667 日本胸部臨床             日胸臨                 Nippon Kyobu Rinsho                                 (Japanese Journal of     W1345         +         1940
                                                                               Chest Diseases
                                                                                                         Chest Diseases)

                                                                                                         Nippon Kyukyu Igakkai
                                                     Nippon Kyukyu Igakkai
              エマージェンシー・ナー エマージェンシーナー                                                                     Kangobukai
676 0915-4213                                        Kangobukai            Emergency Nursing                                   W2610                      1988
              シング         シング                                                                            Junkikanshi
                                                                                                         (Emergency Nursing)

                                                                                                         Nippon Kyukyu Igakkai
                                                                           KANTO Journal of              Kanto Chihokai Zasshi
                日本救急医学会関東                            Nippon Kyukyu Igakkai
677 0287-301X                    日救急医会関東誌                                  Japanese Association          (KANTO Journal of     W1342                      1981
                地方会雑誌                                Kanto Chihokai Zasshi
                                                                           for Acute Medicine            Japanese Association
                                                                                                         for Acute Medicine)

                                                     Nippon Kyukyu Igakkai                               Nippon Kyukyu Igakkai
678 0915-924X 日本救急医学会雑誌          日救急医会誌                                    JJAAM                                               W2857                      1990
                                                     Zasshi                                              Zasshi (JJAAM)

                                                                                                        Nippon Kyumei Iryo
                                                                                                        Kenkyukai Zasshi
                                                                               Journal of Japanese
                日本救命医療研究会                            Nippon Kyumei Iryo                                 (Journal of Japanese
679                              日救命医療研会誌                                      Association for Critical                           W3365                   1986
                雑誌                                   Kenkyukai Zasshi                                   Association for
                                                                               Care Medicine
                                                                                                        Critical Care
                                                                                                         Nippon Laser
                                                                             Journal of Japan
                                                                                                         Igakkaishi (Journal of
680 0288-6200 日本レーザー医学会誌 日レーザー医会誌                    Nippon Laser Igakkaishi Society for Laser                                    W1516                   1980
                                                                                                         Japan Society for
                                                                                                         Laser Medicine)
                                                                                                         Nippon Latex Allergy
                日本ラテックスアレル                           Nippon Latex Allergy      Japanese Journal of       Kenkyukai Kaishi
681                                                                                                                                                       @
                ギー研究会会誌                              Kenkyukai Kaishi          Latex Allrgy              (Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                         Latex Allrgy)
no    ISSN          title      abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                            Nippon Lympha
                                                                                            Monaikei Gakkai Kaishi
                                                                     The Journal of the
                日本リンパ網内系学会                    Nippon Lympha                                 (The Journal of the
682 1342-9248              日リンパ網内系会誌                                 Japanese Society of                           W3507                         1961
                会誌                            Monaikei Gakkai Kaishi                        Japanese Society of
                                                                     Lymphoreticular Tissue
                                                                                             Nippon Masui Yakuri
                                              Nippon Masui Yakuri       Pharmacoanesthesiolo Gakkaishi
683 0915-5864 日本麻酔・薬理学会誌                                                                                                                         1988
                                              Gakkaishi                 gy                   (Pharmacoanesthesiol
                                                                                                  Nippon ME Gakkai
                                              Nippon ME Gakkai          BME : Bio Medical
684 0913-7556 日本ME学会雑誌                                                                            Zasshi (BME : Bio                    +         1987
                                              Zasshi                    Engineering
                                                                                                  Medical Engineering)

                                                                                                  Nippon Microsurgery
                                                                        Journal of Japanese
                                                                                                  Gakkai Kaishi (Journal
              日本マイクロサージャリ            Nippon Microsurgery                Society of
685 0916-4936             日マイクロサージ会誌                                                              of Japanese Society W2979                      1988
              ー学会会誌                  Gakkai Kaishi                      Reconstructive
                                                                                                  of Reconstructive
                                                                                            Nippon Mijukuji
                                                                                            Shinseiji Gakkai
                                                                      Journal of Japan
                日本未熟児新生児学                     Nippon Mijukuji                               Zasshi (Journal of
686                          日未熟児新生児会誌                                Society for Premature                              W2980                   1989
                会雑誌                           Shinseiji Gakkai Zasshi                       Japan Society for
                                                                      and Newborn Medicine
                                                                                            Premature and
                                                                                            Newborn Medicine)
                                              Nippon                                        Mycoplasmology
                日本マイコプラズマ学                                            Japanese Journal of
687 1340-2382                日マイコプラズマ会誌       Mycoplasmology                                Gakkai Zasshi                W4051                   1974
                会雑誌                                                   Mycoplasmology
                                              Gakkai Zasshi                                 (Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                  Nippon Naibunpi
                                              Nippon Naibunpi Gakkai Folia Endocrinologica        Gakkai Zasshi (Folia
688 0029-0661 日本内分泌学会雑誌      日内分泌会誌                                                                                      W1459                   1925
                                              Zasshi                 Japonica                     Endocrinologica
                                                                                                  Nippon Naika Gakkai
                日本内科学会東北地                     Nippon Naika Gakkai
689                                                                                               Tohoku Chihokai                                @
                方会会誌                          Tohoku Chihokai Kaishi
no    ISSN               title          abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                  S code
                                                                                                           Nippon Naika Gakkai
                                                                                 Journal of the
                                                       Nippon Naika Gakkai                                 Zasshi (Journal of the
690 0021-5384 日本内科学会雑誌             日内会誌                                          Japanese Society of                              W1458 +                 1913
                                                       Zasshi                                              Japanese Society of
                                                                                 Internal Medicine
                                                                                                           Internal Medicine)

                                                                                                           Nippon Nanbyo Kango
                                                                                 Journal of the Japan      Gakkaishi (Journal of
                                                       Nippon Nanbyo Kango
691 1343-1692 日本難病看護学会誌            日難病看会誌                                        Intractable Illness       the Japan Intractable W3883                    1997
                                                                                 Nursing Society           Illness Nursing

                                                                                                           Nippon Nettai Igakkai
                                                                                 Japanese Journal of
                                                       Nippon Nettai Igakkai                               Zasshi (Japanese
692 0304-2146 日本熱帯医学会雑誌            日熱帯医会誌                                        Tropical Medicine and                           W1461                    1973
                                                       Zasshi                                              Journal of Tropical
                                                                                                           Medicine and Hygiene)

                                                                                                           Nippon Ninshin
                                                                                 Journal of Japan          Chudokusho Gakkai
                                                       Nippon Ninshin
                日本妊娠中毒症学会                                                        Society for the Study     Zasshi (Journal of
693 1340-8305                      日妊娠中毒症会誌            Chudokusho Gakkai                                                         W3291                    1993
                雑誌                                                               of toxemia of             Japan Society for the
                                                                                 Pregnancy                 Study of toxemia of

                                                                                 The Journal of the        Nippon no Ganka (The
                                                                                 Japan                     Journal of the Japan
694 0285-1326 日本の眼科                日の眼科                Nippon no Ganka                                                          W1463                     1931
                                                                                 Ophthalmologists          Ophthalmologists
                                                                                 Association               Association)
                                                                                                           Nippon Noka Gakkai
                Journal of Brain                       Nippon Noka Gakkai        Journal of Brain
695 1341-5301                      J Brain Sci                                                             Kaishi (Journal of     Y0280         +         1975
                Science                                Kaishi                    Science
                                                                                                           Brain Science)
                                                       Nippon Noson Igakkai                                Nippon Noson Igakkai
696 0468-2513 日本農村医学会雑誌            日農村医会誌                                                                                         W1469                   1952
                                                       Zasshi                                              Zasshi
                                                                                                           Nippon Nyugan
                                                                             Journal of Japan              Kenshin Gakkaishi
                                                       Nippon Nyugan Kenshin
697 0918-0729 日本乳癌検診学会誌            日乳癌検診会誌                                   Association of Breast         (Journal of Japan     W3416                    1992
                                                                             Cancer Screening              Association of Breast
                                                                                                           Cancer Screening)
no    ISSN           title         abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system            Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                               S code
                                                                                                    Nippon Onsen Kiko
                                                                                                    Butsuri Igakkai Zasshi
                                                                            Journal of Japanese
                                                                                                    (Journal of Japanese
                日本温泉気候物理医                         Nippon Onsen Kiko         Association of Physical
698 0029-0343                 日温気候物理医会誌                                                             Association of         W1317                       1935
                学会雑誌                              Butsuri Igakkai Zasshi    Medicine, Balneology
                                                                                                    Physical Medicine,
                                                                            and Climatology
                                                                                                    Balneology and
                                                                                Nippon Painclinic
                                                                                Gakkaishi (The
                                                                            The Journal of the
              日本ペインクリニック学             Nippon Painclinic
699 1340-4903             日ペインクリニック会誌                                           Journal of the Japan W4032
                                                                            Japan Society of Pain                                                      1994
              会誌                      Gakkaishi
                                                                                Society of Pain
              日本RAのリハビリ研究             Nippon RA no Rehabiri                     Nippon RA no Rehabiri
700 1342-7105                                                                                                                                          @
              会                       Kenkyukai                                 Kenkyukai
                                                                                Nippon Rheumatism
                                                                                Kansetsu Geka Gakkai
                                      Nippon Rheumatism     Japanese Journal of
              日本リウマチ・関節外 日リウマチ・関節外会                                             Zasshi (Japanese
701 0287-3214                         Kansetsu Geka Gakkai Rheumatism and Joint                       W1506                                            1982
              科学会雑誌       誌                                                     Journal of
                                      Zasshi                Surgery
                                                                                Rheumatism and Joint
                                                                                                      Nippon Rinsho
                                                                            Japanese Journal of
702 0047-1852 日本臨床            日臨                  Nippon Rinsho                                       (Japanese Journal of     W1508 +                 1943
                                                                            Clinical Medicine
                                                                                                      Clinical Medicine)

                                                                                                      Nippon Rinsho
                                                                        Journal of Japanese           Biomecanics
                日本臨床バイオメカニ                        Nippon Rinsho         Society for Clinical          Gakkaishi (Journal of
703 1340-9018              日臨バイオメカ会誌                                                                                        W3238                      1980
                クス学会誌                             Biomecanics Gakkaishi Biomechanics and              Japanese Society for
                                                                        Related Reearch               Clinical Biomechanics
                                                                                                      and Related Reearch)

                                                                                                      Nippon Rinsho
                                                                        The Journal of the            Biseibutsugaku Zasshi
              日本臨床微生物学雑                           Nippon Rinsho
704 0917-5059                                                           Japanese Society for          (The Journal of the                              1991
              誌                                   Biseibutsugaku Zasshi
                                                                        Clinical Microbiology         Japanese Society for
                                                                                                      Clinical Microbiology)

                                                  Nippon Rinsho                                       Nippon Rinsho
                日本臨床病理学会中     日臨病理会中国四国
705 0913-2651                                     Byorigakkai Chugoku                                 Byorigakkai Chugoku      W2440                   1986
                国四国支部会誌       会誌
                                                  Shikoku Shibu Kaishi                                Shikoku Shibu Kaishi
no    ISSN             title          abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                S code
                                                                                                         Nippon Rinsho Denshi
                日本臨床電子顕微鏡                            Nippon Rinsho Denshi      Journal of Clinical       Kenbikyo Gakkaishi
706 0021-4981                    日臨電顕会誌                                                                                       W1515                     1969
                学会誌                                  Kenbikyo Gakkaishi        Electron Microscopy       (Journal of Clinical
                                                                                                         Electron Microscopy)

                                                                                                         Nippon Rinsho Eiyo
                                                                               Journal of Japanese
              日本臨床栄養学会雑                              Nippon Rinsho Eiyo                                  Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
707 0286-8202                    日臨栄会誌                                         Society of Clinical                              W2496                   1982
              誌                                      Gakkai Zasshi                                       of Japanese Society
                                                                                                         of Clinical Nutrition)
                                                                                                         Nippon Rinsho Eiyo
                                                     Nippon Rinsho Eiyo
708 0910-7258 New Diet Therapy   New Diet Ther                                 New Diet Therapy          Kyokaishi (New Diet    W2212                   1985
                                                                                                         Nippon Rinsho Geka
              日本臨床外科学会雑                              Nippon Rinsho Geka        Journal of Japan          Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
709 1345-2843                    日臨外会誌                                                                                          W3570                   1937
              誌                                      Gakkai Zasshi             Surgical Association      of Japan Surgical

                                                                                                        Nippon Rinsho Hifuka
                                                                                                        Igakkai Zasshi (Journal
                                                                               Journal of the Japan
                日本臨床皮膚科医学                            Nippon Rinsho Hifuka                               of the Japan
710 0918-3523                    日臨皮医会誌                                        Organization of Clinical                         W3239                   1984
                会雑誌                                  Igakkai Zasshi                                     Organization of
                                                     Nippon Rinsho                                       Nippon Rinsho
711                              日臨化会関東会誌            Kagakkai Kanto Shibu                                Kagakkai Kanto Shibu W3339                     1991
                                                     Kaishi                                              Kaishi

                                                                                                         Nippon Rinsho Kensa
                                                                            Japanese Journal of          Hyojun Kyogikai Kaishi
                日本臨床検査標準協                            Nippon Rinsho Kensa
712                              日臨検標準会誌                                    Clinical Laboratory          (Japanese Journal of W3509                     1995(V10)
                議会会誌                                 Hyojun Kyogikai Kaishi
                                                                            Standards                    Clinical Laboratory

                                                                                                         Nippon Rinsho Kensa
                                                                               Japaneses Journal of      Jidokagakkai Kaishi
              日本臨床検査自動化                              Nippon Rinsho Kensa
713 0286-1607                    日臨検自動化会誌                                      Clinical Laboratory       (Japaneses Journal of W1510                    1976
              学会会誌                                   Jidokagakkai Kaishi
                                                                               Automation                Clinical Laboratory
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system             Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                           S code
                                                                                                 Nippon Rinsho
                日本臨床寄生虫学会                    Nippon Rinsho Kiseichu
714 1341-5190                                                       Clinical Parasitology        Kiseichu Gakkaishi                                1990
                誌                            Gakkaishi
                                                                                                 (Clinical Parasitology)

                                                                                                 Nippon Rinsho Masui
                                                                       Journal of Japan
                                             Nippon Rinsho Masui                                 Gakkaishi (Journal of
715 0285-4945 日本臨床麻酔学会誌     日臨麻会誌                                      Society for Clinical                                W2029                   1981
                                             Gakkaishi                                           Japan Society for
                                                                                                 Clinical Anesthesia)

                                                                                                 Nippon Rinsho Meneki
                日本臨床免疫学会会                    Nippon Rinsho Meneki Japanese Journal of            Gakkai Kaishi
716 0911-4300               日臨免疫会誌                                                                                    W2293 +                      1978
                誌                            Gakkai Kaishi        Clinical Immunology            (Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                 Clinical Immunology)
                                                                                         Nippon Rinsho
                                                                                         Naikaikai Kaishi (The
                日本臨床内科医会会                    Nippon Rinsho        The Journal of Japan
717 0914-9627               日臨内科医会誌                                                      Journal of Japan      W2574                               1986
                誌                            Naikaikai Kaishi     Physicians Association
                                                                                         Nippon Rinsho Saibo
                                                                                         Gakkai Kyushu
                                                                  Journal of the
                                                                                         Rengokai Zasshi
                                             Nippon Rinsho Saibo  Japanese Society of
                日本臨床細胞学会九                                                                (Journal of the
718 0912-6600               日臨細胞会九州会誌        Gakkai Kyushu        Clinical                                     W2357                               1969
                州連合会雑誌                                                                   Japanese Society of
                                             Rengokai Zasshi      Cytology(Kyushu
                                             Nippon Rinsho Saibo                         Nippon Rinsho Saibo
719 0289-0984               日臨細胞会岡山会誌        Gakkai Okayama Shibu                        Gakkai Okayama Shibu W2173                                1982
                                             Kaishi                                      Kaishi
                                                                                                 Nippon Rinsho Saibo
                                                                       The Bulletin of the       Gakkai Tokyoto Shibu
                                             Nippon Rinsho Saibo
                日本臨床細胞学会東                                              Tokyo Chapter, the        Kaiho (The Bulletin of
720 0911-8209               日臨細胞会東京会報        Gakkai Tokyoto Shibu                                                       W3042                      1985(V2)
                京都支部会報                                                 Japanese Society of       the Tokyo Chapter,
                                                                       Clinical Cytoloty         the Japanese Society
                                                                                                 of Clinical Cytoloty)
                                                                                                 Nippon Rinsho Saibo
                                                                       Journal of the            Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
                日本臨床細胞学会雑                    Nippon Rinsho Saibo
721 0387-1193               日臨細胞会誌                                     Japanese Society of       of the Japanese        W1512                      1962
                誌                            Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                       Clinical Cytology         Society of Clinical
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                        S code
                日本臨床整形外科医                    Nippon Rinsho Seikei                                Nippon Rinsho Seikei
722 0912-0580               日臨整外医会誌                                                                                     W3293                   1976
                会会誌                          Gekaikai Kaishi                                     Gekaikai Kaishi

                                                                                                 Nippon Rinsho
                日本臨床生理学会雑                    Nippon Rinsho             Japanese Journal of       Seirigakkai Zasshi
723 0286-7052               日臨生理会誌                                                                                      W1513                   1972
                誌                            Seirigakkai Zasshi        Applied Physiology        (Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                 Applied Physiology)
                                                                                               Nippon Rinsho
                                                                                               Shishubyo Gakkai
                                             Nippon Rinsho             Journal of the
                日本臨床歯周病学会                                                                      Kaishi (Journal of the
724 1345-4919                                Shishubyo Gakkai          Japanese Academy of                                                      1983
                会誌                                                                             Japanese Academy of
                                             Kaishi                    Clinical Periodontology
                                                                                                 Nippon Ronen Igakkai
                                             Nippon Ronen Igakkai      Japanese Journal of
725 0300-9173 日本老年医学会雑誌     日老医会誌                                                                Zasshi (Japanese       W1517 +                 1964
                                             Zasshi                    Geriatrics
                                                                                                 Journal of Geriatrics)
                                             Nippon Ryodoraku                                    Nippon Ryodoraku
726 0913-0977               日良導絡自律神会誌        Jiritsu Shinkei Gakkai                              Jiritsu Shinkei Gakkai W2918                   1960
                                             Zasshi                                              Zasshi
                                                                                                 Nippon Saikingaku
                                             Nippon Saikingaku         Japanese Journal of       Zasshi (Japanese
727 0021-4930 日本細菌学雑誌       日細菌誌                                                                                        W1365 +                 1944
                                             Zasshi                    Bacteriology              Journal of

                                                                                                 Nippon Sanfujinka
                                                                       Japanese Journal of       Shinseiji Ketsueki
                                             Nippon Sanfujinka
                日本産婦人科・新生児                                             Obstetrical,              Gakkaishi (Japanese
728 0916-8796              日産婦新生児血会誌         Shinseiji Ketsueki                                                          W3037                  1991
                血液学会誌                                                  Gynecological &           Journal of Obstetrical,
                                                                       Neonatal Hematology       Gynecological &
                                                                                                 Neonatal Hematology)
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English      title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                         S code

                                                                                                  Nippon Sanka Fujinka
                                                                                                  Gakkai Chugoku
                                                                       Chugoku and Shikoku
                                             Nippon Sanka Fujinka                                 Shikoku Godo Chiho
              日本産科婦人科学会                                                Districts Journal of the
                                             Gakkai Chugoku                                       Bukai Zasshi (Chugoku
729 0546-1790 中国四国合同地方部     日産婦中国四国会誌                                  Japan Society of                                 W1370                    1951
                                             Shikoku Godo Chiho                                   and Shikoku Districts
              会雑誌                                                      Obstetrics and
                                             Bukai Zasshi                                         Journal of the Japan
                                                                                                  Society of Obstetrics
                                                                                                  and Gynecology)

                                                                                              Nippon Sanka Fujinka
                                                                                              Gakkai Kagoshima
                                                                       The Kagoshima District
                                                                                              Chihobukai Zasshi
                                             Nippon Sanka Fujinka      Journal of the
                日本産科婦人科学会                                                                     (The Kagoshima
730                         日産婦鹿児島会誌         Gakkai Kagoshima          Japanese Obstetrical                           W3366                      1992
                鹿児島地方部会雑誌                                                                     District Journal of the
                                             Chihobukai Zasshi         and Gynecological
                                                                                              Japanese Obstetrical
                                                                                              and Gynecological

                                                                                                  Nippon Sanka Fujinka
                                                                                                  Gakkai Kanagawa
                                                                       The Kanagawa District
                                                                                                  Chihobukai Kaishi
                                             Nippon Sanka Fujinka      Journal of the
                日本産科婦人科学会                                                                         (The Kanagawa
731 0910-2485               日産婦神奈川会誌         Gakkai Kanagawa           Japanese Obstetrical                               W2343                  1964
                神奈川地方部会会誌                                                                         District Journal of the
                                             Chihobukai Kaishi         and Gynecological
                                                                                                  Japanese Obstetrical
                                                                                                  and Gynecological

              日本産科婦人科学会                      Nippon Sanka Fujinka                                 Nippon Sanka Fujinka
732 0285-8096 関東連合地方部会会     日産婦関東連会報         Gakkai Kanto Rengo                                   Gakkai Kanto Rengo     W1367                   1964
              報                              Chihobukai Kaiho                                     Chihobukai Kaiho
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                               Nippon Sanka Fujinka
                                                                                               Gakkai Kumamoto
                                                                       The Kumamoto            Chihobukai Zasshi
                                             Nippon Sanka Fujinka      Destrict Journal of the (The Kumamoto
733 1341-5050               日産婦熊本会誌          Gakkai Kumamoto           Japanese Obstetrical Destrict Journal of          W1368                   1949
                                             Chihobukai Zasshi         and Gynecological       the Japanese
                                                                       Society                 Obstetrical and

                                                                                             Nippon Sanka Fujinka
                                                                                             Gakkai Kyushu Rengo
                                                                       Journal of the Kyushu Chihobukai Zasshi
                日本産科婦人科学会                    Nippon Sanka Fujinka
                                                                       Association of Japan (Journal of the
734             九州連合地方部会雑   日産婦九州連合会誌        Gakkai Kyushu Rengo                                                   W3410                         1951
                                                                       Society of Obstetrics Kyushu Association of
                誌                            Chihobukai Zasshi
                                                                       and Gynecology        Japan Society of
                                                                                             Obstetrics and

                                             Nippon Sanka Fujinka                                Nippon Sanka Fujinka
735 0285-3485               日産婦新潟会誌          Gakkai Niigata Chiho                                Gakkai Niigata Chiho    W2395                   1972
                                             Bukai Kaishi                                        Bukai Kaishi

                                             Nippon Sanka Fujinka                                Nippon Sanka Fujinka
736 1340-4830               日産婦沖縄会誌          Gakkai Okinawa Chiho                                Gakkai Okinawa Chiho W3409                      1977
                                             Bukai Zasshi                                        Bukai Zasshi

                                                                                                 Nippon Sanka Fujinka
                                                                                                 Gakkai Saitama
                                                                       The Saitama District
                                             Nippon Sanka Fujinka                                Chihobukai Kaishi
                日本産科婦人科学会                                              Journal of the Japan
737 0911-6281               日産婦埻玉会誌          Gakkai Saitama                                      (The Saitama District W2167                     1971
                埻玉地方部会会誌                                               Society of Obstetrics
                                             Chihobukai Kaishi                                   Journal of the Japan
                                                                       and Gynecology
                                                                                                 Society of Obstetrics
                                                                                                 and Gynecology)

                                                                                                 Nippon Sanka Fujinka
                                             Nippon Sanka Fujinka      Tokyo Journal of          Gakkai Tokyo Chiho
738 0288-5751               日産婦東京会誌          Gakkai Tokyo Chiho        Obstetrics and            Bukai Kaishi (Tokyo     W1371                   1952
                                             Bukai Kaishi              Gynecology                Journal of Obstetrics
                                                                                                 and Gynecology)
no    ISSN          title      abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                          S code
                                              Nippon Sanka Fujinka                                Nippon Sanka Fujinka
739                                           Gakkai Toyama                                       Gakkai Toyama                                   1984
                                              Chihobukai Zasshi                                   Chihobukai Zasshi

                                                                                                  Nippon Sanka Fujinka
                                                                        Acta Obstetrica et        Gakkai Zasshi (Acta
                日本産科婦人科学会                     Nippon Sanka Fujinka
740 0300-9165               日産婦会誌                                       Gynaecologica             Obstetrica et           W1369                   1949
                雑誌                            Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                        Japonica                  Gynaecologica

                                                                                                  Nippon Sanka Fujinka
                                                                                                  Naishikyo Gakkai
                                              Nippon Sanka Fujinka      Japanese Journal of
                日本産科婦人科内視                                                                         Zasshi (Japanese
741                         日産婦内視鏡会誌          Naishikyo Gakkai          Gynecologic and                                W2975                      1985
                鏡学会雑誌                                                                             Journal of
                                              Zasshi                    Obstetric Endoscopy
                                                                                                  Gynecologic and
                                                                                                  Obstetric Endoscopy)
                                              Nippon Seijinbyo                                    Nippon Seijinbyo
742             日本成人病学会誌    日成人病会誌                                                                                        W3183                   @
                                              Gakkai Kaishi                                       Gakkai Kaishi

                                                                                                  Nippon Seikansensho
                                                                        Japanese Archives of
                                              Nippon Seikansensho                                 Gakkaishi (Japanese
743 0917-0324 日本性感染症学会誌     日性感染症会誌                                     Sexually Transmitted                            W3372                     1990
                                              Gakkaishi                                           Archives of Sexually
                                                                                                  Transmitted Diseases)

                                                                                             Nippon Seikei Geka
                                                                        Journal of the       Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
              日本整形外科学会雑                       Nippon Seikei Geka
744 0021-5325               日整外会誌                                       Japanese Orthopaedic of the Japanese        W1429                         1926
              誌                               Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                        Association          Orthopaedic

                                                                                                  Nippon Seikei Geka
                                                                        Japanese Journal of       Sports Igakkai Zasshi
              日本整形外科スポーツ            Nippon Seikei Geka
745 1340-8577            日整外スポーツ医会誌                                     Orthopaedic Sports        (Japanese Journal of    W2650                   1982
              医学会雑誌                 Sports Igakkai Zasshi
                                                                        Medicine                  Orthopaedic Sports
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                                 Nippon Seikino Gakkai
                                             Nippon Seikino Gakkai Japanese Journal of           Zasshi (Japanese
746 0912-7097 日本性機能学会雑誌     日性機能会誌                                                                                     W3882                     1986
                                             Zasshi                Impotence Research            Journal of Impotence
                                                                                                 Nippon Seikisho
                                             Nippon Seikisho Gakkai Japanese Journal of          Gakkai Zasshi
747 0389-1313 日本生気象学会雑誌     日生気象会誌                                                                                      W1424                    1966
                                             Zasshi                 Biometeorology               (Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                 Nippon Seiri Jinrui
                                                                       Japanese Journal of       Gakkaishi (Japanese
                                             Nippon Seiri Jinrui
748 1342-3215 日本生理人類学会誌     日生理人類会誌                                    Physiological             Journal of             W3412                    1996
                                                                       Anthropology              Physiological
                                                                                                 Nippon Seirigaku
                                                                       Journal of the
                                             Nippon Seirigaku                                    Zasshi (Journal of the
749 0031-9341 日本生理学雑誌       日生理誌                                       Physiological Society                            W1428 +                  1936
                                             Zasshi                                              Physiological Society
                                                                       of Japan
                                                                                                 of Japan)
                                                                                                 Nippon Seishin
                                                                       Journal of Japanese       Shinkeika Shinryojo
                                             Nippon Seishin
                日本精神神経科診療                                              Association of            Kyokaishi (Journal of
750                                          Shinkeika Shinryojo                                                                                 1995
                所協会誌                                                   Neuropsychiatric          Japanese Association
                                                                       Clinics                   of Neuropsychiatric

                                                                                                 Nippon Seitai Denki
                                                                       The Journal of the        Shigeki Kenkyukaishi
                日本生体電気刺激研   日生体電気刺激研会        Nippon Seitai Denki       Japanese Bio-             (The Journal of the
751 1341-3600                                                                                                            W3371                   1988
                究会誌         誌                Shigeki Kenkyukaishi      Electrical Research       Japanese Bio-
                                                                       Society                   Electrical Research
                                                                                                 Nippon Sekijuji Kango
                                                                       Bulletin of the           Daigaku Kiyo (Bulletin
              日本赤十字看護大学                      Nippon Sekijuji Kango
752 0914-2444               日赤看大紀                                      Japanese Red Cross        of the Japanese Red W2745                       1987
              紀要                             Daigaku Kiyo
                                                                       College of Nursing        Cross College of
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                                 Nippon Sekijujisha
                                                                                                 Wakayama Iryocenter
                                                                       Medical Journal of
                                             Nippon Sekijujisha                                  Igaku Zasshi (Medical
                日本赤十字社和歌山 日赤和歌山医療セ医                                    Japanese Red Cross
753 1341-9927                                Wakayama Iryocenter                                 Journal of Japanese     W3413                   1983
                医療センター医学雑誌 誌                                           Society Wakayama
                                             Igaku Zasshi                                        Red Cross Society
                                                                       Medical Center
                                                                                                 Wakayama Medical
                                                                                            Nippon Sekitsui Geka
                                                                       The Journal of the   Gakkai Zasshi (The
                日本脊椎外科学会雑                    Nippon Sekitsui Geka
754 0915-6496               日脊椎外会誌                                     Japan Spine Research Journal of the Japan         W2860                   1990
                誌                            Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                       Sciety               Spine Research
                日本先天代謝異常学                    Nippon Senten Taisha                                Nippon Senten Taisha
755 0912-0122               日先天代謝異常会誌                                                                                 W2367                      1985
                会雑誌                          Ijo Gakkai Kaishi                                   Ijo Gakkai Kaishi

                                                                                                 Nippon Shakai Seishin
              日本社会精神医学会                      Nippon Shakai Seishin Japanese Bulletin of          Igakkai Zasshi
756 0919-1372               日社精医会誌                                                                                     W3180                     1993
              雑誌                             Igakkai Zasshi        Social Psychiatry             (Japanese Bulletin of
                                                                                                 Social Psychiatry)

                                                                                               Nippon Shika
                                                                                               Eiseishikai Gakujutsu
                                             Nippon Shika              The Journal of the
                日本歯科衛生士会学                                                                      Zasshi (The Journal of
757 0285-1148               日歯衛士会学誌          Eiseishikai Gakujutsu     Japan Dental                                   W2153                      1973
                術雑誌                                                                            the Japan Dental
                                             Zasshi                    Hygienists' Association
                                                                                                 Nippon Shika Hyoron
758 0289-0909 日本歯科評論        日歯評論             Nippon Shika Hyoron       Nippon Dental Review      (Nippon Dental         W1381                    1940
                                                                                                 Nippon Shika Ishikai
                                             Nippon Shika Ishikai      Journal of the Japan      Zasshi (Journal of the
759 0047-1763 日本歯科医師会雑誌     日歯医師会誌                                                                                      W1377                    1948
                                             Zasshi                    Dental Association        Japan Dental
                                                                                                 Nippon Shika Masui
                                                                       Journal of Japanese       Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
              日本歯科麻酔学会雑                      Nippon Shika Masui
760 0386-5835               日歯麻会誌                                      Dental Society of         of Japanese Dental     W1383          +         1973
              誌                              Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                       Anesthesiology            Society of
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                        S code
                                                                                                 Nippon Shika Toyo
                                                                       The Journal of Japan      Igakkaishi (The
              日本歯科東洋医学会                      Nippon Shika Toyo
761 0915-7573               日歯東洋医会誌                                    Dental Society of         Journal of Japan       W3179                   1983
              誌                              Igakkaishi
                                                                       Oriental Medicine         Dental Society of
                                                                                                 Oriental Medicine)
                                                                                                 Nippon Shikai
                                                                       Journal of the            Gakkaishi (Journal of
                                             Nippon Shikai
762 0286-164X 日本歯科医学会誌      日歯医会誌                                      Japanese Association      the Japanese           W1375                   1982
                                                                       for Dental Science        Association for Dental

                                                                                                 Nippon Shinkei Seishin
              日本神経精神薬理学                      Nippon Shinkei Seishin Japanese Journal of          Yakurigaku Zasshi
763 1340-2544               日神精薬理誌                                                                                      W3233 +       +         1981
              雑誌                             Yakurigaku Zasshi      Psychopharmacology           (Japanese Journal of

                                                                                                 Nippon Shinkyu
                日本鍼灸良導絡医学                    Nippon Shinkyu
764 0286-1631               日鍼灸良導絡医会誌                                  The Ryodoraku             Ryodoraku Igakkaishi   W2039                   1971
                会誌                           Ryodoraku Igakkaishi
                                                                                                 (The Ryodoraku)
                                                                                                 Nippon Shinseiji
                                             Nippon Shinseiji Gakkai Acta Neonatologica          Gakkai Zasshi (Acta
765 0029-0386 日本新生児学会雑誌     日新生児会誌                                                                                      W1417         +         1965
                                             Zasshi                  Japonica                    Neonatologica
                                                                                                 Nippon Shinseiji Kango
                                                                    Journal of Japan
              日本新生児看護学会                      Nippon Shinseiji Kango                              Gakkaishi (Journal of
766 1343-9111               日新生児看会誌                                 Academy of Neonatal                                 W3619                   1994
              誌                              Gakkaishi                                           Japan Academy of
                                                                                                 Neonatal Nursing)

                                                                                         Nippon Shinzo Kekkan
                                                                                         Geka Gakkai Zasshi
              日本心臓血管外科学                      Nippon Shinzo Kekkan Japanese Journal of
767 0285-1474               日心臓血管外会誌                                                     (Japanese Journal of W1413                             1970
              会雑誌                            Geka Gakkai Zasshi   Cardiovascular Surgery

                                                                                                 Nippon Shishubyo
                                                                       Journal of the            Gakkai Kaishi (Journal
                                             Nippon Shishubyo
768 0385-0110 日本歯周病学会会誌     日歯周病会誌                                     Japanese Association      of the Japanese        W1385                   1959
                                             Gakkai Kaishi
                                                                       of Periodontology         Association of
no    ISSN             title           abbreviation    title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                  S code
                                                                                                           Nippon Shokaki Geka
                                                                                 Japanese Journal of       Gakkai Zasshi
              日本消化器外科学会                                Nippon Shokaki Geka
769 0386-9768                      日消外会誌                                         Gastroenterological       (Japanese Journal of   W1408         +         1969
              雑誌                                       Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                                 Surgery                   Gastroenterological

                                                                                                           Nippon Shokaki
                                                       Nippon Shokaki                                      Naishikyo Gakkai
                ENDOSCOPIC FORUM Endosc Forum digest   Naishikyo Gakkai          Endoscopic Forum for      Koshinetsu Hokuriku
770 0912-0505                                                                                                                    W2561          +         1986
                for digestive disease dis              Koshinetsu Hokuriku       Digestive Disease         Chihokai Zasshi
                                                       Chihokai Zasshi                                     (Endoscopic Forum for
                                                                                                           Digestive Disease)
                                                                                                           Nippon Shokaki
                                                       Nippon Shokaki                                      Naishikyo Gakkai
                日本消化器内視鏡学                                                        Gastroenterological
771 0387-1207                      日消内視鏡会誌             Naishikyo Gakkai                                    Zasshi                 W3916         +         1959
                会雑誌                                                              Endoscopy
                                                       Zasshi                                              (Gastroenterological
                                                                                                           Nippon Shokaki
                                                                             Journal of                    Shudan Kenshin
              日本消化器集団検診                                Nippon Shokaki Shudan
772 1345-4110                      日消集検会誌                                    Gastroenterological           Gakkai Zasshi (Journal W3810                   1963
              学会雑誌                                     Kenshin Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                             Mass Survey                   of Gastroenterological
                                                                                                           Mass Survey)
                                                                                                           Nippon Shokakibyo
                日本消化器病学会雑                              Nippon Shokakibyo         Japanese Journal of       Gakkai Zasshi
773 0446-6586                      日消病会誌                                                                                          W1409 +       +         1902
                誌                                      Gakkai Zasshi             Gastroenterology          (Japanese Journal of

                                                                                                       Nippon Shokugyo
                                                                                 Japanese Journal of   Saigai Igakkai Kaishi
              日本職業・災害医学会                               Nippon Shokugyo
774 1345-2592            日職災医会誌                                                  Occupational Medicine (Japanese Journal of W3880                         1954
              会誌                                       Saigai Igakkai Kaishi
                                                                                 and Traumatology      Occupational Medicine
                                                                                                       and Traumatology)

                                                                                                          Nippon Shoni Allergy
                                                                                 The Japanese Journal Gakkai Zasshi (The
              日本小児アレルギー学            Nippon Shoni Allergy
775 0914-2649            日小児アレルギー会誌                                              of Pediatric Allergy and Japanese Journal of     W2548                   1987
              会誌                    Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                                 Clinical Immunology      Pediatric Allergy and
                                                                                                          Clinical Immunology)
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                        S code
                                                                                                 Nippon Shoni Eiyo
                                                                       Japanese Journal of       Shokakibyo Gakkai
                                             Nippon Shoni Eiyo
                日本小児栄養消化器                                              Pediatric                 Zasshi (Japanese
776                         日小児栄消病会誌         Shokakibyo Gakkai                                                          W3181                   1987
                病学会雑誌                                                  Gastroenterology and      Journal of Pediatric
                                                                       Nutrition                 Gastroenterology and
                                                                                                 Nippon Shoni Geka
                                                                       Journal of the            Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
                日本小児外科学会雑                    Nippon Shoni Geka
777 0288-609X               日小児外会誌                                     Japanese Society of       of the Japanese        W1404                   1965
                誌                            Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                       Pediatric Surgeons        Society of Pediatric
                                                                                                 Nippon Shoni Hifuka
                日本小児皮膚科学会                    Nippon Shoni Hifuka       Journal of Pediatric      Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
778 0286-9608               日小児皮会誌                                                                                      W1406                   1982
                雑誌                           Gakkai Zasshi             Dermatology               of Pediatric
                                                                                                 Nippon Shoni
                                                                                                 Hinyokika Gakkai
                日本小児泌尿器科学                    Nippon Shoni Hinyokika Japanese Journal of
779 1341-0784               日小児泌会誌                                                               Zasshi (Japanese       W3290                   1992
                会雑誌                          Gakkai Zasshi          Pediatric Urology
                                                                                                 Journal of Pediatric
                                                                                                 Nippon Shoni
                                             Nippon Shoni              Journal of Japanese       Hoshasen Gakkai
780 0918-8487               日小児放線会誌          Hoshasen Gakkai           Society of Pediatric      Zasshi (Journal of     W2977                   1985
                                             Zasshi                    Radiology                 Japanese Society of
                                                                                                 Pediatric Radiology)
                日本小児腎不全学会                    Nippon Shoni Jinfuzen                               Nippon Shoni Jinfuzen
781 1341-5875               日小児腎不全会誌                                                                                   W3369                    1981
                雑誌                           Gakkai Zasshi                                       Gakkai Zasshi

                                                                                                 Nippon Shoni Jinzobyo
                日本小児腎臓病学会                    Nippon Shoni Jinzobyo Japanese Journal of           Gakkai Zasshi
782 0915-2245               日小児腎臓病会誌                                                                                   W3038                    1988
                雑誌                           Gakkai Zasshi         Pediatric Nephrology          (Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                 Pediatric Nephrology)

                                                                                                 Nippon Shoni Junkanki
                日本小児循環器学会                    Nippon Shoni Junkanki Acta Cardiologica             Gakkai Zasshi (Acta
783 0911-1794               日小児循環器会誌                                                                                   W2414                    1985
                雑誌                           Gakkai Zasshi         Paediatrica Japonica          Cardiologica
                                                                                                 Paediatrica Japonica)
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                        S code
                                                                                                 Nippon Shoni Ketsueki
                日本小児血液学会雑                    Nippon Shoni Ketsueki Japanese Journal of           Gakkai Zasshi
784 0913-8706               日小児血液会誌                                                                                    W2670                    1987
                誌                            Gakkai Zasshi         Pediatric Hematology          (Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                 Pediatric Hematology)

                                                                                         Nippon Shoni Kokyuki
                                                                                         Shikkan Gakkai Zasshi
                日本小児呼吸器疾患                    Nippon Shoni Kokyuki Japanese Journal of
785 0918-3876               日小児呼吸器会誌                                                     (Japanese Journal of W2976                             1990
                学会雑誌                         Shikkan Gakkai Zasshi Pediatric Pulmonology
                                                                                              Nippon Shoni Rinsho
                                                                                              Yakuri Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                       The Japanese Journal
                                                                                              (The Japanese
                日本小児臨床薬理学                    Nippon Shoni Rinsho       of Developmental
786 1342-6753               日小児臨薬理会誌                                                          Journal of                W3463                   1988
                会雑誌                          Yakuri Gakkai Zasshi      Pharmacology and
                                                                                              Pharmacology and
                                                                                              Nippon Shoni Seikei
                                                                                              Geka Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                       Journal of Japanese
                日本小児整形外科学                    Nippon Shoni Seikei                              (Journal of Japanese
787 0917-6950               日小児整外会誌                                    Paediatric Orthopaedic                           W3289                   1991
                会雑誌                          Geka Gakkai Zasshi                               Paediatric
                日本小児科学会京都                    Nippon Shonika Gakkai                               Nippon Shonika Gakkai
788                         日小児科会京都会報                                                                                  W2355                    1986(V17)
                地方会会報                        Kyoto Chihokai Kaiho                                Kyoto Chihokai Kaiho

                                                                                                 Nippon Shonika Gakkai
                                             Nippon Shonika Gakkai Acta Paediatrica
789 0001-6543 日本小児科学会雑誌     日小児会誌                                                                Zasshi (Acta          W1403                    1895
                                             Zasshi                Japonica
                                                                                                 Paediatrica Japonica)

                                                                                                 Nippon Shonikaikai
                                                                       The Journal of The
                                             Nippon Shonikaikai                                  Kaiho (The Journal of
790 0912-1781 日本小児科医会会報     日小児科医会報                                    Japan Pediatric                                 W2356                    1986
                                             Kaiho                                               The Japan Pediatric

                                                                                                 Nippon Shuchu Chiryo
                                                                  Journal of Japanese            Igakkai Zasshi (Journal
                日本集中治療医学会                    Nippon Shuchu Chiryo
791 1340-7988               日集中治療医会誌                              Society for Intensive          of Japanese Society W3287                      1994
                雑誌                           Igakkai Zasshi
                                                                  Care Medicine                  for Intensive Care
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                        S code
                                                                                              Nippon Shujutsu
                                             Nippon Shujutsu           Japanese Association Igakkaishi (Japanese
792 1340-8593 日本手術医学会誌      日手術医会誌                                                                                      W2026                   1979
                                             Igakkaishi                for Operative Medicine Association for
                                                                                              Operative Medicine)

                                                                                                 Nippon Sogai Kotei
                                                                                                 Kotsu Encho Gakkai
                                                                       The Journal of the
                                             Nippon Sogai Kotei                                  Zasshi (The Journal of
                日本創外固定・骨延長 日創外固定骨延長会                                   Japanese Association
793 1342-3495                                Kotsu Encho Gakkai                                  the Japanese           W3567                   1990
                学会雑誌       誌                                           of External Fixation
                                             Zasshi                                              Association of
                                                                       and Limb Lengthening
                                                                                                 External Fixation and
                                                                                                 Limb Lengthening)

                                                                                                 Nippon Sogo Kenshin
                日本総合健診医学会                    Nippon Sogo Kenshin       Japanese Journal of
794 0911-1840               日総合健診医会誌                                                             Igakkaishi (Japanese   W2264                   1974
                誌                            Igakkaishi                MHTS
                                                                                                 Journal of MHTS)
                                                                                                 Nippon Sogo Shinryo
                日本総合診療医学会                    Nippon Sogo Shinryo
795 1341-8807               日総合診療医会誌                                   General Medicine          Igakkai Kaishi (General W3812                  1996
                会誌                           Igakkai Kaishi
                                                                                                 Nippon Stoma
                                             Nippon Stoma              Journal of Japanese       Rehabilitation
796 0916-6440             日ストーマリハ会誌          Rehabilitation            Society of Stoma          Gakkaishi (Journal of W2914                    1985
                                             Gakkaishi                 Rehabilitation            Japanese Society of
                                                                                                 Stoma Rehabilitation)

                                                                                              Nippon Te no Geka
                                                                       Journal of Japanese    Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
              日本手の外科学会雑                      Nippon Te no Geka
797 0910-5700               日手の外科会誌                                    Society for Surgery of of Japanese Society W2193                         1984
              誌                              Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                       the Hand               for Surgery of the
                                                                                                 Nippon Teitaion
                                                                       Journal of The            Kenkyukai Kaishi
              日本低体温研究会会                      Nippon Teitaion
798 0911-2588               日低体温研会誌                                    Japanese Society for      (Journal of The        W1452                   1981
              誌                              Kenkyukai Kaishi
                                                                       Hypothermia               Japanese Society for
no    ISSN           title         abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                             S code
                                                                                                 Nippon Togai Gaku
                                                                                                 Ganmen Geka
                                                  Nippon Togai Gaku         Journal of the Japan
                日本頭蓋顎顔面外科                                                                        Gakkaishi (Journal of
799 0914-594X                 日頭顎顔会誌              Ganmen Geka               Society of Maxillo-                              W2408                   1984
                学会誌                                                                              the Japan Society of
                                                  Gakkaishi                 Facial Surgery
                                                  Nippon Toseki Igakkai                          Nippon Toseki Igakkai
800 1340-3451 日本透析医学会雑誌       日透析医学会誌                                                                                        W3235                   1968
                                                  Zasshi                                         Zasshi
                                                                                                 Nippon Toseki Ikai
                                                  Nippon Toseki Ikai     The Journal of the      Zasshi (The Journal of
801 0914-7136 日本透析医会雑誌        日透析医会誌                                                                                         W2616                   1985
                                                  Zasshi                 Japan Clinical Dialysis the Japan Clinical
                                                                                                 Nippon Totsu
802 0915-8588 PAIN RESEARCH   Pain Res            Nippon Totsu Gakkaishi Pain Research           Gakkaishi (Pain             W3194                   1986
                                                                                                 Nippon Toyo Igaku
                                                  Nippon Toyo Igaku      Japanese Journal of     Zasshi (Japanese
803 0287-4857 日本東洋医学雑誌        日東洋医誌                                                                                          W2008                   1950
                                                  Zasshi                 Oriental Medicine       Journal of Oriental
                                                                                                  Nippon Undo Seiri
                                                  Nippon Undo Seiri         Journal of Exercise   Gaku Zasshi (Journal
804 1340-3036 日本運動生理学雑誌       日運動生理誌                                                                                         W3459                   1994
                                                  Gaku Zasshi               and Sports Physiology of Exercise and
                                                                                                  Sports Physiology)
                                                                                                      Nippon Yakuri Gaku
                                                  Nippon Yakuri Gaku        Folia Pharmacologica      Zasshi (Folia
805 0015-5691 日本薬理学雑誌         日薬理誌                                                                                           W1503 +       +         1925
                                                  Zasshi                    Japonica                  Pharmacologica

                                                                                                      Nippon Yakuzaishikai
                                                                            Journal of the Japan
                                                  Nippon Yakuzaishikai                                Zasshi (Journal of the
806 0369-674X 日本薬剤師会雑誌        日薬師会誌                                         Pharmaceutical                                   W1500                   1949
                                                  Zasshi                                              Japan Pharmaceutical

                                                                                                      Nippon Yotsu
                                                                            The Journal of
                                                                                                      Kenkyukai Zasshi (The
                                                  Nippon Yotsu              Japanese Society of
807 1341-7355 日本腰痛研究会雑誌       日腰痛研会誌                                                                  Journal of Japanese W3359                      1995
                                                  Kenkyukai Zasshi          Lumbar Spine
                                                                                                      Society of Lumbar
                                                                                                      Spine Disorders)
no    ISSN           title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                                  Nippon Yuketsu
                                                                    Journal of the Japan
                                              Nippon Yuketsu Gakkai                               Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
808 0546-1448 日本輸血学会雑誌       日輸血会誌                                  Society of Blood                                     W1504                   1954
                                              Zasshi                                              of the Japan Society
                                                                                                  of Blood Transfusion)

                                                                                                  Nippon Zutsu
                                                                        Japanese Journal of
809          日本頭痛学会誌         日頭痛会誌            Nippon Zutsu Gakkaishi                              Gakkaishi (Japanese    W3753                   1997(V25)
                                                                                                  Journal of Headache)
                                                                                                  Nishinippon Hifuka
                                                                        Nishinihon Journal of
810 0386-9784 西日本皮膚科         西日皮              Nishinippon Hifuka                                  (Nishinihon Journal of W1282         +         1933
                                                                                                  Nishinippon Hinyokika
                                                                        Nishinihon Journal of
811 0029-0726 西日本泌尿器科        西日泌              Nishinippon Hinyokika                               (Nishinihon Journal of W1283         +         1933

                                                                                               Nishinippon Sekitsui
                                                                        Journal of the Western Kenkyukaishi (Journal
                                              Nishinippon Sekitsui
812 0287-1092 西日本脊椎研究会誌      西日脊椎研会誌                                    Japanese Research      of the Western        W2142                       1975
                                                                        Society for Spine      Japanese Research
                                                                                               Society for Spine)
                                                                                                  Nishishiki Kenkoho
                                                                        The Nishi Health
813 0916-8044 西式健康法                           Nishishiki Kenkoho                                  (The Nishi Health                              1937
             日産婦会東北連合地                        Nissanfukai Tohoku                                  Nissanfukai Tohoku
814                          日産婦東北連会報                                                                                    W2347                   1960(N8)
             方部会報                             Rengo Chihobu Kaiho                                 Rengo Chihobu Kaiho

                                                                                                  Nissei Byoin Igaku
                                              Nissei Byoin Igaku        The Journal of the
815 0301-2581 日生病院医学雑誌       日生病医誌                                                                Zasshi (The Journal of W1288                   1973
                                              Zasshi                    Nissei Hospital
                                                                                                  the Nissei Hospital)
816 0029-0750 日生研たより         日生研たより           Nisseiken Tayori                                    Nisseiken Tayori       W1287                   1955
                                                                                                  Nisski Igaku (Japanese
                                                                        Japanese Red Cross
817 0387-1215 日赤医学           日赤医              Nisski Igaku                                        Red Cross Medical      W1289                   1946
                                                                        Medical Journal
818 0915-9401 脳循環代謝          脳循環代謝            No Junkan Taisha                                    No Junkan Taisha       W3043                   1990
                                                                                                  No Kekkan Renshuku
                                                                        Proceedings of ...
819 0912-7070 脳血管攣縮          脳血管攣縮            No Kekkan Renshuku                                  (Proceedings of ...    W2861                   1986
                                                                        Spasm Symposium
                                                                                                  Spasm Symposium)
no    ISSN           title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                                  No no Kagaku (Brain
820 1343-4144 脳の科学           脳の科学             No no Kagaku              Brain Science                                    W3572                   1979
                                                                                                  No Shinkei Geka
821 0301-2603 脳神経外科          脳神外科             No Shinkei Geka           Neurological Surgery                             W1536 +       +         1973
                                                                                                  (Neurological Surgery)
                                                                                                  No Shinkei Geka
                                              No Shinkei Geka           Japanese Journal of       Journal (Japanese
822 0917-950X 脳神経外科ジャーナル 脳神外ジャーナル                                                                                        W3044         +         1992
                                              Journal                   Neurosurgery              Journal of
                                                                                                  No Shuyo Byori (Brain
823 0914-8108 脳腫瘍病理          脳腫瘍病理            No Shuyo Byori            Brain Tumor Pathology                           W2862 +                  1983
                                                                                                  Tumor Pathology)

                                                                                                  No to Hattatsu (Brain
824 0029-0831 脳と発達           脳と発達             No to Hattatsu            Brain and Development                           W1542 +        +         1969
                                                                                                  and Development)
                                                                                                  No to Shinkei (Brain
825 0006-8969 脳と神経           脳と神              No to Shinkei             Brain and Nerve                                  W1541 +       +         1948
                                                                                                  and Nerve)
                                              Norinsuisansho                                      Norinsuisansho
826 0388-2403                家衛試研報            Kachiku Eisei Shikenjo                              Kachiku Eisei Shikenjo W1550                   1918
                                              Kenkyu Hokoku                                       Kenkyu Hokoku
827 0912-0726 脳卒中            脳卒中              Nosocchu                                         Nosocchu                  W2196                   1979
                                                                                               Nosocchu no Geka
                                                                        Surgery of Cerebral
828 0914-5508 脳卒中の外科         脳卒中の外科           Nosocchu no Geka                                 (Surgery of Cerebral      W2490                   1973
                                                                                               Nyugan no Rinsho
                                                                        Japanese Journal of
829 0911-2251 乳癌の臨床          乳癌の臨             Nyugan no Rinsho                                 (Japanese Journal of      W2363                   1986
                                                                        Breast Cancer
                                                                                               Breast Cancer)
                                                                                               Nyuyoji Igaku Shinri
                                                                        Japanese Journal of    Gaku Kenkyu
                乳幼児医学・心理学研                    Nyuyoji Igaku Shinri      Medical and            (Japanese Journal of
830 0918-7065              乳幼医・心理研                                                                                       W3186                   1992
                究                             Gaku Kenkyu               Psychological Study of Medical and
                                                                        Infants                Psychological Study
                                                                                               of Infants)
                                                                                               Ochanomizu Igaku
                                              Ochanomizu Igaku          Ochanomizu Medical
831 0472-4674 お茶の水医学雑誌       お茶の水医誌                                                            Zasshi (Ochanomizu        W0170                   1952
                                              Zasshi                    Journal
                                                                                               Medical Journal)
                                                                                               Oita Kenritsu Byoin
                                                                        The Medical Journal of Igaku Zasshi (The
                大分県立病院医学雑                     Oita Kenritsu Byoin
832 0388-6069                大分病医誌                                      Oita Prefectural       Medical Journal of        W0177                   1972
                誌                             Igaku Zasshi
                                                                        Hospital               Oita Prefectural
no    ISSN              title             abbreviation     title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                       S code
                                                                                                             Oitaken Igakkai Zasshi
                                                                                     The Journal of the Oita (The Journal of the
833 0288-5069 大分県医学会雑誌               大分医会誌                 Oitaken Igakkai Zasshi                                                   W2090                      1983
                                                                                     Medical Association     Oita Medical
834             大分県医師会会報             大分医師会報                Oitaken Ishikai Kaiho                               Oitaken Ishikai Kaiho   W0173                   1967(N151)
                                                                                                            Okadai Misasa Bunin
                                                                                                            Kenkyu Hokoku
                                                                                     Annual Reports of
                                                                                                            (Annual Reports of
                岡大三朝分院研究報                                  Okadai Misasa Bunin       Misasa Medical Branch,
835 0918-7839                        岡大三朝分院研報                                                               Misasa Medical             W3209                   1948
                告                                          Kenkyu Hokoku             Okayama University
                                                                                                            Branch, Okayama
                                                                                     Medical School
                                                                                                            University Medical
                Okajimas Folia       Okajimas Folia Anat                             Okajimas Folia         Okajimas Folia
836 0030-154X                                                                                                                          Y0140 +                 1922
                Anatomica Japonica   Jpn                                             Anatomica Japonica     Anatomica Japonica
                                                                                                               Okayama Eisei Kensa
                                                                                     The Okayama Journal
837 0913-8633 岡山衛生検査                 岡山衛検                  Okayama Eisei Kensa                                 (The Okayama Journal W2692                      1989(V26)
                                                                                     Medical Technology
                                                                                                               Medical Technology)

                                                                                                               Okayama Geka Byori
                                                                                     Journal of Okayama        Zasshi (Journal of
                                                           Okayama Geka Byori
838 0918-4538 岡山外科病理雑誌               岡山外科病理誌                                         Surgical Pathology        Okayama Surgical        W3134                   1953
                                                                                     Association               Pathology
                                                           Okayama Igakkai                               Okayama Igakkai
839 0030-1558 岡山医学会雑誌                岡山医会誌                                                                                             W0221                   1899
                                                           Zasshi                                        Zasshi
                                                                                                         Okayama Sekijuji
                                                                                  The Okayama Red        Byoin Igaku Zasshi
                岡山赤十字病院医学                                  Okayama Sekijuji Byoin
840 0915-8073                        岡山赤十字病医誌                                     Cross Hospital Journal (The Okayama Red              W2940                   1990
                雑誌                                         Igaku Zasshi
                                                                                  of Medicine            Cross Hospital Journal
                                                                                                         of Medicine)
                                                                                                         Okinawa Igakkai
                                                                                  Okinawa Medical
841 0911-5897 沖縄医学会雑誌                沖縄医会誌                 Okinawa Igakkai Zasshi                        Zasshi (Okinawa               W0232                   1952
                                                                                                         Medical Journal)
                                                                                                         Okinawa Kenritsu
                沖縄県立中部病院雑                                  Okinawa Kenritsu       Journal of Okinawa     Chubu Byoin Zasshi
842 1344-1256                        沖縄中部病医誌                                                                                           W3635                   1975
                誌                                          Chubu Byoin Zasshi     Chubu Hospital         (Journal of Okinawa
                                                                                                         Chubu Hospital)
no     ISSN            title            abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                  S code
                                                                                                     Okinawa Kenritsu
                                                                             Bulletin of Okinawa     Naha Byoin Zasshi
              沖縄県立那覇病院雑                                Okinawa Kenritsu Naha
843 0910-7444                      沖縄那覇病誌                                    Prefectural Naha        (Bulletin of Okinawa   W2693                         1984
              誌                                        Byoin Zasshi
                                                                             Hospital                Prefectural Naha
                                                                                                     Okinawa no Shoni
                                                       Okinawa no Shoni       The Okinawa Journal Hoken (The Okinawa
844 0912-0335 沖縄の小児保健              沖縄の小児保健                                                                                  W2256                         1973
                                                       Hoken                  of Child Health        Journal of Child
                                                                                                     Okinawa Sekijuji Byoin
                                                                              The Medical Journal of Igaku Zasshi (The
                沖縄赤十字病院医学                              Okinawa Sekijuji Byoin
845 0915-7336                      沖縄赤十字病医誌                                   Okinawa Red Cross      Medical Journal of     W3065                         1990
                雑誌                                     Igaku Zasshi
                                                                              Hospital               Okinawa Red Cross
846 0917-1428 沖縄県医師会報              沖縄医師会報              Okinawaken Ishi Kaiho                               Okinawaken Ishi Kaiho W3136                    1978(N126)
              Okinawan Heart                                                     Okinawan Heart            Okinawan Heart
847 0914-515X                      Okinawa Heart J                                                                               W2654                    1982
              Journal                                                            Journal                   Journal
              Oncology &                                                         Oncology and              Oncology and
848 0913-9834                      Oncol Chemother                                                                               W2585                    1985
              Chemotherapy                                                       Chemotherapy              Chemotherapy
                                                                                                           Onsei Gengo Igaku
                                                                                 The Japan Journal of
                                                                                                           (The Japan Journal of
849 0030-2813 音声言語医学               音声言語医               Onsei Gengo Igaku         Logopedics and                                  W0237          +         1960
                                                                                                           Logopedics and
                                                                                                           Ope Nursing (Ope
850 0913-5014 オペナーシング              オペナーシング             Ope Nursing               Ope Nursing                                     W2375                    1986
                                                                                                           Opnion Leader ga
                                                       Opnion Leader ga
851 1341-1233 Medical Corner       Med Corner                                    Medical Corner            Kataru Iryo Saizensen W1798                    1959
                                                       Kataru Iryo Saizensen
                                                                                                           (Medical Corner)
852 0911-6028 Oral Radiology       Oral Radiol                                   Oral Radiology            Oral Radiology         Y0203         +         1985
853 1340-5152                                                                    Organ Biology             Organ Biology                                  1994
                                   Orthop Ceramic                                Orthopaedic Ceramic       Orthopaedic Ceramic
854 0289-2855                                                                                                                     W3060                   1981
                                   Implant                                       Implants                  Implants
              Osaka City Medical                                                 Osaka City Medical        Osaka City Medical
855 0030-6096                      Osaka City Med J                                                                               Y0141 +                 1954
              Journal                                                            Journal                   Journal
                                                                                                           Osaka Daigaku Igaku
                                                                                 Medical Journal of        Zasshi (Medical
                                                       Osaka Daigaku Igaku
856 0369-710X 大阪大学医学雑誌             大阪大医誌                                         Osaka University          Journal of Osaka       W0200                   1949
                                                                                 Japanese Edition          University Japanese
no    ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                                 Osaka Daigaku
                                                                   The Journal of Osaka          Shigaku Zasshi (The
                                             Osaka Daigaku Shigaku
857 0473-4629 大阪大学歯学雑誌      大阪大歯誌                                  University Dental             Journal of Osaka        W0201                   1956
                                                                   Society                       University Dental
                                                                                                 Osaka Furitsu Byoin
                                                                       Medical Journal of
              大阪府立病院医学雑                      Osaka Furitsu Byoin                                 Igaku Zasshi (Medical
858 0289-274X               大阪病医誌                                      Osaka Prefectural                                 W0211                   1978
              誌                              Igaku Zasshi                                        Journal of Osaka
                                                                                                 Prefectural Hospital)

                                                                                          Osaka Furitsu Daigaku
                                                                                          Kiyo No Gaku Seimei
                                                                   Bulletin of Osaka
                                             Osaka Furitsu Daigaku                        Kagaku (Bulletin of
                大阪府立大学紀要                                           Prefecture University.
859 1342-3266                                Kiyo No Gaku Seimei                          Osaka Prefecture                                       1950
                農学・生命科学                                            Series B. Agriculture
                                             Kagaku                                       University. Series B.
                                                                   and Life Science
                                                                                          Agriculture and Life
                                                                                                 Osaka Ika Daigaku
                                             Osaka Ika Daigaku         The Journal of Osaka      Zasshi (The Journal of
860 0030-6118 大阪医科大学雑誌      大阪医大誌                                                                                       W0178                    1932
                                             Zasshi                    Medical College           Osaka Medical
                                                                                              Osaka Keisatsu Byoin
              大阪警察病院医学雑                      Osaka Keisatsu Byoin      The Medical Journal of Igaku Zasshi (The
861 0387-4729               大阪警察病医誌                                                                                  W0184                       1977
              誌                              Igaku Zasshi              Osaka Police Hospital Medical Journal of
                                                                                              Osaka Police Hospital)
                                             Osaka Kokyuki Ikai                                  Osaka Kokyuki Ikai
862 0474-7925 大阪呼吸器医会々誌     大阪呼吸医会誌                                                                                      W3774                   1964(N33)
                                             Kaishi                                              Kaishi
                                                                                                 Osaka Rosai Byoin
                大阪労災病院医学雑                    Osaka Rosai Byoin         The Journal of the        Igaku Zasshi (The
863 0285-1334               大阪労災病医誌                                                                                      W0213                   1977
                誌                            Igaku Zasshi              Osaka Rosai Hospital      Journal of the Osaka
                                                                                                 Rosai Hospital)

                                                                                                 Osaka Tenkan
              大阪てんかん研究会雑                     Osaka Tenkan              The Osaka Journal of      Kenkyukai Zasshi (The
864 0918-9319            大阪てんかん研会誌                                                                                     W3063                     1990
              誌                              Kenkyukai Zasshi          Epilepsy Research         Osaka Journal of
                                                                                                 Epilepsy Research)
no     ISSN              title              abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                      S code
                                                                                                               Osaka Toseki
                                                                                     Journal of Osaka          Kenkyukai Kaishi
                                                           Osaka Toseki
865 0912-6937 大阪透析研究会会誌               大阪透析研会誌                                        Society for Dialysis      (Journal of Osaka      W2691                   1983
                                                           Kenkyukai Kaishi
                                                                                     Therapy                   Society for Dialysis
                                                                                                               Osakafu Hoshasen
                                                                                     The Journal of Osaka      Gishikaishi (The
                大阪府放射線技師会                                  Osakafu Hoshasen          Association of            Journal of Osaka
866                                   大阪放線技会誌                                                                                         W3133                   @
                誌                                          Gishikaishi               Radiological              Association of
                                                                                     Technologists             Radiological
867 0285-0974 大阪府医師会報                 大阪医師会報               Osakafu Ishi Kaiho                                  Osakafu Ishi Kaiho     W0203                   1953
                                                                                                               Osakafu Yaku Zasshi
                                                                                     Journal of the Osaka
                                                                                                               (Journal of the Osaka
868 0475-0683 大阪府薬雑誌                  大阪薬誌                 Osakafu Yaku Zasshi       Pharmaceutical                                  W0204                    1949
                                                                                                               Osakashi Igakkai
                                                                                     The Journal of the
                                                           Osakashi Igakkai                                    Zasshi (The Journal of
869 0386-4103 大阪市医学会雑誌                大阪医会誌                                          Osaka City Medical                               W0185         +         1951
                                                           Zasshi                                              the Osaka City
                                                                                                               Medical Center)
                                                                                                               Osteoporosis Japan
870 0919-6307 Osteoporosis Japan      Osteoporo Jpn        Osteoporosis Japan        Osteoporosis Japan                               W3435                   1993
                                                                                                               (Osteoporosis Japan)
871 0917-2025 Otology Japan           Otol Jpn                                       Otology Japan             Otology Japan          W2883                   1991
872 0030-669X 大塚薬報                    大塚薬報                 Otsuka Yakuho                                       Otsuka Yakuho          W0215                   1950
                                                                                                           Ou Daigaku Shigakushi
                                                                                     Ohu University Dental
873 0916-2313 奥羽大学歯学誌                 奥羽大歯誌                Ou Daigaku Shigakushi                           (Ohu University       W2690                        1974
                                                                                                           Dental Journal)

                                                                                                               Oyo Toshitsu Kagaku
                Journal of Applied                                                   Journal of Applied
874 1344-7882                         J App Gly            Oyo Toshitsu Kagaku                                 (Journal of Applied    Y0312                   1953
                Glycoscience                                                         Glycoscience
                                                                                                             Oyo Yakuri
875 0300-8533 応用薬理                    応用薬理                 Oyo Yakuri                Pharmacometrics                                  W0218         +         1967
876 0388-4171 ペインクリニック                ペインクリニック             Pain Clinic                                       Pain Clinic              W1690                   1980
              Parasitology                                                           Parasitology            Parasitology
877 1383-5769                         Parasitol Int                                                                                   Y0296                   1951
              International                                                          International           International
878 1320-5463 Pathology International Pathol Int                                     Pathology International                          Y0264         +         1951
no      ISSN               title               abbreviation    title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                          S code
                  Pediatric Dental                                                       Pediatric Dental         Pediatric Dental
879 0917-2394                             Pediatr Dent J                                                                                  Y0241                   1991
                  Journal                                                                Journal                  Journal
880 1328-8067 Pediatrics International Pediatr Int                                       Pediatrics International                         Y0309         +         1999(V41)
881 0910-8718 ペリネイタルケア                    ペリネイタルケア             Perinatal Care                                     Perinatal Care          W2295                   1982
                                                                                                                  Pharm Teku Japan
882 0910-4739 PHARM TECH JAPAN Pharm Tech Jpn                  Pharm Teku Japan          Pharm Tech Japan                                 W2459                   1984
                                                                                                                  (Pharm Tech Japan)
883 0289-5803 Pharma Medica               Pharm Med                                      Pharma Medica            Pharma Medica           W2160                   1983
884                                       Pharmavision                                   Pharmavision             Pharmavision            W4039                   @
              Photomedicine and                                                          Photomedicine and        Photomedicine and
885 0912-232X                             Photomed Photobiol                                                                              Y0251                   1979
              Photobiology                                                               Photobiology             Photobiology
886 0289-4947 プラクティス                      プラクティス               Practice                                           Practice                W2127                   1984
                                                                                                                  Primary Care
                                                                                         Japanese Journal of
887 0914-8426 プライマリ・ケア                    プライマリ・ケア             Primary Care                                       (Japanese Journal of    W2551                   1978
                                                                                         Primary Care
                                                                                                                  Primary Care)
                                                                                         Proceedings of the       Proceedings of the
              Proceedings of the
                                                                                         Japan Academy. Ser. Japan Academy. Ser.
888 0386-2208 Japan Academy Series Proc Jpn Acad Ser B                                                                                    Y0149                   1912
                                                                                         B. Physical and          B. Physical and
                                                                                         Biological Sciences      Biological Sciences
                                                                                         Progress Anesthetic      Progress Anesthetic
889 0919-6390                                                                                                                                                     1993
                                                                                         Mechanism                Mechanism
890 0287-3648 Progress in Medicine        Prog Med                                       Progress in Medicine      Progress in Medicine   W1650                   1981

                  Psychiatry and Clinical Psychiatry Clin                                Psychiatry and Clinical Psychiatry and
891 1323-1316                                                                                                                           Y0275           +         1933
                  Neurosciences           Neurosci                                       Neurosciences           Clinical Neurosciences
892   0033-2852   Psychologia             Psychologia                                    Psychologia          Psychologia                 Y0150                   1957
893   1341-853X   QOL・ADL研究                                    QOL ADL Kenkyu                                 QOL ADL Kenkyu                                      @
894   0288-2043   Radiation Medicine      Radiat Med                                 Radiation Medicine       Radiation Medicine          Y0192 +       +         1983
895   0033-8303   Radioisotopes           Radioisotopes                              Radio Isotopes           Radio Isotopes              W1897                   1952
                                                                                                              Rakuwakai Byoin Igaku
                                                               Rakuwakai Byoin Igaku The Medical Journal of Zasshi (The Medical
896 1341-1845 洛和会病院医学雑誌                   洛和会病医誌                                                                                          W3382                   1995(V5)
                                                               Zasshi                Rakuwakai H.C.S          Journal of Rakuwakai
897 0034-351X リハビリテーション医学 リハ医                                  Rehabilitation Igaku                           Rehabilitation Igaku        W1905                   1964
                                                                                     Report of the Noda       Report of the Noda
898 0078-0944                                                                        Institute for Scientific Institute for Scientific                            1957
                                                                                     Research                 Research
no    ISSN             title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                              S code
                                                                             Reports from the     Reports from the
                                                                                                  Institute of Molecular
                                                                             Institute of Molecular
899 0919-6218                                                                and Cellular         and Cellular                                        1992
                                                                             Biosciences University
                                                                             of Tokyo             University of Tokyo
900 0300-9157 リウマチ             リウマチ                Rheumatism                                     Rheumatism                  W1903 +       +         1958
901 0915-227X リウマチ科            リウマチ科               Rheumatismka              Rheumatology                                     W2679                   1989
902 0289-3770 理学療法学            理学療法学               Rigaku Ryoho Gaku                              Rigaku Ryoho Gaku           W2157                   1973
                                                                                                  Rigaku Ryoho Journal
                                                                             The Japanese Journal (The Japanese
903 0915-0552 理学療法ジャーナル        理療ジャーナル             Rigaku Ryoho Journal                                                       W2680                   1967
                                                                             of Physical Therapy  Journal of Physical
904 1341-1667 理学療法科学           理療科                 Rigaku Ryoho Kagaku                                 Rigaku Ryoho Kagaku W3343                      1986

                                                                                                    Rigaku Ryoho no
                                                                             The Society for the    Igakuteki Kiso (The
              理学療法の医学的基                            Rigaku Ryoho no
905 1343-9480                  理療基礎                                          Study of Medical Basis Society for the Study W3696                       @
              礎                                    Igakuteki Kiso
                                                                             of Physical Therapy    of Medical Basis of
                                                                                                    Physical Therapy)
                                                                                                       Rinsho Biseibutsu
                                                   Rinsho Biseibutsu
                                                                                                       Jinsoku Shindan
906 0915-1753 JARMAM           JARMAM              Jinsoku Shindan           JARMAM                                           W2957 +                 1988
                                                                                                       Rinsho Byori
                                                                             Japanese Journal of
907 0047-1860 臨床病理             臨病理                 Rinsho Byori                                        (Japanese Journal of   W1963 +                 1953
                                                                             Clinical Pathology
                                                                                                       Clinical Pathology)

                                                                                                       Rinsho Byori Review
                                                                             Current Review of
908 0370-3800 臨床病理レビュー                             Rinsho Byori Review                                 (Current Review of                             1955
                                                                             Clinical Pathology
                                                                                                       Clinical Pathology)
                                                                                                   Rinsho Eiyo (The
                                                                             The Japanese Journal
909 0485-1412 臨床栄養             臨栄                  Rinsho Eiyo                                     Japanese Journal of        W1926                   1952
                                                                             of Clinical Nutrition
                                                                                                   Clinical Nutrition)
                                                                                                       Rinsho Fujinka Sanka
                                                                             Clinical Gynecology
910 0386-9865 臨床婦人科産科          臨婦産                 Rinsho Fujinka Sanka                                (Clinical Gynecology   W1964                   1946
                                                                             and Obstetrics
                                                                                                       and Obstetrics)
no   ISSN            title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system            Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                              S code
                                                                                                  Rinsho Ganka
                                                                           Japanese Journal of    (Japanese Journal of
911 0370-5579 臨床眼科           臨眼                  Rinsho Ganka                                                                 W1931         +         1947
                                                                           Clinical Ophthalmology Clinical
                                                                                                  Rinsho Gazo (Clinical
912 0911-1069 臨床画像           臨画像                 Rinsho Gazo               Clinical Imagiology                                W2253                   1985
                                                                           Journal of Clinical       Rinsho Geka (Journal
913 0386-9857 臨床外科           臨外                  Rinsho Geka                                                              W1933                       1946
                                                                           Surgery                   of Clinical Surgery)
914 0021-4973 臨床皮膚科          臨皮                  Rinsho Hifuka                                       Rinsho Hifuka            W1959                   1946
915 0385-2393 臨床泌尿器科         臨泌                  Rinsho Hinyokika                                    Rinsho Hinyokika         W1961         +         1946
                                                                                                     Rinsho Hoshasen
                                                                           Japanese Journal of
916 0009-9252 臨床放射線          臨放線                 Rinsho Hoshasen                                     (Japanese Journal of     W1965         +         1956
                                                                           Clinical Radiology
                                                                                                     Clinical Radiology)
                                                                                                     Rinsho Hyoka (Clinical
917 0300-3051 臨床評価           臨評価                 Rinsho Hyoka              Clinical Evaluation                                W1962                   1972
                                                                           Medical Clinics of        Rinsho I (Medical
918 0388-2969 臨床医            臨床医                 Rinsho I                                                                     W1921                   1975
                                                                           Japan                     Clinics of Japan)
                                                                                                     Rinsho Iden Kenkyu
                                                                           Medical Genetics
919 0387-9577 臨床遺伝研究         臨遺伝研                Rinsho Iden Kenkyu                                  (Medical Genetics        W1924                   1979
                                                                                                     Rinsho Iyaku (Journal
                                                                           Journal of Clinical
                                                                                                     of Clinical
920 0910-8211 臨床医薬           臨医薬                 Rinsho Iyaku              Therapeutics and                                   W2227                   1985
                                                                                                     Therapeutics and
                                                                                                     Rinsho Kagaku
                                                                           Japanese Journal of
921 0370-5633 臨床化学           臨化                  Rinsho Kagaku                                       (Japanese Journal of     W1927         +         1971
                                                                           Clinical Chemistry
                                                                                                     Clinical Chemistry)
922 0912-5817 臨床核医学          臨核医                 Rinsho Kaku Igaku                              Rinsho Kaku Igaku     W2107                           1968
                                                                                                Rinsho Kango (The
                                                                           The Japanese Journal
923 0386-7722 臨床看護           臨看                  Rinsho Kango                                   Japanese Journal of W1930                             1975
                                                                           of Clinical Nursing
                                                                                                Clinical Nursing)
                                                                                                Rinsho Kensa (Journal
                                                                           Journal of Medical
924 0485-1420 臨床検査           臨検                  Rinsho Kensa                                   of Medical            W1935                           1957
no   ISSN            title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                             S code
                                                                                                   Rinsho Kensa Kiki
                                                                           The Journal of Clinical Shiyaku (The Journal
                                                 Rinsho Kensa Kiki
925 0386-5215 臨床検査機器・試薬      臨検機器・試薬                                       Laboratory Instruments of Clinical Laboratory W2205                       1978
                                                                           and Reagents            Instruments and

                                                                                                  Rinsho Ketsueki (The
                                                                           The Japanese Journal
926 0485-1439 臨床血液           臨血                  Rinsho Ketsueki                                  Japanese Journal of W1934 +                        1960
                                                                           of Clinical Hematology
                                                                                                  Clinical Hematology)
                                                                                                  Rinsho Kokyu Seiri
                                                                           Journal of Clinical    (Journal of Clinical
927 0911-1182 臨床呼吸生理         臨呼吸生理               Rinsho Kokyu Seiri                                                          W1939                   1968
                                                                           Respiratory Physiology Respiratory
                                                                           Journal of Clinical       Rinsho Masui (Journal
928 0387-3668 臨床麻酔           臨麻                  Rinsho Masui                                                                W1966                   1977
                                                                           Anesthesia                of Clinical Anesthesia)

                                                                                                     Rinsho Meneki
929 0386-9695 臨床免疫           臨免疫                 Rinsho Meneki             Clinical Immunology                               W1967                   1969
                                                                                                     (Clinical Immunology)

                                                                           Clinical              Rinsho Noha (Clinical
930 0485-1447 臨床脳波           臨脳波                 Rinsho Noha               Electroencephalograph Electroencephalograph W1958                         1959
                                                                           y                     y)

                                                                                                     Rinsho Rheumatism
                                                                           Clinical Rheumatology
931 0914-8760 臨床リウマチ         臨リウマチ               Rinsho Rheumatism                                   (Clinical Rheumatology W2681                    1988
                                                                           and Related Research
                                                                                                     and Related Research)
                                                                                                     Rinsho Seijinbyo
                                                                           Journal of Adult
932 0387-1231 臨床成人病          臨成人病                Rinsho Seijinbyo                                    (Journal of Adult       W1949                   1971
                                                                                                     Rinsho Seikei Geka
                                                                           Clinical Orthopedic
933 0557-0433 臨床整形外科         臨整外                 Rinsho Seikei Geka                                  (Clinical Orthopedic    W1952                   1966
                                                                                                     Rinsho Seishin Byori
                                                                           Japanese Journal of
934 0389-3723 臨床精神病理         臨精病理                Rinsho Seishin Byori                                (Japanese Journal of    W1951                   1980

                                                                                                     Rinsho Seishin Igaku
                                                                           Japanese Journal of
935 0300-032X 臨床精神医学         臨精医                 Rinsho Seishin Igaku                                (Japanese Journal of    W1950                   1972
                                                                           Clinical Psychiatry
                                                                                                     Clinical Psychiatry)
no    ISSN           title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                                Rinsho Shinkei Gaku
936 0009-918X 臨床神経学          臨神経              Rinsho Shinkei Gaku       Clinical Neurology                               W1947 +       +         1960
                                                                                                (Clinical Neurology)
                                                                                                Rinsho Shinkei Seiri
                                                                        Japanese Journal of
                                              Rinsho Shinkei Seiri                              Gaku (Japanese
937 1345-7101 臨床神経生理学        臨神生                                        Clinical                                         W3830                   1972
                                              Gaku                                              Journal of Clinical
                                                                                                Rinsho Shokaki Naika
938 0911-601X 臨床消化器内科        臨消内科             Rinsho Shokaki Naika                              (Clinical                W2348                   1986
                                                                                                Rinsho Shoni Igaku
                                                                        The Journal of Clinical
939 0035-550X 臨床小児医学         臨小児医             Rinsho Shoni Igaku                                (The Journal of          W1942                   1953
                                                                                                Clinical Pediatrics)
                                                                                                Rinsho Sports Igaku
                                                                        Journal of Clinical
940 0289-3339 臨床スポーツ医学       臨スポーツ医           Rinsho Sports Igaku                               (Journal of Clinical     W2125                   1984
                                                                        Sports Medicine
                                                                                                Sports Medicine)
                                                                                              Rinsho Taion (Clinical
                                                                        Clinical Thermometory
941          臨床体温            臨体温              Rinsho Taion                                    Thermometory and       W2500                       1980
                                                                        and Thermomedicine

                                                                                                  Rinsho to Biseibutsu
942 0910-7029 臨床と微生物         臨と微生物            Rinsho to Biseibutsu      Clinical Microbiology                             W2226                  1974
                                                                                                  (Clinical Microbiology)
                                                                                              Rinsho to Kenkyu
                                                                        The Japanese Journal (The Japanese
943 0021-4965 臨床と研究          臨と研              Rinsho to Kenkyu          of Clinical and       Journal of Clinical and    W1954                   1924
                                                                        Experimental Medicine Experimental
                                                                                              Rinsho to Virus
944 0303-8092 臨床とウイルス        臨とウイルス           Rinsho to Virus           Clinical Virology                                W1953                   1973
                                                                                              (Clinical Virology)
                                                                                              Rinsho to Yakubutsu
                                              Rinsho to Yakubutsu       Clinics and Drug
945 0913-7505 臨床と薬物治療        臨と薬物治療                                                           Chiryo (Clinics and        W2489                   1982
                                              Chiryo                    Therapy
                                                                                              Drug Therapy)
                                                                                              Rinsho Toseki (The
                                                                        The Japanese Journal
946 0910-5808 臨床透析           臨透析              Rinsho Toseki                                   Japanese Journal of        W2274                   1985
                                                                        of Clinical Dialysis
                                                                                              Clinical Dialysis)
                                                                                                  Rinsho Yakuri
                                                                        Japanese Journal of
947 0388-1601 臨床薬理           臨薬理              Rinsho Yakuri                                       (Japanese Journal of W1968           +         1970
                                                                        Clinical Pharmacology
                                                                                                  Clinical Pharmacology)
no     ISSN             title           abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system            Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                    S code
                                                                                                           Rinsho Yakuri no
                                                       Rinsho Yakuri no          Recent Advaances in       Shinpo (Recent
948 0914-4366 臨床薬理の進歩              臨薬理の進歩                                                                                           W1969                   1980
                                                       Shinpo                    Clinical Pharmacology     Advaances in Clinical
949 0288-3627 理療                   理療                  Riryo                                               Riryo                    W1911                   1971
                                                                                                           Riryo no Kagaku (The
                                                                                 The Educational
                                                                                 Association for
                                                                                                           Association for
950 0285-6972 理療の科学                理療の科学               Riryo no Kagaku           Acupuncture,                                       W1912                   1977(V5)
                                                                                 Moxibution and
                                                                                                           Moxibution and
951 0022-443X 労働科学                 労働科学                Rodo Kagaku                                         Rodo Kagaku              W1982                   1924
952           老化研究                                     Roka Kenkyu                                         Roka Kenkyu                                      1965
                                                                                                           Ronen Igaku (Geriatric
953 0387-1088 Geriatric Medicine   Geriatr Med         Ronen Igaku               Geriatric Medicine                                 W0686                   1957
                                                                                                           Ronen Seishin Igaku
                                                       Ronen Seishin Igaku       Japanese Journal of       Zasshi (Japanese
954 0915-6305 老年精神医学雑誌             老年精医誌                                                                                            W2876                   1990
                                                       Zasshi                    Geriatric Psychiatry      Journal of Geriatric
955 0914-8590 老年消化器病               老年消病                Ronen Shokakibyo                                    Ronen Shokakibyo         W2614                   1988
                                                                                                           Ryokunaisho (Journal
                                                                                 Journal of Japan
956 0917-4338 緑内障                  緑内障                 Ryokunaisho                                         of Japan Glaucoma        W4019                   @
                                                                                 Glaucoma Society
                                                                                                           Ryukyu Igakkaishi
                                                                                 Ryukyu Medical
957 0289-1530 琉球医学会誌               琉球医会誌               Ryukyu Igakkaishi                                   (Ryukyu Medical          W3054                   1978
                                                                                                      Sagyo Ryoho Journal
                                                                                 The Japanese Journal
                                                                                                      (The Japanese
958 0915-1354 作業療法ジャーナル            作療ジャーナル             Sagyo Ryoho Journal       of Occupational                            W2716                           1967
                                                                                                      Journal of
                                                                                                      Occupational Therapy)
959 0386-4766 細胞                   細胞                  Saibo                     The Cell              Saibo (The Cell)             W0645                   1969
960 1343-571X 済生                   済生                  Saisei                                          Saisei                       W0648                   1924
              済生会吹田病院医学                                Saiseikai Suita Byoin                           Saiseikai Suita Byoin
961 1341-1764                      済生会吹田病医誌                                                                                         W3397                   1995
              雑誌                                       Igaku Zasshi                                    Igaku Zasshi
962 0370-8241 最新医学                 最新医                 Saishin Igaku                                   Saishin Igaku                W0658                   1946
                                                                                                       Saitama Ika Daigaku
                                                                                 Bulletin of Saitama   Tanki Daigaku Kiyo
                埻玉医科大学短期大                              Saitama Ika Daigaku
963 0915-714X                      埻玉医大短大紀                                       Medical School Junior (Bulletin of Saitama         W2839                   1990
                学紀要                                    Tanki Daigaku Kiyo
                                                                                 College               Medical School Junior
no    ISSN           title       abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system            Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                             S code
                                                                                                    Saitama Ika Daigaku
                                                Saitama Ika Daigaku       Journal of Saitama        Zasshi (Journal of
964 0385-5074 埻玉医科大学雑誌        埻玉医大誌                                                                                          W0649         +         1974
                                                Zasshi                    Medical School            Saitama Medical
                                                                                                    Saitama Shoni Iryo
                                                                          Journal of Saitama        Center Igakushi
                埻玉小児医療センター 埻玉小児医療センター Saitama Shoni Iryo
965 0911-4866                                                             Children's Medical        (Journal of Saitama      W2330                   1984
                医学誌        医誌         Center Igakushi
                                                                          Center                    Children's Medical
                                                                                                    Saitamaken Igakkai
                                                Saitamaken Igakkai        The Journal of Saitama    Zasshi (The Journal of
966 0389-0899 埻玉県医学会雑誌        埻玉医会誌                                                                                          W0650                   1966
                                                Zasshi                    Medical Society           Saitama Medical
                                                                                                    Sanfujinka Chiryo
                                                                          Obstetrical and           (Obstetrical and
967 0558-471X 産婦人科治療          産婦治療              Sanfujinka Chiryo                                                            W0679                   1960
                                                                          Gynecological Therapy     Gynecological
                                                                                                    Sanfujinka Kanpo
                                                                          Recent Prograss of        Kenkyu No Ayumi
                産婦人科漢方研究の                       Sanfujinka Kanpo          KAMPO MEDICINE in         (Recent Prograss of
968                           産婦漢方研のあゆみ                                                                                      W2605                   1985(V2)
                あゆみ                             Kenkyu No Ayumi           Obstetrics and            KAMPO MEDICINE in
                                                                          Gynecology                Obstetrics and
                                                                                                    Sanfujinka no Jissai
                                                                          Obstetrical and           (Obstetrical and
969 0558-4728 産婦人科の実際         産婦の実際             Sanfujinka no Jissai                                                         W0680                   1952
                                                                          Gynecological Practice    Gynecological
                                                                                                    Sanfujinka no Sekai
                                                                          The World of
                                                                                                    (The World of
970 0386-9873 産婦人科の世界         産婦の世界             Sanfujinka no Sekai       Obstetrics and                                     W0682                   1949
                                                                                                    Obstetrics and
                                                                                                    Sanfujinka no Shinpo
                                                                          Advances in Obstetrics    (Advances in
971 0370-8446 産婦人科の進歩         産婦の進歩             Sanfujinka no Shinpo                                                         W0681                   1949
                                                                          and Gynecology            Obstetrics and
                                                                                                    Sangyo Eiseigaku
                                                Sangyo Eiseigaku          Journal of
972 1341-0725 産業衛生学雑誌         産業衛誌                                                                  Zasshi (Journal of       W3324 +       +         1959
                                                Zasshi                    Occupational Health
                                                                                                    Occupational Health)
                                                                                                    Sangyo Ika Daigaku
                                                Sangyo Ika Daigaku
973 0387-821X 産業医科大学雑誌        産業医大誌                                       Journal of UOEH           Zasshi (Journal of       W0670 +       +         1979
no    ISSN           title         abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                             S code
                                                                                                Sanka to Fujinka
                                                                            Obstet. Gynecol.
974 0386-9792 産科と婦人科          産と婦                 Sanka to Fujinka                              (Obstet. Gynecol.     W0669                          1933
                                                                                                Sapporo Igaku Zasshi
                                                                        The Sapporo Medical
975 0036-472X 札幌医学雑誌          札幌医誌                Sapporo Igaku Zasshi                          (The Sapporo Medical W0664                 +         1950
                                                                                                Sapporo Ika Daigaku
                                                                                                Igakubu Jinmon
                                                                        Journal of Liberal Arts Shizen Kagaku Kiyo
                                                  Sapporo Ika Daigaku
                 札幌医科大学医学部    札幌医大人文自然科                                 and Sciences, Sapporo (Journal of Liberal
976 1343-0920                                     Igakubu Jinmon Shizen                                               W0663                          1960
                 人文自然科学紀要     紀                                         Medical University,     Arts and Sciences,
                                                  Kagaku Kiyo
                                                                        School of Medicine      Sapporo Medical
                                                                                                University, School of
                                                                                                 Nikugashusei Shikkan
                                                                            The Japanese Journal
                                                                                                 (The Japanese
                 サルコイドーシス/肉                       Sarcoidosis               of Sarcoidosis and
977 13145-0565                サルコイドーシス                                                           Journal of Sarcoidosis W3962                        1981
                 芽腫性疾患                            Nikugashusei Shikkan      Other Granulomatous
                                                                                                 and Other
978 0037-1017 生化学             生化学                 Sei Kagaku                                          Sei Kagaku             W0917 +                 1925
                                                                                                      Seibutsu Butsuri
979 0582-4052 生物物理            生物物理                Seibutsu Butsuri          Biophysics                                       W0932                   1961
                                                                                                      Seibutsu Butsuri
                                                  Seibutsu Butsuri          Japanese Journal of       Kagaku (Japanese
980 0031-9082 生物物理化学          生物理化学                                                                                          W0933                   1951
                                                  Kagaku                    Electrophoresis           Journal of
981 0919-3758 生物工学会誌          生物工会誌               Seibutsu Kogakkaishi                                Seibutsu Kogakkaishi   W3167                   1923
                                                                                                      Seibutsu Shiryo
                                                  Seibutsu Shiryo           Journal of Analytical     Bunseki (Journal of
982 0913-3763 生物試料分析          生物試料分析                                                                                         W2336                   1978
                                                  Bunseki                   Bio-Science               Analytical Bio-
                                                                                                      Seicho (Journal of
983 0287-7775 成長              成長                  Seicho                    Journal of Growth                                W0937                   1962
                                                                                                      Seijinbyo (Adult
984 0387-2297 成人病             成人病                 Seijinbyo                 Adult Diseases                                   W0935                   1960
                                                                                                      Seikei Geka
985 0030-5901 整形外科            整形外科                Seikei Geka               Orthopedic Surgery                               W0969                   1950
                                                                                                      (Orthopedic Surgery)
no   ISSN            title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system             Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                            S code
                                                                                                  Seikei Geka to Saigai
                                              Seikei Geka to Saigai     Orthopedics &
986 0037-1033 整形外科と災害外科      整外と災外                                                                Geka (Orthopedics &       W0971                   1951
                                              Geka                      Traumatology

                                                                                                  Seikei Saigai Geka
                                                                        Orthopaedic Surgery
987 0387-4095 整形・災害外科        整災外              Seikei Saigai Geka                                  (Orthopaedic Surgery W0972                        1958
                                                                        and Traumatology
                                                                                                  and Traumatology)
                                                                                                  Seimarianna Ika
              聖マリアンナ医科大学                      Seimarianna Ika           The St. Marianna          Daigaku Zasshi (The
988 0387-2289            聖マリアンナ医大誌                                                                                          W0947                   1973
              雑誌                              Daigaku Zasshi            Medical Journal           St. Marianna Medical
                                                                                                  Seinan Jogakuin
                                              Seinan Jogakuin           Bulletin of Seinan Jo     Daigaku Kiyo (Bulletin
989 1342-6354 西南女学院大学紀要                                                                                                                             1997
                                              Daigaku Kiyo              Gakuin University         of Seinan Jo Gakuin

                                                                                                  Seirei Mikatahara
                                                                        Journal of Seirei
                                              Seirei Mikatahara                                   Byoin Zasshi (Journal
990 1343-0181 聖隷三方原病院雑誌      聖隷三方原病誌                                    Mikatahara General                              W3528                       1997
                                              Byoin Zasshi                                        of Seirei Mikatahara
                                                                                                  General Hospital)

                                                                                                  Seiroka Kango
                                                                        Journal of St. Luke's
                                              Seiroka Kango                                       Gakkaishi (Journal of
991 1344-1922 聖路加看護学会誌       聖路加看会誌                                     Society for Nursing                              W3862                      1997
                                              Gakkaishi                                           St. Luke's Society for
                                                                                                  Nursing Research)
                                                                                                  Seiroka Kenko
                                              Seiroka Kenko             St. Luke's Journal of     Kagakushi (St. Luke's
992 1341-0415 聖路加健康科学誌       聖路加健科誌                                                                                         W3356                   1993(V3)
                                              Kagakushi                 Health Science            Journal of Health
                                                                                                  Seisa Igaku (Sex
                                                                        Sex Difference and
993 1343-4489 性差医学                            Seisa Igaku                                         Difference and                                    1994
                                                                                                  Seishin Igaku (Clinical
994 0488-1281 精神医学           精神医              Seishin Igaku             Clinical Psychiatry                                 W0950                   1959
                                                                                                  Seishin Kango
                                                                        Psychiatric Mental
995 1343-2761 精神看護           精神看護             Seishin Kango                                       (Psychiatric Mental       W3555                   1997
                                                                        Health Nursing
                                                                                                  Health Nursing)
                                                                                                  Seishin Ryoho
                                                                        Japanese Journal of
996 0916-8710 精神療法           精神療法             Seishin Ryoho                                       (Japanese Journal of      W0966                   1975
no     ISSN           title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                           S code

                                                                                                   Seishin Shinkei Gaku
                                               Seishin Shinkei Gaku      Psychiatria et
 997 0033-2658 精神神経学雑誌        精神誌                                                                  Zasshi (Psychiatria et W0957 +                  1902
                                               Zasshi                    Neurologia Japonica
                                                                                                   Neurologia Japonica)

                                                                                           Seishinka Chiryo Gaku
                                                                     Japanese Journal of   (Japanese Journal of
 998 0912-1862 精神科治療学         精神科治療            Seishinka Chiryo Gaku                                             W2341                             1986
                                                                     Psychiatric Treatment Psychiatric
 999 0370-9531 生体の科学          生体の科学            Seitai no Kagaku                                    Seitai no Kagaku        W0926                   1949
                                                                         Journal of Japanese       Seitai Zairyo (Journal
1000 0910-304X 生体材料           生体材料             Seitai Zairyo             Society for               of Japanese Society W2394                       1983
                                                                         Biomaterials              for Biomaterials)
                                                                                                   Seitai Zairyo Kogaku
                                                                         Reports of the            Kenkyujo Hokoku
                 生体材料工学研究所                     Seitai Zairyo Kogaku      Instetute of              (Reports of the
1001 1345-2886                生体材料工研報                                                                                      W3794                   1967
                 報告                            Kenkyujo Hokoku           Biomaterials and          Instetute of
                                                                         Bioengineering            Biomaterials and
                                                                                                   Seizai Kikai Gijutsu
                                                                         Journal of Japan
                                                                                                   Kenkyukaishi (Journal
                                                                         Society of
                 製剤機械技術研究会                     Seizai Kikai Gijutsu                                of Japan Society of
1002 1342-8764                                                           Pharmaceutical                                                            @
                 誌                             Kenkyukaishi                                        Pharmaceutical
                                                                         Machinerey and
                                                                                                   Machinerey and
                                                                                                   Sekitsui Sekizui
                                               Sekitsui Sekizui
1003 0914-4412 脊椎脊髄ジャーナル      脊椎脊髄ジャーナル                                  Spine & Spinal Cord       Journal (Spine &        W2729                   1988
                                                                                                   Spinal Cord)
                                                                                             Sekizui Denki Shindan
                                                                     Journal of
                                               Sekizui Denki Shindan                         Gaku (Journal of
1004             脊髄電気診断学                                             Electrodiagnosis of the                                                       @
                                               Gaku                                          Electrodiagnosis of
                                                                     Spinal Cord
                                                                                             the Spinal Cord)
                                                                                                   Sekizui Geka (Spinal
1005 0914-6024 脊髄外科           脊髄外科             Sekizui Geka              Spinal Surgery                                 W3357                      1987
                                                                         Selected Papers from      Selected Papers from
1006 0389-7524                                                           the Saitama Cancer        the Saitama Cancer                              1976
                                                                         Center                    Center
no     ISSN           title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                             S code
                                                                                                      Sendai Sekijuji Byoin
                                                                            Medical Journal of
                 仙台赤十字病院医学                        Sendai Sekijuji Byoin                               Igaku Zasshi (Medical
1007 0917-8724                仙台赤十字病医誌                                      Sendai Red Cross                                W3093                    1992
                 雑誌                               Igaku Zasshi                                        Journal of Sendai Red
                                                                                                      Cross Hospital)

                                                                                                    Shakai Hoken
                                                  Shakai Hoken                                      Hiroshima Shimin
                 社会保険広島市民病                                                  Medical Journal of
1008 0911-1077                社保広島病医誌             Hiroshima Shimin                                  Byoin Ishi (Medical      W2282                   1985
                 院医誌                                                        Hiroshima City Hospital
                                                  Byoin Ishi                                        Journal of Hiroshima
                                                                                                    City Hospital)
1009 1343-5728 社会保険旬報                             Shakai Hoken Junpo                              Shakai Hoken Junpo                                 1941
1010 0912-4292 死の臨床           死の臨                 Shi No Rinsho                                   Shi No Rinsho              W2719                   1978
1011 0288-9765 滋賀医学           滋賀医                 Shiga Igaku                                     Shiga Igaku                W1997                   1977
                                                                                                  Shiga Ika Daigaku
                                                                            Journal of Shiga
                                                  Shiga Ika Daigaku                               Zasshi (Journal of
1012 0912-3016 滋賀医科大学雑誌       滋賀医大誌                                         University of Medical                            W2417                   1986
                                                  Zasshi                                          Shiga University of
                                                                                                  Medical Science)
1013 0029-8484 歯学             歯学                  Shigaku                                         Shigaku                    W0722                   1908
                                                                                                  Shigen to Kankyo
1014 0916-9997 資源と環境                              Shigen to Kankyo          Journal of NIRE                                                          1992
                                                                                                  (Journal of NIRE)
1015 0037-3710 歯科学報           歯科学報                Shika Gakuho                                    Shika Gakuho               W0707                   1895
                                                                                                  Shika Hoshasen
1016 0389-9705 歯科放射線          歯放線                 Shika Hoshasen            Dental Radiology                                 W0719                   1960
                                                                                                  (Dental Radiology)
1017 0030-6150 歯科医学           歯科医                 Shika Igaku                                     Shika Igaku                W0706                   1930
                                                  Shika Kiso Igakkai                              Shika Kiso Igakkai
1018 0385-0137 歯科基礎医学会雑誌      歯基礎医会誌                                                                                         W0708                   1959
                                                  Zasshi                                          Zasshi
                                                                                                  Shika Kyukyu Iryo
                                                                            Emergency Care in
1019 0389-1283 歯科救急医療         歯科救急医療              Shika Kyukyu Iryo                               (Emergency Care in         W2156                   1980
                                                                            Dental Practice
                                                                                                  Dental Practice)
                                                                                                  Shika to Masui
                                                                            Dentistry and
1020 0914-7632 歯科と麻酔          歯科と麻酔               Shika to Masui                                  (Dentistry and             W2662                   1987
                                                                                                  Shika Yakubutsu
                                                  Shika Yakubutsu           Oral Therapeutics and Ryoho (Oral
1021 0288-1012 歯科薬物療法         歯薬物療                                                                                           W2101         +         1982
                                                  Ryoho                     Pharmacology          Therapeutics and
                                                                                                  Shika Zairyo Kikai
                                                                            The Journal of the
                                                                                                  (The Journal of the
                                                                            Japanese Society for
1022 0286-5858 歯科材料・器械        歯科材料・器械             Shika Zairyo Kikai                              Japanese Society for       W0715                   1982
                                                                            Dental Materials and
                                                                                                  Dental Materials and
no     ISSN               title            abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase start year
                                                                                                                                     S code
1023 1342-9019 歯界時報                   歯界時報                Shikai Jiho                                         Shikai Jiho            W0712                1939(N11)
                                                                                                              Shikai Tenbo (Dental
1024 0011-8702 歯界展望                   歯界展望                Shikai Tenbo              Dental Outlook                                   W0714                 1944
                                                                                                              Shikaku no Kagaku
                                                                                    Japanese Journal of
1025 0916-8273 視覚の科学                  視覚の科                Shikaku no Kagaku                                   (Japanese Journal of   W3023                 1980
                                                                                    Visual Science
                                                                                                              Visual Science)
1026 0037-3699 四国医学雑誌                 四国医誌                Shikoku Igaku Zasshi                                Shikoku Igaku Zasshi   W0696         +       1950

                                                                                                              Shikoku Koshu Eisei
               四国公衆衛生学会雑                                  Shikoku Koshu Eisei       Journal of Shikoku        Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
1027 0286-2964                        四国公衛会誌                                                                                         W0697                 1954
               誌                                          Gakkai Zasshi             Public Health Society     of Shikoku Public
                                                                                                              Health Society)
                                                                                                              Shikoku Shigakkai
                                                          Shikoku Shigakkai         Shikoku Dental
1028 0914-6091 四国歯学会雑誌                四国歯会誌                                                                   Zasshi (Shikoku        W2621                 1987
                                                          Zasshi                    Research
                                                                                                              Dental Research)
                                                          Shimane Ika Daigaku                                 Shimane Ika Daigaku
1029 0387-9097 島根医科大学紀要               島根医大紀                                                                                          W2078                 1978
                                                          Kiyo                                                Kiyo
                 Shimane Journal of                                                 Shimane Journal of        Shimane Journal of
1030 0386-5959                        Shimane J Med Sci                                                                              Y0165                 1977
                 Medical Science                                                    Medical Science           Medical Science
                                                                                                              Shimane Kenritsu
                 島根県立中央病院医                                Shimane Kenritsu Chuo
1031 0289-5455                        島根中病医誌                                                                  Chuo Byoin Igaku       W0770                 1974
                 学雑誌                                      Byoin Igaku Zasshi
                 島根県病院薬剤師会                                Shimaneken Byoin                                    Shimaneken Byoin
1032 0916-8346                        島根病薬師会誌                                                                                        W3162                 1994(N36)
                 雑誌                                       Yakuzaishikai Zasshi                                Yakuzaishikai Zasshi
1033 0910-7991 新医療                    新医療                 Shin Iryo                                           Shin Iryo              W0878                 1974
                                                                                                              Shindan to Chiryo
                                                                                    Diagnosis and
1034 0370-999X 診断と治療                  診断と治療               Shindan to Chiryo                                   (Diagnosis and         W0873                 1914
                                                                                                              Shindenzu (Japanese
                                                                                    Japanese Journal of
1035 0285-1660 心電図                    心電図                 Shindenzu                                           Journal of             W0852                 1981
                                                                                                              Shinkei Chiryo Gaku
1036 0916-8443 神経治療学                  神経治療                Shinkei Chiryo Gaku                                 (Neurological          W3027                 1984
                                                                                                              Shinkei Choonpa Igaku
1037 0917-074X Neurosonology          Neurosonol          Shinkei Choonpa Igaku Neurosonology                                       W2970                  1988
no       ISSN               title            abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                       S code
                                                                                                                Shinkei Gaisho
                                                                                      Official Journal of       Neurotraumatology
                                                            Shinkei Gaisho
1038 0389-5610 神経外傷                     神経外傷                                          Japanese Society of       (Official Journal of   W0866                   1978
                                                                                      Neurotraumatology         Japanese Society of

                                                                                      Neuro-Ophthalmology       Shinkei Ganka (Neuro-
1039 0289-7024 神経眼科                     神経眼科                Shinkei Ganka                                                             W2177          +         1984
                                                                                      Japan                     Ophthalmology Japan)

                                                                                                                Shinkei Geka
                   Neurologia medico-                                                 Neurologia Medico-
1040 0470-8105                          Neurol med chir     Shinkei Geka                                        (Neurologia Medico-    Y0238 +       +         1959
                   chirurgica                                                         Chirurgica
1041 0037-3796 神経化学                     神経化学                Shinkei Kagaku                                      Shinkei Kagaku         W0865                   1962
1042               神経科学ニュース                                 Shinkei Kagaku News                                 Shinkei Kagaku News                            @
                                                            Shinkei Kenkyu no                                   Shinkei Kenkyu no
1043 0001-8724 神経研究の進歩                  神研の進歩                                                                                          W0867                   1956
                                                            Shinpo                                              Shinpo
                                                                                                                Shinkei Meneki
                                                                                      Neuroimmunological        Kenkyu
1044 0915-1540 神経免疫研究                   神免疫研                Shinkei Meneki Kenkyu                                                      W3273                   1988
                                                                                      Research                  (Neuroimmunological
1045 0386-9709 神経内科                     神経内科                Shinkei Naika                                       Shinkei Naika          W0870                   1974
               神経組織の成長・再生 神組織の成長・再生・                        Shinkei Soshiki no                                  Shinkei Soshiki no
1046 0915-3896                                                                                                                         W2778                   1989
               ・移植        移植                                Seicho Saisei Ishoku                                Seicho Saisei Ishoku
1047   0021-5236   心理学研究                心理研                 Shinri Gaku Kenkyu                                  Shinri Gaku Kenkyu     W0853 +                 1926
1048   0914-8086   診療研究                                     Shinryo Kenkyu                                      Shinryo Kenkyu                                 1976(N40)
1049   0285-3019   診療手帖                 診療手帖                Shinryo Techo                                       Shinryo Techo          W0875                   1964
1050   0037-380X   診療と新薬                診療と新薬               Shinryo to Shinyaku                                 Shinryo to Shinyaku    W0876         +         1964
                                                                                                                Shinryoroku Kanri
                                                                                      Medical Record
1051 0916-345X 診療録管理                    診療録管理               Shinryoroku Kanri                                   (Medical Record        W2726                   1989
1052 0385-0307 心身医学                     心身医                 Shinshin Igaku                                      Shinshin Igaku         W0848                   1961
1053 0037-3826 信州医学雑誌                   信州医誌                Shinshu Igaku Zasshi                                Shinshu Igaku Zasshi   W0856         +         1952
                                                                                                                Shinshu to Meneki
                                                                                      Surgical Trauma &
                                                                                                                (Surgical Trauma &
1054 0917-7175 侵襲と免疫                    侵襲と免疫               Shinshu to Meneki         Immunological                                    W3272                   1991
1055 0559-8664 新薬と治療                    新薬と治療               Shinyaku to Chiryo                                  Shinyaku to Chiryo     W0883                   1951
1056 0559-8672 新薬と臨床                    新薬と臨                Shinyaku to Rinsho                                  Shinyaku to Rinsho     W0884                   1952
1057 0586-4488 心臓                       心臓                  Shinzo                                              Shinzo                 W0850                   1969
no     ISSN          title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                            S code
                                                                                                  Shiritsu Akita Sogo
                 市立秋田総合病院医                       Shiritsu Akita Sogo       The Medical Journal of Byoin Ishi (The
1058 0917-8430               秋田病医誌                                                                                          W3021                   1991
                 誌                               Byoin Ishi                Akita City Hospital    Medical Journal of
                                                                                                  Akita City Hospital)
                                                                                                   Shiritsu Kushiro Sogo
               市立釧路総合病院医                         Shiritsu Kushiro Sogo     Journal of Kushiro City Byoin Igaku Zasshi
1059 0915-2520               釧路病医誌                                                                                        W2661                     1989
               学雑誌                               Byoin Igaku Zasshi        General Hospital        (Journal of Kushiro
                                                                                                   City General Hospital)

                                                                                                     Shiritsu Muroran Sogo
                 市立室蘭総合病院医                       Shiritsu Muroran Sogo Journal of Muroran            Byoin Ishi (Journal of
1060 0289-2774               室蘭病医誌                                                                                          W0701                   1976
                 誌                               Byoin Ishi            City General Hospital         Muroran City General
                                                                                             Shiritsu Sapporo
                                                 Shiritsu Sapporo Byoin Acta Medica Nosocomi Byoin Ishi (Acta
1061 0288-6073 市立札幌病院医誌      札幌病医誌                                                                                          W0700                   1935
                                                 Ishi                   Sapporo              Medica Nosocomi
1062 0285-9513 失語症研究         失語症研                Shitsugosho Kenkyu                          Shitsugosho Kenkyu             W0754                   1981
                                                                                             Shizuoka Kenritsu
                                                 Shizuoka Kenritsu
                 静岡県立総合病院医                                              Shizuoka General     Sogo Byoin Igaku
1063 0911-4157               静岡総合病医誌             Sogo Byoin Igaku                                                           W2321                   1985
                 学雑誌                                                    Hospital             Zasshi (Shizuoka
                                                                                             General Hospital)
                                                                                             Shizuoka Saiseikai
                                                 Shizuoka Saiseikai                          Sogo Byoin Igaku
                 静岡済生会総合病院   静岡済生会総合病医                                  Journal of Shizuoka
1064 0912-1137                                   Sogo Byoin Igaku                            Zasshi (Journal of             W2622                   1983
                 医学雑誌        誌                                          Saisei Medicine
                                                 Zasshi                                      Shizuoka Saisei
                                                                                             Shojinkai Igakushi
                                                                        Matsushita Medical
1065 0388-9734 松仁会医学誌        松仁会医誌               Shojinkai Igakushi                          (Matsushita Medical            W0818                   1959
1066 0389-3626 消化と吸収         消化と吸収               Shoka to Kyushu                             Shoka to Kyushu                W0829                   1978
                                                                                             Shokakan no Rinsho
                                                                        Clinics in Digestive
1067 1341-1802 消化管の臨床        消化管の臨               Shokakan no Rinsho                          (Clinics in Digestive          W3400                   1995
1068 0387-2645 消化器外科         消外                  Shokaki Geka                                Shokaki Geka                   W0823                   1978
                                                 Shokaki Ketsuryu no                         Shokaki Ketsuryu no
1069 0913-6703 消化器血流の研究      消血流研                                                                                           W2609                   1985
                                                 Kenkyu                                      Kenkyu
                                                 Shokaki Naishikyo no                        Shokaki Naishikyo no
1070 0389-9403 消化器内視鏡の進歩     消内視鏡の進歩                                                                                        W0826                   1972
                                                 Shinpo                                      Shinpo
                                                                                             Shokaki Shinshin
1071 1340-8844 消化器心身医学       消心身医                Shokaki Shinshin Igaku JPDD                                                W3329                   1994
                                                                                             Igaku (JPDD)
no     ISSN           title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                           S code
                                                                                                   Shokaki to Meneki
                                                                         Digestive Organ and
1072 0286-7618 消化器と免疫         消と免疫             Shokaki to Meneki                                   (Digestive Organ and    W2001                   1978
1073             消化器病セミナー     消病セミナー           Shokakibyo Seminar                                  Shokakibyo Seminar      W2474                   1980
1074 0289-8756 消化器科           消化器科             Shokakika                 Gastroenterology                                  W2175                   1984
                 消化性潰瘍                         Shokasei Kaiyo Rinsho                               Shokasei Kaiyo Rinsho
1075 0912-5450                消化性潰瘍                                                                                        W2845                   1982
                 臨床と基礎                         to Kiso                                             to Kiso
                                                                                                   Shokuhin Eisei Kenkyu
                                                                         Food Sanitation
1076 0559-8974 食品衛生研究         食衛研              Shokuhin Eisei Kenkyu                               (Food Sanitation      W0843                     1951
                                               Shokuhin Kenkyu Seika                               Shokuhin Kenkyu
1077 0915-6186 食品研究成果情報                                                                                                                            1989
                                               Joho                                                Seika Joho
                                                                                                   Shokuhin Sogo
                                               Shokuhin Sogo             Reports of National       Kenkyujo Kenkyu
1078 0301-9780                食総研報             Kenkyujo Kenkyu           Food Research             Hokoku (Reports of      W0845                   1949
                                               Hokoku                    Institute                 National Food
                                                                                                   Research Institute)
1079 0583-1164 食糧                              Shokuryo                                            Shokuryo                                        1958
                                                                                                   Shoni Gan (Pediatric
1080 0389-4525 小児がん           小児がん             Shoni Gan                 Pediatric Oncology                                W0802                   1971
                                                                                                   Shoni Geka (Japanese
                                                                         Japanese Journal of
1081 0385-6313 小児外科           小児外科             Shoni Geka                                          Journal of Pediatric W0809                      1969
                                                                         Pediatric Surgery
                                                                                                   Shoni Hoken Kenkyu
                                                                         The Journal of Child
1082 0037-4113 小児保健研究         小児保健研            Shoni Hoken Kenkyu                                  (The Journal of Child   W0815                   1933
                                                                                                   Shoni Hoshoasen
                                                                         Journal of Pediatric
                                               Shoni Hoshoasen                                     Gijutsu (Journal of
1083 0914-0972 小児放射線技術        小児放線技                                      Radiological                                     W2637                    1978
                                               Gijutsu                                             Pediatric Radiological
                                                                                                Shoni Jibi Inkoka
1084 0919-5858 小児耳鼻咽喉科        小児耳鼻             Shoni Jibi Inkoka         Otorhinolaryngology                               W2646                   1980
                                                                                                Shoni Kango
                                                                         Japanese Journal of    (Japanese Journal of
1085 0386-6289 小児看護           小児看護             Shoni Kango                                                                 W0808                   1978
                                                                         Child Nursing, Monthly Child Nursing,
no     ISSN           title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                          S code
                                                                                                Shoni Kansen Meneki
                                                                         Infection and Immunity
1086 0917-4931 小児感染免疫         小児感染免疫           Shoni Kansen Meneki                              (Infection and         W3163                      1989
                                                                         in Childhood
                                                                                                Immunity in Childhood)
                                                                                                Shoni Koketsuatsu
                                               Shoni Koketsuatsu         Japanese Journal of
1087          小児高血圧研究会誌       小児高血圧研会誌                                                          (Japanese Journal of      W3605                   @
                                               Kenkyukaishi              Pediatric Hypertension
                                                                                                   Shoni Naika (Japanese
                                                                         Japanese Journal of
1088 0385-6305 小児内科           小児内科             Shoni Naika                                         Journal of Pediatric  W0812                    1969
                                                                         Pediatric Medicine

                                                                                                 Shoni no No Shinkei
                                                                         Official Journal of the (Official Journal of the
1089 0387-8023 小児の脳神経         小児の脳神            Shoni no No Shinkei       Japanese Society for Japanese Society for W0814                          1976
                                                                         Pediatric Neurosurgery Pediatric

                                                                                                Shoni no Seishin to
                                                                         Psychiatria et
                                               Shoni no Seishin to                              Shinkei (Psychiatria et
1090 0559-9040 小児の精神と神経       小児の精と神                                     Neurologia Paediatrica                         W0813                     1960
                                               Shinkei                                          Neurologia Paediatrica
                                                                                               Shoni Shika Gaku
                                               Shoni Shika Gaku          The Japanese Journal Zasshi (The Japanese
1091 0583-1199 小児歯科学雑誌        小児歯誌                                                                                        W0811                   1963
                                               Zasshi                    of Pediatric Dentisty Journal of Pediatric
                                                                                               Shonika (Pediatrics of
1092 0037-4121 小児科            小児科              Shonika                   Pediatrics of Japan                              W0803                   1960
                                                                                               Shonika Rinsho
                                                                         Japanese Journal of
1093 0021-518X 小児科臨床          小児臨              Shonika Rinsho                                  (Japanese Journal of       W0807                   1948
                                                                                               Shonika Shinryo
                                                                         Journal of Pediatric
1094 0386-9806 小児科診療          小児診療             Shonika Shinryo                                 (Journal of Pediatric      W0806                   1935
                                                                                                   Showa Igakkai Zasshi
                                                                         Journal of the Showa
1095 0037-4342 昭和医学会雑誌        昭和医会誌            Showa Igakkai Zasshi                                (Journal of the Showa W0821          +         1939
                                                                         Medical Association
                                                                                                   Medical Association)
no      ISSN            title           abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                  S code
                                                                                                           Showa Shigakkai
                                                                                 Journal of Showa
                                                       Showa Shigakkai                                     Zasshi (Journal of
1096 0285-922X 昭和歯学会雑誌             昭和歯会誌                                         University Dental                                W2003                   1981
                                                       Zasshi                                              Showa University
                                                                                                           Dental Society)
                                                                                                           Shoyakugaku Zasshi
1097 1340-3443 Natural Medicines   Natural Medicines   Shoyakugaku Zasshi        Natural Medicines                                W3501         +         1947
                                                                                                           (Natural Medicines)
1098 0037-4423 手術                  手術                  Shujutsu                                            Shujutsu               W0781                   1947
                                                                                                           Shusanki Igaku
1099 0386-9881 周産期医学               周産期医                Shusanki Igaku            Perinatal Medicine                               W0782                   1971
                                                                                                           (Perinatal Medicine)
                                                       Shuyo Marker                                        Shuyo Marker
1100            腫瘍マーカー研究会誌 腫瘍マーカー研会誌                                                                                              W3087                   1985
                                                       Kenkyukaishi                                        Kenkyukaishi
                                                                                                           Soccer I Kagaku
                                                       Soccer I Kagaku           Medicine and Science
1101            サッカー医・科学研究                                                                                 Kenkyu (Medicine and                           1980
                                                       Kenkyu                    in Soccer
                                                                                                           Science in Soccer)
1102 0386-9822 総合リハビリテーション 総合リハ                        Sogo Rehabilitation                         Sogo Rehabilitation            W0991                   1973
1103 0371-1900 綜合臨床        綜合臨                         Sogo Rinsho                                 Sogo Rinsho                    W0989                   1952
1104 0288-4348 蘇生          蘇生                          Sosei                                       Sosei                          W2171                   1983
                                                                                                   Soshiki Baiyo Kenkyu
                                                                            Tissue Culture
                                                                                                   (Tissue Culture
1105 0912-3636 組織培養研究              組織培養研               Soshiki Baiyo Kenkyu Research                                              W2339                   1982
                                                                                                   Soshiki Baiyo Kogaku
                                                                            The Tissue Culture
1106 1344-1027 組織培養工学              組織培養工学              Soshiki Baiyo Kogaku                        (The Tissue Culture            W3496                   1975
                                                                                                   Sports Shogai (Sports
1107 1342-4483 スポーツ傷害              スポーツ傷害              Sports Shogai        Sports Injuries                                       W3492                   1996
1108 0912-0912 SRL宝函      SRL宝函                        SRL Hokan                                   SRL Hokan                      W2372                   1977
               SRL                                                                                 SRL Rinsho Kensa
                                                       SRL Rinsho Kensa
1109           臨床検査ニューズレタ                                                   LABEAM                 News Letter                                            1989
                                                       News Letter
               ー                                                                                   (LABEAM)
1110 0289-5404 STOMA      STOMA                                             Stoma                  Stoma                          W2350                   1983
                                                                                                   Suizo (The Journal of
                                                                            The Journal of Japan
1111 0913-0071 膵臓                  膵臓                  Suizo                                       Japan Pancreas                 W2436                   1986
                                                                            Pancreas Society
                                                                                                   Sumitomo Byoin Igaku
                                                       Sumitomo Byoin Igaku The Medical Journal of Zasshi (The Medical
1112 0285-8177 住友病院医学雑誌            住友病医誌                                                                                          W0912                   1974
                                                       Zasshi               Sumitomo Hospital      Journal of Sumitomo
1113 0387-1312 住友化学                住友化学                Sumitomo Kagaku                             Sumitomo Kagaku                W0910                   1955
no      ISSN              title              abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                        S code
                                                                                      Surgery Today - The       Surgery Today - The
1114 0941-1291 Surgery Today            Surg Today                                    Japanese Journal of       Japanese Journal of     Y0247 +       +         1971
                                                                                      Surgery                   Surgery
                                                                                                                Tadashii Chiryo to
                                                            Tadashii Chiryo to        The Informed
1115 0914-434X 正しい治療と薬の情報                                                                                       Kusuri no Joho (The                             1985
                                                            Kusuri no Joho            Prescriber
                                                                                                                Informed Prescriber)
                                                                                                                Taigai Junkan Gijutsu
                                                                                      The Journal of Extra-
1116 0912-2664 体外循環技術                   体外循環技               Taigai Junkan Gijutsu                               (The Journal of Extra- W2304                    1976
                                                                                      corporeal Technology
                                                                                                                corporeal Technology)
                                                                                                                Taiki Kankyo
                                                                                   Journal of Japan
                                                                                                                Gakkaishi (Journal of
                                                                                   Society for
1117 1341-4178 大気環境学会誌                  大気環境会誌              Taiki Kankyo Gakkaishi                              Japan Society for       W3330                   1966
                                                                                                                Tairyoku Eiyo Meneki
               Journal of Physical                                                    Journal of Physical       Gaku Zasshi (Journal
                                        J Phys Fit Nutr     Tairyoku Eiyo Meneki
1118 1341-0865 Fitness, Nutrition and                                                 Fitness, Nutrition and    of Physical Fitness,    W3487                   1991
                                        Immunol             Gaku Zasshi
               Immunology                                                             Immunology                Nutrition and
                                                                                                                Tairyoku Kagaku
                                                                                      Japanese Journal of
                                                                                                                (Japanese Journal of
1119 0039-906X 体力科学                     体力科学                Tairyoku Kagaku           Physical Fitness and                              W1013                   1950
                                                                                                                Physical Fitness and
                                                                                      Spoets Medicine
                                                                                                                Spoets Medicine)
                                                                                                               Tairyoku Kenkyu
                                                                                                               Tairyoku Igaku
                                                            Tairyoku Kenkyu           Bulletin of the Physical
                                                                                                               Kenkyusho Hokoku
1120 0389-9071 体力研究                     体力研                 Tairyoku Igaku            Fitness Research                                W1014           +         1963
                                                                                                               (Bulletin of the
                                                            Kenkyusho Hokoku          Institute
                                                                                                               Physical Fitness
                                                                                                               Research Institute)
                                                                                                               Taisho Daigaku
                                                                                                               Counseling Kenkyujo
                                                            Taisho Daigaku            Annual Report of the
                 大正大学カウンセリン                                                                                    Kiyo (Annual Report of
1121 0286-8261                                              Counseling Kenkyujo       Institute of Counseling,                                                  1978
                 グ研究所紀要                                                                                        the Institute of
                                                            Kiyo                      Taisho University
                                                                                                               Counseling, Taisho
                                                            Takamatsu Shimin                                   Takamatsu Shimin
1122 0911-7040 高松市民病院雑誌                 高松病誌                                                                                          W2557                     1985
                                                            Byoin Zasshi                                       Byoin Zasshi
1123 0916-121X 高崎医学                     高崎医                 Takasaki Igaku                                     Takasaki Igaku         W2731                     1949
no    ISSN             title        abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                               S code
                                                                                                       Takayama Sekijuji
                                                                             Medical Journal of
                                                   Takayama Sekijuji                                   Byoin Kiyo (Medical
1124 0387-7027 高山赤十字病院紀要       高山赤十字病紀                                       Takayama Red Cross                                W1017                   1977
                                                   Byoin Kiyo                                          Journal of Takayama
                                                                                                       Red Cross Hospital)

                                                                                                   Takeda Kenkyushoho
                                                                             Journal of Takeda     (Journal of Takeda
1125 0371-5167 武田研究所報          武田研報                Takeda Kenkyushoho                                                          W1020         +         1936
                                                                             Research Laboratories Research

                                                                                                       Tama Shokaki
                                                                             Tama Symposium
               多摩消化器シンポジウ                          Tama Shokaki                                        Symposiumshi (Tama
1126 0913-9206            多摩消シンポ誌                                            Journal of                                     W2492                      1987
               ム誌                                  Symposiumshi                                        Symposium Journal of

                                                                             The Biliary Tract &       Tan to Sui (The Biliary
1127 0388-9408 胆と膵             胆と膵                 Tan to Sui                                                                  W1025                   1980
                                                                             Pancreas                  Tract & Pancreas)

                                                                                                       Tanabe Seiyaku
                                                                             Publications of           Kenkyuhobun
                                                   Tanabe Seiyaku            Research Laboratories     (Publications of
1128 0285-0648 田辺製薬研究報文                                                                                                                                1956
                                                   Kenkyuhobun               of Tanabe Seiyaku Co.     Research Laboratories
                                                                             Ltd                       of Tanabe Seiyaku Co.
                                                                                                Tando (Journal of
                                                                             Journal of Japan
1129 0914-0077 胆道              胆道                  Tando                                        Japan Biliary                  W2560                   1987
                                                                             Biliary Association
                                                   Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Protein, Nucleic Acid Kakusan Koso
1130 0039-9450 蛋白質・核酸・酵素       蛋・核・酵                                                                                           W1026 +                 1956
                                                   Koso                  and Enzyme             (Protein, Nucleic Acid
                                                                                                and Enzyme)
1131 0911-1026 TDM研究           TDM研                TDM Kenkyu                                   TDM Kenkyu                     W2470                   1984
                                                                                                Teikyo Igaku Zasshi
1132 0387-5547 帝京医学雑誌          帝京医誌                Teikyo Igaku Zasshi   Teikyo Medical Journal (Teikyo Medical                W1074         +         1978
                                                                                                Teion Igaku (Low
                                                                         Low Temperature
1133 0285-4473 低温医学            低温医                 Teion Igaku                                  Temperature                    W1069                   1975
1134 0387-1320 逓信医学            逓信医                 Teishin Igaku                                Teishin Igaku                  W1076                   1949
no      ISSN              title                 abbreviation    title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                           S code
                                                                                                                    Tenkan Kenkyu
                                                                                          Journal of the Japan
1135 0912-0890 てんかん研究                    てんかん研                  Tenkan Kenkyu                                       (Journal of the Japan W2152          +         1983
                                                                                          Epilepsy Society
                                                                                                                    Epilepsy Society)
                                                                                                               Terminal Care (The
                                                                                          The Japanese Journal
                                                                                                               Japanese Journal of
1136 0917-0359 ターミナルケア                   ターミナルケア                Terminal Care             of Hospital and                                  W2963                   1991
                                                                                                               Hospital and Palliative
                                                                                          Palliative Care
1137 0914-7047 THE BONE                  Bone                                             The Bone             The Bone                    W2537                   1987
               The Bulletin of                                                            The Bulletin of      The Bulletin of
                                         Bull Kanagawa Dent
1138 0385-1443 Kanagawa Dental                                                            Kanagawa Dental      Kanagawa Dental             Y0041                   1973
               College                                                                    College              College
               The Bulletin of the                                                        The Bulletin of the  The Bulletin of the
                                         Bull Yamaguchi Med
1139 0513-1812 Yamaguchi Medical                                                          Yamaguchi Medical    Yamaguchi Medical           Y0048                   1953
               School                                                                     School               School
                 The Bulletin of Tokyo                                                    The Bulletin of Tokyo     The Bulletin of Tokyo
1140 0040-8891                           Bull Tokyo Dent Coll                                                                             Y0045                    1960
                 Dental College                                                           Dental College            Dental College

                 The Japanese Journal                                                     The Japanese Journal The Japanese Journal
1141 0368-2781                        Jpn J Antibiot                                                                                W0689 +              +         1947
                 of Antibiotics                                                           of Antibiotics       of Antibiotics

                 The Japanese Journal                                                     The Japanese Journal The Japanese Journal
1142 0021-521X                        Jpn J Physiol                                                                                 Y0086 +              +         1950
                 of Physiology                                                            of Physiology        of Physiology
               The Journal of                                                             The Journal of         The Journal of
1143 0021-8820                        J Antibiot                                                                                           Y0096 +       +         1947
               Antibiotics                                                                Antibiotics            Antibiotics
               The Journal of                                                             The Journal of         The Journal of
1144 0021-924X                        J Biochem                                                                                            Y0098 +       +         1922
               Biochemistry                                                               Biochemistry           Biochemistry
               The Journal of                                                             The Journal of         The Journal of
1145 0385-2407                        J Dermatol                                                                                           Y0099 +       +         1974
               Dermatology                                                                Dermatology            Dermatology
               The Journal of General                                                     The Journal of General The Journal of
1146 0022-1260 and Applied            J Gen Appl Microbiol                                and Applied            General and Applied       Y0104         +         1955
               Microbiology                                                               Microbiology           Microbiology
                 The Journal of Medical                                                   The Journal of Medical The Journal of
1147 1343-1420                          J Med Invest                                                                                       Y0301 +       +         1954
                 Investigation                                                            Investigation          Medical Investigation
                                                                                                               The Journal of
               The Journal of                                                             The Journal of
                                                                                                               Obstetrics and
1148 1341-8076 Obstetrics and       J Obset Gynaecol Res                                  Obstetrics and                                   Y0283 +       +         1996(V22)
               Gynaecology Research                                                       Gynaecology Research
no      ISSN              title              abbreviation      title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                          S code
                 The Journal of                                                          The Journal of         The Journal of
1149 0388-1350                          J Toxicol Sci                                                                                  W0693 +          +         1976
                 Toxicological Sciences                                                  Toxicological Sciences Toxicological Sciences
               The Journal of                                                            The Journal of            The Journal of
1150 0916-7250 Veterinary Medical       J Vet Med Sci                                    Veterinary Medical        Veterinary Medical     Y0240 +                 1939
               Science                                                                   Science                   Science
               The Keio Journal of                                                       The Keio Journal of       The Keio Journal of
1151 0022-9717                          Keio J Med                                                                                        Y0118 +       +         1952
               Medicine                                                                  Medicine                  Medicine
               The Showa University                                                      The Showa University      The Showa University
1152 0915-6380 Journal of Medical       Showa Univ J Med Sci                             Journal of Medical        Journal of Medical     Y0237                   1989
               Sciences                                                                  Sciences                  Sciences
               The Tokai Journal of                                                      The Tokai Journal of      The Tokai Journal of
1153 0385-0005 Experimental and         Tokai J Exp Clin Med                             Experimental and          Experimental and       Y0169 +       +         1976
               Clinical Medicine                                                         Clinical Medicine         Clinical Medicine
                                                                                                         Therapeutic Research
1154 0289-8020 Therapeutic Research Ther Res                   Therapeutic Research Therapeutic Research (Therapeutic         W2169                     +         1984
                                                                                                                To (Trends in
                 Trends in Glycoscience Trend Glycosci                                   Trends in Glycoscience
1155 0915-7352                                                 To                                               Glycoscience and       W3094                      1989
                 and Glycotechnology Glycotechnol                                        and Glycotechnology
                                                                                                                Tochigiken Igakkai
                                                                                         The Journal of the
                                                               Tochigiken Igakkai                               Kaishi (The Journal of
1156 0285-6387 栃木県医学会々誌                 栃木医会誌                                            Tochigi Medical                               W1205                      1961
                                                               Kaishi                                           the Tochigi Medical
                                                                                                                   Tochigiken Seikei
                                                                                         The Journal of the
               栃木県整形外科医会                                       Tochigiken Seikei                                   Gekaikai Kaishi (The
1157 1342-9922                          栃木整外医会誌                                          Tochigi Orthopaedic                              W3099                   1986
               会誌                                              Gekaikai Kaishi                                     Journal of the Tochigi
                                                                                                                   Orthopaedic Society)
                                                                                                                Toho Igakkai Zasshi
                                                                                         Journal of the Medical
                                                                                                                (Journal of the
1158 0040-8670 東邦医学会雑誌                  東邦医会誌                  Toho Igakkai Zasshi       Society of Toho                                  W1151         +         1954
                                                                                                                Medical Society of
                                                                                                                Toho University)
                                                                                                                Toho Igaku (Eastern
1159 0911-7768 東方医学                     東方医                    Toho Igaku                Eastern Medicine                                 W2374                   1985
                 東北膝関節研究会会                                     Tohoku Hiza Kansetsu                                Tohoku Hiza Kansetsu
1160 0917-5164                          東北膝関節研会誌                                                                                        W2967                     1990
                 誌                                             Kenkyukai Kaishi                                    Kenkyukai Kaishi
1161 0040-8700 東北医学雑誌                   東北医誌                   Tohoku Igaku Zasshi                                 Tohoku Igaku Zasshi    W1152                   1916
no     ISSN              title              abbreviation       title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                          S code
                 The Tohoku Journal of The Tohoku Journal of                             Tohoku Journal of         Tohoku Journal of
1162 0040-8719                                                                                                                           Y0166                    1950
                 Agricultural Research Agricultural Research                             Agricultural Research     Agricultural Research

                 The Tohoku Journal of                                                   Tohoku Journal of     Tohoku Journal of
1163 0040-8727                         Tohoku J Exp Med                                                                              Y0167 +            +         1920
                 Experimental Medicine                                                   Experimental Medicine Experimental Medicine
                                                                                                                   Tohoku no Colony
                                                                                         The Journal of the
                                                                                                                   (The Journal of the
1164 0288-9463 東北のコロニー                 東北のコロニー                 Tohoku no Colony          Tohoku Society for                               W1162                   1950
                                                                                                                   Tohoku Society for
                                                                                         Tohoku Psychologica       Tohoku Psychologica
1165 0040-8743                         Tohoku Psychol Folia                                                                               Y0168                   1993
                                                                                         Folia                     Folia
                                                                                                                   Tohoku Seikei Saigai
                                                                                         Tohoku Archives of        Geka Kiyo (Tohoku
                 東北整形災害外科紀                                     Tohoku Seikei Saigai
1166 0040-8751                         東北整災外紀                                            Orthopaedic Surgery       Archives of            W1157                   1956
                 要                                             Geka Kiyo
                                                                                         and Traumatology          Orthopaedic Surgery
                                                                                                                   and Traumatology)
                                                                                                                   Tokai Sanka Fujinka
                                                                                         The Tokai Journal of      Gakkai Zasshi (The
                 東海産科婦人科学会                                     Tokai Sanka Fujinka
1167 0915-7204                         東海産婦会誌                                            Obstetrics and            Tokai Journal of       W3403                   1981(V18)
                 雑誌                                            Gakkai Zasshi
                                                                                         Gynecology                Obstetrics and
                                                                                                                   Tokai Seikei Geka
                                                                                         The Journal of the        Gaisho Kenkyu Kaishi
                 東海整形外科外傷研                                     Tokai Seikei Geka         Tohkai Orthopaedic        (The Journal of the
1168 0915-2253                         東海整外外傷研会誌                                                                                          W3278                   @
                 究会誌                                           Gaisho Kenkyu Kaishi      Society of                Tohkai Orthopaedic
                                                                                         Traumatology              Society of
                                                                                                                   Tokai Sekitsui Geka
                                                                                         Journal of the Tohkai
1169 0913-476X 東海脊椎外科                  東海脊椎外                   Tokai Sekitsui Geka                                 (Journal of the Tohkai W3227                   1987
                                                                                         Spinal Surgery
                                                                                                                   Spinal Surgery)

                                                                                                                   Tokai Stoma
                                                                                         Proceedings of the        Rehabilitation Kenkyu
                                                               Tokai Stoma
                 東海ストーマリハビリテ 東海ストーマリハ研会                                                  Research Society of       Kaishi (Proceedings of
1170 0289-3320                                                 Rehabilitation Kenkyu                                                      W2251                   1982
                 ーション研究会誌    誌                                                           Tokai for Stoma           the Research Society
                                                                                         Rehabilitation            of Tokai for Stoma
                 東海四県農村医学会                                     Tokai Yonken Noson                                  Tokai Yonken Noson
1171 0911-176X                         東海四県農村医会誌                                                                                          W1105                   1975
                 雑誌                                            Igakkai Zasshi                                      Igakkai Zasshi
no     ISSN          title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                         S code
                                                                                                  Tokeibu Shuyo (Head
1172 0911-4335 頭頸部腫瘍         頭頸部腫瘍            Tokeibu Shuyo             Head and Neck Cancer                             W1175                   1974
                                                                                                  and Neck Cancer)
                                                                                                  Tokushima Kenritsu
                                              Tokushima Kenritsu
                 徳島県立中央病院医                                              Tokushima Journal of      Chuo Byoin Igaku
1173 0913-5103               徳島中病医誌           Chuo Byoin Igaku                                                           W2665                   1977
                 学雑誌                                                    Medicine                  Zasshi (Tokushima
                                                                                                  Journal of Medicine)
                                                                                                  Tokushima Shimin
                                                                        Medical Journal of        Byoin Igaku Zasshi
                 徳島市民病院医学雑                    Tokushima Shimin
1174 0913-607X               徳島市民病医誌                                    Tokushima City            (Medical Journal of    W2593                   1987
                 誌                            Byoin Igaku Zasshi
                                                                        Hospital                  Tokushima City
                                                                                                  Tokushu Kyoiku Gaku
                                              Tokushu Kyoiku Gaku       Japanese Journal of       Kenkyu (Japanese
1175 0387-3374 特殊教育学研究       特殊教育学研究                                                                                  W1192                      1964
                                              Kenkyu                    Special Education         Journal of Special
                                                                                               Tokyo Ika Daigaku
                                              Tokyo Ika Daigaku         Journal of Tokyo       Zasshi (Journal of
1176 0040-8905 東京医科大学雑誌      東京医大誌                                                                                   W1111             +         1938
                                              Zasshi                    Medical University     Tokyo Medical
                                                                                               Tokyo Jikeikai Ika
                 東京慈恵会医科大学                    Tokyo Jikeikai Ika        Tokyo Jikeikai Medical Daigaku Zasshi (Tokyo
1177 0375-9172               慈恵医大誌                                                                                   W1120             +         1882
                 雑誌                           Daigaku Zasshi            Journal                Jikeikai Medical
                                                                                               Tokyo Joshi Ika
                                                                        Journal of Tokyo       Daigaku Zasshi
                 東京女子医科大学雑                    Tokyo Joshi Ika
1178 0040-9022               東京女医大誌                                     Women's Medical        (Journal of Tokyo     W1123             +         1931
                 誌                            Daigaku Zasshi
                                                                        College                Women's Medical
1179 0914-9503 東京内科医会会誌      東京内科医会誌          Tokyo Naikaikai Kaishi                              Tokyo Naikaikai Kaishi W2575                   1986

                                                                                                Tokyo Nogyo Daigaku
                                                                        Journal of Agricultural Nogaku Shuho
               東京農業大学農学集                      Tokyo Nogyo Daigaku
1180 0375-9202               東京農大農集報                                    Science, Tokyo Nogyo (Journal of              W1140                      1937
               報                              Nogaku Shuho
                                                                        Daigaku                 Agricultural Science,
                                                                                                Tokyo Nogyo Daigaku)
no     ISSN             title          abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system           Medline Embase       start year
                                                                                                                                  S code
                                                                                                          Tokyo Nogyo Daigaku
                                                                                Bulletin of NODAI         Sogo Kenkyujo Kiyo
                 東京農業大学総合研                            Tokyo Nogyo Daigaku       Research Institute,       (Bulletin of NODAI
1181 0917-1029                                                                                                                                            1989
                 究所紀要                                 Sogo Kenkyujo Kiyo        Tokyo University of       Research Institute,
                                                                                Agriculture               Tokyo University of

                                                                                                        Tokyo Seishin
                                                      Tokyo Seishin             Bulletin of Tokyo       Igakkaishi (Bulletin of
1182 0918-970X 東京精神医学会誌            東京精医会誌                                                                                         W2906                   1981
                                                      Igakkaishi                Psychiatric Association Tokyo Psychiatric

1183 0287-3613 東京小児科医会報            東京小児医会報            Tokyo Shonikai Kaiho                                Tokyo Shonikai Kaiho W2165                      1982
               Tokyo Tanabe                                                     Tokyo Tanabe              Tokyo Tanabe
1184 0285-368X                     Tokyo Tanabe Q                                                                                 W1089                   1967
               Quarterly                                                        Quarterly                 Quarterly
                                                                                                          Tokyoto Byoin
                                                                                Journal of the Tokyo      Yakuzaishikai Zasshi
                 東京都病院薬剤師会                            Tokyoto Byoin
1185 1345-7624                     東京病薬師雑誌                                      Hospital Pharmacists      (Journal of the Tokyo W3870                     @
                 雑誌                                   Yakuzaishikai Zasshi
                                                                                Association               Hospital Pharmacists

                                                                                                          Tokyoto Ishikai Zasshi
                                                                                The Journal of Tokyo
1186 0040-8956 東京都医師会雑誌            東京医師会誌             Tokyoto Ishikai Zasshi                              (The Journal of Tokyo W1126                     1949
                                                                                Medical Association
                                                                                                          Medical Association)
                                                      Tokyoto Ronen                                       Tokyoto Ronen
1187 1344-1175 東京都老年学会誌            東京老年会誌                                                                                         W3611                   1994
                                                      Gakkaishi                                           Gakkaishi
                                                      Tokyoto Shinshin                                    Tokyoto Shinshin
                 東京都心身障害者福 東京心障者福祉セ研                  Shogaisha                                           Shogaisha
1188 0914-2657                                                                                                                    W2260                   1970
                 祉センター研究報告集 報                         Fukushicenter Kenkyu                                Fukushicenter Kenkyu
                                                      Hokokushu                                           Hokokushu
                                                                                                          Tonyobyo (Journal of
                                                                                Journal of the Japan
1189 0021-437X 糖尿病                 糖尿病                Tonyobyo                                            the Japan Diabetic      W1176         +         1958
                                                                                Diabetic Society
                                                                                                          Tonyobyo Daikekkan
                 糖尿病大血管障害シン                           Tonyobyo Daikekkan        Diabetic                  Shogai Sympojiumu
1190                                                                                                                                                      @
                 ポジウム                                 Shogai Sympojiumu         Macroangiopathy           (Diabetic
                 Diabetes                                                                                 Tonyobyo to Taisha
1191 0303-6057                   Diabetes J           Tonyobyo to Taisha        Diabetes Journal                                  W0992                   1973
                 Journal(糖尿病と代謝)                                                                          (Diabetes Journal)
no     ISSN           title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                          S code
                                                                                                   Toringi Kaishi (The
                                                                         The Tokyo Journal of
1192 0910-6065 都臨技会誌          都臨技会誌            Toringi Kaishi                                      Tokyo Journal of       W3095                   1973
                                                                         Medical Technology
                                                                                                   Medical Technology)
                                               Tosei Kanpo                                         Tosei Kanpo
1193 0912-2680 東静漢方研究室        東静漢方研室                                                                                      W1149                   1975
                                               Kenkyushitsu                                        Kenkyushitsu
                                                                                                   Tottori Igaku Zasshi
                                                                         Journal of the Tottori
1194 0388-3795 鳥取医学雑誌         鳥取医誌             Tottori Igaku Zasshi                                (Journal of the Tottori W1210                  1971
                                                                         Medical Association
                                                                                                   Medical Association)

                                                                                                   Tottori Sekijuji Byoin
                                                                         Medical Journal of
                 鳥取赤十字病院医学                     Tottori Sekijuji Byoin                              Igaku Zasshi (Medical
1195 0917-2556                鳥取赤十字病医誌                                   Tottori Red Cross                                W2969                   1991
                 雑誌                            Igaku Zasshi                                        Journal of Tottori Red
                                                                                                   Cross Hospital)
                                                                                                   Toyaku Zasshi
1196 0285-1733 都薬雑誌           都薬雑誌             Toyaku Zasshi             Journal of the Toyaku     (Journal of the        W1101                   1979
                                                                                                   Toyakuko Kaiho
1197             東薬工会報                         Toyakuko Kaiho                                      (Pharmaceutical                                1952(N37)
                                                                                                   Tozan Igaku
                                                                         Japanese Journal of
1198 0286-7516 登山医学           登山医              Tozan Igaku                                         (Japanese Journal of   W2073                   1981
                                                                         Mountain Medicine
                                                                                                   Mountain Medicine)
                                                                                               Tsufu to Kakusan
                                               Tsufu to Kakusan          Gout and Nucleic Acid Taisha (Gout and
1199 1344-9796 痛風と核酸代謝        痛風と核酸代謝                                                                                     W3747                   1977
                                               Taisha                    Metabolism            Nucleic Acid
                 茨城県消化器病懇話 茨城消病懇話会                                                                 Tsukuba Symposium
1200 0912-5795                                 Tsukuba Symposium         Tsukuba Symposium                             W2485                      1986
                 会 つくばシンポジウム つくばシンポ                                                                (Tsukuba Symposium)
                                                                                                Tsurumi Shigaku
                                                                         Tsurumi University
1201 0385-020X 鶴見歯学           鶴見歯学             Tsurumi Shigaku                                  (Tsurumi University   W1065                       1975
                                                                         Dental Journal
                                                                                                Dental Journal)
                                                                                                Tsuruoka Shiritsu
                                                                                                Shonai Byoin Igaku
                                               Tsuruoka Shiritsu         The Medical Journal of
                 鶴岡市立荘内病院医                                                                      Zasshi (The Medical
1202 0915-7670                荘内病医誌            Shonai Byoin Igaku        the Shonai Hospital,                         W3029                       1990
                 学雑誌                                                                            Journal of the Shonai
                                               Zasshi                    Tsuruoka City
                                                                                                Hospital, Tsuruoka
no     ISSN              title           abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                   S code
                                                                                                     Tsuyama Chuo Byoin
                                                                              The Medical journal of Igaku Zasshi (The
               津山中央病院医学雑                                Tsuyama Chuo Byoin
1203 0913-9176                      津山中病医誌                                    Tsuyama Central        Medical journal of            W2511                   1987
               誌                                        Igaku Zasshi
                                                                              Hospital               Tsuyama Central
1204 0041-4093 Tumor Research       Tumor Res                                 Tumor Research         Tumor Research                Y0171         +         1966
                                                                                                     Undo Ryoho to
                                                        Undo Ryoho to Butsuri The Journal of         Butsuri Ryoho (The
1205 1342-7776 運動療法と物理療法            運動療物理療                                                                                         W3474                   1990
                                                        Ryoho                 Physical Medicine      Journal of Physical
1206 0042-6857 ウイルス                 ウイルス                Virus                 Virus                  Virus (Virus)                 W0135 +                 1951
1207 0006-386X ビタミン                 ビタミン                Vitamin               Vitamins               Vitamin (Vitamins)            W1581                   1948
                                                                                                            Wakan Iyaku Gaku
                                                        Wakan Iyaku Gaku          Journal of Traditional
1208 1340-6302 和漢医薬学雑誌              和漢医薬誌                                                                   Zasshi (Journal of     W3344                   1984
                                                        Zasshi                    Medicines
                                                                                                            Traditional Medicines)
                                                                                                            Wakayama Igaku
                                                                                  Journal of the
                                                                                                            (Journal of the
1209 0043-0013 和歌山医学                和歌山医                Wakayama Igaku            Wakayama Medical                                 W1991         +         1950
                                                                                                            Wakayama Medical
                 Wakayama Medical                                                 Wakayama Medical          Wakayama Medical
1210 0511-084X                      Wakayama Med Rep                                                                               Y0172                   1953
                 Reports                                                          Reports                   Reports
                                                                                  Journal of Practical      Yakkyoku (Journal of
1211 0044-0035 薬局                   薬局                  Yakkyoku                                                                   W1840                   1950
                                                                                  Pharmacy                  Practical Pharmacy)
                                                                                                        Yakkyoku no Tomo
                                                                                  The Pharmacy
1212 0044-0043 薬局の友                                     Yakkyoku no Tomo                                (The Pharmacy                                      1953
                                                                                                        Yakubutsu Dotai
                                                                                  Xenobiotic Metaborism (Xenobiotic
1213 0916-1139 薬物動態                 薬物動態                Yakubutsu Dotai                                                            W2434                   1986
                                                                                  and Disposition       Metaborism and
1214 0031-6903 YAKUGAKU ZASSHI YAKUGAKU ZASSHI                                    Yakugaku Zasshi       Yakugaku Zasshi            W3828 +       +         1881
               ヤクルト研究所研究報                               Yakult Kenkyujo                                 Yakult Kenkyujo
1215 0285-032X                                                                                                                                             1970
               告集                                       Houkokushu                                      Houkokushu
                                                                                                        Yakuri to Chiryo
1216 0386-3603 薬理と治療                薬理と治療               Yakuri to Chiryo          Pharmacology and                                 W1853         +         1973
                                                                                                        Pharmacology and
no     ISSN           title     abbreviation   title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                          S code
                                                                                                   Yakuri to Rinsho
                                                                         Clinical Pharmacology
1217 0917-3994 薬理と臨床          薬理と臨             Yakuri to Rinsho                                    (Clinical Pharmacology W2984                   1991
                                                                         and Therapy
                                                                                                   and Therapy)

                                                                                                   Yakushi Gaku Zasshi
                                                                         Japanese Journal of
1218 0285-2314 薬史学雑誌          薬史誌              Yakushi Gaku Zasshi                                 (Japanese Journal of   W1845                   1966
                                                                         History of Pharmacy
                                                                                                   History of Pharmacy)

                                                                                              Yakuzai Eki Gaku
                                                                         Japanese Journal of  (Japanese Journal of
1219 1342-0445 薬剤疫学           薬剤疫              Yakuzai Eki Gaku                                                    W4015                          1996
                                                                         Pharmacoepidemiology Pharmacoepidemiology

                                                                         Journal of                Yakuzai Gaku (Journal
                                                                         Pharmaceutical            of Pharmaceutical
1220 0372-7629 薬剤学            薬剤学              Yakuzai Gaku                                                              W1843                    1934
                                                                         Science and               Science and
                                                                         Technology, Japan         Technology, Japan)
                                                                                              Yamagata Igaku
                                                                         Yamagata Medical
1221 0288-030X 山形医学           山形医              Yamagata Igaku                                 (Yamagata Medical           W2044                   1983
                                                                                              Yamagata Kenritsu
                 山形県立病院医学雑                     Yamagata Kenritsu         The Yamagata Journal Byoin Igaku Zasshi
1222 0389-0848                山形病医誌                                                                                       W1856                   1967
                 誌                             Byoin Igaku Zasshi        of Medicine          (The Yamagata
                                                                                              Journal of Medicine)
                                                                                                   Yamagata Shiritsu
                                               Yamagata Shiritsu                                   Byoin Saiseikan Igaku
                 山形市立病院済生館                                               Yamagata Saiseikan
1223 0385-1184                山形病済生館医誌         Byoin Saiseikan Igaku                               Zasshi (Yamagata      W1858                    1976
                 医学雑誌                                                    Medical Journal
                                               Zasshi                                              Saiseikan Medical

                                                                                                   Yamagataken Eisei
                                                                         Report of the
                                                                                                   Kenkyushoho (Report
                                               Yamagataken Eisei         Yamagata Prefectural
1224 0513-4706 山形県衛生研究所報      山形衛研報                                                                of the Yamagata       W1855                    1956
                                               Kenkyushoho               Institute of Public
                                                                                                   Prefectural Institute
                                                                                                   of Public Health)
                                                                                                   Yamaguchi Igaku
                                                                         Yamaguchi Medical
1225 0513-1731 山口医学           山口医              Yamaguchi Igaku                                     (Yamaguchi Medical    W1860          +         1953
                                               Yamanashi Ika Daigaku                               Yamanashi Ika Daigaku
1226 0910-5069 山梨医科大学紀要       山梨医大紀                                                                                      W2300                    1984
                                               Kiyo                                                Kiyo
no     ISSN             title            abbreviation     title in roman alphabet    title in Latin/English     title in IM system          Medline Embase    start year
                                                                                                                                     S code
                                                                                                              Yamanashi Ika Daigaku
                                                         Yamanashi Ika Daigaku Yamanashi Medical
1227 0912-0025 山梨医科大学雑誌             山梨医大誌                                                                     Zasshi (Yamanashi     W2353                    1986
                                                         Zasshi                Journal
                                                                                                              Medical Journal)
1228 0285-0877 予防医学ジャーナル            予医ジャーナル              Yobo Igaku Journal                      Yobo Igaku Journal                  W1883                   1967
                                                                                                 Yodogawa Cristkyo
               淀川キリスト教病院学                         Yodogawa Cristkyo                              Byoin Gakujutsu
1229                            淀川キリスト教病学誌                               Y.C.H. Medical Bulletin                                     W3301                   1984
               術雑誌                                Byoin Gakujutsu Zasshi                         Zasshi (Y.C.H. Medical
                                                                                                 Yokohama Igaku (The
                                                                         The Yokohama Medical
1230 0372-7726 横浜医学             横浜医               Yokohama Igaku                                 Yokohama Medical                    W1888         +         1948
               Yokohama Medical                                          Yokohama Medical        Yokohama Medical
1231 0044-0531                  Yokohama Med Bull                                                                                    Y0173                   1950
               Bulletin                                                  Bulletin                Bulletin
                                                                                                              Yokohamashi Kankyo
                                                                                    Annual Report of          Kagaku Kenkyushoho
                 横浜市環境科学研究                               Yokohamashi Kankyo         Yokohama                  (Annual Report of
1232 0918-5720                      横浜環境研報                                                                                           W3625                   1977
                 所報                                      Kagaku Kenkyushoho         Environmental             Yokohama
                                                                                    Research Institute        Environmental
                                                                                                              Research Institute)
1233 0513-5710 Yonago Acta Medica   Yonago Acta Med                                 Yonago Acta Medica        Yonago Acta Medica     Y0174         +         1954
                                                                                                              Yonago Igaku Zasshi
                                                                                    The Journal of the
                                                                                                              (The Journal of the
1234 0044-0558 米子医学雑誌               米子医誌                 Yonago Igaku Zasshi        Yonago Medical                                   W1894                   1948
                                                                                                              Yonago Medical
                                                                                                              Yueki Eiyo Journal
1235 0388-127X 輸液・栄養ジャーナル           輸液栄ジャーナル             Yueki Eiyo Journal         JJPEN                                            W1878                   1979
                                                         Zaidan Hojin Ronen                                   Zaidan Hojin Ronen
1236                                                     Shika Igaku Sogo                                     Shika Igaku Sogo                               1991(V3)
                                                         Kenkyujo Hokoku                                      Kenkyujo Hokoku
1237             在宅医療               在宅医療                 Zaitaku Iryo                                         Zaitaku Iryo           W3267                   1994
                                                                                                              Zennippon Shinkyu
                                                                                    Journal of the Japan
                                                         Zennippon Shinkyu                                    Gakkai Zasshi (Journal
1238 0285-9955 全日本鍼灸学会雑誌            全日鍼灸会誌                                          Society of                                       W0983                   1951
                                                         Gakkai Zasshi                                        of the Japan Society
                                                                                                              of Acupuncture)
1239 0914-7683 喘息                   喘息                   Zensoku                    Asthma                    Zensoku (Asthma)       W2542                   1988

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