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					Etac Act / Etac Elite
Lightweight rigid frame wheelchairs with unique
adjustabilities for optimal function, comfort and easy handling.
                                                                             Act is a lightweight titanium wheelchair;
                                                                             easy to manouver and handle.

Specific features for Act                                 • V-shaped front
                                                          • Seat angle -5° – -15°
                                                                                      • Back support angle -3° – -15°
                                                                                      • Rear wheel position
                                                                                        (2 hights, each with 5 positions)

Options* Act
              Camber angle 0° or 6°                                              SpiderWheel
              6° increase the overall width by 3 cm.                             The magnesium SpiderWheel,
                                                                                 a designer option.

              Front fork                                                         Handrims
              Medium/long for higher front seat height.                          Plastic-coated, cellular rubber-coated,
                                                                                 stainless and aluminium.

Accessories* Act
                                                                                 Tetra quick release
              Anti tippers
                                                                                 For fitting and removal of rear wheels.
              Adjustable in length and height,
                                                                                 For user with poor hand function.
              can be swung upwards.
                                                                                 (Can not be combined with SpiderWheels.)

              Castor pin lock                                                    Side guards
              Locks the front fork for safe transfer.                            Transparent, detachable.

* For more options/accessories, please go to www.
                                                                   The Elite is a titanium wheelchair with a wide range
                                                                   of options and accessories which include height
                                                                   adjustable back support and push handles, arm
                                                                   supports and flip up foot supports.

Specific features for Elite                                  • Seat angle 0 ° – 10°
                                                             • Back support angle +3° – -10°
                                                                                                   • Rear wheel position
                                                                                                     3 heights with 4 positions
                                                                                                     (Row A: 3 positions)

Options* Elite
              Brake with extended handle
                                                                                  The magnesium SpiderWheel,
              Easyer to reach even in the locked position.
                                                                                  a designer option.

              Foot support Flip up                                                Front fork
              Adjustable in angle and height.                                     Short/long for adjustment
              Including front axle.                                               of front seat height.

              High mounted foot support                                           Handrims
              Can be fitted 7 cm/2¾" higher than                                  Plastic-coated, cellular rubber-coated,
              standard foot support.                                              stainless and aluminium.

Accessories* Elite
              Anti tippers                                                        Padded armrest cover
              Adjustable in length and height.
              Can be swung upwards.                                               Armrest cover, gel
                                                                                  Widens the chair 1.5 cm/½".

              Height adjustable back support with
                                                                                  Side guards
              height adjustable push handles
                                                                                  Transparent detachable. (Can not be combined
              Adjustable from 35–42 cm/13¾–16½".
                                                                                  with height adjustable back support.)

* For more options/accessories, please go to www.
                                                                                                                                                                                  January 2010
                                            These wheelchairs are equipped
                                            with the following accessories:
                                            push handles and seat cushion.

                                                                    Act                                                                                        Elite

Standard features
Chassis                                                               Seat                                                           Castors
Titanium, rigid frame with folding back support.                      Adjustable in height and angle.                                5" solid all round.
Two frame lengths.
Act OnLy: V-shaped front (80° angle).                                 Seat upholstery                                                Front fork
                                                                      Adjustable with 4 tensioning straps.                           Act: Short with aluminium axle,
Max. user weight                                                                                                                     3 alternative castor positions.
100 kg/220 lbs.                                                       Back upholstery                                                ELitE: Medium with aluminium axle,
                                                                      Adjustable with Velcro straps. Upholstery made of              3 alternative castor positions.
Brakes                                                                plush/velour. Removable and machine-washable (40°).
Knee brake, high-mounted.                                                                                                            Castor housing
                                                                      Camber angle                                                   Adjustable angle.
Back support                                                          Standard 3°.
Folding, 40 cm height. Cut to desired height, minimum 30 cm.                                                                         Foot support
                                                                      Rear wheels                                                    Adjustable height.
Back support angle                                                    24" quick release wheels with high-pressure
Act: Standard –8° ( alternatively –3°, –5°, –10°, –12°, –15°).        tyres and titanium handrims.                                   Calf strap
ELitE: Standard –3° ( alternatively +3°, 0°, –5°, –10°).              Act: 10 alternative rear wheel positions.                      Removable, adjustable length.
                                                                      ELitE: 11 alternative rear wheel positions.

Frame colours        For more colours, see

                                                    Black                                                           Blue                               Sea green
                   Matt                                                               Red
                                                    graphite                                                        chrome                             hammerlite
                   Blaster                                                            -02
                                                    -38                                                             -37                                -33

 Sizes Act / Elite               Seat height rear       Seat height rear             Total width          Total width              Weight 1)                 Weight 1)
 Long and Short frame                  Act                    Elite                      Act                 Elite                   Act                       Elite
 35.0 cm/13¾"–45.0 cm/17¾" 41–45 cm/16 1/4–17 3/4"    41–49 cm/16 1/4–19 1/4" 55–65 cm/21 3/4–25 2/4" 57–67 cm/22 2/4–26 2/4" 5.4–5.6 kg/11.9–12.4 lbs 5.6–5.7 kg/12.4–12.5 lbs

                                                                                            1) Without rear wheels.
                                                                                            2) Measured from back tubing to front edge of upholstery
                                                                                            Size allowance ±1 cm.
 Back support height             Seat depth 2)                   Seat height front          Remember that chairs with adjustable backrest upholstery have a longer
      Act / Elite                  Act / Elite                      Act / Elite             seat depth when the back straps are slackened.
 30–40 cm/11¾–15¾" Short frame 33–39 cm/13½–151/4" Act 44–54 cm/171/4–21 1/4"               We recommend that you use our order forms when ordering
                        Long frame 39–45 cm/151/4–173/4"   Elite 45–55 cm/17 3/4–213/4"     Etac wheelchairs.

Etac AB
Kista Science Tower, SE-164 51 Kista, Sweden
Telephone customer service +46 371 58 73 00
Fax customer service +46 371 58 73 90

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