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Microsoft Office Communicator
           Microsoft Office
Office Communicator enables you to instantly
communicate with your colleagues using text chat.
The instant messaging software, Microsoft Office
Communicator, allows you to select your contacts and
to check whether they may be available to
communicate with. Office Communicator also
supports file transfer, audio and video conferences.
Office Communicator is a great solution for:

              all school based staff;
              school technical staff;
              DEECD corporate staff.
  The following steps install Microsoft Office
  Communicator and need only be performed
  1. Download Communicator.msi from
2. Save the file in C:\Program Files and
select ‘run’ to install

3. Start Microsoft Office
Communicator from the
start menu

4. In the Sign-in
address enter your
EduMail email address

5. Select Sign in

6. Enter your sign-in
details as illustrated
right. Your Sign-in
name is your email
address, User name
is in the format
edu001\<pin number>
then select Sign In.
    Adding contacts

Manually add contact    ‘Type a name’ bar accesses
by typing their email   address book
Adding contacts
Before you can send
the person a message
the recipient must
approve of you adding
them to your contact
list. Once this has been
complete you are ready
to begin collaborating
with your colleague.
Text chat – instant messaging
  Conversation History
Your Conversation
History is stored
in a folder in your
Edumail account.
Each record will
contain a
transcript of any
text chat.
conversations can
be saved as word
            Audio calling

Press the
phone receiver
icon to make
an audio call.
                 Video calling
Press the
webcam icon to
make an video
       Sending files
• Attachments can be sent via Communicator
  although DEECD cannot guarantee the use of
  file sharing as this feature is dependent on
  location and client software used
• Larger attachments can be sent via
• A folder named ‘My Received Files’ is
  automatically created in your ‘My Documents’
  folder for files received via Communicator
• Naturally these files can be moved to other
   Collegiate uses
Communicator can be used to
• convey messages between class
• avoid sending monitors out of class
• convey messages between
  office/admin and class teachers
• send documents to each other
• request assistance with student
  management/wellbeing issues
• communicate with colleagues in other
Student learning opportunities
   Communicator can be used to enable
   • communication between students in
     different classrooms / schools
   • buddy activities
   • collaboration
   • text chat transcripts to be recorded –
     assess reading, comprehension, writing
   • students to develop speaking and
     listening skills
   • sharing of work

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