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GE Capital Fleet Services


									GE Capital
Fleet Services
GE Capital
Fleet Services

    Why Van Lease with GE Capital, Fleet Services?

    The GE Van Centre of Excellence -                  Service & Process Excellence - Lies as the           200,000 LCVs in operation globally proves
    team of LCV industry experts, for all your         heart of the GE operation. Consistently              our pedigree.
    LCV requirements.                                  measured operational performance benefits
                                                       our customers through Service Level                  1.5m vehicles globally under GE funding and
    Expert advice - Consultative advice to drive                                                            fleet management control.
                                                       Agreement monitoring.
    continual improvement across all aspects of
    your LCV operation.                                Unlimited Vehicle selection - We have no             The GE Brand - Dating back to 1892 with
                                                       loyalty to any manufacturer brand, ensuring          2010 earnings of £8.4bn, GE is one of the
    BVRLA / FTA members - We will keep your                                                                 most respected companies in the world.
                                                       you are in full control of the vehicles on your
    fleet fully aware of the latest legislative
                                                       fleet policy.
    requirements for your fleet and be your voice in                                                        LCV focused Vendor Network - Provides
    the industry.                                      Value for Money - Optimum sourcing                   you with a robust level of LCV service from
    Key Solutions Consultative Team - We               leverage, highly effective cost of funds and         LCV specialists.
    constantly challenge our customers‟ strategic      best in class residuals mean you can be
                                                                                                            We operate and control some of the largest
    policies to identify long-term savings             assured of value.
                                                                                                            brands in the UK; Barclays, Tesco, Johnson
    and efficiencies.                                                                                       & Johnson, Boots, AstraZeneca.
                                                       Fair wear and tear aligned to BVRLA LCV
    Out of hours Servicing and Repair -                guide - Industry recognised fairness at end
    Increasing vehicle uptime and ensuring your        of contract .
    vehicle is back on the road as soon as possible.
                                                       Portfolio of Funding Methods - Allowing the
    Open Flex - Realise absolute flexibility for       right funding solution to be tailored to suit your
    your LCV fleet.                                    businesses requirements.
    Mobile Service Facility.
GE Capital
Fleet Services

    Van Lease Expertise

                           Simon Cook                              Eddie Parker                           Gary Killeen
                            GE LCV leader                           LCV Consultant                       Commercial Leader
                 25 years experience in the commercial   27 years experience in the commercial   20 years fleet industry experience.
                 vehicle industry. Formerly headed the     vehicle industry. Eddie‟s expertise   Gary has deep domain expertise in
                   sales and operations team at TLS          includes working within sales,        the European fleet industry and
                             vehicle rentals              operations and consultancy for both       founded GE's now global best
                                                            manufacturers and contract hire      practice strategic consulting group,
                                                             companies in UK and Europe.                    „Key Solutions‟.
GE Capital
Fleet Services

    Van Lease Expertise

             Robert Richards                                    Gareth Richards                                      Mary Dunphy                                     Dylan Setterfield
           Vehicle Order and Delivery                       Commercial Support Leader                           Lead Sourcing Specialist.                                Asset Manager
                    Specialist                            12 years fleet industry experience                5 years industry experience and is                  18 years fleet industry experience.
         Robert has 9 years fleet industry                   across a number of business                    MICPS qualified. Mary has expertise                 Dylana‟s expertise comes in Asset
        experience and his expertise come               functions. Gareth has a strong process                 dealing with Manufacturers,                      Management and setting residual
       from having a customer service and                 and operational mind-set, and is a                 Dealers, Aftersales and 3rd Party                values on vans. Dylan is also involved
            operational background.                        Certified Lean 6 Sigma Black belt                         Service Providers.                      in many other areas requiring detailed
                                                                                                                                                                       analytical expertise.

                                    Cindy Williamson                                      Charlotte Phillips                                  Ian Camacho
                                Commercial Support Associate                              Products and Services                               De-Fleet Manager
                                5 years fleet industry experience.                        Development Manager                          8 years fleet industry experience.
                                  Cindy is the lead contact for a               12 years fleet experience across numerous                 Ian currently works in Asset
                              number of our LCV customers as our                  GE business functions. Charlotte works                  Management specialising in
                               senior specialist, managing day to                 closely with our third party partners to             Remarketing. Ian‟s responsibilities
                               day LCV quotations and requests.                 develop and enhance our new and existing             include end of contract logistics and
                                                                                      product and services portfolio.                   damage inspection processes.
GE Capital
Fleet Services

    The GE Approach…
    The Problem
    A leading multi-location heating and ventilation company sought a leasing provider to support their
    network of mobile engineers with vehicles that could be used as mobile “toolboxes”. The challenge
    behind this was the vehicle had to be capable of transporting both engineer, tools and parts to site
    within a fully maintained contract hire package.
    From initial discussions, it was observed that current vehicles were being used to carry both engineer
    and a heavy overstock of parts. Through a detailed examination of the operating requirements, and the
    stockholding “churn” of the parts carried, it was established that a reduction in stock of smaller parts
    was necessary. This necessitated a vehicle with the inherent advantages of lower monthly rental, better
    fuel consumption figures and greater driver acceptance.
    Separately a study was undertaken of the various manufacturers within the size/weight band criteria
    defined, and a chosen vehicle make was established. This decision was based upon a basket of criteria
    including dealer location, downtime studies, operating costs and fuel consumption figures.
    In order to source the most suitable vehicle, a study was also undertaken of the load area layout in
    association with an interior fitting company, so the load space was set out to maximise productivity
    and access for faster moving parts.
    As part of the contract hire package, the issue of vehicle “exchange” was looked at, and the transfer of
    vehicles from one engineer to another. Vehicle movement and storage was included in the package,
    which also included maintenance on the vehicle to be transferred.

    The Solution
    This resulted in a sole supply LCV arrangement for both the existing client, together with a following
    sole-supply agreement with the parent entity.
GE Capital
Fleet Services

    The GE Approach…
    The Problem
    A national facilities management company with multiple sites and a multiple range
    of products required a solution to be able to provide contract hire on their car fleet
    and also their LCV fleet whilst still maintaining flexibility for seasonal and business
    growth requirements.

    This was achieved by providing our expertise in identifying the most suitable
    product for the job and mileage. The load type and payload was researched across
    all divisions of their business and a generic spec was reached which reduced their
    vehicle range equipment by 80 % and allowed massive downtime savings by working
    with a single manufacturer and maintenance provider. This also resulted in cost
    savings for the business.

    The Solution
    We were able to provide the flexibility in size of fleet needed by the business by pooling
    of vehicles to specification and providing a rental service for the fleet to cope with
    additional seasonal requirements.

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