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					Chandler-Gilbert Community College                                       Pecos Campus


Mrs. Shirley Miller                                        Spring 2010
Office: E231                                   Telephone: 480.732.7133

Office Hours: M, W, R 8:30-9:30; M,T, 1:30-2:30
Lab Hours in B123: M, W 10:00-10:50; T 8:30 - 9:20 a.m.
          Course Description: Explo-                  Supplies: Please acquire two
          ration of computer operations               storage devices. We require a
          and uses. Specific applica-                 flash (USB) drives. Microsoft
          tions taught are Word 2007,      Office Professional 2007 software which
          PowerPoint 2007, Excel           includes all of the applications that we
          2007, Access 2007, and the       will be using is available for purchase at
Windows XP Operating System.               the bookstore or through the college e-
                                           academy purchase agreement. You are
Class format:                              not required to purchase this.

    Students will be assigned a comput-                        Grading: Grading will
    er in the classroom with a group for                       be based on total points
    active learning exercises.                                 earned divided by total
    Instructor will lecture.                                   points possible. Those
    Instructor will demo computer activi-                      points are applied to the
    ties.                                                      following grading scale:
    Students will do hands-on computer                      90% - 100% = A
    activities.                                             80% - 89% = B
    Students will give presentations.                       70% - 79% = C
    Students will be tested for recall of                   60% - 69% = D
    facts and application of word            Points will be accumulated through
    processing, spreadsheets, databas-       computer assignments, tests, quizzes,
    es, and presentation graphics. Final     in-class group activities, chapter notes,
    exam is not cumulative.                  homework, extra credit, and other as-
    Students will create an electronic       signments. If you would prefer a P/Z
    portfolio.                               grade, fill out a P/Z form from Admis-
                                             sions and Records and give it to the in-
                                             structor by the beginning of the second
                                             week of classes. To earn a P, you must
Prerequisites: None. Typing ability will
                                             have a minimum grade of C or 70%.
be very helpful. (BPC111AA)
                                             Points are deducted for major and minor
                                             errors such as spelling or spacing er-
             Textbook: BPC110
                                             rors, incorrect data or formulas. An an-
             Chandler Gilbert Communi-
                                             swer key for printed assignments is
             ty College text bundled with
                                             available in the CIC Lab and in the
             SAM2007, by Shelly,
                                             classroom for you to compare your print
             Cashman, Vermaat. (Office
                                             outs with the answer key.
             2007 Premium Video Edi-
tion). Cost: Approximately $123.50.

BPC110_27844_27846_Miller_Syl_Sp_2010                                           1
Chandler-Gilbert Community College                                       Pecos Campus

            Food and open drink con-                       Outside Preparation:
            tainers are not allowed in our                 The Arizona Board of Re-
            computer labs or classrooms.                   gents has established as
                                             a general guideline that each course
                                             should require a student to spend a min-
          Computer Lab: The Comput-          imum of two hours in preparation out-
          er Lab is located in B123. The     side the class for each hour spent in
          hours are Monday - Thursday        class. The six hours of outside-class
          from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.,       preparation should be devoted to read-
          Friday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.,      ing, taking chapter notes, computer
and Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.           work, preparation for group activities,
There will be NO Sunday or holiday           tests, quizzes, etc.
hours. You are expected to exercise
responsible, ethical behavior when us-
ing the College's computing facilities.                      Assignments: You will
You will not be completing all of your                       be allowed to turn in only
assignments during class time. Plan on                       2 late assignments for
spending 3-6 hours in the computer lab                       the semester. A late as-
unless you have PC compatible equip-         signment is due the beginning of the
ment and the same software available         next class. After two, the late papers will
to you elsewhere. The equipment is           be graded at half the possible points.
available on a first-come, first-serve ba-   So, if you are absent on the day an as-
sis.                                         signment is collected, it is considered a
                                             late assignment. In addition, you will
Virus: A virus is a computer code that       have the schedule of assignments. The
can alter programs, destroy data, or         day you return, you must turn in any late
damage computer hardware. Your sto-          assignments, class activities performed
rage can “catch” a virus from being used     while you were out, and that day’s as-
in a computer which has a virus, from        signments that are due. (You cannot
swapping data with a virus-infected disk,    change your mind once you have taken
from downloading information from an         an assignment as late.) Please keep all
electronic bulletin board, etc.              assignments that have been returned to
                                             you at home or in your personal folder.
Chandler-Gilbert Community College is
not responsible for any viruses your sto-    Transferability: BPC110 transfers to
rage or equipment may get from working       ASU as AGB161 or satisfies the CS re-
on college computers, or using our file-     quirement, and to NAU as CIS120 or as
servers or networks. We strongly rec-        the SAS requirement. At U of A,
ommend that all students who use other       BPC110 transfers as elective credit.
computers (at home, at an office, at
other locations) have virus protection on
all other computers.                                    Final Exam schedule:

                                                          TR 9:50 Class
                                                    9:00A - 10:50A Tuesday May 11

                                                          TR 11:15 Class
                                                   11:00A - 12:50P Thursday May 13

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Chandler-Gilbert Community College                                       Pecos Campus

               Attendance is a must.         Appropriate Behavior: Students are
               You are subject to with-      expected to behave in an appropriate
               drawal after two ab-          manner while attending this class. In-
               sences. Students who do       appropriate behavior will follow actions
               well attend every class       outlined in the student handbook and
and are on time. Only official ab-           college catalog. Once class has
sences as stated in the student              started, please do not leave unless you
handbook can be considered an ex-            have cleared it with me. If you leave the
cused absence. You will be working in        room without permission during a test,
groups and your success and the              you will not be allowed to complete the
group's success will be dependent upon       test. During class time, I expect you to
your participation. If you are going to be   be working only on this course and not
absent, call me. You can call anytime        doing other work.
and leave a message on my voice mail.
An extended illness or extended              Please avoid class interruptions such as
emergency will require meeting with          cell phones. Turn off all electronic de-
a disability counselor.                      vices. Please refrain from using chewing
                                             tobacco during class.
I will be handling late arrivals and early
departures on an individual basis. If                        STATEMENT OF
people abuse the time in class, five                       ACADEMIC INTEGRITY
points will be deducted for each infrac-
tion.                                                      Chandler-Gilbert Community
                                                           College is an academic
In addition to calling me when you are                     community, and like all other
absent, you will want to call a member       communities, it can function properly if
of your group. Please exchange phone         its members adhere to clearly estab-
numbers with your group members.             lished goals and values. Essential to
Remember, you are responsible for any        this is a commitment to principles of
work that you miss due to an absence         truth and academic honesty. Therefore,
or tardiness. In many instances,             as a student of this community college,
points are lost because group work           know your rights and responsibilities to
cannot be made up.                           achieve academic integrity. Avoid situa-
                                             tions by which others could take unfair
                                             advantage of your achievements. Do
            Withdrawing: If you stop         not put yourself in a position that may
            coming to class without of-      undermine that confidence in your work
            ficially withdrawing, you        such as falsifying or fabricating data,
may receive a failing withdrawal. If you     failing to acknowledge sources, or let-
need to withdraw after student initiated     ting someone else do your assignments.
withdrawing is permitted, see me. In-        If you are committed to the principles of
completes are given only for serious         academic integrity, your earned credits
illnesses or extenuating circums-            will reflect the development of your skills
tances.                                      and will be a true measurement of your
                                             progress at Chandler-Gilbert Community

BPC110_27844_27846_Miller_Syl_Sp_2010                                          3
Chandler-Gilbert Community College                                       Pecos Campus

Professional Ethics: In an effort to         4. If you are absent during a quiz/test,
have your grade reflect your knowledge          a time and location convenient for
and effort in this course, I have found it      the instructor will need to be decided
necessary to develop the following pro-         for a make-up test. You may be giv-
cedures:                                        en an alternate form of the test (i.e.,
                                                short answer or essay).
1. Your storage devices will be checked      5. This course uses PC computers with
   randomly.                                    Windows XP and Microsoft Office
2. If you have cheated, a warning will          2007 Professional. While a Macin-
   be issued with a grade adjustment.           tosh computer can be used with MS
   You will not receive any credit; and         Office software, steps will not match
   further incidents of academic mis-           our textbook.
   conduct are subject to further discip-
   linary actions including removal from     Message from the Vice-President of
   the course. Cheating is not doing the                  Academic Affairs:
   work that you put your name on.                        The faculty and programs at
   The homework lab assignments                           CGCC are dedicated to ef-
   are NOT group projects. You                            fective teaching and suc-
   must do your own work to receive                       cessful learning with em-
   credit for it. If you give your work or                phasis in the following
   disk to another student, you are also     areas: communication, critical thinking,
   guilty of cheating. Please come to        literacy, and personal development.
   class prepared; do not copy another
   student’s work. Plagiarism is defined     Periodically, students will participate in
   as presenting the work of another as      formal and informal assessment activi-
   one’s own. From the CGCC Student          ties that will help faculty improve pro-
   Handbook: “Plagiarism includes, but       grams and teaching strategies. These
   is not limited to, the use of paraph-     activities are designed to facilitate stu-
   rase or direct quotation, of the pub-     dent growth in whatever combination of
   lished or unpublished work of anoth-      the above outcomes applies to a
   er person without full and clear ac-      course.
   knowledgement. It also includes the
   unacknowledged use of materials           In addition to the college-wide assess-
   prepared by another person or             ments, this class will have the following
   agency engaged in the selling of          assessment as part of the course re-
   term papers or other academic ma-         quirement: A pre/post test to measure
   terials.”                                 personal development.
3. During quiz/test times, you must
   keep all papers in your folders,
   books closed, no talking to other
   students, and eyes on your OWN
   computer and paper until all tests
   have been completed. If these rules
   are not followed, you will be given no
   credit for that quiz/test.

BPC110_27844_27846_Miller_Syl_Sp_2010                                           4
Chandler-Gilbert Community College                                       Pecos Campus

                                              port resources in the form of videotapes,
                                              software, and print materials. For a
                                              schedule of tutoring hours, additional
                                              information or assistance contact the
                                              Learning Center at (480) 732-7231, or
            Message from the Vice-            visit our website at:
President of Student Affairs, William
H. Crawford III:
Students with disabilities are required to
register for services in the Disability Re-
sources and Services (DRS) office in
the Student Center at the beginning of
the semester. Do not wait to visit the
DRS office if you want support with any                    BPC 110 Course Goals
CGCC classes.
                                              1. To understand an overview of com-
The DRS office will meet with you to de-         puter concepts such as input, output,
termine accommodations based on ap-              processor, storage, categories of
propriate documentation. This must be            computers, evolution of computer in-
on file before any accommodation will            dustry, etc.
be provided to students. You can con-         2. To understand application and sys-
tact the DRS office at (480)857-5188.            tem software
Faculty are not authorized to provide         3. Analyze and explain social and ethi-
any accommodations nor can they ap-              cal issues related to computer tech-
prove any accommodations for students            nology.
in this class.                                4. To understand and be able to use
                                                 Word 2007 for Windows
Students are welcome to seek support          5. To understand and be able to use
from the Vice President of Student Af-           Excel 2007for Windows
fairs office (480)857-5188) if they feel      6. To understand and be able to use
they have been discriminated against at          Access 2007 for Windows
CGCC.                                         7. To understand and be able to use
                                                 PowerPoint 2007 for Windows
               Message from the               8. To understand and be able to use
               Learning Center Coor-             the Windows XP Operating Envi-
               dinator: The CGCC                 ronment and Office 2007 Profes-
               Learning Center's mis-            sional.
               sion is to support stu-
               dents' academic learning
               by providing free tutoring
               and resources to rein-
force and supplement classroom in-
struction and to assist CGCC students
to achieve academic success. Free tu-
toring services are available for many
CGCC courses. The Learning Center is
located on the second floor of the Li-
brary, rooms L227, L228, and L229. The
Center also provides instructional sup-

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Chandler-Gilbert Community College                                     Pecos Campus

Instructor Expectations:                     Student Expectations:

    1. It is my responsibility to make you
       aware of any changes in course          1. I expect you to attend every
       requirements, syllabus, or poli-           class.
       cies.                                   2. I expect you to know the college
    2. It is my responsibility to make the        policies in the college catalog and
       course interesting enough to               student handbook.
       keep you awake.                         3. I expect you to be in class on
    3. The majority of the final grades           time and not leave early.
       will be A’s and B’s.                    4. I expect you to be prepared for
    4. I will begin and end the class on          class by doing the homework and
       time.                                      bringing the required materials.
    5. Past semesters I have had ex-           5. I expect you to participate in
       emplary attendance.                        class activities.
    6. I will help you learn/remember          6. I expect you to contact me if you
       the material in the best way I can.        have problems with the course as
    7. The material on the quizzes and            soon as the problems begin.
       tests will not be a surprise.           7. I expect you to be courteous and
    8. I will be available for individual         respectful to me and to your
       consultations with students.               peers.
    9. I will be courteous and respectful      8. I expect that Honors students will
       to students.                               adhere to policies and guidelines
                                                  for their honor projects.

BPC110_27844_27846_Miller_Syl_Sp_2010                                        6
Chandler-Gilbert Community College                                    Pecos Campus

How the e-Academy Software Purchase Program Works
1. Login
Use your Chandler Gilbert user ID to login to the e-Academy Software Center.
You must login in order to purchase or access any software from this system. Go

2. Select Software
Click on the "Software" button at the top of the page. Browse the website to find
the sofware product you're looking for.

When you find the product you want, click on "Add to cart". You can click on
"Continue Shopping" to purchase additional products or "Check Out" to proceed
to the Make Payment stage.

3. Make Payment
You make a payment by using a credit card. You need a valid VISA or Master-
Card. For your safety, we require the full name and address of the cardholder for

We will send you an email confirming your purchase and this serves as your re-
ceipt. Shopping is 100% secure. Guaranteed.

4. Install Software
When you recieve your CD Media, installation instructions are provided.
Disclaimer statement: Please be aware this agreement is hosted by an outsource
company and not a college supported service. For technical assistance send email

This software purchase program is for current Students, Faculty and Staff. Pur-
chasing software from the e-Academy Software Center can be done in these four
easy steps.

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Chandler-Gilbert Community College                                                                                                  Pecos Campus

                              Spring 2010 TR Tentative Calendar (subject to change)
    Monday                         Tuesday               Wednesday                   Thursday                     Friday                Saturday
      January 18                             19                           20                    21                         22                          23
         MLK Day               Intro to Comput-                                   Intro to Comput-         end add/drop week
   College Closed                           ers                                                ers

                         25                      26                       27                        28                        29                       30

                                   Windows XP                                         Windows XP

          February 1                          2                             3                    4                             5                         6
                                      Word 2007                                          Word 2007

                         8                         9                      10                        11                        12                       13

                                      Word 2007                                          Word 2007

               15                                16                       17                        18                        19                       20
  President’s Day
  College Closed                      Word 2007                                          Word 2007

                         22                      23                       24                        25                        26                       27

                                  Word Review                                           Word Tests

             March 1                               2                        3                         4                         5                        6
                                                                                                             Last day for with-
                              PowerPoint 2007                                    PowerPoint 2007           drawal w/out instruc-
                                                                                                               tor signature
                         8                  9                             10                  11                              12                       13
                              PowerPoint 2007                                    PowerPoint 2007

                      15                    16                       17                        18                           19                          20
   ----------------------       Spring Break               Spring Break              Spring Break                 Spring Break        ---------------------

                         22                      23                       24                        25                        26                       27

                                    PowerPoint                                   PowerPoint Tests

                         29                      30                       31                   April 1                         2                         3

                                      Excel 2007                                         Excel 2007

                         5                     6                            7                     8                            9                       10
                                      Excel 2007                                         Excel 2007

                         12                      13                       14                     15                           16                       17
                                                                                         Excel 2007
                                      Excel 2007

                         19                 20                            21                    22                            23                       24
                                  Excel Review                                         Excel Tests

                         26                      27                       28                        29                        30                  May 1

                                    Access 2007                                       Access 2007

                         3                         4                        5                         6                        7                         8

                                    Access 2007                                    Access Review

                         10                        11                       12                        13                 14
   Final Exams                   Final Exams             Final Exams                   Final Exams          Semester Ends
  --------------------          --------------------    --------------------      --------------------      Commencement

BPC110_27844_27846_Miller_Syl_Sp_2010                                                                                                        2
Chandler-Gilbert Community College      Pecos Campus

BPC110_27844_27846_Miller_Syl_Sp_2010         2

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