Motivational Speakers for Cancer Patients and Charities

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					     Motivational Speakers for Cancer Patients and Charities

Cancer is considered as one of the leading causes of medical death in the globe. There are
seminars and charity events dedicated to funding cancer patients and those seminars to
educate people regarding the awareness of cancer and what the causes are. Motivational
speakers are the main course discussing in these seminars and charity events. In charity
events speakers discuss about how a person can make a difference by simply giving a
donation to the charity fund for helping cancer patients. Their money will go to those
patients who are unable to afford treatment for their cancer. Here are a few charities
and subject points that a keynote speaker will tackle in their discussions.

Cancer awareness

One of the major campaigns held around the globe, Motivational speakers will discuss with
their audience that they must constantly be aware should they have a history of cancer in
their family background. They will also discuss the different kinds of cancer and where it
strikes. For women they should be careful with having breast cancer, regular check-ups
are a must for them in order to determine if certain cysts that are growing in their breast
are cancerous or not.

Different kinds of cancer

There are four different kinds of cancers and they are breast cancer, colon cancer, lung
cancer and prostate cancer. They are some of the most common cancers that people have.

Breast Cancer – Is considered as the most common cancer in women and nearly 20 % of all
cancer deaths are related to breast cancer. This kind of cancer can develop in a woman
after the age of 40.
Colon Cancer – Is considered as the 3rd and most common cancer a person can have and
estimates around 131,000 Americans are diagnosed with this disease each year and
55,000+ deaths related to it.

Lung Cancer – The second most common cancer among men and women and the major cause
of this is excessive smoking.

Prostate Cancer – Mostly men are affected by it where 40% of men ages 50 and above
develop microscopic traces of cancer in their prostate gland a number of these men die
due to the increase in cancer cells while others die with no significance to this at all.

Motivational speakers will talk about the different kinds of charities that deal with cancer
nowadays and some of these charities are more into helping cancer patients with their
treatment and their medical bills, while other charities are into funding research to find a
cure or a suppressant for the disease. Cancer has been around for as early as man incented
the wheel; our preemptive goal now is to find a cure for this disease in order to prevent it
from taking the lives of people. Research regarding the cure for the disease have been
going on for many years now but still charities like these fund such research in order to
one day find a cure for cancer or find a suppressant where cancer can be halted in a state
to prevent it from spreading.

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