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                  DESMO162                                                     Editors Comment

EDITORIAL CHIT CHAT                                                                     results seem to have
                                                                                        an indirect effect in
                                                                                        as much as if a
Seems that my request for rally reports etc                                             Ducati wins,
fell on deaf ears …. There’s been plenty of                                              suddenly people are
arm-twisting to get people to write about                                                re-interested in the
club supported events for this issue, shame                                              marque ... ever
that some have been not written about, as                                                noticed the groups
other members enjoy reading all about                                                    of people admiring
events. With the Northern Rally and Ducati                                              the bikes when
weekend coming up, maybe someone can                          parked up? The interest is proportionate the
write about those? Please ..?                                 size of the victory …..
    Good to see the Airwaves / GSE team                          Finally, good to see a pub that features a
sticking – quite rightly – to Ducati and                      Ducati in its signage – well done to
achieving success in the highly-prestigious                   Karen Lane!
British Superbike series. Not too sure if they
can beat the HM Plant team though …. And                      See you at WSB / BSB / Ducati weekend ….
let’s wish Stuart Easton a speedy recovery so
that he can uphold his challenge in the                                                                          Ciao,
Supersport series. Although the days of ‘win                                                                      Jilly.
on Sunday, buy on Monday’ are gone, the

(password for the members area is monster750)

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DOC GB News                                                       DESMO162

NEWS ITEMS                                         two outer layers that provide the style and look
                                                   of the garment, but each has a specific use.
Northern Rally Update                                  The first is a weatherproof jacket for winter
                                                   and inclement weather use. This can be
All the rooms at the Cavendish are now             replaced in the summer by a lighter suit with
taken, however alternative arrangements can        plenty of venting to help keep cool, this not
be made, if anybody would like to stay             being so weather proof as its stablemate. Both
please contact Martyn Edwards on 01254             of these come as part of the overall deal.
707782 after 6pm to arrange alternative very           All layers zip together and there is plenty
local accommodation. If anyone would like to       of adjustment to ensure it all first snugly,
camp there are two sites within 3 mins walk        although it is still quite bulky compared to
of the Cavendish. Look forward to seeing           some riding suits. However, thanks to its
some new faces, and lots of old ones !!!!          technical control of temperature there is no
                                                   need to have a multitude of layers beneath it
                               Martyn Edwards      even on the coldest of days.
                                                       The venting in the outer ‘summer’ jacket
                                                   provides some breathability when the
MOTORCYCLE CLOTHING                                temperature rises and still allows you to
                                                   benefit from the protection levels offered by
For some months now I have been using the          the garment. All three layers are machine
Halvarssons riding suit from Sweden and            washable for ease of convenience and
have come to the conclusion that it is             smartness and no doubt longevity!
probably one of the ultimate general purpose           As far as price is concerned it is not
motorcycle riding suits in the world.              cheap and is way above a set of reasonable
    Its appearance just hits you in the eye and    leathers, but it is far more adaptable than
when you look closely at it shows just how         these would be for everyday use. Sure
technical clothing has become with                 leather will be better on a race track, but for
manufacturers now understanding that               road riding you have to plump for the
to do the job properly you need a variety          Hulvarsson suit.
of materials.                                          (It should also be born in mind that you
    Mine is really three suits in one, each        need a waterproof suit as well as a lining suit
performing a different function. The inner layer   for leathers which add to the costs!)
controls skin temperature, either by keeping           Full details of current costs and shipping
heat in or wicking sweat away. This is done        can be obtained from the manufacturer’s
by having a paraffin coating which reacts to       website www.jofama.se
temperature by melting or solidifying.
    The next layer, which looks like a knitted                                              Ian Kerr
woolly bear outfit, provides the protection in
the event of a collision and co-incidentally it
will also stop a knife, which makes it of          WEBSITE
particular interest to professional riders such
a police! This also houses pockets for the CE              Details of a very useful web site
impact absorbing pads at the vulnerable                             has changed to
joint areas.                                                  www.lost-stolen.co.uk
    These two layers form the basis of the suit        – check it out for help with stolen bikes.
to be worn at all times. Over these goes one of

                DESMO162                                                 DOC GB News

GO CLASSIC JAPANESE                                     bike down, just use the accommodation and
                                                        spend a day trail riding or vice versa. Use your
WITH RETRO BIKE HOLIDAYS                                own bike then have a day on a classic Japanese
Finding accommodation that is motorcycle                mount, or even just catch a plane and pick your
friendly is often quite difficult, even more so when    choice of steed – ancient or modern.
talking about foreign countries. Similarly looking          You can have day, two or three, whatever you
for an interesting motorcycle holiday that has          like such is the flexible nature of the operation.
some variety to it is equally difficult.                You might even pick up some riding hints and tips
    However, if you fancy the Dordogne region of        along the way on the police method of riding as
France it may not quite be as difficult as you may      an added bonus to the deal.
think. Retro Bike Holidays is run by Paul Bishop-           Having spent a week there I can vouch for the
Bailey an ex police motorcyclist from the UK and        accommodation which is first-class, as is the
his wife Julie.                                         food. They really do go out of their way to look
    Based in Le Bugue they offer quite diverse          after you and the roads are just right for riding at
motorcycle holidays and can literally tailor the        whatever pace you chose. It is also a great
experience to your personal needs. The whole            opportunity to try out bikes you could never afford
area around their base is surrounded by virtually       at the time they were the latest factory offering.
empty roads that are a motorcyclists dream in               If this sounds like your idea of fun contact
every respect and take you through some of the          Retro Bike Holidays at
more historic cities and towns of France.               www.retrobikeholidays.co.uk or phone +33 614
    Off-road trails also abound giving spectacular      234428 for more information or to discuss
views of the local area as well as good riding that     your needs.
avoids contact with civilisation! In other words                                                      Ian Kerr
whether you want tarmac or dirt roads, history
and culture with a true French accent, it is all
around his home area.
    Accommodation is provided on site and
consists of a Gite that will sleep up to six people,
or there is the choice of a log cabin for two also
within the grounds. These easily accommodate
secure parking for two or four wheels and also
give access to the on-site swimming pool, use of
which is included in the full-board package.
    Should you choose you can turn up on your           FEN-TIGER
own bike and engage Paul as a guide to the local
area. Alternatively dare I say, you can choose to       Fen Tiger - based in Dorset - is a friendly family
use one of the classic Japanese bikes from the          business specialising in the care and pampering
seventies and eighties from his garage to put a         of Ducatis. A small company established in 1989,
different perspective on the local ride outs!           Fen Tiger’s proprietor Lance is Ducati factory
    If trail riding is you bag he can also supply an    trained, having received the coveted Ducati
off-roader and take you off the beaten track for        certificate whilst working in the USA in 1987. He
the day. But, if you want to use the option of a        started working on Ducatis in 1982, and his CV
cheap budget flight into Bergerac airport but still     includes working at Moto Vecchia. Fen Tiger’s
use modern bikes, he can arrange hire of these as       areas of expertise include: paintwork, engine
well. Airport transfers are part of the deal and full   work/rebuilds - bevel belt, single, twins,
back-up facilities exist in every case.                 restorations – everything your Ducati needs!. All
    So the options are endless. Trailer or ride a       work given 100% commitment, and as a Ducati

DOC GB News                                                              DESMO162

enthusiast, Lnce owns several. Pick up/delivery          that everyone can do it. Please do. Please will you
service available. For more details contact Lance:       also forward this to everybody in your address
01258 451021 or email fentigerclassics@aol.com           book, it won’t take too many ‘forwards’ before
                                                         everybody will know about this. It really could save
                                                         your life. For more than one contact name ICE1,
ICE                                                      ICE2, ICE3 etc.
                                                         However, there’s also this news too:
No, not the weather, but in view of incident in the      ITS A HOAX !
UK this one has been doing the rounds,                   Be very careful with this one - although the
seemingly a good idea:                                   intention is great it is unfortunately phase one of a
     East Anglian Ambulance Service have launched        phone based virus that is laying a path for
a national “In case of Emergency (ICE)” campaign         propagating very quickly. Passing it on is part of
with the support of Falklands war hero Simon             the virus interestingly, such is the deviousness of
Weston and in association with Vodafone’s annual         the people who write these things. We have
life savers award. The idea is that you store the        already seen the “second phase” where a
word “ICE” in your mobile phone address book, and        program is sent as part of a ring-tone download
against it enter the number of the person you would      that goes into your address book and looks for
want to be contacted “In Case of Emergency”. In an       something it recognises - you’ve guessed it, an
emergency situation ambulance and hospital staff         address book entry marked “ICE or “I.C.E.” or
will then be able to quickly find out who your next of   whatever. It then sends itself to the “ICE list”,
kin are and be able to contact them. It’s so simple      charging you for the privilege.

        DESMO162                                         Adverts


                          QUEENSBERRY PAINT CRAFT
                            (01536) 518319 / 513351
                                    QUEENSBERRY ROAD GARAGE,
                                     28 - 32 QUEENSBERRY ROAD,
                                       NORTHANTS NN15 7HL
                                       ESTABLISHED 1970
                           OPEN: MON-FRI 8.30-5.00 SAT 9.00-12.30

                            MOT & SERVICE CENTRE
                            DUCATI EXPERIENCED.
                           Workshop 01536 412610 Gary
                           Paintshop 01536 518319 Nigel
                                         • MOT TEST
                                         • SERVICING
                                        • PAINTWORK
                                   • INSURANCE REPAIRS
                                     • BUY & SELL BIKES

                           www.qrgservices.co.uk Click on Garage Services,
                          Click on QRG Paint Craft. For more information
                           email scimitar@queensberry2000.freeserve.co.uk

Forthcoming Events                                      DESMO162

                   Ducati Weekend
                        on   Sept 2nd / 3rd / 4th
            Newlands Holiday Park, Charmouth, Dorset.

 The site has all types of accommodation - luxury pine lodges, deluxe
 caravans, apartments, and if you must, camping, - plus the additional
 facilities - pool, restaurant, bar etc.

 The Club is hoping to make this a big success. It’s a great opportunity to get
 together with other members for a great social event. We can hold a
 ‘Ducati Only’ auto jumble - a chance to sell all those bits at the back of the
 shed. I am hoping to have one or two local dealers in attendance. For those
 who wish they can have a ride out. We will have all the club regalia
 including some new lines. So support this event, make it a success (this can
 only be done if we have a large turn out).

                Free   Beer and barbeque
               for DOC GB members Saturday evening.
                             Thanks, Gaz B, Chairman.

 For further details contact:
 Gary Brook on g.brook@ntlworld.com 07884216399
 Dave Schollar on 07989805516

 Please book your accommodation through the Park on 01297 560259
 E-mail enq@newlandsholidays.co.uk

               DESMO162                                           STOLEN BIKES

STOLEN DUCATI 748R                                 STOLEN

Stolen from my garage on Monday 23 May
                                                   ONE OF
                                                   A KIND
                                                   A very special
 Registration mark EX51                            motorcycle was stolen from a private
                                                   address in York during the night of June
           XVO                                     30. This motorcycle is a one-of-a-kind racing
                                                   motorcycle originally purchased directly from
   • Frame Number ZDMH 300AA1B008869               Ducati’s racing division in Italy.
     • Engine number ZDM748W4B-001935                 It has a significant racing history having been
 • Colour Red with white rear number boards        campaigned in various Superbike
• It has a Ducati race shift (One up five down)    championships, most notably being Anthony
   and Motec Rear sets (rigid,non-standard,        Gobert’s spare bike in the US AMA
 Black). • It has Termignoni race cans fitted.     championship in 1998.
• It has noindicators fitted and only one mirror
                      (left one).                  • The racing specification engine size is 996 cc,
            • Usual 748R bits and bobs             engine number ZDM996W4*000951.
  - plus carbon fibre clutch plate and hugger.
      • It had Metzler Race Tec tyres fitted.      • The frame number is ZDMH100AAVB000849.
    • On the head stock there is a little plate
      designating the bike 853 out of 1000.        • This bike is not road registered nor can it be
             • The bike is alpha dotted.           legally registered for road use.
           • It has a Data Tool alarm and
                  immobiliserfitted.               • It has very distinct paintwork with one of them
                                                   being the original paint scheme as raced in the
It was not insurance covered for this theft and    US with the Vance&Hines team.
 I am offering a reward of 10% of the value of
 the bike and/or for information leading to the    • Among the very unique specification are
                      arrest                       Superbike Ohlins forks, Ohlins rear with an early
   and conviction of the thieves (i.e. currently   prototype hydraulic pre-load adjuster, longer
                  £700 reward).                    magnesium single side swinging arm with over
                                                   sized titanium hub ssembly, Marchesini
    I feel more than a little powerless and        magnesium racing wheels, 57 mm Termignoni
 frustrated so anything I can do to make the       titanium exhaust system, Brembo billet front and
thieves life more difficult I am prepared to do.   rear brake systems, 60 mm carbon fibre fuel
                                                   injection system, oversized carbon fibre fuel tank
                David Daws                         with “Ducati 916RS” lettering, and many other
         INGRAM WINTER GREEN                       carbon fibre components. The second set of
         Direct Line: 020 7845 7449                fairing which were on the bike at the time of the
       E-mail: daviddaws@iwg.co.uk                 theft are painted in a red/silver/black “speed
              www.iwg.co.uk                        block” scheme with #195 front and rear and
                                                   “3Up Racing” logos.

                                                   • Two sets of wheels were taken, a black
                                                   painted set with Michelin Race 2 tyres and the

STOLEN BIKES                                                      DESMO162

                            other a gold painted     Any information should be forwarded to the
                            set with Michelin wet    North Yorkshire Police department at 0845
                            tyres. Front tyre size   6060247, citing case 1051820108. A
                            is 120/70-17 and         substantial cash reward is being offered for
                            rear 180/55-17.          information leading to a successful recovery
                                                     of the bike.
                            • Virtually none of
                            the components
                            including the wheels
                            fit any road going
                            motorcyle as they
                            are unique to this
                            racing version.

• Along with the bike, wheels, and fairing, the
theft included front and rear paddock stands,
motorcyle racing leathers, boots, gloves, and
helmets, and various other motorcycle related

   To find out all of the latest news,
   offers, and information, join the DOC
   GB email list. By sending an email to
   dolist@docgb.org with an empty
   subject line and the words ‘join
   docgb’ (no inverted commas) in the
   first line of the message body, this
   should be all you have to do.

   Should there be any problems in
   subscribing, then email either
   keith@docgb.org or

                 DESMO162                                              Daytona Melons

Dear America,

    You marvel at how Daytona 200 competitors            elevate those that participate in such an event at
maintain concentration for the full distance at          such a venue at such velocities for so long onto
speeds of 170 mph plus however, as much as I             another plane altogether.
can appreciate the skill level required for 200
miles on the Daytona banking and infield, how                                                    Regards,
does the following appeal :-                                                              Francis Duguid.
    A race of 226.5 miles on public narrow
country roads; a course bathed in sunshine,
heavy rain, hail, mountain mist, all in the space
of one lap; through village, glen and mountain
pass; from sea level to 1300ft. asl; run off area
measured in inches in places, iron rod fencing,
granite rock wall and cliff face, in other areas a
short drop, others a steep drop; humped back
bridges; road surfaces in places likened to a
corrugated washboard; long fast descent with
a surface defect sufficient to worry an Ohlins
steering damper set to position 18; machines
requiring a frame rebuild, never mind the
engine, following the event; lap speeds in the
region of 127 mph with race average 125 mph;
top speeds at or above 180 mph; race position
unknown for 90 % of the time, you race the
clock; for long the domain of Scots and Irish
Super Gladiators; ——— I think by now you’re
getting the picture, “Mona’s Island”, The Isle of
Man TT Races and the Manx Grand Prix.
    Back in the ‘70s a rider from Yorkshire,
England, called Mick Grant was timed going
through a tree lined area called Highlander at
181 mph, not on one of today’s sophisticated
WSB or Grand Prix projectiles but on an evil
handling Kawasaki 3 cylinder two stroke, the
predecessor to that ridden by “Superfrog”
himself, Yvonne du Hamel, on the smooth,
relatively safe, enclosed circuits in the F750
class, where it still illustrated its evil tendencies.
            I write this not to denigrate the skills
of the modern short circuit jockey but only to

President’s meeting                                DESMO162

ANNUAL PRESIDENTS                                                    Hence from this
                                                                moment forward -
MEETING ITALY 2005.                                              and I don’t care if it
                                                                 sounds like we are
Well, despite the pictures                                        being a bit cheesy
showing me having a hoot of a                                     here as you are
time this was actually a serious                                   either with it or
meeting (yeh right) with                                           not!!!!! And if you
an agenda.                                                          aren’t then fine,
    I had a list of things to do,                                    but I reckon you
people to talk to, and one or two                                     could be in a
tasks to achieve, and I am glad to                                    minority.
report to the members that most of                                               So the
what we set out to do I think I have                                   buzz words for
sorted. I say ‘we’ as I took the club                                   the
public relations man, Martyn                                             foreseeable
Edwards, with me - this was so that                                       future are “
Martyn could listen first hand to what                                     Share the
the likes of Federico Minoli had                                           Passion”.
to say, and also most of                                                         Look
Ducatis’ top people involved                                                out for the
with the world clubs                                       shirts - I will try and get
and events.                                              them available asap. They
    Mr. Minoli once again                                 will say “Ducati Owners
reiterated to the clubs that                            Club GB” on one side and
he wanted all of us (the                               “Ride a Ducati share a
Ducatisti) world wide to                              Passion” on the other, and I
feel as if we are part of                            will get some knocked up in
a tribe - the biggest                              Italian as well….Easiest thing
tribe in the world and                            for me to do now is to say if
that every time we                               anybody would like to know
are together it is a                            what went on and what was said
tribal gathering. (Yes, I                      at the meeting either e-mail or give
know that there are people out                me a ring and I will talk you to
there who think that this is a bit cheesy -   death about it for as long as you
but each to their own.) This started last      are happy to listen……..
year as ‘a family’ but he has now                        And miss out on WDW at
decided it can be bigger so                        your peril….
why not a tribe? He wants us
to share what we have with all                                             Gaz B,
the Ducati riders in the world,                                 Chairman DOC GB.
and to state it simply he has
emphasized the fact that we are all
sharing something that is best
described as a passion…………..

               DESMO162                                                           Discounts

ACCESS BIKE CARE                                     FYLDE SUPERBIKES

Special security package deal available only to      10% off parts, clothing and servicing at Fylde
DOCGG members Insurance approved anchor              Superbikes at Blackpool, Preston, and Ducati
chain and lock package giving protection at          Manchester on production of valid DOC GB club
home and away. 3 simple packages, bolt down,         card.
concrete in the retractable anchoring providing
maximum protection for your bike. Postage and        GRAND PRIX RACEWARE
Packing included - speedy delivery. Contribution
to DOCGB.                                            3 Fitzhamond Court, Featherstone Road,
                                                     Wolverton Mill South. Milton Keynes. MK12 6LB.
ACCUTEK                                              Contact Fiona Fox for details as to which items
                                                     have 20% discount from this supplier.
Accutek are offering 15% off alarms to DOCGB
members. Tel: 01962 886900                           HAYNES

CLEAR ALTERNATIVES                                   Haynes are offering 12.5% discount on ALL
                                                     books and videas, plus free postage and
2 Washington Circle, Unit 3, Sandwich, MA,           packing (within UK). If you are interested in this
USA 02563. www.clearalternatices.com are             offer please send an SAE to Fiona Fox for an
offering 10% discount on all clear taillights that   order form. Fiona Fox, 134 Kearsley Road,
they produce. Please contact Tobin Tracy - Fax:      Crumpsall, Manchester M8 4LZ.
508 833 3700, or
Email: clear@clearalternatives.com                   ITALIA MOTO

CORSE PERFORMANCE SERVICE LTD                        7 Bargate, Lincoln. LN2 5UB
                                                     5-10% spares, 10% accessories and clothing.
Offer 10% off parts and labour to DOC                Please contact Jeanette Suddards 01522
members. The new address is Unit C2, Lower           511614
Mantle close, Clay Cross, Chesterfield S45 9NY.
01246 251 000 email address:                         ITALIAN MOTORCYCLE COMPANY
                                                     4 The Oaks, Down End, Lords Meadow Trading
DEXDIRECT                                            Estate, Crediton, Devon.
                                                     10% discount on parts, accessories and
www.dexdirect.com - 5% off all products on           clothing. Please contact Ray 01363 774499.
their internet site.                                 For details of track day please contact above
                                                     number, or check the web-site at:~ www.italian-
EXTREME MACHINES                                     motorcycle.co.uk

11 Swan Yard, High Street, Whetstone,                JACK LILLEY LTD
Leicester, LE8 6LQ. £10 discount on set of
frame plugs for 748/916 series. For further          Some of you will know the name ‘Jack Lilley
details please contact Daryl Gamble, 0116            Ltd’ although now a Triumph dealership, they
2861612                                              are the sole UK importer for ‘Roadracing’. If
                                                     you have not heard of ‘Roadracing’ before it is

Discounts                                                          DESMO162

an Italian company who make hand-made               SPEEDAWAY
aluminium accessories for quite a few different
bikes - the largest range they make happens to      78a, Oldbury Road, Blackheath, Warlwy, 5%
be for Ducati, listing vast amounts of parts for    discount on accessories. Please contact
all types of Monster and the 748/916. We now        Accessories dept - 0120 559 1270
have a link on our website to Jack Lilley Ltd,
and they are offering DOCGB members 10%             SUPERBIKE TYRES
discount on these parts. Please check out their
web site and the factory site: www.jacklilley.com   Witney, Oxon. For Sportbikes 10% off prices on
& www.roadracing.it                                 the website on Pirelli and Dunlop tyres. 5% off
                                                    Bridgestone and Metzler tyres. Initial contact by
MOTO 46                                             email please (if you have computer access)
Moto46 has a few Ducati goodies that might be       www.superbiketyres.com
of interest - a few second hand glass fibre         Tel Dave Williams - 0500 202 726
track bodykits for 916/748/955/996/998 and
some brand new Pirelli Diablo Corsa tyres.          TEC MOTO
Mention that you are a DOC GB members and
quote number for discount, speak to Hayley,         4 The Parade, Colchester Road, Romford,
Moto46, tel 01673 844083 / 07985 156516.            Essex. RM3 0AQ
                                                    10% off clear taillights fro Ducatis.
ROBSOM RACING                                       Tel Wayne: 01708 343916
                                                    MUST HAVE PROOF OF MEMBERSHIP
Offer DOC GB members a minimum 10%
discount. Sprockets, brake discs pads,              WOODS MOTORCYCLES
exhausts, rearsets, screns, etc get 10% and
with plugs, batteries, and oil possibly can offer   Units A1-A4 Peel Street, Abergele, Clwyd phone
more! Their current promotion offers members        for any discounts - dependant on products and
4ltr Motul 300V Competition and Genuine Ducati      time of year. Please contact sales - 01745
filter for £34.00 (RRP £39.50) and 4ltr Silkolene   822922 Demos available: ST2, ST4, 748,
oil Pro 4 and filter for £31.00 (RRP £36.50) NGK    Monster 900, S4.
DCPR9E plugs for £3.00 (RRP £3.75) Goodridge
braided brake hose plastic coated stainless or      W.M.SNELL
alloy fittings front 2 line kit all models £54.00
(RRP £64) and ST range bar risers 1” up and 7       W.M.Snell, Station Road, Alton Hants, tel 01420
degrees back £75.00 (RRP £85.00). Most of this      84480 are offering 10% discount to DOCGB
is for the four valves but they can do a deal on    members on Ducati accessories and spares.
oil, filter and plugs for the older models.         You must have proof of membership ie
Contact Mike Davis on 01789 450822,                 membership card.
e-mail robsomracing@ic24.net,
www.robsomracing.co..uk for the web.                WWW.SLICKERBIKE.COM

SHIRLAWS                                            For all your biking requirements, great discounts
                                                    available on many items for DOCGB members.
92 Crown Street, Aberdeen. AB1 2HJ                  Tel 01782 763864
Please ring for negotiable discount Please
contact Graham Garden - 01224 584855

               DESMO162                                                Bertie (part 4)

                                 STEVE AND
                                   NESS 4
Whilst talking around the kitchen table a           so many parcels arriving and that my driving
week or so ago with Steve’s eldest Bill, the        skills in the sorting office car park leaves a lot
topic of this column came up. Drawing               to be desired, I should perhaps, get a strong
similarities from a popular TV program I said       box or something to leave them in at home. I
“it’s not so much Sex in the city as Bikes in       am also on first name terms with the UPS
the country”, we were all roaring with              man who waves to me through the front
laughter including me, that is, until I realised    room window instead of ringing the bell.
what I had just said! Oh, dur Ness!                     Along with all the new mods, there is the
    Steve has now asked me to put a parental        Pasty factor. This is to say over the last
block on his setting on E-bay because he’s          couple of years Steve has put on, shall we
spending too much, (Clint, an 851 Strada,           say, a few pounds. To combat this he has
better be the most fan dabby dozy bike you          steadily changed various parts for lighter
have ever seen for the amount of money              aluminium or magnesium and more recently
spent on it.) Steve making the Merlin rally on      carbon fibre. With each pasty eaten, more
Clint, is as a distant dream as me in a size 12     has had to be changed. Then there comes
at the moment! But he has had me ferrying           the point where nothing else can be
bits into work and back for a week now. The         swapped, so then things have to be cut
trouble is, the planned changes to Clint’s          away. Some of these are in the guise of
engine are so drastic it will take a while to put   making it look ‘a bit trick’, but when they’re
it all into place.                                  hidden behind fairings, you
    One of these changes planned for Clint, (I      have to ask, why? Holes are
can’t help thinking that Steve has bitten off       also drilled left right and
more than he can chew with all three needing        centre, this worries me
work) is to fit an oil cooler, now you would        slightly. Still, so long
think that you could just open up some              as they’re not by
blanking screws and pop it on, simple. No,          the
by stripping down the 916 engine, purchased
from E-bay, and the 851 motor the
differences were obvious. There is a steel
plate similar to a two stroke reed valve, fitted
above the oil filter which directs the oil
through the cooler. Then there are adapter
stubs to take the oil pipes and 916SP
exhaust rocker covers to mount the
cooler itself, the cooler, again an E-bay
purchase, was taken from a 748.
    The postman stopped me the other
day and suggested that because I have

Bertie (part 4)                            DESMO162

                             suspension and he doesn’t turn it into
                             something resembling Swiss cheese…The
                             weight, speed ratio is well understood now
                             and no more is said.
                                 Bertie may well be getting a spare engine,
                             a 350. This, amongst all the other purchases,
                             i.e. the poo coloured magnesium covers for
                             Clint, is a good investment. The outer covers
                             may come in very handy in the future. Steve’s
                             thoughts turn to the tinkering possibilities, so
                             I’ve sent him to the shed to tinker with the
                             one that’s already in bits!

                                                   Steve and Ness Robins.

      Ducati Proteam Ltd
                   Tel:020 8947 7555
                  Tel/fax:020 8946 8624
                  Unit 18, 59 Weir Rd.
                       SW19 8UG

       The Independent
      specialist workshop
   ducatipr oteam@unit18.fr eeser ve.co.uk

                DESMO162                      A 916 and Another Level

At certain times in your riding career a bike      expensive, but with the help of Ebay the bike
will come along that helps you push your           was soon on the road. On the first couple of
riding skills to another level. A few stick in     outings I realised how different this bike is to
my mind, like the power surge on a 400 four        the 851. It took me over 400 miles to get to
after passing my test on a 250, and after          grips with this machine. It steers quickly and
owning a classic Kawasaki z1, swapping it          you can power out of corners. You also feel
for a Laverda 650 Sport and learning how           part of the bike, where as I never quite felt
modern suspension transforms your riding           totally in tune with the 851.
style. (WOW that bike could turn in quickly)          I find that I am automatically riding with
    Three years ago I bought an 851, I really      the balls of my feet on the pegs to give me
wanted a 916 but could not afford one. I was       the leverage to shift about the seat for the
a bit nervous about buying a Ducati because        corners. Never before have I explored the
of all the bad press they get for reliability. I   edges of the tyres or lifted the front wheel on
never fully understood what people meant           exiting corners. This bike has indeed taken
when they used the term “Planted” but the          me to the next level of riding ability, so much
851 made this clear. You put these bikes into      so that I have dared to book in on the July
a corner and they stay on line soaking up          DOCGB track day at Cadwell. (Granted in
bumps without any fuss. They don’t have a          the novice group)
steering damper because they don’t need one.          I was sorry to see the 851 go as it was the
    Now we come to the 916. I sold my 851 to       most reliable I have had over the two years of
fund a 916 project. The previous owner had         ownership, but there are no regrets in buying
had a camera on the tank and pulled a wheely       the 916.
too far. The damage was purely cosmetic and                                                     Hugh

              Northern Rally 5th to 7th August at the
              Cavendish Arms in Cartmel, Cumbria.
          There are some rooms left in the hotel but you need to speak to Richard and
       mention you are a DOC member to book a room. If you want to eat you have to
      book a table as well! There are three other pubs in the village and also some B&B

       if the pub is full and Richard will give you details. I advise you to do this quickly
                    as there is the annual show on and rooms will be scarce!

           There is secure parking in the Cavendish and a campsite close by in the
          village. There will be a special T-shirt for those who pre-book - just send
        a cheque for £10 to me at Steve Smith, 27 Stonefall Avenue, Harrogate HG2

                               7NR, and specify size and colour!

                                         Cheers Steve.

BMF Show May 2005                                               DESMO162

                         BMF Show
                         May 2005
                  If you didn’t come to the       display of
                  BMF Show then you missed        regalia
                  out on a great weekend.         thanks to
After months of organising, we had a stand        Paul Johnston.
the club could be proud of and really showed         Sixteen members joined the club over the
off what the club is all about. There were        weekend. David Russell was the lucky new
posters advertising track days and a slide        member to have his number drawn out,
show of past events and members bikes. On         winning a years free membership. Keith
display in the marquee were twenty-seven          Fothergill won first prize in the members’
DOC members’ Ducatis of all ages, from                             draw of a £50 Ducati
singles to 749’s.                                                   insurance token (kindly
    The weather could                                                donated by Ducati
have been dryer! The                                                  Insurance). Andrew Kozma
storm on Saturday                                                      came second winning a
evening had to be seen to                                              £15 regalia token, with
be believed. Did we let this                                         runners up Steve Bennett
dampen our spirits? No, just every thing else!    and Ains Casson winning a t-shirt.
Saturday night was spent either chilling out in      Thanks to everybody who helped over the
the marquee, or riding on the amusements,         weekend and to all those who brought their
watching the live band and having a little to     bike for display. A special thanks must go to
drink!                                            Colin and Roz Darlow, Steve Gooch, Wayne
    First thing Sunday morning was spent          Penman and Keith Bartlett.
hammering in metal spikes to help drainage           The stand was voted third out of all the
and moving bark chippings to soak up mud.         club stands.
Luckily Sunday was dry so we saw more
visitors in the marquee enjoying the bikes                                          Guy Gagen
and spending their money on the great

                DESMO162                                                          Moto Giro

                       Motogiro d’Italia 2005
Five years ago Ducati sponsored the revival of        another.
the Motogiro d’Italia. Once one of the most               The format has been increased to allow
important road events for motorcycles in Italy, it    classic machines to join in with the original
had not been run as an international event for        competition specification bikes and of course
44-years.                                             the touring class for riders of modern machinery
    The Italian government had banned all car         who just want to enjoy the event in a hassle free
and bike road race events after a Ferrari             environment.
plunged into the crowd during the Mille Miglia            Basically now there are three classes, these
car race, killing several spectators back in 1957.    being: The Vintage Racing Class, Touring Class,
Because of this and modern day rules and              and Taglioni Memorial Class.
regulations it was obviously never going to be a          The Vintage Racing Class has an overall limit
genuine race on public roads again.                   of 120participants and features motorbikes of
    Ducati therefore decided to restage it as a       up to 175cc manufactured prior to
regularity run using many of the original roads       1957.Competitors in this class are subject to
from past events. To decide a winner and still        timed, competitive ability tests en-route.
have a competitive element to it, skill tests or          Next up is the Taglioni Memorial Class which
‘prove di abilita’ would be used to decide a          is now in its third consecutive year. Introduced
winner.                                               to celebrate the decade in which Ducati
    Back then a total of 140 riders set off for the   engineer Fabio Taglioni created his legendary 2-
revamped event, half being entered in the             cylinder motorbikes, it is open to street legal
vintage or competition class. Such was the            and insured motorbikes and sidecars.
success of that inaugural re-run that it has              Any make is eligible as long as they are 250
continued every year since, still enjoying the        cc or higher, produced between 1968 and
patronage of Ducati.                                  1978.Competitors in this class also take part in
    Now in its fifth year this has grown to a total   the same ability trials of the racing class.
field of 400 with competitors coming from all             Lastly there is the Touring Class for riders of
over the world to participate in one form or          street legal modern bikes of any type and size

Moto Giro                                                         DESMO162

and is designed for those who                                           23rd May 2005 close to
wish to participate on a non-                                           400 participants had
competitive basis. It follows                                           signed in at Cattolica close
the same itinerary as the                                                to the Misano race-track.
others but at a more relaxed                                             Tuesday saw the sun
pace.                                                                    beating down, (as it was to
    Entry to the event includes                                          do all week) as the local
hotels, medical and full back                                             town square was filled
up facilities. Vans follow the                                            with bikes and riders.
route with skilled mechanics                                                        From there it was
and a whole host of spares to                                             the racing class that led
get many of the well known                                                 off on a circular route,
Italian marques going again.                                               finishing late afternoon in
    Over the past few years                                                the same place after
the organisers have tried                                                  219kms. The route
moving the route around to                                                  wound through the hills
vary the roads used, even                                                   and took in sea
going to Sicily last year.                                                  panoramas crossing
However, this year it was                                                   Morciano, Pennabilli,
back to basics with a return                                                Soglianoal Rubicone,
to roads that featured in the                                               Santarcangelo,
original golden years of the                      Gambettola, Coriano.
event in the fifties                                 So with the first day out of the way and
    Initially the racing class was dominated by   some of the minor teething troubles on some
Italian riders, many of whom were participants    bikes sorted out, the group once again left the
back in the fifties, but nowadays there is a      square in Cattolica bound for Perugia. The
considerable entry from other countries,          second leg wound along Tavullia, S.Angelo in
although it must be said that most of these are   Vado, Citta di Castello, Mercatale and finally
from the UK and the USA.                          ended the day at the M.U.Borzacchini Magione
Many riders have                                  Racetrack.
come back every                                                                                 Here all
year, totally                                                                          riders got the
hooked on                                                                               chance of
the good                                                                                 several laps of
weather                                                                                  this excellent
and brilliant                                                                            track that is
roads. A lot                                                                             used for the
of these                                                                                Italian
have now                                                                                championships
bought bikes                                                                           before a short
to compete                                                                            ride to Perugia
on, having                                                                           for the overnight
started in the                                                                     stop.
touring class,                                                                      Refreshed, the
such is the events                                                            riders started day three
appeal.                                                                 on another circular route,
    So on Monday                                                   totalling just under 300kms

         DESMO162                                                                 what?
                                                                               Moto Giro

                                           once again finishing at the track for a special test. This
                                           time the route took them through Perugiato Spello,
                                           Sangemini, Terni, Collescipoli, Todi, Marsciano.
                                                  The fourth leg left Perugia, and the 266 kms of
                                          this day saw Cortona, Castiglion Fiorentino, Citta di
                                  Castello, Acqualagna, Fossombrone, San Giovanni in Marignano
                     all visited before they arrived back at Cattolica.
               The fifth and last leg began on the Saturday from Cattolica and moved across
          Fano, Mondavio, Jesi, Pesaro towards the final destination in the medieval town of
     Gradara. The total mileage being just over 1500kms.
      After a welcome stop it was back to Catollica for a wash and brush up before retuning
         to Gradara, in the evening for a prize giving dinner. During this awards were given
          down the field with the overall winner taking home a specially painted 900 Ducati
               If this sounds like your kind of event on some of the best motorcycle roads in
           the world more information can be obtained from the official website at
                                                                                               Ian Kerr

                         Editor’s note:
                          Anyone wishing to join the ‘official’ DOC GB MotoGiro team
                            (adventures detailed in previous editions of ‘Desmo’), please
                             contact Brian Silver (Moto Marianna) on 01344 487928.

TT BBQ                                                              DESMO162

TT BBQ                                                    this the only CarboTech 999 in the world.
                                                           A bit special I would say. It weighs 140kg
                                                             without fuel, the motor is now 1067cc,
Once again the DOC put                                        and it knocks out 175 horses. And cost
on an excellent club rally at                                a fortune!
the Waterfall Hotel, Glen Maye, on Mad                   So on Tuesday the DOC show moved on
Sunday. Problems with the weather on                  to Old Laxey, where new landlord Malcolm
Saturday meant the Superbike TT was                   Yates made us most welcome for the annual
postponed unril Sunday at 2 pm, with the              DOC TT Barbeque. The evening sun shone
roads closing at 1.15. That meant that our            on the righteous, and brought some stunning
rally was cut short at 12.30 (instead of the          bikes out with it.
scheduled 2pm) in order for everyone to get              As is always the case, several people who
to their chosen spectating site for the racing.       couldn’t make it to Glen Maye showed up at
Nevertheless, we still had a good turnout,            Laxey, adding to the variety of bikes to be
with the usual early arrivals.                        seen and ogled at. Here are some of them.
    Here are some of the best bikes that                 The Spareshack Monster drew a big
showed up later.                                      crowd, and there were a couple of the new
    A lovely CarboTech 999....... a beutiful little   Multi-Strudles Both Troy Bayliss and James
single belonging to Kevin Moore,                      Toseland turned up to have a look around
…Superlights and Monsters... 748’s stood              (but couldn’t be found!!!).. and Angie
next to 999’s.. along with a fair few 916-998         BORROWED a 999 to come along (why don’t
variants Monsters were all                            I have mates like that?) while Hayley brought
over the place... but this                            her own Monster along.
Laguna Seca is a real                                    The Barbie did a roaring trade in 7oz
rarity.... as is a                                    DesmoBurgers lovingly prepared by being
750Gt from the mid                                    doused in Bosun Bitter (yum) But then the
‘70s these days.                                      boys in blue turned up to give Jonno a hard
But we had to make                                    time over some illegal street trading in DOC
a decision for some                                   Regalia, which gave us all a laugh until he
awards, and the Best                                  realised it was a wind-up!
Two Valve award went to                                  Then to finish the week off we adopted a
Stuart Green fron Onchan,                             horse called Bobby (see the Club News page)
IOM, for his luvverly 1975                               Here’s looking forward to as good a time
750GT. Never raced or rallied (he says!) and          in 2006.
only ever dropped once. He recieved a                    Thank you and good night from your Isle
helmet bag and trophy from Spaggy.                    of Man DOC Team, Spaggy, Jonno and
    Regalia Sec Paul Johnstone presented the          Geoff.
award for Best Four Valve to Brian Gee of
Derbyshire, for his immaculate 996. But the
honour of giving the trophy for the Best
Special went to Spaggy, and he presented
Arue Wolleusak, also from the Island, with his
trophy and a bottle of Champagne from the
Waterfall Hotel Management.
    The frame is a CarboTech carbon fibre job
originally produced for the 996/998 series,
but a complete set of carbon clothes makes

              DESMO162                                                  Bologna Visit

Bologna Visit
What a month! I joined the club to meet like                                           back to the
minded people and muck about with bikes. In                                            hotel, (located
the last six weeks, we have: Been to the                                                opposite the
Worlds at                                                                               Factory)! for a
    Silverstone, enjoyed several extra ride                                   shower to freshen up
outs, and been to the Mecca of                            before the visit. We walked along to
all that is good on two wheels.                       the gates where Andy grandly announced
Yes, dam right, we went to                                          that we, the DOC, were ready
Bologna to visit the Ducati                                             to visit. ‘Es no open yet,
factory!                                                               you comer d back en a
    Much to my disgust, work                                          leetel a while”. Bugger, it
took me away from the                                                 was hot as an oven as well!
Worlds at Silverstone, the                                           This gave us the chance to
rest of the team made it                                            peruse a huge line of Ducatis
though to cheer the boy                                            that were parked up outside
Toseland home. I’m told                                           the factory.
gleefully, that it was a fine day out.                                    Almost everyone that
Taking full advantage of the sunshine, we met                    works there rides one. There
up for a ride out to Rye. This is a great ride.                    must of been sixty of them, all
The roads are smooth and full                                       in a lovely long line. At last
of long sweepers and there                                           they realised who we were
is a ‘bike meet” car park at                                          and let us in. First stop was
the end in town. We went                                              the cafe. This is a very nice
down on a Sunday and sat in                                            room full of huge murals of
the sun with about 50 plus                                              Capirossi and Baylis giving
other bikes. If you want to test                                         it some. We had coffee in
your preload, chips, fry-ups and                                          a Ducati cup, with Ducati
ice cream are close to hand.                                              sugar sachets. There
    The Bury Hill meet on                                     seemed to be a lot of sachets with
Thursday evenings is in full                      poor old Troy on, that they were trying to use
swing. I went up a few weeks                      up. Then it was into the factory for the tour.
ago and there were about 30                                   We were asked not to take
bikes of all shapes and sizes. As                                      pictures in the factory for
usual, Bury seems to attract the                                          obvious reasons.
amiable types and I enjoyed an                                           The first production line
interesting chat or three.                                              delt with the engine
    Now what about the                                                 cylinders. These are
Factory? I flew down on a                                             produced outside but are
Wednesday and met up with                                             machined on site, removing
Andy, Debbie and Dave, who                                           about 40% of the metal in
were already there. We met in                                       the process. Then it was onto
downtown Bologna and enjoyed a coffee                              crankcases, the famous
whilst watching the world go by. Then it was                     desmo gear, and other engine

Bologna Visit                                                 DESMO162

gubbins. Once all the engine parts are made,   allowed to take pictures here. All that is left is
they are loaded onto a trolley that gets               to buy a memento from the shop on
hooked up to a moving production                           your way out. We left knowing we
line where the workers                                     had seen something great and
assemble them. The                                          wandered off into town to have a
engines are “dry” run                                        meal and a few more gallons of
before being sent off to                                     wine.
be put into the                                                      So that was that. I
appropriate frame along                                       managed to do an evening track
with all the other                                             day on the Indy at Brands as
components. The factory                                        well. I almost saw the mother
has a very relaxed                                              of all high sides as an upset
atmosphere and is                                     999 pilot tried to re take me after I had
populated by an                                passed him around the outside at Clarke. He
extraordinary number of very foxy ladies!      flew up into the air and landed back on the
Imagine that, a saucy Italian                  bike, but hanging over the front of the fairing,
lass who can build a Duke.                     feet pointing at the sky. It was a good effort
    The present Mrs Johns is                              that got him back into the saddle. I
on thin ice! Once the bikes                                     waved my hand behind my
get to the end of the                                           bum as I passed again to
production, they are run,                                      convey my thoughts.
tuned and things like the                                            We also went to an open
lights adjusted. There is                                     day at P+H in Crawley. Walker,
one bloke, who sits in a                                     Corser, Emmett and Eddie Kid
noise proof box on a                                         were there and a very naughty
rolling road giving the                                     girl doing burn outs with not a lot
finished bikes a quick thrash                               on!! Another contender for the
up and down the gear box. I reckon he                      future Mrs Johns.
does 1000 miles a day without moving a foot.                         What’s coming up? We are
The bikes are then boxed and sent off to the                      booked in for the weekend
various dealers. They knock out about 200                              at Donington to see
a day and reckon that the                                               Capirossi do Rossi at
Monster range is so                                                     the GP. Brands and the
popular, it is hard to                                                   Worlds are also paid
keep up with demand!                                                     for.....Bring it on!!!!
At the end we went onto                                                   So long ...Mark Johns.
the Ducati museum,
located on site. This is                                             PS. A big thank-you
home to bikes from the                                                to Jilly Penegar, who
beginning of Ducati and a                                              organised the factory
stable for all their race                                              visit for us, including
bikes that have won titles.                                             sorting the hotel.
It is fairly small but is                                               Don’t know what
enough to give you wood,                                    we would do without her.
as you get up close and
touch every thing from Hailwood’s TT
machine through to the Desmocedici. You are

            DESMO162                                             ????

Stainless Steel Silencers
         Ducati Conti                            Stainless steel
                                                 exhaust pipes
                                                 £166.00 per set inc. VAT
       Replica Silencers
                                                 Stainless steel
                                                 exhaust pipes
       NOW MANUFACTURED WITH                     to fit 350/350/450
       LOUVERED INTERNAL TUBE                    Desmo MKII
            AS ORIGINAL                          £72.00 each inc. VAT

         PRICE £291.00 PR inc VAT                Stainless steel clamps
                                                 £6.00 each inc. VAT

                                                 Stainless steel
                                                 balance pipe to fit
                                                 860/900/750 etc.
                                                 £84.00 each inc. VAT

                                                 Stainless steel head
                                                 lamp brackets to fit
                                                 ‘Darmahs’ only as
                                                 £40.00 set inc. VAT

                                                 PLEASE ADD £10.00 P.P.

Exhaust pipes and head lamp brackets are made from high quality 304
  stainless steel, wth an unconditional unrivalled 10 year guarantee.

     Callers welcome to our factory between 8.00am - 5.00pm Mon-Fri
      and 8.00am - 1.00pm Saturday. For free fitting, or just to view.

                          KEIHAN SYSTEMS LTD
                Unit 24 Padgets Lane, South Moons Moat,
                        Redditch, Worcs. B98 0RB
                         Telephone: 01527 518525
                            Fax: 01527 518526
                      Properly serviced

  %       DESMO162

            BE T
          EM N
         M U
      U O
    CL C
   R IS


      ORDERLINE: 0870 460 3456       WEB
    Bevels/Racing Update                                                  DESMO162
                                    This beautifully created diecast
                                    replica from the Paul’s Model
                                    Art Classic Motorcycle
                                    Collection comes complete
                                    in this presentation box.

 Mike Hailwood
 1:12 scale 1978 Ducati 900SS diecast replica
  Hailwood, perhaps                                    the Hondas of Read and Ditchburn. But then they
  the greatest rider of                                didn’t have Mike Hailwood in the saddle!
  all time, retired from
  two wheeled racing in                                      The exquisite 1:12 replica
  1968, with nine world
                                                       Diecast in metal with rubber and plastic fittings,
  titles under his belt.
                                                       this collector-quality replica measures some 7”
      Over the next 10
                                                       (17cms) in length.
  years he rode on a
                                                          As with all the bikes in the Classic Motorcycle
  handful of occasions.
                                                       Collection, the replica is a veritable masterpiece.
  In June 1978, he
                                                          From the correct Lucas Rita ignition to the
  returned to the Isle of
                                                       Girling shocks, every detail of the full-size bike has
  Man from the wilderness to perform a miracle.
                                                       been faithfully re-created. Without doubt, it’s the
      Racing an NCR prepared 900SS, re-worked by
                                                       most exquisite ever replica of one of the most
  Steve Wynne, Mike achieved the unthinkable and
                                                       famous racing motorcycles of all time.
  as the senior TT races had been given world
  status, Hailwood earned his tenth world
                                                                       How to order
  championship and Ducati’s first! Like Smart’s 750,
  Hailwood’s 900SS was built to win just one race      The easiest way to order your Hailwood Ducati
  but it should not have been in the same class as     replica is to phone the Orderline on 0870 460
                                                       3456. The lines are open to 8.00pm and 5.00pm
                                                       on Saturday.
                                                          You can, of course, also order from our
                                                       website; www.grandprixlegends.com, where
                                                       you will find hundreds of other diecast bikes.
                                                          The usual price of this replica is £59.99 but for
                                                       club members the cost is just £50.99.

                                                                                           PLEASE QUOTE
                                                       (P781212) £59.99
                                                       Club members (P781212) £50.99

BSITE: www.grandprixlegends.com                                                                               27
               DESMO162                                    Dukes and Queens

Dukes and Queens
The Plan was simple, meet at the Mercury in         been a
glorious sunshine, ride over some wonderful         pleasure as
Peak District roads to the small village of         the roads
Hayfield to take part in their carnival(the         around there
lonhest continual                                   are nice and
in England)show                                     twisty. Once warmed up
off our bikes and                                   with a coffee we took our rightful place just
ride home. Well                                     behind the fire engine at the front of the
the weather                                         procession, Judy was walking beside us and
did not                                             taking pictures, her eyes occasionaaly straying
disappoint,                                         to the firemen!!
come                                                    After we sat in the pub car park and
Saturday                                            proceeded to buy the local chip shop out of
morning the                                         stock and then home, all in all a good day apart
rain was                                            from our traditional spring weather, we have
bouncing                                            been invited back next year which will be a
down !! But the                                     couple of weeks later to try and get better
sun did show a                                      weather, I hope to see a few more next year
promise of                                          to really get the village in boincing to the V
possibly brighter weather as the morning went       twin beat.
on, we had been invited specially to attend this
year and I did not really want to let them down,                                    Martyn Edwards
but it was still raining, then a text came from
Andrew to say that he would meet us at the
Mercury as he had just got his Scrambler back
from an engine rebuild, well that was it, we were
going(even though the Scrambler was
being trailered).
     A few confirmation phone
calls had a small hardy
bunch preparing for the
off, Paul(900ss) and
me(748) met Terry(ST2)
at the Mercury, we met
with Ian (ST2) and his
son Elton(Monster)
further along the way,
after enduring quite a
bad storm on the way
there the weather
cleared and turned out
quite nice as we entered Hayfield,
on a better day the journey would have

Competition                                                      DESMO162

             Hope that’s grabbed the attention of a few at least!

               Well following the AGM I have been given the go ahead
                  to look into changing the CLUB LOGO.

  For the benefit of those who did not attend the meeting I will explain (again!).

It is my firm belief that our logo is basically naff and, yes, I know we probably went through a
load of fuss etc to change it and it could well have been the best thing at the time (and I know
that some members still think its fine) BUT I believe that the majority - or at least those at the
AGM - agree with me on this -or are not actually that concerned as to voice any disapproval.
It’s too fussy, it’s confusing, it does not do what a logo should do primarily - and that is to
deliver an instant visual message one that simply says Ducati Owners Club GB. Its’ got too
many conflicting messages - if anything a bit like a road junction with too many signs for the
driver to take in all the info….!!!!!!

That’s my argument for it needing to be changed and it goes hand in hand with what else I
said at the meeting and that is our public image or our profile is poor at best (I would even go
as far as to say its non-existent). That’s what Martyn Edwards (our new PR chap for those not
paying attention) is going to help us change.

                        So I want to start with the basics and that is to
                                  re-design our logo
                        for one that is best suited to 2005 and beyond.

I want you, the members, to take part in a competition and submit your ideas for a new logo
(keep it simple).

Send them to me for starters, and the idea is that we will get them all together and choose the
best to go into a final smaller number.

  AND I see no reason why the winning logo should not get a nice prize (we can
              decide that later) but I will make sure it’s a good one.

       Off you go then…and I look forward to receiving your ideas.
                                        Gaz B, Chairman.

              DESMO162                                 WSB Monza 2005

World Superbike Series
Monza 8th May 2005
Words by Sarah Bennett
Photography by Tim J Bennett - TJR Motorsport

Kagayama took pole
position ahead of
team mate Corser
who was looking
to increase his
championship lead
at Monza. Laconi
having done the
double here last year
started 3rd on the
grid with Muggeridge
concluding the front
row. In windy but
sunny conditions
Toseland had a better
qualifying and started
from the second row.

Toseland secured his first
podium position of the
season in a tightly fought
race with him almost
taking the 2nd spot ahead
of Kagayama. Team mate
Laconi rode a good race securing
4th place in the last few laps.
   Toseland had started well but got
stuck behind Pitt for the 1st quarter of the
race and had a 3 second deficit to make up
before he could challenge for the podium.
                                               Laconi tried to pass
Putting in 1m 48’s compared to Corser,
                                               Kagayama and as the pass failed,
Kagayama and Laconi’s 1m 49’s along with
                                               Toseland was ready to pounce and with a
the front three dicing with each other
                                               little luck on his side he swooped to 3rd
Toseland managed to close the gap to just 1
                                               relegating his team mate to 4th. Once
second with just 2 laps to go.
                                               passed, he pushed the Japanese rider

WSB Monza 2005                                                   DESMO162

extremely hard and was trying to force              Monza maintaining his championship
Kagayama to make an error. If the race had          advantage.
been 1 lap longer Toseland would have been             Toseland couldn’t repeat the success of
likely to take 2nd but to be on the podium          race one. He once
again after a dry start to the season is a          again got stuck
fantastic result and bodes well for race two.       behind some
                                                    slower riders
                                                    and by the
RACE TWO                                            time he had
In another tightly fought race it was this time     moved
Laconi who took a podium finish for the             passed the
Xerox Ducati team. He led the race from the         leaders
start and was only relegated to 2nd by              were gone.
Vermeulen on the last lap. He spent most of         Unlike race
the race trying to hold off the challenge of        one he
Corser and as such was struggling with tyre         could
grip in the last few laps which is why              not
Vermeulen caught and then passed the                make up
Frenchman. Corser who had originally been           the deficit
challenging Laconi for the lead found himself       and had to
in unusual territory being challenged by            settle for
  Muggeridge for 3rd. He proved too strong          5th place.
                  in the final sector of the race
                                  and leaves

                   DESMO162                                        WSB Monza 2005

RACE ONE                                                  RACE TWO
1      Corser       Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra            1    Vermeulen    Winston Ten Kate Honda
2      Kagayama     Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra            2    Laconi       Ducati Xerox
3      Toseland     Ducati Xerox                           3    Corser       Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra
4      Laconi       Ducati Xerox                           4    Muggeridge   Winston Ten Kate Honda
5      Pitt         Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team           5    Toseland     Ducati Xerox
6      Muggeridge   Winston Ten Kate Honda                 6    Pitt         Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team
7      Chili        Klaffi Honda                           7    Chili        Klaffi Honda
8      Walker       PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse                   8    Walker       PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse
9      Nannelli*    Ducati SC Caracchi                     9    Haga         Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team
10     Abe          Yamaha Motor France - Ipone            10   Nannelli*    Ducati SC Caracchi
     * Replacement rider for Lanzi (injured)

                RIDER                          TEAM                                       POINTS
     1           Corser                        Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra                    182
     2           Kagayama                      Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra                    130
     3           Vermeulen                     Winston Ten Kate Honda                         115
     4           Laconi                        Ducati Xerox                                   87
     5           Pitt                          Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team                   60
     6           Toseland                      Ducati Xerox                                   57
     7           Walker                        PSG – 1 Kawasaki Corse                         54
     8           Abe                           Yamaha Motor France - Ipone                    54
     9           Haga                          Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team                   52
     10          Chili                         Klaffi Honda                                   44

WSB Silverstone 2005                                              DESMO162

World Superbike Series
Silverstone 29th May 2005
Words by Sarah Bennett
Photography by Tim J Bennett - TJR Motorsport

Kagayama took his first pole
position of the season at a wind-
swept Silverstone. Fellow countryman
Haga took 2nd whilst Laconi was happy
to take 3rd having not completed a perfect
lap in Superpole, he said “I just wanted to be on
the front row today, which we did and I have a
good setting for the race”. Corser had to settle    holeshot
for 4th taking the final front row slot. Toseland   were dicing for the
had a disappointing Superpole having been one       lead with Laconi and Toseland
of the fastest men all weekend but with a good      being held up by Walker back in 4th and 5th.
race set up he said “I am as fast as everyone           Walker managed to hold off the challenge for
else on race pace so I’ve just got to get to the    a few laps but the Ducati onslaught proved too
front as quick as possible”.                        much and the two Ducati riders went through on
                                                    the same lap. Walker almost lost another place
                                                    to Kagayama but he crashed giving Walker
RACE ONE                                            some breathing space. As the race progressed
Laconi held off a strong challenge from Corser      he was relegated back to 6th having been
to take his first victory of the season with team   passed by Vermeulen and then Chili.
mate Toseland not far behind in 3rd. In a tightly       Once Laconi and Toseland were ahead of
fought race Corser and Haga who had taken the       Walker they pushed hard and caught the

               DESMO162                             WSB Silverstone 2005

leaders. Laconi passed Haga to move into            RACE TWO
second and then proceeded to hound Corser.
                                                    Toseland delighted the home crowd in Race Two
He had a number of failed attempts to take the
                                                    by securing his first victory of the 2005 series.
lead but on lap 16 he made a move which
                                                    Once again he had to work hard for the result
stuck. He managed to hold the position despite
                                                    having been 5th at the start of the race. Haga
pressure from Corser to take the chequered flag
                                                    took the holeshot with Kagayama and Corser in
and secure Ducati’s first win of the year.
                                                    his wake with Laconi and Toseland in 4th and
Toseland who had been 3 seconds behind the
                                                    5th. Laconi couldn’t match his race one result
front runners closed down the gap as he had
                                                    and crashed early on in the race leaving
done in Monza until he was on the back of
                                                    Toseland to try and close the gap on Kagayama,
Haga’s wheels. He managed to get passed but

could not get
                                                    with Corser and Haga some way
close enough to Corser to challenge for 2nd.
                                                    out front. Toseland passed Kagayama at
Haga having had such a good race
                                                    Luffield on lap 6 (not a common passing spot)
disappointingly retired from 4th with just 3 laps
                                                    and found himself with a 2 second deficit to the
to go.
                                                    leaders. With Haga and Corser dicing for the
    A tight race which resulted in the two
                                                    lead, Toseland found himself hot on their heels
Ducati’s being on the podium for the first time
                                                    in no time at all and proceeded to pass Haga
this season, hopefully it won’t be the last.
                                                    with relative ease to then challenge Corser for
                                                    the lead. He took the lead at the half way mark
                                                    and spent the remainder of the race holding off
                                                    the Australian. Toseland rode a determined race
                                                    and took the chequered flag to claim his first
                                                    victory at a British Circuit in World Superbikes
                                                    and the second victory of the day for Ducati.

WSB Silverstone 2005                                                DESMO162

RACE ONE                                              RACE TWO
1       Laconi        Ducati Xerox                     1   Toseland    Ducati Xerox
2       Corser        Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra      2   Corser      Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra
3       Toseland      Ducati Xerox                     3   Haga        Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team
4       Vermeulen     Winston Ten Kate Honda           4   Vermeulen   Winston Ten Kate Honda
5       Chili         Klaffi Honda                     5   Chili       Klaffi Honda
6       Walker        PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse             6   Walker      PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse
7       Neukirchner   Klaffi Honda                     7   Kagayama    Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra
8       Bussei        Kawasaki Bertocchi               8   Abe         Yamaha Motor France - Ipone

               RIDER                      TEAM                                      POINTS
    1           Corser                     Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra                  222
    2           Kagayama                   Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra                  144
    3           Vermeulen                  Winston Ten Kate Honda                       141
    4           Laconi                     Ducati Xerox                                 112
    5           Toseland                   Ducati Xerox                                 98
    6           Walker                     PSG – 1 Kawasaki Corse                       74
    7           Pitt                       Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team                 70
    8           Haga                       Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team                 68

     DESMO162   Collection of Bikes

Desmodromic                                                                     DESMO162

Desmo, from Greek “desmos”                                    Hermann Rosemeyer’s Mercedes team in the
        :- to bind                                            50’s and Taglioni’s Ducati we all know
                                                              and cherish.
Dromic, from Greek “dromos”                                      Various other companies have since
         :- act of running in one direction                   dabbled at it, Norton, Ferrari, but only Ducati
                                                              reached the mass production stage.
The earliest recording on the use of                          The main advantage of this operation was not
Desmodromic valve gear was on the 1913                        to allow increased RPM, a subsequent effect
Delage Grand Prix car of 6.2 litre and straight               way back then, but in eliminating potential
6 configuration.The engine was designed by                    valve spring breakages with large heavy
Arthur Michelat where it won the 1913 French                  valves and thus allowing extended valve
Grand Prix at Amiens and a 1st., 2nd. and                     overlap, in particular the inlet opening
5th. at the Grand Prix of Le Mans. Another                    period. Witness the extremely radical opening
success came at the 1914 Indianapolis 500                     period of the “Imola” camshaft used for
where a 1st. and 3rd. resulted.                               racing 900SS Bevels, almost 300 degrees of
   Subsequent usage came in the hands of                      crank rotation!.

 D.D.O.C. Card/Registration - from January 2003
 The D.D.O.C. Card will serve as a tangible symbol for Ducati Owners of their membership in the world-wide Ducati Club.

 Who received the Kit (and included card): D.D.O.C. members
 How do you become a D.D.O.C. member: D.D.O.C. membership is available to people who-
           a. Purchase a new bike - automatic
           b. Purchase a used bike (in Europe with Ducati warranty) - automatic
           c. Already own a Ducati - fill out on-line form on Ducati.com
 Welcome Kit: Card, Letter from the D.D.O.C. President, Sticker Sheet, patch
 Card: one
 Validity of Card: valid forever
           If card is lost - will receive a duplicate
           If D.D.O.C. member purchases more than one new Ducati (or used in Europe under Ducati warranty) -
           will receive a new card for each bike (with the appropriate frame no., but same Ducati code)
 Fields on Card:
    Front: name + Last Name
           Ducati Code
    Back: www.ducati.com
           the words “Roadside Assistance” in the country’s respective language and the respective roadside
           assistance no.; only on the cards for owners of:-
                     • new bikes with Ducati roadside assistance
                     • used bikes with Ducati roadside assistance
           the words “Frame No.” in the country’s respective language and the frame no., on the cards for owners of:-
                     • new bikes with and without Ducati roadside assistance
                     • used bikes with Ducati roadside assistance

                  DESMO162                                                               Branch Out

NORTH LANCS/CUMBRIA                                          seen to be discriminating
                                                             against a fellow Ducati rider.
BRANCH                                                       I’m sure it will be in our interest
                                                             in the end.
Well the first Tuesday of the month came round in May            As I write this offshore I have
and as the month before I got a call on my mobile mid        no notes with me so excuse me
morning asking if the meet was on that night at the          again from not knowing names,
Cross Keys that evening. This particular call was            locations etc. I’ll make up for this next time.
frantically cut short when I replied that it wasn’t due to       Overall we had a good turn out with 8 Ducati’s (and
the fact we were in Egypt at that precise moment!            one Homda). Any diverse array of motorcycles is
So this month (June) I promised to make up for the           always welcome and our line up included 749S, 999S,
lack of meeting prompts and made a concerted effort,         888, M900, 750ss, 900ss, 900 Bevel and 748.
which paid dividends in the end.                             If some other regulars wouldn’t have either been
    Denise and I arrived at the Cross Keys with a            selfishly working abroad or even more selfishly on
beautiful 749S already there. This belonged to our new       holiday, we would have been into double figures! ;o)
associate from up Kendal way, Ian Wood. He isn’t             Longest travelled goes to Steve Smith and Wendy who
actually a member (yet) but has attended the last few        came over from the wrong side of the Pennines. Great
get togethers we’ve had so am hopeful he and his             to see them both again.
couple of pals will realise the error of they’re ways and        We have a lot of ride outs planned this year so
shortly be officially part of the DOC family. Either way,    hope to see a lot more of you at those.
the more the merrier and I don’t think we should be                                                       Cheers, Stuart

          12th Classic Mechanics
                Bike Show
                           Stafford Showground
                 15th & 16th October 2005
               If you wish to display your bike or help on the stand contact
           Steve Rose at steve.rose_bevel@btinternet.com
                         or 01829 781271
                                              Limited to 14 bikes.
                                Register soon as possible please.

Branch Out                                                                      DESMO162

If anyone else would like adding to the North West            It’s looking like we’ll get down to Sammy Miller’s in the
ride-out email list please forward your email address to      New Forest, the Ace Café (it’s time to outnumber the
studen@duchon.freeserve.co.uk or call 07745 885184.           Guzzis for once) and the Steam Museum before the
                                                              weather gets gory. Details are in process but for
                                                              heaven’s sake, don’t wait for me - seize the moment
LONDON BRANCH                                                 and let’s work together on it. Laura and my roles are to
                                                              help to make it all happen - or it will all look like what I
Enthusiasm and interest have been in ascendancy               want to do!
around the London branch at last. There’ve been                    The point is you can’t appreciate the amount of
some long, quiet winter nights spent - quite pleasantly,      good fun and satisfaction that comes with such
mind you - at the Ship in Wandsworth among a rather           gatherings unless you take part in one. Attitudes are
intimate crowd.                                               warm and relaxed, the knowledge pool is deep and
     Recently the word has begun to spread and we             very good advice comes at the right price. There is
have been blessed with a number of new attendees -            nothing quite like the benefit of talking to a bloke with a
with quite lovely bikes indeed. From bevel twins in the       bike just like yours about who to go to for what at what
form of Darmahs, an SS or two and an S2, a desmo              price, what works best and what to avoid. It pays for
250, to belties such as an F1, a brace of Pantahs             itself and others can’t wait to hear what you know.
(including the odd TL), 900SS, MH900e, 749S, Series           Honest!
2 Superlight, 888 SP4, 996, 999R and, er, an R6 are
now in regular attendance in London. It took awhile to
reach critical mass, but we seem well on our way. Two         MID-ANGLIAN BRANCH
fellows have bought Ducatis just to be among us (or so
they say).                                                    The branch meets at The Red Lion, Great Wratting, on
     A galvanizing event took place recently in the form      the first Thursday of the month and we rideout on the
of a ride out to the BMF                                      third Thursday in summer months. The landlord is
Garden of England bike show at the Hop Farm in Kent.          doing us proud with plates of sandwiches, which
Suggested and organised by Michael Runnicles, it went         always go down well. It was good to see some new
nearly flawlessly. First, of course, he got us good           faces at the June meet; Steve Dykes on his son’s ST2,
weather. Next, the group riding down from London              Nick Wood riding ST4 and Marcus Deely on his 748.
actually found the group meeting them at the French           There was also Michael Beckett on his 996, Colin
café in Westerham on its first try. One revelation was        Darlow on his stretched and lowered Darmah, Wayne
Nigel’s 250. Still in running in phase after a big rebuild,   Penman on his 800ss, Steve Gooch on his 750ss,
this N reg beauty elegantly led the quick charge              Julian West on his Aprilia and me on my Monster 620.
through south London and Surrey on the way over to            (See Picture)
Kent. Lovely.                                                     On Wednesday 15th June we met up at the annual
     Fifteen were there - old and new friends with bikes      Meldreth Bike Show, where we had a stand in the club
representing a goodly portion of the Ducati range. And        area. It was a lovely evening and there was a great
the R6 and an Agusta Brutale, but we’re working on            display of all makes of bike, with all proceeds going to
them! After some refreshments Michael led us on an            charity.
entertaining ride through the Kentish countryside. The            On Saturday 18th June we met up with Stowmarket
nearly flawless part came in the form of the police-style
group riding where the second in line pulls over to flag
course changes by the leader so no-one gets lost.
We’ve a little work to do.
     Perversely, summer can present its own challenges
to gathering up a group and sorting a ride event, but
based on the success of the last, we’re going to do it.

                  DESMO162                                                                Branch Out

Regal Riders Club and joined them at Mendelsham              a nice 916, Robert on his
village fete where a pleasant afternoon was spent            Multistrada, Anne on her 620i,
helping to raise money for the village.                      myself on S4, Craig down from
     On Saturday 25th June, we had a ride out to             Derby on his 851, Gary on NC30
Southwold. We met at Stowmarket Tesco at 11am.               and Keith so a few bikes to look
Only four of us turned up. This may have been due to         over. Craig now getting the hang of
the weather as it was overcast, but we didn’t get rained     the roads to us becomes a regular member.
                                    on! Nick Wood was on         June 12th Anne and Myself went for an early
                                      his ST4 sporting new   morning ride to Ironbridge arriving there at 09.00am. A
                                     tyres. Keith Bartlett   few bikes about so had breakfast, a walk around and
                               was on his Triumph. He had    were checking the place out when Duke noise was
                         only just got it back after a       heard, then more and more. Eventually all the Jap stuff
                  warranty engine rebuild, which he          disappeared and nothing but Ducati’s could be seen.
needed to get run in, as he was going from Lands End                    Must be the Shropshire lot, so hello to you
to John o’Groat’s at the end of July. Steve Gooch was                                   all and hope you had a good
on his 750ss and I was on the Monster. We got to                                       day at Ducati Wolverhampton.
Southwold in time for a fresh fish and chip lunch and a                                What you did not see was once
pint at the Harbour Inn. Later we rode to the pier where                              you all left the Jap c*** all came
we had ice cream on the sea front, before heading                                    back. Weird.
back to Steve’s for a coffee.                                                         June 19th summer has arrived
     If you’re in our area and want to be in on what         as we meet up at Broxton for a ride out. All stripped off
we’re doing, get in touch and I will add you to my list.     in the heat taking on fluids, relaxed with our steeds at
                                Guy Gagen 01473 334864       the ready. Should we stay here for the day and just say
                            or email cambridge@docgb.org     we went out. Yes, this was 10am we had only just met
                                                             up and the heat was intense. Anne on her 620i, myself
                                                             on 900SS bevel had just been joined by Robert on his
CHESHIRE & BORDERS                                           Multistrada. Thought we may get away with
                                                             but in came Kevin with his 749S
BRANCH                                                       (petrol on board), Dave 1000
                                                             Monster, Paul 999S and Clive
                   May 6th to 8th brought us another
                    excellent Welsh Rally with Paul,
                                                                 Route had been planned and
                    Roger, Anne and myself riding down
                                                             passed around so off we set to try
                     on 999S, Darmah 900SS, 620i and
                                                             and cool off. Oswestry then towards Lake Vyrnwy
                   S4. Great weather all weekend and
                                                             taking the B4391 mountain pass to Bala, miss out Bala
cannot wait till next year. All those Ducati’s and others
                                                                                  due to congestion and Blue coated
together are some sight and noise. Thanks to Sian,
                                                                                   gentle people after nothing but
Tony, Brenda and Paul for organising a splendid
                                                                                    more tax revenue from us,
                                                                                    heading up the A4212 and onto
    May 11th was social night with Peter 900 Monster,
                                                                                     B4501 towards Cerrigydrudion
Phil 900 Monster, Craig on nice 851 all the way from
                                                                                      the idea being to take all the
Derby, Robert, Keith, Anne and Myself. Usual chatter
                                                                              best riding roads to end up having
over events done and to come including Welsh Rally,
                                                             lunch at Lyn Brenig centre.
WI event in Derbyshire i.e. invite to street carnival.
                                                                 So there we were eating and drinking, sprawled on
Once again apologise anyone who turned up for May’s
                                                             the grass, boots off, talking bikes sorry Ducati, under
ride out as I had to work.
                                                             the sun having ridden for hours, really relaxed and
    June 8th another social night with Peter giving his
                                                             Kevin asks where is the nearest garage I am nearly out
Triumph Bonneville a run out from Oswestry, Steve on

Branch Out                                                                    DESMO162

Déjà vu or what. Luckily on the way to Woods                Sunday 8th May - Ace Café, Italian Day.
motorcycles we picked up fuel at Liansannan so Kevin              Met Paul Cunningham on his Honda Fireblade at
did not have to add to his collection of fuel can’s in my   the Southbound services at J15A. Rode to Hockliffe
garage. Good root around Woodies with loads of stock        and joined up with Kevin Powis on his Supalite. Kevin
and good deals on. Really easy going the Cheshire           then took us across the North Downs before we joined
crowd as no one came passed my 26 year old bevel on         the M1 at J9 and made our way to the Ace Café via
all their trick modern machinery, must be polite or too     Harrow, Hendon etc.
busy laughing but nothing fell off my bike did it Paul.           Fair selection of bikes at the Ace Café, with
     Paul led the way home via Ruthin losing Kevin and      Ducatis, MV Augustas and Moto Guzzis to view. Ducati
Robert there at a roundabout. The funny thing about         London had a selection of models on show, plus
really hot days in Britain you know you have to             Baines Racing were there as well.
suffer sometime.                                                  The return journey was via the M1 to J9, over the
              Padeswood above Queensferry on the way        North Downs and on to Woburn for the Tea Break. Said
home it just started to rain, not rain type rain but real   our farewells and made our way home with each
rain. The sort of rain were one minute you are dry the      member peeling off at the appropriate moment.
next second you are so wet you have to put a                Sunday 19th June - Matlock, Biker Gathering.
hosepipe ban on because it is the wrong sort of rain. It          Just 2 members from the Northamptonshire Branch
was not safe to drive a car let alone a bike and then       decided to take advantage of the glorious weather for
there was Dobbs hill to go down, which is the road out      this ride-out. Paul Stinchcombe on his superb 851 and
of Wales, which is like driving of a cliff. The water       little old me on the trusty ST4S.
rushing down there was incredible I saw some bikes                The journey there was a mixture of roads, starting
stopped trying to shelter, do not know why they             with a quick blast up the M1 to J18, followed by the A5
bothered. I got home safely and I have heard from Paul      past Hinckley before peeling off on the A444 through
and Kevin but not yet from Robert, he is probable still     Twycross, Overseal and on to Burton-on-Trent. From
riding up and down the hill in the rain on his              Burton-on-Trent, we took the B5234 to cut across to
Multistrada loving every minute of it.                      the A515 to Ashbourne. The last section of the trip was
                            See you soon Anne and Steve     on the B5035 to the A6 for the final couple of miles to
                                                            Matlock Bath.
                                                                  A multitude of various two and three wheeled
NORTHAMPTONSHIRE                                            machines were on view throughout the main road, and
                                                            the only difficulty was keeping cool on such a hot,
BRANCH                                                      sunny day.
Sunday 24th April - Classisc Motorcycle Show
                                                                  After spending a few hours strolling around the
at Stafford.
                                                            place, looking at the views and taking much needed
    Just 2 of the Branch were able to attend this event,
                                                            refreshment (See Pic), we took the A615 followed by
myself on the ST4S and Lyndon (I hope that I have
                                                            the A38 to get to J28 on the M1 and then travelled
spelt his name right) on his newly acquired Pantah. We
                                                            south to J19 at a constant speed to keep cool, before
took the A5 to Lichfield, before joining the A51 to
                                                                                            going our separate ways
Weston upon Trent, and finally the A518 to the Stafford
                                                                                            for the final section of the
Show Ground.
                                                                                            journey to our respective
    The weather held good for us, and we had a good
look round at the various exhibits on show, buying a few
                                                                                                   Do you recognise the
good books and admiring the bikes of bygone days.
                                                                                            chap on the right in the
    The journey back was also good, taking a slightly
                                                                                            cool shades?
different route near to home to cut down the ride, but a
                                                            Future events:
good experience as I have never attended such an
                                                            Sunday 17 July 2005, Hunstanton, Norfolk, 09:00
event and would certainly go again.
                                                                  -Services at J15a on M1 (Southbound) Seaside run.

                   DESMO162                                                                  Branch Out

Sunday 21 August 2005, Rhyader, Mid-Wales, 09:30                brought a good number of bikes
    -Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, Ride-out led by              over, as did the Bristol section.
    Malcolm Larby to the beautiful mid-Wales countryside.       The local Monster club had a
Sunday 11 September 2005, Ace Café to Brighton Run              healthy showing and President
    08:00 - Services at J15a on M1 (Southbound)                 and founder of UKMOC Terry
    Ride-out to Brighton                                        Herbert rode in from Aylesbury
Sunday 25 September 2005, Donington Park, 08:00                 on his M1000.
    Services at J15a on M1 (Northbound),                            A number of owners we had
    BSB Race Meeting                                            never met before and several came in simply because
Please let me know if you intend to join us at any of the       they saw the bikes, flags and banners outside.
events listed above. Alternatively, if there is anything else       Big thanks goes to the sales staff at Ducati Bristol
you would like me to introduce, then please let me know.        who rode the 30 miles across to support us, bringing
                             Dave Whittall, Member 9969         some raffle prizes with them. This raised £54 for the
                                       djw10@gotadsl.co.uk      National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD)
  Phone = 07710 087712 or 01933 677019 before 9pm.              and the June meet will see them collect the money
                                                                raised. While Ducati Bristol were with us, we discussed
                                                                working closely with them, the UKMOC and the Bristol
GLOUCESTER BRANCH                                               section to get a monthly Saturday meet going in the
                                                                Coffee shop at the store. (details to follow) I think there
                              Ducati Evening 11th May           is a lot to be said for local groups working with their
                                    2005                        Ducati store as this can enable us to meet more local
                                                                owners, boost club membership and encourage brand
                                            Well,        its
                                                                loyalty. Needless to say it wont harm Ducati either.
                                              official, the
                                                                    Whilst its difficult to provide a format for meets that’s
                                                                suits everyone, we will be meeting every 2nd
                                                                Wednesday from now on at the Waggon.
                                                                During the summer months there will be a social ride out
                                                                at about 7pm with a gathering back at the pub from
                                    section is up and
                                                                about 8pm.
                            running and what a start. In a
                                                                    Other events we will attend / organise on a local or
joint effort between the DOCGB and UK Monster Club
                                                                impromptu basis and we have started an e mail list for
we organised one of the biggest Ducati get together the
                                                                rapid communication amongst the local group. Any local
county has ever seen.
                                                                members wanting to be added to this just let me know
    Over 30 Ducati’s attended the meeting at the
                                                                at gasfireman@blueyonder.co.uk
Waggon and Horses Public House, Thrupp, nr Stroud.
                                                                                                            Duncan Spokes
The Waggon has just been fitted out with a new pub
                                                                                                  DOCGB Member no 9027
sign, incorporating a yellow Monster into the traditional
                                                                                                      UKMOC Glos area rep
design and being next to the main A419 it catches the
eye of many passing motorists. Karen Lane, the pubs
landlady is also the DOCGB Gloucestershire area rep
and owner of a 900 Monster therefore the choice of bike
was logical but it makes the pub one of a handful in the
world with a motorcycle on the sign.
    The pub was adorned with banners and Italian flags
and they put on a pizza feast to welcome everyone.
Upon arrival the sight of 30 or more bikes along the road
was amazing. The Hereford and Wye Valley section

Branch Out                                                      DESMO162

BRANCH INFO                                       Social meeting, 2nd Wednesday, 20.00 at
                                                  Bickerton Poacher on the A534 between
Please contact branch reps before travelling      Broxton and Spurstow. Ride out 3rd Sunday,
to meetings.                                      10.00 from Broxton Roundabout picnic area off
                                                  A41, Chester to Whitchurch.
WEST AND CENTRAL SCOTLAND                         Contact Steve Rose at chesire@docgb.org.
Contact Iain Simmons on 0771 5323547              01829 781271.
E-mail isim645003@aol
This is a new branch in Scotland and meeting      DUNDEE & TAYSIDE
times can be arranged between members.            Contact Mark Whittaker Tel 01241 430774 or
                                                  mob 07900675034 Markwhittaker@aol.com
BERKSHIRE & OXFORDSHIRE                           Meeting place is yet to be decided.
1st Saturday of the month, lunchtime at the Dog
and Duck,                                         GLOUCESTERSHIRE
Highmore, Nr Henley on Thames.                    Meet at The Wagon & Horses Pub, A419,
Contact Brian Silver on 01344 487928              London Road, between Stroud and Cirencester,
Or E-mail rjjames@rossjames.freeserve.co.uk       2nd Wednesday of month -along with various
                                                  other meets and activities.
BRISTOL                                           Contact Karen on 01453 731686 or 07976
1st Monday of the month at the                    566549.
Golden Heart Pub,
Winterbourne Down, Bristol.                       HEREFORD And WYE VALLEY
Contact Rich Llewellin on 0117986 2662 or E-      Meet second Tuesday 7.30 pm at The Wye Not
Mail louigi748@hotmail.com                        Inn, Symonds Yat, Ross on Wye.
                                                  Contact Dave and Lisa Paskell on 01989
CENTRAL LONDON                                    770467.
The Ship Inn,
41 Jews Road, Wandsworth                          MANCHESTER
London SW18 1TB.                                  Meet last Wednesday in the month at The
Contact Bob Hartmann                              Mercury Motel, off J5 of the M61 on the side of
doc.london@btinternet.com                         the A6 West Houghton.
Meeting time: second Wednesday in the month       Contact Martyn Edwards on 07977 939136 or
from 7.00pm.                                      contact Paul Ellison on 07976 224437.
                                                  Email: manchecter@docgb.org
MID ANGLIAN BRANCH                                NORFOLK
Meet at the Red Lion, Great Wratting, Suffolk.    Meet at the White Swan Inn, North Quay of the
1St Thursday at 8.00pm, summer 3rd Thursday       A47. 2nd Tuesday 8.00pm.
ride out at 7.30 pm same venues.                  Contact Ian Mansi 07952 268231 or
Contact Guy Gagen 01449 740571.                   eastcoastducati@btopenworld.com or
CHESHIRE AND BORDERS                              positivo.movimento@btopenworld.com

                DESMO162                                                     Branch Out

NORTH YORKSHIRE                                       NORTH LANCASHIRE/CUMBRIA
Meet 1st Sunday of the month at Q8 garage at          Contact Stuart Robinson on
9.00/9.15 am, rideout starts at 9.30 am. ( It is on   studen@duchon.freeserve.co.uk or 07745
the right going into Harrogate - fill up at Jet       885184. Meet on the first Tuesday of the Month
garage on left!). Tuesday ride outs from              at the Cross Keys, Slyne, 3 miles North of
PSYCHLOSPORT, Coronation Road, behind                 Lancaster, on the A6 at
Nidd Vale motors further into Harrogate on the        approx 19:30.
A61. Contact Steve steve900ss@hotmail.com
07941 667240, 01423 540505, Sunday. Contact           NEW FOREST
Pete pete@psychlosport.ndo.co.uk                      Meet 2nd Wednesdays, 8.00 pm, The Tudor
07711391320, 01423 545413, Tues and                   Rose, A338 nr. Fordingbridge. Contact Dave
Sunday.                                               Leach on 01202 427638 or
Meet anywhere, anytime, and usually with the          SOUTH WALES
North / or South Yorkshire Branch.                    Contact Hugh Malleson
Contact Gary Brook on 01484 317298 or                 Tel 02920751544 or E-mail
g.brook@ntlworld.com                                  mallyfam@btinternet.com
Any West Yorkshire members who fancy a                Hugh is acting as contact but would like a
meet? Just give Gary a call.                          volunteer to run the branch for a while

SOUTH YORKSHIRE                                       SURREY/SUSSEX
Meet at The Robin Hood Inn,                           Meet Thursday evenings from 6-ish at The Café
Swallow Nest, Rotherham.                              on the A29 on Bury Hill above Arundel
2nd Sunday of the month from                          (summertime). Also 1st Sundays at Shoreham
Jan 04 12 pm-ish.                                     Airport 11.30am (ish).
Contact Mick Knight on 07709 308302.                  Contact Mark Johns on 01273 419918, 07971
                                                      271739 jjetmark@aol.com or see page 37 in
NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE                                    Desmo 152.
Meet 2nd Tuesday, 7.30 pm at The Salutation
Inn, Nr Caistor on The A46 Lincoln to Grimsby         WEST COUNTRY
road. Contact Mathew Lawson on 01472                  3rd Mondays of the month 8.00pm at The Royal
859950 or mathew.l@northlincsducati.org               Albert Inn, Saltash Passage, Plymouth.
                                                      Contact Andy Callingham on 01752 228785
NORTHAMPTONSHIRE                                      HAMPSHIRE
Meet at the Royal Oak in Flore.                       1st Tuesdays at the Rack and Manger Pub,
Contact Dave Whittall 01933 677019/ 07710             Stocksbridge road, 2 miles out of Winchester.
087712 (before 9.00pm please).                        Contact Steve Hillary on 01962 877996.
northants@docgb.org                                   Steve has requested help due to his racing

Branch Out                                                      DESMO162

SHROPSHIRE                                        DUNDEE & TAYSIDE BRANCH
1st Monday at the Hare and Hounds on the A5       Venue: TAYSIDE MOTORCYCLE TRAINING
at Crackleybank (which is between Telford and     GROUP(T.M.T.G.), PEASIHILL ROAD, ELLIOT
Weston Park). There is also an informal meet on   INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, ARBROATH.
the third Monday at the Bradford Arms on the      Directions if required: Head for roundabout at
A5 at Ivetsey Bank (between Weston Park and       McDonalds in Arbroath, head up the Westway
Gailey Island) All welcome!                       and Peasihill road is 2nd left past McDonalds.
Contact Dave Bleakman 07949 133099 or             Straight on as far as poss and you will pick up
davidbleakman@hotmail.com                         the signs for TMTG. Contact
                                                  marklwhittaker@aol.com for more details.
Meet at the Plume of Feathers, Pye Corner,        NOTE
Gilston, Nr. Harlow, 3rd Sunday                   Any member who wishes to start a branch
FROM MAY 2005.                                    please talk to Gary Brook (Club Chairman
Contact Keith Bradford on 07860 228183            and branch co-ordinator).
                                                  01484 317298 or g.brook@ntlworld.com

                                                     To find out all of the latest news,
                                                     offers, and information, join the DOC
                                                     GB email list. By sending an email to
                                                     dolist@docgb.org with an empty
                                                     subject line and the words ‘join
                                                     docgb’ (no inverted commas) in the
                                                     first line of the message body, this
                                                     should be all you have to do.

                                                     Should there be any problems in
                                                     subscribing, then email either
                                                     keith@docgb.org or

                DESMO162                                                  Panigale Parts

Panigale Parts -                               Bikes, Bits and Accessories
Adverts are free for current club members and          Laguna Seca
£5 to others. Private sales only. Please make          How would you like a mint condition Laguna
cheques out to ‘Ducati Owners Club GB’. Ads            Seca? Well David in Northern Ireland has one for
may be edited.                                         sale. The bike was registered in 1987 & has only
                                                       done 3,400 miles. It has a race exhaust, dual
Send details – including membership number –           seat & two new rear sprockets, and you can
to Fred Ellis, fredellis@btinternet.com, 12 Maple      have all this for £7,500
Close, Horsham, West Sussex.                           For more details please telephone David
                                                       Crawford on 02892 638799

FOR SALE                                               916 Biposto
                                                       We have one of the last to be made 916 Biposto
BIKES                                                  up for sail, registered in 1999 on a ‘T’ plate.
                                                       Now this bike is in very good condition & comes
                                                       with a full Service history & coloured matched
Matthew McInnes has a 748B registered in 2000,
                                                       mirrors. Included in the price are the following,
Red with a Red & White tailpiece. A full service
                                                       Datatool system 3 (Thatcham Cat 1) alarm,
which included the cam belt & drive chain being
                                                       52mm Titanium half system with chip from JHP,
replaced was carried out in May 2005. In
                                                       also from JHP is the under-tank foam air filter, it
January of this year he replaced both of the
                                                       also has a double bubble screen, & a14 T front
tyres. This bike is in very good condition & has
                                                       sprocket, all of the original parts are available as
only done 9,300 miles in the dry. Matt is asking
                                                       well. The tyres (207RRs) battery, sprockets &
for £4,950 O.V.N.O. Genuine reason for sale.
                                                       chain are recent, & if you get in fast you will
For more details please telephone Matt on              have a recent tax & M.O.T.
07810501526 or Email mdm@vestas.com                    All of this to you will be £3995:00 or a bit less
                                                       with the standard exhaust.
A careful lady owner has a Red 916S in excellent       Ducati Mark lll 350
condition & has never been dropped. The bike           for sale. £2,500. Tel 01258 451021 for
was registered in October 1996. & has only done        further details.
15,500 miles, the battery & belts have been
replaced and it has a full service history. The bike   Ducati 600 SS, 1997, 26K miles, Taxed till
is 98% original. The original Ohlins rear shocks       December 2005, MOT till July 22nd. 2005.
are still in place, it now has braided hoses & a       This bike is fully serviced ready for the summer,
carbon rear hugger. A Datatag has been fitted          and comes with its service history. Cam belts
(save on the insurance). Also include in the price     changed at 24K, all valve clearances re set to
is a set of Ventura Luggage (colour Red) & a           factory spec 200 miles ago. Recent Micron
paddock stand. The price is £4,250 O.V.N.O.            race can, with standard can for MOT purposes.
For more details please telephone Diane on 020         Recent new battery fitted. It is the fully faired
7790 6044 / 07941 415818.                              model (in red of course). Any examination is
                                                       invited, AA, RAC, or your own engineer is
                                                       welcome to look it over. The bike is in heated
                                                       garage in Derbyshire, I have photos available,
                                                       the price is £ 1500.

Panigale Parts                                                        DESMO162

Contact on 01283 703368, or Email                     of parts. Too many to list (shed is not part of the
bob@rstoker.freeserve.co.uk                           deal)
                                                      To find out the cost of any of the above, or to
                                                      see if the shed has that part that you are looking
BITS                                                  for would you please call Gaz B (Gary Brook) on
                                                      01484 317298 Before 22:00hrs / 10:00pm.
Silencers & Pipes
A pair of silencers & header pipes to fit a 1991-     A pair of original silencers and header pipes
1998 900ss. Pipes & silencers are in excellent        to fit 900ss 1991-1998 .All in excellent condition
condition. Cost is £300:00. There is also a           £300 also clutch master cylinder to fit the
clutch master cylinder to fit the same for £30:00.    same £30.
Please contact Roger on 01278 653951.                 Phone 01278 653951.
                                                      Membership No 2020.
Titanium Pipes
Clive has a nice set of Titanium Pipes for sale.
They are 54mm down to 50mm Termignoni                 WANTED
Titanium Pipes, He is looking for £350:00 O.V.N.O.
Now Clive has not given me a contact number           Seat Cowl
so if you would like to make him an offer, could      We are looking for a RED seat cowl for a 1994
you please contact me & I will try & pass it on.      750ss, if you have one & would like to pass it on
                                                      would you please contact Dave on 01709 581428
Ducati Panniers                                       (After 18:00hrs/06:00pm)
Soft Black panniers only used once. They are in
immaculate condition & come with the fitting          Engine & Ancillaries
rack to fit any Monster. The price is £75:00.         Do you have an accident damaged
Please contact Dothan on (mobile) 07944               851/888/916/996. A member is looking for the
575970 or burden_dathan@hotmail.com                   engine & ancillaries from any of the above, which
                                                      he would like to place into a racing sidecar outfit.
Many Parts                                            If you can help then please contact Mick on
The Chairman has a few parts for sale. You will       01749 850905 or mickw888@btinternet.com
see that there are no prices listed. This is
because he will let club members have them            Seat cowl for a 1994 750ss (red).
cheaper than to non members.                          Contact Dave on 01709 581428 (after 6)
                                                      membership no 10054.
- Bi Posto seat units. One Yellow & one Red for
a 916/748.                                            Wanted
- Pair of front discs like new for a 916/996.         Accident damaged 851/888/916/996. Engine
                                                      and ancillaries will go in a racing sidecar outfit.
- Front mudguard (Red), Petrol tank like new          01749 850905 or mickw888@btinternet.com
(Red), all for a 916.                                 Mick White, Member No. 93
- Original Black brake callipers in good
condition for an 851.
- A rear wheel for a 750 Monster.

- A Crank shaft, starter motor & an alternator (all
in good condition) for a 900ss, plus a shed load

               DESMO162                                                                  Regalia

Ducati Owners GB Regalia Collection 2005

• T Shirts - Embroidered pocket logo F2, F3, F4                           £ 10.75 + £1.15 p+p
• Sweatshirts - Embroidered pocket logo F2, F3, F4                        £ 14.95 + £1.95 p+p
• Polo Shirts - Embroidered pocket logo F2, F3, F4                        £ 14.95 + £1.35 p+p
• Ladies fit Cap sleeve 'T' or Tank Top - sizes 30 - 36 -                 £10.75 + £1.15 p+p
  Colours : T's Red/Black/White - Tank Tops Red/White/Olive.
  Available with F2-F3-F4 logo. See E-bay shop for colour display.
• Heavy brushed cotton Caps or woolly hat - F2, F3, F4 Logo               £ 6.75 + £1.15 p+p
• Knitted Beanie - F2, F3, F4 Logo                                        £ 5.95 + £1.15 p+p

   F2-F3-F4 - Soft Enameled -                                             £ 2.95 + £0.40 p+p
   All others: Hawk-748-996-Wing’D’Meccanica Shield-Desmo-                £ 3.95 + £0.40 p+p

   Italian Flag, Sml or lge, or Old D.O.C                                 £ 2.00 + £0.40 p+p
   D.O.C. small                                                           £ 1.50 + £0.40 p+p
   AGIP 100x75mm                                                          £ 2.99 + £0.40 p+p

  All styles: F1-F2-F3-F4-Hawk, Winged’D’ – AGIP (2 sizes)                £ 2.99 + £0.40 p+p
  Spread Wings (Lge)                                                      £ 3.50 + £0.40 p+p
  Tricolore(Italian) Flag                                                 £ 1.50 + £0.40 p+p

  New design White Mugs F2, F3, F4 - Meccanica Red mug with 749-999 motif. £ 3.99 + £2.00 p+p

  Leather Printed : F2- on White
  F3- on Red or Yellow
  Hawk- on Black or Yellow
  Winged’D’ – on Black
  D.O.C. - Black or Red                                                   £0.75   +   £0.40   p+p
  D.O.C. – Enamelled – on Black                                           £2.00   +   £0.40   p+p
  Enamelled 'Meccanica Shield' Leather key fob                            £2.95   +   £0.40   p+p
  916 Bike model rubber keyring                                           £3.95   +   £0.40   p+p

Visit our E-bay shop @ http://stores.ebay.co.uk/ducatiownersgbregalia

Regalia                                                        DESMO162

Ducati Owners GB Regalia Collection 2005

FOLLOWS:                                        Limited supply Tommy Hilfiger (Red) 1/4
                                                zip lined sweater, with free Patch from
1) Paul Smart Imola '72 Tribute T (grey)
                                                current range to personalise it with, less
2) 750 Sport 'style' Tank design (yellow)       than half retail price @ £19.95 + £3.00 p+p

3) 750 Ducati crankcase casting design          NEW RANGE FOR 2005
                                                V neck T shirts with embroidered bike
4) 851 Squadron (Red)                           Image for 748/916/996/998. Monster
                                                Top quality shirts.
5) 888 Squadron (Red)                           Full Range of Sizes.
All @ £11.95 = £1.15 p+p                        Colour avaliable are: Red/Black/Grey.
Sizes: S to XL
                                                Stop Press!! Now in Sport Touring Bike
                                                logo T Shirts by Finden & Hales. Round
                                                Neck with contrasting shoulder stripes.

Large print F2-F3-F4 across the                 CONTACT DETAILS
chest design logo.
                                                Contact Regalia Secretary for more
Colours: Red/Black/White                        information: Details in club officials.
Sizes: S to XL
At standard T Shirt price of £10.75 + p+p

                                To log onto our e-bay shop go to:

                   DESMO162                                              Diary Dates 2005

Please check national press for confirmed details before attending any events. Check with any CoM member
  for DOC GB events. Any other dates/events – please let the editor know asap for inclusion in Desmo 161.

                                                                        Woodhouse, Loughborough, Leics.
                                                                        Details Mike Powell 07876 744911
2             N.Lancs/Cumbria Social
                                                             23-25      BSB Donington,
7             WSB Brands Hatch
                                                             25         MotoGP Malaysia
8-13          Ulster GP Bike Week
                                                             25         Rossendale Valley Motorbike Show
10            Cheshire Social
11-14         2005 Bulldog Bash
                                                             28         Manchester Social
              Europes Greatest Biker Party.
13-14         World Endurance Championship                   1-2        WSB Imola; MotoGP Qatar -1
              Oschersleben 24hr                               2         World Endurance Championship
19-21         BSB Silverstone (International)                           Vallelunga Italy 200 mile
21            Cheshire ride out                              7-9        BSB Brands Hatch
27-29         BSB Cadwell Park,                              8-9        WSB France-Magny-Cours
28            MotoGP Czech                                   12         Cheshire Social
              Republic – Brno                                15-16      Stafford Classic bike Show,
31            Manchester Social                                         http://www.classicbikeshows.com
20-2   Sep    Manx GP                                        16         MotoGP Phillip Island,
                                                             16         Cheshire ride out
SEPTEMBER                                                    26         Manchester Social
4             WSB Netherlands - Assen                        30         MotoGP Portugal – Estoril
6             N.Lancs/Cumbria Social
10            24hr Endurance Bol D’Or Magny-Cours            NOVEMBER
              You must go at least once                      1          N.Lancs/Cumbria Social
9-11          BSB Oulton Park,                               6          MotoGP Spain- Valencia
              WSB Germany- Lauitzring                        9          Cheshire social
14            Cheshire Social                                20         Cheshire ride out
16-18         Goodwood Revival                               30         Manchester Social
17-18         Oliver’s Mount INTERNATIONAL GOLD
              CUP, Scarborough                               DECEMBER
17-18         BMF TAIL END 2005.                             6          N.Lancs/Cumbria Social
              http://www.bmf.co.uk                           14         Cheshire social
18            MotoGP. Japan (Motegi)                         18         Cheshire ride out
18            Cheshire Ride out; Stinkwheel Classic          26         Plum Pudding Races Mallory Park
              Motocycle Show. Beaumanor Hall,                28         Manchester social
 * * Watch this space for details regarding the Ducatisti grandstand at WSB Mugello, Ducati
         Revs America, Motogiro, Centopassi, and further Ducati related events! * *
             Every 2nd Thursday in the month – Italian Night at the Ace Café London, North Circular, A406.

                 MEMBERSHIP FORM                                                DESMO162

DUCATI Owners Club GB
Surname……………………………Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms                                     Renewal Date                    :        :
First Name(s)……………………………………………
Address……………………………………………………… E-mail……………………………………………
Town………………………… County…………………………………… Post Code ……………………….
Tel. No (Day)…………………… (Eves) ………………………… Membership No………………………….
Joint Membership is for couples and entitles them to separate membership cards and the right as individuals
to the benefits of DOC membership. Each couple receives one DESMO.

I would like to name……………………………………………………………………………… as joint member with me.

Data Protection Act “As a condition of the 1984 Data Protection Act we must inform you that the efficient
maintenance of membership records is dependent upon our keeping your membership details on computer under
secure conditions. Your signature on this form signifies your agreement to this condition”.

I/We wish to apply for membership/renewal of the Ducati Owners Club and I/we agree to abide by the rules of The
Club. I/we agree to contribute up to a maximum of £1 to the assets of the company in the event of it being wound
up whilst I am/we are a member or within one year of my/our membership lapsing. (Delete as necessary)

Signed………………………………………………………………………………………… (Joint members - both should sign)

Local Contacts I/We agree/disagree that our address can be passed on to fellow DOC members who wish to
make contact in our area. (Please delete as necessary)

Fees UK and Overseas Membership £22         Joint Membership £24     Joining Fee for new and lapsed Members - Add £2

I enclose a Cheque/Postal Order for the sum of £………………… made payable to: The Ducati Owners Club GB

Bike Details
Model             Reg No………………………… Engine No………………………… Frame No…………………………
Model             Reg No………………………… Engine No………………………… Frame No…………………………
Model             Reg No………………………… Engine No………………………… Frame No…………………………
Model             Reg No………………………… Engine No………………………… Frame No…………………………

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