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									                                                                        Microsoft Office System
                                                                        Customer & Partner Solution Brief

                                                                        BAE Systems Division Streamlines Processes
                                                                        and Saves Time with New Project Solution

                                                                        “With Project Professional 2007, you can see the effects of your
                                                                        task updates with Change Highlighting and run what-if scenarios,
Fast Facts                                                              which can save a lot of time reviewing the impact of changes.”
Customer: BAE Systems Inertial Products
                                                                        Sam Graber, Project Planner, BAE Systems Inertial Products
Web Site:
Number of Employees: 900
                                                                        BAE Systems is one of the largest defence and          “In the past, I’ve spent an hour updating a project,
Country or Region: United Kingdom
                                                                        aerospace contractors in the world, and its Inertial   and the last change could alter dates throughout
Industry: Aerospace and Defence
                                                                        Products division is an award-winning supplier of      the plan without warning,” he says. “With Project
                                                                        gyroscopes, inertial measurement units, and            Professional 2007, you can see the effects of task
Customer Profile
                                                                        integrated navigation solutions to many of the         updates with Change Highlighting and run what-if
Inertial Products is a division of
                                                                        world’s major defence and aerospace programmes.        scenarios, which can save a lot of time reviewing
transatlantic aerospace and defence
                                                                                                                               the impact of changes.”
company BAE Systems. It has 300
                                                                        The Project Support Office Team at Inertial Products
employees at its base in Plymouth,
                                                                        decided to participate in a pilot for the 2007         An outside contractor is responsible for tasks such
England, with a further 600 working in the
                                                                        Microsoft® Office system following the successful      as backing up, restoring projects, and accessing
United States.
                                                                        deployment of Microsoft Office Project Server 2003.    error messages. With Project Server 2007, project
                                                                        Paul Barlow, Project Support Office Manager for        planners and managers now can complete these
                                                                        Inertial Products, says: “We are one of the few        tasks themselves from an administration page,
 Effective project analysis.
                                                                        companies to create a complete time sheet and          saving the business time and money.
 Employees perform server-side
                                                                        overtime system in Project Server 2003 and are
                                                                        pleased to see this is now enhanced with the 2007      Paul Barlow says other new features of Project
 Time saved reviewing project changes.
                                                                        release of Office Project Server and Project           Server and Project Professional 2007 could help
 Potential to replace in-house systems.
                                                                        Professional.”                                         the Inertial Products division reduce the number of
 Integrated timesheets, overtime system.
                                                                                                                               custom-built systems it uses and, if needed,
                                                                        Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Corporate Project     operate more independently of BAE Systems. “At a
Software and Services
                                                                        Solutions helped install and configure Project         group level, BAE Systems provides solutions for
 Microsoft Office System
                                                                        Server 2007 as part of the pilot, which also saw the   project information management and resource
  − Microsoft Office Excel 2007
                                                                        division’s project support office test the improved    aggregation,” he says. “But we could use Project
  − Microsoft Office Project Professional
                                                                        integration with Microsoft Office Excel® 2007.         Server 2007 to replace these, in addition to giving
                                                                        Project Support Office employees have found Office     our project planners and managers the benefits of
  − Microsoft Office Project Server 2007
                                                                        Project 2007 saves time and allows them to make        moving from Project Professional and Project
                                                                        better decisions. Project Planner Sam Graber says      Server 2003 to the latest release.”
                                                                        features such as the improved Gantt View and
                                                                        Change Highlighting show how the solution helps
                                                                        planners and managers.

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Document published February 2007

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