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					                              EVENT APPLICATION FORM
                Notice of ten (10) working days must be given prior to the event.

Pathway Booking Number:______________               Date of application _____/_____/____
Please complete and return to 257 Crawford St, Queanbeyan or PO Box 90, Queanbeyan.
Fax to (02) 6285 6667 or email to sportsandrecreation@qcc.nsw.gov.au. Tel: 6285 6000

Contact Name                                Contact Number

                                            Mobile Number
Organisation                                Fax Number

Postal Address                                       State


Email Address

Name of Event                               Dates(s) of Event

Start time                                  Location/Venue

Finish Time

Target Audience                             Approximate Number of People

TYPE OF EVENT  (please tick)
□ Arts                        □ Street Parade                □ Street festival
□ Community event             □ Community markets            □ Hobby/exhibition/show
□ Sports event                □ Commercial event             □ Other, please specify

Brief description of event:

Insurance Requirements

Does your company or organisation have current public liability policy covering the event dates and times
and held with an acceptable insurance company with a minimum cover of $10 million indemnity?

                                                                         □ Yes □ No
If yes, please attach a copy to this application. If no, please supply a copy 14 days prior to the event.
                                                                    Please refer to pages 15-16 of the Guide
Event details

Will you require extra time to set up and clean up your event?             □ Yes □ No
Roads and Traffic

Is a road closure required:                                                □ Yes □ No
If yes, please provide locations and times:

If a road closure is required have you submitted a traffic management plan?            □ Yes□ No
(Please refer to the Traffic Management section in the Event Planning Guide)

Will extra parking be provided?                                            □     Yes   □ No
If yes, please indicate the exact location of the parking area on the site plan.

Will additional transport be supplied for the event?                       □ Yes □ No
If yes, please outline the arrangements:

Have existing public transport companies been notified of your event?      □ Yes     No□
                                                                 Please refer to pages 22-24 of the Guide
Vehicle Access

Please show the available parking and access point/s for emergency vehicles on your site plan.


Roadside signs are not permitted on state highways. The use of banners for roadside advertising is not
permitted in any of Council’s public open space without approval. Do you plan to have signs?

                                                           □ Yes□ No
                                                                       Please refer to page 13 of the Guide
Do you propose to erect tents, marquees or stalls of large scale with seating and / or staging?

                                                                         □ Yes □ No
If yes, please indicate the location of the above on your site plan.

Does it comply with the management plan for the public space?

                                                   □ Yes□ No
Are you planning to have amusement devices at your event (eg: Jumping Castle, Merry-go-round,

sideshow)                                                                □ Yes                □ No
If so please describe the devise
If yes, please indicate the location of the rides/structures on your site plan.
                                                                     Please refer to pages 13-15 of the Guide


If there are no existing, or not enough toilets, the organiser must provide sufficient toilets.

Will you be providing additional toilets at the selected site?              □ Yes □ No
If yes, how many?

Will you be providing disabled toilets at the selected site?                □ Yes □ No
If yes, how many?

Please indicate the location of the portable toilets on the site plan
                                                                           Please refer to page 20 of the Guide

Are you intending to have fireworks at your event?                          □ Yes □ No
If yes, please state the duration and times for the fireworks:

Please indicate the location of the fireworks on the site plan.
                                                                           Please refer to page 14 of the Guide

Do you require use of Council’s power supply (where available)?             □ Yes               No□
If yes, you will need to ensure that all power connections conform to the Australian Standards for
electrical wiring (AS3000). You will also need to check the availability of power and location.

Are you planning to use generators?                                         □ Yes □ No
If yes, please indicate the location of the generators on the site plan.

All extension leads must be tested and tagged by a licensed electrician or competent person as per
Australian Standards AS3760.

Are you planning to use lighting equipment?                                 □ Yes □ No
If yes, please indicate the location on the site plan.


Are you planning to use amplification equipment?                            □ Yes      □  No
If yes, please indicate the location of the amplification equipment and the direction of the speakers on
your site plan. Please note Council may require residents to be notified via a letterbox drop.

Please provide the number of speakers/sound power level (eg 240-watt speakers):

Please specify operational times:        Start:                             Finish:

Will there be musical performances?                                         □
                                                                           Yes         □ No
If yes, please provide information on the type of musical program proposed:

Proposed performance times:              From:                              To:
                                                                           Please refer to page 21 of the Guide


Will food be sold?                                                        □ Yes □ No
Will food be given away?                                                  □ Yes □ No
If yes, you will need to have submitted a Temporary Event Food Application Form four weeks prior to the
event. Please indicate the location of food outlets on the site plan.

All enquiries in regard to food preparation, storage and handling should be directed to Council’s
Environmental Health Officer on (02) 6285 6268.
                                                                      Please refer to page 18 of the Guide
Health and beauty therapies

Is it proposed to have natural therapies or skin penetration at your event?   □ Yes           □ No
Please provide information on the type of therapies proposed:


Will alcohol be consumed?                                                 □Yes □ No
Will alcohol be sold?                                                     □Yes □ No
Please note: If it is proposed to sell alcohol, an On-Licence (Functions) Liquor Licence, or other
appropriate liquor licence must be obtained from the Licencing Court of NSW, Level 13, 323 Castlereagh
Street, Sydney and submitted to the licensing police at least 14 days prior to the date of the function. A
copy of this liquor licence is to be provided to Council a minimum of seven days prior to the event.
                                                                        Please refer to page 19 of the Guide
Waste and recycling

If you are wanting to promote your event as a ‘wastewise’ event go to
http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/warr/WWE_Home.htm for information on how. Tel: (02) 9995 5000

Please give a brief outline of the type of waste that will be produced at this event i.e. food scraps, large
cardboard boxes, animal manure, beer bottles, recyclables and non recyclables etc.

How many general waste bins will be provided to the selected site:

How many recycling bins will be provided to the selected site:

Provide details of your bin and/or waste disposal service provider:

For a rough estimate on the number of bins necessary for your event, and all other enquiries in regards to
waste please notify Council’s Waste Minimisation Co-ordinator on (02) 6285 6192.

How often will the bins be emptied throughout the event?

(Please indicate the location of waste facilities on the site plan)
                                                                         Please refer to page 20 of the Guide

Crowd management/security

Will security be at your event?                                         □ Yes □ No
If yes, how many security staff?

                                                                      Please refer to page 11 of the Guide
Police notification

Has your organisation notified the Queanbeyan Police of your proposed event?     □ Yes □ No
First aid
It is compulsory to provide first aid at your event. How do you propose to address this?

                                                                    Please refer to page 11 of the Guide
Risk management
You must conduct a risk assessment at least two weeks prior to your event. Private events do not require
a risk assessment to be undertaken.

Please Note: It is recommended that a risk management plan be prepared for all events. For a combined
number of spectators and competitors exceeding 2,000, a risk management plan for the event must be
submitted to Council eight weeks prior to the event for assessment.
                                                                    Please refer to page 9 of the Guide
Emergency response plan (ERP)

Have you developed an emergency response plan?                            □ Yes □ No
If yes, please attach it to this application?
                                                                      Please refer to page 12 of the Guide
Welcome to Country

Are you planning to have an Aboriginal Elder provide a Welcome to Country?    □ Yes □ No
If yes, please contact the Ngambri Local Land Council on 6297 4152 (Col Williams). Please note there is
a schedule of fees for a “Welcome to Country”. These, and more information, can be found in the
“Welcome to Country’ section of the guide on page 24.

Please Note: A ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony is required for all major events where council is actively
involved. Events in this category include:
    • Commemorations and major festivals.                       • Major launches.
    • Conferences held or sponsored by the Council.             • International events held in Queanbeyan
    • Major and international sporting events.                of which the Council is an organizer or
                                                                Please refer to pages 25-26 of the Guide
Council’s calendar of events

If you would like your event advertised on the Visit Queanbeyan website please contact the Tourist
Information Centre on (02) 6299 7307.

                                             Terms and Conditions
The following states the Terms and Conditions that all hirers must adhere to when an application has been approved
                              by Queanbeyan City Council, also known as Council.
                              Applications take a minimum of 7-14 days to process.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to comply with the following;
1.1. Conduct a Risk assessment of the ground before each use of hire and ensure there is no risk to spectators and
1.2. The initial first assessment must have checked all facilities, ground equipment, ground surface, fencing etc. to
ensure all the area is suitable for the purpose of hiring through a thorough Risk assessment with a Council Officer.
Please book in advance.
1.3. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all specific equipment owned by the hirer meets the Australian
1.4. It is the responsibility of the hirer and NOT Council, to compensate any person who is injured or results in
death from faulty equipment, incorrect use of equipment and from not wearing appropriate safety equipment while
using Council hired facilities
1.5. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make Council aware of any issues on Council facilities that may result in
the possibility of injury or death.
1.6. I have read and agree as the hirer my duty in creating a Risk free environment and will abide by 1.1, 1.2, 1.3,
1.4 and 1.5.

Sign 1………………………………..                                             Sign 2………………………………..

2. Facilities & Cleaning
2.1. Use of facilities will be restricted to the date and time submitted on application (includes set up and clean up
2.2. Unlock and lock facilities including all gates
2.3. Leave grounds & facilities clean, tidy & ensure all equipment is away and not left on the premises
2.4. It is the responsibility of the hirer to contact Council’s Waste Minimisation Co-ordinator on ph: (02) 6285 6192
for the arrangement of bins.
2.5. At the end of hire period the premises will be free of all hirers equipment and belongings
2.6. Repair or pay for the cost of any damaged caused by the hirer to the facility / premises
2.6.1. Acts of vandalism should be reported immediately on 6298 1234(on call line)
2.7. Hirer will meet any cost incurred for breach of the terms and conditions
2.8. Council reserves the right at anytime to withdraw approval given to any hirer of council facilities
2.9. The hirer should ring 6285 6506 to ensure the ground is open on the hire date.
2.10. The hirer acknowledges that the facilities and grounds will be hired to other organisations and user groups
2.11. If the hirer uses any electrical equipment as part of the event, the hirer shall ensure that the equipment is in a
safe and usable condition and has been tested and tagged as such.

3. Grounds
3.1. The hirer shall not erect equipment, stakes into the ground or drive motor vehicles on the premises without
prior approval from Council
3.2. Facilities and ground markings should not be amended without prior approval from council
3.3. The hirer will ensure all vehicles park in the designated parking area, not on reserves or sport grounds

4. Policies, Public Liability & Indemnity
4.1. The hirer in the case of a club, organisation, community event and non private function shall take out Public
Liability and Indemnity of no LESS than 10million dollars unless other arrangements have been made.
4.2. The hirer must submit a Public Liability and Indemnity Certificate of Currency with the application form.
4.2.1. For a large events, Council may request 20million dollars for Public Liability and Insurance
4.3        The hirer shall at all times while using the facilities in this agreement keep Council indemnified against all
claims, demands, actions & suits while the hirer is using the facilities where an injury and or damage to any member
of the public has occurred.
4.4        If the hirer arranges for the provision of equipment to provide rides, jumping structures or similar to
participants of the event, the hirer shall indemnify the council against any claims demands, actions as such that may
arise from the use of such equipment.
4.5        The hirer shall comply with all notices, orders, by-laws, regulations and requirements of the Council and
any other governmental or public authority imposing any liability on the hirer in respect of the use of facilities.
4.6        The hirer shall not use the hired facility for anything other than the approved hire application activity.
4.7        All equipment owned by the hirer is the responsibility of the hirer and not Council. The hirer must ensure
that all safety equipment for their sport / activity is adhered to the National standards and sport / activity code.
4.8        All hirers must be able to produce an “on the spot” copy of their facility hire confirmation when requested
by a Council Officer or Law enforcement.
4.9        If the equipment provided in 4.4 is supplied by an external party, the hirer shall ensure that current Public
Liability Insurance to the amount of $20 Million is held by the external party.

5. Keys, Deposits and additional charges
5.1. The hirer shall pick keys up from the Parks & Recreation Office. A receipt of key & cleaning deposit payment
in full is required at the time.
5.2. The hirer shall return keys to the Parks & Recreation Office:
5.3. Should the keys not be returned by the requested time all key & cleaning deposits and facility hire be forfeited
5.4. Should the grounds and premises not be within Councils satisfaction, costs will be deducted for cleaning from
the hirer’s key and cleaning deposit.
5.5. Spot checks will be performed throughout the hirers use, should unapproved structures, equipment and use of
facilities be found –additional charges will be warranted at the cost of the hirer.

6. Council Responsibility
6.1. Once a week amenities ( for public use) be cleaned
6.2. Once a week rubbish collection from sportsground
6.3. Line Markings and Maintenance of facilities
6.4. Available in an emergency on 6298 1234
6.5. Weekend Cleaners hotline 6298 1234 should the premises have litter or dangerous materials
6.6. Inspect grounds to ensure they are suitable for hiring, providing a 24hr hotline for ground closures – 6285 6506

7.   Other Special Requirements


I, __________________________________________as the event organiser, apply for approval to host
an event in the Queanbeyan City Council area, acknowledge that the information and completed actions
in my application are true and correct. I accept responsibility of the facility/park/ground/reserve during the
specified hire period and will ensure compliance with Queanbeyan City Council’s condition of hire and
local laws.

I will indemnify Queanbeyan City Council against any action, suit or proceeding caused by my failure to
observe all statutory and other requirements or as a result of my negligence or wilful actions. I will ensure
that appropriate liability and other insurances are in place for the activities to be conducted.

The hirer (organisation or private) will be held accountable for the Terms & Conditions. Should the
signature resign from the position, a new signed set of Terms & Conditions will need to be declared.

Signature:                                                                     Date:

Print Name:

QCC Officer to sign:


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