Episode 61

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					1.    EPISODE 61                                                                    20.   ROBERT:      Probably I have much more experience than you in this
2.    SCENE 1 (R5.17)                                                                                  garage.
4.    B/G SFX: USUAL WORKSHOP SOUNDS, OCCASIONAL WELDING.                           21.   MARGRET:     Yes...but you see experience has to be fused with skill most
5.    ROBERT, MARGRET, WORKERS                                                                         of the times.

6.    ROBERT:         (INCITES) Hey Margaret. Let me give you a hand with           22.   ROBERT:      (OFFENDED) Now you are insulting me in „my own
                      that. I‟d hate to see you spoil your beautiful fingernails!                      garage‟?

7.    MARGRET:        (CALMLY) Thank you , Robert, for the compliment but I         23.   MARGRET:     Please Robert if you could leave me to work!
                      can handle it.
                                                                                    24.   ROBERT:      (HUMILIATED) So you think you are better than me,
8.    ROBERT:         Cleaning that carburator is dirty work. Let me please help                       woman?
                      you do that.
                                                                                    25.   MARGRET:     I don‟t know…may be.
                                                                                    26.   WORKERS GIGGLE.
10.   MARGRET:        Thank you, Robert. Buts its okay I‟m used to this kind of
                      work.                                                         27.   ROBERT:      You, a woman to be better than me? Over my dead body.

11.   ROBERT:         (TEASING) Come on I am trying to save you a lot of            28.   MARGRET:      Do you mean to say that a woman can never be better than
                      trouble.                                                                         you even at her trade?

12.   WORKERS OFF MIC COMMENTING: Let him help you, Margret.                        29.   ROBERT:      Which trade other than being in the kitchen and …/

13.   MARGRET:        Well, thank you, Robert. But, it‟s my job and I can handle    30.   MARGRET:     That‟s the problem with men. Never looking at women as
                      it.                                                                              equals…

14.   ROBERT:         Are you even sure you will clean that carburator Margaret?    31.   ROBERT:      Flowers just. In fact with that kind of figure you have, you
                                                                                                       would make a nice flower to look at and probably…
15.   MARGRET:        (BECOMING INSULTED) What do you mean by that,
                      Robert? I am a qualified mechanic.                            32.   MARGRET:     Robert!

16.   WORKERS OFF MIC COMMENTING: She‟s getting annoyed now…                        33.   ROBERT:      Hey, hey I‟m just appreciating your beauty. Why are you
                                                                                                       getting all offended?
17.   ROBERT:         That might not be the point!
                                                                                    34.   MARGRET:     (OFFENDED) What is it that you, Robert, can do that I
18.   MARGRET:        Please Robert if you could save me all that, because I want                      can‟t?
                      to finish this.
                                                                                    35.   ROBERT:      Pee while standing! (LAUGHS)
19.   WORKERS OFF MIC: Yeah, Robert. Stop pestering the woman…
                                                                                    36.   SOME WORKERS APPROVE, OTHERS ARE IN DISAGREEMENT

37.   MARGRET:      (SARCASTICALLY) No wonder that‟s what you only think
                    of!                                                               51.   ROBERT:       You must have spoilt it.

38.   ROBERT:       Would you want me to think of the kitchen?                        52.   MARGRET:      But as a mechanic, even if it‟s spoilt you should know how
                                                                                                          to fix it.
39.   MARGRET:      Robert, you might be the Boss‟ son here but you have no
                    right whatsoever to talk to me like that as if I am a nothing.    53.   ROBERT:       (RESIGNING) But why should I even waste my energy as if
                                                                                                          you are going to pay me for it.
40.   ROBERT:       I never said you are a nothing. I just said that you‟re a lady
                    and ladies are good at cooking and showing off their              54.   MARGRET:      Now that you have failed sir, let me get on with my work.
                                                                                      55.   WORKERS BOO ROBERT; CHEER MARGARET.
41.   MARGRET:      (ANGRY) Okay, then, big man, you can as well go ahead
                    and fix this carburator.                                          56.   ROBERT:       (SHAMEFULLY) Remember, I specialize in the tyre section
                                                                                                          not in these carburators.
                                                                                      57.   MARGRET:      Its not energy that is required here. Its just skill. Watch, I‟ll
43.   ROBERT:       You think you are the only mechanic here? Let me fix this                             show you.
                    so that you can understand that some of us have been here
                    much longer than you.                                             58.   ROBERT:       I don‟t want. I have what to do.

44.   MARGRET:      I even doubt if you can fix…/                                     59.   SFX:          FOOTSTEPS HURRY OFF.

45.   ROBERT:       Watch me.                                                         60.   MARGRET:      Come back, Robert. I can teach you how….if you‟ll listen to
                                                                                                          a mere woman…
TOOLS CLINGING.                                                                       61.   END.

46.   MARGRET:      Eeeee you see! You think its that simple for everyone?            62.   SCENE 2 (SB5.15)
                                                                                      63.   LOCATION:        EXT. FOOTBALL GROUNDS. LATE AFTERNOON
47.   ROBERT:       I will have to fix this whatsoever. If this woman can do it       64.   B/G SFX:         FOOTBALL TRAINING
                    then I can do it.                                                 65.   STEVE AND MATATA

48.   MARGRET:      Okay lets see how this MAN will fail to fix what a woman          66.   MATATA:       (CALLING OUT) Eh, Steve! I am telling you it is going to
                    can fix.!                                                                             rain today.

WORKERS CHEER ON.                                                                     67.   STEVE:        (FADING IN) Yes Chief, how are you Matata?

49.   ROBERT:       I think this carburator must be spoilt. It‟s stuck to one side.   68.   MATATA:       (ON MIC BUT LOUD) I am just wondering. What is the
                    Why?                                                                                  occasion?

50.   MARGRET:      No help for you here big man. Use your experience and             69.   STEVE:        No I just came to play some soccer that‟s all.
                    masculinity that you boast about.

70.   MATATA:   I cannot even remember when I last saw you on a football       86.    MATATA:        (STUBBORNLY) Man, Stevo, just tell me if you dig
                pitch.                                                                              Blessing. We are men here and we have to understand each
71.   STEVE:    Man I have been all over the place doing this and the other.
                                                                               87.    STEVE:        What I have on my plate right now is enough. Stella is on
72.   MATATA:   Stevo, I know you. Those babes of yours have finished you                           my neck…I don‟t want any more trouble.
                                                                               88.    MATATA:       Then why don‟t you leave me to…/
73.   STEVE:    Matata, you are so fake!
                                                                               89.    STEVE:        Blessing is living in the same house with me. That makes
74.   MATATA:   Man you know I‟m right.                                                             me responsible when you encroach on her.

75.   STEVE:    Whatever.                                                      90.    MATATA:       (LAUGHING, SOUNDING LOGICAL) But tell me one
                                                                                                    thing. Is she your wife?
76.   MATATA:   I always tell you to handle chicks firmly so they don‟t rule
                you but/                                                       91.    STEVE:        Of course not. But she is under OUR care and encroaching
                                                                                                    on her creates more problems for me. Matata please never
77.   STEVE:    So is that why you go jumping onto whoever you meet on                              do that again.
                the way.
                                                                               92.    MATATA:       Its okay, you should have told me you dig that Blessing of
78.   MATATA:   (SHOCKED) What? What insect has gotten to your head                                 yours. I would never have touched her in the first place.
                                                                               93.    STEVE:        Blessing is an innocent nice girl. You will just mess her up
79.   STEVE:    (ACCUSINGLY) You know what you did. You wanted to                                   and put me in problems.
                jump onto Blessing?
                                                                               94.    MATATA:       (SOUNDING AMUSED) So member, now I get it. You told
80.   MATATA:    (DODGILY) Man chill. You better get on the pitch and                               Robert and me that you had no feelings kumbe you were
                practice. I‟m sure you have lost form.                                              beating about the bush! (LAUGHS IN WONDER)

81.   STEVE:    Matata what you did was not right. If you can know the         95.    STEVE:        (HINTING GUILT) It‟s not like that Matata. She is under
                problems you have caused for me at home..                                           my hand. Don‟t you understand? You don‟t have to disturb
82.   MATATA:   (GUILTILY) Problems at home!?
                                                                               96.    MATATA:       (CONSUMED IN LAUGHTER) Come on Stevo! Do you like
83.   STEVE:    (FIRMLY) Even my little sister is up against me because of                          the chick or not?
                what you did.
                                                                               97.    STEVE:        I am warning you Matata!
84.   MATATA:   Ah. Don‟t you know young kids? She is just being cheeky.
                                                                               98.    END.
85.   STEVE:    No. What you did was bad. Although you are my friend, I
                don‟t approve of that.                                         99.    SCENE 3 (R5.18)
                                                                               100.   LOCATION: INT. MONDAY‟S GARAGE. DAY.
                                                                               101.   B/G SFX: OCCASIONAL WORKSHOP SOUNDS

102.   ROBERT, JACK, MARGRET                                                     119.   JACK:      Hee! Do you remember the last time she challenged you
                                                                                                   fixing a carburator?
103.   ROBERT:      (ASTONISHED) Ah! Is that Margaret coming over, Jack?
                                                                                 120.   ROBERT:    Waaa! That was then. Wait and see how I charm her into
104.   JACK:        What cant you see Robert? That‟s Margaret.                                     submission.

105.   ROBERT:      Go away! Margaret can‟t be that beautiful. Her hips aren‟t   121.   JACK:      (TEASING) The reverse might be true.
                    loaded with vitamins and packed with energy like that girl
                    coming!                                                      122.   ROBERT:    (OFFENDED) Do you think I‟m a coward?

106.   JACK:        You are fooling! That‟s Margaret Shhs quiet! She‟s coming    123.   JACK:      There she comes.

107.   SFX:         FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING                                        124.   MARGRET:   (OFF MIC) Did anyone pick the toolbox from my shelf.

108.   MARGRET:     (TENDERLY) Good morning Jack and Robert                      125.   ROBERT:    (AUTHORITATIVELY) Its here. Come and pick it if you
                                                                                                   want it.
109.   JACK:        (ROBERT KEEPS QUIET) Good morning to you Margaret.
                    You are smart.                                               126.   JACK:      (PROVOKATRIVELY) I‟m watching this space, Robert!

110.   MARGRET:     (PLEASANTLY) Thank you Jack.                                 127.   ROBERT:    (ARROGANTLY) Why do you wear oil stained overalls?
                                                                                                   Aren‟t there clean ones?
111.   ROBERT:      So, what‟s the occasion?
                                                                                 128.   MARGRET:   What‟s the use of wearing a clean one when it‟s going to be
112.   MARGRET:     Nothing! I don‟t wear overalls all the time…. (JACK AND                        stained with oil at the end of the day?
                    MARGRET LAUGH)
                                                                                 129.   ROBERT:    (OFFENDED) By the way, we shall not tolerate this kind of
113.   SFX:         FOOTSTEPS FADDING OUT                                                          dressing here.

114.   ROBERT:      (WHISTLING) All along she has been hiding gold in that       130.   MARGRET:   What‟s wrong with it? It‟s a simple woman dress or you
                    overall?                                                                       forget I‟m a woman not a man?

115.   JACK:        (HEARTY LAUGH) Stop admiring, Robert!                        131.   ROBERT:    Seductive wear makes us uncomfortable. Any way just
                                                                                                   kidding. But you are really smart today.
116.   ROBERT:      Honestly, I didn‟t know that at times we have eyes but we
                    don‟t see! Look at her physic.                               132.   MARGRET:   Thank you. Can you excuse me and I change my clothes
                                                                                                   from here, Robert!
117.   JACK:        (AMUSED) What‟s wrong with it?
                                                                                 133.   ROBERT:    But do I really have to first go away? You are part of us, you
118.   ROBERT:      Its as if she has tied ripe oranges on her bust.(WHISTLES)                     always move with us…feel free…you can change even when
                    her backside is the winner! Let me show her the man in                         I am here.
                                                                                 134.   MARGRET:   Of course you don‟t expect me to do that. Do you?

135.   ROBERT:     Okay I will leave but I have something to tell you first.
                                                                                      152.   SCENE 4 (SOL.5.16)
136.   MARGRET:    Feel free.                                                         153.   LOCATION: O/C‟S OFFICE.
                                                                                      154.   B/G SFX: USUAL POLICE SOUNDS.
137.   ROBERT:     What‟s your schedule like?                                         155.   OC, SOLOMON

138.   MARGRET:    It‟s coming to work here every day and then back home.             156.   SFX:          DOOR OPENS.
                                                                                      157.   OC:           Yes, Solomon. Good you have kept time.
139.   ROBERT:     I mean during your spare time. Don‟t you spare some time
                   to chat with friends and probably take a drink or two?             158.   SOLOMON:      You have to keep time especially when you don‟t know why
                                                                                                           you have been summoned to Police, OC..
140.   MARGRET:    Yes I do once in a while. Why do you ask?
                                                                                      159.   OC:           Oh! That‟s what kept you on your toes?
141.   ROBERT:     I was thinking that we could go out for a drink just to get to
                   know each other better.                                            160.   SOLOMON:      (ANXIOUS) OC, what is the matter? You have summoned
                                                                                                           me quickly! Any trouble?
142.   MARGARET:   Ha! That‟s not a bad thing only that I don‟t know whether I
                   have time!                                                         161.   OC:           (MODESTLY) You know Solomon, you are my friend but
                                                                                                           (HESITATES) anyway/
143.   ROBERT:     But how does a man invite you for a drink and you fail to
                   get time. Don‟t worry I am paying all the bills.                   162.   SOLOMON:      (CURIOUS / IMPATIENTLY) / But what officer?

144.   MARGRET:    Actually that‟s not the point. I also work…I can also pay for      163.   OC:           (COUGHS, CLEARS THROAT) When it comes to the law,
                   the bills                                                                               its the law!

145.   ROBERT:     No. I wouldn‟t let you. In fact there is a nice bar that I know    164.   SOLOMON:      (SCARED) What are you trying to say officer? I don‟t
                   of where we could go…/                                                                  understand. Is there a change in my case?

146.   MARGARET:   Sorry I forgot to tell you but I don‟t go to bars.                 165.   OC:           (CALMLY) Well!

147.   ROBERT:     Then how do you drink…what do you drink?                           166.   SOLOMON:      Tell me officer…what happened? Is it a new charge…did
                                                                                                           you visit Lillian? Is it about her…what?
148.   MARGARET:   I take soft drinks and that‟s all. I don‟t take beer and I don‟t
                   like people who take it.                                           167.   OC:           Cool down Solomon.

149.   ROBERT:     Okay, then, let‟s get a soda together after work.                  168.   SOLOMON:      But I can‟t until I know what it is that I am called for here.

150.   MARGARET:   Robert, I just want to come to work and earn a living.             169.   OC:           Anyway, something unusual has happened at the police
                   We‟ve not been friendly before now. And, I don‟t see any                                station.
                   reason to spend my free time with you….
                                                                                      170.   SOLOMON:      (CONFUSED)              Something unusual? What‟s that?

151.   END.                                                                           171.   OC:           Your file is missing.

                                                                                 190.   SOLOMON:      I don‟t know. Right now the only thing on my mind is to put
172.   SOLOMON:   (PRETENTIOUSLY) What has that got to do with me?                                    things right. I can‟t then steal a file.

173.   OC:        Where is the file Solomon?                                     191.   OC:           I don‟t know why I‟m finding it hard to believe you,
174.   SOLOMON:   Truthfully speaking, that‟s news to me.
                                                                                 192.   SOLOMON:      Okay, re-open the file. I have no problem with that! AlI I
175.   OC:        Do you know what you are putting yourself into?                                     need now is to put things right. Whether in court or out of
176.   SOLOMON:   This is the first time I‟m stepping here since my release.
                  How could I have taken it?
                                                                                 193.   SCENE 5 (SB5.16)
177.   OC:        You don‟t have to be there. You can monitor its theft!         194.   LOCATION:        INT. STELLA‟S HOUSE. LATE AFTERNOON.
                                                                                 195.   B/G SFX:         POPULAR MUSIC PLAYS FROM STELLA‟S STEREO.
178.   SOLOMON:   I now cannot do such a thing.                                                          HEAVY BEAT.
179.   OC:        (INTOROGATES) How much did you pay the officer on              197.   STEVE AND STELLA

180.   SOLOMON:   Which officer on duty?                                         198.   STELLA:       (SINGS AND BEATS A RHYTHM) Steve-oh, you are home!

181.   OC:        The one you gave the money to steal the file.                  199.   SFX:          HE DUMPS EMPTY JERRYCANS, MAKING AN
                                                                                                      UPLEASANT SOUND
182.   SOLOMON:   I‟m telling you, OC, I don‟t know anything about this.
                                                                                 200.   STELLA:       You can leave the jerry cans outside.
183.   OC:        Do you know you can get arrested? Why are you hiding his
                  identity?                                                      201.   STEVE:        People steal.

184.   SOLOMON:   (SWEARS) Cross my heart and hope to die! I don‟t know          202.   STELLA:       Nobody ever stole from my house.
                                                                                 203.   SFX:          BANGS DOWN A TIN MONEY BOX
185.   OC:        (INSISTS) Tell me so that he can be put to justice, Solomon!
                                                                                 204.   STEVE:        Your money is there – in the cash box.
186.   SOLOMON:   I have nothing to do about that file, OC!
                                                                                 205.   STELLA:       Put it in the bedroom, darling. You know that‟s where it
187.   OC:        (FIERCLY) I can see you going back to jail.                                         goes.

188.   SOLOMON:   I have done many nasty things before and broken the law        206.   STEVE:        You put it there. It‟s not mine.
                  and I regret. But this time, it wasn‟t me.
                                                                                 207.   SFX:          STELLA TURNS DOWN THE MUSIC
189.   OC:        (IRRITATED) Then who was it?
                                                                                 208.   STELLA:       (AN EDGE CREEPING INTO HER VOICE) What is the
                                                                                                      matter, Steve? Did you have a bad day?

209.   STEVE:    I am tired.                                                  228.   STELLA:       (MOCKINGLY) You know, Steve, sometimes you are just a
                                                                                                   boy, not a man who is about to be a father! Can a boy teach
210.   STELLA:   (BOLDLY) So come, relax. Why are you worried? Have                                me, a woman, about my being pregnant? (LAUGHS
                 some beer.                                                                        MOCKINGLY)

211.   STEVE:    Why do you drink?                                            229.   STEVE:        (MAD) You watch. I‟ll teach you!

212.   STELLA:   (LAUGHING) I always drink. It‟s my business. Hey, what‟s     230.   STELLA:       (SCREECHES A WARNING) Eh-eh! Don‟t you lift a finger!
                 wrong with you today?                                                             Do not raise your hand at me! Isn‟t it you who said I am
                                                                                                   pregnant and – what? You want to beat your unborn child.
213.   STEVE:    There‟s nothing wrong. You got your money – you should be
                 happy. That‟s it. Straightforward. I work, you enjoy.        231.   STEVE:        (FIGHTING WITH HIMSELF TO CALM DOWN) I am not!
                                                                                                   But don‟t tempt me, Stella, don‟t! Stop drinking!
214.   STELLA:   That‟s why I am saying: come and relax with me. We share.
                                                                              232.   SFX:          HE SMASHES GLASS TO THE GROUND AND
215.   STEVE:    Share what? Drinking? Smoking!                                                    SHATTERS

216.   STELLA:   Is it the first time I am smoking or drinking…what? ?        233.   STELLA:       (DRAMATIC PAUSE – THEN COLDLY) Now you want to
                                                                                                   break MY things!
217.   STEVE:    You are pregnant? Did you notice?
                                                                              234.   STEVE:        There you are – two-faced…! YOUR things…all YOURS.
218.   STELLA:   (LAUGHS) Does one need glasses to notice that? What‟s                             And if you want it that way, then keep it! Keep it! Even the
                 your problem today?                                                               baby – even that is not mine!

219.   STEVE;    YOU are my problem!                                          235.   SFX:          OPENS AND SLAMS THE DOOR SHUT IN A FURY.

220.   STELLA:   (A SARCASTIC LAUGH) Oh… Me, I don‟t understand. You          236.   SFX:          STELLA RE-OPENS THE NOISY DOOR
                 get everything from me, Steve, money, food, a house, love…
                                                                              237.   STELLA:       (SHOUTING) You stay away, Steven. This is my house and
221.   STEVE:    Is it love?                                                                       I am boss. And, by the way, you are fired!

222.   STELLA:   Yes and now we are even going to have a baby together        238.   SFX:          STELLA SLAMS THE DOOR SHUT AGAIN.

223.   STEVE:    You won‟t have a baby if you go on drinking and smoking.     239.
                                                                              240.   END.
224.   STELLA:   Many women drink, and smoke – and have many babies!
                                                                              241.   SCENE 6 (RP 5.18)
225.   STEVE:    You want to destroy the child!                               242.   INT: JUDITH‟S HOME.
                                                                              243.   B/G SFX: USUAL HOME SOUNDS.
226.   STELLA:   (TAKING NO NONSENSE) What makes you say so Steve?            244.   MONDAY, JUDITH, REBECCA

227.   STEVE:    Because you don‟t care.

245.   REBECCA:   Mummy bye. You will find me at school.
                                                                                 264.   MONDAY:   (RATTLED) I don‟t see how it is good when you don‟t even
246.   JUDITH:    Okay my dear.                                                                   recognize my own voice. Or maybe I am just nothing to you
                                                                                                  these days.
247.   SFX:       DOOR OPENS
                                                                                 265.   JUDITH:   (SATIRICALLY) Ha, but Monday, let me hope you are not
248.   REBECCA:   Eh! Daddy!                                                                      in one of those funny moods of yours today.

249.   MONDAY:    Eh, good afternoon Rebecca. You nearly knocked me down.        266.   MONDAY:   And let me hope that you are not trying to pass your eyes
                  Where are you going in such a hurry?                                            through me these days. Ever since Guma started letting you
                                                                                                  waste time on the radio/
250.   REBECCA:   Sorry, I am hurrying to the drama meeting.
                                                                                 267.   JUDITH:    (PROUDLY) But you listen. You even called in the other
251.   MONDAY:    (SKEPTICALLY) Rebecca, are you telling your father the                          day.
                                                                                 268.   MONDAY:   Yes, I listen to you make a fool out of yourself. Do you
252.   REBECCA:   Yes Daddy.                                                                      honestly think you can change this world Judith? Especially
                                                                                                  by telling men how to behave?
253.   MONDAY:    I better not find out that you are going to fool around with
                  boys.                                                          269.   JUDITH:   That is not/

254.   REBECCA:   No, I‟m just going for a play we are trying to organize at     270.   MONDAY:   /Not here in Rock Point my dear. Maybe try somewhere
                  school, nothing else. Even mummy will be there.                                 else.

255.   MONDAY:    And where is your mother?                                      271.   JUDITH:   (AGITATED) Did you come to abuse me from here
256.   REBECCA:   In the bedroom.
                                                                                 272.   MONDAY:   Judith, it is just common sense, in Rock Point every man
257.   MONDAY:    You can go wherever you were going. Let me first talk to                        has had more than one woman. It‟s not worth shouting
                  her.                                                                            about.

258.   REBECCA:   (FADING OFF) Okay, bye daddy.                                  273.   JUDITH:   That doesn‟t make it right.

259.   SFX:       DOOR CLOSES.                                                   274.   MONDAY:   Does that mean you have to make me a laughing stalk of all
                                                                                                  my friends by even defending that silly girl Lillian who
260.   MONDAY:    (CALLING IN) Judith.                                                            caused your son to be knocked?

261.   JUDITH:    (OFF MIC) Yes, who is that?                                    275.   JUDITH:   Lillian is also a victim of Rock Point. Like our Robert.

262.   MONDAY:    (SARDONICALLY) It is me Madam.                                 276.   MONDAY:   What is that supposed to mean?!

263.   JUDITH:    (FADING ON TO MIC) Oh, Monday, (COURTEOUSLY) it‟s              277.   JUDITH:   (SCORNFUL LAUGHTER) Monday, we have stood by
                  good to see you.                                                                silently while the morals of this town have deteriorated.

                     We have been silent when men give gifts to young girls and
                     get paid back with their virginity. This is not the way it      295.   ROBERT:         But, you know, Margaret is a girl I could really love…
                     has to be…
                                                                                     296.   MATATA:         Let me advise you my friend, you don‟t want to fall in love.
278.   MONDAY:       It is nothing new. It is as old as bride price…                                        It‟s a losing game.

279.   JUDITH:       But, does that mean it is right? Or that it has to stay that    297.   SFX:            FOOTSTEPS APPROACH
                                                                                     298.   MATATA:         Haaa! Steve! What brings you here?
280.   MONDAY:       And I suppose you think you can change the way things
                     have always been…you alone…                                     299.   STEVE:          I‟m looking for someone…business, you know.

281.   JUDITH:       No. Not me alone. But, me with many other citizens of           300.   ROBERT:         Man Steve cheer up. You seem upset.
                     Rock Point who want to help. (SHORT PAUSE) I have to
                     go. I am even late for my drama meeting.                        301.   MATATA:         Must be having trouble with Stella.

282.   END.                                                                          302.   ROBERT:         Hey, Matata, just leave him alone.

283.   SCENE 7 (R5.19)                                                               303.   MATATA:         No. He would actually be the best person to advise you on
284.   LOCATION: INT. SOLOMON‟S LODGE. EVENING.                                                             how to hook that chic. You joke with someone who hooked
285.   ROBERT, MATATA, STEVE                                                                                Stella.

286.   SFX:          DRINKS POURING IN GLASSES                                       304.   STEVE:          Matata can you please say nothing more about Stella!

287.   ROBERT:       I‟m telling you, that Margaret is not simple, Matata.           305.   MATATA:         Why? Any trouble?

288.   MATATA:       You know, a girl like Margaret will be a real challenge. My     306.   STEVE:          Let‟s just say we‟re finished. Stella and me…and say no
                     advice to you, Robert, is you leave her and go for the easy                            more.
                     ones, the Vicky‟s.
                                                                                     307.   MATATA:         Okay. Robert here seems to be falling in love. You‟ve got to
289.   ROBERT:       But there is something I like about Margaret.                                          help me convince him about the mistake he‟s making.

290.   MATATA:       Then, you‟ll have to work hard.                                 308.   STEVE:          Maybe he is right. Maybe he should go where his heart is…

291.   ROBERT:       Man I tried but I seem so far off her type.                     309.   MATATA:         (Shocked) I can‟t believe I just heard you say that, Steve!

292.   MATATA:       What do you mean off her type.                                  310.   SFX:            SOUNDS OF TRUCK APPROACHING

293.   ROBERT:       She doesn‟t drink, go to bars and doesn‟t even like people      311.   ROBERT:         (CONCERNED) Ha! That‟s Solomon‟s truck! I shouldn‟t
                     who drink! She is a pure church girl!                                                  have come here to drink!
                                                                                     312.   END.
294.   MATATA:       Then if that‟s the case, you‟re wasting your time. Go for the
                     easy catch.                                                     313.   SCENE 8 (SOL 5.17)

                      LODGE.                                                                       Mister Solomon, so that everybody can hear you.
                      CHATTING AND TALKING, BUSY NIGHT SOUNDS,                   332.   SOLOMON    Let‟s not make a scene, Robert, in public.
                      ONE OR TWO CARS, BODA-BODAS.
                                                                                 333.   ROBERT:    (VOICE RISING AS IF SPEAKING TO THE GALLERY) A
316.   SOLOMON, ROBERT                                                                             scene! It‟s what you call it!

317.   SFX:          SOLOMON CLOSES THE DOOR OF HIS TRUCK, LOCKS                 334.   SOLOMON:   (GRAVE) /You have all the right to be angry with me.
                                                                                 335.   ROBERT:    And where are my rights according to the law? Where is my
318.   ROBERT:       (HIGHLY AGITATED) Mister Solomon!                                             case? Huh? Why are you running around a free man? With
                                                                                                   cars and businesses!
                     TWICE, IN AGITATION                                         336.   SOLOMON:   Look here, Robert, I deeply regret…/

320.   SOLOMON:      Oh…Oh… Is that you, Robert?                                 337.   ROBERT:    I don‟t want your regrets, Mister Solomon. I WANT YOUR
321.   ROBERT:       So you don‟t recognize me, Mister Solomon!
                                                                                 338.   SOLOMON:   What…what do you mean?
322.   SOLOMON:      (OFF GUARD) I had not expected to see you…here.
                                                                                 339.   ROBERT:    I want to know why you are doing well while I, and others
323.   ROBERT:       (SARCASTIC) Like you didn‟t see me on the road the night                      suffer.
                     you knocked me down…/
                                                                                 340.   SOLOMON:   We can talk about this, Robert, but please not here.
324.   SOLOMON:      It was… look, Robert. (PAUSE) I am sorry.
                                                                                 341.   ROBERT:    We can talk about it here. Why not? Why always on your
325.   ROBERT:       (VOICE RISING AS HIS EMOTIONS GAIN) How come you                              terms? No. No, I am enough of your terms and conditions!
                     NEVER SEE me, Mister Solomon? I want you to see now
                     what you have done to me? Look…/                            342.   SOLOMON:   (SIGHS) What do you want, Robert? I don‟t know how to
                                                                                                   make it right.
326.   SOLOMON:      /…Shall we talk about this somewhere else?
                                                                                 343.   ROBERT:    I want to know – please tell me - why you get away with
327.   ROBERT:       Why? Are you shy to talk here in front of people?                             murder.

328.   SOLOMON:      I think we should speak privately.                          344.   SOLOMON:   That‟s enough, Robert. This conversation is going nowhere.
                                                                                                   I can make restitution, but we need to talk practical
329.   ROBERT:       We can speak here – where people can see us and hear what                     common sense – without anger and bitterness.
                     I have to say. Why not?
                                                                                 345.   ROBERT:    (LAUGHS WICKEDLY) Easy for you. You move around
330.   SOLOMON:      (COUGHS, HIS VOICE LOWERING) I know what a hard                               Rock Point like it‟s your farm. I want compensation.
                     time you have gone through because of me /
                                                                                 346.   SOLOMON:   Fine.

347.   ROBERT:    Now!


349.   ROBERT:    I am tired of excuses and delays. I need money for beer.

350.   SOLOMON:   You are underage. I can‟t.

351.   ROBERT:    Look who is talking! A man like you can break the law, even
                  attempt murder, and get away with it!

352.   SOLOMON:   (MOVING AWAY) I have said I am prepared to pay
                  compensation, Robert. I have said: I am sorry for what
                  happened. I can cover your medical expenses. I can do
                  everything in my power to put your life back on track. I am
                  sorry. What more do you want me to say?

353.   ROBERT:    (SCREECHING) Give me money! I want millions!

354.   SOLOMON:   (FIRM) Let us talk it over with your father and we agree.
                  (AS HE MOVES OFF) I promise I will speak with your
                  father, Robert. Now I suggest you go home. Good night.

355.   ROBERT:    (SHOUTING) You will pay, Mister Solomon, you will pay!
                  Don‟t think you can con my father. He and I will squeeze
                  out every last cent from your business empire. I promise!
                  You will not get away with this!

356.   ROBERT:    (GOING OFF MIC) Bastard! And not even money for a

357.   END.


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