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Facts Behind the Smile Stewardess


When traveling by plane, whether it's low-cost, domestic flights, international-whatever it is you will meet women in uniform and welcome you with a smile ..

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									Facts Behind the Smile Stewardess

When traveling by plane, whether it's low-cost, domestic flights, international-whatever it is
you will meet women in uniform and welcome you with a smile ..

You never know:
They are trained into the woods & brenang d sea to help in the worst conditions,

You never know:
they distributed the food to you, only then he eats for herself ..

You never know:
for cabin crew who Muslims .. Mrka more frequent ablution pda tayamum dr .. mrka shlat
upcoming sitting. D as a new jump seatnya sick .. Mrka shlat indeterminate wktu krna mrka
sngat berpindah2 fast .. They shlat ka'ba aimlessly .. This is my limitations dlam pncarian
nafkahku .. Even between me & the Creator ..

You never know:
when the aircraft is hot because they jga overheated air conditioner error bkn only you .. So
stop grumbling at their

you never know:
Today they are undergoing flight delay 6x upcoming pnumpang grouchy and still have to
smile .. Senyumnyalah weapon

You never know:
kind of "pnumpang buoyant d plane .. From the official shoe soles smp .. From handyman
who still, even mischievous noisy dy smp who need reprimanding dng the smile & polite ..

You never know:
how many times they teased d dlam passengers a day .. Dr. kencur smp young parents smell
the smell of the land .. & They shall not be friendly, avoid refined dng walou heart's desire to
throw a shoe at his face ..

You also do not know:
they can overcome pnyakit heart, asthma, etc. delivered .. operate the emergency equipment ..
Addressing the terrorists .. Defuse the bomb, etc. because those who d planes CMA can you
count on the extra training is given to them ..

You also do not know:
They pray that all smoothly during the flight it, they can go home jga upcoming survived

Sometimes you see them smile since the take-off until landing,
And you do not know,
Deep in his heart, they cried miss family &
Thinking about her mother's father who smakin aging ..

Sometimes you see them with branded goods,
And they shopped for trying to forget about all the flavors to come home miss krna hindered
the task ..
Sometimes you see them walking in a hurry at the door of the terminal,
What you do not know: they want the day to pass quickly, immediately tomorrow, and next
day, make a day closer to their annual leave .. It's tiring & tedious distant family dr ...

Sometimes you see them sitting in the jump seat, when the service is completed, they are not
too closed his eyes ..
You do not know: they are very sleepy, until they can sleep without having to close my eyes
.. They underwent early morning flight bhkan not yet crowing cock .. Atopun midnight flight
unison kuntilanak foraging ma ..

Sometimes you protest because there is no choice for your lunch,
You never know: they want to fulfill your wish, but they were unable to do anything about it.
Karna smua not exist here .. This aircraft is not five-star hotel .. They are the front liner apt
nagging you ..

Sometimes you ask them to bring tentenganmu into d luggage on the seat:
You do not know: they are not allowed to do so .. in addition they were girls .. What if all the
passengers asked the same thing?
Sorry .. They are not flight attendants coolie ..

And you never know,

They really hope there is in your position:
Traveling with the family,
Sitting next to someone who loved ..

dng girlfriend was sitting next to leaving for vacation,,

on a plane to go home Lebaran, Christmas and so on, because they are not as fortunate as you

When they looked out the plane,
They want what's going on out there .. Because 70% of his time spent in the iron bird ..

Not only looks pretty, smart & a good body, a high salary .. Breakfast in the field, lunch in
Singapore, passengers pee in Denpasar. Dinner in macassar and sleep in sydney ..
It's about the heart .. It's about who ripped a social time .. It's about professionalism ..
Smiling in the name of professionalism .. Want genuine or fake bkn menu anyway ..

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