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elo_calendar by stariya


									                     EFL EVENTS CALENDAR (as of January 11, 2004)
    If you want to have your events included into the calendar, please contact Elena Lubnina
    , fax (095) 728-52-62, tel. (095) 728-50-78, ext 4562

   Date            Event             Organizers/Location       Deadline      Contact information

 January    Call for               MSU, Foreign               Registration
22, 2005    participation in       Languages Department,      deadline
            Polyglot’2005          Moscow Economic            January 15,
            Humanities             School                     2005
            Olympiad               NATE
January     Winter Institute of    Buryat State University,   January 1st,   Larisa Kovalyova
10-14,      American Studies       Foreign Languages             2005        Tel: (3012) 21-17-98
2005                               Study Center, BELTA                       e-mail:
January     Winter                 NOVELTA,                   January 11,    Olga Salkova
24-25       Methodology            Novosibirsk                   2005        Tel: (3832) 46-03-23
2005        School                                                 

January     American Studies       Khabarovsk                                Nelli Serkova
25-27,      Seminar                                                          (4212) 304-936;
2005                                                               ;
                                                                             Nina Scherbina
                                                                             (4212) 304936;
                                                                             Natalia Maximova
                                                                             (4212) 234-936;
January ,   The 3rd                Tomsk Polytechnic                         e-mail
18 – 20     International          University,                     ,
2005        conference             Language and                    
            «Applied Philology     Communication Institute                   Tel.:(3822) 563-297
            and Engineering                                                  Fax: (3822) 564-817
February      1st International       Saratov State Socio-       December   Titova@ssea.runnet.r
 7, 2005      Conference on           Economic Univ.,Saratov 1, 2004        u Conference
              Legal & Business        State Law Academy,                    Administrator: Polina
              English: Linguistic     Volga Region State                    Novikova
              and Educational         Academy of Civil                      Office telepnone:
              Aspects                 Service, Saratov State                (845-2) 205-895
                                      Univ., Pedagogical                    Home telephone:
                                      Institute of Saratov State            (845-2) 23-13-91
                                      Univ., Saratov State
                                      Technical Univ.,Saratov
                                      State Medical Univ.
                                      Saratov Law Institute of
                                      the MVD of Russia,
                                      Saratov English
                                      Language Teachers
                                      Association (SELTA)
                                      Center for U.S. – Russia
                                      Cross-Cultural Studies
February,     Forum discussion        Krasnoyarsk                 
7-19, 2005    on-line “The            In-service Teacher                    Olga Shmidt
              quality of in-service   Training Institute          
              training for                                                  Olga Potekhina
              teachers of                                                   (3912) 27-06-37

February      MELTA Winter            MELTA, September 1st                  the Moscow City
17 at 15:30   Session 2005                                                  House of Teachers,
                                                                            Pushechnaya ul.,4/2
                                                                            (Metro station
                                                                            “Kuznetskiy most”)
                                                                            Tel: 249-06-40 ( ask
                                                                            for English
February      Polyglot’2005        MSU, Foreign                   
26, 2005      Humanities           Languages Department,
              Olympiad             Moscow Economic
              (second round)       School
February      Conference        on Perm
(TBD)         Testing Issues (?)
March         “Ideas,    Practices    Ministry of Education of February     Larissa  Zolotareva
22-26,        and Dreams in           Republic of Sakha        28, 2005   or
2005          teaching      EFL”      (Yakutia), Yakutsk State              Zarmena
              Regional      Yakut     University, Yakut                     Emelyanova
              TESOL        Spring     TESOL (Yakutsk,             
              Workshops.              Republic of Sakha
March        International EFL   Ministry of Education of March 1,
23-25,       Conference          Bashkortostan,           2005          Shvaiko Vyacheslav
2005         "Regional Studies   Bashkir State                          Dmitrievich
(TBD)        in EFL Classroom"   Pedagogical University
                                 School # 91

March 26-    Polyglot’2005       MSU, Foreign                 
27, 2005     Humanities          Languages Department,
             Olympiad            Moscow Economic
             (final round)       School
March 30-    The 39th Annual     San Antonio, Texas           
April 2,     TESOL Convention
Middle of    Annual conference   The Foreign                  
April 2005   "Language and       Languages Faculty of
             Culture"            Tomsk State University
April 17-    “American Studies   SPELTA Spring                          Tatiana Ivanova
18, 2004     and ELT             Conference                             tivanova@TI2705.s
             Conference                                                 Vitaliy Ashkinazi

                                                                        Natasha Bespalova
April 20-    “Stylistics and     Moscow, Moscow State     January 31,   119992           Russia
21, 2005     Linguistic          Linguistics University   2005          Moscow          GSP-2
                                 38, Ostozhenka                         Ostozhenka 38, fax +
             Communication       AESTE
             Theory”                                                    7 095 246 28 07
             Conference                                                 (please state on the
                                                                        fax “For the attention
                                                                        of Mrs Tokareva
                                                                        N.D.,               the
                                                                        conference”) or by e-
                                                                        mail                 to
                                                                        Contact telephone is
                                                                        (7 - 095) 245 13 60
April        "Crossroads of      Ministry of Education    March 15,     American Center,
24-25,       Cultures" - II      and Science,             2004          Director Margarita
2004         International       State Linguistic                       Sergeyevna
             Conference          University of Nizhniy                  Krasilnikova
                                 Novgorod,                              tel.: (8312) 36 -22-21
                                 American Center,                       fax: (8312) 36-02-19
                                 NNELTA                                 e-mail:
April       International           Kursk State University,    March 1,       Vyacheslav
27-30,      Conference              Kursk NATE Affiliate       2005           Buzhinskiy
2005        “Modern                                                           Tel: (0712) 52-15-15
            Challenges in FL                                                  e-mail:
            devoted to the 60th
            anniversary of the FL
May 1-10,   TESOL/ELT         TESOL/ELT Samara                 March 1,
2005        Samara Conference                                  2005           Yuliya Alexandrovna
(TBD)                                                                         Markushina
                                                                              tel.: (8462) 32-49-03
                                                                              tel.: (8462) 42-27-10

May,        The 5th All-Russia      Tomsk Polytechnic               ,
17-18       Conference of           University,                     
2005        Students, Post-         Language and                              Tel.:(3822) 426313
            graduates and           Communication Institute                   Fax: (3822)415-817
            Young Scientists
            Aspects of
            Language and

May 31-     XIth NATE               Ministry of Education      January 30,     Ludmila Malykh
June 3,     Conference              and Science RF,            2005            Olga Golubkova
2005        "English in a           Udmurt Republic                          tel.: (3412) 75-45-51
            Multi-Cultural          Ministry of Education                    fax: (3412) 75-58-66
            Community"              and Science, NATE,                       e-mail: multi-
                                    Udmurt State                             cultural@pils.uni.udm
                                    University, Institute of                 .ru
                                    FL and Literature,             
                                    Udmurtya Association           
                                    of EFL Teachers,                         (News section)
                                    Translators and                
                                    Interpreters -                           (News section)
End of      Summer English        Samara
June        Language Institute

September   VI-th International   Ivanovo State                        Ekaterina
12-15,      School in             University, NAAL                     Shaposhnikova Tel:
2005        Lexicography                                               (0932) 30-02-91, 37-
            “Semantics,                                                54-02, Fax:: (0932)
            Lexicography and                                           32-66-00, 37-46-77
            Terminography in                                           e-mail:
            Russian, American                                          lexico2005@ivanovo
            and Other                                        
            Cultures”                                                  153025,     Ivanovo,
                                                                       Ermak Street , 39
                                                                       Ivanovo         State
                                                                       Olga Karpova:

October     II Yakut TESOL        Ministry of Education of September   Larissa  Zolotareva
28-29,      Conference            Republic of Sakha        25, 2005   or
2005        “Teaching English     (Yakutia), Yakutsk State             Zarmena
            and Globalization”    University, Yakut                    Emelyanova
                                  TESOL (Yakutsk,            
                                  Republic of Sakha

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