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					The                                                                                      February

REMINDER                                                                                      2011

**The Towers of Jacksonville*1400 Le Baron Ave*Jacksonville, FL 32207**(904)398-3406*Florida Relay 711**

         Celebrating                                        Local Elections Forthcoming
    International Friendship

      Black History Month

          Cherry Month

         Groundhog Day
           February 2                        Well it is that time again to get out there and VOTE for our
                                                 local government leaders. MARCH 22, 2011 is the
        Chinese New Year                                        Preliminary Election for:
           February 3                                                    MAYOR
                                                                  CITY COUNCILMEN
        Super Bowl XLV                                         CITY COUNCIL AT LARGE
           February 6                                           PROPERTY APPRAISER
                                                                   TAX COLLECTOR
          Jell-O Week
                                          We notice all the signs posted everywhere as we travel along but
          February 6-12                     what do we know about each candidate? Take time to know
                                          those running; what are their goals and what are their values??
   Get a Different Name Day                 Watch local programs for candidate debates. Be prepared to
          February 13                                          vote on March 22, 2011.

       Ferris Wheel Day &                   Please remember when you are in the common areas and are
         Valentine’s Day                  speaking about local politicians (those present, past and future)
                                          that you do not impose your opinion on others. We are not here
           February 14
                                             to campaign for anyone and those that vote have their own
                                                   opinions on who they would like to see elected.
      Presidents’ Day (U.S.)
           February 21                     See the ACTIVITY CORNER for specifics on absentee ballots.

 International Polar Bear Day               To QUOTE Mark Twain: “It’s better to keep quiet and have
          February 27                          people think you stupid, than to talk and confirm it.”



February 2011
February 2011

                                  Great American Novelist

The novelist John Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902. Steinbeck is considered one of

America’s greatest writers. He won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel The Grapes of Wrath, and wrote

Of Mice and Men, East of Eden, and Cannery Row. Having lived through the Great Depression, his

best works were about families struggling to get by during those Dust Bowl years. One of Steinbeck’s

greatest inspirations was his friend Ed Ricketts, a marine biologist. Steinbeck used to travel with

Ricketts up and down the California coast, collecting biological specimens and taking a break from his

writing career. In fact, many of Steinbeck’s characters were modeled after Ricketts. In 1962,

Steinbeck was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, and in 1964 he was awarded the United States

Medal of Freedom by President Lyndon Johnson.
                                                                                          February 2011

                   FROM THE                            As mentioned in the front page article regarding
                                                       absentee ballots, I have placed a form on the
       ACTIVITY CORNER                                 counter top in the lobby for you to LIST YOUR
                                                       NAME if you want the Supervisor of Elections to
                                                       send representatives to you in order to VOTE. The
                                                       schedule DATE for the Representative to come to
                                                       The Towers is March 9, 2011. The actual voting
                                                       date is March 22, 2011 and The Towers’ bus will
                                                       take Residents to our voting precinct that day.
                                                       IF YOU will be away and cannot vote on March
                                                       22, 2011 then you can vote early by placing your
                                                       name on the list.
 NOW it is FEBRUARY, the month of friendship           PLEASE print ONLY your name as designated on
          and love, VALENTINE’S DAY!                   the form and then “sign” where designated. DO
      AND then there is the SUPER BOWL.                NOT put your BIRTH DATE on the list as I will
Of course, there are many reasons to celebrate and     place the birth dates on the form before I fax the
    this month at The Towers we will be a part.        form to the Supervisor of Elections office.
                                                       I MUST HAVE THIS FORM FAXED BACK
  BE SURE to place your February calendar in a         TO THE SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS
 place where you will see it daily so as to be aware   OFFICE BY FEBRUARY 11, 2011.
       of the scheduled activities this month.
 REMEMBER: chair exercise every Tuesday and
  Thursday; Produce Man every Tuesday; Bingo
    every Monday and Saturday; Vespers every
Sunday; APEX Wellness every Tuesday/Thursday                               CHILI COOK OFF
(free blood pressure and blood sugar checks);
   and of course, GROCERY SHOPPING
                every Friday.
                                                       YES, I am looking for ENTRIES to a CHILI
                                                       COOK OFF which will be held on Wednesday,
       THIS month our MOVIE time features the          2-23-11 (National Chili Day is 2-24-11). COME
       25th Anniversary of the GOLDEN GIRLS.           ONE; COME ALL to taste the delicious chili.
         Join us for an hour or so of laughter         The judges will consist of The Towers Staff
                (it does the heart good).              which will have no clue as to whose CHILI they
                                                       are tasting. The Residents are invited to come
          The first Wednesday (2-2-11)                 and eat the chili at a mere $1.00 per bowl.
               CHAT with DAWN                          PRIZES and FUN! Flyers will be posted around
       and I am asking for you to come and             the building with more DETAILS!!
           BRING your BAG LUNCH
       along with your ideas for having fun.
                                                       Stay prepared and safe on the new day dawning,

February 2011

                                                       Hang up if someone calls unsolicited asking
                                                       for your Medicare number in connection with a
                                                       survey or other purpose.
                                                       Do not lend your Medicare number or identity
       "Keep your faith in beautiful things;           to someone else to be used to obtain a service.
          in the sun when it is hidden,                It's illegal.
         in the Spring when it is gone."
                - Roy R. Gibson                        More information:
                                              or 800-633-
   Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!                  4227. To report Medicare fraud,
I hope you all realize you always have someone to or 800-447-8477.
              love everyday…YOU!
                                                       Be a part of your Resident Council!!! Be a part
There is a lot of information and warnings in this                  of your COMMUNITY!
months’ newsletter.
WARNING: If you are called by someone claiming         Resident Council “informal” meeting February
they need you to give them money for someone you                  14, 2011 at 1:30pm.
may or may not know, please get their telephone
number and tell them you will call them back. Call     Until next month, take care of yourselves and stay
the person the caller is claiming to call about and    safe.
see if what the person is claiming is true. DO NOT
EVER GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION; i.e.;                                                         Many Hugs,
Medicare, Social Security, Bank, etc. information!                                               Dorris 

Now onto what’s happening this month and some
helpful information:

      February 1, 8, 15, 22 – Wellness Clinic –
       10am– 12pm                                         "Be mindful of how you approach time.
      February 3, 10, 17, 24 – Wellness Clinic– 2pm    Watching the clock is not the same as watching
       – 4pm
                                                                        the sun rise."
      February 17 – Heart health presentation @

        How Medicare patients can avoid                              Transportation help:
               identity theft:
                                                       Fred-Cathedral Resident   239-1350
Guard your Medicare and Social Security                Promise Transportation    374-3152 or
numbers as carefully as credit cards.                  624-0655

Be suspicious of someone on the phone or in            JTA Connexion application 265-6001
person offering cash, gifts or free services in
exchange for your Medicare number.

Do not give your personal information to sales
agents who contact you uninvited. They are not
allowed to call or visit unless you agree in
                                                                                              February 2011

From the Maintenance Crew:

Hello Everyone,
                                                        Call the Front Desk and request pest treatment if
Let’s cover the facility heating set up. Our current
                                                              you see any critters in your apartment.
    system can only provide hot or cold air to the
   entire building, not both at the same time. The
                                                         Now let’s talk about lighting. All light fixtures are
 system is switched manually by the Maintenance
                                                            manufactured for specific light bulb “sizes”,
 Staff. It is not automatic. To accommodate many
                                                         meaning maximum wattage ratings. Our fixtures
   different people with this system, the following
                                                            are standard fixtures and have the following
       guidelines are used. When the outside air
                                                           maximum ratings: range hood bulbs cannot be
      temperature is forecast to remain below 50
                                                          bigger than 40W, ceiling fixtures 60W, and bath
     degrees, the heat is on. If the temperature is
                                                        fixtures 100W. Please do not put yourself and your
 forecast to exceed 65 degrees, the air conditioner
                                                            neighbors at risk using higher wattage bulbs.
   is turned on. If the temperature is in between,
  neither is on. You can contact ext 104 or look in
                                                        Turner Pest Control is scheduled to do these floors
the Receptionist’s window to see what is operating
                                                                 this month:
at any time. If you are cold, please call ext 104 and
                                                            11th Floor – Feb 1st
 let us know. Please do not use your oven or stove
                                                            12th Floor – Feb 8th
       burners as a space heater. That is a very
                                                            1st Floor – Feb 15th
  dangerous fire hazard and destroys the range as
                                                             2nd Floor – Feb 22nd
  well. You cannot be replaced and the damage to
                                                         plus work orders received each week. If you have
 the range cannot be repaired. A good option is to
                                                        seen any pests, submit a work order for treatment
    purchase a portable electric heater. They are
                                                                        as soon as possible.
   available at most department and home supply
stores for a cost of $20 & up. And don’t forget, all
                                                           Again, please help us. We want to keep The
   portable heaters are required to be checked by
                                                            Towers looking good & in good operating
 Maintenance to be issued a letter authorizing use
                                                           condition. Submit all work orders, potential
          in your apartment. Please be safe.
                                                         problems, and suggestions to the Receptionist’s
                                                                         desk, ext. 104.
  I’d like to cover pest control and your “role” in
that process. Pests are looking for food, water and
   shelter. The hardest for them to find is a steady
 supply of food. Pests eat nearly anything and can
                                                        Thank you.
  thrive on the crumbs that fall on the floor when
   you butter your toast, trash that sits too long in
                                                        See you ‘round the building,
your apartment and even the liquid spills that may
                                                        Rod - extension 105,
get between the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets.
                                                        Tanya, Leon, Alberto, & James
  Here is where I’m going. If any food or liquid is
not cleaned up in short order, the pests are moving
     in. This can also affect all your neighbors.
Keeping a clean home is the BEST defense against
having a pest problem. The second is preventative
 pest treatment and for that, we have Turner Pest
      Control. Our guy is here to do prevention
  treatment every Tuesday. You can see the floors
   and dates scheduled in this article each month.
February 2011

From the Administrator

                                                              KW/hour Consumption/Sq.Ft.
Happy Valentine's Day...
                                                              Apt Type      Jan. 2011     Jan. 2010
and President's Day and Groundhog Day and Black               Studio        235.07        268.03
History Month...and according to a variety of Internet        1-Bedroom     376.71        429.53
calendars, February also celebrates American History
Month, American Heart Month, International Friendship
Month, National Wild Bird Feeding Month, Responsible          It can be seen from the table that the average daily
Pet Owners' Month, National Cherry Month, National            temperature was 2% cooler for the month this year
Grapefruit Month, National Embroidery Month, National         than the year before. This resulted in less
Snack Food Month, and Children's Dental Health Month!         consumption and some cost savings. None-the-less,
(Think there's a connection between those last two?)          the total cost of electricity was $15,691.20.
Whew---that's a lot to think about this month---and I
didn't even include all the other days and weeks of
significance in February! But perhaps Valentine's Day is      Please take the time to read Dorris’ column this
the one significant day this month that touches us all, in    month. Be aware that someone is trying a “scam” to
many different ways. It's a day to celebrate love and         get money from you. Don’t let yourself be a victim.
relationships---shared with husbands, wives, children,
parents, romantic partners, friends, teachers, and others
we love and who love us. On the one hand, Valentine's         May the Creator of us all keep you safe.
Day---like many other occasions---could be seen as an
over-commercialized day that generates big bucks for          Michael McClernon
the greeting card, candy, floral, and other industries. On
the other hand, we can make Valentine's Day---and the
whole month, if we choose---a time to renew and
strengthen the many important relationships in our lives.
It can also be a time to think about our relationships with
grown children, grandchildren and the many others who
have touched our lives

As always, energy cost is an important topic. Here
are the January statistics:


Apt Type          Jan. 2011           Jan. 2010
Studio            $27.36              $28.70
1-Bedroom         $43.84              $46.00
Avg. Temp1        50oF.               51oF.
(1Jacksonville Naval Air Station as of billing period)

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