HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop PC Review_ Model S3220N

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					HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop computer Review, Model S3220N

Using the computer industry always altering, it is important to buy a desktop computer which includes
advanced technology that can last you several years. While it's rather a difficult task trying to find your
perfect desktop pc, there are several products available on the market that are not just advanced, but also
extremely reliable, which is a significant feature to have within a desktop computer. The HP Pavilion
Slimline Desktop computer, Model: S3220N, has numerous advanced processor chip and technological
features which will enhance your daily computer life for a long time. If you want to buy a desktop PC, and
don't wish to have to worry about buying another for many years, then this is the personal computer for you.

Main Item Features:

With one of the very most powerful processors, you can enjoy high-quality computing, even for your most
demanding computer customers. The AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor provides you with the
stability and technology to operate future programs that are developing 64-bit technology. This processor
will help you to run numerous programs at the same time, without loosing any pace and productivity. With
this particular processor, you will have the ability to have an extremely functional personal computer, no
matter what your own computing habits are.

The hard drive is among the largest within the business. You will be in a position to enjoy 400GB's of
storage in this SATA 7200RPM hard rive. For those who have a massive digital songs, movie and photo
collection, than this is definitely the computer for you personally. However, if you make use of this desktop
PC for function, you will be in a position to install numerous programs and applications without needing to
worry about running from storage space.

With 2GB associated with RAM memory, this desktop provides you sufficient memory. I was surprised in
how smoothly this desktop computer runs, even when high-consuming applications were running

There is also the DVD/CD Drive that will help you to watch, as well because burn, DVD formats. The
coolest part concerning the DVD drive is you are able to write dual-layer DVDs for any high-quality
viewing. And, obviously, this HP Pavilion personal computer comes with LighScribe, which works just like
a silkscreen to add images and text for your DVDs or CDs, enabling you to customize your physical songs
and movie library. This is a terrific way to showcase your home films in dynamic fashion.

Item Price:

I definitely recommend visiting the local electronics retail store to learn about all of those other amazing
features. You may also be excited to find out this desktop PC from HP demands a cost that averages at
simply above $750. If you buy this desktop PC in a retail store, ask about discount pricing in case you
purchase a monitor simultaneously.

HP Pavilion is the best laptop

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