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									HEWLETT PACKARD Pavilion Dv9000 Problems

The HP Pavilion dv9000 is part of a number of notebooks made by HEWLETT PACKARD that use Core
Duo cpus and Nvidia graphics cards and also have an HD DVD generate installed as standard gear. The
dv9000 is not really without its problems, nevertheless; HP refused to admit the issues existed until David
Berlind published about them in their blog on ZDNet. com upon October 22, 2007. Which was when HP
finally took action to change faulty parts.

Manufacturer's Problems

According to the HEWLETT PACKARD website, a manufacturer's defect within the hardware causes a host
of issues that concern various aspects from the dv9000 series, among some other notebook series. Because
associated with such problems, HP is offering a long warranty of an extra 24 months along with the original
12 30 days warranty, which comes using the purchase of the laptop PC, or the twenty four month warranty,
which is an additional purchase more than the 12-month option. This warranty only applies to the series
impacted by the defect and only when the notebooks are showing certain symptoms. Some from the
symptoms that affect the actual dv9000 series are issues with the display, problems using the wireless
network card, issues with overheating and power provide problems. If these signs and symptoms are noted,
the customer is asked to come back the notebook to the area of purchase so the faulty parts might be

Overheating and Energy

The problems with overheating result from a faulty switch within the fan on the processor chip. The
problems with the ability supply also concern the actual battery directly. The battery light will never come
on, even if the notebook is connected to the wall with the actual AC adapter connected to it which is
working properly. In a few cases, the notebook will never start at all, even when it is plugged in and the
actual battery is connected.

Additionally, if the processor overheats, the computer will never start when the energy button is pressed.
This overheating is usually attributed to the Lcd-display not working, but when a monitor is connected, the
monitor itself works fine since the monitor is powered individually, not by the laptop PC's processor. In
possibly case, the customer is asked to come back the notebook to the area of purchase so the faulty parts
might be replaced.

Display Problems

Issues with the display are numerous and include different symptoms including the display without having
power at all and also the display not working despite the fact that an external monitor functions fine. Some
of the known causes directly connect with the overheating problems, as once the processor gets too very hot,
the display will blink away. If any of these types of problems happen, HP asks that this customer return the
notebook towards the place of purchase to change the faulty parts.

Netwrok Issues

The company recalled the actual network cards that enable the HP Pavilion dv9000 for connecting to the
Internet. The recall states that the defect in the network card's link with the motherboard causes the product
manager not to identify the card's installation. Quite simply, the HP dv9000 thinks they have no network
card installed and for that reason cannot connect to the web. HP requests that clients return the notebooks
towards the place of purchase to get the motherboard replaced.

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