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									To:    Bulletin Editors              celebrate   Mass    at   Blessed        had approval…but there were
Fm:    Joe Kohn                      Sacrament Cathedral in honor of         some minor changes that Rome
       313–237–5943                  the feast day of St. Juan Diego,        wanted to make. We are now in
Dt:    November 24, 2010             the peasant to whom the Virgin          the process of waiting for the
Re:    December Announcements,       Mary appeared as Our Lady of            approved text, with the changes
       4 pages                       Guadalupe. The Cathedral is at          that Rome has made, to be sent
                                     9844 Woodward Ave. in Detroit.          from the Vatican.
The dates appearing in the clear
boxes are the suggested dates on        National Marriage Encounter                     Adopt a Family
which to run these announce-           National Marriage Encounter is          It’s not too early to think about
ments. You may run them when         a weekend experience of re-             helping out a family at Christ-
you wish and repeat them as          discovery for couples who want to       mas. Each year, the Department
often as you wish. These an-         make their good marriages even          of Parish Life and Services
nouncements are available at         better. For more information, call      sponsors an Adopt a Family         Rich and Fran at 586–838–4447           program that enables individuals
                                     or Tim and Ann at 248–634–8924,         and parishes to assist families
December 4–5                         or go to the Web: www.national–         struggling to make ends meet.
                                     marriage–                   Parishes and Catholic social
Do you want to make a difference                                             service agencies submit stories
     in the life of one person?          What is the Roman Missal?           about local families who are in
  St. Vincent de Paul is seeking        The Roman Missal is the ritual       need. These families reside in
mentors for adults post-release      book that contains all the prayers,     every county of the archdiocese
from incarceration and for youths    chants, and instructions for the        and represent every age and
pre-release from juvenile deten-     celebration of the Eucharist for        ethnic origin. They are screened
tion.                                the    entire    Roman       Catholic   by the sponsoring parishes and
  Mentor training for interested     Church. This book is always             agencies, and are identified by
adults will be held on December      issued in a Latin text called the       number, to remain confidential.
14th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., at St.   editio typica [typical edition].          The Adopt a Family list can be
James Parish in Ferndale.               In 1970, Pope Paul VI promul-        found at All
  This is an evidenced–based         gated the official text of the          the funds collected will be
program incorporating life skills    liturgy as it was reformed after        distributed through the sponsor,
and spirituality. The dynamics of    the Second Vatican Council. The         not directly by the Archdiocese of
the process include: caring adults   Latin text was then translated          Detroit. Donors may request their
recognizing the crucial impor-       into various languages for use          gift be given to a specific family or
tance of a value–based relation-     around the world. The use of            evenly split between all families.
ship; helping adults and young       various languages was a change          For more details, call 313–237–4696.
people feel valued and worthy of     that the bishops at the Second            Persons who wish to participate
love in the midst of their sit-      Vatican Council decided was             in the Adopt a Family program
uation; assisting adults with        necessary, since the primary goal       should make checks payable to
practical post–release needs while   of the liturgy is the full,             the Department of Parish Life
nurturing their spirit and hope;     conscious, and active partici-          and Services and send them to:
and ministering to others by your    pation of the people of God. The        Archdiocese of Detroit, Depart-
presence                             first    English     edition     was    ment of Parish Life and Services,
  Resources, training and appli-     published in the United States in       305 Michigan Avenue, 10th Floor,
cation available. Please call 313–   1973.                                   Detroit, MI 48226. Include your
393–2953, Dacia VanAntwerp to           In 2000 Pope John Paul II            name and address if you would
RSVP for training or to receive an   promulgated the third edition of        like an acknowledgement for tax
application.                         the Roman Missal. Once again,           purposes. One may also donate by
                                     translators worked         on    this   credit card on the Web at
 Mass to Honor St. Juan Diego        edition. In March of 2010, the
 At 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 9,      United States Bishops Conference
Archbishop Allen Vigneron will       received word that the translation                  -- MORE --
                                       journey    toward    a career  in     known as ―dynamic equivalence‖
                                       ministry? Call 313–883–8520 to        was used, which allowed the
                                       speak    with     an   admissions     translators considerable freedom
                                       counselor. The deadline for new       in choosing how best to express in
                                       student admissions is December        English the meaning of the
                                       15. Classes start January 10.         original Latin text. As a result,
                                                                             the style of the English was, in
                                                   Word of Life              part, less formal and more
      Life is a Gift Conference
                                         For her part, the Church has        conversational. This is what we
      at SHMS on January 22
                                       always had great respect for the      use today at Mass.
   How can you be a living witness
                                       elderly. …God wills a proper            A third edition of the Missal
of the Gospel of Life in our times?
                                       respect for the dignity and worth,    was promulgated by Pope John
Be part of the Archdiocese of
                                       the health and well–being of the      Paul II in the Jubilee Year 2000.
Detroit’s Life is a Gift conference,
                                       elderly and, through her chari-       Before it was translated into
which will be Jan. 22 at Sacred
                                       table institutions …the Church        English, a new instruction, Litu-
Heart Major Seminary, from 8
                                       seeks to fulfill the Lord’s           rgiam Authenticam, was issued in
a.m. until 5 p.m. Archbishop
                                       command to respect life, regard-      2001 by the Congregation for the
Allen Vigneron will give a keynote
                                       ess of age or circumstances.          Divine      Worship     and      the
address at the conference, as well
                                         ~Pope Benedict XVI, Address at      Discipline of the Sacraments. This
as Dr. Janet Smith, Dr. Paul A.
                                       St. Peter’s Residence, London,        new instruction outlines the rules
Wright and Dr. Michael Kenney.
                                       September 18, 2010                    and principles of translation into
Workshops will be held on
                                                                             the vernacular languages. This
sidewalk counseling, ministering
                                             A Family Perspective            process requires the use of
through Project Rachel, living out                by Bud Ozar                ―formal equivalence‖ in trans-
your vocation for life, and end-of-
                                         Like John the Baptist, every        lating, so that the English reflects
life and hospice care. Ave Maria       parent ―prepares the way of the       truer translation of the original
Radio’s Teresa Tomeo will emcee
                                       Lord‖ in the hearts of their          Latin, even if that pattern of
the event. All are welcome to
                                       children. Advent is a good time to    speech might not be used in
                                       ask: ―Do I help or hinder my          common conversations. As a
   Cost of the conference is $20 for
                                       children to know Jesus?‖              result, some of the words and
adults and $15 for students ages
                                                                             phrases in the prayers and
13 and older. Continental break-
                                                                             responses that we currently say
fast and lunch are included. For
                                                                             in English will be changing. For
information or to register online,
                                                                             example, when the priest says,
                                                                             ―The Lord be with you,‖ our
or call (313) 237-4691.
                                                                             response will be "And with your
  Enroll for Winter Term Today!          Are you called to be ―A herald’s    spirit," a more accurate trans–
   Do you feel the Holy Spirit         voice in the desert‖ preparing the    lation of ―Et cum spiritu tuo.‖
calling you to serve the Church as     way of the Lord in the hearts of      Although we will all need to learn
a layperson? Sacred Heart Major        His people? (Matthew 3: 1 – 12). If   the new wording of the responses
Seminary offers diploma and            you think God is calling you to be    and prayers, we will regain some
degree programs that can prepare       a priest, call Fr. Tim Birney,        of the poetry and scriptural
you to serve the Church in             Director of Priestly Vocations, at    richness expressed in the original
professional ministry as cate-         313–237–5875 or visit our website     Latin.
chists, religious education direct-    at
ors, liturgical coordinators, youth
                                                                               Bethany is a Catholic organi-
ministers and music ministers, to      December 11–12
                                                                             zation that provides spiritual,
name just a few. Perhaps you
                                                                             social and educational assistance
would just like to enrich your own                Why is there a
                                                                             to divorced or separated Chris-
knowledge of the Catholic faith,               new Roman Missal?
                                                                             tians through peer–to–peer min-
so that you can effectively share         With the major reform of the
                                                                             istry. For information, please visit
the Good News of Jesus Christ          liturgy after Vatican Council II
                                                                             the     Bethany      website      at
with your family and co–workers.       came the Mass in the vernacular
An introductory course in The-         languages. The Roman Missal
                                                                    or telephone Michelle at
logy or Sacred Scripture might         reflecting all these changes was
just be what you're looking for!       first issued in Latin by Pope Paul
  Why not get started during           VI in 1970. In translating that                   -- MORE --
Winter Term 2011 on your               text into English, a standard
           Word of Life               Services. Each family has been         they look to TV sitcoms, films,
  Becoming a voice for the child      screened by sponsoring parishes        videos, and music lyrics for
in the womb, and for the              and agencies, and is identified by     direction? Are you the one? Will
embryonic human being at risk of      a number to remain confidential.       you be the one?
becoming a mere object of               Donors may request their gift
research, and for the neglected       be given to a specific family or       December 18–19
sick and elderly is one of many       evenly split between all families.
ways we can teach our fellow          For more details, call 313-237-                   Word of Life
citizens that ―The Measure of         4696.                                    In many areas of public policy,
Love    is   to   Love     Without      Persons wishing to donate to         the rift continues to widen
Measure.‖ While critics want to       the Adopt a Family program             between the moral principles
portray the Church’s witness as a     should make checks payable to          expressed by a majority of
narrow and negative ideology, it      the Department of Parish Life &        Americans and the actions of
is just the opposite: A positive      Services. Send your donation to        government.      For      example,
vision of the dignity of each and     the Department of Parish Life          Americans oppose public funding
every human being without             and Services, 305 Michigan Ave.,       of abortion by wide margins, with
exception, each loved equally by      10th Floor, Detroit, MI 48226. Be      67% opposing federal funding of
God and so equally deserving of       sure to include your name and          abortion in health care in one
our love and our nation’s respect.    address if you would like to           recent poll. … Yet in March of
  ~Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo,        receive an acknowledgement for         this year, Congress passed a
Archbishop of Galveston–Houston       tax pur-poses. One may also            health care reform law that
and Chair of the USCCB                donate se-curely online using a        allows for federal funding of
Committee on Pro–Life Activities,     credit card.                           abortion in some programs and
Statement for Respect life Month        All funds collected will be          could    pressure    millions     of
(2010)                                distributed through the sponsor,       Americans to help subsidize other
                                      not directly by the Archdiocese of     people’s abortions through their
                                      Detroit.                               health care premiums. Ensuring
                                                                             that health care reform will meet
                                          Volunteers needed to help          the urgent needs for which it has
                                         SSVDP with tax preparation          been proposed, and is not misused
                                        The Society of St. Vincent de        to promote abortion or to trample
                                      Paul in Detroit is teaming up          on rights of conscience, will be an
  Lasting joy is a hallmark of a
                                      with other agencies locally to offer   urgent task in the coming year.
Christian. Where can you bring
                                      free tax preparation for low             ~Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo,
joy this week? Find your strength
                                      income families or individuals,        Archbishop of Galveston–Houston
in God’s promise (Isaiah 35:10). If
                                      and senior citizens. It will be        and Chair of the USCCB
you think God is calling you to be
                                      offered in various locations           Committee on Pro–Life Activities,
a priest, call Fr. Tim Birney,
                                      around southeast Michigan. Many        Statement for Respect life Month
Director of Priestly Vocations, at
                                      low income families qualify for        (2010)
313–237–5875 or visit our website
                                      special tax credits that could
                                      amount to hundreds of dollars,               A Family Perspective
  Adopt a Family for Christmas        but aren’t aware of them. By                     by Bud Ozar
  As Christmas draws near, many       volunteering, you could make a           The child born to Joseph and
local families are struggling to      difference. Volunteers would need      Mary was named Emmanuel,
meet direct financial needs such      to commit for twelve weeks, 1–2        which means ―God is with us.‖
as food, prescription costs, rent,    days per week, beginning with a        Every    child   is   Emmanuel,
and utilities. Why not adopt one      two–week training program in           reminding us ―God is with us.‖
of these families for Christmas?      January. For details on how to         Children are signs of God’s
  To read about some of the           volunteer, please visit the Web at     continuing presence in our lives.
families who are in need, visit
                                            A Family Perspective
These families represent every
                                                 by Bud Ozar
age and ethnic origin and reside
                                        The question put to Jesus in
in every county of the archdiocese.
                                      today’s Gospel is also put to us
  You     can    help   them     by
                                      today: ―Are you the one?‖ Are you                  -- MORE --
participating in the Adopt a
                                      the one who will give guidance to
Family program sponsored by the
                                      the children in your life, or must
Department of Parish Life &
     How is the Roman Missal          dreams, signs, and wonders. Mary       December 25–26
            translated?               and Joseph trusted and let God
  The process of translation is a     work through them. What about                      Word of Life
highly complex work requiring         you? Are you prayerfully vigilant         The rejection of abortion has
involvement by several groups.        about discovering your vocation in     been a basic element of Catholic
The International Commission on       Christ? (Matthew 1: 18–24). If you     identity since the Church’s
English in the Liturgy [ICEL] is      think God is calling you to be a       earliest days. The Didache, a
chartered to prepare English          priest, call Fr. Tim Birney,           manual of Church morals written
translations of liturgical texts on   Director of Priestly Vocations, at     even earlier than the later
behalf of the conferences of bish-    313–237–5875 or visit our website      writings of the New Testament,
ops of English–speaking coun-         at           condemns abortion as infanticide.
tries. Currently eleven confer-                                                 Athenagoras,       a   catechist,
ences of bishops are full members        Adopt a Family for Christmas        wrote to the Roman emperor in
of the Commission: the United           As Christmas draws near, many        177 A.D. that the Church
States, Australia, Canada, En-        local families are struggling to       considers      abortion    ―murder‖
gland and Wales, India, Ireland,      meet direct financial needs such       because ―the fetus in the womb is
New Zealand, Pakistan, the            as food, prescription costs, rent,     a created being and therefore an
Philippines, Scotland, and South      and utilities. Why not adopt one       object of God’s care.‖ This tells us
Africa.                               of these families for Christmas?       that opposition to the abom-
  The United States Conference          To read about some of the            ination of abortion is more than a
of Catholic Bishops [USCCB] and       families in need, visit our website,   partisan political position. For the
the other member conferences of           Catholic, this belief goes to the
bishops receive draft translations    ly. They represent every age and       heart of the mystery that Christ
of each text from ICEL. These are     ethnic origin and reside in every      came into this world to reveal to
called Green Books. The bishops       county of the archdiocese.             us. This mystery is reflected in
then have the opportunity to offer      You can help them by par-            our country’s founding document,
comments and suggestions to           ticipating in the Adopt a Family       which speaks of our being
ICEL. A second draft, called the      program      sponsored     by   the    endowed by our Creator with
Gray Book, is proposed, which         Department of Parish Life and          rights that no one can take away
each    conference    of    bishops   Services. Each family has been         from us or pretend that we don’t
approves. A conference reserves       screened by sponsoring parishes        have — the first of these being
the right to amend or modify a        and agencies, and is identified by     the right to life.
particular text. Then, the ap-        a number to remain confidential.         ~Most Rev. José H. Gomez,
proved text is submitted to the         Donors may request their gift        Coadjutor Archbishop of Los
Holy See for final approval.          be given to a specific family or       Angeles,     Column      in    [San
  In Rome, the Congregation for       evenly split between all families.     Antonio’s] Today’s Catholic, Oct.
Divine     Worship      and     the   For more details, call (313) 237-      10, 2008
Discipline of the Sacraments ex-      4696.
amines texts and, sometimes after       Those wishing to donate to the
further exchanges, confers auth-      Adopt a Family program should
oritative approval, called recog-     make checks payable to the
nitio, of texts and grants per-       Department of Parish Life &
mission for their use. Currently      Services. Send your donation to
the Congregation is aided by the      the Department of Parish Life &
recommendations of Vox Clara, a       Services, 305 Michigan Ave., 10th        By Baptism, Catholic families
special committee of bishops and      Floor, Detroit, MI 48226. Be sure      are holy families and are the
consultants from English–speak-       to include your name and address       seedbeds of vocations for their
ing countries convened to assist      if you would like to receive an        children. Should God be calling
with the English translation of       acknowledgement for tax pur–           one among you to be a priest?
the Roman Missal.                     poses. One may also donate on          Contact Fr. Tim Birney, Director
                                      our website by credit card (Visa,      of Priestly Vocations, at 313–237–
                                      MC, Discover, American Express).       5875 or visit our website at
                                        All funds collected will be
                                      distributed through the sponsor,
                                      not directly by the Archdiocese of
                                                                                         -- MORE --
   Open your mind and heart and
listen to God’s wisdom spoken in
   Why will the new translation        children, young people, and other
          sound different?             vulnerable people in our schools,
  The English translation of the       parishes, and ministries. This line
Roman Missal that we have been         is for reporting suspected sexual
using since 1973 has been less         misconduct or child abuse within
formal and more conversational in      archdiocesan institutions and
style. This style was very valuable    ministries only. Persons with
in helping the people to hear and      complaints not involving clergy or
understand the prayers and to          church personnel should refer to
take their proper role in the          the archdiocesan website at
celebration of the Eucharist, but for contact
some of the precision and nuance       information for civil authorities.
of the original Latin was lost.
  The new translation will use a                      ###
more formal language and be
closer to the language, grammar,
and syntax of the Latin editio         Note to Bulletin Editors: If you
typica. It is important to             would like to receive these
remember the liturgical principle      monthly announcements via
that has been recognized since the     email, contact Anne Cahalan at
5th century, namely, that ―the     or at
law of prayer is the law of belief.‖   313–237–5800.
The Church is always concerned
that the words we use in our
prayer accurately reflect what we
really believe. The new trans-
lation will more accurately speak
to what we believe as a Church.

       A Family Perspective
           by Bud Ozar
  Today’s Gospel says Joseph
―made his home in Nazareth.‖ A
―home‖ is built on the foundation
of love, commitment and a shared
history and is decorated with
forgiveness, acceptance, rituals,
discipline and mutual support.
The Holy Family challenges us
today: Don’t live ―anyplace,‖ live
at home!

        Making a Report of
           Sexual Abuse
 To inform the Archdiocese of
Detroit regarding the sexual
abuse of minors by priests,
deacons, and other Church
personnel and/or to speak to the
Victim Assistance Coordinator,
contact 866–343–8055. A caller
will be requested to provide his or
her name and telephone number.
All calls regarding complaints of
sexual abuse will be returned in a
timely manner. This toll–free
telephone number has been
established as part of an effort by
the Detroit archdiocese to protect

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