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					                                                            G rman
       G rman Learning Center
                1826 Orange Tree Lane
                 Redlands, CA 92374
                                                            An Independent Study Charter School known for
                 Phone: 909-307-6312                            “Bringing Academic Excellence Home!”
                  Fax: 909-793-5964
                  www.gormanlc.org                                          Our Mission:
                                                                      Enriching the lives of students
                                                                      through individualized learning
                                                                    focused on challenging educational
                                                                        standards while supporting
                                                                             parental choice.

                                                                             Our Vision:
                                                                  To inspire lifelong learning by instilling
                                                                    leadership qualities that encourage
A Different Kind of Education. For Families, by families.                   individual pursuits.
Table of Contents
  Welcome                                                                      3
  Handbook Use and Purpose                                                     3   _________________________________________________________________
  Covering the Basics: What is a Charter School?                               3
  Admissions and Enrollment                                                    4   _________________________________________________________________
  Master Agreement                                                            5
  Monthly Assignments and Learning Periods                                     6
  The IST’s Responsibility                                                     7   _________________________________________________________________
  The Parent’s Responsibility                                                  8
  Monthly Appointment and Daily Work                                          9    _________________________________________________________________
  Grading and Report Cards                                                     9
  Curriculum (Your books and materials)                                       10   _________________________________________________________________
  Special Education and Categorical Programs                                  12
  Assessments                                                                 13
  High School Information (9th-12th Grade)                                    15
  High School Counselor                                                      16    _________________________________________________________________
  Graduation Requirements, Grad Checks, Graduation Ceremony                  16
  Driver’s Ed, VAPA, Vocational Ed                                           17
  College Co-Enrollment                                                      18
  AP and UC, Summer School                                                   19
  Exams at the High School level                                             20    _________________________________________________________________
  Field Trips                                                                21
  Other High School Information                                              21    _________________________________________________________________
  School Calendar                                                            22
  Graduation Requirements Table                                              23
  Plagiarism Policy                                                          24
  Confirmation of Receipt of Handbook                                     Insert
  Disclaimer: This handbook is intended to be a resource of information, not a     _________________________________________________________________
  policy manual. In the case of a disparity between this handbook and the Master
  Agreement, the Master Agreement is to be considered correct.                                                                  Page 2
                                                                                                                                         Page 27
                                                                    Welcome to Gorman Learning Center!

_________________________________________________________________   You and your child have joined a community of learners in
                                                                    pursuit of an excellent education for all children. It’s a
_________________________________________________________________   community of parents and professionals who work together with
                                                                    the shared conviction that children’s first and most important
                                                                    teachers are their families. We look forward to working, learning
                                                                    and teaching with you.
                                                                    Handbook Use and Purpose
                                                                    This handbook has been created in order to help family members
                                                                    and students get acquainted with GLC. In this handbook you will
                                                                    find explanations of school policies and procedures having to do
                                                                    with enrollment, curriculum, and instruction, which we hope will
_________________________________________________________________   serve as a useful reference to you.

                                                                    Covering the Basics: What is a Charter School?
_________________________________________________________________   The basic concept of a charter school is more autonomy for more
                                                                    accountability. A charter school is still a public school—the same
_________________________________________________________________   educational funds that support traditional school districts also
                                                                    support charter schools—but not all of the same regulations
_________________________________________________________________   apply.
                                                                    The charter school idea came about so that innovators in
_________________________________________________________________   education could create instructional models different from
                                                                    traditional districts. “Charter” refers to the contract that the
_________________________________________________________________   operators of a school establish with a Sponsor, which may be a
                                                                    district, county office of education, or the state. The charter
_________________________________________________________________   spells out how the school is expected to perform. The primary
                                                                    form of accountability is the power of the Sponsor to revoke the
_________________________________________________________________   charter if the school does not perform as it is expected to. Most
                                                                    charters state the school’s mission, describe its program, lay out
_________________________________________________________________   its goals, identify the students it serves, establish methods of
                                                                    assessment and explain how the school will measure success.
_________________________________________________________________   A charter school is accountable not only to the Sponsor, but also
                                                                    to county and state governments, and more intimately, the parents
   Page 26                                                          who have chosen to enroll their children in the school.
Page 26                                                                                                                  Page 3
Admissions and Enrollment
  State law requires charter schools to be open to students from the
  county of the sponsoring district and all contiguous counties.
  Gorman Learning Center is sponsored by Gorman Elementary
  School District in Los Angeles County, so students who reside in
  Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura, Orange, and Kern Coun-
  ties may enroll in GLC .                                                _________________________________________________________________
  Gorman Learning Center requires no assessment as a condition of         _________________________________________________________________
  enrollment, does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gen-
  der, or disability, and charges no tuition. The requirements for
  enrollment are that parents complete the necessary forms and
  documentation including submission of IEPs and transcripts, that
  the student fall within the age range established by state law, and
  that the student reside in the geographical area that the school is
  authorized to serve. Enrollment is not guaranteed. The school           _________________________________________________________________
  may decline to enroll a student if independent study is not his or
  her best educational setting.                                           _________________________________________________________________
  The admission process is as follows:
  1. Parent contacts school administration and states interest in         _________________________________________________________________
  2. School staff refer parent to an Independent Study Teacher (IST)      _________________________________________________________________
     in the parent’s area.
  3. Parent completes student enrollment form and provides proof          _________________________________________________________________
     of residency, proof of immunization, and proof of minimum
     age requirements, e.g. birth certificate, and student’s IEP or 504   _________________________________________________________________
     Plan, if applicable.
  4. Parent and student read policies provided regarding conditions       _________________________________________________________________
     of continued enrollment and sign affirmations of understanding.
  5. Parent completes Home Language Survey, confidential State
     and Federal Financial Surveys (these surveys are required by the
     state and federal governments and are used by the California         _________________________________________________________________
     Department of Education to determine school funding), and
     Emergency Medical Information form.                                  _________________________________________________________________
  6. Student is withdrawn from current school.
  7. Parent, IST, and student complete and sign the Master
  Page 4                                                                                                                       Page 25
Plagiarism Policy                                                                                   Master Agreement

Plagiarism is regarded as a very serious offense. Copying or paraphrasing ma-                       The Master Agreement (MA) is a document that is completed and
terial/text from the work of another student, from published sources (ie: Cliff                     signed upon enrollment in the school and at the start of each
Notes, Monarch Notes, books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) and/or from the                           semester. It outlines objectives undertaken by the school, the
internet without proper documentation constitutes academic theft.                                   parent, and the student, and how those objectives will be met.
                                                                                                    Following the Master Agreement is an essential element to a
The Definition of Plagiarism:                                                                       successful school year. Violation of the Master Agreement is basis
“The unauthorized use of someone else’s material, which is then presented as                        for withdrawal from the school.
being the result of the plagiarist’s own primary research, creative impulse or
                                                                                                    The Master Agreement comes with an Acknowledgment of
insight. Plagiarism technically encompasses the borrowing of ideas of others,
                                                                                                    Responsibilities, which details what students, parents, and
as well as their exact words…” Laurie Henry, The Fiction Dictionary, p. 219.
                                                                                                    teachers are expected to do under the Master Agreement and
The penalty for cheating or plagiarism will be…                                                     includes a confirmation of the parent’s understanding of those
VIOLATION         PROCEDURE                            RESULTING PENALTY

First offense     Teacher reports the plagiarism on •The student will earn a ZERO for the
                  a Missing Assignment Report. It work in question..
                  will be included in student file and
                                                       •A conference will be held with coun-
                  monthly documentation.
                                                       •Parent(s) will be notified of the plagia-

Second Offense Teacher reports the plagiarism on •The student will earn a ZERO for the
               a Missing Assignment Report. It work in question.
               will be included in student file and •A school official will process student’s
               monthly documentation.                suspension from school as warranted.           Forms and Learning Logs
                                                    •Parent(s) will be notified of the plagia-
                                                     rism and of suspension. A parent con-          There are a few forms that are required to maintain enrollment in
                                                     ference will be held before student is         the Gorman Learning Center. ISTs will instruct parents on filling
                                                     considered off-suspension.
                                                                                                    out forms when necessary.
Third Offense     Teacher reports the plagiarism on •The student will earn a ZERO for the
                  a Missing Assignment Report. It work in question.
                  will be included in student file and •A school official will process student’s    Semester Learning Plans
                  monthly documentation.                withdrawal from school as warranted.
                                                       •Student will receive a FAILING              ISTs will work with the parent on developing a Semester Learning
                                                        GRADE for this course for the semes-        Plan at the beginning of each semester. Semester Learning Plans
                                                                                                    outline clear goals and objectives that are aligned to the California
                                                       •Parent(s) will be notified of the plagia-
                                                        rism, of withdrawal, and that student       State Standards.
                                                        will receive an “F” for the semester. A
                                                        parent conference will be held.
                                                                                                    Students enrolled in high school (grades 9-12) will have Semester
                                                                                                    Learning Plans which are adapted to meet high school
                                                                                                    requirements for graduation.

    Page 24                                                                                                                                                 Page 5
Monthly Assignments and Learning Periods                                    Graduation Requirements
                                                                           High School Subject                    College Preparatory                      Basic Education
                                                                                                    4 Years (40)                            4 Years (40)
                                                                                                     English 9 (10)                          English 9 (10)
                                                                        English                      English 10 (10)                         English 10 (10)
  A Learning Period is roughly a month long. Each Learning Period                                    English 11 (10)                         English 11 (10)
                                                                                                     English 12 (10)                         English 12 (10)
  has its own set of assignments and at least one teacher meeting,                                  3 Years (30) Required                   3 Years (30) Required
                                                                                                    4 Years (40) Recommended                 Pre-Algebra (10)
  which is when work is reviewed, learning is assessed, new                                          Algebra 1 (10)                          Algebra 1 A + B (10)
                                                                                                     Algebra 2 (10)                          Algebra 1 C + D (10)
  assignments are given and, if necessary, changes are made to the                                   Geometry (10)                            Algebra A + B + C + D= Algebra 1
                                                                        Mathematics                  Trigonometry or                          but takes two years to
  student’s study plan. The school year is ten Learning Periods long.                                       Pre-Calculus (10)                 complete.
                                                                                                                                             Algebra 1 (10)
                                                                                                                                             Math Elective (10)
  Once assignments for the Learning Period have been given,
                                                                                                    3 Years Required (30)                   3 Years Required (30)
  students must complete them by the end of the Learning Period,                                     World History, Cultures,                World History, Cultures,
                                                                                                       & Historical Geography (10)             & Geography (10)
                                                                        History/Social Studies                                               U.S. History (10)
  which is 20 school days or less. Each appointment with the IST                                     U.S. History (10)
                                                                                                     U.S. Government (5)                     U.S. Government (5)
                                                                                                     Economics (5)                           Economics (5)
  will be within 10 school days after the end of the previous
                                                                                                    2 Years Required (20)                   2 Years Required (20)
  Learning Period. What this means is that students should not wait                                 3 Years Recommended (30)                 Biological Science (10)
                                                                        Science                                                              Physical Science (10)
                                                                                                    Biological Science w/ Lab (10)
  for their IST meeting before starting the work for the new                                        Physical Science w/ Lab (10)
                                                                                                                                            1 year (10)
  Learning Period. They should begin on the first day. Assignments                                  2 Years Required (20)                    or
                                                                        Foreign Language            3 Years Recommended (30)                VAPA option of 30 units w/o
  are established and laid out well in advance, but if there is any                                 Same Language at progressive levels     Foreign Language
                                                                                                    2 Years (20)
  uncertainty as to what a student should be doing, the IST is                                      Courses must be in the same visual/     2 Years (20)
                                                                        Visual/Performing Arts
                                                                                                    performing art                            or
  available by phone or email.                                                                                                              3 Years (30) if no Foreign Language
                                                                        Health and Safety           1 Year (10)                             1 Year (10)
                                                                        Vocational Education        2 Years (20)                            2 Years (20)
               Gorman Learning Center                                   Electives                   2 Years (20)                            2 Years (20)
                                                                        Physical Education          2 Years (20)                            2 Years (20)
               is shaped to fit the student,                            Examinations                PSAT(gr 11); ACT and/or SAT I           CAHSEE
                                                                                                    SAT II Subject Exams
                                                                                                                                            Minimum Total GPA of 1.5
                 not the other way around.                                                          Minimum GPA of 2.0 or “C” on
                                                                                                      all College Prep Courses
                                                                        GPA Standards               Overall GPA of 3.5 or higher
  If a student fails to complete the assigned work in a Learning Pe-                                College entrance requirements vary by
                                                                                                    school and are on a competitive basis
  riod or to participate in the scheduled IST meeting, the IST will
                                                                                                                                                    HISTORY/SOCIAL STUDIES
  submit a Missing Assignment Report (MAR). At that point, the          MATHEMATICS ELECTIVES                     SCIENCE ELECTIVES
  student has five school days to make up and submit the missing        Consumer Math (10)          Geology (10)                            California History and Geo. (10)
                                                                        Business Math (10)          Chemistry (10)                          Mexican-American History (10)
  work or reschedule and attend the missed meeting. Three Missing       Trigonometry (10)           Physics (10)                            African-American History (10)
                                                                        Pre Calculus (10)           Anatomy & Physiology (10)               Sociology (10)
                                                                        Calculus (10)               Environmental Science (10)              Psychology (10)
  Assignment Reports in a school year can result in the withdrawal      Statistics (10)             Marine Biology (10)                     European History (10)
                                                                        Analytical Math (10)        Agricultural Science (10)               Western Civilization (10)
  of the student from Gorman Learning Center.
                                                                           ENGLISH ELECTIVES                  HEALTH AND SAFETY                           FOR INFORMATION
  As part of the process of completing assignments, parents and
  students maintain a Learning Log and a PE Log. Remember, it is        Courses may be 1 or 2       Health (5)                              Your IST
                                                                        semesters (5 or 10 units)   Advanced Health (5)                        or
                                                                         World Literature           Nutrition (5)
  very important to update these records daily! Each Learning Log       Journalism                  Child Development (5)                   Gorman Counseling Dept.
                                                                        Creative Writing            Parenting (5)                           1826 Orange Tree Lane
  covers one Learning Period, so parents may find that it serves as a   Yearbook                    Driver’s Education [Textbook]           Redlands, CA 92374
                                                                        Speech/Debate               Driver’s Training - contact             Attn: Lynnette Coutts
  day-to-day calendar as well as a record of work completed. The        Shakespeare                   local provider outside GLC-HS         909-307-6312
                                                                        Children’s Literature       CPR and First Aid
                                                                        Remedial English            Water Safety/Lifeguard                  lcoutts@gormanlc.org
  Gorman Learning Center Calendar is included in this Handbook
  to provide a look at the whole year and the configuration of
  Learning Periods.
  Page 6                                                                                                                                                           Page 23
 2009-2010 School Year Calendar                                                  Your IST’s Responsibility
Learning Period      M    T    W    TH   F    Holidays and Important Dates
   August            10   11   12   13   14                                      The Independent Study Teacher is a parent’s guide, coach and
                     17   18   19   20   21       Professional Development Day   resource. The IST is there to hold students accountable for the
                     24   25   26   27   28
                                                                                 completion of assignments and achievement of learning results.
 September      1    31   1     2    3    4               School Starts
                     7    8     9   10   11                Labor Day             The following are the basic duties and functions of the IST:
                19   14   15   16   17   18
                     21   22   23   24   25                                      •   To work with the parent and the student to create a semester
                     28   29   30   1    2                                           learning plan that meets California State Standards for
  October       2    5    6     7    8    9                                          academic achievement.
                20   12   13   14   15   16
                     19   20   21   22   23       Professional Development Day
                                                                                 •   To assign each student monthly work, order books and
                     26   27   28   29   30                                          materials, and maintain a record of all assignments for the
 November       3    2    3    4     5    6           CAHSEE Testing                 student’s file at the GLC office.
                19   9    10   11   12   13             Veteran's Day
                                                                                 •   To assist the parent in providing day-to-day teaching, by
                     16   17   18   19   20             P1 = 58 Days
                                                                                     meeting with each parent and student at least every 20 days,
                     23   24   25   26   27          Thanksgiving Holiday
  December      4    30   1     2    3    4
                                                                                     and to sustain open communication, including availability to
                18   7    8     9   10   11                                          answer parent questions or requests for assistance within one
                     14   15   16   17   18                                          school day.
                     21   22   23   24   25              Winter Break
                                                                                 •   With GLC staff, to administer to students regular
                     28   29   30   31    1            Dec. 23 thru Jan. 1
   January      5    4    5     6    7    8
                12   11   12   13   14   15                                      •   With the parent, to choose appropriate curriculum that meets
                     18   19   20   21   22          Martin Luther King Day          the California State Standards as well as each student’s
                     25   26   27   28   29                                          learning needs.
  February      6    1    2    3     4    5            CAHSEE Testing
                19   8    9    10   11   12                                      •   To provide direct assistance and coordinate student’s learning
                     15   16   17   18   19              Presidents Day              to high standards through regular meetings with the parent
                     22   23   24   25   26                                          and student, lesson planning, consultation, and resource
   March        7    1    2     3    4    5              STAR Writing                check-out.
                19   8    9    10   11   12
                     15   16   17   18   19            CAHSEE Testing
                                                                                 •   With the High School Counselor, to create a graduation
                     22   23   24   25   26                                          learning plan which puts each student on track to earn a high
                8    29   30   31    1    2               Spring Break               school diploma.
    April       15   5    6     7    8    9              P2 = 141 days
                                                                                 •   To monitor student progress by identifying learning needs,
                     12   13   14   15   16              STAR Testing
                                                                                     regularly assigning schoolwork, collecting, evaluating, and
                     19   20   21   22   23              STAR Testing
                9    26   27   28   29   30              STAR Testing
                                                                                     submitting completed work for student records, and assessing
    May         20   3    4     5    6    7                                          student mastery of the California State Standards.
                     10   11   12   13   14            CAHSEE Testing            •   To assist in implementation of accommodations for students
                     17   18   19   20   21         Graduation - May 20, 2010
                                                                                     with an IEP or a 504 Plan.
                10   24   25   26   27   28               School Ends

      Page 22                                                                                                                          Page 7
The Parent’s Responsibility
  As the primary source of instruction and accountability for the
  student, the parent is assuming responsibility for the daily school   Field Trips for High School Students
  work and progress towards completion of assignments. In               Gorman Learning Center offers field trips to high school students each
  addition, the IST depends upon the parent to provide current and      year.
  accurate information that may affect the student’s academics or
  continued enrollment in the school. It is the parent’s                The sophomore/junior field trip has traditionally had a college campus
  responsibility:                                                       as its destination. The goal of this trip is to give students a concrete
                                                                        experience to help them visualize their post-high school educational
                                                                        The senior field trip celebrates the achievements of all soon-to-be high
                                                                        school graduates. Most years, students get together for a Grad Night
                                                                        consisting of a live dramatic production and an elegant dinner with
                                                                        their peers.
                                                                        Other High School Information
                                                                        Military: Any student planning on entering the Armed Services must
                                                                        take at least 15 units of college credit while enrolled with GLC in order
  To complete and sign required forms in a timely fashion and to
                                                                        to be accepted into the military.
  notify the IST of changes in information regarding residency, con-
  tact numbers and email addresses.
                                                                        Independent Study: Even at the High School level, a primary caregiver
                                                                        must still be available to work with the student.
  To attend first student/teacher appointment and subsequent ap-
  pointments, giving prior notice when it is necessary to reschedule    Transcripts: 10th through 12th grade students enrolling in GLC must
                                                                        submit a current transcript from their last high school of attendance to
                                                                        the Counseling Office.
  To provide daily instruction to the student and review progress
  towards completion of assignments throughout the course of
                                                                        Course Load: High School students may NEVER take more than eight
  each Learning Period
                                                                        classes within one semester. The norm is six or seven during the
                                                                        regular year and a maximum of two during summer. Special permission
  To ensure that students participate in testing                        from the Counseling Office must be obtained for a student to take
                                                                        eight courses. The maximum permissible is 40 units per semester.
  To prevent avoidable damage and destruction to textbooks and
  materials provided by the school and to return school property in     UC Bound Students: Use the UC systems college mentoring system at
  a timely fashion at the end of the year or upon student withdrawal    http://www.csmentor.edu. This system tracks college bound progress
  from the school                                                       according to what UC expects.
  Page 8                                                                                                                         Page 21
Exams at the High School Level                                           The Monthly Assignment and Daily Work

  Testing at the high school level can be complex and confusing,         Students in grades K-8 will have Semester Learning Plans with
  but there are main areas that all students need to be aware of.        clear, measurable goals that will be tied to a specific time period.
  Most testing is date sensitive; therefore it is important to pay at-
  tention to registration and testing dates.                             These plans will be developed for each child and reflect goals and
                                                                         objectives that are appropriate for the student’s age, learning style,
  All students are required to take the California High School Exit      and developmental level.
  Exam (CAHSEE). ISTs will notify their students of when and
  where they will take the CAHSEE. Students who do not pass a
  section or sections of the CAHSEE by the time of graduation                   •   Students must complete all assignments by the end of
  may stay with Gorman for up to two additional years in order to                   the Learning Period.
  re-attempt and pass those sections. Another option is for the stu-            •   By the time of the scheduled Monthly Appointment,
  dent to accept a Certificate of Completion.                                       the parent and student should have all work gathered,
                                                                                    organized in a portfolio by course, and clearly labeled
  Ninth through eleventh graders are given STAR, a state standard-
                                                                                    with the student’s name, earned score and the date it
  ized test. Twelfth graders are exempt. Denice Burchett
                                                                                    was completed.
  (dburchett@gormanlc.org) is currently the testing coordinator for
  these two exams and is in charge of informing ISTs of testing                 •   For points-based assignments, the parent is responsible
  dates and requirements and distributing testing materials. GLC                    to score the work and note the number correct possi-
  administers both of these tests. Please contact Denice if you have                ble (i.e. 5 out of a possible 10 would be “5/10”). ISTs
  specific testing questions.                                                       will assist parents unsure how to mark a piece of work.
  The SAT test, PSAT and AP exams are given at the student’s lo-                •   Writing submissions should include student name,
  cal district high school. These tests are date sensitive and need to              prompt code, or the prompt itself, and have no mark-
  be registered for in advance. Students need to contact their local                ings (no score, grade, or corrections to the student’s
  district high school for registration information. A student can                  work). In the case of revisions, the first draft should be
  also register online by going to www.collegeboard.com, and look-                  attached behind the revised draft.
  ing for the specific exams. These exams are not mandatory but are             •   All work must be the student’s own. Students may not
  recommended for college reporting purposes, and financial aid                     have access to answer keys. Plagiarized work will not
  (Cal-Grant) purposes.                                                             be accepted, and plagiarism or other forms of aca-
  The California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) is for                        demic dishonesty will result in disciplinary action up to
  students who may opt out of completing high school. To take this                  and including withdrawal from Gorman Learning
  exam, students must be at least sixteen and/or have completed                     Center. (See Plagiarism Policy on page 24.)
  the full year of tenth grade. See www.chspe.net for specifics.
  Upon passing the CHSPE, the student may stay enrolled or with-
  draw from school, in which case the Counseling Office will re-         Grading and Report Cards
  quire a copy of the Certificate of Equivalency and a letter from
  the parent stating that the student has successfully passed the        ISTs compile Report Cards and Progress Reports. Parents should
  CHSPE and is opting out of completing high school. Parents and         keep all copies of student Report Cards and High School
  students should research and confirm acceptance of CHSPE with          Transcripts.
  students’ future goals.
  Page 20                                                                                                                        Page 9
  Gorman Learning Center strives to uphold parental choice               AP/UC Courses
  through individualized instruction for its students. Parental input
  is a necessary part of designing a course of study for each student.   Gorman Learning Center currently offers two options for AP
  Given GLC’s unique structure and our mission to serve each             courses. First, through Aventa Learning online. Second, through
  student’s needs while addressing state standards, a “one size fits     testing with the college board. (Register online at
  all” curriculum is not mandated. The best curricular choices are       www.collegeboard.com.)
  made for each student when parent input and teacher expertise
  work towards a common goal.                                            For UC courses we offer a full course listing of UC-approved cur-
                                                                         riculum. The “a-g” list is detailed on the website.
                                                                         If a student is accelerated and desires to get college credit by a
                                                                         “test out” method, the student should check into which colleges
                                                                         offer “CLEP” testing for high school students. This is a great way
                                                                         to get a head start on college credit – it may save time and money,
                                                                         and it looks great to UC. These exams are not easy – they are set
                                                                         at the college level. For more information on “CLEP” testing go
                                                                         to www.collegeboard.com.
  Curriculum choices are shaped by several factors:
                                                                         Summer School
  •   State law requires that no sectarian (religious) material be
      requested, ordered or included in student work samples.            GLC offers summer school on a case by case basis depending on
  •   Traditional and technology-based learning programs are             need and IST availability. High school core courses cannot be
      available, allowing for curriculum configurations that             taken during summer school. A student may request that his or
      accommodate wide differences in student learning styles,           her IST assign work for a maximum of two courses for credit
      abilities, and interests, which traditional school settings may    over summer. Monthly assignment reports, monthly work logs,
      not be as effective at accommodating.                              and work samples are collected at the end of summer for credit,
                                                                         issued by the IST on a report card to the Counseling Office. A
  •   Each IST has familiarity with and access to products from a        maximum of 10 units can be earned over summer – unless the
      variety of publishers and companies, making it possible to         calculation considers a course taken at a community college. Stu-
      bring together a wide range of learning resources and              dents and parents should consult with their ISTs to determine
      supplies. The IST will guide the parent in selecting               whether a summer school program would be beneficial.
      appropriate resources to meet the goals and objectives of the
      California State Standards, focus choices of products and
      materials that serve the primary core curriculum of language
      arts, math, science, and social studies, and refer the parent to
      Vendor Course Instruction, where available, that will meet
      each student’s needs.
  Page 10                                                                                                                      Page 19
College Co-Enrollment

Co-enrollment at community colleges is recommended for students age               Independent Study takes a great deal of discipline, both from the
16 and older who are ready and able to handle college level work and the          parent and from the student. Though it works for many families
college environment. A student may take a maximum of two college                  in our school, any one of them can tell you that they had to make
courses with a minimum of four GLC courses. During summer school, a               changes to their daily routine to encourage a consistent school
student may take a maximum of two college courses or a minimum of                 environment. The following tips might be helpful if you are new
two GLC elective courses. A student may apply at a college utilizing the          to this adventure.
high school enrollment package obtained from the college admissions
office. Students under 16 years of age who are planning to apply for
college courses may need a special student admittance form signed by the
                                                                                 The Schoolwork Station:
GLC High School Counselor. College applicants may be required to take
the college entrance exam as well. To purchase college-required books,            •   Parents are advised to set up a “schoolwork station” for the
the student should take a printout of classes to the approved and                     student where there are few distractions. It may take some
participating college bookstore and obtain the books’ ISBN number,                    trial and error, as parents and students figure out what kind of
publisher name, and cost including tax. The student should take the book              environment will work best. Even if there is not enough
information to the IST, who will fill out a requisition form to turn in to            available space to have a separate room or area for students to
the warehouse for a Purchase Order. Upon approval of the requisition,                 do their schoolwork, students should have a place that is neat,
the Purchase Order will be faxed to the college bookstore. At that time,              free of distracting clutter, and quiet.
the IST and/or student may pick up the books. Only books approved                 •   Predictable routines are helpful. Parents should establish
and within the college book semester budget will be on the Purchase                   consistent school hours and protect that time from changes
Order. After the class is over, all non-consumable books must be                      of plans or outside distractions. This empowers students to
returned to the IST for restocking in the warehouse.                                  become self-guided. They will know when a certain hour
                                             GLC cannot reimburse the                 comes that it is time to begin work or end it. Each student’s
                                             parent or student for pur-               learning style should be taken into account when parents
                                             chases of books. In order to             establish school time.
                                             receive both High School and         •   It is a good idea not to answer phone calls during “school
                                             college credits, the student             hours,” and/or to keep the answering machine on low
                                             must let his or her IST know             volume and cell phones off so that they are not a distraction.
                                             what courses they are taking at          Having guests or making appointments during this time
                                             the college prior to the course          should also be avoided.
                                             beginning, and must also pro-
                                             vide a copy of the syllabus and      •   If one sibling finishes his or her schoolwork before another,
                                                                                      there should be activities planned or made available to occupy
monthly work samples for the IST to turn in with the monthly paper-                   him or her somewhere else so as not to cause a distraction for
work. Upon completion of the college courses, the IST will put the col-               a student still working.
lege course on a report card to be turned in to the office. The counseling        •   Taking breaks in between subjects to move around for a
office will calculate the credits once an official transcript is received from        minute or two helps students retain information. Students
the college. Official transcripts must be sent by the college before the              often have lower retention when they have been looking at
end of the spring semester of the student’s senior year in order for the              the same material for more than 20 minutes.
student to receive credit in a timely fashion.
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Special Education
  Parents of students receiving special education services should       Driver’s Ed
  discuss with their ISTs and service providers effective strategies
  for fulfilling the accommodations laid out in the student’s IEP.      Students who take Driver’s Education with Gorman Learning
  The independent study model allows for a much greater degree of       Center complete the book work component under the
  flexibility for meeting students’ needs and requires parents,         supervision of the IST and earn five units for graduation, but no
  teachers and providers to share equal responsibility for ensuring     pink slip. In order to obtain a pink slip, students should go
  that each Special Education student’s IEP is followed.                through a GLC vendor or outside agency for the classroom
                                                                        component of Driver’s Ed and behind-the-wheel training.
  As your student’s primary teacher, you will be equipped to
  challenge your student at their own pace.                             Students who are already licensed to drive must turn in a copy of
                                                                        the license to the Counseling Office for credit.
  Some parent responsibilities include:
  Participation in IEP meetings                                         VAPA
  Arriving on time and participating in all scheduled appointments      VAPA stands for Visual and Performing Arts. A high school
  Driving up to 25 miles to a service location                          student needs to obtain 20 units in this category in order to fulfill
                                                                        the graduation requirement. Also, this category can be combined
  Completing and signing necessary forms throughout your                with the required 10 units of Foreign Language to make a total of
  student’s participation in the Special Education program.             30 VAPA units. This option is only advisable for students who do
  Communicating any questions or concerns to the Special                not plan to enroll in a UC or other college that requires Foreign
  Education department                                                  Language credit. The VAPA category requirement can be met in
                                                                        many ways. All VAPA courses must be scheduled on the master
                                                                        agreement and work samples must be turned in to the IST.
  Exceptional Students, Exceptional Needs
                                                                        Vocational Ed.
Categorical Programs
                                                                        “Vocational education” describes any subject that is career- or
  Gorman offers Title I supplemental services through Categorical       job-oriented. The requirement in this category is a minimum of 20
  Programs as provided by the State and Federal guidelines. We          units done during the high school years. There are many ways to
  offer online instructional programs as well as small-group tutoring   fulfill this requirement. For credit in this category, students must
  in various regions for students grades 3-12 who are struggling in     keep and complete a VAPA/Voc. Ed. time log and turn it in
  math or reading.                                                      monthly to the IST. Requests for Work Permits can be issued
  Students participating in Title I are expected to be consistent in    when needed via website download. Completed forms may be
  their involvement and effort. Through engagement with Title I         faxed to (909) 793-5964. The work permit will be mailed to the
  services, a Basic or Below Basic test score can transform from a      employer.
  roadblock into an opportunity to make new, achievable goals.
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GLC High School                                                          Assessments

  High School Counselor                                                  Every school is required by the state to administer assessments,
                                                                         which the state uses to ensure that schools are performing
  Gorman Learning Center’s High School Counselor is there to be          effectively. In addition to state requirements, the school must
  a resource and a guide to parents of high school students. Parents     implement assessments in order to obtain and hold accreditation
  should set up an appointment with the High School Counselor to         from WASC. By participating in these and our own in-house
  talk about student High School Graduation Plans and what               assessments, students help the school put together an accurate
  coursework a student needs to complete in order to receive a           and meaningful picture of how well the school is doing. In
  High School Diploma. More information about Gorman High                addition, state tests are designed specifically to address state
  School is available on the GLC website.                                standards, so test results should be used to inform instruction and
                                                                         ensure continued progress towards mastery of the standards.

  Graduation Requirements                                                The following assessments are given over the course of the
  Gorman Learning Center’s high school graduation requirements
  consist of 220 units (category-specific). A table of requirements by   CST/STAR Testing (Grades 2-11)
  category can be found on the website as well as in this handbook.
  It is important to adhere to these requirements in order to            This yearly test covers Language Arts and Mathematics for all stu-
  graduate on time with the appropriate courses. Attending to these      dents and Social Studies and Science at certain grade levels, and it
  requirements at the high school level is part of ensuring a            is a central part of the State government’s school ranking system,
  student’s timely graduation.                                           called the Academic Performance Index, intended to hold schools
                                                                         accountable for learning results.
  Grad Check
                                                                         STAR Writing (Grades 4 & 7)
  A “grad check” is a review of a student’s transcript so far, to
  determine whether the student is on track to meet all graduation       In addition to the Language Arts and Mathematics portions of the
  requirements. An IST or a parent can request that the high school      test, 4th and 7th graders write a response to a prompt, which is
  counselor grad check their student at any time during the course       evaluated to monitor student progress towards writing skills mas-
  of high school.                                                        tery.

                                                                         PFT (Grades 5, 7, & 9)
  Graduation Ceremony
                                                                         The Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is required of all students in Cali-
  Graduation Ceremonies are held each year. The High School
                                                                         fornia. All students in grade 5, 7 and 9 will be tested in the spring
  Counselor will notify graduates of the details during the spring
                                                                         of each school year, sometime between February 1 and May 31.
  semester. When all requirements have been met, the High School
  Counselor performs a final grad check and sends graduates their
                                                                         Assessment and CAHSEE information continued on the next
  diplomas, which parents should expect to arrive in the mail during
  the month of August.

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CAHSEE: California High School Exit Exam (beginning
grade 10)
High school students in the state of California must pass the
                                                                     G rman
CAHSEE before they are eligible for a high school diploma. Stu-
dents have multiple opportunities to pass the test, and CAHSEE        High School
prep curriculum is available to support students. The test is
roughly 8th grade level Language Arts and Math.
   Gorman Learning Center is fully accredited by the                                        Contents:
     Western Association of Schools and Colleges.                                 Your High School Counselor
                                                                                    Graduation Requirements
                                                                                           Grad Checks
                                                                                      Graduation Ceremony
Benchmark and Scantron Testing (All Grades)                                                 Driver’s Ed
These assessments, administered three times during the year, once                         Vocational Ed
at the beginning of each semester and once at the end of the year,                    College Co-Enrollment
are GLC’s in-house measure of student progress towards subject                              AP and UC
                                                                                         Summer School
area mastery. They enable teachers and parents to detect any gaps
                                                                                 Exams at the High School level
or struggles students are having and provide feedback and work-                   Field Trips and Special Events
sheets to help meet those needs                                                  Other High School Information
.                                                                                      School Year Calendar
Chapter Tests, Midterms, Finals (All Grades)                                    Table of Graduation Requirements
Part of subject area curriculum is periodic assessment of student
mastery of the material in particular curriculum units and over
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