NASAs Spirit soars with successful Mars rover landing

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					                                                       National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA
                                                                                                                                                       January 2004

                                                      Communication for the Information Technology Age

President Bush lays out bold new space vision
-- foresees robotic, human missions to moon, Mars and beyond
                                                                                                  the aging space shuttle will be returned
                                                                   President George W.            to flight “consistent with safety concerns
                                                                   Bush delivers remarks on       and the recommendations” of the Co-
                                                                   U.S. space policy at           lumbia Accident Investigation Board.
                                                                   NASA Headquarters in           “The shuttle’s chief purpose over the
                                                                   Washington, D.C., on           next several years will be to help finish
                                                                   Jan. 14. The president         assembly of the International Space Sta-
                                                                   committed the United
                                                                                                  tion,” Bush said. The president added
                                                                   States to a long-term
                                                                   human and robotic
                                                                                                  that in 2010, after nearly 30 years of
                                                                   program to explore the         service, the space shuttle will be retired.
                                                                   solar system, starting               Bush, whose remarks were punctu-
                                                                   with a return to the           ated by applause from the capacity au-
                                                                   moon that will ultimately      dience gathered in an auditorium at
                                                                   enable future exploration      NASA Headquarters, said his second
                                                                   of Mars and other              goal will be to begin developing a new
                                                                   destinations.                  manned exploration vehicle – the first of
                                                                                                  its kind since the Apollo command mod-
                                                                                                  ule – to explore other worlds.
  White House photo by Eric Draper                                                                                                                     continued on page 2

     During an historic announcement
delivered Jan.14, 2004 from NASA Head-
quarters in Washington, D.C., President
                                             NASA’s ‘Spirit’ soars with
George W. Bush unveiled a sweeping
new vision for the nation’s space explo-
                                             successful Mars rover landing
ration program and outlined the key              Scientists cheered, danced and                         tian atmosphere and bouncing across
roles NASA will play to turn his vision      hugged each other on what would prove                      the brown, rock-strewn surface of the
                                             to be an historic Saturday night Jan. 3                    red planet, Spirit sent a radio signal that
into reality.                                when NASA’s plucky Mars Explora-                           was received by NASA’s Deep Space
     Bush, whose remarks were broad-                                                                                            Network at 8:35
cast live on NASA television, was joined                                                                                   NASA photo by JPL/Cornell
                                                                                                                                p.m. PST. Mem-
by NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe                                                                                              bers of the mission
as he committed the nation to a long-                                                                                           flight team at
term human and robotic program to                                                                                               NASA’s Jet Pro-
explore space, starting with the moon                                                                                           pulsion Labora-
and later Mars and other destinations in                                                                                        tory (JPL) reacted
the solar system.                                                                                                               with whoops of
                                                                                                                                joy and applause
     “Inspired by all that has come be-                                                                                         as they heard the
fore, and guided by clear objectives, to-                                                                                       exciting news.
day we set a new course for America's                                                                                                “This is a big
space program,” Bush declared. “We                                                                                              night for NASA,”
will give NASA a new focus and vision                                                                                           said an ecstatic
for future exploration. We will build                                                                                           NASA Adminis-
new ships to carry man forward into the                                                                                         trator         Sean
universe, to gain a new foothold on the                                                                                         O’Keefe. “We’re
moon, and to prepare for new journeys                                                                                           back. I am very,
to worlds beyond our own.”                                                                                                      very proud of this
                                                The first color image of Mars taken by the panoramic camera on the Mars         team and we’re on
     Pledging to make “steady progress,                                                                                         Mars,” O’Keefe
one mission, one voyage, one landing at         Exploration Rover Spirit. It is the highest resolution image ever taken on the
                                                surface of another planet.                                                      said.
a time,” the president vowed to com-                                                                                                 “I feel great,”
plete the International Space Station by                                                                                        said Ames Direc-
2010 to fulfill the United States’ commit-   tion Rover (MER) 'Spirit' successfully tor G. Scott Hubbard, who was also
ment to its 15 partner countries. To ac-     landed on Mars.                                            present at JPL for the MER landing. “It’s
complish this goal, the president said             After plunging through the mar-                                                continued on page 3
President Bush lays out bold new space vision
-- foresees robotic, human missions to moon, Mars and beyond
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    “The new spacecraft, the Crew Ex-                  of further space exploration,” and make              beginning to meet the challenges and
ploration Vehicle, will be developed and               more ambitious missions possible. “                  the goals we set today,” Bush said.
                                                                                                            However, he stressed that “it’s only a
                                                                                                            beginning,” and “future funding deci-
                                                                                                            sions will be guided by the progress we
                                                                                                            make in achieving our goals,” he cau-
                                                                                                                 “This will be a great and unifying
                                                                                                            mission for NASA, and we know that
                                                                                                            you’ll achieve it,” Bush observed. “We
                                                                                                            begin this venture knowing that space
                                                                                                            travel brings great risks. The loss of the
                                                                                                            space shuttle Columbia was less than
                                                                                                            one year ago. As one family member
                                                                                                            said, ‘The legacy of Columbia must carry
                                                                                                            on – for the benefit of our children and
                                                                                                            yours.’ The Columbia’s crew did not
                                                                                                            turn away from the challenge, and nei-
                                                                                                            ther will we,” Bush said.
                                                                                                                 “Mankind is drawn to the heavens
                                                                                                            for the same reason we were once drawn
                                                                                                            into unknown lands and across the open
                                                                                                            sea, “ Bush concluded. “We choose to
                                                                                                            explore space because doing so improves
                                                                                                            our lives, and lifts our national spirit. So
                                                                      White House photo by Eric Draper      let us continue the journey.”
   President George W. Bush greets shuttle astronauts from right to left, Peggy Whitson, Stephanie               “We have a clear mandate,” said
   Wilson, John Grunsfeld and Ellen Ochoa at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 14.              NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe in a
   The President committed the United States to a long-term human and robotic program to explore            news conference following the
   the solar system, starting with a return to the moon that will ultimately enable future exploration of   president’s announcement. And NASA
   Mars and other destinations.                                                                             has the full confidence of the president
                                                                                                            in our ability to achieve this vision, he
tested by 2008 and will conduct its first                  With the experience and knowledge                     Looking back on the historic ac-
manned mission no later than 2014,”                    gained on the moon, we will then be                                             continued on page 5
Bush said. The president said the CEV                  ready to take the
would also be capable of transporting                  next steps of

                                                                                                                                                       White House photo by Eric Draper
astronauts and scientists to the Interna-              space explora-
tional Space Station after the space                   tion: human mis-
shuttle is retired.                                    sions to Mars and
     As his third goal, Bush said America              to worlds be-
will return to the moon within the next                yond,” Bush said.
decade and use the moon as a launching                     To       help
point for future space missions. “Begin-               NASA accom-
ning no later than 2008, we will send a                plish his goals,
series of robotic missions to the lunar                the president
surface to research and prepare for fu-                said he will ask
ture human exploration,” Bush said.                    Congress to in-
“Using the Crew Exploration Vehicle,                   crease NASA’s
we will undertake extended human mis-                  current five-year
sions to the moon as early as 2015, with               budget of $86 bil-
the goal of living and working there for               lion by approxi-
increasingly extended periods,” he                     mately $1 billion
added.                                                 over the next five
     “Returning to the moon is an impor-               years. “This in-      President George W. Bush and NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe watch
tant step for our space program,” de-                  crease, along         as Michael Foale, right, commander of the International Space Station,
clared Bush. He predicted that estab-                  with refocusing       welcomes the president during a live television link from space at NASA
lishing an extended human presence on                  of our space          Headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 14.
the moon could “vastly reduce the costs                agency, is a solid

Astrogram                                                                        2                                                          January 2004
NASA’s ‘Spirit’ soars with successful Mars rover landing
continued from front page
a great day to go to Mars.”                    thermal protection system used in the          users downloaded 154 million Web
    About three hours later, the jubilant      rover’s aeroshell structure.                   pages between 12 midnight PST Jan. 3
scientists cheered again as Spirit began            In addition, the Ames Information         and 6:30 a.m. PST Jan. 6. The site was
transmitting its first images of Mars to       Sciences and Technology Directorate            expected to exceed one billion hits later
Earth, relaying them through the               played a significant role by developing        in the day on Jan. 6. By comparison, the
agency’s Mars Odyssey orbiter.                 software technologies and tools, includ-       NASA Web portal received a total of 2.8
                                               ing a suite of mission support software        billion hits for all of 2003.
 “We’re back …and we’re on Mars,”              for the ground control and operation of             Hundreds of news reporters cov-
                                               the twin rovers. Ames scientists also          ered the story at JPL, and their articles
  -- Sean O’Keefe,                             developed the MERboard, a computing            and images were printed and broadcast
     NASA Administrator                        platform that provides an immersive            throughout the world. Among the news
                                               and interactive computing environment          organizations represented at JPL were
     “When that first image started com-       for team members to view, analyze and          the major television networks, BBC,
ing back from Mars, Edmond and I               share data from Mars.                          CNN, Discovery Channel, New York
looked at each other and we had a melt-             Ames scientists also are supporting       Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles
down,” recalled an emotional Ames              the MER mission by providing ‘human-           Times, Associated Press, Reuters, San
planetary scientist Nathalie Cabrol,           centered computing’ and developing             Francisco Chronicle, US News & World
whose husband, Edmond Grin, trav-              fatigue countermeasures to help mis-           Report, the Boston Globe, Irish Televi-
eled with her to JPL to conduct science        sion scientists cope with having to work       sion, Orlando Sentinel, Florida Today,
operations for the MER mission.                around the clock on a Mars day (or ‘sol’)      Space News, Houston Chronicle,
     Cabrol, along with David Des              schedule that is 24 hours and 39 minutes       Newsday, Astronomy magazine, Or-
Marais and Michael Sims, is one of three       long.                                          ange County Register, Scientific Ameri-
NASA Ames researchers who are co-                   NASA’s MER mission has attracted          can, Astronomy Now and the Chronicle
investigators for the MER mission. As          attention among millions of people             of Higher Education, among others.
members of the MER mission’s Science           around the world. NASA’s Web portal,                To reach Mars, Spirit traveled 302.6
Operations Working Group, the three            which includes the agency’s home page,         million miles (487 million kilometers)
scientists are participating in directing      the Mars program Web and the Space-            after being launched from Cape
the rover’s day-to-day operations dur-         flight Web, received 916 million hits and      Canaveral in Florida on June 10, 2003.
ing the mission.                                                                                                         continued on page 5
     Des Marais is serving as the lead of
the MER working group’s long-term
planning group; Cabrol is working in           Ames opens interactive Mars center
the MER geology group and as a docu-
mentarian for the long-term planning                A raging winter storm with driving school student Mark Sheldon of
group; Sims is providing robotics and          rain and gusting winds did not dampen Irvington High School in Fremont gave
                                               spirits at NASA Ames' gala ribbon-cut- the signal to a pre-programmed autono-
intelligent software expertise for the         ting ceremony commemorating the mous rover that he helped design and
mission.                                       opening of the
     Sims, who is keeping a journal of the     new Mars Center.

                                                                                                                                         NASA photo by Tom Trower
mission scientists' daily activities at JPL,        Ames Center
talks of the high excitement and the high      Director G. Scott
stress scientists are experiencing as they     Hubbard and
adjust to working on a Mars day cycle,         Mars Exploration
away from their families and friends.          Rover scientists
     “At the very least, you can think of      David Des Marais
all of this as breaking up the old 9 to 5      and      Nathalie
routine,” Sims writes. “Don’t get me           Cabrol, co-inves-
wrong – there’s nothing else I’d rather        tigators on the
be doing. We all think of this as a great      Mars Exploration
privilege to have this chance to work          Rover mission,
with these scientific tools on Mars.”          took the podium
     NASA Ames scientists have made            at 10 a.m. and ad-
numerous contributions to help make            dressed an atten-
Spirit’s landing so successful. Ames de-       tive throng of me-
                                               dia members and
veloped a set of collaborative software        Ames staffers.
tools called ‘Marsoweb’ (http://               "We are proud to that are used           announce the
by planetary scientists to review Mars                                 The new Mars Center opened on Dec. 29, 2003 at NASA Ames to a
                                               opening of our
data and determine the best and safest         Mars       Center,      warm public reception. Over 12,000 visitors toured the center in its
sites for the rover landings.                  which will give         first 10 days of operation.
     NASA Ames also contributed to the         the community an
MER mission by conducting a series of          opportunity to share in the wonder and build at Carnegie Mellon University's
parachute tests in the 80-by-120-foot          excitement of exploring Mars," said (CMU) summer 'robocamp,' to cut the
wind tunnel from September 2002                Hubbard. "The center also will serve as ceremonial ribbon.
through January 2003 that helped scien-        a dynamic educational resource about                  The media, who were able to inter-
tists select the optimum parachute de-         Mars for the entire Bay area."                    view presenters after the ceremony,
sign for the rover. Ames also supported             Following Hubbard's remarks, high
                                                                                                                        continued on page 9
the design, manufacture and test of the
Astrogram                                                           3                                                         January 2004
Ames forum explores nanotechnology and homeland security
    Nanotechnology’s potential to help                arm for Silicon Valley and for the              ture of the Bay area economy,” said
with homeland security was the subject                country’s economy,” Honda said.                 Michael Marlaire, NASA Ames’ direc-
of a forum that hundreds of experts                   “Nanotechnology has the potential to            tor for external relations and develop-
                                                                                 create entirely      ment.
                                                                                 new industries            There also were breakout sessions
                                                                                 and radically        for roundtable discussions on the north-
                                                                                 transform the ba-    ern California nanotechnology and con-
                                                                                 sis of competition   vergence roadmap, presentations of
                                                                                 in other fields,”    early stage companies and technologies
                                                                                 Honda added.         and various funding opportunities in
                                                                                 The National Sci-    this field.
                                                                                 ence Foundation           “Nanotechnology provides an enor-
                                                                                 has projected a $1   mous opportunity to increase the sensi-
                                                                                 trillion global
                                                                                 market within the

                                                                                                                                                    NASA photo by Tom Trower
                                                                                 next decade.
                                                                                      The forum
                                                                                 included four
                                                                                 panel discus-
                                                                                 sions: homeland
                                               NASA photo by Roger Brimmer
                                                                                 security technol-
                                                                                 ogy needs, home-
   At the recent nanotechnology conference held at Ames, left to right, Center   land security
   Director G. Scott Hubbard poses with venture capitalist Vinod Khosla and      nanotechnology
   U.S. Representative Mike Honda.                                               R&D, venture
                                                                                 capital and gov-
from industry, academia and govern- ernment funding, and business role and
ment attended on Dec. 15 at the NASA market.
Research Park at NASA Ames.                                 “I'm proud to welcome the
     Nanotechnology is the creation of Nanotechnology and Homeland Secu-
materials, devices and systems through rity Forum to the heart of Silicon Val-
the control of matter on the nanometer ley,” said Eshoo. “Our region has for
scale. A nanometer is one-billionth of a decades led the world in developing
meter, roughly 10,000 times smaller than innovative solutions to our most press-                        Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (CA, 14th
the width of a human hair. Scientists ing technological challenges. As we ad-                           District) was a co-host of the recent
predicted that nanotechnology could dress the critical question of how to                               nanotechnology and homeland security
lead to changes in almost everything strengthen homeland security, I have no                            forum at NASA Ames and a featured speaker
from computers and medicine to auto- doubt that many of the answers will be                             during the day-long event.
mobiles and spacecraft.                               found right here,” Eshoo added.
     "NASA is using nanotechnology to                       The meeting included key partici-
reduce the weight and increase the ca- pants from NASA Ames, other Bay area                           tivity of sensors for detecting chemical,
pability of spacecraft. One of the stron- federal laboratories (including Lawrence                    biological and nuclear threats,” said
gest of the nation’s lines of defense could Livermore National Laboratory), uni-                      Meyya Meyyappan, director of the Cen-
include microscopic sensors and ma- versities, and such companies as                                  ter for Nanotechnology at NASA Ames.
chines derived from our NASA work,” Hewlett-Packard, Genencor Boeing and                              “The bonus is that the product can come
said Ames Center Director G. Scott representatives from the venture capital                           in ultra-small size, requiring only low
Hubbard. “This revolutionary, new tech- community and the federal government.                         power levels,” Meyyappan added.
nology could provide a vital component                      “It is essential that we bring leading         The forum was co-sponsored by:
of the nation’s ongoing efforts to defend thinkers and innovators together to un-                     Technet, the Bay Area Science and Inno-
against terrorist threats,” Hubbard derstand the tremendous potential of                              vation Consortium (BASIC), Joint Ven-
stated.                                               nanotechnology and what needs to be             ture Silicon Valley Network, Silicon
     NASA and U.S. Reprentatives Anna done to further encourage its develop-                          Valley Manufacturing Group, the Bay
G. Eshoo, Zoe Lofgren and Mike Honda ment,” said Lofgren. “I always look for-                         area Economic Forum, Northern Cali-
co-hosted the Nanotechnology and ward to learning more about the excit-                               fornia Nanotechnology Initiative,
Homeland Security Forum. Honda is ing work that is being done at NASA                                 NOVA (North Valley Workforce Board)
co-sponsor of the Boehlert-Honda Ames in the area of nanotechnology,”                                 and the cities of Palo Alto, Mountain
Nanotechnology Bill, H.R. 766. After Lofgren continued.                                               View and Sunnyvale, Calif.
emerging from a bipartisan committee,                       “This forum will provide partici-              More information about NASA
the bill resulted in S 189 that President pants with an excellent opportunity to                      nanotechnology can be found on the
Bush signed into law on Dec. 3. It autho- see and hear first hand much of the work                    Web at
rizes $3.7 billion for research over the and research that is being done in the
next four years for the National areas of homeland security and
Nanotechnology Initiative.                            nanotechnology, learn of funding op-                                      BY   JOHN BLUCK
     “This will be a big shot in the portunities and share ideas on the fu-
Astrogram                                                                 4                                                             January 2004
House staffer visits NASA Ames                                                                                                            NASA’s ‘Spirit’ soars
     On Jan. 6,                                                                                                                           continued from page 5

                                                                                                            NASA photos by Dominic Hart
Deputy Associate                                                                                                                          Spirit’s twin, Mars Exploration Rover
Administrator for                                                                                                                         Opportunity, was launched July 7, 2003
Legislative Affairs                                                                                                                       and is scheduled to land on Mars at 9:05
at NASA Head-                                                                                                                             p.m. PDT on Jan. 24.
quarters Mary D.                                                                                                                               On Jan. 6, O’Keefe announced plans
Kerwin and minor-                                                                                                                         to name Spirit’s landing site in Gusev
ity staffer for the                                                                                                                       Crater as the Columbia Memorial Sta-
House Appropria-                                                                                                                          tion in honor of the astronauts who died
tions Committee,                                                                                                                          in the tragic accident of the space shuttle
Subcommittee on                                                                                                                           Columbia Feb. 1, 2003. A memorial
                                                                                                                                          plaque to Columbia’s seven astronauts
VA HUD and In-                                                                                                                            and the STS-107 mission is located on
dependent Agen-                                                                                                                           the back of Spirit’s high-gain antenna.
cies       Michelle                                                                                                                       The aluminum plaque, which measures
Burkett visited                                                                                                                           approximately six inches in diameter,
NASA Ames.                          Estelle Condon (right) NASA Ames’ associate director for space programs                               was attached to the spacecraft in March
     They received                  and projects, provides an overview of Ames missions and capabilities to                               2003 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.
briefings on Ames’                  Michelle Burkett (left) and Mary D. Kerwin (center).                                                       Additional information about the
nanotechnology                                                                                                                            Mars Exploration Rover mission is avail-
and information technology programs and NASA Research Park. They took a                                                                   able at:
and activities, air traffic management small amount of time at the end of the
                                                                                             day to visit Ames’                                           BY   MICHAEL MEWHINNEY
                                                                                             new visitor center
                                                                                             in its present                                Editor’s Note: Because of the massive amount
                                                                                             configuration as                              of publicity the MER story generated, NASA
                                                                                             the Mars Center.                              Ames public affairs officer Mike Mewhinney,
                                                                                                   Kerwin and                              along with public affairs officers from NASA
                                                                                             Burkett stopped                               Headquarters and other field centers,
                                                                                             over at Ames on                               provided media relations support to the JPL
                                                                                             their way back to                             newsroom staff. He said it was an exciting
                                                                                             Washington, D.C.,                             experience and one that he won’t soon
                                                                                             following their                               forget. Although he said there were many
                                                                                             visit to JPL for the                          memorable moments during the four-day
                                                                                             landing of the                                trip, perhaps one that stands out occurred on
                                                                                             ‘Spirit’ rover on                             Saturday, Jan. 3, after Spirit touched down
                                                                                             Jan. 3 as part of                             on Mars. “One of the jubilant JPL scientists
                                                                                                                                           began dancing with his wife around the
                                                                                             NASA’s very suc-
                                                                                                                                           newsroom in celebration of the remarkable
                                                                                             cessful Mars Ex-                              achievement,” he recalled. “ It was pure joy.
    David Morse, Ames’ public affairs director, points out the MER landing sites             ploration Rover                               People were cheering and hugging each
    and other martian features on a Mars topographic globe to Kerwin and Burkett             mission.                                      other and applauding the historic moment.
    during their recent visit to the new Ames Mars Center.
                                                                                                                                           Wow – what a night that was!”

Bush lays out bold new space vision
continued from page 2
complishments of the space program,                          -- roughly the distance from Washing-                                        studying the president’s program very
Bush cited a number of major accom-                          ton, D.C. to Boston, Massachusetts.                                          carefully to determine how best we can
plishments. “Telescopes -- including                         America has not developed a new ve-                                          help in achieving the president's goals,”
those in space -- have revealed more                         hicle to advance human exploration in                                        Hubbard said.
than 100 planets in the last decade alone.                   space in nearly a quarter century. It is                                          “NASA Ames conducts vital R&D
Probes have shown us stunning images                         time for America to take the next steps.”                                    on the convergence of biotechnology,
of the rings of Saturn and the outer                              NASA Ames Research Center Di-                                           nanotechnology and information tech-
planets of our solar system. Robotic ex-                     rector G. Scott Hubbard welcomed the                                         nology; pursues astrobiology research
plorers have found evidence of water --                      president’s new vision, vowing that                                          on the origins and evolution of life in the
a key ingredient for life -- on Mars and                     NASA Ames will play a key role in                                            solar system; and is home to critical
on the moons of Jupiter. At this very                        helping meet the president’s goals.                                          testing facilities like the arc jets for de-
hour, the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit                           “NASA Ames Research Center is                                           veloping advanced thermal protection
is searching for evidence of life beyond                     extremely excited about the president's                                      materials. Our hope and expectation is
the Earth.                                                   new national space vision and associ-                                        that NASA Ames will play a significant
     Yet for all these successes, much                       ated space exploration objectives for our                                    role in pursuing the vision and space
remains for us to explore and to learn. In                   agency. At NASA Ames, we conduct                                             exploration program that the president
the past 30 years, no human being has                        world-class research and technology                                          has articulated today,” Hubbard con-
set foot on another world, or ventured                       development in support of all NASA                                           cluded.
farther upward into space than 386 miles                     exploration missions. So we will be                                                          BY   MIICHAEL MEWHINNEY

Astrogram                                                                       5                                                                                           January 2004
Aero Expo IV inspires young visitors to NASA Ames
    ‘Aero Expo IV: A Morning with the               craft ramp between

                                                                                                                                                             NASA photos by Tom Trower
Wright Brothers at NASA Ames’ was                   Hangar 1 and Build-
held in December as part of the ‘Centen-            ing 158. Aero Village
nial of Flight’ celebration. The NASA               encompassed over
Ames Education Office hosted Aero                   10,000 square feet of

                                                                               Ames’ aircraft on static display attract youthful visitors.

 A reenactment of the Wright Brother’s conversations was performed
 during the Aero Expo IV event held in December.

Expo IV. This year's event brought in               tented exhibit space
over 4,000 5th-8th grade students, teach-           featuring a 1903
ers and escorts to Ames for three days,             Wright Flyer replica
as part of this final centennial celebra-           and numerous stu-
tion at the center.                                 dent activities. Adja-

                                                                                  Students view a replica of the Wright Flyer at Aero Expo IV.

                                                                                                                                   A visiting student
                                                                                                                                   experiences the virtual
                                                                                                                                   hang glider at the
                                                                                                                                   recent Aero Expo IV.
                                                                                                                                   Over 4,000 fifth
                                                                                                                                   through eighth graders
  Some of the 4,000 school children who visited Ames during the recent                                                             enjoyed the centenial
  Aero Expo enjoy a range of interactive exhibits and experiences.                                                                 of flight celebration
                                                                                                                                   hosted by NASA Ames.

     Students began their adventure in              cent to the village were
the Ames auditorium to experience a re-             more than 20 aircraft
enactment of Orville and Wilbur                     on static display, in-
Wright's conversations leading to the               cluding aircraft from
first successfully powered heavier-than-            general aviation, the
air flying machine. Running concur-                 military and NASA.
rently was the Aero Village on the air-

Astrogram                                                                6                                                                     January 2004
NASA, Carnegie Mellon make personal robots possible
     As NASA's twin robot geologists                understand why it’s important for the          with cameras mounted on a custom-
'Spirit' and 'Opportunity' were prepar-             rovers to be smart.”                           designed head that can create a pan-
ing to land on Mars this month, a cadre                   “The Personal Exploration Rover is       oramic or 360-degree image. It also can
of 20 smart rovers was deployed at some             part of a larger project to develop low-       detect obstacles using an optical
of the nation’s most prestigious science            cost robotic devices that can be used in       rangefinder.
museums to let visitors experience the              education, science museums and the                  Carnegie Mellon and NASA re-
thrill of exploring the red planet.                 home,” said Daniel Clancy, director of         searchers have designed educational
     Developed by researchers at                    information sciences and technology at         materials and ongoing support for the
Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) with               NASA Ames. “In future holiday sea-             six-month-long exhibits that feature the
                                                                             sons, you will be     rovers. “The gender gap closes when
                                                                             able to bring one     you use robots,” Nourbakhsh said.
                                                                             of these home for          The PER project is funded as part of
                                                                             your kids. The        a four-year grant from NASA to de-
                                                                             robot will be able    velop educational robots. It is supported
                                                                             to move around        through the NASA Ames Intelligent
                                                                             your house, take      Systems Program and Intel. The PERs
                                                                             pictures, interact    are powered by Intel ® Xscale ® technol-
                                                                             with your dog         ogy using the Intel ® PXA255 proces-
                                                                             and do other          sors, which provide high system perfor-
                                                                             tasks. It’s really    mance and low power consumption. The
                                                                             about the whole       rovers run the Linux operating system
                                                                             creative process      and are programmed in Java.
                                                                             and exploring              For more information about CMU’s
                                                                             how you can           personal rover project, see http://www-
                                                                             program a de-
                                                                             vice to do inter-          For more information about NASA’s
                                                                             esting tasks,” he     Mars Exploration project, see http://
                                                                                  The Mars
                                                                             Exploration                         BY   MICHAEL MEWHINNEY
  NASA and Carnegie Mellon’s ‘Personal Exploration Rover.’
                                                                             Rover (MER)
                                                                             mission is part of
support from NASA and Intel Corp., NASA's Mars Exploration Program, a
the Personal Exploration Rovers (PERs) long-term effort of robotic exploration
will reside in a ‘Mars yard,’ specially of the red planet. The current mission is
designed to mimic martian terrain at the to search for clues to past water activity
                                                                                                    Acquisition deputy
new visitor center at NASA Ames.                    on Mars. The spacecraft are targeted to         La Follette retires
     The new rovers also will be deployed appropriate sites on opposite sides of
in Mars yards at the San Francisco the planet. The rovers they carry will                                 After 36 years of government
Exploratorium; the Smithsonian’s Air drive to promising locations to perform                         service, Carolyn S. La Follette,
and Space Museum in Washington and on-site geological investigations over the                        (acting) deputy chief of the acqui-
its new Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles course of their 90-day missions.                                 sition division and deputy procure-
International Airport; and the National                   While Spirit and Opportunity are           ment officer, is retiring.
Science Center in Augusta, Ga. The first looking for water history, museum visi-                          A reception will be held in her
exhibit opened at NASA Ames in De- tors interacting with the PERs will be                            honor on Jan. 22 at the NASA Ames
cember; the others later this month.                able to search the Mars yards’ rocky             Conference Center ballroom, from
     “With the Personal Exploration landscapes for organo-fluorescent evi-                           2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Cost per per-
Rover, students can learn how robots dence of life.
                                                                                                     son is $15, which will include bev-
interact with the world and see for them-                 While each museum’s exhibit is
selves how the future might look as we unique, they all contain one or more                          erages, hors d'oeuvres and a gift.
have more and more robots helping us Mars yards populated by rovers. The                                  If you wish to attend, contact
in our everyday life,” said Ames Center identical rovers are 1.2 feet tall, weigh 10                 Grace Ann Weiler at ext. 4-5800 or
Director G. Scott Hubbard.                          pounds and can move 1.6 inches per               Mary Valdez at ext. 4-5819.
     “Our goal is to excite and inspire second. They have mobility systems
kids about science and technology and similar to those of Spirit and Opportu-
educate people about the role of rovers nity.
and rover autonomy in doing space sci-                    Visiting 'mission scientists' will ac-
ence,” said project director Illah cess the PERs through a kiosk, and then
Nourbakhsh, associate professor of ro- partner with a rover as it moves through
botics at Carnegie Mellon’s School of the yard, scanning rocks and soil to find
Computer Science. “We want people to signs of life. The rovers are equipped

Astrogram                                                               7                                                        January 2004
Hubbard addresses progress, changes at NASA Ames
    During an upbeat, wide-ranging all-              be updated annually, will be distributed             is our top priority, the safety
hands meeting, NASA Ames Director                    to Ames employees later this month.                  programs are scattered, and
G. Scott Hubbard recently brought em-                The Ames implementation plan ties the                management sends mixed
                                                                            center's research             messages.
                                                                            and projects back           "We will take action on these sug-
                                                                            to the NASA mis-       gestions right away," Hubbard assured
                                                                            sion and strategic     employees. "This is what you have told
                                                                            plan. It "describes    us," he added. Now the question is, "Can
                                                                             our capabilities      senior management deliver?" The next
                                                                             and talks about       step is already under way – the creation
                                                                             everything we are     of a Strategic Research Council, led by
                                                                             doing, from nano-     Steve Zornetzer, and providing strate-
                                                                             science to super-     gic management training for middle
                                                                             computing,"           managers. Hubbard noted that the top
                                                                             Hubbard said. "I      priority is working on areas where im-
                                                                            urge you all to        provements can be accomplished
                                                                            read" the Ames         quickly. Management plans to clarify by
                                                                            implementation         early January those concerns not yet
                                                                            plan. Finally, these   fully understood, then establish appro-
                                                                            elements are in-       priate action teams to address solutions.
                                                                            cluded in each              The third and final topic Hubbard
                                                                            employee's per-        addressed was his reorganization of the
                                                                            formance plans for     center's management structure. He be-
                                                  NASA photo by Tom Trower  the fiscal year.       gan by outlining the broad responsibili-
   Ames Center Director G. Scott Hubbard responds to questions from the          Hubbard then      ties of the center's top management offi-
   audience during the recent all-hands meeting at NASA Ames.               discussed Ames         cials. Allen Flynt, deputy director, has
                                                                            employee input         an "exceptional ability to grasp what's
                                                                            resulting from         going on" and serves as the center's chief
ployees up to date on the status of recent November's Safety and Mission Success                   operating officer. Zornetzer chairs the
strategic management and strategic Week, during which all employees were                           Strategic Research Council and over-
planning initiatives. He also discussed encouraged to read the report from the                     sees the center's research programs.
feedback from November's Safety and Columbia Accident Investigation Board                          Estelle Condon is responsible for re-
Mission Success Week, and announced and determine how to apply the report's                        viewing projects and the SOFIA pro-
several changes in the center's organiza- messages to their own areas of work.                     gram. Peter Friedland was recently ap-
tional structure.                                    Among the items submitted by Ames             pointed assistant director for technol-
     Hubbard began by noting that in a employees were:                                             ogy.
summer 2002 survey of federal employ-                    • Employees feel the CAIB                      As part of the reorganization,
ees, Ames received high marks except in                     report does apply to everyone.         Hubbard reduced the number of staff
the areas of pay and compensation, and                   • There is too little emphasis            offices from 21 to five. Staff offices now
strategic management and strategic                           on developing current and             include the Ames Legal Office, Equal
planning. He then explained the five                         future leaders. Failure should        Opportunity Programs Office, SOFIA,
elements of the agency's strategic plan-                     be an option as we try new            the NASA Astrobiology Institute, and
ning process, beginning with the                            things.                                the Nanotechnology Center. The goal,
President's Management Agenda, which                     • We don't think strategically.           he explained, is "to get the work, coordi-
outlines the Bush administration's strat-                • Do we have sufficient resources         nation and management done at the
egy for improving the management and                        to do the job?                         lowest level possible."
performance of the federal government.                   • Do we emphasize process                      The Federal Aviation Administ-
Next, the NASA strategic plan expands                        over content?                         ration's liaison office is now part of the
on the agency's vision and mission state-                • We lack a formal and                    Aerospace Directorate (Code A). A new
ments, and lays out on a high level how                     effective way to facilitate the        directorate, Code E, includes all the
the missions will be carried out.                           flow of information up and             groups that deal with external audiences:
     Below the agency's strategic plan                      down the management chain.             Public Affairs (DX), Development (DT),
are the strategies for each of the seven                 • The contractor/civil servant            Technology Partnerships (DK) and the
NASA enterprises (Earth science, space                      relationship exacerbates the           History Office (DH). Michael Marlaire
flight, aerospace technology, space sci-                    communication problems.                will lead the new External Relations and
ence, education, safety and mission as-                  • The agency should devote                Development Office. The goal in estab-
surance, biological and physical re-                        greater resources to facilitate        lishing this new directorate is to "achieve
search). At the field center level, the                     learning, and place more value         greater coordination and a unified mes-
Ames implementation plan reflects what                      on questioning decisions.              sage," Hubbard said.
this center plans to do during the next                  • In the field of safety, people               Another new directorate, the Project
three years. This document, which will                      feel that although we say safety
                                                                                                                          continued on page 16

Astrogram                                                               8                                                         January 2004
Ames opens interactive Mars center
continued from page 3
turned out in force at the morning event.      people have vis-
All major local television and print me-       ited the Mars Cen-
dia attended, including television chan-       ter in its first 10
nels 2,4, 5,7 and 11. All ran stories on the   days of operation.
evening news.                                       Exhibits in-
    Prior to the opening, Scott Hubbard        clude a Mars
did preview interviews on KCBS and             immersive theater,
                                               where visitors can
                                               see live transmis-
                                               sions of the Mars
                                               Exploration Rover
                                               landings from mis-
                                               sion control at JPL,
                                               a Mars meteorite
                                               sample a piece of
                                               the Ames-devel-
                                               oped thermal pro- A young visitor checks out the video screen display in the kids’
                                               tection system, and interactive learning room at the Ames Mars Center.
                                               a children's room
                                               where children as young as three can
                                               take part in exploring Mars.
                                                    The Personal Exploration Rover
                                               (PER), developed at Carnegie Mellon
                                               University, with support from NASA
                                               and Intel Corp., resides in an interactive
                                               "Mars yard", which mimics martian ter-

  Center Director G. Scott Hubbard is
  interviewed by Channel 7 news during the
  opening ceremony of the new Ames Mars
  center on Dec. 29, 2003.

KGO ‘commute’ radio. Feature stories
about the Mars Center opening also ap-
peared in the San Francisco Chronicle
and San Jose Mercury News , on Dec. 29            David Des Marais speaks during the recent
and Dec. 30, respectively.                        Ames Mars Center opening ceremony.
     The morning ceremony was fol-
lowed by the public's first chance to          rain. Visitors can 'drive' the 1.2 foot-tall
visit. Approximately 300 enthusiastic          rover, which can move at 1.6 inches per
adults, excited children and interested        second, on a simulated Mars mision. Its            The Personal Exploration Rover at the Ames
teachers 'oohed and aahed' over inter-         mobility systems are similar to those of           Mars Center is drawing plenty of interest.
active exhibits featuring Mars, the Mars       rovers Spirit and Opportunity.
Exploration Rover missions and NASA                 The Mars Center will feature a se-          terpreting data from the rover's pan-
Ames' scientific and engineering sup-          ries of family nights and star-gazing            oramic camera and Microscopic Imager,
port roles in missions to the red planet.      parties. The first family night, which           which takes high-resolution close-ups
     In the evening, undeterred by the         was held on Jan. 7 attracted about 350           of Mars rocks and soils. Sims provides
rain, about 300 VIPs attended an hors          people. A series of lectures with NASA           robotics and intelligent software exper-
d’oeuvres reception.                           Ames Mars experts will begin in Febru-           tise for the mission.
     The goal of the Mars Center, located      ary.                                                  For more information about the
in the large white tent that formerly               Shortly after the opening, Mars sci-        Mars Center, visit              http://
housed Space Camp California, is to            entists Cabrol Des Marais and Michael         For information
familiarize adults and children with cur-      Sims, left for JPL to join the mission and       about the Mars Exploration Rovers, visit
rent information about Mars, provide           science operations teams.              
live coverage transmitted from NASA's               Des Marais is lead of the MER work-
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasa-         ing group's long-term planning team,
dena, Calif., about the Mars Exploration       coordinating the rover's day-to-day op-                                BY   KATHLEEN BURTON
Rovers' missions, and share ongoing re-        erations with mission objectives. Cabrol
search about future Mars missions.             serves in the rover's geology group, in-
     Since the opening, over 12,000

Astrogram                                                             9                                                             January 2004
Over $13,000 awarded to Ames software team
     The Space Act Award program,

                                                                                                                                                                   NASA photo by Dominic Hart
which is coordinated through the Ames
Technology Partnerships Office (Code
EP) is designed to provide official recog-
nition of those inventions and other sci-
entific and technical contributions that
have helped to achieve NASA's aero-
nautical, commercialization and space
goals and to encourage the creation and
reporting of future innovations. The
Inventions and Contributions Board
(ICB) funded by NASA Headquarters is
authorized to recommend the granting
of these monetary awards to civil ser-
vants, contractors and other partners.
     The SemanticOrganizer team
recently received recognition in the form             The SemanticOrganizer team members, above, recently received Space Act Award recognition.
of a Space Act award for its work.                    Seated from left to right: Robert Carvalho, Shawn Wolfe, Rich Keller, Ian Sturken and Dan
SemanticOrganizer is a Web-based, col-                Berrios. Standing from left to right: Eva Chen (representing James Chen), Deepak Kulkarni, David
laborative knowledge-management and                   Nishikawa, Kim Hubbard, James Williams, Sergey Yentus, Michael Compton, Dennis Heher,
information-structuring tool that sup-                David Hall, Linda Timucin and Ames Deputy Center Director Allen Flynt. Members of the team
ports the collaborative work processes                not available for the photo: Brad Bebout, Ling-Jen Chiang, Satyam Dave, Yuri Gawdiak, Jon
of distributed project teams. It com-                 Guice Hagstrom, Larry Kiser, Tina Panontin, Stephen Rich and Keith Swanson.
bines the functionality of a database,
a document-sharing system, a                      can be easily customized to match the                                     more information, visit the Web at:
hypermedia information space, and                 specific information storage and retrieval                      
a semantic network into a system that             needs of different user communities. For                                  scidesk/

                                                                                                                            Protective Service’s
  Contractor council awards given                                                                                           monthly activity
                                                                                               NASA photo by Dominic Hart

                                                                                                                                 A statistical summary of activities
                                                                                                                            of the Protective Services Division's Se-
                                                                                                                            curity/Law Enforcement and Fire Pro-
                                                                                                                            tection Services units for the month of
                                                                                                                            December 2003 is shown below.

                                                                                                                                Security/Law Enforcement Activity

    Contract awards were presented recently to Intrinsyx Technologies SSBRP SW and Delta
    Systems Team. Deputy Center Director Allen Flynt (far left) presented the awards.
                                                                                                                                     Fire Protection Activity

      In December, the Ames Contrac-              contributions to the center's mission
  tor Council (ACC) held its 14th an-             during fiscal year 2003.
  nual Contractor Excellence Awards                   The council was established in
  ceremony. The council's NASA co-                1987 as a contractor-government fo-
  chair, Deputy Center Director Allen             rum to address common problems
  Flynt, joined contractor co-chair Anita         and increase contractors' ability to
  Fogtman in honoring both individu-              respond to the center's changing
  als and teams for their outstanding             needs.

Astrogram                                                                 10                                                                              January 2004
Ames celebrates 100 years of powered flight
    On Dec. 17, 2003, the anniversary of                      Fortunately, 'every cloud has a sil-      ter break from school to perform the
the first powered flight, the president,                ver lining.' The failure to fly only height-    tests.
                                                                                   ened the respect
                                                                                   that     modern
                                                                                   aerospace engi-
                                                                                   neers and the
                                                                                   public have for
                                                                                   the skill and in-
                                                                                   genuity of the
                                                                                        At NASA
                                                                                                         Fluorescent dye flows over a 1901 Wright Flyer
                                                                                   Ames' Fluid Me-       glider model in the NASA Ames Fluid Mechanics
                                                                                   chanics Labora-       Lab’s water channel.
                                                                                   tory (FML), as
                                                                                   part of the               'It was an amazing opportunity for
                                                                                   Wright Again         me to learn about engineering in the real
                                                                                   project, the cul-    world using the ideas and concepts I've
                                                                                   minating tests       learned about in school," said Stavros.
                                                                                   were being per-      "The staff and engineers of the Fluid
                                                                                   formed to recre-     Mechanics Lab were great; they were
                                                                                   ate the methods      always ready to help if I had any ques-
                                                                                   the Wrights used     tions," she added.
                                                                                   to engineer the           Stavros conducted tests in the lab's
                                                                                   1903 Flyer.          2-foot by 2-foot low-speed wind tunnel
                                                                                        "Wright         to collect lift and drag measurement on
                                                                                   Again is a recre-    a 1903 Wright Flyer model. The results
                                                                                   ation of the         will be compared to data gathered by
                                                                                   Wright Brothers'     the Wrights and added to the Wright
                                                                                   activities be-       Again project’s Web site.
                                                                                   tween 1899 and            Stavros hopes to return to Ames in
                                                                                   1903, and this       the summer to continue the 'real world'
   Kristi Stavros, aeronautical engineering student at Cal Poly, works on a 1903
   Wright Flyer model in the 2-foot-by-2-foot slow-speed wind tunnel.
                                                                                   also includes rec-   engineering experience.
                                                                                   reating some of           The Wright Again project and engi-
                                                                                   their wind tun-      neers at the FML hope that positive ex-
                                                        nel tests conducted in 1901," said Dr.          periences like this will inspire her and
aviation dignitaries from around the Jani Pallis, principal investigator for the                        others to become the aerospace innova-
world and the public gathered at a rain- Wright Again project.                                          tors for the next century of powered
soaked Kill Devil Hills, N.C., to witness                     The project seeks to help students        flight.
a reenactment of the Wright Brothers' understand the engineering principles                                  "Having Kristi here to perform the
famous flight. Unfortunately, the rep- used by the Wrights and modern engi-                             culminating test for the Wright Again
lica flyer never made it off the ground. neers by using special activities includ-                      project is one effort to fulfill NASA’s
                                                                                  ing entries from      mission of inspiring the next genera-
                                                                                  the Wrights' en-      tion," said Dr Rabi Mehta of the Fluid
                                                                                  gineering jour-       Mechanics Lab.
                                                                                  nals and testing           The Wright Again project is a part-
                                                                                  of the actual air-    nership between Cislunar Aerospace,
                                                                                  foils used by the     San Francisco, and The Franklin Insti-
                                                                                  Wrights to de-        tute Science Museum, Philadelphia, and
                                                                                  sign their 1903       is sponsored by the Natinal Business
                                                                                  Flyer.                Aviation Association, Washington, DC,
                                                                                       In step with     with generous support by NASA Ames'
                                                                                  the project's mis-    Fluid Mechanics Laboratory.
                                                                                  sion, conducting           For more information about the
                                                                                  the test was Kristi   Wright Again project, visit: http://
                                                                                  Stavros, a junior
                                                                                  aeronautical ma-           For images and a related news re-
                                                    NASA photo by Tom Trower      jor at California     lease about the Wright Again project,
  The Ames Exchange provided cake for Ames employees in celebration of the        Polytechnic, San      visit:
  100th Anniversary of Flight and the first day of the second hundred years of    Luis Obispo.          releases/2002/02_120AR.html
  flight on Dec. 18 in the Ames Mega Bytes café. Ames historian Jack Boyd,        Stavros spent
  front center, is seen here with the Ames Mega Bytes café staff.                 part of her win-                                  BY JONAS   DINO

Astrogram                                                                  11                                                              January 2004
Art of Leadership Mastery program draws wide interest
   The Art of Leadership Mastery pro-                  plete four learning guides created spe- and improving performance coaching.
gram is an eight-month pilot program                   cifically for the Ames program. These                The ‘Mastery’ program, conceived
developed exclusively for NASA Ames                    reflection guides can be turned in at and designed before the CAIB issued its
                                                                               specific times for recommendations with regard to lead-
                                                                               feedback from ership development and management
                                                                               the program fa- training, speaks directly to the CAIB’s
                                                                               cilitator. The concerns of preparing managers for in-
                                                                               p a r t i c i p a n t s creased roles of responsibility within an
                                                                               have the consis- integrated approach to career develop-
                                                                               tency of the same ment. ‘Mastery’ was created with the
                                                                               facilitator each intention of developing a more inten-
                                                                               month.                  tional and integrated development pro-
                                                                                    The other cess for Ames’ current and future lead-
                                                                               distinguishing ers. Program courses were designed with
                                                                               aspect of ‘Mas- the intent to achieve leader readiness,
                                                                               tery’ is the ‘open enable participants to build long-term
                                                                               program’ - de- partnerships with colleagues, provide a
                                                                               signed with the curriculum that allows for flexibility and
                                                                               remaining civil just-in-time training – all the while
   ‘Art of Leadership Mastery’ facilitator Scott Coady and Kanu Kogod, his     servant popula- complementing and being in concert
   collaborator, pose with the program logo.                                   tion in mind. It with other NASA development pro-
                                                                               is ‘open’ in that grams, including the NASA Leadership
                                                                               an employee is Development Program. ‘Mastery’ is in
and is a lynchpin to LIFE@Ames - ‘Lead- not required (although certainly encour- alignment with NASA’s current initia-
ers Investing for Excellence’ – Ames’ aged) to take more than one course in tive to increase the agency’s internal
integrated approach to leadership de- the program. Although the initial two- coaching capacity -- strengthening the
velopment and management training. day foundations course is prerequisite ability of managers to coach their em-
The underlying principle of the ‘Mas- for taking other courses in the program, ployees as well as providing executive
tery’ program (which began in Septem- any civil servant
ber with its cohort program) is that lead- may sign-up for a
ers bring the future into being through particular course
people. The Art of Leadership Mastery during the year. The
program provides both the hard and ‘open’ program also
soft skills required to enable a program serves as a way for
participant to achieve the next level in those in the cohort
his or her leadership development. The program to make up
coursework for ‘Mastery’ includes ex- absences due to un-
periential and action learning, individual expected events
exercises, and group learning.                         (travel, illness, etc).
     There are two concurrent and                           It should be
complementary aspects of the Mastery noted that although
program that distinguish it from past skill building is one
Ames’ leadership programs. One as- aspect of the ‘Mas-
pect is the cohort program, which is tery’ program, its
targeted for high performing leaders main focus is devel-
and those with strong leadership poten- oping people as
tial who are GS level 13 through 15. leaders. The cohort
Applicants to this program have also program courses
committed themselves to all course work are organized into
(10 days over 8 months – the dates pre- three levels and in-                       Scott Coady with the cohort group at one of their sessions this fall.
viously secured), obtained the commit- clude sequential
ment of their immediate supervisor to cascading prerequi-
attend all the courses and demonstrated sites. Following a two-day foundational coaching for executive management.
personal commitment to grow as lead- course, level two courses focus on self, Ames is utilizing the same resources in
ers. In addition, applicants were asked team, and vision and include skill build- the ‘Mastery’ program as NASA is using
by the representative of the Ames train- ing in the areas of basic communication, in rolling out its initiative. Currently,
ing group to articulate their personal envisioning and moving powerfully to- the Newfield Group is training Jane
reasons for participating as well as their ward the future, effective teaming, and Babicz and the author of the Human
expected personal outcomes. Twenty- leadership and emotional intelligence. Resources group (as well as others across
two cohort participants meet each month Level three courses focus on ‘taking it to the agency) for certification as business
for eight months in course work – and others’ and include coursework in the coaches. The two eventually hope to be
also keep in contact between sessions in areas of collaboration, giving and re- certified by the International Coaching
outside group work and support. Co- ceiving feedback, coaching, leading and Federation.
hort participants have recommended managing change, dealing with diffi-
reading as well as the option to com- cult people, mobilizing others to action,                                                   continued on next page

Astrogram                                                                 12                                                              January 2004
Good neighbor, safety training and teamwork save toddler
     A sense of community, teamwork          line through SOLAR (NASA Site for On-        has a responsibility for his/her own
and the importance of safety training at     line Learning and Resources) or through      health and safety, these courses help us
NASA Ames all came to the front when         classroom attendance. The courses meet       to take care of ourselves, both on and off
Lou Hammett, an administrative sup-          the requirements of OSHA (Occupa-            the job. We all live and work in a "more
port assistant in Code JH, helped to save    tional Safety and Health Administra-         or less" hazardous environment. Driv-
life of a 2-year-old baby who was chok-      tion). Every NASA civil servant and most     ing our cars to work is a hazardous
ing on a piece of hot dog.                   support contractor staff participate in at   environment. Working with computers
     On a recent Thursday evening, while     least 2 required classes every year. The     can cause injuries so it is in our best
watching TV, Hammett’s 6-year-old            two classes required by the Ames Safety      interest to learn how to avoid hazards.
daughter Franshya heard their neigh-         Accountability Program are Building          The knowledge gained by employees
bor crying and calling for Hammett’s         Emergency Action Plans and Hazard            also helps NASA to be in compliance
husband, who was still at work at the        Communication. Many employees also           with Federal regulations.”
time. The neighbor was running to            choose to take CPR/AED, first aid, fire           Hammett’s husband, a Vietnam vet-
Hammett’s house with a 2-year-old girl       extinguisher training and many other         eran who has saved the lives of many
in her arms. Franshya ran to get             classes every year.                          people before, considers Hammett and
Hammett, who was in the laundry room.             “The student can gain important         his daughters to be his true heroes for
Hammett stopped what she was doing           knowledge from participation in these        saving the life of a baby. For this coura-
and rushed to help her neighbor. The         safety and health classes, which will        geous deed, the Council of Milpitas pre-
two houses are linked and separated by       help the student avoid accidents or un-      sented Hammett with a certificate of
a small fence. The neighbor handed           toward health exposures,” said Michael       commendation in December.
Hammett the child over the fence.            Hulet, who manages the CPR/first aid
     In the midst of panic and worry,                                                               BY   VERONIKA SOUKHOVITSKAYA
                                             training at Ames. “Since each person
which Hammett tried not to show to her
neighbor, she performed the Heimlich
maneuver on the baby, but it didn’t
work. Hammett then got her older
daughter Felice, 14, who was talking on
the phone, to help. She tilted the baby,
                                             Art of Leadership Mastery
while Felice patted the the baby on the
back. Hammett told her neighbor to call
                                             program draws wide interest
911, if this last attempt didn’t work,       continued from previous page
because the baby was starting to turn             In September 2002, the Ames pro-        officer Gail James and the author in-
blue and was foaming at the mouth.           gram manager for leadership develop-         vited Scott Coady to work with the
Fortunately, Hammett and Felice were         ment and management training, the            author to customize a program that best
able to remove the piece of hot dog that     author, contacted Howard Tokunaga,           fit Ames’ needs. From that meeting,
was obstructing the baby’s throat and        professor of industrial/organizational       ‘Mastery’ was born.
the baby was able to breathe freely again.   psychology at San Jose State University,          Designer and facilitator of ‘Mastery’
     “I was so happy that I was there at     regarding the possibility of working to-     is Scott Coady. Coady is also the co-
the time and was able to help the baby to    gether to conduct a needs assessment to      designer and co-leader of the
breathe on her own,” said Hammett.           identify and prioritize the training needs   groundbreaking and award-winning
“This has never happened to me before,       and desires of managers and supervi-         Leadership Alchemy Program currently
and I was very worried. But I didn’t         sors at Ames. Working in collaboration       in its third year at NASA’s Goddard
want to show it to Sonia [the neighbor],     with the author, Dr. Tokunaga and            Space Flight Center. The Newfield Net-
who was panicking and losing herself. I      graduate students in the SJSU Master of      work certified Coady as an executive
was truly happy when the baby was            Science Program in I/O Psychology con-       coach in 1992 and he was certified as a
ok.”                                         ducted eleven focus groups across the        ‘Master Somatic’ coach by the Strozzi
     Hammett said that this situation        different codes at Ames. Those attend-       Institute in 2002. He obtained an MBA
shows the importance of having basic         ing these voluntary focus groups gener-      from Pepperdine University.
safety training and safety skills.           ated desired training topics, described           The ‘Mastery’ cohort program cur-
Hammett emphasized that the safety           perceived barriers and obstacles to re-      rently enjoys full participation and is
training she received at NASA Ames           ceiving training, and provided sugges-       closed to additional participants. How-
supported her. At work she learned           tions on how the training function at        ever, the ‘Mastery’ open program is open
CPR, first aid skills, and how to stay       Ames may be improved. The informa-           to interested participants. There is, how-
calm and not panic. Thus, she was able       tion received provided much helpful          ever, a limit of 24 enrollees per class and
to act quickly and help the baby.            input for the concept and design of a        as of this writing, our January courses
     “You never know when your skills        development program that could meet          are full. Fill in and sign a training form,
might be useful. I didn’t expect this to     the needs of Ames’ managers and su-          ARC 301 course application, and mail it
happen that evening. I believe every-        pervisors in particular, and the Ames        to Janice Shook at M/S: 241-3.
body should have some safety train-          population in general.                            For more information about other
ing,” said Hammett.                               Cod JH Division Chief Dennis            program aspects of LIFE@Ames, feel
     There is a wide variety of safety       Cunningham’s concern had always been         free to contact the author at
training courses available to each em-       for an integrated approach to develop-       phone ext. 4-4684 or e-mail at
ployee at Ames. There are approxi-           ment. After reviewing many vendors 
mately 50 courses available, either on-      during the fall of 2002, Ames’ Training
                                                                                                                 BY   LEE HAYWARD

Astrogram                                                          13                                                     January 2004
   Ongoing Event Calendar                                                                                                    Environmental, Health and Safety Information
                                                                                                                        Forum, first Thursday of each month, 8:30 a.m. to
                                                                                                                        9:30 a.m., Bldg. 221/Rm 155. URL: http://
        Ames Amateur Radio Club, third Thursday of                Ames Diabetics (AAD), 1st & 3rd Weds, 12 noon to POC: Stacy St.
    each month, 12 noon, N-T28 (across from N-255).          1 p.m., at Ames Mega Bites, Sun room. Support group        Louis at ext. 4-6810.
    POC: Michael Wright, KG6BFK, at ext. 4-6262.             discusses news affecting diabetics. POC: Bob Mohlenhoff,
                                                             ext. 4-2523/e-mail at:            The Hispanic Advisory Committee for
        Ames Ballroom Dance Club. Classes on                                                                            Excellence HACE Mtg, first Thurs of month in N255
    Tuesdays. Beginning classes meet at 6:15 p.m.                Ames Federal Employees Union (AFEU) Mtg, third         room 101C from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. POC: Eric
    Higher-level class meets at 5:15 p.m. Held in Bldg.      Wednesday of ea. month, 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., Bldg. 221,      Kristich at ext. 4-5137 and Mark Leon at ext. 4-6498.
    944, the Rec. Center. POC: Helen Hwang,                  Rm 104. Guests welcome. Info at:
                                                             POC: Marianne Mosher, ext. 4-4055.                              Jetstream Toastmasters, Mondays, 12 p.m. to 1, 4-1368.
                                                                                                                        p.m., N-269/Rm.179. POC: Becky Brondos at ext. 4-
        Ames Bowling League, Palo Alto Bowl on                     Ames Mac Support Group Mtg, third Tuesday of ea.     1959, or Bob Hilton at
    Tuesday nights. Seeking full-time bowlers and            month, 11:30 1 p.m., Bldg. N262, Rm 180. POC:       ext. 4-1783,
    substitutes. Questions to sign up: Mike Liu at ext. 4-   Julie ext. 4-4694 or Tony ext. 4-0340.
                                                                                                                             Nat'l Association of Retired Federal Employees,
    1132.                                                         Ames Model Aircraft Club, flying radio-controlled     (NARFE). Former and current federal employees. Your
        Ames Child Care Center Board of Directors            aircraft at the north end of Parsons Ave. on weekend       only contact with Congress. Join to protect your
    Mtg, every other Thursday (check Web site for            mornings. POC: Mark Sumich, ext. 4-6193.                   federal retirement. Chptr #50 meets the first Fri. of
    meeting dates:, 12 noon to           Ames Sailing Club Mtg, second Thursday of ea.        each month at HomeTown Buffet, 2670 El Camino (at
    1:30 p.m., N-210, Rm. 205. POC: Cheryl Quinn, ext 4-     month (Feb through Nov), from 11.30 a.m. -1 p.m. in the    Kiely), S. Clara, 11 a.m. lunch. POC Earl Keener (408)
    5793.                                                    special events room in the Ames Visitor Center in N-223.   241-4459 or NARFE 1-800-627-3394.
        Ames Contractor Council Mtg, first Wednesday         All are welcome. POC: Jeff Smith, ext. 4-2586.                  Native American Advisory Committee Mtg,
    each month, 11 a.m., N-200, Comm. Rm. POC: Anita                                                                    fourth Tues each month, 12 noon to 1 p.m., Bldg. 19,
    Fogtman, ext. 4-4432.                                                                                               Rm 1096. POC: Mike Liu at ext. 4-1132.

  Mancini retires from Ames                                                                                             Astronomy lecture
       Ronald Mancini has retired from
  NASA after over 30 years of service.
                                                             branch from 1994-97 and a deputy                           series presents
                                                             division chief from 1997 to 2002.
  Mancini was the acting division chief                            A catered reception will be held
  of Systems Engineering (Code FE), a                                                                                        Dr. Eugene Chiang of the Uni-
                                                             on Jan. 21, 2004, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00
  position he had held since March 2002.                                                                                 versity of California at Berkeley will
                                                             p.m., at the NASA Ames Conference
  He was involved with a variety of                                                                                      give a non-technical illustrated talk
                                                             Center ballroom. A wide variety of
  research projects at Ames, including                                                                                   about ‘The Search for Planet X: Ex-
                                                             hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will
  the SOFIA project, the Vertical Motion                                                                                 ploring the Solar System Beyond
                                                             be served. Cost per person is $15,
  Simulator, responsibility for the de-                                                                                  Neptune.’
                                                             which includes food, beverages and a
  velopment of the first Ames life sci-                                                                                      Date: Feb. 11
  ence hardware that flew on the shuttle                                                                                     Time: 7 p.m.
                                                                   If you would like to attend this
  in 1982 on STS-3 and the Plant Growth                                                                                      Place: The Smithwick Theater,
                                                             event, contact Merle Simbe, Building
  Unit. He was the chief of the Mechani-                                                                                             at Foothill College,
                                                             N-200, Room 111 or at ext. 4-6315.
  cal Systems and Controls Engineering                                                                                               El Monte Road
                                                                                                                                       and Freeway 280,
                                                                                                                                     Los Altos Hills

                                                                                                                             The event is free and open to the
                                                                                                                         public. Parking on campus costs $2.
Former operations                                                                                                        Call the series hotline at (650) 949-
                                                                                                                         7888 for more information.
specialist dies                                                Ames Retirements                                              The event is co-sponsored by
                                                                                                                         NASA Ames, the Foothill College
     Johnnie Owen Coleman passed                                Name:                          Code:      Date:          astronomy program, the SETI Insti-
away on Nov. 30, 2003 at his home in                            Daniel P. Bencze               AP         10-31-03       tute and the Astronomical Society of
Carlsbad, Calif.                                                Kenneth L. Warsh               DL         12-30-03       the Pacific.
     Coleman served as a corpsman in                            K. C. Shih                     ARH        1-02-04            Chiang will discuss how new dis-
the U.S. Navy during the Korean War.                            Marianne Silva                 CR         1-02-04        coveries are revealing an array of
In 1990, after an additional 32 years of                        Ronald E. Mancini              FE         1-02-04        interesting new objects -- including
U.S. government service, he retired from                        Jose Rustia                    FM         1-02-04        several mini-planets -- at the out-
the position of facilities operations spe-                      Carolyn S. Lafollette          JA         1-02-04        skirts of our planetary system.
cialist for the Space Research Director-                        Barbara J. Young               JAC        1-02-04
ate at Ames.                                                    Scott Maa                      SFD        1-02-04
     He is survived by his wife of 50                           K. C. Tsui                     FEE        1-31-04
years, Joyce, his five children, seven
grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Astrogram                                                                               14                                                                        January 2004
Ames Classifieds                                                                                                             Exchange Information
     Ads for the next issue should be sent to                        For sale: Lake Shasta houseboat, 42' with necessary         Information about products, services and and must be resubmitted for        permit. Two bedroom one bath. Two four cycle engines -        opportunities provided to the employee and contractor
each issue. Ads must involve personal needs or items; (no      - for clean environment -- outboards. Fero-concrete hulls,    community by the Ames Exchange Council. Visit the
commercial/third-party ads) and will run on a space-           for no maintenance or rust. Vinyl siding. Call (650) 968-     web site at:
available basis only. First-time ads are given priority. Ads   4155 or e-mail
must include home phone numbers; Ames extensions and
email addresses will be accepted for carpool and lost and
                                                                    Baby items, all very good-excellent condition:           Beyond Galileo N-235 (8 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
                                                               Emmaljunga stroller/pram/bassinet, blue/white, $150; Pali     ext. 4-6873
found ads only. Due to the volume of material received,
                                                               crib, $95; Simmons crib mattress, $20; Dutalier glider/
we are unable to verify the accuracy of the statements                                                                           Ask about NASA customized gifts for special
                                                               rocker, $225; footrest, $15; Peg Perego Prima Papa high
made in the ads. Caveat emptor!                                                                                              occasions. Make your reservations for Chase Park
                                                               chair, white/blue, $60; Right Start baby jogger, $50; Graco
                                                               baby jumper, $15; Exersaucer, $20. Call (408) 356-2156.       Mega Bites N-235 (6 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
Housing                                                             Looking for lawn mower and tiller. Email:                ext. 4-5969
                                                                                             See daily menu at:
      For rent: 3bd/2ba house. $1,900/mo includes,
refrigerator, gardener, wooddeck w/ picnic tabl, vaulted
ceilings w/ skylghts, fruit trees and planter boxes, electrc                                                                 Mars Center Gift Shop N-943
washr/dry hookups (w/d not included), Moreland schools.
Two car garage w/auto. dr opnr, great neighbors, quiet         Lost and Found                                                (10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) ext. 4-5412
                                                                                                                                 NASA logo merchandise, souvenirs, toys, gifts and
neighbrhd and convenient to malls. Utilities not included.          Wedding ring in the N202/N233 parking lot in             educational items.
No pets, non-smoker preferred. Keith or Veronica (408)         November/December 2003 time frame. Contact Betsy
445-8437 for information.                                      Robinson ext. 4-3360 or e-mail her at:                        Tickets, etc...(N-235, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
     For rent: Large 2 bd/1-1/2 ba apt. in 4-plex with to claim.
                                                                                                                             ext. 4-6873
wireless Internet access included. Sunnyvale, close to
                                                                                                                                  Check web site for discounts to local attractions,
Ames. $1,150/mo. N/S. Call (408) 739-3303. For details
                                                                                                                    and click on tickets.
     For rent: 5 min. from Ames. 1 bd condo, 840 sqft.                                                                       NASA Lodge (N-19) 603-7100
Fireplace, view, tile floors, free laundry. $975/mo.                                                                             Open 7 days a week, 7:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. Rates
Available 2/15/04. Mike (650) 961-8162.                                                                                      from $40 - $50.
     House for rent in San José,11 miles from Ames. 3bd/
2ba, not furnished. Huge back yard, pets ok, $1,600/mo
                                                                Safety Data                                                  Vacation Opportunities
plus dep. Paul (408) 294-9958.                                                                                                     Lake Tahoe-Squaw Valley Townhse, 3bd/2ba.
                                                                                            Civil  Contractors               View of slopes, close to lifts. Per night: $250, two night
    Santa Clara house for rent, 12 miles from Ames. 3bd/                                  Servants                           minimum. Includes linens, cleaning, propane fireplace,
1ba, 2 car garage, central heat and A/C, W/D hook ups.
                                                                Not recordable                                               fully equipped. Call (650) 968-4155.
Near Santa Clara Univ. $1,400/mo. Call (408) 246-5295.
     Nice 3 bd/1.5 ba twnhouse in Mtn. View. Quiet and          first aid cases                  3              2
                                                                                                                                  South Lake Tahoe cottage w/wood fireplace, hot
very close to Ames. Patio and balcony, fire place, W/D, no
                                                                                                                             tub. Rates $50 to $130 per night. Call (650) 967-7659
pet , N/S. Has detached one car garage and an assigned
parking lot. $1,700/mo and dep. Call (408) 761-7554.
                                                                Recordable no                                                or (650) 704-7732.

     For rent: 3 bdrm immaculate house in great Sunnyvale
                                                                lost time cases                  0              0                Vacation rental, Bass Lake, 4 mls south of Yosemite.
                                                                                                                             3bd/1.5 ba, TV, VCR, MW, frplc, BBQ, priv. boat dock.
area. 1,800 sq. ft. w/ living room, formal dining room,
                                                                                                                             Sleeps 8. $1,050/wk. Call (559) 642-3600 or (650) 390-
family room w/fireplace, inside laundry, gardener. No pets.     Lost time cases*                 0              0            9668.
N/S. $2,600/mo. Call (408) 865-1968 or (408) 316-9742.
                                                                                                                                  Big Sur vacation rental, secluded 4bd/2ba house in
     House for rent in Cupertino, 3/2, available Feb 1,
short-term, month-to-month, $1,400/month. E-mail:               Restricted duty days              0             0            canyon setting. Fully eqpd kitchen. Access to priv.
                                                                                                                             beach. Tub in patio gdn. Halfway between Carmel and
                                                                                                                             Big Sur. $175/night for 2; $225 for 4 and $250 for
    Duplex with 1.5 ba/2bd, only ten minutes from NASA.         Lost work days                    0             0            more, plus $150 cleaning dep. Call (650) 328-4427.
Helen (650) 625-1225.
                                                                                                                                 Incline Village: Forest pines, Lake Tahoe condo, 3
                                                                Data above is for December 2003.                             bd/2 ba, sleeps 8. Fireplc, TV/VCR, MW, W/D, jacuzzi,
Transportation                                                  *(Under new OSHA rules, lost time
                                                                                                                             sauna, pool. $120/night low season; $155/night high
                                                                                                                             season. $90 cleaning fee and 12% Nevada room tax.
    ‘74 Mercedes 450SL, good condition, two tops.               is defined as lost work days, restricted                     Charlie (650) 366-1873.
$5,900. Call (650) 325-4725.                                    duty of work transfer.)                                            Tahoe Donner vacation home, 2 bd/2ba. trees,
    ‘91 BMW 325i convertible, 96K mls, leather interior,                                                                     deck, sun, fun. Access to pools, spa, golf, horseback
6cd changer, auto windows, heated seats, brand new                                                                           riding, $280 wkend, $650 week. Call (408) 739-9134.
convertible top, A/C, excellent condition. $8,600 Tim                                                                            Pine Mountain Lake vacation home. Access to golf,
(408) 406-8242.                                                                                                              tennis, lake, swimming, horseback riding, walk to beach.
      ‘92 Toyota Corolla DX 4-door automatic, one owner,                                                                     Three bedrooms/sleeps 10. $100/night. Call (408) 799-
all records. 92K mls, super clean. Garaged all times. Check                                                                  4052 or (831) 623-4054. for photo and details. $3,200. Call (408) 732-                                                                            Spacious 2 bdrm Maui suite available (can
6180 before 8 p.m.
     ‘94 Oldsmobile Bravada, SUV, 4 wheel drive, 4D, 110k
                                                                    Astrogram deadlines                                      accommodate up to 6 people) for 1 week. Cooking
                                                                                                                             facilities, color TV, swimming pools, access to beach and
mls, automatic. Power steering & windows. Tan leather,                                                                       much more. Located nearby shopping centers, golf
green exterior. Dual front air bags. ABS brakes. Good                                                                        courses, and all water activities. $1,200 a week or B/O.
                                                                        Deadline:                Publication:                Call (408) 446-4416 for more information.
condition. $4,400 or B/O. Jenny (415) 407-5017.
                                                                        Jan. 23                  Feb. 2004
    ‘99 Acura TL, excellent condition, 58K mls, $15,700.                Feb. 20                  Mar. 2004
Rey Salcido (650) 704-5061 (H).
     ‘00 Volvo S40, 4 door sedan, 42K mls., red, AT, A/C,
                                                                        Mar 26
                                                                        Apr 23
                                                                                                 Apr. 2004
                                                                                                 May 2004
                                                                                                                               Ames emergency
PS, PW, PL (rmt), AM/FM w/ CD, MNRF, LTHR, $12,000.
Hank (408) 262-4974.                                                    May 25                   June 2004
                                                                        All Ames employees are invited to submit
                                                                                                                                   To hear the centerwide status
Miscellaneous                                                     articles relating to Ames projects and activities for        recording, call (650) 604-9999 for
     Carters rocking basinet w/retractable wheels; white w/
                                                                  publication in the Astrogram. When submitting                information announcements and
blue pattern; has overhead canopy and ample storage               stories or ads for publication, submit your mate-            emergency instructions for Ames
underneath. Great condition. $20. Call (408) 295-2160.            rial, along with any questions, in MS word by e-             employees. You can also listen to
                                                                  mail to: on or be-
      Graco 2-speed electric baby swing. White enamel
                                                                  fore the deadline.
                                                                                                                               1700 KHz AM radio for the same
finish with blue trim. Great condition. $15. Call (408)                                                                        information.

Astrogram                                                                                  15                                                                           January 2004
Hubbard addresses progress, changes at NASA Ames
continued from page 6
Engineering and Management Director-                             nancial Management Office (Code C)            It also will have responsibility for work-
ate (Code P), will focus on research and                         and Braxton taking the reins of the Cen-      ing with the new NASA Engineering
technology development. Headed by                                ter Operations Directorate (Code J).          Safety Center at NASA Langley Research
Cliff Imprescia, it will include elements                        Hubbard explained that he asked               Center in Virginia.
of codes A, F, J and S, and will empha-                          Braxton and Moyles to make the switch              Finally, the new Code H, the Hu-
size flight hardware and project man-                            "to take a fresh look" at the functions of    man Capital Directorate, will include
agement. The new directorate also will                           these two large directorates.                 NASA Ames' education and human re-
assume management responsibilities for                                Code Q, the Safety, Environmental        sources offices. The new directorate was
the development phase of Kepler, SOFIA                           and Mission Assurance Directorate, will       created, Hubbard explained, to elevate
and the SSBRP.                                                   assume responsibility for NASA hous-          these two important functions to a "more
     Tom Moyles and Lewis Braxton will                           ing at Ames, as well as for the NASA          visible position."
swap jobs, with Moyles heading the Fi-                           chief veterinary officer located at Ames.                                       BY   ANN SULLIVAN

Former Ames aerospace engineer
included in ‘Who’s Who’
     The National Register’s Who’s Who                           Division, was titled ‘A Simplified Con-
in Executives and Professionals includes                         trol System for Predicting the Growth
James Carson Howard, retired aerospace                           Hormone Response of Human Subjects
engineer of Lockheed Martin and NASA,                            to Various Physical Activities.
in its 2004-2005 edition.                                             Acting on a suggestion by NASA
     Howard grew up in the United King-                          Headquarters and in order to demon-
dom where he practised aeronautical                              strate the wide range of applicability of
engineering and naval architecture.                              this technique, the results were pub-
     In response to an invitation from the                       lished in book form. The book assumed
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, he                                the form of a special publication and
moved to the U.S. where he explored the                          was entitled ‘Mathematical Modeling
use of symbolic mathematical computa-                            of Diverse Phenomena.’ Howard was
tion. This is a technique whereby a                              listed in ‘Who’s Who’ in September 2003.
computer can be used to formulate math-                               This year’s edition will be registered
ematical models.                                                 at the Library of Congress in Washing-
     One of the many papers that were                            ton, D.C. It is only available to those
published with Dr. D. R. Young under                             professionals who are included.
the auspices of the Ames Life Sciences

                                                                                                                                          FIRST CLASS MAIL
                                                                                                                                        POSTAGE & FEES PAID
National Aeronautics and Space                                                                                                              Permit No. G-27

Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000

Official Business
Penalty for Private Use

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Astrogram                                                                            16                                                                       January 2004

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