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Diamond Engagement Rings for Men


									In recent years, the western world has been witness to the overarching phenomenon of gender role reversal,
or, as feminists would deem it, the phenomenon of finally achieving justice and egalitarianism. Some
occurrences this phenomenon entails include women working as much-if not more- than men; women
spending hours at the gym working out in order to achieve those desired triceps and abs that once upon a
time were men's sole domain; stay-at-home dads; and men's jewelry. The latter is by no means a recent
phenomenon or anything related to modern role reversal or feminism. Throughout history, many men
enjoyed showcasing their wealth and power by owning expensive gold and diamond jewelry. However,
there is one particular niche in men's jewelry that is certainly much more popular than it was even ten years
ago: men's diamond engagement rings. In the spirit of today's massive role reversal, many women feel that
they should not wait around for their men finally manning up and proposing. While women have always
proposed, the newest innovation is that nowadays it is often done with a diamond engagement ring. The
woman proposes, perhaps even kneels, and asks for her partner to become her husband. Then, out of
nowhere, she pulls out a box out of her pocket, opens it, and displays a dazzling man's diamond engagement
ring. At best, this ring is a masculine version of women's diamond rings. In this case, the guy's ring is
probably white gold or titanium with a few tiny inconspicuous diamonds. At worst, it is a showy diamond
engagement ring that looks almost like hers. The twenty first century has never felt so modern as it does
when two bejeweled, blingy hands are held together, celebrating what is going to be a beautiful marriage.
Men's diamond engagement rings have become quite a striking trend. The most common metals for a man's
engagement ring are titanium, platinum, tungsten, and white gold. For the most part, men's diamond
engagement rings are either channel or bezel set; the solitaire diamond engagement ring still has not made
the cross over to unisex status, but, given time and the rate things are going, this day is not far from sight.
Bezel, channel and pave diamond engagement rings are usually thicker than women's rings and typically
come in various shapes, like the actual band not closing completely, etc. The interesting thing about men's
diamond engagement rings is that they are almost always more elaborate than women's engagement rings.
Men's diamond rings tend to come in never seen before designs that often make you wonder whether it is a
new diamond ring that he bought at the local mall, or whether he inherited the ring from someone who was
alive during medieval times. Such rings are often quite large, incorporate unidentified crystals and are
shaped in a way whose description, unless you are familiar with all geometric forms, will elude you. These
extremely unique and innovative men's engagement rings are becoming more and more popular as more and
more women choose to bling up their men. Men's diamond engagement rings, as opposed to many women's
rings, often combine other elements in addition to the diamond and the metal. For example, a diamond and
onyx engagement ring is a typical engagement ring for men that combines a precious gem in order to either
accent the diamond, or, actually, to add another element to the "feminine" diamond look. Onyx, in fact, is a
popular crystal to be incorporated into men's diamond engagement rings,, perhaps because the color black is
still considered somewhat less delicate and more masculine. Just give it time, however, until black and pink
will also reverse roles.
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