Fire Origin _ Cause

					Fire Investigation
Fire Origin & Cause

Importance of Fire Cause Determination
• To develop preventive measures
• To compile fire incidence trends
• To provide information to insurance
• To provide supportive evidence in
  courtroom testimony
Fire Origin & Cause

Major Steps in Fire Cause Determination
• Noting, protecting, reporting evidence
• Analyzing evidence to determine fire cause
• Properly documenting entire process
Fire Origin & Cause

Who is responsible for:
• noting, protecting and reporting evidence?
• analyzing evidence to determine fire origin
  and cause?
• documenting the fire origin and cause?
• filing the fire report?
• determining the origin and cause of the fire?
Fire Origin & Cause

Fire Tetrahedron
• Fuel
• Oxygen
• Heat
• Uninterrupted Chain Reaction
Fire Origin & Cause

Factors of Fire Cause
• Form and source of heat of ignition
• Fuel Ignited
• Human Act or Omission
Fire Origin & Cause

Fire Cause Classifications (NFPA 921)
• Accidental
• Incendiary
• Natural
• Undetermined
Fire Origin & Cause

Common Fire Causes
• Incendiary
• Smoking Material
• Electrical
• Cooking
• Space Heating
Fire Origin & Cause

 Firefighter Conduct and Statements
              at the Scene
Fire Origin & Cause

• Who should interview a suspected arsonist?
• To whom should a firefighter make
  statements about suspicions or probable
• What’s wrong with announcing preliminary
  fire causes?
• What is the proper statement about the fire
Fire Origin & Cause

     Securing the Fire Scene
Fire Origin & Cause

• How long should the scene be kept under
  the control of the fire department?
• Whose duty is it to secure the scene?
• When does the fire department’s authority
• Who should be allowed to enter a secured
Fire Origin & Cause

• What needs to happen when an authorized
  person enters a secured scene?
• What legal case set the precedent for
  requiring firefighters and investigators to
  secure a warrant before returning to a
• What is the recommended action based on
  that decision?
Fire Origin & Cause

    Introduction to Fire Origin
             and Cause
Fire Origin & Cause

  Assessing Origin, Cause and Protecting
Fire Origin & Cause

• What is the preferred way for a firefighter to
  deal with potential evidence?
• When should a firefighter gather or handle
  physical evidence?
• A firefighter who handles evidence must…?
• What changes to evidence is allowed?
Fire Prevention Bureau
Fire Origin & Cause


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