cultivation by stariya


									WORD LIST

AGAR                DIFFERENTIAL           INVERTED      REDUCES
AUTOCLAVE           FLAMING                MEDIUM        SELECTIVE
BLUNT               FORTY FIVE             MIXED         SLANT
BODY                GELIDIUM               MORPHOLOGY    STERILIZED
COLONY              INCUBATION             OPTIMUM       SYNTHETIC
CULTURE             INOCULUM               PURE

                                       THE CULTIVATION OF MICROORGANISMS

ACROSS                                                           DOWN

1.    Following inoculation media is generally placed in         1.    Agar plates should be stored/incubated in this
      an insulated cabinet at a specific temperature; this             position to prevent moisture from collecting on the
      cabinet is called an __________.                                 surface of the medium.
3.    Separating an individual genus microorganism from          2.    The solidifying agent used for the preparation of
      a mixed culture.                                                 solid media.
6.    The observable characteristics of a bacterial colony       4.    After powdered media is hydrated it must be
      are referred to as the colony _____________.                     _________ to prevent microbial growth.
7.    Media which provides the basic nutrients required          5.    Agar liquefies when heated to a temperature of ___
      for the growth of most microbes is called ______                 __________ degrees C.
      ______ media.                                              6.    A _______ culture contains many types of
8.    Media which enables one to identify an organism                  organisms.
      based on its biochemical (metabolic) reactions is          9.    The instrument commonly used to transfer an
      called _____________ media.                                      inoculum to a slide or fresh medium is called the
10.   A clump of bacteria growing on the surface of a                  ____________.
      solid medium which are descendants of a single cell        12.   A medium which will support the growth of only one
      is called a ______.                                              specific organism is called a _________ medium.
11.   A culture consisting of only one species of organism       13.   Growing organisms on artificial media in the
      is called a ______ culture.                                      laboratory is referred to as ____________.
12.   Method of isolation in which an inoculum is                14    The _____ _____ method of isolation involves
      aseptically spread over the surface of a solid                   adding the inoculum to liquid agar and then pouring
      medium is called the ______ ______ method.                       the mixture into a petri dish.
13.   The growth of microbes in a medium is called               17.   A general purpose medium containing special
      ____________.                                                    metabolites (blood, serum, etc.) is called an
15.   The procedure used to prevent the introduction of                ________ medium.
      unwanted organisms into culture media is referred          19     Media is commonly sterilized with steam under
      to as the _______ ________.                                      pressure in an apparatus called the ________.
16.   _____ temperature is 37 C.                                 21.   The sample of organisms introduced or transferred
18.   The introduction of unwanted organisms into culture              to fresh media is called the _______.
      media is referred to as _______________.                   22.   If melted agar medium is put into a test tube and
                                o     o
20.   _____ temperature is 20 - 25 C.                                  allowed to solidify at an angle, the medium is
22.   Media composed of specific quantities of definite                referred to as a ________.
      chemical components is referred to as ________             23.   Liquid agar will solidify when it reaches a
      media.                                                           temperature of about ___ ___ degrees C.
24.   A liquid growth medium is commonly referred to as          25.   The temperature at which an organism grows best
      a ______.                                                        is called the ____ temperature.
26.   An agar _____ is prepared by pouring a liquid agar         27.   A substance that provides the nutrients needed for
      medium into a petri dish allowing it to solidify.                the growth of microorganisms is called a culture
28.   Following inoculation, media must be held at a                   ______________.
      specific temperature that promotes maximum                 29.   In the streak plate method of isolation flaming the
      growth of the microbes; this is called the _______               loop after streaking each section of the plate
      period.                                                          _______ the number of organisms.
30.   Agar is extracted from this genus algae.                   31.   An agar _____ is prepared by putting melted agar
32.   Passing an inoculating loop through the flame of a               into a test tube which is allowed to cool and solidify
      Bunsen burner in order to destroy any microbes                   in an upright position.
      present is referred to as _________.


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