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									                                           300 E. Joppa Road, Suite 1105                          Martin O’Malley
                                           Baltimore, Maryland 21286-3016                                Governor
                                           410-821-2828 / TOLL FREE: 1-877-687-9004
                                           FAX: 410-321-3116                                          Anthony Brown
                                           INFO@GOCCP-STATE-MD.ORG                                      Lt. Governor
                                                                                                  Kristen Mahoney
                                                                                                 Executive Director

         For Immediate Release                                        Contact: Bill Toohey, GOCCP
         June 29, 2010                                                                410-821-2851
                                                                          Rick Binetti, DPSCS/VPI
                                                                                     (410) 339-5007

            GOCCP Awards More Than $2.4 Million to Programs for Violence

             The Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention (GOCCP) today announced new
     grants to police departments, local governments and non-profit organizations to help fight violent
     crime in Maryland. The funds total $2,476,036.00, and they come through the Violence
     Prevention Initiative of the Collaborative Supervision and Focused Enforcement Program

            CSAFE-VPI identifies areas of crime and targets specific types of violent offenders.
     Additionally, it provides focused and coordinated law enforcement, offender supervision, and
     crime prevention and reduction efforts.

            Governor Martin O’Malley says this collaborative and focused approach to public safety
     has been a major factor in Maryland’s historic reductions in crime. “These cooperative efforts
     provide security integration, allowing many groups to form partnerships and law enforcement
     agencies to collaborate on shared challenges. The result is a safer and more secure Maryland.”

            CSAFE focuses its efforts on Maryland’s most violent offenders through partnerships
     between local law enforcement, the Division of Parole and Probation (DPP) and the Department
     of Juvenile Services (DJS). 2,300 of Maryland’s most violent offenders are under the close
     supervision of DPP. The program removes offender anonymity and replaces it with

             Along with monitoring the most serious offenders, CSAFE-VPI funds are used for a
     variety of purposes to meet the specific challenges of local jurisdictions. In some cases they
     might be used to focus resources and personnel on violent crimes, such as robbery. In others they
     might be used to fund joint efforts by local and state agencies in tracking and arresting wanted
     felons. In other cases, they might be used to enhance community policing efforts and programs
     designed to help youth. Some jurisdictions use their funds to combine several different
     approaches to crime, collaborating with other agencies to make their communities safer.

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            CSAFE - VPI (Violence Prevention Initiative) Awards
Jurisdictions             Organization                                        Total Award

Anne Arundel County
Addiction Recovery        Anne Arundel County, Maryland                           $23,410.00
VPI                       Anne Arundel County, Maryland                          $152,686.00
Baltimore City
VPI                       Mayor's Office on Criminal Justice (MOCJ)              $829,638.00
Baltimore County
Victims Outreach &
Assistance                Family & Children's Services of Central MD              $36,914.00
Addiction Recovery        Baltimore County Government                             $49,316.00
VPI                       Baltimore County Government                            $141,502.00
Victims Outreach and
Assistance                Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County, Inc.          $10.986.00
Caroline County
VPI                       Denton Police Department                                 $6,000.00
VPI                       Town of Federalsburg                                    $19,085.00
Dorchester County
Hope Community Project    Dorchester County Government - County Council           $29,260.00
City of Frederick
VPI                       Frederick City Police Department                       $148,143.00
Harford County
VPI                       Havre de Grace Police Department                        $20,000.00
VPI                       Bel Air Police Department                                $8,000.00
                          Harford County Government, Office of Drug Control
VPI                       Policy                                                 $197,066.00
Montgomery County
VPI                       Montgomery County Government                           $257,724.00
Prince George's County
Community Prosecution     Prince George's County, Maryland                        $63,249.00
VPI                       Prince George's County, Maryland                        $14,983.00
VPI                       Mount Rainier Police Department                         $37,000.00
Nuisance Abatement
Coordination              City of Seat Pleasant                                   $18,000.00
Local Coordination        City of Seat Pleasant                                   $40,000.00
Queen Anne's County
                          Queen Anne's County Community Partnerships for
VPI                       Children and Families                                   $22,092.00
Somerset County
VPI                       Princess Anne Police Department                         $31,500.00
VPI                       Somerset County State's Attorney's Office               $34,350.00
St. Mary's County
VPI                       St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office                      $25,072.00
\Washington County
VPI                       Hagerstown Police Department                           $204,555.00
Worcester County
VPI                       Pocomoke City Police Department                         $12,475.00

GOCCP is now on social media. You can find us on and on
Facebook as goccpmd.
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VPI                       Town of Berlin                                             $27,580.00
Training &Technical       Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional
Assistance                Services                                                   $15,450.00

                                                                    Report Total   $2,476,036.00

GOCCP is now on social media. You can find us on and on
Facebook as goccpmd.

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