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					                        Computer System Design and Implementation, spring „99(A,B)

Lecture(2 hours)
 Java language and client/server application using Java

 - David Flanagan, “Java examples in a Nutshell”, O‟Reilly, 1997
 - Deitel, “How to program Java”, 1998
 - “JDBC and Database”,

Laboratory(2 hours)
 self-test of Java programs and project-oriented discussion

Schedule of project
 1)proposal of a project(team): Mar. 31(2-3pages)
 2)design of the project: Apr. 15(4-6 pages)
 3)mid-term report on implementation of the project: May 15(6-9 pages)
 4)demo of the project and complete report submission: May 31.
   - presentation/team: 30-60 min.

Grading policy
 Exam: 40%
 Project: 30%
 Homework: 20%
 Presence: 10%
 Total: 100%

Course Schedule
week 1: Introduction
 - term project: design and implementation of client/server application
 - tool and environment: Java, Unix, Linux
 - example: 1)Virtual Microscope project(http://cs.kangnam.ac.kr/~shcho)
             2)Agent for Secretary project(http://cse.yeungnam.ac.kr/~park)
 - demo of virtual microscope project

week 2: Java application and applet
 - print “Hello, World”
 1)Java application:
     javac HelloWorld.java
     java HelloWorld

   - shown through a HTML file
   javac FirstApplet.java
   appletviewer FirstApplet.html
   displays an applet showing “Hello World”

week 3:
 1)a fancier HelloWorld applet
 2)a freehand sketch applet
 3)interaction between a user and GUI components on applet: add two numbers

week 4:
 1)Image and sound applet
  2)Java 1.1 event model: Chap. 5 in Java in a nutshell

week 5:
 1)Canvas example: Deitel
 2)GUI(I) : Chap. 6 in Java Examples in a Nutshell

week 6:
   - synchronized method
   - producer/consumer relationship without synchronization: Deitel‟s book, p.680
   - producer/consumer relationship with synchronization: Deitel‟s book, p.684
   (ThreadGroup: Deitel‟s book, p.698)

week 7:
 Networking(I): Deitel‟s Chap. 16
   - URL stream connection: Fig. 16.2(Security error?)
   - simple server/client using stream socket: Fig. 16.03_4
   - client/server interaction with stream socket connection: Fig. 16.03_4

week 8:
 Networking(II): Deitel‟s Chap. 16
   - manipulating URL: Fig. 16.1
   - client/server using multithreaded server, TicTacToe: Fig. 16.07_8

week 9:
 JDBC(Java Database Connection): mSQL

week 10:
 Web-based BBS programming
  - CGI, Perl programming
  - Web design for user interface
  - connection to database
  - speaker: hoon Im

Skipped topics
 1)Files and streams: Deitel‟s Chap. 15
 2)GUI(II): Chap. 6 in Java Examples in a Nutshell
   - GridBagLayout: Deitel‟s book, p.608
 3)Multimedia: Images, Animation, Audio: Deitel‟s Chap. 14
 4)finally block: Deitel‟s book, p.652

presentation about Virtual Microscope application
week 11: Client program(I)
  1)user interface:
    - display panel
    - control panel
  2)communication between client and servers
    - interaction between client and front-end server
    - interaction between client and back-end server

week 12: Client program(II)
 1)how the client receives segments of an image from a back-end server
 2)how the client stitches segments of the image
 3)how the client displays the image

week 13: front-end server
 1)communication between client and front-end server
 2)communication between client and front-end server
 3)handling metadata

week 14: back-end server(I)
 1)communication between back-end server and front-end server
 2)communication between back-end server and clients
week 15: back-end server(II)
 1)how the server stores images on a disk
 2)how the server retrieves images
 3)how the server sends images to the client

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