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Continuing Education - 8.2.07


									                                                                 2007 MASTER PLAN/PROGRESS REPORT

Administrative Support Unit: Continuing Education

Person Responsible: Betty H. Anderson

Date Submitted: July 3, 2007

Mission: Continuing Education is dedicated to the continuous lifelong learning needs of the people of Southwest Louisiana. The general purpose of Continuing Education is: to
assist in recruiting, advising and retaining non-traditional and Early Admissions students; to provide a variety of quality and innovative continuing education programs to meet the
intellectual, cultural and ever-changing occupational needs of the citizenry of Southwest Louisiana; to serve as a communication link between education, business, industry and the
community at large. The unit’s stakeholders are MSU students, faculty, staff, potential MSU students, small businesses, industry and the community at large.

Institutional Mission Reference: Recruitment supports the University’s fundamental education mission. Programs support the University’s collaborative efforts to benefit
business, industry and the community at large. Programs enhance the quality of life, economic development and cultural growth in this region and beyond.

Assessment Methods Utilized:                                                                                         Data Repository Location:
____ Student Opinion Survey (SOS)                                                                                    __________________________________________________
____ National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)                                                                    __________________________________________________
____ Internally-developed Survey                                                                                     __________________________________________________
____ Faculty Roster                                                                                                  __________________________________________________
____ Annual Performance Review (APR)                                                                                 __________________________________________________
____ Community Involvement                                                                                           __________________________________________________
____ Exit Survey/Interview/Exam                                                                                      __________________________________________________
X    Grant Activity                                                                                                  Kaufman Hall 230, 172
____ Number of Publications                                                                                          __________________________________________________
____ Participation in MSU Committees/Organizations                                                                   __________________________________________________
X    Participation in Professional Committees/Organizations                                                          Kaufman Hall 230
X    Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI)                                                                         Kaufman Hall 230, 231
____ Unit Audit                                                                                                      __________________________________________________
X    Data collection via Excel spreadsheet                                                                           Kaufman Hall 230
____ Data collection via Access database                                                                             __________________________________________________
X    Other - Please describe: University Records: ACT scores, high school GPA, enrollment status, class rolls        Kaufman Hall 230
Administrative (Support Unit) Performance Objective 1: To maximize recruiting and retention opportunities for potential non-traditional students.

Institutional Goal(s) Supported: SS1, SS4, AE1, FR1, FR4, UCA1

           Expected Level of Achievement                             Actual Data From Assessment                                     Actions/Decisions

Maximized EASE enrollments with a Continuation Rate      2004/05 – 2005/06                 66 students                 1.   Continue networking and utilizing speaker
of 40% combination of continued as EASE students or                                                                         opportunities with off-campus organizations to
transferred to a degree program                          04/05 EASE not re-enrolled 05/06          12                       promote adult enrollment opportunities.
                                                         04/05 EASE transferred - degree plan 05/06 6                  2.   Continue participation at off-campus employer
                                                         04/05 EASE enrolled & continued as EASE                            benefit fairs, conferences and small business
                                                                   05/06                              36                    expos.
                                                                                                                       3.   Research and network with campus departments
                                                         Continuation rate 6 + 36 = 42 or 63%                               to target and develop degree completion
                                                         05/06 new EASE students                       24                   strategies and optimum scheduling options for
                                                                                                                            non-traditional students.

                                                         2005/06 – 2006/07               47 students

                                                         05/06 EASE not re-enrolled 06/07          24
                                                         05/06 EASE transferred - degree plan 06/07 8
                                                         05/06 EASE enrolled & continued as EASE
                                                                    06/07                             23

                                                         Continuation rate 8 + 23 = 31 or 65%
                                                         06/07 EASE new students                       16
Administrative (Support Unit) Performance Objective 2: To recruit and retain a highly qualified and diverse Early Admission student population.

Institutional Goal(s) Supported: SS1, AE1, FR1, FR4, UCA1, UCA5

           Expected Level of Achievement                             Actual Data From Assessment                                      Actions/Decisions

Enhanced opportunity for high school students to stay    English 101/102
academically engaged during their senior year and earn   Beauregard Parish     Fall 06   Fall 05 Fall 04 Fall 03       Director has increased visits to outlying parishes.
college credit prior to fulltime freshman status.        DeRidder                   26      52       46       29       August, 2006, Director assumed responsibilities for
Expanded institutional partnerships.                     South Beauregard           16      25       18       26        12 additional schools in Calcasieu Parish.
                                                         East Beauregard            14                                 November, 2006, Director started making visits to
                                                         Subtotal                   56      77      64        55        individual Calcasieu Parish schools.
                                                                                                                       Requests to offer a new English 101 section at East
                                                         Allen Parish           Fall 06 Fall 05 Fall 04   Fall 03       Beauregard and a second English 101 section at
                                                         Oakdale                   13      6         -        7         Welsh High in Jeff Davis Parish were funded and
                                                         Fairview                  2       5         3        1         staffed.
                                                         Elizabeth                 -       -         5        5        Requests to offer 3 new sections of Math 113 and 2
                                                         Oberlin                   2       -         -        5         sections of History 101 in Calcasieu Parish were
                                                         Kinder                    21      22        8        19        funded and staffed.
                                                         Reeves                    2       -         -        1        Director wrote a 2006/07 Board of Regents’ Grant to
                                                         Oberlin Covenant          -       -         1                  help fund Early Admission Scholarships on a free-
                                                         Subtotal                  40      33        17       38        or reduced-lunch needs basis.
                                                                                                                       Because of lack of individual transportation,
                                                         Vernon Parish        Fall 06 Fall 05 Fall 04     Fall 03
                                                                                                                        Director worked with Calcasieu Parish School Board
                                                                                                                        personnel to provide bus transportation service from
                                                         Pitkin                    -        -       8         -
                                                                                                                        Washington-Marion and Lake Charles-Boston High
                                                         Rosepine                  -        5       3
                                                                                                                        Schools to LaGrange for Spring 07 classes.
                                                         Subtotal                  -        5       1         -
                                                                                                                       Because Vernon Parish School Board did not fund
                                                                                                                        monies for compressed video at Pitkin High for
                                                                                                                        05/06 and 06/07, presentations were not made at
                                                         Jeff Davis Parish
                                                         Elton                     2        4       1
                                                                                                                       Funds and staff were not available to fill Rosepine
                                                         Hathaway                  7        9       4         3
                                                                                                                        High’s request for a separate English 101 section for
                                                         Jennings                  5        4       7         8
                                                                                                                        Fall 06. Consequently, Rosepine requested and had
                                                         Lacassine                 6        2       6         1
                                                                                                                        Northwestern teach that English 101 section.
                                                         Lake Arthur               2        1       3         1
                                                         Welsh                     12       11      8         1        Director met with McNeese college deans to explore
                                                                                                                        expanding Early Admission program for Summer 07
                                                         Subtotal                  34       31      29        14        and scheduling options for Fall 07/Spring 08.
                                                                                                                       Beauregard, Allen, Jeff Davis and Calcasieu Parish
                                                         ENGL 101 combined enrollment                                   School Boards agreed to continue hosting classes
                                                                             130      145           116      107        and providing textbooks for onsite classes.
                                                                                                                       All school systems have been most cooperative in
Education 204                                               hosting guest students from other campuses and
Beauregard Parish                Fall 05                    parishes as needed.
                                                           Continue working with area School Board
DeRidder High                    9                          Superintendents, Curriculum Directors, High School
                                                            Principals and Counselors to approve courses for
Psychology 101                                              Dual Credit.
Vernon Parish                              Fall 04         Continue to publicize Board of Regents and other
Pitkin High                                4                Early Admission Scholarship opportunities.
                                                           Continue correspondence with parents and potential
History 201              Fall 06 Fall 05 Fall 04            Early Admission students explaining program,
Jeff Davis Parish                                           entrance requirements, application procedures, etc.
Elton                    2       1
Jennings                 4       -         5
Hathaway                 -       3         3
Lacassine                -       -         1
Lake Arthur              3       1
Welsh                    10      9         1

Kinder                   4       1
Oakdale                  4       1
Fairview                 -       1
TOTAL History            27      17        10

Calcasieu              Fall 06
Math 113
DeQuincy                15
Westlake                13
Bell City               13
Total Math 113           41

History 101 at Barbe
Barbe                   3
Bell City               1
LaGrange                1
Sam Houston             1

History 101 at Sulphur
DeQuincy                  2
Sulphur                   14
Vinton                     5
Westlake                   1
Total History 101          32
                      Fall 06 Fall 05 Fall 04 Fall 03
Total Enrollments            230   171    130   107
Administrative (Support Unit) Performance Objective 3: To provide, upon request, and within Regents’ and SACS guidelines, appropriate Early Admission classes at off-
campus locations when faculty, funds, adequate facilities, travel and sufficient registrations are available.

Institutional Goal(s) Supported: SS1, AE1, FR1, FR2, FR4, UCA1, UCA5

           Expected Level of Achievement                             Actual Data From Assessment                                     Actions/Decisions

Maintain courses offered for Dual Enrollment and Dual    Early Admission Classes Requested        Provided            MSU Distance Education Department has replaced
Credit and expand where site, staffing and funding are                                                                 compressed video receive site equipment at Fairview
feasible and enrollment sufficient                       2003/04             5                        5                and Elizabeth High as on-campus campus equipment
                                                         2004/05             9                        9                was upgraded
                                                         2005/06             8                        8               Switching the days Allen Parish Early Admission
                                                         2006/07             15                       13               English 101/102 were taught to Tuesday/Thursday,
                                                                                                                       allowed the expansion of the compressed video
                                                         Syllabi submitted for consideration for Dual Credit           History 201/202 series to Allen Parish
                                                         Calcasieu             Submitted           Approved           Funds and staffing were not available to fill the
                                                         2006/07              4                        4               request for an English 101 class at Rosepine High
                                                                              Math 113                Math 113         for Fall 06
                                                                              Math 170                Math 170        Enrollment was not sufficient to offer SPED 204 at
                                                                              History 101            History 101       DeRidder High for Fall 06
                                                                              History 102            History 102      Calcasieu Parish School Board request for 3 sections
                                                                                                                       of Math 113 and 2 sections of History 101 were
                                                                                                                       funded and staff was available for Fall 06
                                                                                                                      Jeff Davis Parish School Boards request for a
                                                                                                                       second section of English 101 was funded and staff
                                                                                                                       was available for Fall 06
Administrative (Support Unit) Performance Objective 4: To develop internal and external partnerships to develop and provide innovative programming for Continuing
Education’s stakeholders.

Institutional Goal(s) Supported: SS2, AE1,AE2, FR1, FR2, FR4, UCA1, UCA2, UCA3

           Expected Level of Achievement                             Actual Data From Assessment                                          Actions/Decisions

Short, non-credit courses and tours as well as CEU        Leisure Learning   # Classes   # Individuals   Total Enroll      Added sections when enrollment requests exceeded
courses which meet SACS criteria provided, all of which   2003/04            202         1964            2295               capacity, for example: Powerpoint, Quickbooks,
supply knowledge, skills, cultural growth, personal and   2004/05            200         1756            2152               Excel classes, Golf, English as a Second Language
professional self-improvement for Continuing              2005/06            132         1603            1829               for Spanish Speaking People, Belly Dancing
Education’s stakeholders.                                 2006/07            318         1929            2492              Adjusted class size, length and schedule where
                                                                                                                            appropriate, for example: ACT Science Review,
                                                          Kid’s College                                                     Quickbooks, Word classes
                                                          03                 24           208             254              Continue to monitor competitive course offerings
                                                          04                 24           145             156               and pricing as well as course income and net
                                                          05                 38           219             346              Continue to utilize off-campus facilities for holding
                                                          06                 35           188             341               classes when campus space and/or necessary
                                                                                                                            equipment unavailable if rentals within reason
                                                          CEU’s           Courses        Hours      Participants           Continue to explore funding possibilities for
                                                          03               205            2193           1911               training, updating technology and software resources
                                                          04               195            1572           1528              Used course evaluations to identify the need for new
                                                          05                66            849              484              courses, for example: Spanish for Medical and
                                                          06                52            1068             479              Police Personnel, Advanced Levels of Adobe
                                                                                                                            Photoshop, Advanced Fiction Writing Course,
                                                                                                                            Classic Movies Class, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese
                                                                                                                            Language, Beginning Hebrew, Women’s Self
                                                                                                                            Defense, Designing Diva II, Upholstery, MCAT
                                                                                                                            Chemistry Review, Successful Dress, Feng Shui for
                                                                                                                           Utilized course evaluations to determine repeat
                                                                                                                           Utilized employer surveys and focus groups to
                                                                                                                            determine scope of training needed
Administrative (Support Unit) Performance Objective 5 To provide leadership in continuing educational programming by keeping abreast of technological changes, economic
development and customer service initiatives.

Institutional Goal(s) Supported: FR1, FR3, FR4, UCA1, UCA2

           Expected Level of Achievement                            Actual Data From Assessment                                      Actions/Decisions

Memberships and partnerships maintained.                   Director serves as At Large Board Member for the         Continue present initiatives
                                                            Louisiana Association of Continuing Higher
                                                           Director completed second term as President of the
                                                            Women’s Commission of Southwest Louisiana, Inc.
                                                           Continuing Education is in its 7th year of
                                                            membership with the Chamber/Southwest
                                                           Director serves on the Chamber’s Small Business
                                                            Council and on the advisory team planning the
                                                            Small Business Expo
                                                           Director participates in an Ex-Officio capacity on
                                                            the Lake Area Industries/McNeese Engineering
                                                            Partnership Board
                                                           Continuing Education Department manages LAI-
                                                            MEP’s training seminars
                                                           Continuing Education staff attended on-campus and
                                                            statewide conferences.
                                                           Two Department of Labor Incumbent Workforce
                                                            Training Development Grants with two local
                                                            industries were submitted for funding for 2007-08
                                                           Continuing Education continues to partner with
                                                            Gatlin Education Services to provide additional on-
                                                            line certification preparatory classes and classes
                                                            which offer non-degree medical support staff the
                                                            chance to advance. Each program has specific
                                                            learning outcomes related to industry standards.
Resources Allocated: Director and Coordinator’s time for speaking opportunities, off-campus employer benefit fairs and conferences, and professional development. Increased
Early Admission applications and enrollments, adding 12 schools in Calcasieu Parish plus study, approval, implementation and promotion of Dual Credit greatly impacted time
spent by Director and Administrative Coordinator on Early Admission initiatives and monies spent on travel, printing and postage. Additional sections of Early Admission classes
impacted institutional instructional budget. Variety of new Leisure Learning classes requires more time spent by Coordinator and her assistant in developing classes, finding
rooms, contracting, launching, and promoting classes. Kid’s College classes require full staff support and extra student help/non-prorated workers for escorting 2nd-8th grade
participants from dropoff points to class and back plus moving from building to building between classes. Unavailability of cooking lab forced rental of off-campus facility for
Leisure Learning cooking classes. Utilized student workers and graduate students to tally class evaluations.

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