The Associate in Arts Business Degree

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					The Associate in Arts Business Degree
The Associate in Arts Business degree offers an MCC student the opportunity to transfer seamlessly into a four-year Missouri college or university as a junior,
and to achieve his or her Bachelor’s degree in Business with two more years of college work. Because there are slight variations in the requirements for
Business credit at receiving institutions, students are advised to check with the school to which they plan to transfer or speak with an MCC advisor to make
sure they are taking the right classes.

Associate in Arts Business                                                                                              100002 Approved 1/2010 (Fall 2010)
General Education Requirements                                                   Credits                                     Prerequisites
American Institutions (2 courses-- one must be HIST)
American Institutions: (2 courses--one must be HIST)                                 3                     MATH 40/40L or appropriate placement test score
HIST 120, 121, POLS 135, 136, 137                                                    3                     ENGL 30 or appropriate placement test score
         ENGL 101                                                                    3                     ENGL 30 or appropriate placement test score
         ENGL 102                                                                    3                     ENGL 101
         SPDR 100 or SPDR 102                                                        3                     ENGL 30 or appropriate placement test score
         MATH 119: College Mathematics or higher                                     3                     MATH 110 or appropriate placement test score
Humanities: (3 courses, 3 areas of study, 1 course must be Lit. or Phil.)
         Art History or ART 108                                                     3
         Foreign Language 101 or higher or SIGN 101 or 102                         3-5
         HUMN                                                                       3
         Literature                                                                 3
                                                                                                           See Courses section of this catalog for individual
         MSCM 112                                                                   3
                                                                                                           course prerequisites.
         MUSI 108, 116 or 160                                                       3
         PHIL                                                                       3
         SPDR 103, 104, 106, 110, 112, 114, 128, 133 or 228                         3
         HIST/HUMN 133 or 134                                                       3
Natural Sciences: (2 courses, 1 Biological and 1 Physical)
         BIOL (Must include laboratory)                                              5
                                                                                                           See Courses section of this catalog for individual
         CHEM, GEOG, GEOL (excluding GEOL 225), or PHYS
                                                                                   4-5                     course prerequisites.
         (Must include laboratory)
Social Sciences:
         ECON 210 (required)                                                         3
         One course from the following:
         GEOG (excluding 104,110 and GIS Courses)                                    3
         HIST                                                                        3
         POLS                                                                        3
         PSYC                                                                        3
         SOCI or ANTH                                                                3
         SOSC                                                                        3
Total General Education Courses                                                     42
Computer Science
         CSIS 110 or higher CSIS course or Credit by Examination                     3
Required Business Electives (12 credits)
         BSAD 101 Principles of Accounting I                                         3
         BSAD 102 Principles of Accounting II                                        3                     BSAD 101 or two years of high school accounting
         BSAD 270 Legal Environments of Business                                     3
                                                                                                           MATH 40 or 40L or a satisfactory score on the
         ECON 211 Principles of Economics                                            3
                                                                                                           placement test
Required Electives
                                                                                                           MATH 110 or satisfactory score on Math place-
         MATH 115 Statistics                                                         3
                                                                                                           ment test
        Business Elective (course must be numbered 100 or higher)                3
Working closely with both campus advisors and MCC business faculty is imperative
when selecting electives. Electives will vary based on transfer institution and 4-year
degree plan.
Total Credit Hours Required                                                         63
All courses must be at least 100 level or higher. Courses can only be used once to meet degree requirements
Students must complete a Writing Intensive course AND either a Human Diversity course or Learning Community as part of the degree Requirements.

Non-Degree Related Courses____________________________________________________________________________________
_____ Hrs Earned _____ MCC GPA _____ Hrs Enrolled _____ Hrs in Res _____ Hrs Needed

____ Apply for Graduation                      _____ Additional courses to meet total credit hour requirement
____ Missouri Constitution Requirement        (including current coursework)
____ Raise/Maintain GPA to 2.0                 _____ Any course substitutions/waivers must be approved using
____ Additional courses to meet the 15 credit  an “Student Exception to Graduation” form
    hour residency requirement

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