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					WELCOME                                                                                                                                                                                 Master of Science in Applied
The Business Degree Programmes in English at the University of Pécs are internationally                                                                                                 Management Programme Structure
recognised joint business degree programmes that were launched in 1996 with a solid       Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Administration
foundation of co-operation by the University of Pécs, Hungary and Middlesex Univer-
                                                                                          Programme Structure
sity, UK. Since then, the BA in Business Administration and the MSc in Applied Manage-
ment programmes have built upon the quality and excellence of both of these prime                                                                                                         1st semester               2nd semester
examples of Hungarian and British institutions of higher education. Our BA and MSc
                                                                                            Autumn semester                                        Spring semester
programmes bring together a diverse student body: full-time students from a variety                                                                                                       Year 1
of countries and a large number of exchange students add colour to the Programme.
The BA and MSc degrees which graduates receive open the door to global careers.
                                                                                            Year 1
                                                                                            • Quantitative Methods I.                              • Quantitative Methods II.             • Advanced Accounting      • Knowledge Mgmt.
                                                                                            • Microeconomics                                       • Macroeconomics                       • European Law             • Strategic HRM
FOCUSING ON YOU                                                                                                                                                                            and Business Ethics       • Global Marketing
                                                                                            • Information Systems                                  • EU/Business Law
Small class sizes and the opportunities for personal consultation with the profes-                                                                                                        • Leadership and Mgmt.     • E-Business
sors ensure that your personal advancement will be given close, individualised
                                                                                            • Introduction to Social Sciences                      • Introduction to Accounting
                                                                                                                                                                                           of Int. Business          • Service Marketing
attention. An emphasis is put on how to apply theory in practice. Thanks to the
                                                                                            Year 2                                                                                        • Advanced Operations
wide range of elective courses the programme can be shaped to the needs and
interest of every class. The regular group- and individual presentations enhance            • Operational Research                                 • Business Statistics                   Management
the communication skills of our students and help them to develop into a con-               • Foundation Marketing                                 • Human Resource Mgmt.                 • International Finance
fident and competent cosmopolitan business professional.                                    • Banking and Finance                                  • International Business
                                                                                            • Organisational Behaviour                             • Option 1                             Year 2*
   A school-leaving examination is required from applicants to the BA Pro-                  Year 3*                                                                                       • Research Methods         • Strategic Mgmt.
    gramme and a BA degree in business or related fields from applicants to the             • Operations Management                                • Investments                           Management                • Change Mgmt.
   Master Programme. TOEFL or equivalent language examination demonstrat-
                                                                                            • Business Finance                                     • Business Economics                   • Finance Cases            • Option
  ing the level of English knowledge is also a prerequisite of the admission.                                                                                                             • Small Business           • Option
                                                                                            • Strategic Management                                 • Option 3
                                                                                            • Option 2                                             • Option 3                              Management
                                                                                                                                                                                          • Option
                                                                                            *In the third year of their studies students are obliged to take the Project
  Applicants are asked to compile an application package containing the                                                                                                                   *In the second year of their studies students are
  following documents (Please, note that electronic applications can not
                                                                                            Module I and Project Module II courses, too. The aim of these courses is to
                                                                                            help students writing their thesis.                                                           obliged to take the Dissertation Research I and
  be considered):
                                                                                                                                                                                          Dissertation Research II – Dissertation courses,
  • filled in application form
                                                                                                                                                                                          too. The aim of these courses is to help students
  • curriculum vitae in English
                                                                                          Options 1                                          Options 2                                    writing their dissertation.
  • certificate of school leaving examination/ of previous BA studies
     (super legalized from non-EU applicants)                                             Statistical Quality Control, Intercultural Busi-   Marketing Research, Business to Busi-
  • TOEFL certificate (no older than two years)                                           ness Communication, Advertising & Sales Pro-       ness Marketing, Management Account-
  • the payment receipt of the 100 Euro application-fee                                   motion, Information Management, Financial          ing, Distribution Channels and Logistics
     (the application fee is non-refundable)                                              Accounting, Innovation Management, EU In-          Management, Industrial Placement,
  • four passport-size photographs
                                                                                          stitutions and Policies, Knowledge Manage-         Project Management, Tourism and the
                                                                                                                                                                                        Business Analysis, Game Theory, Human Resource
                                                                                          ment, Regional Marketing, Global Integrated        Economy, Healthcare Management and
  Send the required documents to the Study Department. Postal address:                                                                                                                  Development, Portfolio Management, Strategic
                                                                                          Marketing Communication                            the Context of Transition
                                      7622 Pécs, Rákóczi út 80. Hungary                                                                                                                 Marketing, Business Competitiveness, Consulting,
                                                                                          Options 3                                                                                     Business in the European Union, Business Invest-
  The intake period closes on the 30th June each year for the BA in Business                                                                                                            ment Analysis, Economic Policy and Decision Analy-
                                                                                          New Product Policy, Financial Analysis, Taxation, European Business and Market-
  Administration and on the 30th November each year for the MSc in Ap-
                                                                                          ing, Compensation, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Tourism and the EU, Business            sis, Health Care Management, International
  plied Management Programme. Lectures start in September in case of
                                                                                          Simulation Workshop, Principles of Holistic Planning for Green Business Develop-              Environmental Analysis, Financial Analysis and Busi-
  the BA Programme and in February in case of the Master Programme.
                                                                                          ment, Carrier Management, Sales Presentation and Negotiation                                  ness Competitiveness, Cohesion Policy
Pécs – the City
Pécs, Hungary’s fifth largest city, lies in the southern part of
the country. It is a gateway to Croatia, the Balkans and to
Northern Italy.

Mysterious Roman crypts, domed Turkish mosques and a slen-
der minaret, fine Zsolnay porcelain, grand Csontváry paintings,
decorative Vasarely patterns, almond trees in full blossom in
early spring, pleasant restaurants and cafés – all of this is Pécs,
a 2,000 year-old city at the foot of the Mecsek hills with a
Mediterranean climate and atmosphere.

The vicinity of the Adriatic, the winding streets of the historic
centre, the teeming life of the early summer evenings all evoke       Business Degree Programmes in English
the feeling of a Mediterranean region. At the same time, Pécs
                                                                                BA in Business Administration
is a regional cultural and university centre.
                                                                                 MSc in Applied Management
Traditions derived from its cultural heritage and from artistic
                                                                                                 Validated by
innovation shape its present character.

University of Pécs
Pécs has been an educational centre for centuries since King
Louis the Great founded the first Hungarian university in this
beautiful city in 1367.

Since then (with longer or shorter interruptions) the “univer-
sitas” has functioned as a powerful intellectual centre. Cur-
rently, the University has 10 faculties offering a wide range of
opportunities for study to its (approximately 35, 000) students.

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