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Meeting our Community’s Needs —

That’s Important!
                    E    ach year, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center provides a host of innovative
                         and impactful community benefit programs and services, as well as free or
                    discounted health care and medical services, to underserved and underinsured
                    East Bay residents. We are pleased to present to you this community report
                    highlighting this essential component of Alta Bates Summit’s 100-year tradition
                    of commitment and service in healthcare.
                    Alta Bates Summit’s more than 120 community benefit programs and activities
                    are designed to:
                      N   Meet the specific health care needs of targeted populations
                      N   Expand the availability of heath care to those who need it most
                      N   Provide robust health information and education resources
                      N   Offer financial support to increase community clinic outreach
                      N   Teach participants about healthy lifestyles and the importance of staying healthy
                    The success of these programs is a direct result of the medical center’s collaboration
                    with more than 200 community organizations. Together with these partners, we
                    develop effective programs, maximize the impact of these programs and ensure
                    that we meet the needs of our community.
                    In the following pages, we would like to introduce to you six people touched by
                    our community benefit programs. These participants had a specific health need
                    met by one of our dynamic programs. They are representative of more than 163,000
                    individuals served each year through Alta Bates Summit’s innovative outreach.

                                      Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
Alta Bates Summit/Children’s Hospital Joint Sickle Cell Program — Provides care to those impacted by Sickle Cell, a genetically
inherited disorder. The program offers a comprehensive approach to inpatient and outpatient medical services and provides for the social
and educational needs of its patients.
Adult Asthma Education — Teaches patients to understand asthma, medication and self-management through a monthly, three-hour
educational program.
Arthritis Support Group — In conjunction with the Arthritis Foundation, Rehabilitation Services offers free, monthly support and
educational programs to the community.
Asian Outreach Program — Provides access to health services by providing culturally appropriate health education and outreach
programs to the Asian community, including medical center patients and families.
Asthma Resource Center — Offers proactive asthma care, medicine and education.
  Breast Navigator Program —
  Guiding Women with Breast Cancer

  A    diagnosis of breast cancer calls for sudden decision making,
       learning an overwhelming amount of new information, new
  concepts, and unfamiliar medical language. Few people can think
  clearly when experiencing strong emotions such as anxiety, fear,
  sorrow, or anger. Yet the time to make important decisions is usually
  right after diagnosis, when these emotions may be most difficult
  to handle.
  The Alta Bates Summit Breast Navigator Program offers personal
  guides to newly diagnosed women, providing education, support
  and coordination. When a woman discovers she has breast cancer,
  she is quickly matched with a volunteer navigator – a breast cancer
  survivor who had a similar type of cancer. The navigator helps the
  new patient learn as much as possible about the disease, understand
  medical terminology, and to concentrate on wellness strategies.
  The program also advocates for culturally appropriate and
  supportive care for women with breast cancer and their families
  as well as locates medical and emotional support resources to
  help women understand their treatment plan.

                                                                                     “When I heard the word cancer I was really frightened.
                                                                                     I have a husband and three children. How was I
                                                                                     going to take care of them? Dr. Bailey referred me
                                                                                     to Marta, from the Breast Navigator Program.
                                                                                     I talked to her often and that helped a lot.”
                                                                                     Breast Navigator Program Participant

Community Benefit Activities
  Berkeley Primary Care Access Clinic/Lifelong Inc. — The clinic provides primary and prenatal care to uninsured and underinsured
  patients. Alta Bates Summit provides cash and in-kind supplies and purchased services, including rent-free space.
  Breast Feeding Support Program — Offers lactation support in the hospital (and out-patient by appointment), participation on the
  Alameda County Breastfeeding Task Force and cooperative endeavors with Berkeley WIC program.
  Breast Health Access for Women with Disabilities — A comprehensive breast health access program, providing accessible early breast
  cancer screening and detection for women with sensory, physical and cognitive disabilities. Also provides educational outreach, conducts
  research and serves as an advocate for policy related issues. Services are free to disabled Alameda and Contra Costa County women.
  Breast Navigator Program — Provides newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with a personal guide to help her through the treatment
                                                          Ethnic Health Institute —
                                                          Charting a New Course for Underserved Populations

                                                          T    hroughout the East Bay, underserved ethnic populations
                                                               experience disparities in healthcare and disease. Members
                                                          of these communities have an increased incidence of chronic
                                                          disease and decreased access to health care services. To help
                                                          address this situation, Alta Bates Summit founded the Ethnic
                                                          Health Institute (EHI) in 1997 to deliver health education,
                                                          research, health-provider training, and community outreach to
                                                          underserved ethnic populations.
                                                          The Alta Bates Summit Ethnic Health Institute features an active
                                                          network of 150 volunteer health partners that include public,
                                                          private, academic, religious, and community-based organizations
                                                          and institutions as well as individual health practitioners. This
                                                          extensive collaboration helps EHI open new communication
                                                          channels with and between consumers and healthcare profession-
                                                          als, and enables EHI to design attitude-changing interventions,
                                                          promote healthy lifestyles and respect for cultural beliefs, and
                                                          raise awareness about health issues.
                                                          EHI emphasizes community education and capacity-building,
                                                          disease prevention, screening, and early detection in four major
                                                          chronic disease areas: Asthma, Cancer, Cardio/Cerebral Vascular
                                                          Disease, and Diabetes. Annually, EHI designs and implements a
                                                          variety of screening, outreach and educational projects.
                                                          Getting health messages out in churches and senior centers
                                                          are Community Health Advisors who volunteer their time teach-
      “By teaching health and wellness, I’m making        ing classes that emphasize healthy eating habits, exercise and
                     a difference in people’s lives.”
                                                          stress reduction.
                             Ethnic Health Institute
                Community Health Advisor (volunteer)

Comprehensive Cancer Center — Offers free support groups and outreach including:
    Cancer Center Breast Cancer Support Group — For women recently diagnosed and receiving treatment for breast cancer.
    Cancer Center Chemotherapy Orientation — Orientation provides information on chemotherapy treatment to patients and family.
    Cancer Center Guided Relaxation and Visualization — An innovative approach to reducing stress and anxiety and creating
    positive, life-affirming images.
    Cancer Center Healing Yoga — Drop-in class that teaches a series of gentle movements to release stress.
    Cancer Center Look-Good Feel Better Program — Bi-monthly session for women with cancer, co-sponsored by the Comprehensive
    Cancer Center and the American Cancer Society. Cosmetologists and wig consultants demonstrate ways to cope with appearance
    and other physical changes due to cancer treatment.
Cash Donations and Sponsorships — Alta Bates Summit contributes more than $1.2 million dollars annually to local agencies
and organizations.
East Bay AIDS Center (EBAC) –
Providing Caring Support and Treatment to
People Living with HIV and AIDS

A    s the incidence of HIV and AIDS continues to rise and
     resources for prevention and treatment continues to fall,
vulnerable populations need a place to go for prevention educa-
tion, treatment and services. Founded in 1987, the East Bay AIDS
Center provides comprehensive primary medical care, hands-on
support, complementary therapies, and educational services to
men, women and youth living with HIV and AIDS regardless
of their health, economic or social status. The program is led
by a multidisciplinary team of caring professionals, offering com-
prehensive services throughout the continuum of HIV disease.
EBAC staff members are sensitive and dedicated to caring for
people of all sexual orientations, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
The program has staff on site from several community-based
agencies to facilitate access to the numerous services available
to people living with HIV and AIDS.
HIV and AIDS are a continuing problem among East Bay youth.
In some adolescent circles, HIV and AIDS is part of the counter-
culture and disassociated from HIV+ adults. Without youth-
                                                                                  “As a participant in the community benefit program
oriented clinics, young people had nowhere to turn for help,                      and EBAC patient, I feel that I can be assured that
support or treatment. So in 1997, EBAC opened the Downtown                        I receive excellent medical care as well as access
Youth Clinic (DYC) to give kids affected by HIV a place to go for                 to highly trained nurses, social workers, and
help and education, empowering them to help stop the spread of                    therapists. Additionally, I have access
the disease. DYC serves more than 700 youth annually.                             to on-going HIV clinical trials.”
                                                                                  EBAC Patient

Chaplaincy Program — Hosts a number of community benefit programs and services including: After-School Program, Chaplaincy
Bereavement Group and Chaplaincy Program Police Department Youth Services.
Clinical Lab Tuition Reimbursement — Tuition reimbursement for medical technologist professional education.
Code C Prescription Program — Free discharge prescription program.
Diabetes Center — A comprehensive diabetes education program designed to assist patients with diabetes to optimize their health
through self-management education and support in a variety of individualized and group settings.
Diabetes Support Groups — Free support group for people with Type I & II diabetes and for large-sized women with diabetes.
Disabled Community Clinic — The clinic focuses on fostering independence within the disabled community, emphasizing outpatient
delivery of care and enabling access to needed sub-specialties. Service is provided regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.
East Bay AIDS Center —Provides a comprehensive program of HIV care and access to clinical trials as well as consultation and support
services throughout the continuum of HIV disease.
                                                           Regional Stroke Center Outreach —
                                                           Fighting Stroke through Awareness

                                                           A     s the third leading cause of death in our country, stroke
                                                                 is a national and local epidemic:
                                                             N   Every 45 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke
                                                             N   Every 3 minutes, someone dies from a stroke
                                                             N   Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability
                                                             N   In Oakland and Berkeley, the stroke death rate is higher than
                                                                 the national average
                                                           Through our Stroke Center Community Outreach, Alta Bates
                                                           Summit Medical Center provides health education, research, health-
                                                           provider training, and outreach, with a special focus on underserved
                                                           and minority populations. We partner with public and private
                                                           healthcare institutions, academic health programs, health insurers
                                                           and practitioners, community-based organizations, and community
                                                           leaders to share stroke awareness and prevention information
                                                           throughout the East Bay region. We have educated more than
                                                           10,000 community members about stroke risk factors, and signs and
                                                           symptoms in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.
                                                           For stroke victims, support is essential to recovery so our
                                                           Regional Stroke Center offers free support groups. These groups
“I’m alive today thanks to Alta Bates Summit stroke        include our Stroke Support Group, Aphasia Group, Support
 education materials. I learned the warning signs of       Group for Younger Adults with Stroke, and Rehabilitation Action
 a stroke, so when I was having one, I recognized it       Program (RAP). Through these groups inpatients and current
             and was able to get to hospital in time.”     and former outpatients share ideas and problem-solve ways to
                 Recipient of stroke education materials   make life after a stroke more enjoyable.

Alta Bates Summit Perinatal Center — Provides high and low risk prenatal services to the underserved.
Ethnic Health Institute — Provides community outreach, education and coalition building around chronic disease prevention and
health promotion for underserved and minority populations. Some of EHI’s initiatives include:
    Ethnic Health Institute Prostate Cancer Initiative — Provides outreach, screening education to African American men in
    Alameda County that promotes early detection of prostate cancer.
    Ethnic Health Institute/Oakland Berkeley Asthma Partnership —Improves the health of children with asthma by reducing
    exposure to environmental allergens and irritants that can trigger asthma symptoms. The partnership works with middle schools
    in inner city communities of West and East Oakland and West and South Berkeley to create “asthma-friendly” environments through
    education, access to resources and policy change.
Family Resource Center —Provides health information and resources to community members and visitors.
Fibromyalgia Support Group — Support group for people with Fibromyalgia.
Youth Bridge —
Giving At-Risk Youth a Chance

E   ast Bay inner city youth face multiple dangers in today’s
    world, including violence, drug use, delinquency, and teen
pregnancy. Many youth have little or no support from parents and
relatives and are dropping out of high school at an alarming rate.
In recent years, almost 50% of Oakland’s high school students
drop out in the 9th grade.
To help meet the needs of these adolescents, Alta Bates Summit
established the Youth Bridge career development program in
1990. Youth Bridge is a unique mentoring and internship program
that offers life-changing opportunities for at-risk youth who are
primarily African American, Latino and Asian American between
12 and 20 years old. The program enables students to be success-
ful in middle school, complete high school, gain meaningful
employment experience, learn about health-related careers, and
pursue further academic and vocational education.
Youth Bridge includes academic instruction in job-readiness and
health-related careers, nurturing mentoring opportunities with
professionals, paid summer internships within Alta Bates Summit
Medical Center, and at key sites in the community, a middle
school summer camp, leadership building, and community service.
Youth Bridge has served more than 750 youth, the vast majority
of whom have found success:
                                                                                     “Thanks to Youth Bridge, I graduated from high school
  N   99% have completed high school                                                 and now work for Alta Bates Summit. I plan to go
  N   80% have continued on to higher academic or                                    to Samuel Merritt College to become a nurse.”
      vocational education                                                           Youth Bridge graduate
  N   Teen parents have experienced distinct improvement
      in their life-skills and long-term goals

Health Access Program — Provides a variety of community health education programs and events, geared primarily to older adults,
including various lectures and screenings. Activities include:
      Health Access Collaboration on Senior Injury Prevention — Health Access hosts the Senior Injury Prevention bi-annual talk at the
      medical center and helps plan the annual Senior Injury Prevention Partnership of Alameda County Conference. Health Access hosts
      monthly meetings for the planning committee and also meets monthly with the larger, SIPP collaboration.
      Health Access Screenings — Provides a number of health screenings, including blood pressure screenings, cholesterol, hearing and
      bone density screenings.
      Health Access Senior Driving Classes — A refresher driving course for older adults.
Health Ministry Parish Nurse Program — The Health Ministry Parish Nurse Program develops and supports health ministries in
congregations and the communities they serve. The program helps to identify health problems among congregation members and assists
in locating and/or providing health care to those in need. Parish nurses work with congregations to provide such basic health care services
as blood pressure and blood glucose screenings, health counseling, support groups, referrals and health information.
Health Science Libraries — Resource center for health care professionals that is open to the community.
                                                            Asthma Resource Center —
                                                            Preventing Asthma Emergencies

                                                            A    sthma hits the Alameda County population hard, particularly
                                                                 those living along the busy I-880 and I-80 corridors. The
                                                            daily barrage of diesel exhaust and dust triggers asthma attacks
                                                            among the highway’s many uninsured neighbors, many of
                                                            whom visit the Alta Bates Summit Emergency Departments for
                                                            ongoing treatment.
                                                            Alameda County asthma hospitalization rates (in every demographic
                                                            group) are the second highest among the State’s 58 counties. These
                                                            high rates of asthma hospitalization demonstrate the need for early
                                                            intervention and preventive care. To provide proactive asthma care
                                                            while reducing the need for Emergency Department visits and hos-
                                                            pital stays, Alta Bates Summit founded the Asthma Resource Center
                                                            (ARC) in 2000 to:
                                                              N   Contact all at-risk asthma patients who come to the Emergency
                                                                  Department to identify those who would benefit from the
                                                                  clinic’s services
                                                              N   Encourage patients to come in to the ARC for education
                                                                  and medicine
 “The Asthma Resource Center helped me to control             N   Facilitate access to clinics that offer free or low-cost care
      my asthma by teaching me how to manage it”
                                             —Gurett          N   Provide a fanny pack with a spacer tube and a peak-flow
                    Asthma Resource Center participant            meter and a one-month supply of medicine to those who
                                                                  are uninsured
                                                              N   Train asthma patients on appropriate use of medicine
                                                              N   Collaborate with local health clinics to develop stronger
                                                                  programs that help reduce emergency visits and provide
                                                                  information about asthma for early intervention.

Independent Gym Program — A gym workout program with 50% discounts to Medicare-eligible members.
Infant Follow-Up Program — Provides developmental diagnostic follow-up services to infants discharged from the NICU. Diagnostic
services include developmental history, psychosocial assessment, neuro-developmental and physical examination by nurses, a child
psychologist and physician, and referral to community resources for on-going developmental interventions.
Labor and Delivery Parent Education/Childbirth Education Program — Classes and lectures designed to prepare expectant parents.
Classes include: Preparation for Childbirth, Infant Care and Breastfeeding, Coping with Labor, as well as tours of the Birth Center.
Markstein Cancer Center — The center is dedicated to decreasing the incidence of cancer through early detection and outreach and the
improvement of quality of life for those with cancer. Markstein offers a numbers of services including the following:
    Mammography Screenings (Women 40+) — Provides free mammograms for uninsured women 40-49.
    Prostate Cancer Screenings — Community screenings provided for the uninsured.
    Sigmoidoscopy Screenings —Sigmoidoscopy screening can detect pre-cancerous conditions and further treatment can actually
    prevent a cancer from developing. These screenings are offered free of charge to the community.
    W     e enhance the health and well-being of people in the communities we serve through
          compassion and excellence.”— Alta Bates Summit Medical Center Mission Statement

MPI — MPI is a hospital-based program for alcoholism and drug abuse treatment that offers detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation,
residential rehabilitation, day treatment, and morning and evening intensive outpatient programs. MPI provides several community
outreach and educational activities, including;
    MPI Client Escort — Program escorts clients to appointments.
    MPI Community Workshops — Community workshops addressing dependency, intervention and treatment issues.
    MPI Free Saturday Workshops — Free on-site workshops addressing dependency, intervention and treatment issues.
    MPI Substance Abuse Assessment — Assessment and referrals for patients who are unable to meet MPI’s financial admitting criteria.
Neonatal Transport — Provides a clinical team for infant transport from community hospitals to the Alta Bates Summit NICU.
Operation Access — Outpatient services for outpatient surgical procedures offered free of charge to low-income patients.
Parent Share — Support group for parents of infants in the NICU.
Patient Assistance Fund — Funds designated for such things as motel vouchers, ARC equipment, cash for food, transport, and lab tests.
Collaborative Partners
—The following is a partial list of our collaborative partners:

14th Street Clinic                             Bay Area Black United Fund                      Cole Middle School
A Safe Place                                   Bay Area Tumor Institute                        Community Consortium of UCSF
AARP                                           Bayer Corporation                               Community Health Center Network
AC Transit                                     Bella Vista Elementary                          Community Resources for
Acts Full Gospel Church                        Berkeley Chinese Community Church                 Independent Living
Adult Day Health Network                       Berkeley High Health Center                     Contra Costa County Health Services
Adult Protective Services                      Berkeley Planning Associates                    Contra Costa County-MSSP
Adult Services Network of                      Better Health Foundation                        Department of Health and
  Alameda County                               Blue Cross                                        Human Services
Affiliated Home Calls                          Blue Shield                                     Developmentally Disabled Health
AIDS Minority Health Initiative (AMHI)         Brookins AME                                      Care Task Force
AIDS Project of the East Bay                   California Bank and Trust                       Disability Rights Advocates
Alameda Alliance for Health                    California Children’s Services                  District 19 PTA
Alameda County Public Health Dept.             California Federation for Independent           Downs Memorial UMC
Alameda Health Consortium                        Living Centers                                East Bay Community Law Center
Alcohol Research Group                         California Transplant Donor Network             East Bay Community Recovery Project
Allen Temple Baptist Church                    CAL-PEP                                         East Bay Nation of Men
American Cancer Society (ACS)                  Center for Disability Issues and                East Bay Perinatal Medical Associates
American Diabetes Association                    Health Professions                            Emeryville Unified School District
American Heart Association                     Center for Disease Control                      Family Bridges
American Lung Association                      Center for Elder’s Independence                 First AME Church
American Red Cross                             Center for Independent Living                   First Baptist Church—Pittsburg
Arthritis Foundation                           Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice         Foundation for Osteoporosis Ed.
Asian Cancer Coalition                         Central Health Clinic                           Friends of Oakland Seniors (FOOS)
Asian Community Mental                         Cerebral Palsey Center                          Gateway
  Health Services                              Children’s Hospital Oakland                     Gethsemane Community Church
Asian Health Services                          Chinatown Merchants and Vendors                 Glaxco Pharmaceuticals
Association of Asian Pacific                   Chinese American Physicians’ Society            Havenscourt Community Church
  Community Health Organizations               Chinese Presbyterian Church                     Hawkins Center
Asthma Start Program                           Church by the Side of the Road                  Health in Common
Aventis Pharmaceuticals                        Citizens for West Oakland Revitalization        Health Insurance Counseling
BART                                           City of Berkeley Dept. of Health and              and Advocacy
Bay Area Black Nurses                            Human Services                                Hill & Co. Health Sunday Program

Regional Behavioral Health Outreach — Provides a myriad of psychiatric services to adolescents, adults and seniors, including risk
assessments, information and resources free to the community.
Regional Stroke Center Outreach Initiative — Community outreach and education aimed at stroke awareness and prevention.
Samuel Merritt College — Provides a number of community services including:
    Institutional Scholarship Program — Academic and need-based scholarships to attend Samuel Merritt College.
    Samuel Merritt College Scholars in Service Program — Provides scholarships and programmatic assistance for
    underrepresented students.
    Samuel Merritt Occupational Therapy Free Clinic —Provides intervention, health maintenance and consultation.
Social Services Home Health Services — Assists terminally ill patients with supplementary home health care.
Social Services Medication and Equipment Donation — Social services department provides medication and equipment to
low-income residents.
Hill Physician Medical Group                    Oakland Kicks Asthma                             Sinkler Miller Medical Association
Hoover Elementary School                        Oakland School District                          Solvoy Pharmaceuticals
Hospital Council of Northern and                Oakland Tech. High School                        Spectrum Community Services
  Central California                              Health Academy                                 St. Augustine Episcopal Church
IMPACT/UCSF                                     Oakland Unified School District                  St. Columba Catholic Church
In Balance Health Care                          Older Women’s League (OWL)                       St. Luke’s Society
James Madison Middle School                     Orinda Country Club                              St. Mary’s Center
Jewish Family and Children’s Services           OrthoBiotech Pharmaceuticals                     St. Patrick Catholic Church
  of the East Bay                               Pacific Care Behavioral                          St.Paul’s Towers
Kaitz Property Services                         Pacific Center for Human Growth                  Taylor Memorial UMC
Knights of Malta                                Parks Chapel AME Church                          The Asian Liver Center at
La Clinica de la Raza                           Partners in Care of Alameda County                 Stanford University
Lake Merritt UMC                                Pediatric Medical Associates                     The Better Health Foundation
Legal Assistance for Seniors (LAS)              PediatriCare                                     The Center for AIDS Services
Leukemia Society                                Perinatal Network of Alameda                     The Family of Women
Liberty Hill Baptist                              and Contra Costa Co.                           Through the Looking Glass
Lifelong, Inc.                                  Pfizer                                           University of California, Berkeley
Linkages                                        PG&E                                             United Seniors
Longshoremen’s Union                            Post Polio Network                               University of California, San Francisco
Lowe’s Home Improvement Center                  Public Health Institute                          Urban Habitat
Market Street Seventh Day                       Regional Asthma Management                       US Dept. of Health and Human Services
  Adventist Church                                and Prevention Initiative                      Veterans Administration.
Medtronics                                      Regional Asthma Management Program               Vietnamese Health Promotion
Merck Pharmaceuticals                           Regional Center of the East Bay                    Project-UCSF
National Arthritis Foundation                   Resurrection Lutheran Church                     Women Organized to Respond to
Native American Health Center                   Roosevelt Middle School Health Center              Life Threatening Diseases
Northern CA Behavioral Health                   Rubicon Care Home Consortium                     Wa Sung Service Club
Northern CA Cancer Center                       Safe Passages                                    West Oakland Asthma Coalition
Northern CA Multiple Sclerosis Society          San Antonio Clinic                               West Oakland Health Center
Oakland Chinatown Chamber                       San Francisco MUNI                               West Oakland Senior
  of Commerce                                   Sexual Minority Alliance of                        Citizens Roundtable
Oakland Coalition of Congregations                Alameda County                                 Western University of Health Science
Oakland Housing Authority                       Sickle Cell Community Health Network             YMCA
                                                  of Northern California

Social Services Shelter Voucher — Provides short-term housing assistance for patients who are homeless with medical needs.
Also provides transportation as needed, free of charge.
Stroke Support Group — For stroke survivors, family and friends.
Support After Neonatal Death (SAND) — Provides support for parents who experience fetal or neonatal death. Support services
include helping parents cope with death, arranging burial services and scheduling on-going support and counseling. This group support
and counseling is also available for parents who have delivered at other area hospitals.
Tele-Care — A free telephone program that provides daily reassurance calls to elderly, frail or isolated and homebound individuals
in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties.
Thunder Road — Thunder Road assists youth struggling with problems related to the abuse of drugs, alcohol, nicotine and other
behavioral health conditions, helps them overcome those problems to become functioning members of their respective communities.
Youth Bridge — A career development program for East Bay youth.
Alta Bates Campus           #847-BP-112707

2450 Ashby Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705

Herrick Campus
2001 Dwight Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

Summit Campus
350 Hawthorne Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609

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