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					                Associate of Arts
                                                    Statewide Business Articulation Agreement
                                                                               Literature & Humanities (GT-AH2)
Associate of Arts: Business Emphasis. This program is designed                 											 L HUM 115 World Mythology                                      3
for students who wish to transfer to a school of business at a public          											 L HUM 121 Early Civilizations                                  3
institution in Colorado.                                                       											 L HUM 122 From Medieval to Modern                              3
                                                                               											 L HUM 123 The Modern World                                     3
The Colorado Statewide Business Articulation Agreement ensures that            											 L LIT 115 Introduction to Literature I                         3
a student who completes the degree requirements for an Associate of            											 L LIT 201 World Literature to 1600                             3
Arts degree with an emphasis in Business and earned a C- or better             											 L LIT 202 World Literature after 1600                          3
in all courses shall be fully considered for admission into the business       											 L LIT 205 Ethnic Literature                                    3
programs offered by the participating four-year public colleges in Colo-       											 L LIT 211 Survey of American Literature I                      3
rado. Under this agreement, if offered admission, you will enter with
                                                                               											 L LIT 212 Survey of American Literature II                     3
a junior standing in the school of business, and will only be required
                                                                               											 L LIT 221 Survey of British Literature I                       3
to take 60 more credits to earn your bachelor’s degree. Students who
                                                                               											 L LIT 222 Survey of British Literature II                      3
do not fully complete the AA Business degree requirements will be
                                                                               											 L LIT 225 Introduction to Shakespeare                          3
evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Individual business courses
                                                                               											 L LIT 268 Celtic Literature                                    3
may transfer and count toward the graduation requirements for a
four-year business degree, but the transferable courses are limited to         Ways of Thinking (GT-AH3)
the course equivalents of the courses specified in the curricula of the        											 L PHI 111 Introduction to Philosophy                           3
four-year Business Administration degree programs.                             											 L PHI 112 Ethics                                               3
                                                                               											 L PHI 113 Logic                                                3
The general education requirements for business students are specific          											 L PHI 114 Comparative Religions                                3
to this statewide business articulation agreement. Completion of               											 L PHI 214 Philosophy of Religion                               3
these general education requirements may not satisfy all the general           											 L PHI 218 Environmental Ethics                                 3
education requirements for every business program. Students should
                                                                               Foreign Languages (GT-AH4)
review the business degree requirements of the four-year college or
                                                                               											 L FRE 211 French Language III                                  3
university of their interest when making plans to transfer.                    											 L FRE 212 French Language IV                                   3
                                                                               											 L GER 211 German Language III                                  3
See the section on Scholarships and Awards for scholarship opportu-
                                                                               											 L GER 212 German Language IV                                   3
nities related to this program. The Associate of Arts: Business Empha-
                                                                               											 L ITA 211 Italian Language III                                 3
sis degree is offered at all locations. Not every course is offered on
                                                                               											 L ITA 212 Italian Language IV                                  3
every campus.
                                                                               											 L JPN 211 Japanese Language III                                3
                                                                               											 L JPN 212 Japanese Language IV                                 3
State Guaranteed General Education Requirements
                                                                               											 L RUS 211 Russian Language III                                 3
Communication 9 credits (GT-CO1-CO2)                                           											 L RUS 212 Russian Language IV                                  3
GRADE/SEM          COURSE #                                           CREDIT
                                                                               											 L SPA 211 Spanish Language III                                 3
											 L ENG 121 English Composition I                               3    											 L SPA 212 Spanish Language IV                                  3
											 L ENG 122 English Composition II                              3    Science 2 courses (8 credit hours) from the following courses (GT-SC1 & SC2)
										 A COM115 Public Speaking                                       3    											 L    AST 101   Astronomy I                                     4
Mathematics 8 credits (GT-MA1)                                                 											 L    AST 102   Astronomy II                                    4
                                                                               											 L    BIO 105   Science of Biology                              4
											 L MAT 121 College Algebra                                     4
           OR                                                                  											 L    BIO 111   General College Biology I                       5
											 L MAT 123 Finite Mathematics                                (4)    											 L    BIO 112   General College Biology II                      5
											 L MAT 125 Survey of Calculus (or higher Calculus)             4    											 L    BIO 201   Human Anatomy and Physiology I                  4
                                                                               											 L    BIO 202   Human Anatomy and Physiology II                 4
Arts & Humanities 2 courses (6 credit hours). Select two state-                											 L    BIO 204   Microbiology                                    4
guaranteed Arts and Humanities courses:
                                                                               											 L    BIO 221   Botany                                          5
Arts (GT-AH1)                                                                  											 L    CHE 101   Introduction to Chemistry I                     5
											 L      ART 110    Art Appreciation                            3    											 L    CHE 105   Chemistry in Context                            5
											 L      ART 111    Art History Ancient to Medieval             3    											 L    CHE 111   General College Chemistry I                     5
											 L      ART 112    Art History Renaissance to Modern           3    											 L    CHE 112   General College Chemistry II                    5
											 L      ART 207    Art History - 1900 to present               3    											 L    ENV 101   Introduction to Environmental Science           4
											 L      DAN 125    History of Dance I                          3    											 L    GEY 111   Physical Geology                                4
											 L      MUS120     Music Appreciation                          3    											 L    GEY 121   Historical Geology                              4
											 L      MUS 121    Music History I                             3    											 L    MET 150   General Meteorology                             4
											 L      MUS 122    Music History II                            3    											 L    PHY 105   Conceptual Physics                              4
											 L      MUS123     Survey of World Music                       3    											 L    PHY 107   Energy Science and Technology                   4
											 L      MUS 125    History of Jazz                             3    											 L    PHY 111   Physics: Algebra-Based I with Lab               5
											 L      THE 105    Theatre Appreciation                        3    											 L    PHY 112   Physics: Algebra-Based II with Lab              5
											 L      THE 211    Development of Theatre I                    3    											 L    PHY 211   Physics: Calculus-Based I with Lab              5
											 L      THE 212    Development of Theatre II                   3    											 L    PHY 212   Physics: Calculus-Based II with Lab             5

  38.       11-12 Colorado Mountain College Catalog A Applies to CMC AA|AS Degree   L State Guaranteed Transfer Course
             Associate of Arts
                                                 Statewide Business Articulation Agreement
Social & Behavioral Sciences 3 courses (9 credit hours). Select one             Business Program Requirements 20 credits
state guaranteed history course, and the two required Economics courses.        										 A    ACC 121    Accounting Principles I                          4
                                                                                											 A   ACC 122    Accounting Principles II                         4
History (GT-HI1) 3 credits
                                                                                											 A   BUS 115    Introduction to Business                         3
											 L HIS 101 Western Civilization: Antiquity - 1650               3
                                                                                										 A    BUS 216    Legal Environment of Business                    3
											 L HIS 102 Western Civilization: 1650 - Present                 3
                                                                                											 A   BUS 217    Business Communication & Report Writing          3
											 L HIS 111 The World: Antiquity - 1500                          3
                                                                                											 A   BUS 226    Business Statistics                              3
											 L HIS 112 The World: 1500 - Present                            3
											 L HIS 201 U.S. History to Reconstruction                       3
											 L HIS 202 U.S. History Since the Civil War                     3
											 L HIS 208 American Indian History                              3    Total Credits Earned
											 L HIS 225 Colorado History                                     3
                                                                                State Guaranteed Transfer Requirements (min. 40) _________________
											 L HIS 236 U.S. History Since 1945                              3
											 L HIS 244 History of Latin America                             3    Business Graduation Requirements (min. 20)         ___________________
											 L HIS 247 20th Century World History                           3    Total credits toward Associate of Arts:
											 L HIS 255 The Middle Ages                                      3       Business Emphasis (min. 60)                     ___________________
											 L HIS 260 U.S. Foreign Relations                               3
Economic & Political Systems (GT-SS1) 6 credits
											 L ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics                         3
											 L ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics                         3

                                                                                                                                                                Programs of Study

Academic„courses„for„transfer.       L State Guaranteed Transfer Course    A Applies to CMC AA|AS Degree    11-12 Colorado Mountain College Catalog   39.

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